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Romsterwhy did this programer remove the balign asm instruction from mmx, no wonder liboil is borked on my system it works at a way older verions.03:56
xorgtrying to make a script to start and stop hostapd via /etc/rc.d setup04:05
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Romsterhmm that might be it still bisecting.04:10
Romstermight not*04:10
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RyoSjs: have you uploaded your ruby script that you talked about yesterday somehwere?05:27
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: build against mesa3d
cruxbot[xorg.git]: mesa3d: updated to
jsRyoS: it's in hg05:37
RyoSjs ok cool05:38
RyoSlike that one05:47
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RyoSjs: well you will need to improve it though, revdep shows much more :^06:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: liboil: downgrade as fails checks 0.3.14 -> 0.3.807:20
RyoSwhy is that?07:20
RyoSwho else got problems with liboil?07:21
Romsteram i ment to run a old version and allow others to use the later one?07:21
Romstergrr someoen else fix the darn thing i've spent HOURS FUCKING WIHT IT and this is the only easy option.07:21
Romsterit fails for me ok.. not sure if it's a memory alignment or a non sse issue07:22
Romstersimple fix i shoudl of done ages ago don't ruin bleeding edge broken liboil.07:22
RyoSwhat test did you run?07:22
Romsterthe make check...07:23
RyoSi will run it07:24
Romsteri'll paste bin my build of 0.3.1407:24
Romsterdebian has a bug report of it even but no darn fix.07:24
Romsterand i did git bisect and got down to this;a=commitdiff;h=405774dadebf3d7ce66a1b502fe70bbb0ab4701307:25
Romsterafter that i'm los tand wasted hours messing with it.07:25
Romstersimple fix downgrade.07:25
RyoS1 of 19 tests failed07:25
Romster4 of 19 tests failed07:26
Romsteron 0.3.14 on 0.3.8 i get no errors.07:26
Romsteri'd rather run a older stable version than some broken pos.07:27
Romsterwhat cpu are you on?07:27
RyoSamd athlon xp 3200+ :P07:28
RyoSx86 socket a *yawns* nothing great07:28
Romsterah k so that would have sse support but it still fials one of the tests07:29
Romsterit's dependent on the cpu as far as i can tell07:30
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RomsterRyoS, by my guest to figure it out <<07:34
Romsteri've spent too much time on it now.07:35
Romsterdont' know if it's gflibc memcopy some asm issue, unaligned or whatever else.07:36
RyoSi have no clue07:40
Romsteri didn't time how many hours all up i've spend but ti's too much and i arn't that expeareanced :/07:41
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RyoStilman: i just tried that updated xorg-server and its still borken :D08:09
RyoSkbd failes hard here :p08:11
Romsterwhat do you mean still?08:11
Romsterno idea i use the us layout.08:12
RyoSand i dont :P i really do not want to :P08:12
tilmanRyoS: that's probably because the changes aren't related to anything keyboardish08:13
RyoSjust thought i'd test it08:14
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RyoStilman: got the problem.. i guess08:47
RyoSi added --enable-dmx and --disable-config-hal again, got to find out what did it though :P one of those two is faulty08:48
tilmanit's hal08:49
jsRyoS: no, revdep doesn't show more, it shows much less and even takes longer08:49
jshave you even run it with -v?08:49
tilmandmx has nothing to do with input08:50
tilmanRyoS: i'm not using a hal build either, fwiw08:50
tilmanRyoS: please confirm though08:50
jsRyoS: if you mean it shows more false alerts, of course, then you are right :p08:51
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RyoSnope, remember when i had problems using german keyboard layout?08:52
jsxorg-server 1.4 is a collection of bugs, nothing more08:52
jsyou can't press some keys at the same time anymore etc.08:52
RyoSwell you see, i pined mine down :P08:52
RyoSi havent experienced other bugs so far08:52
jsand SDL's mouse input doesn't work correctly anymore08:52
jsI'll just keep 1.3 until 1.5 is released08:53
jsnever seen a release that buggy as xorg-server 1.408:53
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RyoSi will built most recent xorg-server port with --disable-hal-config08:55
RyoSnow.. and i will report if it fixes the keyboard problem or not08:56
jsyeah, but that doesn't fix the bugs :) in fact, it works even with HAL, but you have the same bugs.08:56
RyoSin the meantime i will return to clean up my room :P08:56
jslook at the bug tracker08:56
jsthe keyboard bugs are already known08:56
jsfor months already08:56
jsyet no bugfix release yet08:56
RyoScall me ignorant but if it works i am just glad that it does :P08:56
jsanyway, IMO a crux-stable and crux-unstable would be fine08:57
jsas there's a lot of very unstable stuff in crux atm08:57
jsfor example, gnome 2.22 was committed before it was even tested08:57
jsjaeger didn't even know that nautilus was broken, and yet it was in the repo08:57
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RyoSjesus christ hold your breath for a second08:59
RyoShe did test it, i know because i asked for it and just because he didnt test nautilus to the edge? now what? nautilus works here, still i dont use it08:59
jsno, nautilus does NOT work and can't work since gvfs is missing.08:59
RyoSit works for what i can tell as a filemanager09:00
RyoSdont yell because you use it as a bitch for everything09:00
jstry opening the trash09:00
jseven that fails09:00
jstry opening computer09:00
jsfails as well09:00
RyoSi dont use a trash09:00
RyoSi dont use that either09:00
jsthat's your problem then09:00
Romsterjs there is some updated verisons
RyoSno, its your problem09:00
jsRyoS: it does not work. period. nautilus is meant to handle the desktop in gnome. it doesn't do that, since all icons on the desktop don't work. period. if you don't use nautilus that way, then please don't speak for the gnome users.09:01
jsRomster: thanks09:01
jsRomster: is what you're talking about? Or did you mean the snapshot of 1.5?09:01
tilman1.4.0.90 *is* a snapshot of 1.509:01
Romster1.4.0.90 is...09:02
jsso what's the diff / then?09:02
tilmanridiculously high revisions = snapshots of the next stable (minor)09:02
RyoSicons work09:02
Romster1.4.99.901 is even more recent.09:02
Romsterso stable 1.5 isn't too far away.09:03
jsRyoS: try the trash icon, try the computer icon, try the network icon, try smb:// urls, try nfs:// urls, try ssh:// urls09:03
jsall doesn't work without gvfs09:03
RyoSjs: get it into your head: i do not use it09:03
jsand that in every gnome app, not even nautilus09:03
RyoSactually dont give a dman about it09:03
jsRyoS: then STOP speaking for the gnome users!09:03
RyoSbut you say icons dont work, but they do09:03
js16:03 < js> RyoS: try the trash icon, try the computer icon, try the network icon […]09:04
jsthey don't09:04
RyoSicons working09:04
RyoS*rolls eyes* however i will return to openbox now09:04
jsRyoS: i don't see where you clicked a nautilus icon on that screenshot09:04
jsneither did you click computer09:04
jsnor trash09:04
jsnor network09:04
RyoSyou know that your attitude is so exhausting that it tends to annoy people?09:05
Romsterjs then port the bloody gvfs and shut the fuck up09:05
jswell, you know that it's far more annoying to speak for gnome users if you don't even use it?09:05
jsstop being an asshole and telling bugs don't exist which are absolutely there09:05
Romsterjaeger said he would look at it when he isn't busy.09:05
jsRomster: yeah, I know, and I'm not blaming him.09:06
tilmanjs: you're only allowed to say "fuck"/"asshole" etc when you sent patches09:06
Romsterin the mean time you could make that port yourself.09:06
jstilman: ok, I'll do then.09:06
jstilman: I built gvfs anyway09:06
RyoSwell then, share the wisdom09:06
jsRomster: that's what I did, built it myself. Didn't do a port though, just put it in a .tgz and pkgadded it09:06
Romsterso why compalin send a copy off to jaeger.09:06
Romsteruse the god damn Pkgfile as it's mentto be sued.09:07
RyoStilman: Oo most recent xorg-server port does not work..09:08
RyoSi will try it with --enable-dmx again09:08
jsRyoS: It does work, though I'm not using it, but hey, there's no bug in it, it works!!!1109:09
tilmancalm down, you're annoying09:10
RyoSjs: mr "i dont talk via jabber to you cause you dont use the client i use so we can talk encrypted" - patch it, commit the patch, or port what is missing and be satisified09:10
jstilman: I just did the same as he did, but I meant it ironically, unlike him09:10
tilmanRyoS: you mean the hal thing didn't fix your keyboard?09:10
RyoStilman: no it didnt09:10
RyoSi rebuilt it again09:10
jsRyoS: you're problem if your client doesn't support XEP 27, I don't talk about unencrypted connections.09:11
js99% of all clients support it…09:11
tilmanyou're doing it right now?09:11
RyoStilman: yes09:11
RyoSjs: stop it, really. i thought you are (almost) 18 now?09:12
jsRyoS: 19 in 3 months09:12
RyoSwell then09:12
jsRyoS: anyway, stop talking FUD about stuff you don't even use09:12
RyoSyou know what that means09:12
jsI hate that, so don't be confused when I get angry about that…09:13
RyoSwell i use it but i dont use it to operate my coffee machine :)09:13
js"Wenn man keine Ahnung hat, einfach mal Fresse halten", you knpw?09:13
tilmanplease either go back to discuss how much crux sucks, or take it somewhere else :P09:13
jstilman: I didn't tell crux sucks, I just said it would be nice to also have a stable branch :)09:14
tilmanyeah, we can do that09:14
tilmanonce a couple of us are being paid to work on crux half the day ;)09:14
jsRyoS: and you don't need gnome to make coffee to use an app that uses gvfs. If you'd look at the change log, you'll see that 50% off the gnome apps switched to it, so please, stop talking about stuff you don't have a clue about09:15
RyoSjs: stop it09:15
RyoSi am not about to answer anything more, its really annoying and i am not about to bow to your level09:15
jsRyoS: YOU are the one being annoying. just because you use nautilus doesn't mean you can say gnome works. start gnome-session and you'll see it doesn't. and you don't need to be someone who does everything with gnome to notice it. and the usual thing with gnome you do is, well, you might guess, running gnome-session!09:16
jsso it's NOT that it's a bug only I'll encounter.09:16
RyoS*takes a deep breath and looks how xorg-server is building*09:16
jsyou're hurting the development here, so please stop it09:17
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Romsterjs, say again....09:26
Romsterare you some troll that enjoys telling people off09:26
jsI sent jaeger a memo with the port URL.09:26
RyoSRomster: just stop it09:26
Romstereveryone has there own opinion.09:26
tilmanthey just shut up ffs09:27
jsRomster: he said "there's no bug in gnome" even though he doesn't even use it and then starts insulting me that I use gnome for everything and only I will encounter that bug09:27
jsRomster: so basically, he tries to change the bugs status to "WORKSFORME", though even he doesn't even use it and other regard that bug as non-existent and won't fix it.09:28
Romsterwell if he does use gnome he can't encouter any gnome bugs, as for the other part i wont comment, and leave it at that, better things todo.09:28
jsand what I'm angry about is that he tries to stop a bug-fix.09:28
Romstergo and chill out pointless discussion, he made his opinion you can ignore his opinion and move on. go port some program or something constructive, i'm gonna go look at some other web sites of stuff.09:30
jsso will do it.09:31
jserm, well, I should fix the whole line: so will I do09:31
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Romsterhi clare09:31
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clareHi Romster, I have good news and bad news...09:32
clareI simplified my .config and can now boot in the normal way, but the xorg is somehow broken09:33
jstilman: anyway, I guess keeping the old version in another repo wouldn't be a big deal :)09:33
Romsterah whats the bad news09:33
jstilman: so no need of more manpower for that I think.09:33
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clareMy xclock has no face, and seamonkey has no writing09:34
* xorg is not broken.09:34
jsxorg: lol :)09:34
RyoSha ha :D i lulz hard09:34
Romsteroh that was good...09:34
thrice`blah blah, bitch bitch09:34
RyoSplease dont stop a bug report here! *scnr*09:34
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xorgclare: video driver?09:35
xorgwhew. finally got hostapd to freakin work09:36
Romsterxorg, that's what i said for once i was first <<09:37
Romsteruseally i'm too late to sugest something by the time i read someone has beat me to it.09:37
RyoStilman: somehow, enable-dmx breakes the built09:38
xorgwhy does arch feel like its just full of trolls?09:38
Romsterclare, maybe even a pango related?09:38
RyoShave tried it 2 times so far and got the same error while linking Xdmx09:38
xorgthe channel at least09:38
clareI would be very pleased to get suggestions, the .config as added to
tilmanRyoS: didn't you say you fixed the keyboard problem by disabling dmx and hal before?09:38
Romsterxorg, no idea i don't hang in that channel09:39
clarei will add Xorg.0.log09:39
tilmanclare: so what xorg video driver do you use?09:39
RyoStilman: nope :P i got confused a bit, let me check what exactly fixed it now :P09:40
RyoSok, the built that worked looks like that *goes and pastes the Pkgfile*09:42
RyoSi took out that patches and added --disable-config-hal09:43
xorghal - "I like to tell you when people stick things in my various ports!"09:44
RyoSwith those patches it still does not work.. dont ask me why09:44
claretilman Intel driver according to Xorg.0.log09:44
tilmanRyoS: are you perfectly sure?09:44
tilmanRyoS: on the patches breaking things again09:44
xorgRomster: this is sweet. pulseaudio's oss wrapper mixes the oss sound with alsa very well.09:44
tilmanclare: might be an xaa-vs-exa issue09:44
RyoSi pretty am, i tested it now over and over again09:44
RomsterRyoS, have you got hal-info installed?09:44
claretilman: eh?09:44
RyoSbut still, i will be retesting it09:44
RyoSRomster: sure i do09:45
tilmanclare: grep -i exa /var/log/Xorg* -- are you using exa or xaa?09:45
Romsterxorg, neat09:46
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claretilman: it said a lot starting with intel (0) using EXA for acceleration09:46
tilmantry: Option "AccelMethod" "XAA"09:47
tilmanin the device section of xorg.conf09:47
* xorg doesn't like to be messed with.09:47
Romsterit was funny the first time.09:47
xorgif i could have chosen X instead of xorg i would have09:48
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xorgfreenode doesnt like names with less than 3 letters09:48
xorgOkay... romster quitting? thats arare09:48
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claretilman: that was magic! both problems are fixed!!!09:50
Romsterso intel video driver issues or something.09:50
tilmanclare: did you upload the xorg.log?09:50
tilmanexa should work with the current versions of xf86-video-intel and xorg-server09:51
clareyes, earlier, would you like the new one as well?09:51
tilmanthe old one is fine09:51
tilmanclare: with the next xorg-server and intel updates, you should test the default options (ie exa) again09:53
tilmanif it still doesn't work, you should file a bug09:53
Romsterall i've been seeing with intel is it's nto so good on 3d.09:53
Romsterfrom what i keep fiding in the winehq channel.09:54
joacimEnemy Territory runs fine on Intel graphics =)09:55
Romsterudev 120 has been out for awhile and seems fine on my systems.09:55
claretilman: thanks, meantime there was mention last night of a patch for xorg-server because caps lock light doesnt come on09:56
Romsterjoacim, nice to know.09:56
xorgclare: thats been fixed for months...09:57
xorgclare: just no one in crux has brought it out09:57
tilmanromster has a patched port i think09:57
Romsteryes i have a patched port for the led issue.09:58
xorgjust surprised the official port didnt have it09:58
Romsteryou'll find it here in xorg
Romsterit was on the ML ages ago i just cleaned the patch up.10:00
Romsterno idea wht tilman didn't apply it.10:00
clareRomster; I have collected two files a Pkgfile and a patch,but the Pkgfile wants 2 patches10:07
clareOh I see it downloads the other one, sorry10:08
Romsteryeah the other is downloaded <<10:08
Romsterit's the same patch as tilman is using.10:08
Romsternot having the leds buged me so much that i made that prot ages ago and patched it.10:09
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clareromster thank you I now have a capslock light10:21
* Romster removes a few redudent ports10:23
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clarebye folks, seeya another time10:26
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andariusgreetings and salutations13:39
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Romsterafternoon all21:49
Romstervery quiet in here i see.21:55
andariusi think hackers have discovered life :(21:58
Romsterthe horror.21:58
Romsteri jsut came up with a idea while i'm updating wesnoth a pre-install script to do the delta on a file so it can download 10MB than todo 100MB if the user runs the install script and has the previous version and xdelta already.21:59
Romsterso that'll keep me busy for a little while.22:04
Romsteryeah just something to save downloading ~90MB worth22:18
Romsteralmsot done now the fun part to test it.22:19
cruxbot[contrib.git]: twisted: upgrade to 8.0.122:19
Romsteronly major catch is the crap round robin that sourceforge use..22:24
Romsterand i wonder how ic an use source mirrors in a preinstall script..22:25
andariussourceforge strikes again22:28
Romsterhi nipuL22:29
Romsterhe's lurking <<22:29
Romsteri can't see why they can't fix it some how.22:29
RomsternipuL, i find this to be more neater find $PKG \( -name '*.egg-info'  -or -name 'topfiles' \) -delete22:30
Romsterso them '*.egg-info' should relaly be nuked and added to prtverify?22:31
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Romsterah sweet working.23:25
Romsteri still need to finish my patch for that in pkgmk sometime but this will do for the time being.23:25
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