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cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth: 1.4 -> 1.4.101:45
Romsterhmm what was the command again to list files that didn't belong to a package?02:07
Romsteropersate of prtcheckmissing02:13
Romsteror do i have to code something...02:23
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cruxbot[opt.git]: transmission: update to 1.1103:33
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Romsterand i get back and find my xsession crashed...03:34
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rehabdollisnt that nice?04:40
RyoSRomster: prtverify04:44
Romsterno not prtverify04:48
Romsteri mean files that exist on the syste that don't exist in the ports datbase.04:49
Romsterthe reverse of prtcheckmissing04:49
Romsternot sure if a tool exists04:50
RyoSdont think so04:50
Romsteri've looked though prt-get pkgutils and prt-utils04:50
Romsterit's looking like i'll have to write one.04:51
RyoSlet me know, i will test it04:51
Romsteri need testers for wesnoth's pre-install file too.04:55
Romsteri think i covered all cases.04:55
Romsterbut it's good to get others to test too.04:55
RyoSi will take a look at that then today04:56
RyoSand xorg-server XD and school work, and a look on the bottom of my coffee cup :P04:56
Romsteri think i need a coffee refil too.05:05
RyoSgot one of those 100 packs that they sell at the boarder to nederlands (for the senseo) :P i wont run out of ammo :P05:09
Romsteroh fun i'm giving ssh a key and it won't use it.05:13
Romsterssh -i ~/.ssh/id_dsa-foo foo.com05:15
Romsterand it still askes for a password hmmz..05:15
tilmankey doesn't match05:15
tilmanresp id_dsa isn't in's authorized_keys05:15
Romsterit is though..05:15
RyoStry the pass you used when you created the key05:16
Romstertryed that.05:16
tilmanRyoS: nah, if it wanted that, it would have asked for the pass *phrase*05:16
Romsteri'll have to speak to the person again later.05:16
Romsterit was clearly a ssh login pass it was after05:17
Romsteri'll sort it out later.05:19
Romsteralso i'm confused over the best to use dsa or rsa for what pourpose.05:20
Romsterseems rsa is more secure for services and dsa for logins?05:20
RomsterRSA keys are not allowed to be exported out of the US which makes DSA preferrable for ssh keys if you want to be a law abiding citizen.05:23
RyoShaha, didnt you know?05:24
tilmanthat crypto export crap is why debian has a server sitting outside the us that provides the "non-us" repository05:24
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Romsterus/non-us yeah is ee how they think there better than everyone else.05:41
Romsteri see*05:41
Romsterall i can really see is RSA has been looked over alot more than DSA05:47
tilmanit's about them thinking they are better05:57
tilmanerr, not05:58
tilmanadvantages against foreign intelligence services etc blabla05:59
tilmananyone used oprofile to profile the kernel?06:11
tilmani've set it up with --vmlinux=path/to/vmlinux, but the profile still says "no-vmlinux" :/06:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ffe: new port06:35
Romsterno idea06:36
RyoSfinally finished to clean up my ports06:42
RyoSshould have used prtverify much earlier :P06:42
Romsterso a huge mess eh06:48
Romsteri need to check over mine sometime too.06:49
RyoSwell got it now all cleaned up i hope06:49
Romsterwhat on earth is up wtih the 404's that are working...
Romstersepen seems to always have issues on that.06:52
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RyoStilman: reporting in. this Pkgfile works fine without keyboard corruption and blabla07:19
RyoSso the clue is --disable-config-hal07:20
tilman24 hours ago you said it wasn't :>07:20
RyoSwell, i tested it now07:21
RyoSit works :P07:21
RyoSlike that07:21
RyoSor better said, i am not totaly confused like i was yesterday, so this really should be it07:21
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andariusgreetings and salutations12:14
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