IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-04-07

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cptngood morning00:59
teKhello captain01:16
pitillogood morning01:22
pitillois someone using slim? does the stop function in the rc.d script working fine? I was thinking in look for a good way to stop slim(using /var/run/slim.lock) and Xserver(looking for its pid in that function) because here (2 computers) isn't working really fine in this way01:27
tilmanthe stop script doesn't kill a running slim instance01:28
tilmani noticed that yesterday :)01:28
cptnI use it, but never really 'stop' it01:28
* tilman has to cryptsetup/luksOpen calls in /etc/rc.local, which are somewhat useless with an x login manager :|01:28
pitillowell, really I don't stop it too much often, btw when I try to stop it I found that problem, I didn't know if was only my problem or was a general problem.01:30
tilmanwhat are you trying to achieve?01:31
tilmanmaybe /etc/rc.d/slim stop && killall slim && killall X would work?01:31
tilmanor something like that :)01:31
pitillotilman, ummm the killall wasn't working fine here with slim and with X doesn't work properly (I thought in using the slim.lock pid to kill it but not did it)01:33
* tilman thinks01:33
cptnwell, kill $PID and killall slim should be the same anyway01:34
tilmani'm not sure whether x is supposed to shut down when you kill slim01:34
tilmanso after you killed slim you either have no x running at all, or you have an x server with no clients connected to it01:34
cptnsince slim starts the X server it seems only fair to take it down along with slim01:35
cptn"no slim? no x for you then, Mister"01:35
cptnokay, that was horrible ;-)01:36
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pitilloyeah, if you kill with -9 signal slim, it takes down Xserver too, but I found cases I got X running wth no slim01:42
pitilloI tried to make some test with kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock` and it didn't work fine too01:42
cptnwhat does "didn't work fine" mean?01:43
cptnslim keep running? slim crashes? slim kept running but was disfunctional?01:44
pitilloand adding some kind of rm /var/lock/slim.lock can be a good idea too, to remove the lock file and don't get when running slim again the "slim: Stale lockfile found, removing it"01:44
pitillocptn, the Xserver was running without slim (slim stopped and Xserver running without it)01:44
pitillo*Xserver was running01:44
cptnwell, unless that was a kill -901:45
cptnotherwise it should stop the server01:45
pitilloyes, it was a -9 signal to slim, it put01:45
pitilloarf, it puts the server in defuct state01:46
pitillobtw this was only a comment I will try to make some tests here to find a better way to stop slim and if I got it working I will comment it here01:47
tilmanthe server probably wasn't defunct :)01:47
cptnsure, it's supposed to work, so please file a bug report once you're done testing01:47
tilmani bet you could manually fire up an xterm01:48
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pitilloI thougt it was a problem with rc.d/slim file, wich isn't really in the slim project01:49
cptnwell if manually killing doesn't work either it's worth investigating01:51
pitilloall my test are done manually (thinking in move them to the script when they will work), and I can't go ahead with the methods I told.01:52
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Romsterpkill slim, should work.02:00
cptnRomster: what would that change?02:01
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Romsterkill the process slim, and it should send a SIQTEM to tell slim to exit.02:02
Romsterbah G not Q02:03
cptnkill uses TERM by default02:03
tilmanman kill: If no signal is specified, the  TERM  signal  is  sent.02:03
Romsteri can pkill xdm just fine.02:03
pitillowell, I think with this is working better here: kill `ps aux|grep "/usr/bin/slim -d"|awk '{print $2}'|head -n1`02:03
pitillo        rm /var/run/slim.auth02:03
Romsterslim should behave like any other program when sent a SIGTERM02:04
Romsterwhy look up the pid number when pkill slim does that for you.02:04
pitilloRomster, with pkill doesn't work here.02:05
cptnRomster: killall does that too02:05
Romsternot even pkill -9 slim02:05
pitilloI haven't tested pkill -902:05
Romsterif that don't work someting is really screwie and catching all the signals.02:05
Romsterif 15 don't work 9 should.02:06
cptnRomster: it's a bug report pitillo is making02:06
cptnso YES, something is screwie02:06
pitilloRomster, with pkill -9 doesn't work fine too02:06
cptnbut whether you use pkill, kill or killall surely doesn't matter02:06
cptnsince they all do the same02:06
Romsterthen the program is catching the signal but not doing as it's told.02:06
cptnnow you got it too02:07
pitillowell, with the line I wrote slim stops and X server too.02:08
Romsterall that is doing is geting the pid right?02:09
Romsteri don't run slim.02:09
mwansaxdm ftw :P02:09
Romsterthe |head -n1 does nothing as far as i can see.02:10
pitilloRomster, it gets the pid and kills it02:10
pitilloRomster, well, it discards the grep line02:10
Romsterps aux|grep /usr/bin/xdm |awk '{print $2}' returns 1805502:10
cptnwhy not us pgrep then?02:11
cptnif pkill is better than kill?02:11
Romsterpgrep -u root slim, might work..02:12
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cptnthere can only be one slim02:12
cptnso no need for -u root02:12
tilmanpitillo: are you saying that /var/run/slim.lock didn't contain the correct pid?02:12
cptntilman: which wouldn't matter in the init script, since that one uses killall irc02:13
pitillotilman, no no, the lock file has the correct pid but like I said, with kill `cat slim.lock` doesn't work properly02:13
tilmancptn: yeah, i just wondered why pitillo grepped for it :)02:13
cptnpitillo: so one kill $PID works, but the other doesn't?02:14
cptnand both have the correct PID?02:14
pitillocptn, yes02:14
cptnall I can say is that 'killall slim' works just fine in the preview mode02:16
cptnit catches the signal, and terminates02:16
cptnso it's probably related to the X server02:16
tilmanLoginApp->RemoveLock(); seems to fail though02:16
pitilloummmm well, seems that with kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock` works02:16
pitillothen removing the lock and auth files manually work02:17
Romstermust mean the lock file is saying a diferent process than the pid file does and what ps reports?02:18
Romsterwhich seems ilogical.02:18
cptn <pitillo> ummmm well, seems that with kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock`02:18
cptn                  works02:18
cptnRomster: read again02:18
Romsteronly lock file i have is /var/lock/gkrellm/LCK..100_\:0 and cating tht and pgrep gkrellm, both report the same pid number as expected.02:19
Romsterand slim should do the same.02:19
pitilloRomster, it does02:19
cptnit does02:19
Romsterso whats the diference it's still geting signal 9 to kill it?02:20
Romstereither way.02:20
cptnsometime I think Romster has a time offset in his IRC client02:20
pitilloRomster, I was making something bad and that was the reason it didn't stopped02:20
cptnand he only gets to read our messages like an hour later02:20
Romsterit's 17:20 here.02:20
Romstermeh geuss i'm being slow to figure out.02:20
cptnyou mean you're drunk?02:20
Romsteri haven't touched any booze for a very long time now so no.02:21
cptnheh, just kidding02:21
Romstera good year at least02:21
pitilloI think my way for explaining things isn't good enought too... and talking about something I made in the weekend it's a bit hard too. (I need to remake here all again)02:21
tilmancptn: of course there is, he's in australia. so obviously there's an 8 hour lag :]02:21
cptntilman: now why didn't I think of that02:21
Romsteri jsut think i'm slow or something some mental problem but anyways.. point at hand program should get the same signal in any way you tell it to quit/kill02:22
Romsterhmm would explain sometimes i need to read someting many of times before i understand it.02:23
Romsterin any case the program slim should be geting the command to TERM so it should shut down no mater what command is used.02:24
Romsterso woy would cating a pid from a lock file work when something like pkill/killall wouldn't when it gets the same pid number.02:25
Romstersorry something don't add up...02:25
Romsterpitillo, reverify you are indeed using the same pid02:25
Romsterand sending the same signal in each case.02:26
pitilloRomster, I verified it, and tested differents ways to sopt it. I think it's working fine with the last kill I wrote and adding the rm /var/run/slim.auth to it can be good too02:27
Romsterwell the program should remove the /var/run/slim.auth file on exit.02:28
pitilloummm it removes the lock but not the auth file02:28
Romsterbut sending signal KILL could kill it instantly and not give it time to run any cleanup function unlike TERM would.02:28
Romsterunless it catches the KILL and runs a cleanup function.02:29
Romsterwell is hould say s/catches/traps/02:29
Romsteri should*02:29
Romsterthere goes my lazy typing :/02:29
pitilloRomster, I don't know if there is a better way to do it. I tried to comment it here to see if someone can reproduce the problem and know a good fix to it02:29
Romstermaybe just the removal of the /var/run/slim.auth file is causing slim to terminate?02:30
Romstercating the lock file that has the same pid as what pkill or other command gets makes no diference. still sends the same pid number to term/kill02:31
pitilloummm I think no, it stops when the kill signal is sended but it doesn't remove the auth file02:31
Romsterwell the removal of the auth file is a messy clean up function in the daemon if the daemon itself created that file.02:32
pitillo with it it's working fine02:32
Romstercat /var/run/slim.lock, then run pgrep slim, and paste the pid of both.02:33
cptnpitillo: okay, thanks02:33
tilmanRomster: stop repeating stuff that has been figured out already >:02:33
pitilloI will try to look for the source, but I think it will be quite hard for me02:33
Romsterhmmz ok... it really does not make any sense.02:33
pitillocptn, thank you for your work02:34
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Romsteri try to be helpful and all i get is it's all been tryed.02:34
Romsterwhat use am i, other than maintaining ports?02:35
pitilloRomster, you are helpfull here, don't take it bad02:35
cptnpitillo: just to be sure here02:35
cptnpitillo: if you don't remove the auth file slim won't start again?02:36
Romsterall i'm doing is repeating what others have already tryed... and most cases i read after alot has been discussed.02:36
pitilloRomster, pgrep and the cat... .lock gives me the same pid02:36
Romsterthen pkill and your method shoudl produce the same results.02:36
Romsterpgrep -9 slim02:37
Romstererr god damn it pkill02:37
pitillopgrep or pkill -9 ?02:37
Romsterpkill -9 slim02:37
pitillooki, trying, 1sec02:37
Romstershould do exactly the same as kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock`02:37
* ryuo grabs Romster's pants and runs off.02:37
Romsterit's the same god damn pid number so why not tilman ?02:37
Romsteroi <<02:38
pitilloRomster, with that signal it kills the server but not slim02:38
Romsterand both would send signal 9 so why would it be diferent?02:38
cptndidn't we establish already that they're NOT different02:38
Romstertilman, please explain that one.02:38
ryuoi remember one time i had this daemon that froze up so bad...02:38
cptnand that the problem has nothing to do with the PID or kill, but the AUTH file=02:38
tilmanSIGTERM != SIGKILL damnit02:38
ryuoi had to use KILL02:38
ryuoto shut it down02:38
ryuosince it wouldnt respond to TERM02:39
Romsterpkill -9 is SIGKILL signal02:39
tilmankill `cat /var/run/slim.lock` sends SIGTERM02:39
ryuoTERM is like asking the process to leave, KILL is like calling security to do it for you.02:39
Romsterpkill -9 foo and kill foo, are the same signal.02:39
ryuoRomster: use -s KILL02:40
ryuoif you have to02:40
ryuootherwise the default signal is TERM02:40
Romstercan use either number or word.02:40
ryuowhich may or may not work02:40
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ryuotilman... meh02:41
Romsterbah see tilman wont explain the diference as there is no diference between 'pkill -9 slim' and 'kill slim'02:42
Rotwangwtf is going here?02:42
Romsteryet he goes all 'omfg' and leaves...02:42
Romsteri don't bloody know seems i cause more issues than i'm worth being here.02:42
Romsterslim won't shut down pitillo says kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock` works but pkill -9 slim will not nor it's current command.02:44
Romsterboth commands send the god damn same KILL signal why would one work and not the other, and tilman wouldn't explain02:44
Romsteromg pkill sends signal 15 SIGTERM yeah true but i said -902:45
Romsterthen i ask explain what is diferent with kill `cat /var/run/slim.lock` and pkill -9 slim02:45
Romstermeh fuck it all can't even have a civilised discussion02:46
Romsterzmog look at him he knows nothing...02:46
Romsterthat's all i keep geting from here.02:46
pitilloRomster, don't worry about and thank you for your comments. I am worse reporting and helping than you02:46
RotwangRomster: calm down02:46
Rotwangsome people here looks really frustrated02:47
Rotwangbut i have solution02:47
Rotwangdrink some vodka go out and chill02:47
pitilloRomster, yeah, I tried your comments but I can't explain why they don't work as expected. I only reported the results02:47
Romstersolution si i dont' help anyone i'll be the dumb one that i so think tohers think of me as.02:47
Romsterand it's my god damn nature to help others but all it gives me is greaf most cases.02:48
pitilloRomster, may I think what others think about me?02:48
pitilloRomster, my english/*nix/coding level is very poor and I am here to get a better level. CRUX is helping me in most cases, and people here is patient with me (at least I think so), with my questions, with my reports, with my opinions02:49
pitillodon't take it in the bad way, like I said, you help people here and you are making a great job to the community.02:50
pitillotime to take a bite02:55
Romstermy programing is poor my comuication is poor, my thinking is slow and it's liek i have mental block02:56
Romsteryour english isn't the best but readable and that's just a language barrier, doesn't mean what you do is any diferent to someone that is a native english speaker.02:57
teKRomster: o'reilly?02:57
Romsteronly thing i really excel at is sound and electrical stuff02:58
Romsteranyone can slap a computer together and throw on a operating system.02:58
Romsterbut to configure, program and locate defects is entirely diferent.02:59
teK09:39 < Romster> pkill -9 foo and kill foo, are the same signal.02:59
teKdon't think so02:59
Romsterah the bloody command yay for assuming... tilman or someone could of corected me instead of saying otherwise i assumed kill was a kill signal... not a term then kill if the program did not catch the term signal..03:00
Romsteryay for no one explaining that.03:01
Romsteri assumed kill ment sigkill.03:01
Romsterwhat is the point of having so many commands to kill a damn process it's bloat.03:01
Romsterand damn confusing.03:01
ryuothey each serve a different method of picking a proc to kill03:02
ryuopkill kills all procs that share the name you give it03:02
ryuokillall tries to kill all instances of the name of the proc you give it03:02
Romstermeh i give up03:04
Romstertoo confusing.03:05
Romsterpkill kills all instances of name, killall will kill all instaces of process that pkill would look up the pid of the process foo so in the end it sends a SIGTERM only killall will do a SIGKILL after if the process does not catch the SIGTERM03:06
Romsteror am i mising the biger picture.03:06
Romstergrr if i can't understand something as simple as this what hope have i got at programing...03:07
Romsterand all i do is get frustrated explaining and then i get all moody and curse and crap...03:08
Romsteri guess i do have a mental disability, and i god damn try to help and be useful and whatever else but it's the same few people i piss off...03:09
Romsterand i'm rambling on about crap so it seems so bye03:09
mwansaRomster, LOL03:09
Romsteroh piss off...03:11
*** Romster has left #crux03:11
Rotwangi tell you drink more vodka03:13
Rotwangit helps03:13
*** Romster has joined #crux03:18
Romstermwansa, how inconsiderate and Rotwang bull... i gave up drinking as i abused it used to get drunk every week to escape reality and feel good, did own the pool table at the pub most nights too with really good shots too.03:20
Romsterever since i stoped i've been able to save and be more moody yay...03:20
RotwangRomster: dont worry ill drink for you03:21
Romstersomtimes i get urgers to jsut go fuck it and go drink again...03:21
Romsteranyways not that anything i say means anything...03:23
Romsterfontforge and wine nees updating if you haven't already. and still udev is a version out despite saying new udev is out when tilman was reading irc.03:25
pitillohere again03:26
aoni know03:26
aonwill do it next weekend as i had better stuff to do now03:26
Romsterthats ok.03:26
Romsteri've updated mine already and it's ok.03:26
pitilloRomster, don't make from a sand grain a casttle. Be patient, like I said, you are helping the community in lof of senses.03:26
Romsterand hinder in others.03:27
pitilloI think you must be calm in these senses03:27
Romsterand i got the damn habit to see faults in everything than improvments.03:27
aoni seldom don't know when there's an update, also emacs, netpbm and possibly herrie need updating, but i just didn't get into it03:28
Romsteri see a fault and i go tofind a fix to make it improved.03:28
*** ryuo has quit IRC03:28
Romstertheirs a few others i'm sure i've missed that are out of date too, i know maintainers are busy with other things too.03:29
Romsterbut some things seem to sit stale for so long it's not even funny.03:29
* teK runs ck4up multiple times a day :O)03:29
Romsteri do too.03:29
*** ryuo has joined #crux03:30
aoni run it once a week or so :)03:30
Romstershould do it at least on a friday so you catch wine updates too <<03:30
aonactually i should make it a cronjob so i'd have the results in mail and wouldn't lose them if i close the terminal03:31
aoni usually do it on fri or sat03:31
Romsteryeah i've been thinking of doing some cron of it.03:31
pitilloI need to setup ck4up, I hope this week I can spend some time with it03:31
aonanyway, off ->03:31
Romsterck4up + 160 or so ports is not fun to setup <<03:32
Romsterlater aon03:32
pitilloRomster, that's true, here I have only some ports to use with it (I have lots of ports using cvs/svn)03:32
Romstera little less painful to grep ports and cat name md5 source name-[0-9.]+ to the file then hand edit it.03:33
pitillomay be isn't funny to setup it up but I think it will get ride of updates and it can be helpfull in case you have lots of ports03:33
Romsterthem ones i monitor the gitlog/svnlog etc and update when needed.03:33
*** Rotwang has quit IRC03:33
Romsterit makes updating alot easier.03:34
pitilloyeah, it helps a lot to maintainers like you, who had lots of ports. I think it's very usefull over the pain of setting it up03:35
Romsteri found the seting up was well worth it as it saves manually looking up.03:36
Romsterwtf do i wanna do now, bored stressed moody yay03:37
* mwansa slaps Romster for not drinking...03:39
pitilloummmm hard to know. I think if you think a bit calm you will find something to do (there is always something todo)03:39
mwansabeer is the answer to most problems since 192003:39
Romsteryeah i got plenty todo but arn't in the mood...03:39
pitilloummm looking mood translation03:39
Romsterpfft i don't wanan go back to being a druunk it was hell enough to stop drinking03:39
pitilloummm +1 for that last sentence... and more when you are at home doing nothing....03:40
pitillomay be coding, reading a book, resting mind, play a game are better options instead of getting drunk03:41
Romsteruseally i bury myself in code and listen to music.03:41
Romsterbut i arn't in any mood to mess with code.03:42
pitilloummmm can't help too much03:43
Romsteri know..03:43
Romsteri'd jsut goto bed and sleep as long as i could but i arn't even tired.03:44
pitillowell, ummm what about reading something or play a game to don't stress at all03:46
pitilloI use to play tce when I got tired from work, it helps me to get out myself a bit of strees03:46
Romsteri got games just not in the mood...03:47
mwansai got no games but am in the mood O_o03:48
pitillofor me tce does the trick when I feel stressed03:48
mwansapitillo, tce ?03:52
pitillomwansa, the game true-combat-elite .... but this is in my case, I think others can feel no-streessed in other ways03:53
mwansayea games sometimes seem to do the job...03:58
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*** tilman has joined #crux04:27
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman04:27
ryuofound a cool new cd ripper04:33
Romsterhow convenant...04:35
* Romster cooked up dinner04:35
*** howl has joined #crux04:35
ryuoi wish there was a good open source qt3/4 browser for kde, so you didn't have to use gtk2 with kde O_o04:47
ryuoif you use kde that is04:47
ryuothis CD i ripped sounds different than when i got it years ago04:51
ryuono scratches..04:51
Romsterlossy format compression?04:51
ryuono i mean04:51
ryuoit sounds like the music changed entirely04:52
ryuoat least in part04:52
ryuocould it have been warped somehow from age?04:52
Romsteror you had a lossy impedeance mismatch between cd player and amplifer and made the music have less detail and crispness to it.04:52
ryuowell i ripped it with cdparanoia04:52
ryuoand my other CDs still sound the same04:53
Romsterthat does a exact copy your hearing things...04:53
ryuoor maybe04:53
ryuoi just dont remember how it used to sound04:53
Romsteror that04:54
cptnhowl: hey!05:46
cptnlong time no see05:46
howlIndeed. :)05:47
howlWhat's up man?05:47
howlI've been on Freenode for a bit lately, so I thoguht I'd drop by.05:47
cptnheh, nice05:47
howlCrux being the best Linux experience I've had, etc. :)05:47
howlAnd you guys of course. :)05:47
cptnI haven't been around much either05:47
howlAhh, work and stuff, no? :)05:47
cptnyeah, mostly work05:48
cptnwhat about you?05:48
howlNaah, I've been "busy" studying the last few years.05:48
howlAnd IRC is quite a time-hog. :)05:49
howlAs I am noticing these last days as well. :)05:49
howlI've picked up another scripting language lately. Ruby. :)05:50
howlSuch a lovely scripting language.05:50
cptnyou'll find some Ruby fans here as well05:54
cptnlike tilman05:54
*** treach has joined #crux05:55
cptnhowl: so what OS are you running nowadays?05:55
howlOh, OS X. :)05:55
howlAnd you?05:55
treachthat shameful silence can only mean "Vista" :P05:56
* cptn waits a bit longer05:56
* howl shakes head.05:57
cptnnah, still CRUX05:57
tilmanruby \o/05:57
*** joacim has quit IRC05:57
tilmanexcept when performance matters :D05:57
treachwhat, writing matrox drivers in ruby now? :>05:58
tilmani prototyped that archimedean dynasty video decoder in ruby05:58
tilmanit was about 3.14 million times (estimate) slower than the c version :p05:59
treachthe ruby factor = pi*10^6  :p06:00
howlI am waiting for Ruby 2. :)06:01
howlI bought the Pickaxe and the new Ruby PRogramming Language book last week.06:01
howlGreat stuff. :)06:01
cptnhowl: still living in the Oslo area?06:03
howlNo. Now I in Trondheim.06:04
cptnah, nice06:05
cptnstudying at NTNU then?06:05
howlYeah. But not IT. :)06:05
cptnlet me guess06:09
cptnphilosophy and political science?06:10
howlYeah, but we've been over this before, have we not?06:10
cptnno, but Mac OS X was a dead giveaway06:10
cptnno seriously, I googled you06:10
howlYou stalker you. :)06:10
pitillotilman, seems that xorg-xdriinfo needs mesa3d in its deps06:53
pitillotime to eat something, I will continue later, I saw one more with problems (later I will look for the fix and then I will report)06:57
tilmanpitillo: you're right. it needs libGL07:04
*** treach has quit IRC07:11
teKtilman knows very well how being stalked feels :>07:34
* tilman sues tek07:38
cptnhow so?07:39
pitillotilman, xorg-xf86-input-acecad needs xorg-server (and xorg-xproto provided by xorg-server)07:40
pitilloI think this last report will be repeated for more *input* ports (grepping atm)07:41
pitilloI can put the report for *input* ports wich are missing xorg-server in deps in my server to don't spam here too much07:43
*** sepen has joined #crux07:46
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux07:48
tilmanpitillo: yes, *input* and *video* depend on the server07:51
tilmani've had a todo entry for that in my ~/.todo for 6+ months :o07:51
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:51
pitillooki, I was testing and there are 4 ports for testing by now... Nice to know you were noticed of that07:53
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC07:56
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux07:57
tilmandischarging 5%. time left 2h:43m07:58
* tilman <3 battery thing in 2.6.2407:59
cptnbrought to you by bd208:01
mwansawow wtf.... whats the battery life on 100%08:01
tilmanmwansa: two hours :)08:04
tilmancptn: ugh, that explains a *lot*08:04
cptnI didn't say anything ;-)08:04
pitillotilman, for xorg-xhost: xorg-libxmu xorg-libx1108:06
pitillotilman, for xorg-xkill: xorg-libx11 xorg-libxmu08:10
pitillofinished, no more missing deps08:15
*** joacim has joined #crux08:15
*** errdil has joined #crux08:19
*** Viper_ has joined #crux09:15
*** will__ has joined #crux09:18
*** jaeger has joined #crux09:32
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger09:32
tilmanpitillo: thanks :)09:44
pitillotilman, to you, for your great work :)09:45
tilmanpitillo: if those dependencies were found by a script, you should run the output through findredundantdeps, too09:49
tilmanlibxmu depends on libx1109:49
tilmanpitillo: mmh, xorg-xhost already depends on those (since april 3rd)09:49
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xkill: fixed dependencies.09:50
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-amd: updated to
pitillotilman, true, I was looking in the other way (xmu depending in libx11), sorry about reporting them in a bad way09:50
tilmanpitillo: nah, not a problem09:51
thrice`mm, sip is difficult to get a hold of =|09:53
tilmanthrice`: you tried his address, right?09:54
tilmanthat reminds me09:54
tilmanteK, cptn: did you guys sort out the prt-get patch situation?09:55
*** treach has joined #crux09:58
cptntilman: no10:05
cptnwas that the download only thing?10:05
tilmani don't remember10:06
cptnit's probably that one10:06
cptnI also offered alternative scripts to do the same10:07
tilmansome weeks ago tek mentioned that he was still waiting for a response from you iirc10:08
tilmanso i thought i'd bring it up again10:08
cptnyeah, I promised I'd join IRC to discuss it10:08
cptnI think that was back in november or something10:08
cptnI haven't gotten any reaction the the alternatives I provided though :-)10:08
cptnI should be around for the rest of the week though10:13
cptnso I'm sure we can find a solution :-)10:13
tilmannice :)10:14
*** lasso|qt_ has joined #crux10:24
*** maxus has joined #crux10:33
*** namenlos has quit IRC10:39
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC10:43
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfburn: Fixed bug at the end of Pkgfile.11:14
*** Romster has quit IRC11:59
*** namenlos has joined #crux12:28
treachaon: seen those? ^13:01
treachmmh, one for lighttpd too13:04
treachbut that would be sip's problem. :)13:04
*** jdolan__ has joined #crux13:12
teKtilman: not really13:18
teKI failed to resolve the nick cptn and hist mail address ;)13:18
tilmand'oh, you didn't know who cptn is? :p13:19
teKi'm from the keep your ports cool and uptodate dept.13:19
teKno community guy, the only community thing I do / use is the bug tracker for kicking viper's and sip's asses :D13:20
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:24
*** namenlos has quit IRC13:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tig: 0.10.1 -> 0.1113:26
teKI read about  git-gc on the git mailing list, maybe we should add a hint on it to the developers page13:27
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC13:27
teKas an alternative you may completely ignore me13:31
tilmanteK: go ahead :)13:31
tilmando you an account for the wiki?13:33
teKno but I'd try to use it if I had one13:33
teKAlso I'd be happy to contribute HowTos if someone could be creative and suggest missing topics13:34
tilmani'll mail simone to get you an ccount13:35
teKcool, thx13:36
*** mrks has joined #crux13:41
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux13:42
treach"A new xine-lib version is now available. This release contains a security fix (integer overflow, possibly leading to buffer overflow, CVE-2008-1482). There are also a few bug fixes, and yet another copy-and-paste announcement."13:53
treach"It's not a bug, it's a feature!"13:53
rehabdollfuck, my old quake2 clan turned 10 a week ago13:53
rehabdollim old.....13:53
*** mrks_ has quit IRC13:58
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC13:59
*** drijen has joined #crux14:21
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:28
jesse_treach: wine agrees with bugs and specifically bug fixes are features ;)14:53
jesse_Then again, wine is a very different creature in comparison to xine-lib. :p14:57
treachaye, rhymes though. :P14:57
treach"How do you rhyme on xine?" "Xine, wine, bug" :p14:57
jesse_xine: second-guess multimedia formats, wine: second-guess a popular, yet undocumented OS platform. :p14:59
teK[tek@basra][/usr/lib/locale]% ls -lh15:09
teKtotal 62M15:09
teK-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 62M [2008/02/29] locale-archive15:09
teK[tek@basra][/usr/lib/locale]% pkginfo -o locale-archive15:09
teKPackage  File15:09
teKglibc    usr/lib/locale/locale-archive15:09
tilmanthere's a bug for that i believe15:12
tilmanthe short story is that glibc builds too much locale crap ;>15:12
jesse_everything being too much. ;)15:14
teKtilman: leave the locale out of your sentence :>15:15
tilmanyeah, but people love teh glibc's features15:15
jesse_glibc is standard and most users are stuck to it for various reasons.15:26
teKexchange users with programmers15:26
teK< fefe fanboy15:26
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC15:28
teKthere are ports for djbware (+ssl support) statically linked against dietlibc15:29
treachstandard for Linux. :>15:29
teKright in /usr/ports/proj_h/ :>15:29
jesse_The person behind dietlibc, among others. :p15:29
treachlinux kernel+bsd libc could be interesting. :P15:29
tilmanteK: sip worked on "ucrux", crux based on uclibc (or whatever the name is), in case something like that floats your boat15:29
teKhey, license wars are in the neighbourchannel15:30
treachtalking about the code, not the licenses15:30
teKkeep your fingers off my "boat" (strange name btw :>)15:30
teKtilman: yeah, a stripped down stripped down version of CRUX would be interesting for me :-)15:30
treachI think it would be pretty much impossible anyway, so no need to start any wars about it. :>15:31
teKtilman: I *may* have to place up to 3* 26 Boxes into our (industrial) production and I'd love to place CRUX onto those thin clients.15:32
teKI told the Chief of Production (?) about the costs of the Windows Licenses for those boxes and he was like "so what?!"15:33
tilmanteK: anyway, sip worked on that some years ago. not sure how much work it would be to bring it up to speed again15:33
teKthis *really* was disturbing.15:33
treachclient licences, client access licenses, server licenses..15:34
treachit just keeps coming. :/15:34
teKback then we just spoke of 26 boxes but there could be as much as three boxes per machine15:35
tilmanteK: "head of foo (or foo department)" would work i think. chiefs = indian guys :p15:36
teKChief Security Office15:36
teKChief of is stupid, you're right15:36
treach"Chef Security Office" :>15:36
teKbut who cares about as much as 9000Euros in a 100k Euro project..15:38
teKbut I doubt I could run uCRUX or something similar as I will need a Firefox + support for Java Applets15:39
tilmani guess he doesn't care about the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when installing linux instead of windows either15:39
teKOF COURSE he does not care about it15:39
teKhe's one of the countless hobby administrators in my company15:39
treachsomeone who cares about not having to patch stuff constantly?15:39
teKsomeone who does not give a shit during the pilot phase for this system (he's on vacation for three weeks of the four week test phase)15:40
teKI'm head of the IT Department so why should I care about production-planning? :) but it runs on a box called computer so I gotta be responsible, right :p15:41
treachI meant, "Who cares about 9000 E"15:41
teKwhich system is meant by patching stuff? patch(1) or
teKoh well there are about two machines being constantly patched15:42
teKI started as the head of IT last summer, btw. No time to clean up this mess till now :>15:43
teKbut the CRUX server is uptodate :>15:43
treachas far as the maintainers are on the ball. :)15:44
treachcan't be worse than M$ though. :>15:45
teKthere are no local accounts except mine and lighty + openssh + the kernel are up to date for sure15:45
teKyeah treach15:45
treachlighty have DOS vuln right now I think.15:45
tilmanteK: duh, if you're the department head it's not really surprising that you work longer hours than me ;p15:46
teKour gateway has: Linux benhur 2.2.20 #6 Mon Apr 8 15:40:31 CEST 2002 i686 unknown15:46
teKtilman: *g*15:46
teKtreach: I thought this was fixed, or was this local code execution15:46
tilmano noes15:46
teKBroadcast message from root Mon Apr  7 17:26:23 2008...15:46
teKThe system is going down for system halt NOW !!15:46
treachit's "just" DOS. :)15:46
*** will__ has quit IRC15:46
tilmandid you notify sip, treach?15:46
teKso my co-worker worked overtime hours again!!!15:47
treachnope, he usually seem to be on the ball, so I haven't bothered yet.15:47
* RedShift is probably going to materialize his plans on forking archlinux15:48
RedShiftI've already got someone who's agreeing with me15:48
treachwrong channel again?15:48
thrice`wrong channel?15:48
tilmanyou're way too lazy to do it anyway15:48
treachthrice`: got ya! :D15:48
RedShifttilman: why do you think that? :)15:48
tilmanand i don't see how it will help you to get filthy rich15:48
RedShifttilman: probably not :D15:48
RedShiftbut that's not the point15:48
treachtilman: I think you're refering to "clickonce" :D15:49
thrice`nothing like forking another not-so-great to begin with distro15:49
teKd'oh. treach: is there a fix available?15:49
treachnot sure.15:49
tilmantreach: ugh, that guy wouldn't even get an idea like this15:49
RedShiftthrice`: that's why we're forking it, to make it great15:49
teKthe high-load-dos.patch refers to an older CVE15:49
RedShiftwe're just experimenting atm15:49
RedShiftI don't know if we'll continue15:50
treachteK: not sure if this helps ->
teKI consider DOS harmful but I will wait for the official update15:52
treachof course it's harmful, but at least it's not arbitrary code exec or some shit like that.. :P15:52
tilmanand it's limited to ssl connections15:53
tilmani mean, only ssl connections/server seessions/foo are vulnerable15:54
teKnot enabled. phew. :)15:54
cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 120.15:58
tilmantest minions, test!15:58
tilmanto make things more interesting, i did not15:59
tilmannah, just kidding15:59
teK'f course!15:59
treachI'm sure the people running crux in production would like that attitude. :P15:59
tilmanthere's people who run crux in production? lulz15:59
treachYeah, I think so.16:00
teKI will maintain core/ myself on those machines you pricks16:00
treachI seem to remember j^^2 using it like that, as well as mavrick_6116:00
tilmani figured mavrick61 did :)16:01
treachour corporate sponsor. :P16:01
teKI survived a reboot, btw16:02
treachthen there can't possibly be anything wrong, right? :D16:03
teKnot for me so I don't care16:03
tilmanseriously, i did test it16:03
jesse_No problem, no cry.16:03
teK(this is the compatible attitude the wiki says about core devs, right?)16:03
treachteK: just kidding. :)16:04
tilmanteK: yes.16:04
tilmanif you don't actually believe your users are worthless, there's no place for you here16:04
teKI love this expression "compatible attitude" just like brainless code-monkeys or something *G*16:04
teKtilman: you're probably right16:05
teKone has to shit on the users  etc.16:05
treachteK: I presume that "compatible attitude" have more to do with attitude taken to the importance of "GNU/Linux" etc. :P16:06
teKand the basics16:06
treach...and the basics. damn right16:07
treachlet's not forget them. :D16:07
teKI feel like I'm cought in a monthy python production16:07
treachhappens when you're dealing with slightly crazy people. :P16:08
teKthis channel IS shady, I knew it from the first moment16:08
treachwanna try obsd?16:08
tilmanat least their console is anything but shady16:09
tilmanyou need *shades* to not get eye cancer while installing openbsd16:09
teKI use flash player on my box.. the kick follows 0.2ms later :>16:09
RedShifthey, anyone know how the jack plug detection works on soundcards?16:09
teKtilman: dunno. but the NetBSD installers kicks ass16:09
tilmandon't remember16:09
tilmani only installed it once iirc16:09
*** jdolan__ has quit IRC16:09
RedShiftI've seen some software for realtek soundcards giving a popup saying which plug something was connected to16:10
treachI haven't used net since 1.6.x something16:10
treachI guess it's still the same. :>16:10
*** jaeger has left #crux16:10
teKoh well once I mixed userland and kernel and since then it runs 1.6 :-)16:10
teKI don't have time for anything at work it's just awful16:10
treachI remember it working pretty nicely, haven't heard much positive about the newer versions though.16:11
treachsupposedly doesn't to smp too well.16:12
teKit simply runs which is pretty much standard for !Windows OSes16:12
teKif I get my personal apprentice^Wslave in September "I" will care about keeping this box up to date16:13
RedShiftI don't like BSD, creating a symbiosis between kernel- and userland16:18
RedShifttreach: in BSD, userland should be in sync with kernelland16:25
treachnot sure what the problem with that is though.16:26
tilmansounds rather good than bad.16:26
teKgn8 people16:26
treachIt's not like you have to chase the latest kernel.16:26
tilmanneight tek16:26
treachgnight teK16:26
jesse_bye tek16:27
jesse_linux as a kernel has to support a wider combination of compilers and c libs.16:28
treachahem, "versions of compilers and clibs.", I think. :P16:28
treachI'm pretty sure any compiler but gcc would choke on the kernel/gnu userland. :D16:29
jesse_Likely so.16:29
treachI think there have been some effort to port at least obsd to some other compiler though.16:29
tilmankernel? yes16:29
tilmangnu tools? dunno :)16:29
tilmanin general, i don't think there's that much code out there that exploits whacko gcc-isms16:33
*** drijen has quit IRC16:37
tilmani've never heard of him :O16:37
* tilman looks at his filmography16:38
treachHe's totally infamous. :P16:38
tilmani've heard of alone in the dark ;p16:38
*** drijen has joined #crux16:38
tilmanIm April 2008 gab Uwe Boll bekannt, dass er bei rund einer Million Unterschriften für eine Online-Petition mit dem Titel "Stop Dr. Uwe Boll Petition" aufhören würde weitere Spieleverfilmungen zu machen.16:39
tilman66467 Total Signatures16:39
tilman"My god my eyes! The goggles they do nothing!"16:40
* tilman <3 the simpsons16:40
jesse_Some certainly do not like Uwe Boll's director work. :p16:41
*** drijen2 has joined #crux16:41
*** drijen has quit IRC16:41
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:49
jesse_I believe they might be much more successful in silencing Uwe Boll with a fake islamist threat.16:49
tilman ._.16:50
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:51
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:51
treachsee, that's what happens when you go jihad. People leave. :>16:52
treachcrazy bastard finn yelling "Allah akhbar".. maybe I should leave too. :D16:52
*** andarius has joined #crux16:53
andariusgreetings and salutations16:54
jesse_Those threats give a response in contrast to petitions.16:54
jesse_Petitions are easily ignored ;)16:54
treachwell, he promised, if they reached a million. :)16:57
treachwith the power of teh intarweb it might just happen. :P16:58
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:59
jesse_Throw the link to that peition a fiew times to those digg/reddit type sites and off you go. :p16:59
treachit's already on slashdot. ;D16:59
*** drijen2 has quit IRC17:00
jesse_Good enough.17:01
jesse_It is an achievement in itself that the petition gets at least a tenth of the million sigs needed. :p17:09
jesse_I have not seen any of Boll's films, but according to wikipedia many have been commercial flops.17:10
treachmany? I thought it was *all* of them..17:11
treach *_*17:14
rehabdollim amazed he still gets work17:20
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux17:21
*** errdil has quit IRC17:22
treachapparently they were never ment to make money17:22
jesse_I wonder the same. Commercial flop upon commercial flop yet someone is willing to bankroll them. :s17:22
treachseems like he's been using the films for some kind of scammy tax thing.17:22
treachkinda like "springtime for hitler" :P17:23
*** destruct has quit IRC17:32
*** joacim has quit IRC17:34
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct17:34
jesse_Scientologists are on the legal war path yet again.17:34
treachI didn't think they were off it.17:37
jesse_Unless you cough up the cash, you are not supposed to know much about them eh. :p17:37
treachamazing number of people who buy into that crap.17:38
rehabdollwhat are they up to this time?17:39
jesse_wikileaks pissed them off by publishing some documents.17:39
jesse_treach: yep. they still are a drop in the bucket, but there just is something about religious businesses pulling in fools with too much money. :p17:42
treachstrange. money in, sense out.17:43
jesse_Those who are stupid enough to throw in their money deserve it...17:43
treachwell, yeah, but I don't understand why *anyone* would be that stupid.17:44
treachFFS, it's even more stupid than a sucidebomber!17:44
jesse_As in the islamic martyrdom reasoning for suicide bombing?17:46
treachnah, just anyone blowing themselves up in the name of something.17:47
jesse_It is unfortunate that quite a few have a deep admiration, if not outright worship of death and the after life.17:49
treachsome of them aren't any of that, just desperate.17:49
jesse_Desperate and brainwashed. :p17:52
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC19:16
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux19:35
*** errdil has joined #crux19:59
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:34
*** andarius has left #crux21:42
*** Romster has joined #crux21:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libsoup: 2.4.0 -> 2.4.122:43
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:23
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