IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-04-08

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pitillogood morning00:59
predatorfreakpitillo: morning01:00
RomsterGUG is an abbreviation for "Generic UTC Greeting" if ya don't know <<01:02
predatorfreakRomster: Con Kolivas' invention :D01:03
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pitillodidn't know about that abreviation01:03
RomsterContest lol..01:04
predatorfreakRomster: Me and another friend have this thing where whenever the kernel is being an ass.01:05
predatorfreakWe go "CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"01:05
predatorfreakimmediately followed by "God-damn it Ingo."01:05
pitilloummm predatorfreak one question related to kernel, do you know why can I get (randomly) a softlockup error at kernel? I tried to fix that reviewing shared irq's and disabling which I don't use (it's a laptop running some services)01:07
pitillomay be you have a clue about this. I tried to fix upgrading/downgrading kernel too, but I got the same. Seems something related to the bg3 net module, but I can't fix that01:08
predatorfreaksoft lock as in stalls?01:09
pitilloummm what does "in stalls" means?01:09
tilman"as in"01:09
pitillono, the computer is responsive, but no way to get the net up again01:09
predatorfreakpitillo: System temporarily locks up, but resumes later.01:10
pitillopredatorfreak, it works, but  seems to be locked the net only01:10
predatorfreakI'd investigate your network card drivers XD01:11
predatorfreakWell, I don't own one of those01:12
predatorfreakSo I can't test out the drivers here.01:12
pitilloummm I am not sure if it's a good or bad network device, it cames with the laptop01:12
tilmanyou could try an external ethernet thingy01:12
Romsterand google and see if anyone has issues with that device.01:13
pitilloummmmmm I think it will be hard, no such external devices here01:13
pitilloRomster, I googled, to look for this kind of issue related to this network and looked for other kernel problems related to other devices01:13
pitilloI readed about kernel upgrade (wich didn't work here) and about reviewing shared irq (then I disabled the ones I don't use)01:14
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pitillothese are the 2 solutions I found. I continue looking for some info to try to fix it01:15
Romsterdid you look at plug n play in the bios?01:16
Romsterresources controled by OS01:16
Romsterand PCI access mode in the kernel.01:16
pitilloRomster, ummm yes to the first, and the second I don't remember (I will take a look)01:17
pitillopci access is setup to any (I can't read too much info at kernel help about this)01:19
Romstermaybe apic and or acpi issue too.01:25
Romsternot really sure but thngs to try.01:25
pitilloI start the kernel with the noacpi option01:25
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teKCon Kolivas rule(d)s01:42
cptnmmmh, kinda reminds me of UGT:01:45
ryuopitillo: whats the problem? (just got back)01:45
cptnso: Good (UGT) Morning, Everyone!01:46
pitilloryuo, kernel softlockups related to tigon3 network device (tweaking abit the kernel atm)01:46
pitillocptn, same for you :)01:46
ryuo version?01:46
pitilloryuo, tried now with 2.6.24-201:46
ryuoshouldnt you try
ryuounless its some wierd non-vanilla kernel01:47
tilmangood (real) morning cptn :p01:47
* tilman runs01:47
pitillotested in 2.6.23.{9-14} and 2.6.24.{2}01:47
pitilloryuo, not tested on it, I will take a look01:48
ryuolatest is
ryuo2.6.24.4 changelog mention some wireless updates01:48
pitilloummm I will read the changelogs (tigon3 isn't a wireless card). Thank you for that comment01:49
RomsterYour ass will be laminated <- lol01:49
Romsternah off the url cptn pasted.01:50
* ryuo gives Romster his collection of wooden nickles.01:55
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sepenmorning all02:12
mike_k(what's the story) morning glory!02:15
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treachstory is in the log. :)02:42
Romsteryeah pick on me day so it seems no wait it's every day, all because i assumed kill did SIGKILL by default...02:49
Romsternow drop it already sick of hearing it.02:49
treachwhat? Isn't it "Pick-on-Romster-day" every day? :P02:50
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ryuopkill Romster02:55
ryuoERROR: proc "Romster" has NOKILL set to on.02:55
Romstermore like i'm the kernel can't be killed.02:55
treachwanna bet? ;)02:56
ryuoi see this HP laptop but its rather vague about the specifications02:57
ryuoit doesn't even tell you what wireless chipset is in it...02:57
* ryuo grumbles.02:57
Romstertreach, no i do not <<02:57
Romsterthen again you'd do me a favour and i wouldn't have to put up with reality.03:21
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tilman"And now I've signed. This may be the best use of the internet ever. I knew Al gore invented it for a reason."03:50
tilmantreach: ^^^ :D03:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: di: Updated 4.11 -> 4.1204:18
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muskotneed some help with making myth tv find qtstring.h when building04:21
cptnis QTDIR exported?04:22
muskoti dont know i typed export QTDIR=/usr/share/qt04:22
muskotis it correct_04:22
cptnalthough, never heard of a qtstring.h before04:23
cptnQt's string header are called qstring.h04:24
muskotyeah i figure04:24
muskoti added the export line to my mythtv Pkgfile04:25
muskotcan that make inte err04:25
cptncan you log the complete build and upload that?04:25
muskotprt-get install mythtv | cat > myth.log04:26
muskotdoes that work_04:26
cptndon't think so04:26
cptnprt-get install mythtv > myth.log; cat myth.log should04:27
schniggieprt-get install mythtv | tee myth.log04:27
cptnyou can omit the cat of course to get a silent build04:27
cptnah right :-)04:27
cptnmuskot: prt-get also has a built-in logging feature BTW...04:27
schniggieah right :D04:28
muskotcptn, i didnt know04:28
cptnmuskot: are you using mythtv from contrib or from 'rho'?04:28
muskotsome thing wrong with the contrib version04:32
cptnno, don't think so04:32
cptnit's probably a bit older, but should build anyway04:32
cptnI just wanted to have a look at the Pkgfile, and realized I had two here04:33
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cptnwell, except that the version in contrib is kinda old04:37
cptnfrom september 2006...04:37
cptn@seen prologic04:38
clbcptn: prologic was last seen in #crux 5 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours, 18 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <prologic> but tek is welcome to take over some or all of my ports04:38
treachhe quit04:38
treachand nobody adopted it apparently04:39
cptnor threw them out04:39
teKI could pick up mythtv04:39
teKif it's popular / used04:39
muskothow can i easy upload i file to a ftp server from the console04:42
tilmanlftp is a nice client04:43
muskotcptn, the compile output04:59
muskothope it helps05:01
treachdet gör det säkert, men han är nog upptagen05:02
muskothoppas han far lite tid till det >P05:03
Romstercptn, i plan to throw them out except ones that other ports depend on i'll contact them to see if they want to take it over.05:08
Romsterguess i'll do that tonight since it has been long enough05:09
treachI think there are a few people using myth though05:09
treachat least muskot here is trying to. :P05:09
Romsteri noticed.05:10
treachI'd never guess. :>05:10
mwansaRomster, err cant seem to be able to pull libdvdnav off shortcircuit ?05:12
Romsterit's not on shortcircuit anymore ports -u contrib05:12
treachprologic strikes again05:12
mwansaRomster, ah ya thought so. cheers05:12
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Romstermuskot, gftp in opt05:15
Romsteror mess with curl05:15
muskoti am thinking about tryning to use freevo instead of mythtv05:16
mwansaRomster, still is trying to pull of shrtcircuit. maybe have a look at the Pkgfile once you got a sec :P05:16
tilmanwasn't viper supposed to fix pinentry? ._o05:17
Romsteri've updatedit make sure your on contrib 2.4 branch05:18
Romsterrm -r /usr/ports/contrib/libdvdnav && ports -u contrib05:19
Romster;a=blob;f=libdvdnav/Pkgfile;h=c5b6a7a4ac05699a0a5c7d35c7424ef57eef98fc;hb=2.4 does not say shortcircuit in the soruce url hence why isaid it's been updated.05:20
mwansaRomster, fuck sorry forgot i was still on 2,305:20
Romsterfigures that's what i gathered and asked that earlier ^05:21
Romsterhmmz should we be updating contrib-2.3?'05:21
mwansayeah i guess im getting slower05:21
Romsterso how many are on 2.3 contrib still...05:21
mwansai dont think they would be much point updating 2.3 ports as most ppl probb have moved onto 2.405:22
Romsterexcept for those that don't realise a rejmerge doesn't touch /etc/ports/contrib.rsync as it's named contrib.rsync.inactive05:25
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pitillochanging Preemption Model in kernel seems to give me a bit more stability (around 3h without seeing the softlock) Let's see how many time it can be up without problems. Thank you all for your comments.05:38
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crimeboyhi, 2.4 crux uses whats libc version?09:24
crimeboythank u09:25
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Romstercrimeboy, you could of checked on the cd or gitweb or prt-get info glibc, if you got it installed.09:44
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Romsterand there is no stoping you to use a later glibc if you wanna take the associated risks of it breaking something.09:44
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crimeboyRomster: nice ;]10:00
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racerI officially suck and compiling kernels10:20
raceror at least lean kernels10:20
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Romsterjust keep trying tryal and error.10:22
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racerI am, for now10:23
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racerI just get tired of mounting all 12 partitions for each recompile :)10:23
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raceralthough I really just need to mount /, /boot, and /usr10:23
racerthen do the binds and sysfs and proc10:23
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tilmanpredatorfreak: vala 0.2.0 is out. and the # description in your port sucks11:44
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I don't even use vala, so, as far as I'm concerned, it is just some fancy GNOME programming thingie :D11:45
tilmanblabla, please fix it11:46
tilmanjust steal their description thing11:46
predatorfreakI should probably just nuke it, I have no use for Vala, personally, nor do I even have it installed.11:47
tilman"Compiler for the GObject type system"11:47
predatorfreakI'm not the proper maintainer.11:47
cruxbot[contrib.git]: vala: Drop port.11:48
predatorfreakmm new dbus11:49
j^2\o/ tilman11:50
j^2 /o\ predatorfreak11:50
tilmanhey j^211:51
predatorfreakj^2: Spider-walker-robot-thing?11:51
tilman /o\ is the negated \o/11:51
j^2no i'm not that inventive11:51
tilmanisn't it obvious?11:51
predatorfreaktilman: Looks more like a spider-robot-walker.11:52
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racerdox: lo11:55
doxi just installed crux. when lilo is loading crux i get the following error: "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount roots fs on unknown-block(3,0)11:55
j^2dox: id you edit fstab?11:55
doxi have 4 partitions on /dev/hda: hda1 = /, hda2 = boot, hda3 = swap & hda4 = home11:55
treachmore mundane than that probably.11:56
tilmanyour kernel doesn't have supported for your root filesystem, or for your sata or ide hardware11:56
treach"support" :p11:56
tilmanle sigh11:56
doxhda1(/) is reiser the rest are ext311:56
doxand it's not sada hd, then it would be /dev/sda, right?11:56
thrice`reiser will needs to be compiled in statically, then11:57
treachyeah, but do you have support for that compiled into your kernel?11:57
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treachie, "*" not "m"11:57
doxfor reiser and ext3 ? i think they were already checked when i ran through the kernel menuconfig11:57
doxin my lilo.conf i have: boot=/dev/hda2 and root=/dev/hda111:58
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j^2did you make your boot bootable via fdisk?11:58
tilmanboot=/dev/hda2? does that make sense? :p11:59
treachbefore worrying about that, make sure you've got the proper support for things.11:59
treachdon't "think".11:59 do i make the partition bootable using fdisk ?11:59
treachtilman: where's captain picard when you need him...?11:59
tilmanthe bootable flag is only read by DOS, isn't it?12:00
j^2dox: it's "a"12:00
j^2tilman: really? i've always had to do it12:00
tilmanNOW it's time for captain picard12:01
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j^2tilman: op me ;)12:01
tilmandox: so, first thing to do is verify that your kernel supports reiser12:01
Romstersorry other way around boot=/dev/hda and boot=/dev/hda112:01
predatorfreakYay new dbus works12:01
Romstersorry other way around boot=/dev/hda and root=/dev/hda112:01
predatorfreakRomster: Figures tied?12:03
Romstermaybe i am a little.12:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus: Update to 1.2.112:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: dbus-python: Update to
doxhmm how can i find out whether i compiled the kernel with
tilmandox: check the config...12:10
treachI told you like 13 minutes ago12:10
doxumm treach ? i know i hav to mount hda but i dnt know which file to look for?12:11
predatorfreakzcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'REISER'12:11
tilmanthat doesn't work if the kernel doesn't boot :p12:12
Romsterzgrep /proc/config.gz | grep 'REISER'12:12
tilmanomfg romster12:12
Romstererr wtf am i on...12:12
Romsterzgrep 'REISER' proc/config.gz12:12
Romsterand grr /proc/config.gz12:12
Romsteri really fuckign give up12:13
Romstertoo pissed off and frustrated to help anyone12:13
treachdox: you *did* compile a kernel, right?12:13
tilmandox: boot the system that you used to build the kernel12:13
Romsterand you lot jsut make me worse12:13
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doxsure sure i compiled it12:14
treachwell. go back to that, and check your settings.12:15
treachboot the cd if you can't get to it otherwise, and mount the partitions manually12:15
doxi installed from livecd. i really have to install everything again?12:16
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treachjust mount the partitions, chroot and fix your problesm12:16
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doxreiserfs support is selected by default12:33
doxnot in debug mode though or "stats in /proc/fs/reiserfs"12:34
treachdefine "selected"12:34
dox:/ well they are checked12:34
treachmodules will _NOT_ work.12:35
doxah-ha, now i get it12:35
doxbut yeah, not "M" but "*"12:35
treachok. that's good.12:36
tilmandox: verify that the kernel supports your ide (or sata) chipset12:36
treachnext, do the same chec for your controller etc.12:36
treachie *, not M12:36
treach_Everything_ that is needed to bood your system needs to be marked with *, not M.12:36
treachdamn, I type like Romster today..12:37
doxanyone remember where the ide-section is?12:39
tilmancome on12:39
treachdox: if you can't find what you're looking for "make menuconfig" have a search function12:39
treachjust type "/"12:39
doxwhee cool12:41
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doxwell thanks for the help people12:53
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treach"I am a coconut"?12:54
jesse_"I experienced nothing"12:56
treachhaha, ok.12:56
tilmantreach: 20 points for trying :D12:57
jesse_"olen kookospähkinä"12:57
jesse_That is "I am a coconut" :p12:57
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] jdk: updated to 6.0u517:27
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] jre: updated to 6.0u517:27
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ryuothis is something i never expected to see18:02
ryuoi'm guessing VIA is realizing that if they want to be taken seriously as a choice for linux OS, they need better drivers18:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: sunbird: Updated 0.7 -> 0.818:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: netscape-navigator: Cleanup. Added CRUX searchengine too and more stuff files.18:28
thrice`mm, more stuff files18:30
ryuonetscape? that things dead now18:31
treachno worries, there's a navigater among it.18:32
sepenthrice`, stuff like .desktop file or crux.src and crux.png18:39
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:37
thrice`hi andarius20:37
andariusello thrice`20:37
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racerwhile I'm waiting for my kernel to compile -- is there a dhcp client daemon on the in Crux core or opt?21:33
andariuswell, in there some where21:34
andariusdhcpcd <-- in core :)21:35
racercool, thanks21:37
racerlike I said, compiling the kernel -- will have an opportunity to look for myself shortly after I reboot21:37
racernow I don't have to :)21:37
racerso... anyone have a quick howto on getting rsync set up so I can emulate ports -u on a closed network?22:59
racerI know I just need to do a ports -u, then set up the /usr/ports directory in rsyncd, then modify the configuration files in /etc/ports/ on the clients, but I keep getting a connection refused when I try to connect to rsync23:00
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