IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-04-10

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pitillogood morning01:15
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pitillogood morning tilman :)01:16
pitillodid you tried yesterday to make a test sending to crux-contrib ML an email?01:17
tilmani'm doing that now01:21
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cptngood morning01:26
cptnsomething broken with crux-contrib?01:26
tilman /usr/mailman/logs/error has some really ugly stuff01:26
tilmanUncaught runner exception: unbound method reason_notice() must be called with NonMemberPost instance as first argument (got nothing instead)01:27
* tilman looks for updates01:27
pitillogood morning cptn01:27
Romsterhmm someting broke it.01:28
Romsterwonder when sepen be around i got some improvments for his error reports.01:28
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pitillomay be something related to the medhelp messages changes (if there were changes)?01:29
cptnthe only google hit points to a python 2.5 problem01:30
cptnso probably not related to medhelp :-)01:30
pitilloI saw a point about filtering, btw, I don't know anything about mailman01:30
cptnalthough maybe crux-contrib was actually in need of medical attention01:30
mike_kat list mailman is not written in lisp01:30
tilmanwill look at it later today, don't have much time right now01:30
cptnand only survived because of the Medhelp it got01:30
tilmanmike_k: (thank(god(for(that))))) ;)01:30
pitillocptn, xD01:30
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mike_k /j mailman  might be worth it01:34
tilmanthere's exactly one hit on google for that error message o_O01:41
tilmanpitillo: do you know whether sepen used the correct from address when he tried to sent mail to the list?01:42
pitillotilman, ummm I am not sure wich used.01:42
tilmanthe error message says something about NonMemberPost...01:42
tilmanthat's correct in my case anyway01:42
pitillomay be he didn't used a from address?01:42
cptnjust sent a test message01:43
cptnfrom a subscribed address01:43
pitilloI can send an email to see if mine comes fine (thought it yesterday but I didn't know if looking a test msg in the list can disturb someone)01:44
cptnthis one came through01:44
cptnso it appears it's only a problem for non-member posts01:44
tilmanApr 10 08:43:51 2008 admin(29093): /usr/mailman/Mailman/ DeprecationWarning: raising a string exception is deprecated01:44
tilman,aybe mailman isn't supposed to work with Python 2.501:44
tilmangotta run bbl01:45
pitilloummm may be when sepen comes he can give more info about that post01:45
cptn"Also note that Mailman versions earlier than 2.1.9 are incompatible with Python 2.5. At this point in time, Python 2.5 is not considered to be "fully baked", and we recommend that you avoid this version if at all possible. Instead, use the latest minor version from the Python 2.4.x tree."01:45
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cptnalthough that's from february 200701:46
cptn^ announcement of mailman 3.0a1; "Please note that Python 2.5 is required"01:48
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pitilloseems to be an individual/concrete problem, because yours was received fine01:59
cptnare you sure you used the correct address?01:59
sepenIll try later01:59
cptnsince the error message contained "non-member"01:59
cptnwhich is when you send a message without being subscribed02:00
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cptnworked now02:02
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nipuLyay I'm still here, i always get a little nervous when I upgrade sshd on my vps02:15
Romsterheh just remember to restart sshd or it'll not let a new connection in since the openssl update.02:23
Romsterso i found out..02:23
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Romsterwhat will the libtool update do to binary only librarys?02:46
Romsteri'm reluctant to update02:46
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tilmanldd your_binary_only_crap03:51
tilmanif they don't want ltdl, updating libtool won't break anything..03:51
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tilmanmmh, there's no standalone php port anymore?05:18
sepentilman, $ portdb-search php | grep '^php '05:19
sepenphp (jue)05:19
sepenphp (rehabdoll)05:19
sepenphp (tillb)05:19
sepenalso I've a php4 port on my personal repo05:19
tilmansometing's borked with my tree05:22
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tilmangreat, my battery doesnt' even load anymore \o/06:31
sepentry with 12V and solar batteries :)06:32
sepenunfortunately I don't known solar panels for batteries with more than 10Watt's06:34
treachadd more of them then. :P06:34
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tilmanseems acpi says the battery is empty, but it's not06:57
treachargh. I've seen people having that problem before.06:58
tilmani hope it will magically fix itself06:58
treachtried taking out the battery?06:59
treachsometimes that helps06:59
treachI think. :>06:59
tilmani'll try that soon, thanks07:03
treachnp, hih07:08
tilmanthanks, that seems to have fixed it :)07:08
treachgood :)07:10
RedShifttry with a custom dsdt for your laptop07:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: subversion-perl: New maintainer. Updated 1.4.4 -> 1.4.608:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: subversion-python: New maintainer. Updated 1.4.3 -> 1.4.609:13
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sepen@seen jue09:35
clbsepen: jue was last seen in #crux 20 hours, 30 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <jue> sure, didn't find any problems myself and upcoming coreutils are build with 2.62 so I though that it is save to update ...09:35
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tilmansepen: thanks for picking up subversion-perl10:13
sepennow Im picking xawtv which seems that have a lot of issues10:16
sepenexpecially with dependencies10:16
sepenalso I've a pci tvcard to test results10:17
cruxbot[opt.git]: atk: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: pango: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: glib: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: xawtv: New maintainer. Cleaned up and added more deps for fixing compilation problems.10:37
j^2\o/ cruxbot!10:37
sepenIll update unmaintained list10:37
* sepen [wtf.git]: $(dirname $i): Fixed maintainer line.10:40
tilmanj^2: i'm still amazed by how well it's working10:41
j^2amazing what 8 lines of ruby can do eh?10:42
tilmanit was a pretty quick hack job, but it's almost flawless :)10:42
sepenj^2: amazing what 1 line of ruby can do: i.e: rubyonrails10:43
tilmansepen: i have a job for you :D10:44
tilmani keep my dist tarballs in ~/sourcen10:45
tilmani seldomly clean it up, so i usually have 2+ tarballs of the same app10:45
tilmansepen: your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a script that will identify and delete old tarballs. in this case, you'd delete gcc-2.0.33.tar.gz ;)10:45
sepenbash, perl, what?10:46
tilmanyour choice10:46
cptnwat what10:46
sepenwhat do you prefer?10:46
tilmaneither bash or perl would be fine10:46
sepenIll write some lines when arrive to my home10:47
tilmanprt-utils might contain something like this already10:47
* tilman reads oldfiles manpage10:47
sepenhmmm sounds fine10:48
sepenIll try, be sure10:48
tilmanwell, oldfiles considers sources for packages which aren't installed old, too10:49
tilmaneg i have the nrg2iso tarball lying around, but nrg2iso isn't installed10:49
tilmanoldfiles says nrg2iso-blabla.tar.gz is old10:49
sepennow Im reading man pages, need some time10:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: libxslt: updated to
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sepenwell later!11:07
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mike_ksepen: regarding repoverify.php: it lists perl as a redundant dep for net-snmp which links dynamically. it complies with the_rules.12:10
sepenmike_k, $ prt-get deptree --all net-snmp | grep perl | wc -l12:12
sepensound like deps for net-snmp should be only 'lm_sensors'12:13
cruxbot[contrib.git]: btpd: assume maintainership12:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: abook: assume maintainership12:15
sepentilman, ping12:15
sepen$ grep PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR /etc/pkgmk.conf12:16
sepen$ oldfiles -p12:16
sepenerror: $PWD is not a directory12:16
sepenthis is right¿12:16
treachno. it's upside down12:16
tilmanthe upside down needs to go in the beginning of the line12:16
mike_ksepen: does lm_sensors really depends on perl? I don't think so. It only has perl scripts. Thus, no need to list perl in lm_sensors and net-snmp.12:17
tilmansepen: well, oldfiles just cannot work correctly with that setting12:17
sepenmike_k, if it depends on lm_sensors then it depends on perl12:18
sepentilman, so how are you using 'oldfiles' ?12:18
cptnsepen: are you looking at contrib/lm_sensors of 2.4?12:18
cptnI don't think that one depends on perl12:18
mike_kcptn: be our judge!12:18
sepencptn, just Im using prt-get deptree12:19
sepentilman, right12:19
cptnsepen: yeah, me too12:19
tilmansepen: i only care about the '-s' mode12:19
cptn$ prt-get deptree --all net-snmp|grep perl|wc -l12:19
sepenohhhh sorry uys12:19
sepenI've listed xfce repo first12:19
sepenpfff that's12:19
mike_ksepen: whatever lm_sensors port you have perl is't a run-time dependancy12:20
sepenmike_k, so you can download my 'repoverify' script and use it manually12:20
cptnthat said, others might disagree, but I don't see redundant dependencies as a big issue12:21
cptnespecially if ports only have a few deps12:21
sepenhmmm yes & no12:22
sepennot all cases are the same12:22
mike_ksepen: please remind me a valid url. I'll look later12:22
sepenmike_k, crux-scripts-sepen port from my repo if you want12:22
sepencptn, just Im using prt-verify calls12:24
sepenmike_k, also you can use it12:24
sepencptn, so it should be listed as WARNING imho12:25
cptnit can be a warning, or maybe just an info12:26
sepenwell, but I think redundant deps don't work perfectly with prt-get depinst12:27
cptnI think they do12:27
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sepenwell, when I can demostrate the opossite Ill tell you12:28
cptnokay :-)12:29
sepen@contrib's I recently updated
sepenerr, contributors12:33
pitilloI think they work fine, but you are duplicating info. I don't see the point of keeping them. Don't hurt, but why are there?12:35
sepenpitillo, you mean red-deps?12:35
pitilloI prefer green deps12:35
sepenor black deps12:35
pitilloyes, I mean redundants12:36
pitilloif they must be there for a reason...12:37
sepencptn (the author) says prt-get does the trick12:37
sepenyeah. sure12:37
pitilloyes, they work perfect, but I don't know why repeating info12:38
sepenpitillo, could be pre/post installation scripts are important too when using prt-get depinst12:40
sepennot sure12:40
cptnwell, here's an example:12:41
cptndepends on alsa-lib for alsa douns, and libsndfile12:41
cptnerr, alsa-libs12:42
sepenIm not according to this12:42
cptnI got it from this report12:42
sepenif depends on libsndfile it depends on alsa12:42
cptnlibsndfile is multiplatform12:43
sepenbut the port maintainer of libsndfile listed alsa-lib as dependency12:44
sepenotherwise I think DIY12:44
cptnbut herrie has a direct dependency on alsa12:44
sepenand indirect too12:44
cptnso the redundancy actually shows this directly12:45
cptnno harm, extra information12:45
sepenI mean that you depends from other port and if its prt-validated then you are doing your job right12:46
sepenyour port depends indirectly on all ports dependencies12:46
cptnyes, until that dependency doesn't use it anymore12:46
sepenok, thats the question12:47
sepenIm according to this point12:47
sepenby you can use prt-get listorphans for this12:48
cptnnot quite12:48
cptnoh well12:49
sepenDIY as crux is too12:49
sepenpfff my english12:49
sepenthen you should remove orphans12:50
cptnall I wanted to say redundant deps may be redundant, but not bad enough to say someone isn't doing their job right12:52
sepencptn, do you think a prt-get update `prt-get quickdep foo` can fail if it has redundants?12:52
cptnit may or may make sense12:52
sepenor no?12:52
cptnquickdep doesn't print dups twice12:53
cptnerr, deps12:53
sepenbut what about the order in installation12:53
cptn^ that's the algorithm prt-get uses12:54
sepensounds good at this moment12:54
sepenlogical ordering12:56
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cptnjust if you look at things this way, it's actually more robust12:59
cptnif you have a dep graph like this:13:00
cptna -> b, a -> c, b -> c13:00
cptnand if a -> c isn't listed, a will fail to build if b doesn't depend on c anymore13:00
cptnso if a and b aren't maintained by the same person, that might go unnoticed13:01
cptnalthough I'll admit this is a very theoretical case13:01
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pitillowell thought, it's a case too, but is it covered in all cases? if that case happen, I think the maintainer when he will try to build a, he will notice that lost dependencie (or how it will be unnoticed?)13:29
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cptnhey teliti15:37
telitiHello cptn15:38
telitiJust a question: once I used crux and I still remember that I had a very strange problem starting firefox. I think it was caused because I updated the ports (after a fresh install) in a wrong order ... Could someone tell me I should begin with which outdated port to avoid that?15:40
cptnwell, hard to say what the problem was15:41
cptnbut if you do a prt-get sysup it'll take care of the order15:41
cptnunless you have crux 2.x, x<4 installed, got the 2.4 tree and now just want to update firefox15:42
cptnbut that's not what you do, or is it?15:42
teliticptn: thx, I did it manually - perhaps that was the problem. Thank you. Ill try again now. (After a long journey I have to know crux was the best distro I saw [for me ...])15:42
teliticptn: no, a fresh install of 2.415:43
thrice`prt-get sysup    is the way to go, then :)15:43
cptnteliti: also for the next time, you can get an updated is from jaeger's website15:44
cptnhe builds update ISO images with the latest ports15:44
cptnsaves you the sysup after the install :_)15:44
telitiahh, thank you very much :-)))15:45
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RyoStilman: <- you know that guy? ^^15:59
RyoShe is so damn funny.. :]16:00
telitiDöner for 2 Euroe? *lol*16:03
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RyoShahaha! yeah! :D and made of human meat :D16:06
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DivineAnthi, i got a footprint mismatch whgen trying to install eet with prt-get. is my assumption tu fix it by running pkgmk -uf aftterwards and then try again all wrong?16:15
treachno, not all wrong. just make sure you understand the error. :>16:15
DivineAntfootprint says should link to 0.9.10 but it links to 0.9.999 instead. Running pgkmk -uf afterwards doesn't change the outcom of my next try16:17
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treachno. just add the package you just buitl.16:18
DivineAntok, so it isn't borked16:19
treachno. you just have a different version of libeet installed than the packager had.16:19
treachI'd recommend upgrading libeet if possible as the better soulution though. :).16:21
DivineAntalso, i got som similar errors with dbus, where it was missing a dbus group. But isn't prt-get supposed to run the pre-install script by it self?16:21
treachnot by default16:21
treachsee the man page16:21
jesse_Footprint mismatches are a bit confusing because pkgutils presents it as a serious error.16:23
jesse_Usually it is not a big deal.16:23
treachwell, it could be.16:23
pitillo DivineAnt you need to specify it in the prt-get.conf file or take a look to prt-get's manual to look for how to run scripts --install-scripts16:23
treachbut most of the time isn't16:24
DivineAntits just a drag when you come back to your terminal after letting in install a base system overnight and then find out it stopped at the fist package, hehe16:25
treachset them to be run by default then16:25
jesse_Somewhat yeah. Crux gives you plenty of options, but you have to keep an eye on things. :p16:25
pitilloDivineAnt, I think there is enought info at prt-get manuals and at the website to see how to do it16:26
DivineAntproberbly is, i just need to get the hang of this new system16:26
pitilloDivineAnt, a few lines up I told you 2 hints about running port's scripts automatically16:26
DivineAntjep, just found it in prt-get.conf16:27
pitillobtw, I recommend you to take a look to its man page, and if you can, to handbook and faq16:27
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:54
pitillogreetings andarius16:55
sepennipuL, nice mail17:31
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Romstertilman, prtwash will clean out old source files why reinvent the wheel.17:44
treachbecause the tools are inconsisten and hard to keep track of.17:54
predatorfreakRomster: prtwash doesn't handle distfiles/packages directories.17:55
predatorfreakRomster: Also, since you're responsible for denyhosts: + (t) removing /usr/ports/contrib/denyhosts/denyhosts-2.5-config.patch17:58
thrice`yeah, that's how prtwash works17:59
predatorfreakEven though I still recommend just using iptables and not wasting time on fancy auto-blockers like that :)18:00
treachnot even sure why one would bother with anything else than iptables.18:02
predatorfreaktreach: Fancy pants stupid stuff? :D18:04
treachmore places to screw up, more like it. :/18:05
Romsterconfig.patch huh?18:07
predatorfreakRomster: Don't ask me, your port :D18:08
RomsterThe sources (as stated in the Pkgfile) seems to indercate it'll keep sources that are being used. so if it does nto use the pkgmk vars why not edit that tan to build a new tool.18:09
Romsterhow on earth did i miss the config.patch in the footprint....18:10
Romsterstupid prtverify doesn't even pick up on it either.18:11
Romsterdenyhosts is stable...18:17
predatorfreakRomster: It's an old patch for the previous version.18:17
predatorfreakThere's a 2.5 and a 2.6 version in opt.18:17
Romsterand i use iptables i should realy ask the programer to add in a use iptables option but i'm lazy and it works as is.18:17
predatorfreakWhile only the 2.6 is used18:17
Romsteryeah i noticed i removed the old patch18:18
predatorfreakI wouldn't use denyhosts if you paid me.18:18
predatorfreakAll I need is my iptables recent block.18:18
Romsterbut that still does not explain why the installer copied the patch into the $PKG18:18
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predatorfreakBad code :D18:19
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Romsteroh ffs stop confusing me... it's jsut a old patch in the ports tree it arn't installed at all....18:22
predatorfreakI never said it was18:23
predatorfreakYou said that :D18:23
Romsteri only woke up not damn long ago...18:23
predatorfreakRomster: You're confusing yourself!18:23
predatorfreakNormally, that's my job :D18:23
predatorfreakRomster: In fact, I want my job back18:23
Romsteryou could of corected me earlier..18:23
predatorfreakI was reading up on the new x264 changes18:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: denyhosts: remove old patch18:25
Romsterand that's a minor issue..18:25
Romsteri haven't read yet18:26
predatorfreakRomster: Some decent speed gains.18:26
Romsterso i should check and update again.18:27
predatorfreakYeah, this one doesn't break binary compatibility.18:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddclient: fix source url to be consistant with sourceforge18:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libidn: 1.6 -> 1.718:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.33 -> 2.02.3418:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdvdnav: r997 - r100020:14
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: 0.59.808-ff5059a ->  0.59.816-761630d20:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: transcode: clean up formating of Pkgfile20:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: mod_python: picked up port21:43
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mod_wsgi: picked up port21:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: clearsilver: picked up port22:19
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cherrypy: picked up port22:37
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