IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-04-11

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libmcrypt: picked up port00:19
pitillogood morning00:55
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-xml-writer: picked up port01:01
Romstermorning pitillo01:01
pitillolo Romster :)01:03
tilmanRyoS: no01:04
tilmanRyoS: don't think prtwash will help in the situation i described :p01:04
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Romsterit was me that said that tilman not RyoS..01:13
RomsterBy default prtsweep will NOT delete  the  following  items  in  a  port directory... i was reading that and that's what you wanted deleate old sources but not the ones you have listed in a Pkgfile now right?01:14
Romstererr i'm reading the prtwash man page...01:17
Romsterstupid man page references prtsweep...01:17
tilmanthey both clean up /usr/ports, right?01:17
tilmanmy sources live .. elsewhere01:18
Romsteri'm pretty sure yes01:18
Romsterwouldn't it work with the settings from /etc/pkgmk.conf ?01:18
Romsteror it does not use them01:18
Romsterok seems it uses CONFIGFILE="/etc/prt-get.conf"01:19
pitillotilman, ummm a little loop with prtsweep $p (some kind of for $p in port/in/your/path; prtsweep $p )?01:20
Romsterok seems prtwash doesn't read /etc/pkgmk.conf but assues its' in the same path as the Pkgfile.01:21
Romsterbut that is the tool you want just it need to be edited to see if $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR has been set to a diferent path to use that.01:22
Romsteri'm conversant with bash to handle that but you did ask sepen todo it.01:22
tilmani also don't want to delete sources that aren't referenced by any port01:23
Romsterthen again being sips program he should be the one to update it?01:23
Romsterok so sources for no Pkgfile you want to keep but ould versions of sources for a Pkgfile you don't want to keep?01:24
Romsterthat complicates it..01:25
Romsterprtsweep wouldn't even work anymore we don't use cvs..01:29
Romsteri'll have to think of a solution to that second problem.01:31
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-date-manip: picked up port01:35
cruxbot[opt.git]: cairo: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-xml-twig: picked up port01:41
tilmanRyoS: do you know the goat paradox?01:46
RyoSi have a slight idea but i have only one coffee yet :P01:47
* tilman <3 ^^01:47
RyoSoh damn :P i know the zonk haha01:48
RyoSdude that brings memories back01:49
tilmanafter you are shown the zonk/goat, switching from your originally chosen door to the remaining one doubles the chance of hitting the one with the car :)01:50
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-lwp: picked up port01:56
RyoSpretty funny01:57
RyoS <- not how they do it here *cough* :D pretty funny though you should have a look01:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-file-slurp: new port02:08
Romsterlol what..02:20
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xmltv: picked up port02:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xmltvau: picked up port02:32
Romsteris down?02:43
Romsteri can't seem to get anything.02:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: syslinux: Updated 3.62 -> 3.6302:46
Romsterah it loaded now..02:47
pitilloRomster, it's working a bit slow here...02:47
Romsteryeah i notieced must be everyone downloading.02:48
Romstertilman, cairo requires xorg-libpixman "configure: error: pixman >= 0.10.0 is required"02:50
tilmangrep version /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-libpixman/Pkgfile02:51
tilmanhow do you think i built it?02:51
Romstert's list listed as a dependency... i did a prt-get depinst cairo, in a clean chroot...02:52
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Romstergod damn my sentance02:53
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tilmanah right02:53
Romsterit askes for some others but it'll compile with pixman installed.02:53
cruxbot[opt.git]: cairo: depends on pixman now.02:54
Romstersorry i should of made that clearer.02:54
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cairomm: 1.4.6 -> 1.5.003:01
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Romsterya would hate to have a stutter issue speaking german?03:07
* Romster just watched that youtube03:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: abook: removed obsolete patch03:53
tilmanhey jue03:53
tilmanjue: i'm leaning towards keeping autoconf :]03:53
juehi tilman03:53
tilmanso unless anyone else finds major issues it causes we should keep it imho03:54
tilmando you know of any programs that link to libpci? i'd like to bump core/pciutils to 3.0, and i'm afraid of breaking things :p03:57
juehehe, just working on it as well ;-)03:57
jueno, dunno03:58
pitilloRomster, what do you think about adding lmza in libdvdnav dependencies?04:03
juetilman: I'd say it's not a big issue because we have a static lib only with 2.x , so existing progs don't care.04:05
tilmanjue: yup, and i *think* libpci isn't being used anywhere :P04:05
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tilmanpitillo: i'd say it's ridiculous to use lzma for libdvdnav. the tarball is 300 KB only. how big a difference can it make compared to bz2?04:07
tilmantilman@brimstone [/tmp] > bsdtar cjf foo.tar.bz2 libdvdnav04:08
tilmantilman@brimstone [/tmp] > ls -lh foo.tar.bz204:08
tilman-rw-r--r-- 1 tilman tilman 529K Apr 11 11:08 foo.tar.bz204:08
tilmansoooo not worth the pain04:08
pitillotilman, I don't know if it efficient or not using lzma over tar.gz, I saw the point of a break port updatin/installing it without lzma listed as dep.04:09
pitilloI don't know if I explained it well.04:09
tilmanthe difference is 197 kb :p04:10
pitilloummm little differences04:10
pitilloreally doesn't matter talking about only a few KB, btw, if the maintainer wants to use it, I think it must be listed in deps too04:11
jueIMO the port should be fixed04:13
jueto use bz204:14
pitilloyes, if it can be done in that way, I prefer that normal way and more when we are talking of only a few KB... in system wihtout too much resources, doesn't really matter that size, if we were talking about saving some MB it can be a good idea then (only just my opinion)04:17
tilmanpitillo: i agree04:17
juetilman: so our decision is to update pciutils to 3.0.0?04:19
tilmanpush it! :)04:19
cruxbot[core.git]: pciutils: update to 3.0.004:19
Romsterso far noting has broke with autoconf for me.04:21
Romsterpitillo, damn i always do some mistake.. fixing.04:22
cptnpitillo: well, forcing users to install a dep is kinda silly, no?04:23
cptnpitillo: I mean, it's only needed during compile time, and alternatives are in core04:23
pitilloRomster, don't worry. Think about comments and if it's better to save a few KB with libdvdnav vs installing lzma (for users who don't need/have it)04:23
juetilman: please consider adding nipuL's patch if you think about pkgmk additions04:23
tilmanwill do04:24
pitillocptn, well, like I said, if the space save is enought to install a new dep (build time dep) I think it can be a good idea, in this case, may be adding that dep consumes the space saved in the libdvdnav port04:24
tilmannipuL: could you provide a patch for the man page, too?
cptnpitillo: indeed04:24
cptnpitillo: it also has to be compiled04:24
pitillospace and time consuming04:25
cptnthat's not to say it's not a good idea to support lzma per se04:25
pitillothat is what I mean by studing the case04:25
tilmani think we're all agreeing :]04:25
Romsteralot of the biger archives use lzma like imagemagick and others too. so lzma will gain use so why not incorpirate it it's leading to the future and crux is ment to take on new technologys but it doesn't do much on small archinves but i'm on a low bandwidth adsl so every bit helps.04:26
cptnyou missed the point04:27
cptnit's not about the feature lzma04:27
cptnjust to force it onto users04:27
Romsteroh so i'm forcing it onto users?04:28
cptncan they compile libdvdnav without it?04:28
Romsteryes but not extract...04:28
Romsteruntill libarchive incorpiates it that i'm hoping be soon.04:28
Romsterso i'm forcing xdelta by wesnoth too?04:29
cptnhow can they compile it if they can't extract it?04:29
Romsterbah wow what about gtk or qt4 or something being forced to use oh hay what about ruby i'm being forced to use ruby on ck4up and that's the ony thing i use ruby for... what then?04:30
tilmanoh boy04:30
cptnoh boy04:30
pitilloRomster, different cases04:30
Romsterpoint is where do you go how far..04:30
cptnRomster: there exists a perfectly functional alternative to lzma04:30
cptnand xdelta04:30
Romsteram i going overboard?04:31
cptnthey're maybe not as efficient, but they exist04:31
cptnthere's a perl ck4up version as well04:31
Romster10 mb for a update compared to downloading 140MB which would you prefer and it's not forced, the lzma is though.04:31
tilmancurrently, libdvdnav saves you to download 200 KB by jumping through hoops04:31
Romsteri wasn't aware of a perl ck4up..04:31
tilmanimo it doesn't make sense to compare the lzma thing to ck4up o_O04:33
Romstertilman, lookat imagemagick and other ports oh even kde uses xdelta too. true i'm not saving much on small archives.. but ti's a improvment and it decompresses faster too all for a single isntall of lzma thats like saying why use libarchive when we haev bzip and gunzip and tar already?04:33
Romsteri'm eating dinner...04:33
tilmanwe're talking about libdvdnav .04:33
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Romsterif you prefer i'll remove it all..04:33
tilmani think i'll stop talking to you right now04:34
Romsterand why not also complain about x264?04:34
Romsterif you want me to goto bz2 i'll do it adter i eat.04:34
tilmanbecause i don't know the damn delta for x264.tar.bz2 and x264.tar.lzma04:35
pitilloRomster, try to take the point we were talking in this concrete case (libdvdnav), may be you spend more space/time adding lzma to libdvd to save a few KB04:35
Romsterthat ratio decreases as yo add in x264 and other ports on top the cost is a bit higher than tis' worth atm but that'll greatly change.04:35
jueoh man04:36
pitilloRomster, for me seems better option to keep the normal way with libdvdnav instead of using lzma04:36
tilmanindeed, *if* i use all of your lzma ports04:36
pitillomay be in other ports can be discussed too and can be study wich can be the best option to go with them04:36
Romsterthere is some ports now that have lzma archinves aviable.04:36
Romsterbut arn't being used.04:36
Romsternot everyone has a fat pipe to download, and it uses less space and decompresses faster. is the points i see. but if you so prefer vote and i'll change x264 and libdvdnav to bz2 after i finish eating.04:37
Romsterguess i'm jumping the gun to use it now when it arn't in libarchive yet.04:38
tilmanyeah, and how many times did i tell you about this?04:39
Romsteri'll jsut convert to bz2 and make everyone happy.04:39
Romsterlost count but your also said you'd add support when its ready and in libarchive. and i know it'll take time for all that.04:39
Romsteri was doing someting for the mean time but nevermind i'll use bzip204:40
Romsterotherwise i'll never hear the end of it.04:40
Romsterwhas the name of this perl ck4up? it's not in the portdb unless it's under another name.04:41
pitilloRomster, think only atm in the libdvdnav port. Try to study the space issue (a few KB with it vs installing a few KB too for lzma) and time (decompress faster but you need time to build lzma if you haven't)04:41
Romsterand honestly i'd use ruby for more stuff but i've gone the python way not to mean ruby is much diferent and no debats whats better that depends on what it's used for.04:42
Romsterpitillo, it's been in x264 for alot longer too and i use it in my personal repo too.04:43
Romsterwating for the big add to libarchive when it'll work transparantly? with pkgutils04:44
Romsterthen any site that provides lzma archives can be used if oyu like i'll compile a list of what can use lzma right now.04:45
pitilloRomster, didn't noticed x264. I only noticed libdvdnav when the update crshed because I haven't lzma installed. Talking about that here I think in that case isn't needed and can be done with the normal bz2 way04:45
pitilloRomster, like I say always, don't take my comments like an attack, I try to be polite always when I tell my opinion or thoughts about things (I don't mean I am always in true, I prefer discuss things to learn, another opinions or ways for thinking)04:46
Romsterjue, thanks wonder why no one else ported it... or richard himself.04:47
tilmanpitillo: s/in true/right/ ;D04:48
Romsteri'll jsut use bz2 so everyone shuts the hell up04:48
Romsterlove puting me down..04:48
tilmanit's kind of impolite to take a perfectly fine program and rewrite it just because you don't like ruby04:48
pitilloI read myself and for me seems that I am a ball toucher here, but be sure that I am not here to start flames/wars or whatever you want to tell it, my first aim is learn.04:48
pitillotilman, jaajajajaa sorry, seems that I have "being in true" burnt in my mind.... at least second time you correct this error.04:49
tilmanmaybe :D04:50
pitillojajajaa, no no, sure :P04:50
juetilman: it's not realy comparable04:50
Romsterdoesn't stop using a private copy in there own ports tree though?04:50
teKtilman: but keep in mind that it really sucks to have a whole langugage environment for just one program. I don't use python except for getmail and I don't do ruby but use ck4up..04:52
tilmanjue: oh, i'm not saying that is what namenlos did04:52
tilmanhe said he did it to learn perl :D04:52
tilmani could understand the point if $program was written in haskell or another pseudo language ;D04:52
teKtilman: ruby is pseudo04:52
* teK runs04:52
teKi installed ruby when i began maintaining contrib/ ports because ck4up *works*04:53
jueteK: the whole language is around 6M on your disk, and you can always use yapo if you want another use for ruby04:53
tilmanteK: i have a fancy imap email checker written in ruby, if you care for a bit of eye candy :D04:54
teKleave me alone *g*04:54
Romsterit would of been more wise to use perl or C/C++ for ck4up something that's already useable, i jsut happen to use alot of python so python is even a option, i only sue ruby for ck4up, but ck4up works good itself no doubts there.04:54
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*** sets mode: +oo jue tilman04:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x264: convert lzma archive to bzip205:00
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdvdnav: convert lzma archive to bzip205:00
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdvdnav: add mising dep lzma05:00
Romsterdamn it i didn't realsie my first one didn't go though...05:00
Romsterhappy now?05:01
Romsteranything else you want me to change too?05:01
pitilloRomster, you just changed the use of lzma in bz2? if yes, then lzma musn't be listed in deps05:05
Romstercruxbot, is backards..05:06
Romsterseems to poste the wrong way around.05:06
*** cruxbot has quit IRC05:06
pitilloomg sorry, thank you both for that aclaration.05:06
*** cruxbot has joined #crux05:07
Romsterive noticed that ages ago but it didn't bother me.05:07
Romsterthe corection didn't get pushed soemone edited after me and i didn't notice it yet was too busy with the discussion...05:07
Romsterto even amke sure it went though.05:08
Romsterand i iddn't notice while i went to recompress the 2 archives and edit the two ports.05:08
tilmanevery commit will eventually be pushed...05:08
tilmanunless you delete it manually05:08
Romsteri know i didn't notice i had to git fetch and rebase..05:09
Romsteranyways anything else you hate and want em to alter.05:10
Romstermight as well pick my ports to bits and i'll fix what ever errors or issues you come up with05:10
Romsteri take pride in making sure i do a decent job of maintaining and fixing.05:11
tilmandoes anyone know whether opt/coldplug is needed these days?05:11
tilmanudev loads modules for devices at boot time anyway05:12
Romsterno idea i reven removed hotplug.05:12
Romsterid' say coldplug could be nuked05:12
Romsteralso libstdc++-compat does that need to be in core? wouldn't opt be a better place for it?05:13
Romsteri'd also like to apologise for the other day and any other times i've gone off the handle..05:14
cptntilman: /sbin/start_udev calls udevtrigger, which should do the coldplugging05:15
Romsterand hope there is no hard feelings.05:15
tilmanRomster: no worries05:15
tilmancptn: ooooh05:15
Romstercptn, it does05:15
Romsteri've looked into udev.05:16
cptnso the port can go05:16
cruxbot[opt.git]: coldplug: removed, it's not required anymore with current udev.05:17
Romsterdo we even need hotplug?05:18
Romster# unset hotplugger05:18
Romsterecho > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug05:18
Romsteris in /sbin/start_udev05:18
cptnyeah, /etc/hotplug* is used by udev05:18
Romsterand the kernel doc says that if the kernel does not find hotplug the first call it'll disable it.05:19
cptnor is it not? mmmh05:19
Romsteri beleave udev handles it now.05:19
Romsteri could be wrong but i want to be confirmed i've removed hotplug off my 3 boxes with no ill affects.05:20
Romsteri couldn't find anything to disable it in the kernel and forcng it not set in .config doesn't stop it. but ti's ment to disable after the fist clal and not finding /sbin/hotplug05:21
Romsterbut then that start_udev disables it anyways..05:21
Romsteri've asked ages ago about hotplug removal well before crux 2.4 was released.05:22
tilmanyes, and nobody could confirm that it's really useless these days05:23
Romsterwithout jagers iso everyone is gonna have fun installing crux 2.4 then finding a ton of updates todo.05:23
cptnhe already made two updated ones for 2.4...05:24
Romsteryes but that isn't even listed on the downloads page is it? *checks*05:24
Romsternope unless i'm blind.05:25
cptnjue: did you know ck4up is in the FreeBSD ports tree?05:27
juecptn: no, didn't know that05:28
Romsterdo now.05:28
cptnI've never tried it myself though05:31
Romsternot that old either, slightly diferent conf file format.05:33
Romsterjue,  out of ceriosty what else is in ruby that you use?05:33
*** mike_k has joined #crux05:34
jueRomster: yapo and a bunch of small helper scripts05:34
RomsterPHP Obfuscator05:35
Romsterguess if someone was to start fresh they would choose ruby for being smaller and quicker to build and maybe a little easier to use?05:37
Romsteryou seem busy so i'll leave you to whatever your messing with.05:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: oidentd: removed.05:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: cddb_get: removed.05:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: gamin: removed.05:40
tilmanRomster: did you parse "yapo" as "ya, po" by any chance?05:41
tilmansee opt/yapo05:41
Romsteri did a google search saw it as a drug then i went to freshmeat nothing then sourceforge and found a hit.05:42
Romsterah i see...05:42
cptnthe mutt of package management :-)05:42
Romsterjue, you should list it on freshmeat05:43
RomsterNice, so ncurses version of a GUI.05:43
tilmanthe aptitude for crux05:44
jueRomster: nah, its only useful for CRUX, but it's listed on our 'Tools and Script' page. ->
sepenbetter than others, be sure06:10
Romsteri see.06:12
Romsteri can't remember seeing it listed there..06:12
Romstersepen, have you done anything for a port cleaner that tilman is after yet?06:13
sepenyeah, buts really basic06:13
sependo you have ideas?06:13
Romsterprtwash looks like it'll do the job but it needs to be updated to sue the vars from /etc/pkgmk.conf06:13
sepenthe best problem resides in source files that not match as tipical06:13
Romsterone hitch though..06:14
Romstertilman, also wants to keep files that don't belong to any port..06:14
sepenbetter if it dont' use pkgmk.conf06:14
sepenRomster, like that: cd ~/sources; find_old_files06:14
Romsterbut that's going to clash with the old files that the source= array doesn't reference, unless some solution can be used like read from git history or something.06:15
sepenyeah, actaully my script does the trick, but not for all cases06:15
sepenRomster, I read source files of a port directly from .md5sum06:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mythtv: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-uri: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mythplugins: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: myththemes: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: icecast: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: psyco: New maintainer06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pyopenssl: New maintainer06:16
sepenall source files are contained in this file06:16
sepenohhh nice!!06:16
nipuL:) commit bomb06:16
sepenIll update the unamintained list06:16
Romsterso basicly remove files out of $PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR if they are old versions not being used in Pkgfiles and any files not origionaly from any port need to be kept. that later part is a pain.06:16
Romsterbut that's what tilman requires.06:16
Romsternice one nipuL06:17
nipuLthere's a list? i just  grep "unmaintained" */Pkgfile | cut -d/ -f106:17
Romsteri've been busy picking up ports too.06:17
nipuLi noticed06:17
Romsteryeah that's the reason why i changed them to unmaintained <<06:17
nipuLyou picked up all twisted's nice to haves, cheers :) less work for me06:17
Romsteroh really i hadn't noticed.06:18
nipuLjust a few python modules, nothing major06:18
Romsteri gotta review a few nice to haves for xmltv too.06:18
sepenfor port in $(grep unmaintained -r /usr/ports/contrib/* | grep Maintainer | cut -d ':' -f1); do06:18
sepen  dirname $port | sed 's|/usr/ports/||'06:18
sepensame here06:18
Romstersee why i seded them. much less confusion.06:18
nipuLwhy so much cli? i don't see the advantage06:19
Romsterah i don't mind some CLI06:20
nipuLyeah, but sepens v. mine06:20
nipuLfor finding unmaintained ports06:20
sepen$ cat /devel/crux.sepen/trunk/tools/unmaintained_contrib-portdiscover | wgetpaste06:20
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
Romsteromg sepen yes it's cool but you can do it simpler too.06:22
sepenuehhah: 84 ports remaining06:22
sepenRomster, its all I need now06:22
Romsterwell there going down.06:22
Romstertek might pick up vmware ports i dont' have a use for them and i'd hate them to be droped.06:23
Romsterdunno whos gonna take myth stuff.06:24
teKI tried compiling myth06:24
tilmancptn: re. the battery thing: i think the battery time is just inverted, ie the remaining time is ~0 when it's at 100% and then goes up :D06:25
Romsteri had a go at lirc but that failed so i said it can wait.06:25
cptntilman: interesting06:25
Romsteri have a use for lirc.06:25
teKbut it has qt3 as dep and it did not build because of missing deps (see my bug report) and failing to find (which was present) and then I gave up06:25
Romstertilman, rofl..06:25
cptnteK: is likely a missing /etc/ entry06:26
RomsterteK, did you have the mysql lib path in /etc/
Romsterand cptn beats me to it.06:26
RomsterteK, add '/usr/lib/mysql' to /etc/
teKI'll give it a try (maybe) tonight06:26
Romsterthen run ldconf and it should find the mysql lib then.06:27
nipuLhmm, i would have taken the mod_* orphans, but I've ditched apache06:27
nipuLrunning nginx now, and life is good06:27
Romsterah well i'm using apache and i already use clearsiolver and mod_python and wanna get into mod_wsgi06:27
* sepen up2date
nipuLi'll just push to my multiarch repo and check for orphans i use on other machines06:28
teKI just was frustrated because qt3 takes a LONG time to compile and it aborted because libmng was missing etc. ..06:28
RomsterteK, ah ccache helps alot.06:29
pitilloteK, last sip update included libmng. About mysql problem I reported it to him too. I can make the tests about ld and report it to sip too06:29
Romsterplus them deps that it requires should be on the depends on line..06:29
pitillosepen, good job keeping track of those unmaintained ports06:30
RomsterteK, i'll paste my finddeps qt3 for you.06:30
sepenwell time to eat somethuing06:30
pitillothat was a nice tip to try to fix mysql problem (noticed that and libmng the other day when compiling mythtv, wich requires mysql)06:31
RomsterteK, and yeah it's as painful as some of the other big ports to compile.06:31
Romsteri've spent days on one port just to perfect it.06:31
nipuLok i'm done, you can sell the rest of the orphans to the chinese restaurant06:32
teKi only have a dualcore amd64 3800+ *rolleyes*06:32
teK< weekend!06:32
pitilloRomster, that sounds good for me, I am trying to do that06:32
Romsterthat should make it easier.06:32
cptnpitillo: mysql's readme mentions the thing though06:32
cptnpitillo: so that's nothing sip can really fix in qt306:32
Romsteryes always read the README files..06:32
cptntilman: maybe your laptop is in fact a power generator06:33
Romsterfree power <<06:34
pitillocptn, oh, didn't noticed that. Sorry about it then. I will try again putting more attention in what I am doing, sorry about that report then.06:34
cptnworld peace06:34
nipuLperhaps a foot warmer?06:34
cptnpitillo: heh, no, it's very easy to forget06:34
cptnpitillo: 2.5 will probably have a solution for that06:34
cptncrux 2.506:34
pitilloummm interesting06:35
nipuLtilman: going to have pkgutils6 ready for 2.5?06:35
tilmanprobably not06:35
nipuLthe 3.0 showstopper huh?06:35
tilmannipuL: i'll merge your patches over the weekend and do another pkgutils release htough06:35
pitillobtw sometimes I do things mechanically, and that is my fault (that is why I need to go ahead slowly)06:35
nipuLah the root path bug?06:37
tilmans/bug/tiny buglet/ :D06:37
nipuLomg, the meatheads at work actually left my workstation on for a change06:39
Romsterah so you can remote ssh it.06:41
nipuLyeah, i'm getting one of them fire tomorrow06:42
nipuLthat or i'm quitting06:42
Romsterhad enough of it?06:42
*** maxus has joined #crux06:42
nipuLand i've been there 4 years, he's been there 4 months06:43
nipuLno, just him06:43
*** maxus has quit IRC06:43
*** discomaxus has joined #crux06:43
nipuLwell the job sucks, but i'm going to see if i can start working as the manager because the boss has really dropped the ball lately06:44
nipuLgetting sick of covering the other technicians fuck ups and being yelled at because the boss didn't do the orders06:46
nipuLi'd rather be yelled at if it's actually my fault06:47
nipuLanyhoo, crux...YEAH!06:47
cruxbot[contrib.git]: timidity: picked up port06:49
Romsterah well if you can get to be manager go for it.06:55
Romsterreally bad managment there..06:55
cruxbot[contrib.git]: timidity-patches: picked up port07:02
*** f1y has joined #crux07:18
*** destruct1 has joined #Crux07:20
pitilloqt3 builds fine with mysql doing things like must be done (README file). Sorry again about reporting this kind of false positives.07:21
* RedShift redshifts07:23
*** destruct has quit IRC07:31
*** destruct1 is now known as destruct07:31
cruxbot[contrib.git]: vba: picked up port07:33
ryuoyes, redshift...07:39
ryuoaka Read The Fine Manual07:39
Romsteri got a memory eater off distcc...07:42
Romsterseems some gcc file is compiling and hasn't ended..07:42
RedShiftryuo: hehe, you remember that?07:45
Romsterthat was insane...07:45
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:49
nipuLi have a pythin script that will eat up more than that07:52
nipuLand all it does is process html07:52
nipuLlots of html07:52
Romsteryes but this was cc1 that ate the ram08:00
Romsterfirst time i've had that happen.08:00
Romsterwas geting slow wonder how long before the OOM killed it.08:00
Romsterwould kill it*08:01
*** treach has joined #crux09:02
*** onestep has joined #crux09:25
treach@seen noname09:33
clbtreach: I have not seen noname.09:33
treachdamn, what nick is he using..?09:33
sepen@seen seen09:33
clbsepen: (seen seen [<channel>] <nick>) -- Returns the last time <nick> was seen and what <nick> was last seen saying. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.09:33
sepen@seen root09:33
clbsepen: root was last seen in #crux 35 weeks, 0 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <root> oh shit09:33
treachanyone remember what nick Richard Pöttler uses?09:33
treachthat's brett09:34
sepenRichard Pöttler? (namenlos)09:34
sepentilman updated this page09:34
treachI was right about the nick, wrong about the language. :P09:34
*** maro has quit IRC09:53
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:59
teKand i'm listed as a contributor :eek:10:06
tilmanand you cannot even remove yourself!10:06
tilmanor maybe you can now10:06
tilmanbut you'll get spanked if you do!10:06
treach"Ye who enter here.." :P10:06
teKyeah, treach will eat my skin - ALIVE10:06
teKI'm really looking forward to it10:06
treachI could hardly do it if I were dead, no?10:06
teKyes but easily while I'm alive10:07
teKI'm planning to write a little howto about CRUX + ADS integration10:07
teKif vmware did not suck that much performancewise with 2k3 I'd be much closer to finnishing it now :P10:08
teKwhere's commiseration? :>10:08
tilmanthere's free *nix software for active directory service?10:08
teKtilman: at least for integration into an existing Windows Domain10:09
teKwith sambe (of course)10:09
tilmanok. i thought samba didn't support ads10:09
treachit does afaik, at least to some degree10:09
teKregarding confirgure it's jus --with-ads10:10
teKin combination with winbind you even can use it for authentication (in ssh etc.)10:10
teKI got it working with CRUX at work, it did not work out with SLES 10SP1 ...10:10
*** morlenxus has quit IRC10:10
*** morlenxus has joined #crux10:11
cruxbot[opt.git]: ruby-cairo: updated to
teKand I had a hard time doing it for the first time. So I thought a nice image + some text and a customised samba port + heimdal would be helpful for others, too10:11
treachthe vaunted Novell/M$ compatibility, so much for it. :P10:11
teKare there any other topics you would like to see coverd (in a howto)?10:11
treachOr maybe they were refering to fiscal terms, not techical. :D10:12
tilmanexplain step 3 in detail10:12
tilmanyou know10:12
tilman1.) do this and that10:12
tilman2.) do something else10:12
tilman3.) ???10:12
teKtreach: yes, I'd not give a shit if I hadn't to chmod 777 everything on this machine..10:12
tilman4.) profit10:12
tilmani've always wondered about the magic 3rd step10:12
teKtilman:  you got me wrong10:12
tilmanoh, you meant something ads/samba specific/ oops:p10:12
teKare there any other Howtos needed?10:12
teKsomething like ``how to use CRUX as a toaster'' or smth.10:13
tilmanhow to compile a kernel properly10:13
tilman"include support for your file system, duh."10:13
teKQ: how to compile a kernel properly?10:13
teKA: remove CRUX (IF you got it working) and install windows10:14
teKcauz your lacking the basics :>10:14
treachwell, so does windows... :/10:15
teKanyways. I will try to flood the wiki with howtos. Cool.10:16
treachdiskless howto, openldap howto etc etc. we're waiting :P10:16
teKdiskless sounds interesting, I will dig into it, too10:17
treachmmmh, installing without a cd could be a good project too, for people with laptops without cdroms.10:17
treachpossibly using pxe or so10:18
teKthere's a FTP installation HOWTO, iirc10:18
treachmh, I think that's pretty outdated10:18
teK"good" :)10:18
treachthe doc that is, not the method10:18
Romsterhmmz pidgin arn't working with the newer gtk10:23
Romstergtk_tree_store_get_path: assertion failed10:23
tilmancheck pidgin's bugzila10:24
treachpidgin, pig-din..10:25
tilmani wonder whether i should kill opt/glitz10:28
tilmannobody uses it anyway10:28
tilmanand with render acceleration being more and more common, i doubt there's much of a point10:28
Romsteri'm on it now looking10:32
j^2 ... really? comeon...10:33
tilmanpidgin works great on my two machines fwiw10:33
tilmanj^2: ooooooold10:33
Romsterhmm maybe i need to restart my desktop10:34
Romsterj^2, wtf...10:34
tilmandoubt it10:34
j^2Romster: yeah, it's ...odd10:34
thrice`pidgin needs to be bumped10:35
Romsterjust as crazy as this one Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster10:35
tilmanfsm is a joke10:35
tilmanubuntu me probably isn't10:35
tilmanubuntu satanic edition is again10:36
Romsteri sure hope that ubuntu is a joke.10:39
* Romster bumps my pidgin version.10:40
Romsteri already did a force rebuild of it's dependencys10:40
Rotwangare any kde4 ports around?10:42
Romsteri've partly done a kd4 build.10:42
Romsteri hadn't finished or tested it all yet kdebase didn't wanna finish compiling since updating it.10:43
Rotwangk, thx10:43
Romsterlet me know what you find i'll fix it if you find the issue.10:44
Romsteri'll give it another go but right now i want to fix pidgin10:44
Romsterand i've seen way too many ports for one day.10:45
Rotwangill mess with it at the weekend, sunday probably10:45
Romsterkdelibs and the rest work just kdebase not sure why yet.10:45
Romsteri'm gonna nuke the kde3 ports soonish too there now out of date to the kde repo anyways.10:46
thrice`you definitely need kdebase-runtime and kdebase-workspace10:47
thrice`to go along with kdebase10:48
Romsteroh is that why..10:48
Romstermsut be new deps as i was messing with the unstable build and it build kdebase fine.10:48
Romsterand cmake didn't even bomb out and say that it just went onto compile.10:49
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux10:51
Romsterwonder why i didn't notce them before..10:52
*** sepen has quit IRC10:55
*** alancio has joined #crux11:07
*** mike_k has quit IRC11:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC11:12
tilmanany reason why we shouldn't do that now?11:19
treachbetter to save it for 2.5? :>11:20
tilmanyeah, maybe11:20
tilmanor for pkgutils 6.0 ;)11:20
treachor both ;D11:21
treach"New in 2.5, pkguitils 6.0." :D11:21
treacheh, "pkgutils"11:21
alancioyou know what would be cool too11:21
alancioto have pkgmk to create the work dir automatically11:22
alancioin my case, I always use /tmp/work, which is gone after reboot11:22
Romsteri use /usr/ports/work and it's mounted as a tmpfs11:22
tilmanit does, it just doesn't use "-p" for mkdir11:22
tilmanso this works11:22
tilman^^^ doesn't11:23
Romsteryeah i foudn that one out..11:23
alanciogood idea, mounting /usr/ports/work as tmpfs11:23
alanciobut it brings another problem to me, what if I share /usr/ports via nfs11:24
tilman /usr/ports/work is stupid11:24
tilman /var or /dev/shm makes more sense11:24
treachusing something like that as default would be smart IMO, rather than cluttering up /usr/ports.11:24
treachbut that's just my opinion11:24
Romstereh guess i should move it to /var/ports/work then11:24
alancioOTOH, sometimes I run out of space using tmpfs when I build big ports like firefox11:25
Romsterset it ot like 2GB it'll cover everything.11:25
tilmanalancio: same here. but how often do you build firefox? :)11:25
treach"New system requirement for 2.5" At least 3 GB ram. ;D11:25
tilmannipuL: so, can you document the extract-only thing in pkgmk please? :]11:25
tilmannipuL: mmh, or i'll just do it myself11:26
alancioanother cool thing would be to be able to resume a build right from where it stopped11:26
jesse_treach: "move out the way, vista"11:26
treachindeed. :P11:26
treachvista is for kids. :p11:27
tilmanalancio: han's version of pkgutils can do that11:27
alancioeg: you are building a big port, after hours of compilation it runs out of disk space11:27
tilmani never looked at the implementation though11:27
jesse_crux requires a lot of heat, it's no toy gun. :>11:27
alancioI thought han "retired" from the community11:28
tilmani'm sure the tarball is still around somewhere though11:28
treachmore like "slammed the door" iirc11:28
Romsteralancio, never happens for me i got swap space if i ever need it.11:29
Romstersure it will slow down but that's rare.11:29
alanciowell it could be another condition, not disk space11:30
Romsterbesides you got power over your system set it up how you like it.11:31
alanciowell yes, I can always patch and maintain my parallel version of pkgutils11:32
alanciobut I'm not crazy (or han)11:32
jesse_han's portspage is broken, but the httpup file was helpful.11:32
jesse_Found the "patched" pkgutils here:
Romstertilman, one little feature i'd like to see where ever you do set the work directory a symlink to the port/work so it's easy to cd to to view files instead of going to some complely new path every time.11:32
alancioI'm curious, what other goodies does his pkgutils have11:33
Romstergunziped footprints11:33
Romstercan't remember much more off the top of my head ah the pre-{install,remove} are a function in the Pkgfile than a seperate file.11:35
alancioI'm reading the README, it doesn't have much more11:35
alancioyou know what would be cool11:36
alancioto be able to configure wget's arguments in /etc/pkgmk.conf11:36
jesse_There are actually two pkgutils from han. The first is simply a list of improvements, the other one is a re-write.11:36
alanciothen we put in there the parameter to skip the ssl-certificate, and any other thing11:36
alancioI sometimes use --limit-rate11:37
Romsterwhat would be cool is usign libcurl and a C program pkgdl so then pkgmk can build while pkgdl gets more source files.11:40
* thrice` sighs11:40
alancioyeah, the only problem is that the screen output will get mixed with downloading and building messages11:41
Romsterhmm didn't think of that one..11:42
Romsterpkgdl would have to log to a file and not stdout i guess.11:42
alancioyou could use the "downoad only" argument in prt-get, to download everything, while using the "don't download anything, only build" in a parallel run11:43
Romsterafter the first souce file is downloaded that pkgmk needs.11:43
Romsterthrice`, what's up?11:44
thrice`rain, on my half-day vacation from the office :(11:44
Romsteralancio, i think you can use a .wgetrc file to override wget in pkgmk.11:44
alancioright, thanks11:44
Romsterit was raining here too.11:45
tilmanactually, pkgmk uses 'mkdir -p'11:54
Romsternot wure what but i noticed i couldn't do PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/usr/ports/packages/$name"11:58
treachRomster: you don't need a new tool for that. better fixing prt-get in that case. :P11:58
Romsterprt-get is ment to be a frontend only right even prt-get has loging that pkgmk should do.11:58
Romsterso prt-get should download with libcurl?11:59
treachwhy not pkgmk?11:59
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:59
Romsterugh nevermind...11:59
tilmannipuL: pkgmk-extract-only fails badly when the work dir doesn't exist. care to fix that? :D12:00
alanciohave you people noticed that the traffic in the mailing list has decreased over the time?12:01
alanciowe used to be more popular12:01
treachRomster: port foo depends on bar and baz. if you prt-get depinst foo, make prt-get call pkgmk -do bar if bar.source doesn't exist while the build is running, etc.12:02
jesse_Maybe users more or less know what they are doing? :p12:02
* tilman checks distrowatch12:02
treachsounds like a better solution to me than YET another specialized tool.12:02
Romsterthe only reason i was for the pkgdl was so it could be in C and use libcurl than to call wget in a bash script...12:03
tilmanwe dropped from 66 to 86 in their hit list ;)12:03
tilmanwait, that's hits per day12:03
jesse_Right, since crux is dead. ;)12:03
alanciowhere? distrowatch?12:03
treachbah, put that poorly, while bar builds get baz, unless baz.source exists.12:04
alanciodie happy crux?12:04
tilmanyes, distrowatch12:04
tilman#crux seems to shrink anyway12:06
alancioI feel there are so many silent users12:07
alancioyou don't see them on the ml, irc, or anything, but they are using crux12:07
alanciothey solve their problems by themselves, so no need for interaction12:08
alanciootoh, ubuntu users are newbies that are always asking stuff12:08
tilmantoo bad our bittorrent tracker doesn't show the total traffic for a torrent12:08
thrice`it used to12:09
thrice`for 2.3, iirc12:09
tilmanmaybe i'm blind, but i don't see anything12:09
thrice`i remember being able to go onto<port>  or something to check12:09
tilmanyes, see above12:10
thrice`ah, that's it12:10
thrice`did it get reset or something?12:10
tilmanprobably :D12:10
tilmanbut the page doesn't seem to show total traffic12:11
RomsterGenerated in 0.000 seconds.12:11
Romstersure it's ideal doesn't even take a milisecond to generate <<12:11
Romsternot working i'd say.12:11
alancionot working, or working too well12:12
thrice`i thought  used to have a completed column too :\12:12
tilmananyway, i'm not worried12:12
tilmani'm sure we're not fucking up the distro ;p12:13
alanciotilman, please see this patch to xorg-server:
alancioit fixes the keyboard leds problem12:14
Romsteralancio, aldady done tilman wont apply it12:16
tilmani just said i will12:16
Romsteroh wow...12:16
thrice`i still don't know how xorg-server got pushed with that broken12:16
Romsterand when i asked or the countless others you wouldn't then...12:16
tilmani still don't know why the hell there was no maintenance release to fix this12:16
Romsterno idea.12:17
tilmanRomster: i changed my mind. it happens!12:17
thrice`yeah, going directly to 1.5.0, it seems?12:17
Romsteryou could of changed your minmd months ago <<12:17
tilmandon't make me hurt you12:17
tilmanactually, welcome to my ignore list \o/12:17
Romsterunless your a big person i doubt it i'm 6' 2" quite strong.12:18
Romsteri haven't beed doing much weights though as i used to12:19
alancio6' 2" doesn't impress me, I don't use the imperial system :P12:19
Romsteri'm metic but some things are easier to rememebr in imperial12:20
*** discomaxus has quit IRC12:20
alanciothe world would be a better place with only metric12:20
Romstertell the americans that.12:21
Romsteri have for years.12:21
Romsterhell we even use knots and pascals still geez.12:21
alancioI use C and Perl12:21
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:23
Romsteri wasn't aware of that tilman12:23
*** onestep has quit IRC12:24
alancioI am 8.6 milifurlongs12:24
treachor, precisely three pine needles.12:25
Romster1.73 meters heh...12:26
* Romster goes to get food12:26
treachbig pine. :)12:26
alanciothe speed limits would be tough to read: 1.00x10^5 furlong/fortnight12:27
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libdvdnav and x264 moved source url12:50
tilmanisn't shift supposed to reset caps lock mode?12:50
treachnooo? are you still using mechanical typewriters? :p12:52
treach(that's the only place I've encountered that behaviour)12:52
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: applied kbd-led.patch.12:53
Romsteri've not even encountered that ah way maybe the electronic-mechanical type writer but that's so long ago12:53
tilmanalancio: i pointed the port at the url you gave me -- can you keep kbd-led.patch online for a few months?12:53
tilmantreach: ok12:54
Romsterit's a small file jsut throw it in git ugh...12:54
Romsteror shove it on like ya did with udev rules.12:55
alanciosure tilman12:57
tilmannew openbsd song \o/13:11
*** f1y has quit IRC13:33
*** drijen has joined #crux13:40
*** mrks has joined #crux13:41
*** mrks_ has quit IRC13:58
*** joacim has quit IRC14:36
*** joacim has joined #crux14:37
*** eliteforce has joined #crux15:12
eliteforceI'd like to know a) how to clean up the ports tree and b) if prt-get continues where it was if I kill it with C-c15:13
treachA) man prt-wash or learn to configure prt-get properly. B) No15:14
eliteforcedoes it download, compile, install one package after the other?15:15
predatorfreaktreach: A2) prtwash + oldfiles15:15
Rotwan1eliteforce: yep15:15
treachif you tell it to.15:15
predatorfreakIf you have global distfiles/packages directories15:15
treachand sourceforge doesn't fuck things up..15:16
predatorfreaktreach: \o/ Yay Sourceforge!15:16
treachindeed. :/15:16
eliteforcesf seems to be down, kinda annoying15:16
treachit's not.15:16
eliteforce"Connecting to|....."15:17
treachjust their damned round-robin which sends you to all kinds of broken mirrors15:17
jesse_Sourceforge's mirror system is not the most effective.15:17
eliteforcehaha yeah15:17
treachI'd say it's very effective15:17
treachat giving you broken mirrors15:17
eliteforceis it possible to specify a certain mirror instead?15:18
treachit's in the faq15:18
eliteforceoh yeah nifty hehe15:18
jesse_Nifty, sure. In the long run it becomes a necessity if you do not want to lose your head. :D15:20
rehabdollyay, keyboard led's15:20
treachmmh, temper. the people responsible for sf should be the ones losing their heads!15:21
* treach swings his axe in the air15:21
predatorfreaktreach: AND MY AXE!!!!!15:22
eliteforcejesse_: yeah that's right15:22
* predatorfreak raises his axe high15:22
* jesse_ hytter med näven15:23
treachok, now all we need is the pitchfork guys, and someone to bring the torches.15:23
jesse_As you can see, sf brings out plenty of colorful activities. :D15:23
jesse_It's fine when it works, but when it doesn't... you get the point.15:24
eliteforcetreach: did you mean the log* options with "properly configured"?15:25
treachthe global source/package dirs15:26
predatorfreaktreach: Who here commonly carries torches?15:26
jesse_predatorfreak: I think it's an unassigned task up to now.15:26
treachno idea, though tilman usually is a brighthead, so he might know a thing or two about fire.. :P15:27
predatorfreakI mean, I don't leave the house without an axe, but I normally carry fancy-flashlight-thingies instead of torches :D15:27
jesse_fancy-flashlight-thingies are too modern! crux gets medieval on these occasions. :D15:27
* predatorfreak uses witch magic to generate light then15:28
predatorfreakTorches are for people who haven't sold their soul to Satan for magical powers.15:29
jesse_It just isn't quite the same when you have a crowd carrying fancy-flashlight-thingies instead of torches.15:29
tilmanfor hyttering med naven :D15:29
treach"näven" though. ;)15:30
tilmantoo lazy for the setkbxmap thing15:30
jesse_You could have used naeven since that is done in german when umlauts are unavailable. :p15:31
treachcheat. :P15:31
treachä isn't an umlaut, it's a wovel. :P15:31
predatorfreaktilman: I have US international and Russian interchangeable by pressing one key :D15:31
eliteforcetreach: hmm couldn't find those. maybe -kw ?15:32
treachlook in /etc/prt-get.conf15:32
jesse_It was a foolish attempt to mix language conventions in any case. :p15:33
jesse_Especially because the ä = ae is not used in swedish or finnish for that matter.15:33
eliteforcetreach: prtdir??15:34
treachI think it is, in OOOOOOOOOLD telex style messages. :p15:34
treachdoh, sorry15:34
treachnot prt-get.conf15:34
jesse_If you are trying to separate ports and their distfiles, that is explained in the website's FAQ btw.15:36
eliteforcethat looks a bit strange15:37
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux15:38
eliteforceoh another nifty trick hehe15:38
jesse_It might look strange but it does work.15:39
Romsteradvanced bash vars.15:43
eliteforcethanks, to change how wget works I guess i have to edit wgetrc15:44
jesse_That depends on what you are trying to change with wget.15:45
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:46
eliteforcewhats stored in the packages dir?15:50
eliteforceoh building ports as unprivileged user, nice15:52
eliteforceI already like crux (:15:53
jesse_The packages dir contains the port made by pkgmk such as gcc#4.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz15:53
eliteforceoh so distfiles contains the archives with the source code15:54
eliteforcejesse_: ah ok, thanks.15:55
*** jtnl has quit IRC15:58
*** jue has quit IRC16:00
eliteforcehm :/16:08
treachwhat happened to .1 ? :>16:08
tilmanno idea16:09
Romstermaybe they use even numbers only to mark a stable release.16:10
Romsterno wi need to recompile it gah..16:11
Romsternow i*16:11
jesse_The joys of source-based distributions :D16:13
eliteforcewow that crux digest issues are great heh16:13
Romsterccache to the rescue <<16:13
tilmanwhat do you mean?16:13
predatorfreaktilman: April Fools is over, they shouldn't be playing these kinds of games!16:14
Romsteri've not long ago compiled 1.6.0 so 1.6.2 won't have alot of changes so ccache will speed it up.16:14
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Romsterthat was fast.16:16
cruxbot[opt.git]: cairo: updated to
eliteforceis it a bad idea to update gcc?16:27
jesse_There should be no problem if you upgrade gcc by itself.16:28
treachbut you're entirely on your own from then on. :>16:28
eliteforceuhoh great :D16:29
eliteforcegood night16:41
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cairomm: 1.5.0 -> 1.6.019:01
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