IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-04-13

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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86driproto: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-dri2proto: initial release.03:39
Romsterhmm is that for up coming 1.5?03:40
tilman> Canonical doesn't do development. At least not of relevant Free Software. Yes, they do minor patches here and there. But last time I looked their greatest contribution to upstream Free Software was a redesign of the GNOME logout dialog. Yay!03:43
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tilmants, current xorg-server really builds twice as fast as 1.404:19
tilman10:35 vs 4:0704:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: windowmaker-extra: picked up port04:29
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Rotwangwhats the point of duplicate qt4 in opt and contrib?05:13
tilmancontrib/qt4 should be nuked05:14
tilmanOptiona: nvidia05:15
tilmanoh well :>05:15
aonlol :D05:16
aoni wonder how many duplicates there are05:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmakerconf: piked up, updated to 2.1205:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libproplist: removed from repository05:24
RyoSjesus christ, just did a ports -u :D someone got bees in his but :D nice job05:26
tilmancontrib is on fire!05:26
aoni don't think i've done a ports -u on this installation once05:27
RyoS <- maybe somebody wants to update contrib/swi-prolog05:28
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tilmanjeez, just kill the port already05:36
RyoSnah, we started swi-prolog in school now :p05:38
RyoShappy me XD05:38
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tilman> NEWS FLASH, METALTARDS: Being open minded does NOT mean you listen to both Children of Bodom and Vader.06:01
aoni only listen to excrementory grindfuckers mostly06:05
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jesse_tilman: hahah, excellent quote :D07:16
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tilmanjesse_: hehe07:27
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masa_ludzihow can i extract rpm without using rpm2cpio?07:55
rehabdollrpm2tgz? :D07:58
aonor just rpm :)08:00
masa_ludzik, if there is no other way ;]08:02
aoni don't know really08:03
aonapparently it's usually .cpio.gz after some useless headers08:04
f1yhm is there a bug with installation? i mean i have problems with /boot partition08:20
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f1yafter installation i have /boot on partition /boot and /boot on partition /, works only /boot from / and grub from there08:20
Rotwangcheck your fstab08:21
f1yfstab is fine08:21
tilmanmaybe you forgot to mount /boot before you ran setup08:21
tilmanbut i'm not sure i understood you correctly :D08:22
f1y/dev/hda1 on /boot and /dev/hda3 on /, partitions mounted before setup08:22
f1yand grub.conf works only for hd(0,2)08:22
DarkNekrosf1y, I'm having the same issue :S08:22
tilmanwhy use a separate /boot anyway?08:23
tilmani don't know of any good reasons these days08:23
f1yand kernel (hd0,2)/boot/vmlinuz, hd(0,0) with kernel /vmlinuz doesnt work08:23
f1ytilman: fe i like to keep my vmlinuz and grub on partition, which isnt mounted to prevent some stupid mistakes08:24
DarkNekrosmy menu.lst is on /boot/grub which is on /dev/hda108:26
DarkNekrosI did'nt make a /boot partition08:27
tilmanwell, then you don't have the same issue as f1y ;)08:28
DarkNekrosin fact df can't read the table of mounted file systems and I have check the fstab file08:28
DarkNekrostilman, that's right, it's similar, but not the same ;)08:29
tilmandf uses /etc/mtab i think08:29
DarkNekrosI have the file, but it's empty08:30
DarkNekrosperhaps it's the chrooted?08:30
DarkNekroswell, I'm going to restart from beginning to be sure I didn't forget something08:33
f1yto me seems like /boot must be on / partition08:45
tilmanmkfs /08:49
tilmanmkdir /boot08:49
tilmanerr, mkfs /dev/hda108:49
tilmanmkfs /dev/hda308:49
tilmanmount /dev/hda3 /08:49
tilmanmkdir /boot08:49
tilmanmount /dev/hda1 /boot08:49
f1ytilman: installing strictly with manual08:50
DarkNekrosme too08:50
tilmandoes the manual mention /boot? iirc it doesn't08:50
DarkNekrosI have mounted my /dev/hda1 partition using the cd and it works08:51
DarkNekrosso I think it could be grub08:51
f1yno, but i think other partition table than that in manual isnt forbidden08:51
tilmanf1y: that's correct of course :)08:51
tilmanthe setup script doesn't care about it08:51
tilmanif you mount your stuff correctly, it will just work08:51
f1yso why it doesnt work?08:51
f1ymount shows /dev/hda1 as /boot, /dev/hda3 as / and /dev/hda4 as /home08:52
tilmanmaybe you got the wrong partition numbers in your grub conf?08:52
f1yi checked all possibilities08:54
DarkNekrosgrub-install /dev/hda works :D08:54
f1yand only one solution works - not to mount /boot partition08:54
f1yand even if /boot is mounted as /dev/hda1, grub installs its stuff on /dev/hda308:55
f1yit is the / partition, grub creates /boot and installs there08:55
tilmanroot (hd0,0)08:55
tilmansetup (hd0)08:55
tilmanerr, root(hd0,2)08:55
tilmankernel (hd0,0)/vmlinux root=/dev/blabla08:56
tilmanshould work08:56
DarkNekrosfly try to boot inside your / using the root=/dev/hda1 option from the crux cd08:56
f1yyes, but this installs grub on / and ofc this works, but what with /boot on hda1?08:56
f1yso this is kinda bug i guess...08:56
tilmani still think you forgot to mount it :>08:56
DarkNekroson crux 2.3 it worked for me08:56
f1yno, i mounted it properly08:56
tilmangood, find the bug then08:56
f1yi dunno if i am that good08:57
DarkNekrostilman, do you think it could be the chrooted / ?08:57
tilmanchroot what?08:57
f1yand what is interesting - i used gentoo for a while with /boot, / and /home paritions, was mounting them and there it worked, grub worked with hd(0,0)08:59
DarkNekrosI mean, when you do the mount --bin blahblah and then you chroot /mnt /bin/bash it seems that the partitions are not mounted08:59
DarkNekrostime to eat something :D09:00
f1yDarkNekros: yes, it looks like chroot doesnt care about mounted /boot partition, but why cares about /home?09:01
tilmani'll try this in vm later[tm] today09:01
f1ythank you and im nearly sure it is not my fault09:02
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andariusgreetings and salutations09:16
DarkNekrosneither me ;)09:35
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sepentilman, thanks for fixing Bug #24111:31
sepenand predatorfreak11:32
tilmannp, i needed that feature too :D11:32
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sepenanyone knowns Matthias-Christian Ott nickname?11:57
sepenhe's interesting on became part of contrib11:57
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sepenI could check his ports, but I've not idea whereis his repository11:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dcraw: updated to 8.8511:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: i2c-tools: updated to 3.0.1. Note: executables have .pl suffix dropped11:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: exiftool: updated to 7.2411:59
tilmansepen: do you know that it's the guy who started the 'crux is dead' flamefest?11:59
sepenwas this guy? pfffff12:00
sepenI prefer 'rock 'n roll is dead' by Lenny Krawitz12:01
sepenbut also sounds good 'flamefest' as alternative for 'ozzfest'12:02
sepenwell, Ill return in a couple of hours, later12:02
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cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] acroread: updated to 8.x, renamed to adobereader12:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: adobereader: fixed port name12:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox-acroread-plugin: removed from repo12:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: htop: updated to 0.712:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: xterm: updated to 23412:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: gimp: updated to 2.4.512:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: bftpd: updated to 2.212:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: dialog: updated to 2008031612:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bzr: Picked up.12:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: Merge branch '2.4' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib into 2.412:59
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sepentilman, how can I revert this last changeset?13:00
tilmanwhy do i keep telling people to run 'git log' before they push?13:00
sepenthe problem was caused due to use git -a13:01
tilmansepen: echo previouscommitid > .git/refs/heads/master13:01
sepen*git commit -a13:01
treachyou hope it miraculusly will stick?13:01
tilmanyou pulled/merged rather than rebasing13:01
tilmancommit -a doesn't introduce merge commits13:01
tilmansepen: just leave it as is13:01
tilmanand LEARN from it13:01
tilmanor don't13:01
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sepensorry at all, but at this moment what I should do exactly?13:03
sepen$ git d5dd5419244c16e4dbf163e03c6efa92165b0c4a > .git/refs/heads/master ?13:04
treachwait for tilman to heat up the oil.13:04
tilmansepen: will you please run 'git log' before pushing the next time, especially if you pull instead of fetch/rebase?13:05
sepenyes yes13:05
treachpost-it ftw. :>13:05
sepenthis is the last time I do this kind of bullshits13:05
jesse_All work and no play makes tilman a very dull boy! :p13:06
sepensorry sorry sorry13:06
tilmansepen: d5dd5 isn't the previous commit13:07
tilmanit's the tip (the latest commit)13:07
sepenyea d5dd5... its my commit13:07
tilmanso you want the commit from mike_k's exiftool commit13:08
sepenI merge accidentaly d5dd5 into commit 9e5c...13:08
tilmanwhich is 345268c39482e986191e7bd67c3d34e8c47f83ea13:08
tilmanso try: echo 345268c39482e986191e7bd67c3d34e8c47f83ea > .git/refs/heads/master13:08
sepenan after that?13:08
tilmanthen, run 'git log' and see whether you still have all the commits mike made13:08
tilmanie make sure you don't overwrite his commits13:08
sepenbut I see my commits too with git log, is that correct?13:09
tilmanyou should not see the bzr commit and the merge anymore13:09
tilmanfuck it13:10
tilmansepen: throw it all away, clone again, and live happily ever after13:10
sepenafter this 'echo' command Im still seeing my shit commits13:10
tilmanoverwriting commits you already pushed is evil anyway13:10
sepenohh Ill clone13:10
tilmanor i could fix it on ;>13:11
sepenbut what about the master branch?13:11
tilmanwhat do you mean?13:11
sepenthe echo command you tell me13:11
tilmanmaster wasn't touched13:11
mike_kI hope, I am of no help here?13:11
sepensorry mike_k13:12
tilmansepen: i mixed it up13:12
tilmansepen: maybe it's better when i fix it :o13:12
tilmansepen: do echo 345268c39482e986191e7bd67c3d34e8c47f83ea > .git/refs/heads/2.413:13
tilmanthen git reset --hard13:13
sepenafter the echo, now I don't see my commits, sounds fine13:14
sepenthen I should use the reset command too?13:14
sepenor at this point I can use fetch, and rebase?13:15
tilmanreset first, just to be sure13:15
tilmanatm your check out (working tree) is out of sync with the .git magic ;)13:15
sepenit returns me the right HEAD13:15
sepenand I lost my changes now13:16
tilmanyeah, that's the bad part ;)13:16
tilmanbut maybe the pain makes you learn the lesson13:16
sepentilman, many thanks for your support, Ill try to never do this kind of shits13:17
tilmantreach: this is another reason to give people their own repos and have a merge master ;)13:17
tilmansepen: it's okay, don't worry about it ;)13:17
tilmanwe'll switch to that once we're incorporated13:17
sepengit differs a lot of subversion13:17
treachall we need is someone to volonteer for the job. ;>13:18
sepenme no13:18
sepen-1  for sepen13:18
sepenIm the master merge (with subversion) at office13:19
tilmansepen: shut up already, my annoyance isn't directly coupled to the severeness of the problem :P13:19
sepenlet sepen=sepen--13:19
tilmanyou run 'svn merge' all day?13:19
sepennot all day, I work in another areas too13:20
sepenIm using, not directly svn merge13:20
tilmaninteresting13:20 sounds cool13:20
sepen#$ rsync -aqz svnmerge13:21
sepenon my repo13:21
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bzr: Picked up.13:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: feedparser: Picked up.13:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fluidsynth: Picked up. Updated 1.0.813:58
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sepenhmmmm, acroread -> adobereader  this kind of changes imho should be announced for advise all maintainers for setting up dependencies14:09
tilmanit was announced on the crux mailing list14:09
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sepenwould be nice a tool for getting all dependent ports and auto-update them14:10
sepenI unknown if prt-get could do this14:10
tilmanprt-get dependent acroread14:13
sepenhmm or use prt-get.aliases14:14
sepenohh it was marked with [notify]... comments14:15
sepenNice! 69 remaining ports
tilmanteK: fefe ftw. kleinesoftwarepdf. -- "schlipskompatible kurzzusammenfassung" \:D/14:39
tilmanerr, kleinesoftware.pdf14:39
treachwhat? "Tie-compatible abbreviated conclududation"? o.O14:41
tilman"quick summary for suits"14:42
treach"kurzzusammenfassung" sounds like a contradiction in terms. :D14:42
tilmanmore like cptn obvious, since summaries are meant to be short (at least shorter than the full blurb) ;)14:45
tilmani wonder whether cptn gets a lot of hilights for captain obvious ;)14:46
treachisn't that obvious? ;D14:46
Rotwangln -s iconpack/comic.ttf iconpack/wbar.osx/font.ttf ehy this doesnt work inside Pkgbuild?14:49
teKtilman: :D14:52
thrice`does iconpack/wbar.osx/ exist ?14:52
Rotwangit works14:52
Rotwangi drank too much today14:52
* thrice` doesn't use any Rotwang ports until tomorrow14:52
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teKbtw I've been busy with my ADS+samba Tutorial and nearly lost my mind :p14:56
teKjust in case anybody's wondering14:56
tilmanis that a complicated setup?15:00
treachno, I'm sure he frequently loses his sanity.15:00
aonwhat's ads in this case?15:00
treachactive directory service15:01
teKactive directory (service)15:01
tilmanactive directory suckage15:01
aonheh, jesus christ15:01
aoni remember trying to set that up in a time-limited situation without manuals15:01
teKtilman: well it cost me about half to a complete week on crux last year (was impossible with SLES 10)15:01
teKaon: brother in arms :>15:01
teKnp: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms15:02
aonnp: Mystery Radio15:02
teKdamnit, the second time i called and the videos being watched right now sections showing boobies and I missed clicking the link AGAIN15:03
treachyoutube boobs sounds like a poor substitute for the real thing. ;)15:05
teKappetite - extern. MEALTIME at home, treach15:07
tilmanRedShift: haha :D15:08
Rotwangseen it15:09
tilmangcc sucks15:10
treachvs awaits you at your nearest sw shop. :>15:11
tilmanthose bazillions of false negatives for 'foo might be used uninitialized' are so dumb15:11
teKsw shop?15:11
treachplace where you buy software15:11
tilmanteK: vs = visual studio i guess15:12
treachFalse negatives sounds very bad indeed. ;D15:12
* tilman slaps treach around for fun15:12
treachhey, you're the one who complained about it, I just noted that it doesn't sound good. :>15:13
teKrotf... youytube rocks. I was listening to Guns 'n' roses and it recommended this video as related: Rob getting shot with paint ball gun turned upRob getting shot with paint ball gun turned up :D15:13
tilmanthere's some nice gnr videos out there15:13
treachguns 'n roses, about as fun as getting shot with a paintball gun at pointblank range :P15:13
teKno at a range. the gun is no 3 meteres away (in a flat or smth.)15:14
tilman"point blank" means short distance15:15
treachactually, it means within the range where the projectile doesn't drop below it's own diameter, or so I think.15:16
teKi was shot with a paintball gun at a distance of 10 - 15 meters into my back and it DID hurt :p15:17
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treachand here's the loon. Crew complete. :D15:23
thrice`hrm, I think I have to fly to tilman-land for work next month :(15:24
jesse_You'll really love the jet lag. :D15:25
treachso, you deal in beer, sausages or arms? :P15:25
thrice`hopefully :)15:25
tilmanmy bet is on arms15:25
predatorfreaktreach: Loon? I'm offended.15:25
predatorfreakI'm not loony, I'm totally batshit insane.15:25
tilmanbeer and sausages don't fit the technical stuff related questions thrice` asks from time to time :p15:26
jesse_loony, batshit insane, crazy, what's the difference? :D15:26
predatorfreakjesse_: Batshit insane is the highest order of crazy.15:26
thrice`hey, it can't hurt though :)15:26
teKgn8 together15:28
tilmanneight tek15:28
predatorfreakteK: Night.15:29
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Romsterwhat on earth master is not at the tip on contrib.git17:42
Romsterand master is still on the very first commit in opt and core.. meh.17:44
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: snownews: Picked up. Updated 1.5.7 -> 1.5.9. Fixed missing dep. Removed snowsync script which requires more perl libraries.18:09
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xmlclitools: Picked up.18:23
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andariusgreetings and salutations again18:51
*** jnengland78 has joined #crux19:02
predatorfreakRomster: Uhh.19:02
predatorfreakRomster: That master stuff is old news19:03
predatorfreakRomster: That's how I fucked up opt :D19:03
Romsteri see.. seems dumb that master is so old.19:05
predatorfreakRomster: Well, tilman is the God-King of git.19:05
predatorfreakSo, he gets to sort it out :D19:05
Romstertrue tilman knows more than i would aobut git...19:06
Romsterbut normal observations and general logic sugest master should be at the very tip.19:06
Romsterinfact it's probabbly why we are on 2.4 than master for the branch.19:07
predatorfreakRomster: Personally.19:07
predatorfreakI would rather that we follow a freeze-type setup.19:08
Romsterif we stayed on master and had branch 2.3 and less intact i'd see that as a better way.19:08
predatorfreakWhere core/opt freeze prior to a release19:08
predatorfreakthen we branch core/opt at specific versions19:08
Romsterah that could be intersting..19:08
predatorfreakand only add basic security updates to the 2.4 branches19:08
Romsterthat way it matches the iso.19:08
predatorfreakAkin to Slackware.19:08
predatorfreakRomster: Well, shit like fast security patches for critical things would be advisable, obviously.19:09
predatorfreakBut otherwise only master advances.19:09
Romster2.3-release, and 2.3-updates, 2.4-release, 2.4-updates?19:09
predatorfreakRomster: Well, Slackware don't distinguish.19:09
predatorfreakBut, yeah, essentially.19:09
Romsterwell 2.4 updates would be in master untill 2.5-release?19:09
predatorfreakMaster would be master.19:10
predatorfreakLike slackware current.19:10
predatorfreakThen 2.4 release would be 2.4 + security patches19:10
Romsterwell master is anything but current in most of the git repos here.19:10
predatorfreakRomster: CRUX essentially works like a rolling release distro atm.19:11
predatorfreakLike Gentoo or something.19:11
predatorfreakWe periodically put out a snapshot ISO.19:11
Romsterand the rest roll on in master branch untill the next release frezze + security.19:11
predatorfreakBut our packages are constantly changing in version.19:11
Romsterthis is a semi-rolling update distro afterall.19:11
predatorfreakRomster: I wouldn't call this distro semi-rolling.19:12
predatorfreakIt's fully rolling.19:12
Romsterwell the tool cahin other than minor gcc updates.19:12
Romsterarn't touched between iso releases.19:12
predatorfreakRomster: Even Gentoo wait on that before it hits.19:12
predatorfreakThey give it 3-4 months.19:12
predatorfreakThen unblock them.19:12
Romsteri see19:13
Romsteri notice they have it there for the daring to try it out frist then unblock later.19:13
predatorfreakI think CRUX as a snapshot + rolling head should do the same thing.19:14
predatorfreakBut even on their "testing" arches, they hard-mask it.19:14
predatorfreakMeaning you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get gcc 4.3.0 or whatever19:14
predatorfreakBecause they want to wait it out.19:14
Romsteri read about that masking packages thing.19:14
predatorfreakLet the patches flow19:14
predatorfreakand let upstream adapt.19:15
Romsterso there is the testers that like to play with unstable and then there are the ones that wait it out.19:15
predatorfreakRomster: There's three classes of Gentoo users.19:15
predatorfreakThe stable arch people who want total stability.19:16
predatorfreakThe ~arch people ("unstable/testing") who want new versions, but for shit to normally work.19:16
Romsteri tend to find stable gets quite out of date.19:16
predatorfreakand the batshit insane fucking nutfucks that optimilizerz everything.19:16
predatorfreakSadly, the third group is the most common.19:17
Romsterthe ricers.19:18
predatorfreakRomster: Yep...19:19
Romsteri optomise some ports but not batshit crazy optomise.19:19
treachthey shine?19:19
Romsterhah your going on the opto bit arn't you...19:20
Romsterfigures 'optimise'19:20
Romsteri use opto devices in electronices for isolation.19:21
treachyay, found a new word for my personal vocabulary. :P "Müll-Software" :D19:21
Romsterso i'm so used to opto...19:21
predatorfreako.O some damn how my avatar got added to the Gentoo Off The Wall picture19:21
predatorfreakbut I never submitted it...19:21
treachpredatorfreak: target practice? :p19:22
*** jnengland78 has quit IRC19:22
predatorfreaktreach: Probably19:22
predatorfreakThe combined image scares me.19:23
treachwhee, hope even when you *have* to use windows ->
predatorfreaktreach: I really couldn't use git without cygwin on Winders :D19:27
treachtried it?19:27
Romsterit's a possum not a cat.19:38
predatorfreakRomster: or possibly a ferret.19:38
Romsterthat was my first guess a ferret but i looked it up19:39
predatorfreakOh shit.19:39
predatorfreakRomster: I want a pet Virginia Opossum.19:39
predatorfreakYou know you wanna pet the kitty!19:41
* treach tries to eat his pear without getting robbed19:42
* predatorfreak robs treach of his pear19:42
Romsterthere more tame than they look19:42
* predatorfreak proceeds to eat treach's pear19:42
treachnah. but the cat is all over me.. :>19:42
predatorfreakRomster: Seriously though.19:43
predatorfreakThey look like a giant rat.19:43
predatorfreakHow the fuck could you confuse a possum with a god-damn CAT?19:43
predatorfreakI could understand ferret... but damn.19:43
Romsteryeah i thoguth at first it was a ferret but omg a cat *dies*19:44
predatorfreakRomster: That said, I still want a possum as a pet :D19:46
treachferrets are cooler. :)19:46
treachbut I anyone had told me they had a cat that was absolutly MAD about pears, I'd think they were lying. :/19:47
predatorfreaktreach: or that they had a possum :D19:47
treachIn their brain19:47
predatorfreakI'd tell them "Yeah.... that's not a cat."19:48
predatorfreak"One ferret, Freddie, was even registered as an electrician's assistant with the New Zealand Electrical Workers Union."'19:48
treachyeah seriously.19:49
treachit should have been a sheep19:49
predatorfreakRomster: <-- Aww look at the kitties!19:51
Romsteryep we have them here.19:52
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