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haolehey there... does anyone know about some site that offers svn hosting and allows me to restrict the checkout for developers only?00:42
haoleim not beeing selfish, it's that i need to develop and AI to a simulation contest and i intend to release the code only after the competition00:42
haolean AI*00:42
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pitillogood morning02:14
teKhi there02:16
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tilmani want the REJECTED/WONTFIX/NOTABUG shirt02:26
sepenCRUX tshirt too02:27
sepencould be possible?02:28
tilmansure, just design it ;)02:29
tilmanthere's at least and cafepress.com02:29
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sepen<tilman> sure, just design it ;)03:41
tilmanwouldn't "<3" be better?03:42
Rotwangi want this shirt :D03:44
sepenI wan't another one with the title: 'Ill never commit in core.git'03:46
aoni want one with "jejeje xDDDD"03:47
aonseriously, though, the "I do not recognise the Aunt Tillie use case" one would be good03:48
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tilman"jejeje xDDDD" on the front, and "" on the back would work03:50
goodspeedis crux still alive?03:51
Rotwangwe're all dead03:52
aonit's dead, like bsd03:52
Rotwangwe're zombies03:52
goodspeedcrux might have to change the moscot03:52
goodspeedit's unsightful (sorry)03:53
Rotwangwhat? blueish drunk penguin?03:53
Rotwangi love him03:53
f1yhe's great03:53
aontilman: what are you waiting for, let's change the mascot as suggested by random people on irc03:53
aonor well, person03:53
f1ywe all are similar to this penguin :)03:53
goodspeedthe moscot's face is stuck03:54
Romstergoodspeed, then make one and submit it...03:54
aonyes, he drove in cold weather with the window open and his face paralyzed03:54
aonplease don't bring it up03:54
goodspeedi am not an artist03:54
f1yi think logo is great03:54
goodspeedyou should have an art-state moscot03:55
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Romsternever bothered me.03:55
sepen<tilman> "jejeje xDDDD" on the front, and "" on the back would work03:55
sepenI want this one03:55
goodspeedi suspect kids would be scared by the moscot03:55
f1ythe worst idea is to make better something, which is good and the penguin is great03:56
f1yCRUX isnt for kids, it is for true men! :>03:56
aoncrux isn't for kids, it's for Real Men03:56
pitillogoodspeed, may be that's the point...03:56
Rotwangno sissies here!03:56
* Rotwang shits bricks and fucks them03:56
goodspeedmaybe, how about a poll?03:56
tilmanwe wanted to look for a cuter mascot some years ago03:57
aonfeel free to poll the mailing list03:57
tilmanbut we suck when it comes to decisions03:57
aonwe did?03:57
aonthat was probably pre-2005, then03:57
tilmanmaybe 2004/2005ish03:57
tilmanmoose, skunk, raven were on the list or something03:57
goodspeedwhen i saw the moscot at first time, i just skipped crux03:57
aonah, right03:58
tilmannot skunk, but something similar03:58
aoni remember reading the ml archives03:58
Rotwangturkey vulture would be good03:58
tilmanturkey vulture03:58
* goodspeed gives Rotwang a turkey slap03:58
tilmanfugly vultures03:59
aonwas it #crux or some other channel that had the maniac who wanted Turkey the country called Turkland03:59
Rotwang new crux mascote03:59
tilmanthat was urgk-something03:59
aoni don't quite remember as there has been many maniacs on irc03:59
goodspeedyour joke is hard to laugh03:59
tilmanRotwang: oooh, cute :D04:00
Rotwangsepen: this one might be for babybuntu04:01
aonah damn, you can't search the log archives04:01
goodspeeddon't you feel that the crux moscot's smile is stuck, like a dead penguin?04:01
tilmanaon: i have logs from the urbght* era04:01
tilmanon another machine though, which isn't connected atm04:01
aonyou should try grepping for turkland sometime04:01
tilmani'll put it in my ~/.todo04:02
aonmy log only dates back to aug 200704:02
goodspeedfree easten turkstan!!!04:02
goodspeedand free tibet, sometimes04:02
tilmanoh no, politics coming up04:03
goodspeedit's human rights04:04
tilmani didn't say i disagree :P04:05
goodspeeddon't laugh at turks, please04:05
goodspeedthey are poor04:05
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f1ylets vote for Yoda as a new mascot04:09
Rotwangall in fawour raise your hand04:10
tilmanfor yoda you want us to vote?04:10
f1yand text: "CRUX - deadly like lightsabre it is"04:10
tilmani don't like that idea :p04:11
f1ythis was a kinda intermission in politics :)04:12
RotwangLightweight, crux is, i686-optimized linux distribution targeted at experienced linux users.  Herh herh herh.04:13
Romster[goodspeed] #archlinux #frugalware ##slackware #wolvix ##slax #pclinuxos #gobolinux04:17
Romsteri bet he is a troll.04:17
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sepenany mailman admin here?05:02
sepenI found the nightly_gzip command but whats the best way for doing daily backups? or which files should be backup'ed?05:05
sepenshould I backup'ed /var/lib/mailman/lists/*/*.pck ??? any idea?05:09
tilmanmy car decide to break all of a sudden /o\05:15
Rotwan1killer-spider sucked juice out of it?05:16
tilmanseems more like a killer spider bit through the break thingies05:16
tilmanthe breaks, they do nothing05:16
rehabdollbreaks are for pussies05:18
tilmanoops, right05:19
Rotwan1real men jumps out of the car05:19
tilmani could have tried using the handbrake instead05:19
Romsteror jam it in reverse <<05:19
rehabdollthe brakes makes a fart-like sound when i use them05:20
rehabdollits awesome05:20
rehabdoll+in my car05:20
tilmanmine don't do anything anymore05:21
tilmancars suck05:21
Romsterdid you check the brake fluid resivour and you pumped them..05:21
Romsterand if it has a booster disconect the hose to it and see if it works then.05:21
rehabdollwhat are you driving tilman?05:22
tilmana peugeot 10605:22
Romstercan't jsut lose all your brakes front and back are seperate.05:22
rehabdollknew it was french05:22
rehabdollmine is a renault 19 :D05:22
rehabdollthey should stick to making wine05:23
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sepenI like the 308 model05:25
sepenI don't have car yet, and surely I purchase this one05:26
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tilmanowning 10+ year old cars sucks05:30
tilmanshit breaking all the time05:30
rehabdollyeah, i spent 400EUR on a new exhaust recently05:31
tilmani spend 90EUR on a new exhaust recently05:32
tilmanluckily i could change it myself05:32
pitilloowning a 2hand car normally sucks (if you don't know a mechanicall or the first owner...)05:32
tilmanit was just the very last piece :p05:32
teKmy machine has not been writing logs since Feb 19th. Maybe there was the change with SERVICES=(... sysklogd ...)?  dammit :p05:45
teK< bad admin :(05:47
teKMS DNS sucks huuuuge cocks05:51
teK% time ping -qc 1 pc5005:52
teKPING pc50.bauer1.local ( 56(84) bytes of data.05:52
teK1 packets transmitted, 1 received, 0% packet loss, time 0ms05:52
teKrtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.149/0.149/0.149/0.000 ms05:52
teKping -qc 1 pc50  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 5.001 total05:52
teKFIVE seconds for resolving05:53
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teKand it's simply because they don't create a reverse lookup zone by default05:53
teK(and I even don't understand why there's a reverse lookup zone needed for this request)05:53
sepenteK, time 0ms?05:58
teKthe latency itself is about 0.6ms not show due to the use of '-q'06:01
Romsteryou mean s/show/slow06:25
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jesse_zomg the crux mascot is fugly! change it change it change it06:39
jesse_You have to love those trolls.06:40
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aonhaha, renault 1908:59
tilman... says the lada guy :p09:00
aoni just fixed it today09:00
aonone of the GERMAN spark plugs had gone dim09:00
aoni think i'll have to either stop owning a car completely or change to something different soon, though :/09:04
tilmanrofl, thanks for that :FD09:07
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* treach suggests a zombie version of the penguin for mascot. :>10:25
jesse_Symbolize the dead thing refusing to leave. :D10:29
treach"Yeah, we're dead, so what?"10:29
sepennot dead10:29
treachsepen, it's sarcasm.10:30
sepennot sarcasm10:30
sepenA zombie is a reanimated corpse (wiki)10:31
treachwhy don't you ask wiki what a corpse is?10:31
sepenpost-dead, its more than a simple death10:31
sepentreach, heheh10:31
treachI'd never know. >.>10:31
treachsepen: I suggest we drop this. I have a feeling you missed my point. with a mile or so. :)10:32
sepenand ... this zombie-penguien?
treachnot quite. :D10:36
treachI'd suggest something more like this -> :>10:38
tilmannot bad10:40
jesse_I'm sure godspeed would be satisfied now. :D10:49
jesse_Just don't piss off the turklanders.10:50
f1ythey are poor10:51
f1ybut why change mascot?10:52
f1ythis drunken-like blue penguin is sweet :)10:52
jesse_because someone is ziomg offended. :D10:52
jesse_and since it is bad for children.10:52
jesse_Wouldn't want any lawsuits :D10:52
f1yhaha, but dont make ubuntu from crux if someone would whine :D10:52
jesse_There is no reason to be worried; crux has not taken kindly to trolls.10:53
treachf1y: the zombie would be a nice statement I think, to all the "omg XYZ is dying" people out there. :>10:55
f1yzombie with some symbol of wisdom perhaps...10:56
jesse_f1y: enjoy.10:57
f1ymaintainers dont respond - what a lie! i send one email about broken link, it was updated about 5 mins10:59
jesse_Ott of course knows exactly what is happening in crux land.11:00
treachf1y: it sometimes take a while longer, but the reason for that isn't the one implied here.11:00
treachbut some people really don't get that11:00
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jesse_Then they automagically assume a worst case scenario. :p11:03
f1yo my God, we are dying here with blue penguin too11:03
f1ymaybe Turkish flag in mascot's hand would stop this :>11:04
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jesse_Don't forget to throw in an Atatürk-like penguin mascot.11:12
jesse_That's a winner combination.11:12
thrice`can't say I've ever noticed the "drunken" appeal of our mascot, but that is a nice touch ;)11:14
f1yhm i have something weird11:30
tilmanno need to smack the mascot idea down so much11:30
f1y 4450K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 74%  314K 6s11:30
f1y  4500K .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... 75%  469K 6s11:30
tilmanas i said, we did want to replace it some years ago :P11:30
treachturn off logging.11:30
treachfor prt-get.11:30
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aonjesse_: nice hostname btw :D11:46
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jesse_aon: :p12:10
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-radeonhd: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmcalclock: added patch to decrease wakeup frequency13:51
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mike_ktilman: sorry to disturb you, but should I (somehow) fix the contrib/master branch? I got: "! [rejected]        master -> master (non-fast forward)" "failed to push some refs to 'crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git'"14:14
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tilmanmike_k: git fetch, then "git rebase origin/2.4" should fix it14:27
sepengit log before nothing14:27
tilmanoh, you're talking about master14:27
tilmanmike_k: or is your question *why* git wants to push to master? :)14:28
mike_ktilman: *why* git wants to push to master? and should I merge smth to fix that?14:29
tilmandid you commit on the master branch?14:30
tilmanresp do you have any commits on the master branch?14:30
mike_kI see it just like in gitweb14:31
mike_kI always do according to
predatorfreakmike_k: No one should push to master at the moment.14:33
predatorfreakThe git repos aren't setup like that.14:33
tilmanmike_k: echo .git/refs/heads/master14:34
predatorfreaktilman: err you mean cat? o.O14:34
tilmansomeone did push to master...14:35
tilmanprobably sepen14:35
tilmanmike_k: 'git log master' shows the same as ^^^^^^^ ?14:36
tilmancrux: contrib.git > ls -l refs/heads/master14:37
tilman-rw-rw-r-- 1 sepen contrib 41 Apr 13 20:26 refs/heads/master14:37
tilmani reset master14:38
mike_ktilman: git log master: [...]  Sat Sep 30 20:24:37 2006 +020014:38
tilmanrun:  echo d5d6fa111bdc11329470de5f304fce25ef0d1c8c > .git/refs/heads/master14:38
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sepentilman, was caused due to my echo line to master14:38
tilmansepen: yes14:39
tilmanyou did what i said, not what i meant14:39
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tilmanplease run that command above14:39
predatorfreak\o/ I'm not the only git rapist here14:40
tilmanand please do not write to the master branch14:40
sepentilman, me?14:40
tilmaneverybody who works on contrib14:40
sepen<tilman> please run that command above14:40
tilmanactually, maybe i should chmod -w master14:40
tilman<@   tilman> everybody who works on contrib14:40
predatorfreaktilman: Someone should add "Don't ever write to master"14:40
predatorfreakto the Contrib howto.14:41
tilmanno, it's obvious14:41
tilmanit only happened by accident anyway14:41
sepentilman, s/run/don't run/  no?14:41
tilmand5d6fa111bdc11329470de5f304fce25ef0d1c8c == "Created repository"14:42
tilmanso please _do_ run the command :P14:42
tilman'git log master' should only have that original commit14:42
sepensep 30 2006 by sip, its right14:45
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thrice`new feature of tar 1.2 - new option: lzma  o.O14:48
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tilmanmmh, my mail to contrib didn't get through, did it? :p14:50
tilmanbleh, same problem as last week i guess14:51
tilmanthrice`: if you wanted to trick me into updating core/tar, it worked ;)14:55
predatorfreaktilman: So does this mean pkgutils will support lzma now? (don't hit me!)14:58
tilmani didn't use tar in ages14:59
predatorfreakWell, pkgutils as-of right now still uses GNU tar.14:59
tilmandude, i'm the smartass around here15:00
cruxbot[core.git]: wget: switched to bzip'ed tarball.15:01
cruxbot[core.git]: tar: updated to 1.20.15:01
predatorfreaktilman: Hey, I get to be a smartass every once and awhile.15:01
predatorfreakPresumably though, a patch noticing tar.lzma files and decompressing them could be accepted into pkgutils? :)15:03
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tilmanpredatorfreak: nah, i want to wait for the new liblzma15:04
predatorfreakWhen is that actually due? XD15:04
tilmananyway, nothing will happen before 2.515:05
tilmansneaking libarchive in between releases was a desaster15:05
predatorfreakmm, speaking of libarchive, that makes me think that it would be possible to switch pkgmk to generating .tar.bz2 files now :315:09
* predatorfreak gets on hacking that in15:10
tilmanchange "c" to "j" in pkgmk15:11
tilmanthat should do it15:11
tilmanlibarchive likely won't care about the wrong file name extension15:12
predatorfreaktilman: TARGET should get changed for consistency.15:14
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:34
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