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pitillogood morning01:05
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sepenfinetunning my ck4up conf ...02:07
sepenI've problems with some sfg sources02:08
Romsteruse the id02:09
tilmanyou mean sf? :p02:10
Romstersource forge i gather?02:10
sepenyeah sourceforge02:10
sepensfg mirroring sucks02:10
Romsteralways worked for me.02:11
tilmanoprofile md5 @SFID@16191 @TAR@02:11
tilmanSFID works reliably02:11
sepenI was using  @SF@ @NAME@-[0-9.]+02:12
tilmandon't :p02:12
sepenthe same as the ck4up man02:12
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.34 -> 2.02.3502:16
sepenpff so I need to get these id's manually now02:17
Romsterstupid how sourceforge changed there system.02:19
cruxbot[opt.git]: openbox: updated to
teK@SFID@ did not work for me, btw :-)02:47
sepen$ ck4up -f contrib -v02:48
sepenamsn ........... diff:
sepenI've the same result all the time02:48
tilmanmmh, it works for me :|02:49
teKbtw does anybody know if the netlink "interface" is builtin default for 2.6.x kernels?02:49
teKzgrep -i netlink /proc/config.gz did not give satifactory results02:50
pitillosepen, wich line are you using for amsn? here "amsn                    md5 @SFID@54091 @ZTAR@"02:50
sepen$ grep ^amsn contrib.conf02:50
sepenamsn                   md5  @SFID@54091  @TAR@02:50
sepenyeah, with the SFID definition as tilman writes02:51
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pitillogive a try with the ZTAR (I think there isn't a .tar version)02:52
tilman@TAR@ exists02:53
tilmanit checks for both tar.gz and tar.bz202:53
pitilloah, didn't know that. (supposed checking that line that it only will look for source.tar)02:54
Romsterhmmz i got a @TAR@ @NAME@-[0-9.]+02:54
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cmake: 2.4.7 -> 2.4.802:58
sepen<pitillo> give a try with the ZTAR (I think there isn't a .tar version)03:30
sepenits not the problem03:30
sepenpitillo, see @TAR@ line03:30
pitillousing the line I pasted before I can see an ok. I took a look what til_man said03:31
sepenis the same as appears in 'man ck4up'03:31
sepenpitillo, please read the man03:31
pitilloI have done that03:31
Romsteratanks md5 @SFID@72358 @TAR@03:36
Romsterworks fine.03:36
Romsteralways has.03:36
Romsterif you get a diff on every ck4up your regex is not right on the @TAR@03:36
Romsterskype md5 Version\s[.0-9]+03:37
sepenI copied @TAR@ from the manual03:37
Romsteri'm using @TAR@ @NAME@-[0-9.]+03:37
Romsterbut i could be wrong but it works for me.03:37
sepenand for files like   foo_1_2_3 ?03:38
sepen @NAME@-[0-9._-]+03:39
Romsterthen i just leave them lines as is on them.03:39
sepenRomster, fine with your @TAR@ definition, thanks03:39
tilmanpitillo: til_man? :p03:39
Romsteryacy md5 yacy_v[._0-9]+03:40
pitilloyep, to don't disturb :P03:40
Romstertoo late tilman is disturbed <<03:40
Romsteras in wasting valuable seconds you could be doing something important.03:45
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sepenCouldn't resolve host ''04:43
sepenRomster, is that correct?04:43
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Romsterit's down i've moved stuff what are you trying to access?04:44
Romsterprologic said 2 days but he still hasn't so i've moved all my stuff.04:45
Romsterpitillo, yes that's where it is currently.04:45
pitilloRomster, I saw the ML post04:45
Romsteri should email viper to get the db updated.04:45
sepenyeah thats the point04:45
Romsterthat's why i posted to the ML.04:45
sepenok then04:45
sepenohhhh wtf04:46
sepenUpdating file list from
sepenrsync: failed to connect to Connection timed out (11004:46
Romsterso update your files.04:46
sepenRomster, yes I done this04:46
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Romsterthat sometimes happens if you get that at the wrong time..04:46
sepenrsyncd is out on
Romsterretry it i get that issue seems to be right when the cron job updates the git to rsync.04:47
Romsterit's a case of doing a rsync right when the files are being updated from git.04:47
Romsterfor rights that should be done from the git hook like how cruxbot works if it's working that way too.04:48 seems to be down04:48
Romsternope is working fine here...04:49
Romstersite isn't down.04:49
tilmanup again04:49
pitilloit's up again04:49
Romstermust of been fast i was on the site not long ago too.04:50
Romsterfirst thing ya do if it's down is a traceroute and see if it's not a bad router.04:50
cruxbot[contrib.git]: flock: Updated 1.1 -> 1.1.104:55
tilmannp: ayria - my revenge on the world05:17
RomsterteK, hah...05:19
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RedShiftugh no wonder nobody uses SOAP05:37
RedShiftit's as complex as hell with that XML definition file05:37
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f1yhi there07:08
juebut I forgot to update the man-page07:15
juetilman: is your ck4up-follow_redirections.diff still valid?07:19
tilmanhi jue07:24
tilmanjue: i wrote that months ago - i'm not sure :)07:24
tilmani think we discussed it per mail, didn't we?07:24
jueno, we didn't07:26
juedo you use the patch?07:27
tilmanno atm07:28
tilmanit's not that important i guess :)07:28
jueno, but I'm thinking about a new version with your and a https patch07:29
jueand a fix for the man-page07:29
jueif someone wants to test it ->
Romsteri thought jue rejected that idea if i remember rightly.07:44
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Romsterbut fixed some other minor bug that i forgot what it was.07:45
sepenjue, now Im here, reading ...07:48
sepennice! a new version of ck4up07:51
sepencould be possible to use -f switch without patching the hardcoded base directory?07:52
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sepenalso, imho an example file with the same contents as your mail at ML's, could be descriptive for others07:55
sepeni.e: /usr/etc/ck4up.conf.sample07:56
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juesepen: a example conf is in the source tarball08:05
sepenoh right in this case08:06
jueRomster: yes, you're right, I wasn't confident of the redirect feature, but I made it configurable now08:08
tilmanjue: the new version seems to work for me08:09
juefine, thanks for testing :-)08:10
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cruxbot[opt.git]: guile: removed.08:39
tilmannever fear, jaeger is going to put it in the gnome repository08:40
mike_kjue: I get "HTTP request path is empty" with conf line "foo md5 https://host.domain ..."09:12
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juehmm, any response with the -d option?09:16
mike_kjue: nothing useful09:16
juebut you get content back?09:16
mike_kjue: seems not. that is a fatal error09:18
jueplease try this one: testssh md5
mike_kbe back in a minute09:23
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mike_ksorry, hanging desktop with broken mouse is a pain09:33
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mike_kjue: with that I get all the page (with -v -d)09:43
mike_kcan you test with "foo md5 @NAME@-.*?\.tar\.[bg]z2?" ?09:46
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juewith -d I get: foo-1.2.tar.gz09:49
mike_kwith the same version as at ?09:51
mike_kstill have an error here. changing to 'http' works ok.09:51
mike_kI even prepared a w3c-valid page09:52
mike_kjust in case: I use ruby 1.8.6-p114-1 here. smells like magic09:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: recordmydesktop: Updated 0.3.6 ->
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: remind: 03.01.04 -> 03.01.0515:15
cruxbot[opt.git]: openbox: updated to
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andariusgreetings and salutations16:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: gtk-recordmydesktop: Updated 3.6 -> 3.7.219:34
cruxbot[contrib.git]: at: Fixed dependencies and SENDMAIL var.19:37
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