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tilmanwhy does my disc go crazy from time to time?00:56
tilmanit's loud as hell, sounds like it's seeking all over the damn thing for a few minutes00:56
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pitillogood morning01:11
pitilloyes teK ?01:12
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RyoStilman: thats not the disc its the music you hear *SCNR* ;D01:52
tilmanRyoS: that crap isn't related to me playing music02:06
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cruxbot[opt.git]: ck4up: update to 1.004:07
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tilmanwooo, 1.005:08
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Romstertilman, some cron job? or a process accesing the disk? like a rescan music library or something. some p2p programs do that too at set intervals.05:23
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jdolan_someone just emailed me a patch for one of my ports.07:15
jdolan_apparently they failed to notice that ALL of them are extremely outdated, not just one.07:15
Rotwangwhere can i find initscripts from crux 2.4 install cd  ?07:21
thrice`the rc package ?07:22
Rotwangno, cd boots with some initscripts, yes?07:22
rehabdolltheres a git repo for the iso07:26
thrice` -> development -> sources07:27
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Romsterjdolan_, i guess they only use that one port of yours.07:41
jdolanRomster, well, it was jdk 1.5, too.. which is kind of odd.07:44
jdolani guess some apps do not work on 1.6 and so there is a need for 1.5 still.07:44
jdolan_oh, that's definitely valid.  i mean i've seen Spring and Hibernate act differently on 1.5 vs 1.6.07:48
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Romsteryou'd think they would be backwards compatable.07:54
Romsterlike some option you define if you want the new 1.6 behavour.07:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-ffmpeg: remove redundent dep python clean up CFLAGS remove execute on shared librarys08:15
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Romsterhmm i'm geting hungry now <<08:16
Romsterand wrong window lol..08:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: vba: remove dedundent dep zlib08:21
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nipuLi just made my first and last pinata10:39
nipuLif you're ammused by repetitive tedious tasks, i highly recommend it10:40
Romsterwhat out of paper mashay?10:45
Romsteri'd make one so strong it would be a bitch to break <<10:46
nipuLit's pretty indestructable10:56
Romstermy nana makes pretty unopen proof presents with like a whole roll of tape on it..10:57
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treach  YAY! :D13:01
jesse_haha. dilbert ftw13:18
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tilmannp: unleashed - salvation of mankind13:23
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concorrhi Romster13:28
Romsterhi concorr13:31
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thrice`tilman: can you assign a bug to predatorfreak ?13:46
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Romsterwhat bug?13:48
tilmanthrice`: yes. #?13:48
Romsterneed to inform him of new firefox version though seems he missed that.13:48
thrice`should be obvious :)13:48
thrice`259, I think?  just closed it13:49
thrice`Romster: yep - that's it13:49
thrice`yeah - #25913:49
Romsteri didn't bother to tell him as i thought he was using ck4up to monitor that stuff.13:50
Romsterviper has some out of date ports too.13:50
thrice`same.  It has a critical security bug, though13:50
Romsterlsof hasn't been updated yet?13:50
tilmandone. thanks for the report13:50
thrice`tilman: thanks :)13:51
tilmanthrice`: you should ask for a privileges bump next time sip is in here13:51
tilmani guess everyone should be able to reassign bugs13:51
tilmani think the risk of people abusing it are low13:52
Romsternope lsof neds a bump.13:52
thrice`sip needs to do pygtk as well.  I tried emailing him a few weeks back, without much luck13:53
thrice`er, pygtk and deps13:53
Romsterwell i think the person that puts in the bug report should be abble to assign it to either a core maintaienr or the person responsable for the port if it is a port.13:53
Romsteryeah that's out and now libdevmapper needs a bump too.13:54
thrice`perhaps a drop-down of possible users ?13:54
tilmanyou mean in flyspray?13:54
Romsterflyspray = bugtracker13:55
Romsteri've bumped my firefox on one of my boxes that has firefox2 on it.14:00
Romsteri use firefox3 on my desktop now.14:00
Romsternot going back to 2 even though this is still a beta release.14:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmlaptop: added ondemand governor patch14:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmpinboard: removed from contrib. This app seems to be broken14:40
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