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cruxbot[opt.git]: sqlite3: update to 3.5.802:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: glibmm: 2.16.1 -> 2.16.202:49
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cruxbot[opt.git]: scons: updated to
RyoSanyone here tried 2.6.25-mm1? for me it seems to remove sata/pata drivers :D06:38
tilmanafaik -mm is totally broken and fucked up06:40
RyoSthats the point where i noticed i dont get a grub menu anymore too :P06:41
tilmanthat's inconvinient ;)06:41
tilmani'm lmao here06:47
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teKwhat about running ldconfig(1) before pkgmk15:59
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tilmanteK: pkgadd calls ldconfig, so in theory that should suffice16:52
tilmani've never had problems with that, so imo it's okay in practice as well \o16:52
RomsterteK, i only ever do ldconfig if i manually edit /etc/ld.conf.so17:11
Romsteras tilman said pkgadd does indeed run ldconfig after installing a package.17:12
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andariusgreetings and salutations17:43
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spaceracoonlady4 GB hi andarius17:44
spaceracoonlady- the 4 GB17:44
spaceracoonladycan i somehow install completely from within anotehr distribution without booting the install cd?17:45
spaceracoonladyinstall crux*17:45
tilmanspaceracoonlady: yeah17:46
spaceracoonladywhere is the manual for this?17:46
tilmanour setup script is really simple17:46
spaceracoonladyjust chroot17:46
spaceracoonladyand editing it?17:46
tilmannot sure whether it's documented, just chroot :)17:46
spaceracoonladyok thx17:46
tilmanediting should not be necessary17:46
spaceracoonladyvery nice17:46
tilmanif the setup script fails, there's some other tricks you can try17:47
tilmanbut try the script first :p17:47
spaceracoonladyok i will do and tell about the success17:47
tilmangood luck17:48
spaceracoonladythx gn817:48
Romsterdon't think anyone did write a howto on that.17:50
RyoSi remember just googling "linux" once and first hit was about how to delete linux and install windows xp instead :D17:50
Romstergenerally the ones that try it have enough experience already.17:50
RomsterRyoS, rofl...17:50
Romsterthe fdisk /mbr17:51
Romsterthat so gets everyone.17:51
Romsterwhen i did a course years ago all the boxes were windoze and i was hay lets install linux on some of them, one of the students went no way it's hell to get it off.... i nearly died of a giggle fit.17:52
Romsterand that was a person that could build a computer.17:52
tilmanzirp zirp17:54
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thrice`eek, work trip to Nuremberg in a few weeks o.O18:46
andariusgermany ?18:46
thrice`mein erste mal aus Deutschland18:46
thrice`er, auf?18:47
aonuh, "aus"?18:47
aonmore like "in" or somesuch18:47
aoni think18:47
thrice`aon: where abouts are you?18:50
thrice`ah, I thought you were german as well18:52
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RyoSin is richtig XD19:36
Romsterhmm we should revive the crux user map.19:44
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