IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-04-21

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cruxbot[opt.git]: nvidia: Add missing patch. Getting too forgetful.00:36
nipuLsomeone's getting push happy00:42
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Romsterheh yeah i noticed it missing.00:43
cruxbot[opt.git]: lsof: updated to 4.7900:52
cruxbot[opt.git]: wine: updated to 0.9.6000:52
RomsterThanks aon.00:54
Romsteri was nearly thinking by the time you updated wine 0.9.61 would be about out <<00:54
Romsteri'm emailing viper i don't think the bug tracker gets his attention.00:58
RomsterWonder why he hasn't came on in awhile.00:58
aonbusy with life?00:58
Romsterhe might be.00:59
RomsterOr lost interest no idea.00:59
RomsterJust be nice if he did drop in occasionally and say he'll be away for a while or whatever and he'll be back on .... and do any port updates then.01:00
RomsterAnd Sip hasn't even looked at the bug tracker either i've submitted a bug for including mesa3d in libsdl, sips updated libsdl since then but not addressed that problem as either add it or decline too add it.01:04
RomsterI don't mind waiting for fixes but geez am i being impatient for waiting months for a fix or for the change to be declined, then again maybe i just any everyone bugging them with this stuff and i should let stuff be as it is for others to find out the same problems. I really don't know. Anyways off to do stuff than to keep gasbaging in here.01:08
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pitillogood morning01:11
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Romsterhi pitillo01:12
pitillolo Romster :)01:13
drijenhello romster01:19
drijenhello pitillo01:19
Romsterhi drijen01:21
drijenRomster, i have to thank you again01:26
drijenthat advice you gave me on mass file perm fixes has come in handy like a dozen times now01:26
Romsterdrijen, ah yeah you can alter it to do anything you need done.01:31
RomsterJust gotta be careful you don't don something wrong though.01:31
* Romster has coffee01:31
* drijen adds some irish whiskey01:32
Romsterbut i haven't drank alcohol in a long time.01:34
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drijengnome-panel is hoarding 4GB of ram.01:42
* drijen bonks System Monitor on the head01:42
drijeni thinks its reading the cached footprint01:44
drijencuz everything under is reading, 1.6GB, 1.7, 2.3 etc01:45
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sepenhey. reading ML's now02:20
Romstersepen, are you tracking missing source files in your ports check page?02:21
Romsteri noticed all the curl stuff is off the main files.02:21
Romsterhi tilman02:22
sepenI added a new switch for my repoverify to avoid source checking (-ivs)02:22
Romsterah so you don't check now?02:22
Romsteri should look into that code for the port checking i got ideas on how to make it work better.02:23
Romsterbeen messing with curl02:23
Romsterusing some part of prtverify? or your own code?02:23
sepenIm plained to use distfiles02:23
sepenohh nice!02:23
sepenfeel free to modify my script02:24
Romsterjust wondering where the checking is done.02:24
sepenRomster, now Im using prtverify as a base for doing reports02:24
Romsteri feel like writing a prtverify/modify that.02:24
sepenRomster, would you like svn access to code?02:25
Romstertilman, what code is the core/opt ML reports using?02:25
Romsterhmm maybe. i'll work with prtverify seems like the better place to put something like that then you can reference from that.02:26
Romsteri remember php quite well too which you've used.02:26
sepenRomster, svn://
Romsterta i can test it on my apache server.02:37
Romsterhaving a look though prtverify02:37
Romstera -m missing-source module seems like the obvious idea.02:37
Romsterhmm prtverify has a white list i wasn't aware of that.02:39
sepennote that my scripts is still in premature status02:49
Romsterhmm didn't think awk files be so much different looking. i'll have to spend some time learning.03:01
Romstersepen, something like this i've noticed works well curl -ILH 'Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate' -H 'Pragma: no-cache' -w 'URL: %{url_effective}\nHTTP: %{http_code}\nType: %{content_type}\n\n' url...03:17
Romsterso i'm toying with it more in a prtverify module.03:18
Romsterneed to do something for ftp though03:19
sepensorry, I stay at office, and the boss is here atm03:29
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Romstersepen, ah k.03:29
Romsterhmm easier for me to write a new bash script for this then maybe do a awk module after.03:30
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sepenrehabdoll, what about awk?03:34
sepenIm using awk as a replacement for 'sort | uniq' filter03:35
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Romsteryou mean me sepen ?03:35
Romsteri'm lookng at the *.awk files that prtverify uses.03:38
tilmanpkginfo -l prtverify03:38
Romsteri've used awk the command a few times.03:38
tilmanas opposed to awk the language? ;>03:39
tilmannp: Kreator - Replicas of Life03:46
tilman\\o o// \o/03:46
cruxbot[contrib.git]: geany: Updated 0.13 -> 0.1403:50
RomsterKreator nice.03:51
mike_kanyone having troubles with updating cmake?03:58
mike_k/usr/bin/ld:CMakeFiles/testCommandLineArguments.dir/testCommandLineArguments.o:1: syntax error03:58
Romsternope it built fine.04:03
nipuLsweet, got a commodore 64 in the maiul today04:03
RomsternipuL, i have a few and a lot of games04:03
Romstermike_k, seems to be fine but i'll test again.04:05
rxinipuL: lol i was gunna get a snes .. but then i downloaded a snes emulator for my wii04:07
mike_kRomster: thanks. I had very similar error with kde stuff and /usr/bin/ld. I am rebuilding that at the moment.04:07
Romsteri've built some of kde but i hadn't compelted it.04:08
Romsterthe 4.0.3 version04:08
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RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/packages/cmake#2.4.8-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded04:13
Romsterno idea.. mike_k seems ok.04:14
mike_kRomster: ok. unlucky me04:14
Romsteri'd check your system with revdep04:15
Romstertried running ldconfig before prt-get update cmake ?04:15
mike_krevdep gave nothing related. I've even rebuild binutis.04:17
mike_k"testCommandLineArguments.o: file format not recognized; treating as linker script"  <-- I should dig here04:18
Romsterdo you have a older version installed?04:18
Romstermaybe remove that then try building cmake04:18
Romsteralthough i bootstrap cmake04:18
mike_kold cmake?04:18
Romstercmake installed on your syste with it's headers messing up the cmake your trying to compile.04:19
mike_kunlikely from that error04:20
Romsterand if 2.4.8 wont compile does 2.4.7 compile for you.04:20
* mike_k removed && rebuilding04:20
Romsterwoth a try.04:20
mike_ksame shit04:20
Romsterwell that is strange.04:21
Romsterhow far in does it get to that error?04:21
Romsterpast the bootstraping stage?04:21
mike_kyeah, after bootstrapping. [ 6%] Building CXX object04:23
Romsterzlib curl and tar are in them lines before that linking bit.04:31
Romsterif that's any clue.04:31
Romsteri've got the lateist version i think.04:32
Romsteri can vaguely remember having some problem with cmake along time ago but can't remember what i did.04:34
Romstermight be a 64 bit issue.04:35
mike_kRomster: ok, try to build the older version04:41
Romsteryou want me to try and build 2.4.6 ?04:43
Romstererr sorry 2.4.704:43
mike_kRomster: no, it seems to build fine here04:45
mike_kI'll try all this on another box later04:46
Romsteri can't fix what's not broken.04:47
Romsterfor me anyways.04:47
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L3thaldoes crux build packages from source ?06:05
L3thalor just install a precompiled packages ?06:06
pitilloL3thal, it builds packages from source06:06
L3thalpitillo: hmm , is it just like archlinux ?06:06
pitilloL3thal, take a look to to get detailed info06:06
L3thalin the initscipt style ?06:06
sepenarch is based on crux06:06
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L3thalsepen: i know06:07
L3thaljust asking those questions , so crux is cool for :)06:07
* L3thal downloads crux06:07
pitilloyeah, I think these and other Q can be answered by yourself reding the handbook :)06:07
L3thalpitillo: too lazy :(06:08
L3thalsepen: iam reading it now :)06:08
mwansaL3thal, theres an exam at the end :D06:08
pitilloL3thal, I'm more :P06:08
mwansaso study hard :P06:09
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* L3thal goes and read the end :D06:11
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Romstercrux is source based but there is binaries on the install CD.06:21
L3thalcool :D seems like the perfect distro for me :D06:27
mwansaif you dont mind the ocassional head bang on the desk :>06:28
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Romsteryeah crux wont hold your hand if you get a problem ya gotta figure it out.06:45
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rehabdollbah, crux is the most simple software distribution ive ever used06:55
Romstersimple to those that know how to fix such problems.06:56
L3thali always knew about crux06:56
Romstercomplicated to those that have yet to learn.06:56
L3thalbut never really tried it06:56
Romsterit's good if you want to learn how it all works or want to customise.06:57
rehabdollwell yeah, you need to have basic skill setting up a network etc06:57
rehabdoll(knowing what dhcp is etc.)06:57
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: intltool: Updated 0.35.5 -> 0.37.108:03
cruxbot[xfce.git]: libburn: Updated 0.4.2 -> 0.4.408:11
cruxbot[xfce.git]: libisofs: Fixed group meta.08:13
cruxbot[xfce.git]: libnotify: Switched to bzip'ed tarball08:17
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: librsvg: Updated 2.18.2 -> 2.22.2 and modified base url source.08:26
Romsterthis is interesting geting really funky headers from souceforge and redirects no wonder checking source files is so tricky.08:28
cruxbot[xfce.git]: libsexy: Switched to bzip'ed tarball08:28
sepenRomster, me?08:29
Romsternah my code i'm messing with but i'l be able to give a sane output of checking the source= line in Pkgfiles.08:29
Romsterand will follow redirects too.08:29
sepenyour code?08:30
Romsteri don't have a lot yet i'm parsing stuff curl spits out.08:31
Romsteryeah i'm writing my own code in bash to grep etc..08:31
Romsterif statements to catch all conditions.08:31
Romsterso nothing funny should spit out of the messages.08:32
Romsterif it can't get a reply it'll just say error: timed out08:32
Romsterbut the best part would be a stats of saying how reliable a source file is to get.08:32
Romsterjsut because it times out doesn't mean it is bad, only that it might be so i'm thinking of a red yellow and green indercator.08:33
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Romsterargh so that's where that check file is, ah well it's still not what i want exactly so i'll edit...08:35
Romsteryay for finding out later on after i got some code i've done myself08:35
Romsterisn't even xhtml code there.08:36
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: libwnck: Updated 2.20.2 -> 2.22.108:37
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: lm_sensors: Cleanup08:40
Romsterhmm i can use it for a few ideas but i much prefer to rewrite it.08:40
L3thalhmm can i register to view the art page ?08:40
Romsterdidn't think you had to register to view.08:40
L3thalto edit08:41
Romsterif it is a public wiki you can edit it already.08:41
L3thalthats crux wallpapers08:42
L3thali guess its not there08:42
Romsterhmm i think it is private.. anything in the |public| link should be editiable.08:42
L3thali dont want to edit it :P08:43
L3thali just wanna view or download the wallpapers :D08:43
L3thali guess that page isnt public as you said08:43
cruxbot[xfce.git]: p5-uri: Updated 1.35 -> 1.3608:43
Rotwangcrux wallpapers?08:44
L3thalVarious artistic wallpapers or tiles contributed by CRUX users can be found here?.08:44
Rotwangi thought there is only one? blueish one08:44
sepenL3thal, did you known the wiki concept?08:44
L3thalsepen: to register and edit ?08:45
sepencrux wallpapers link isn't still edited08:45
L3thali see08:45
sepen''...Various artistic wallpapers or tiles contributed by CRUX users can be found here?.''08:46
sepensee (here?)08:46
sepenis not the same like (here)08:46
Rotwangwho made crux penguin?08:46
L3thalwell , there is no forums08:47
Romstersomeone made a crux forum it died a few weeks later.08:47
Romsterwe prefer irc and the mailing list.08:48
cruxbot[xfce.git]: ristretto: Updated 0.0.16 -> 0.0.1808:49
cruxbot[xfce.git]: vte: Cleanup08:51
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: thunar-archive-plugin: New port10:27
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfmpc: Updated 0.0.2 -> 0.0.610:48
cruxbot[xfce.git]: pyxfce: Added group meta10:53
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfmpc: Added group meta10:54
cruxbot[xfce.git]: Removed README file10:55
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tilmanRotwang: some german (or austrian) guy iirc. i remember his website was called megaperls.something12:38
tilmandidn't we have a link to it at
RotwangUkrainian CRUX community link is obsolete12:50
treachonly in norway ;D ->
Rotwangfrench site seems to bo unmaintained12:51
Rotwangcan i add myself somehow to user map?12:52
sepenRotwang, ---> User Map (non functional)12:54
tilmanwe could open a frappr group for crux12:54
tilmanif frappr still exists ;D12:54
treachfacebook. :D12:54
* treach DUCKS12:54
Rotwang(non functional) means that it is not updated any more?12:58
tilmanit means it doesn't work12:58
Rotwang\o/ thats what i thought13:05
tilmani don't know what exactly it takes to host the user map13:05
tilmani guess cptn would be willing to let you maintain it though13:05
Rotwangi guess i could speak to him13:09
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfburn: Switch to tarball'ed source instead of subversion. Deleted subversion dependency.13:31
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L3thali got this weird error14:06
L3thalwhile chrooting my /mnt14:06
L3thalit says /bin/bash no such file or directory14:06
L3thalany idea ?14:06
Rotwangyoure chrooting from 32 to 64 bit environment? :P14:07
treachyou screwed up and forgot to install bash. XD14:07
L3thaldoes setup-chroot do chroot ?14:07
L3thali mean besides mounting dev and proc14:08
*** mike_k has joined #crux14:08
L3thali was in my installed system then14:08
L3thalmy mistake :P14:09
L3thalnano isnt installed in core repo ? ><14:10
L3thaldarn vi14:11
Rotwangits in opt14:11
treachn00b :>14:11
Rotwanggrub also :\14:11
Rotwangand yes nano is n00bish i prefer butterflies14:11
treachwhat's really so hard about vi(m)?14:12
L3thaltreach: ok mr know-everything14:12
treachI don't know everything --- yet.14:13
treachbut I'm working on it. :P14:13
L3thaltreach: something to know , i dont need your useless help .14:13
treachuseless help, that has to be something new. :>14:14
L3thaltreach: add that one , useless help is when someone start tp show off without being helpful14:15
L3thalif there is a n00b that would be treach :P14:16
tilmanyeah, right.14:16
treachDid I show off? In what way?14:16
L3thal" learn how to use vi "14:16
L3thal" how to program with vi "14:16
treachdude, encouraging someone to learn vi is showing off?14:17
L3thaltreach: vi sucks , the noob is the one who wastes his time while he can it faster14:17
treachhahaha, have fun with nano then.14:17
L3thalits not there :P14:17
treachkind of my _noobish_ point. :>14:18
tilmancrux is targeted at experienced linux people14:18
L3thaltilman: i know14:18
tilmanexperienced linux people know how to use vim (at least the basics)14:18
L3thalan i can use vi14:18
tilmangood for you14:18
DarkNekrosemacs rules :P14:18
L3thaldoesnt mean iam a pro/experienced14:18
treachL3thal: the *n00bish* point being that you can rely on vi(m) being available, ALWAYS on all kinds of *nix systems.14:19
tilmanDarkNekros: escape mea alt control shift?14:19
L3thal" heyyy i use vi , iam a pro , i RULE "14:20
treachDarkNekros: maybe, if you like huge ass "shortcuts" and are a programmer or so.14:20
treachto edit system configuration files, it's a *massive* overkill..14:20
treachL3thal: grow up14:20
DarkNekrosL3thal, I used to love joe (similar to nano) until I discovered that vi(m) can do things as easy and more quickly than joe (if you use .vimrc, of course) ;)14:21
L3thaltreach: iam , and i dont show off14:21
L3thalDarkNekros: my point is , using vi doesnt mean iam experienced or a pro14:22
treachyou have a very peculiar opinion about what showing off means.14:22
tilmanDarkNekros: yeah, i used joe at first, too14:22
DarkNekrosL3thal, I know, but it depends where you are and what you want to do and of course, the likes ;914:22
L3thaltreach: noob is someone uses ubuntu :P~~14:23
treachno, n00b in this case was actually a *joke*14:23
tilmanstop the bullshitting14:24
L3thaltilman: i was kidding :|14:24
tilmanepic fail14:24
DarkNekrostreach, where I edit files on text mode I use vim, but when I am on graphical mode I use others (I don't like graphic vim)14:24
treacheveryone is free to use what they want. I use vim in a console if I'm in a GUI. :D14:25
DarkNekrosthe point is, use whatever you want and be water, my friend ;)14:25
treachthank you, but I prefer to stay solid.14:26
tilmanDarkNekros: fyi, it's possible to trim down the gvim gui, so it looks more like plain vim14:26
treachin fact, you can make it look identical. :p14:26
L3thaltreach: dude  i was kidding :P14:26
DarkNekrostilman, I didn't try it :S14:26
mike_ktilman: any objections to this layout ?14:31
tilmanwhat about having one page per member?14:32
tilmanPublic/ContribMembers/mike_k etc14:32
mike_kugh, yep that will be more natural. should Public/ContribMembers exist at all? Or you'll make links from Main/About?14:33
tilmanmaybe we can have both14:36
tilmanin case i get lazy or forget to about Main/About14:36
tilmanit's less work for me when i can just copy/paste from Public/ContribMembers, too14:36
mike_kok, I'll change that14:37
mike_ktilman: Public/ContribMembers/irc_nick or Public/ContribMembers/FullName ?14:39
tilmanmaybe full name14:39
tilmanthat's what we used in Main/About14:40
mike_kyes, but looks way too official. I'd go with full name for the sake of consistency.14:40
mike_ktilman: Public/ContribMembers/foo: "PmWiki can't process your request".14:44
mike_kI guess that's a parmission problem. Should I make it just in .../Public/FullName with links in .../Public/ContribMembers?14:44
tilmanyeah, that should be okay, too14:44
tilmanno idea in the permission problem itself14:44
mike_klooks like I am to concerned about all this, which is not true14:45
* mike_k have to spen more time outdoors14:45
teK<Codi> Windows is unprotected sex. Linux is using a condom, the pill, a vasectomy, and the Berlin wall.14:57
treachI thought that would be like VMS or something14:58
treachmaybe EROS could fit the bill too. :D15:00
L3thalteK: lol15:01
DarkNekrosRotwang, are you russian?15:03
DarkNekrosk, I as wonder why the page was in russian15:04
DarkNekroswas wondering*15:04
RotwangDarkNekros: stumbleupon15:05
DarkNekrosI can read it, but I don't understand all15:05
RotwangDarkNekros: pictures are important15:05
DarkNekrosI mean russian :)15:05
DarkNekrospicture are good, perhaps I'm going to show them to my girlfriend :P15:05
DarkNekrosRotwang, my girlfriend says the pictures are funny and odd xD15:13
*** maxus has quit IRC15:19
cptntreach, tilman: there's a facebook group for CRUX :-)15:22
cptnthere are only four members though15:22
cptnaon, maol, SiFuh and me15:23
* treach sends his router some extra garlic, and goes to have a look.15:23
thrice`aah, found it :)15:24
cptnokay, five now :-)15:26
rehabdolli feel dirty15:27
cptnyeah, rehabdoll's #515:27
cptnRotwang: for the record: is generated from the Public wiki page15:28
cptnRotwang: although it's not regularily updated, since I'm not sure if the wiki page is really the right approach15:29
cptnRotwang: if you want to be added to send me your coordinates :-)15:29
rehabdollmine are in the wiki15:34
RotwanggmtP1 is a time zone? GMT +0 ?15:35
RyoSgmtP(lus)1? :P15:36
tilmanmmh, i totally missed
tilmani feel lame right now15:36
Rotwangcptn: where should i send them? via e-mail or irc?15:37
tilmanediit the wiki page!15:38
cptnRotwang: mail is better15:38
* thrice` sends also15:38
*** L3thal has quit IRC15:38
cptnalso, something like frappr might be easier to maintain in the long run :-)15:39
cptnbut I'll be happy to update the existing map as time permits15:40
thrice`alright, sent15:40
cptnI'll do an update tomorrow them :-)15:40
cptngood night15:41
tilmannight cptn15:41
Rotwangill add myself to the wiki also :p15:43
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Romstermorning all19:56
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L3thalmorning :P22:01
Romsterafternoon now <<22:03
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gpm: add -j1 to make also cleaned up Pkgfile22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gcc34: add install -j1 or objc files get skipped also cleaned up variables22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth12: removed previous branch, wesnoth is a newer branch22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: avifile: update .footprint22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xplanet: add dependencys libpng libungif so they are built as system22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dia: add missing dependency libgcrypt22:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ddrescue: remove empty file22:06
mwansaRomster, [12:56] Romster: morning all22:06
mwansaacording to my time you were wrong :P22:06
Romster[10:56:47] <Romster> morning all22:06
Romstertime zones ftw22:07
mwansaha ha22:07
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