IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-04-22

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pitillogood morning01:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: iptables-imq: 1.3.8-2.6.21 -> 1.4.0-2.6.2402:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-ffmpeg: update .footprint02:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: imlib: add missing dependency libpng02:22
Romsterhi sepen02:22
sepenehh Romster, hard work in contrib02:24
Romsteryeah i'm going over all my ports in safe-build.02:24
Romstershould not be one fault when i'm done.02:25
Romsternot in my ports anyways i've found a few in other opt ports that i've already reported to the bug tracker.02:25
Romstersepen, any idea where i find libpnm ?02:27
sepennice, I do the same when my whole repository be clean02:27
Romsteri thought netpbm but that will convert it but not what this program askes for. it has a internal copy but much prefer to use a system installed copy02:30
Romsterthough i've not found it.02:30
Romster"portable anymap" format02:30
Romsterabout all i know about.02:30
Romstercontrib/xplanet askes for it if you wanna have a dig. i haven't dug though the sources but looks like that is my next step.02:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: normalize: update .footprint02:36
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sepenRomster, you mean where looking for sources of libpnm?02:39
Romsterxplanet comes up with a warning saying it'll use it's copy of PNM i've looked in the ports tree and on the net and can't see what ti's looking for.02:42
Romsteri might look later for it.02:44
Romsteri couldn't see anything on freshmeat google or sourceforge.02:44
sepennetpbm provides libpnm as appears in this link02:45
Romsterhmm odd i tryed installing netpbm but xplanet still said the same thing.02:45
Romsterlike it's not it or it didn't detect it.02:45
Romsterdoes seem likely netpbm is it and that xplanet's configure isn't seeing it.02:46
Romsterbut that's only a guess.02:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: rrdtool: update .footprint02:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: sox: add dependencys ladspa libid3tag and update .footprint also added ffmpeg as optional03:40
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tagtool: add missing dependency p5-xml-parser03:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fmod: Updated 4.12.04 -> 4.14.0203:58
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pitillohas someone any reference to crux-arm project?04:57
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f1ywhat is crux-arm project?04:58
pitillof1y, crux for arm04:58
Rotwangarm for crux, so we can bash all the lazy n00bs05:00
f1yin blue uniforms05:01
Rotwangcruxes in blue uniforms with big arms05:03
Romsterno idea nor have i seen any ARM hardware from what i know of.05:03
Rotwang+ horde of turkey vultures05:03
pitilloRomster, there were a project and it had a little subversion server wich provided a jffs image. I thought I got a backup here, but I think I lost it.05:04
pitillowell, if someone find this kind of project interesting, I hope he can contact me.05:04
Romsterwhat is ARM hardware is it like running small FPAA cpus?05:06
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pitilloRomster, yes, arm arch if I am not in wrong05:13
Romsterso what are you using them for?05:14
pitilloRomster, my first objective is always to learn. I want to try to build crux for this arch. I know there were a project with some info, but now I can't locate it.05:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: iptables-imq: oops include the IMQ librarys05:16
pitillomay be I will wait sepen to see if he has some backups of it.05:16
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Romsterhmm no idea where on the net.05:17
Romsterbut that sounds interesting.05:17
pitillo(he was trying something with a gp32 and he has some pkgfile for building the TC)05:17
Romsteri'd be using them for datalogers and controling devices like heaters.05:17
pitilloRomster, IMHO I think it can be a very interesting project... mixing the lightweith of crux, with its package manager can be very good05:18
Romsterwonder what other uses you have in mind?05:18
pitilloRomster, I am using opie now in my ipaq05:18
Romsterwhat sort of processing power does ARM have?05:18
Romsterah them hand held devices have ARM in them now i remember a bit.05:19
pitillobut I found interesting to learn more about boot process and crosscompiling (I am very green with this themes and I think it's a good way to learn a bit)05:19
Romsterlike replacing windows CE or something with crux?05:19
pitilloRomster, depends in the device. I think arm processors are very powerfull. You must see how opie runs on this ipaq, for me it's impressive05:19
pitilloRomster, yes, I replaced wCE with opie (winCE version in my ipaq was very poor, I haven't audio/video players on it)05:20
Romsterbut now you do right <<05:27
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pitillowell, I am reading a lot but I need more knowledge and understand better lot of things before be ready to work hard with it (may be with the old info I can get some clues)05:29
Romsterif it can be found.05:32
pitilloI think it was removed from the "official" crux-arm webpage. I hope I can find that info in a local backup or may be  se_pen has it too05:33
pitillowell, seems that sep_en got the link05:36
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namenlos anyone knows, why on line 49 only the first word is taken as title for the portspage?06:31
namenlosline 47 prints: --title="namenlos' CRUX ports"06:32
namenlosam i missing something?06:32
mike_kand without single quote?06:41
namenlosi tried that, too, without a change. still uses only the first word.06:42
namenlosresult: <h2>"namenlos</h2>06:43
namenlosif i delete the single quote06:43
mike_kif it really prints that on line 47 - portspage/perl might dislike that single quote06:48
namenlosthe problem is, that if i uncomment the line 48, then it works fine...06:51
namenlossomehow i don't get my head wrapped around it.06:51
namenlosi mean uncomment the line 48 and comment out line 42-4506:52
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mike_kbut that is not much worse =)  sorry, my head is blown with other things atm06:53
namenlosthx for having a look06:55
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nipuLdoes anyone have a ck4up rule for
nipuLseems like the SF one would apply07:45
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nipuLany ideas what would be cuasing this?07:58
nipuLpkgadd: could not install usr/bin/pkgrm: Can't update time for /usr/bin/pkgrm: Function not implemented07:58
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nipuLscrew it that's enought porting for now, time to watch some IPLT2008:46
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morlenxusnipuL: You use nfsroot?09:03
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Romsternamenlos, dunno but try --title="namenlos\ CRUX\ ports"09:55
namenlosRomster: no, this doesn't work either...10:06
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Romsteror --title='namenlos CRUX ports' with single quotes for strong quoting, if that still don't work then i dunno. would have to edit the code i guess.10:08
namenlosRomster: no, didn't do the job either...10:11
namenlosi am not very good at shell programming.10:11
namenlosatm i got a working solution, but don't like it much10:12
Romsterah i could probable figure something out i'm okish at shell.10:13
Romsterwhat is it your messing with portspage?10:13
namenlosi have a script, which generates all needed information for my port repository page.10:14
namenlos i think i have extended a script in the contrib area.10:15
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namenlosi just would like to put the --title stuff into a if, too.10:16
RomsternipuL, @BERLIOSID@
Romsteri've done gnu and gnome too.10:16
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Romsterhmm not sure but maybe on line 42 --title="$TITLE" should be --title="\"$TITLE\""10:24
Romsterso one set of " stays on the line to portspage10:25
namenlosRomster: the version i have posted works fine.10:26
Romsterso if it works fine whats the issue?10:26
namenlosi only would like to handle --title like --header10:26
namenlosso, that in the end there is only: portspage --title="$TITLE" $PORTSPAGE_ARGS . > index.html10:26
namenlosso, that in the end there is only: portspage $PORTSPAGE_ARGS . > index.html10:27
Romsterah you want to put all the vars into one $PORTSPAGE_ARGS10:27
Romsterif [ -n $TITLE ]; then PORTSPAGE_ARGS="$PORTSPAGE_ARGS --title=\'$TITLE\'"; fi10:31
Romsteri think will do what you want.10:32
Romster-n checks if the string is empty10:32
Romsterif [ -n "$TITLE" ]; then PORTSPAGE_ARGS="$PORTSPAGE_ARGS --title=\'$TITLE\'"; fi10:32
Romstergood to quote the var if it contains spaces.10:33
namenlosRomster: unfortunatelly, not:
Romsterprefix line 42 with echo10:40
Romsterrun it and see what it prints on the command line and then mess with it then untill you get the command line to look right.10:41
namenlosportspage --header=.header --title=\'namenlos' CRUX ports\' .10:41
Romsterok so it's printing the \ too when it shouldn't10:42
namenlosyes, but i got no idea, why10:42
Romsterportspage --header=.header --title='namenlos CRUX ports' .10:43
Romsterwould work right?10:43
Romsterif you do that manually.10:43
namenlosi think there is something wrong with my shell10:47
Romsteri just noticed something10:48
Romsteryou don't use ; on end of lines in shell like you do in php10:49
Romsterfix all them var lines..10:49
Romsterline 19 and 20 don't need ; either10:50
Romsterexit -1; should be exit 110:51
Romsteronly use ; if you do something like 2 commands on the one line.10:51
namenlosi changed all the ';', but doesn't help10:52
Romsterif [ -d $TMPDIR ]; then10:52
Romsterif [ -d $TMPDIR ]10:52
namenlosalready changed10:52
Romstergood i doubt they would be helping any.10:53
Romsteralso you can do 'reset' in the term your using to reset it's settings.10:53
Romsterincase some var has been altered.10:53
namenloshm, unfortunatelly i got to go.10:54
namenlosmay i contact you tomorrow, about this?10:54
Romsternamenlos, sure10:55
namenlosk, thx10:55
Romstercatch ya around.10:55
namenlosk, thx cu10:56
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L3thalshouldnt the live cd read my hdd as sda instead of hda ?12:14
L3thalas a sata hdd ?12:14
sepenboot> CRUX root=hdd ?12:15
L3thalerrm, i will usd grub instead of lilo :D12:16
sepentry the same with grub12:17
L3thalit gives me kernel panic12:17
L3thallemme see :D12:17
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sepenman grub12:18
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sepenL3thal, man grub12:18
L3thalkk i know :P12:18
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L3thalheh hda again12:20
Romsteri'm on ata and i use sda.12:25
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L3thalkernel ,odules :|12:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: ipw3945: removed.12:25
sepenipw3945 removed?12:26
tilmanit didn't work/wasn't required since 2.6.2412:26
sepenyeah, thats my problem12:26
sepenIm using since x.x.24 appears12:26
tilmani've been using the new driver (iwl3945) with great success on my laptop12:27
tilmanno proprietary daemon needed12:27
sepenok Ill try, as a kernel module?12:27
tilmanyou just need to put the firmware in /lib/firmware or something12:27
sepentilman, then Ill should modify my Public manual12:27
tilmanoh, you wrote a manual for ipw3945?12:27
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tilmani see12:28
sepenis not a big deal12:28
tilmansepen: i'll edit it for .24/.2512:28
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L3thalwhat do you guys use to make the init ram ?12:35
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tilmansepen: done. but as my comment said, i'm not sure whether eth1 is correct12:38
tilmanit's possible that iwl3945 generates names like "wlan0" instead12:38
tilmani can check tomorrow12:38
sepenbetter name imo12:38
thrice`cptn: thanks for the add :)  looks like my position is good12:38
sepenI like bsd style for naming devices, like ral0 por my ralink12:39
sepentilman, I change the manual newly12:49
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Rotwangoh noes, imagemagick link b0rken, and new version available :P i wont mail sip this time ;]13:22
cruxbot[contrib.git]: iwlwifi-3945-ucode: New port.13:23
sepenRotwang,  its broken since some time ago13:23
Romsterbeen broken for ages.13:26
Rotwangk, thx13:28
thrice`Romster: your port is very outdated itself :)13:28
Romsterit's one version old as it's not beta...13:30
thrice`6.4.0-X is beta?13:31
Romster6.3.9-10 stable 6.4.0-9 is beta13:31
Romsterthrice`, yes13:31
thrice`ah, ok.  sorry :)13:31
Romsterand for the recorld sip updated to a beta -0 and never did keep updating it as newer -x versions came out13:32
Romsterand it hasn't been touched since.13:33
Romsterthrice`, yeah i found out later on that the last version is beta13:33
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Romstermaybe i should make a note of that in a readme13:34
thrice`Romster: what tells you that 6.4.x is beta ?13:34
thrice`on their server: The current stable release is version
Romsterit is stable.. hmmz13:34
Romsterguess i'll update it then... last version used to be in the beta directory.13:35
Romsterbut this one isn't13:36
Romsterso i figured the last version is a beta.13:36
Romsterguess they change around when they think it's a beta or not.13:36
* Romster updates it13:37
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Romsterimagemagick updated.13:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: unmaintained ports droped droped ports can be fetched from git if need be14:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: really remove the files and not just the Pkgfile, damn it...16:06
Romstergrr i stuffed up on git..16:08
Romstergit rm -r directory, does not remove everything....16:09
Romstergit rm -r directory\*, does.16:09
Romstergit rm -r directory/\*, does.16:09
Romsterfun when something does behave as expected.16:10
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spaceracoonladydo oyu know the difference between the ter-v16b ter-v16f and ter-v16n console fonts?21:27
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nipuLthe letters b,f and n23:39

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