IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-04-25

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pitillogood morning01:02
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tilmansepen: if you'd like to repair the tetex port you're more than welcome to do it01:22
tilmanopt/tetex isn't really maintained... the tetex project is dead or something01:22
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Romsterdamn it sourceforge is out..02:30
Romsterah it's back yay.02:42
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cruxbot[core.git]: xfsprogs: update to 2.9.803:17
cruxbot[core.git]: coreutils: cleanup03:17
Romstercleanup that's descriptive.03:25
cptncheck the diff03:27
cptnif you're interested in the details03:27
Romsteri just did.03:27
Romsterbecasue i had no idea what so ever of what was cleaned up.03:27
Romster'removed obsolete groups command' would of been better.03:28
Romsterno biggie noting important in that.03:29
Romsterdamn it i keep forgetting the h03:29
jueyeah, Romster has something to moan03:30
sepenhey jue03:32
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Romsteri'll kep quiet.03:32
Romsterany suggestions i give out seem to be taken the wrong way.03:32
cptnwell, if you want it to sound like a suggestion, you should word it differently03:34
cptnwe non native speaker often read your suggestions as complaint03:34
cptn<Romster> cleanup that's descriptive.03:34
cptn^ like this03:34
cptnjust remember that we don't here the tone of your voice, or the smile when you type that03:35
cptnso if it was a (funny) sarcastic remark, it's hard to grasp in IRC03:36
Romstersorry if i came across the wrong way.03:37
Romsteri tend to omit words and get to the point.03:37
cptnalso, just try to see it from jue's point of view03:37
Romstertrue, sarcasm generally has smiles.03:37
cptnhe joins, 10:0703:38
cptncommits to ports03:38
cptnand then gets this remark :-)03:38
Romstersorry i should of worded it better03:38
cptnit's easy to be annoyed, but I'm sure none of you meant ill03:39
cptnso it's all good03:39
cptnright? :-)03:39
Romsteri'm sure jue knows better than me anyways :)03:39
Romsteryeah i'm not worried.03:39
Romsterand i did apologise about my behaviour awhile ago too. it wasn't me it was me frustrated and emotionally out of control i'm trying harder t control myself and not take anything out on anyone.03:40
Romsterkeep up the good work :)03:41
sepenhey jue03:41
sepenooops duplicated line03:42
Romstercptn, be nice to see you get back into crux more ;) glad your even on irc again. since you took a absence for a good while.03:42
Romstersepen, :P03:42
sepenthats the problem to have dual monitor03:43
Romsterso you reply to both screens ?03:43
Romsteri was jokingly suggesting that.03:44
Romstersepen, i was gonna ask you too contrib/gst-plugins-bad03:49
RomsterWARN Redundant deps for gst-plugins-bad are: gst-plugins-base03:49
Romsteri don't have gst-plugins-base in that port.03:49
sepenits caused due to my prt-get.conf file03:49
Romsterwith the gnome repo..?03:50
sepenI've gnome repo before contrib03:50
Romsteralso i gotta check them .packlist files i rememebr one program wouldn't work without it. but i forgot what.03:51
Romsterah so gnome repo is gonna mess up contrib...03:51
sepen$ prt-get deptree gst-plugins-bad | grep gst-plugins-base | wc -l03:51
Romsteri'd pass a alternitive prt-get.conf file for the page.03:51
sepenin both cases, prt-get gets the same repo order that has in his config file03:52
Romsterwhen checking contrib there should only be core - opt - contrib in prt-get.conf when checking gnome then it would be core - gnone - opt - contrib, since gnome has a more recent pygtk03:54
Romsterthat isn't in opt yet.03:54
Romsterjust an idea. and i kinda gathered that was from the gnome repo above contrib.03:54
Romstercould cause other odd behavour if anyone else has same name ports.03:55
sepen<Romster> ... when checking gnome then it would be core - gnone - opt - contrib03:56
sepenIm not agree03:56
pitillowell, I think you can put xorg between opt and contrib03:56
sepengnome_repodeps=(core opt xorg gnome)03:56
sepennot contrib03:56
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Romsterand sepen disapears..04:00
Romsterhmm maybe he lost power..04:09
Romstergot a reply waiting to paste..04:09
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Romstersepen, gnome_repodeps=(core opt xorg gnome) would nominally work except opt has a older version of pygtk that will break ports in gnome, so currently no untill Sip updates pygtk in opt. also why is gnome repo in the equation when checking the contrib repo it should be then contrib_repodeps=(core opt xorg contrib) and there for i shouldn't be getting that warning. as i don't get it with 'findredudentdeps -s'. anyways i'll ignore that warning as04:17
Romsterit's bogus04:17
Romsteralso you got net problems or losing power or something?04:18
sepenRomster, could you try 'repoverify' your own?04:20
Romsteri could i just wanted to report what i found.04:22
Romsteralso isn't nice when i went to go fix it and went 'wtf' it's not listed in the port.04:22
Romsterand i like that page btw.04:39
sepenwhat page?04:39
Romsteryour repoverify page....04:39
sepenI want to have contributions or fixes for this idea04:40
sepensounds pretty but not as stable as I want04:40
Romsteri'm working on a better source file checker idea. based off the existing one but redone.04:41
Romsterwhat the i show up on the gnome page...04:42
Romsterthat's even more confusing.04:42
Romsterthought gnome ports override contrib.04:42
sepenhmmm can I see your code04:42
sepenimho would be nice if we have writing access to scripts.git, but sounds impossible atm04:43
Romsteri'm looking on
Romsteri haven't edited the code to your stuff yet.04:43
Romsterthe source file check is a seperate tool atm and incomplete.04:44
sepenRomster, svn://
Romsteri've got a copy checked out.04:44
sepentell me if you want svn write access to my repo04:44
Romsterjsut haven't touched it yet <<04:44
Romsteri might look tomorrow i'm too tired now to mess with it.04:46
Romsterhaven't slept in 24 hours.04:46
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sepenRomster, Im stay active at nigth here04:46
sepenwhat time is it for you now?04:46
sepenhere 11:5004:46
Romster/ctcp NICK time, is a handy command.04:50
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cptnximonda: I just added you07:02
ximondacptn: Thanks.07:02
cptnplease check whether your entry is correct07:02
cptnoh wait07:03
cptnI messed up07:03
ximondaYou can put me together with Mihai07:05
ximondaand center the entries to the center of munich.07:06
cptnI took your coordinates, which seem pretty centeral07:06
ximondaWell... doesn't matter.07:07
cptnreload and enjoy07:07
ximondaOh wow... ;-)07:07
ximondaIt just works.07:08
cptnMünchen macht blau :-)07:08
ximondaWell... if that's what we are famous for...07:08
Romsterif i could understand that <<07:09
ximondaWhat about putting the map to
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Romsterthere is a link to it currently.07:10
ximondaAh ... thanks.07:10
Romsterbut i'd like to see it on the crux site eventual.07:10
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cptnat some point in time, I was planning to implement all those neat ideas07:11
ximondayep... I think it's good to centralize everything at crux.nu07:11
cptnlike historical data and such07:11
cptnand because of that we didn't move it yet07:12
cptnbut moving it to should be easy07:12
cptnI wonder if the guys in Venezuela still use CRUX :-)07:13
thrice`after looking at the map, I felt very lonely being in the US :-(07:14
cptnRomster: "blau machen" typically means "to take some time off"07:14
cptnusually skipping school/work07:14
cptnbut it can also mean that it makes you drunk07:14
ximondacptn: But in the context you mentioned... yes.07:14
ximondaMunich makes drunk.07:14
cptnwhich works fine too since Munich hosts the famous Oktoberfest07:15
cptnand produces many beers07:15
cptnwell, that's from a non-german so take that with a grain of salt07:15
Romstercptn, ah07:15
ximondaWell, there are better places to go for a beer in Munich than the Oktoberfest.07:16
cptnand I initially said it since I added a second user to Munich on the map, changing the marker's color from red to blue07:16
ximondaWTF is crux doing in Antarctica?07:17
* Romster shrugs...07:18
cptnmaybe that's just an easter egg?07:18
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ximondaOh... maybe true. :-]07:19
mwansaRomster, whats the weather like in melb ?07:20
mwansaerr thats rxi07:20
cptnI wonder how hard it would be to add a weather icon...07:21
mwansacptn, ;-)07:22
mwansareal time update would be a bit of a drift tho07:22
Romsteri'm 4 hours away of melbourne but it's good overcast but rain chance is 80% for tomorrow07:22
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ximondaFor real-time weather you could take the color balance of some live webcams.07:24
Romsterthats going overboard what we want to know is what version of crux and what ports they use. >>07:25
cptnthrice`: spread the word then :-)07:29
Romsteryeah mail every house a crux cd <<07:35
thrice`heh, good plan ;)07:38
cptnit looks like CRUX is quite the East Coast distribution :-)07:38
Romsteri need to spread it in australia find some LUG's07:40
tilmannaples = crux city07:41
ximondaWell, there are several more users here in Munich. They just don't care much about the community.07:46
cptnthere are certainly also users that don't want to be on such a map07:47
cptnbut I guess many users don't know if it07:47
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thrice`I remembered when someone brought it up recently; I think it's very neat07:49
mike_kI can't imagine really anyone using crux and not attending ml or irc.07:57
ximondamike_k: Well there are some people which just want a linux-solution for X and once it's working, they don't care about it anymore.08:01
ximondamike_k: They don't care about the community, ml, updates at all...08:02
mike_kbut why the hell do they use crux?08:02
ximondamike_k: because it works.08:02
ximondaMy friend is the best example...08:03
ximondaHe needed a simple samba server and some ftp daemon...08:03
ximondaI told him to use crux, helped hime a bit to setup the stuff.08:03
mike_kI know a few such in my town, but they attend irc or read ml just to be informed.08:03
ximondaNow the machine is some years old, never seen an update, but still works fine.08:04
ximondaHis focus is just completely away from the operating system.08:05
Romsterah the run for years without a single reboot or update type.08:06
cruxbot[opt.git]: sshfs-fuse: update to 2.008:07
cruxbot[opt.git]: mpg123: update to 1.4.208:07
cruxbot[opt.git]: mysql: update to 5.0.51b08:07
ximondaRomster: yes. I've setup several machines like that in the past.08:08
ximondaRomster: put CRUX on it, move to the attic, forget until hardware fails.08:09
Romstertsk i update everything..08:12
Romsteri guess if it arn't on the net it's not so bad but if it is and there is a vunability and ya get hit...08:13
mike_kximonda: that is not him using crux, that is you who are using it08:17
ximondamike_k: Don't know what you want to tell me? I setup the machines for them... and told them to do updates...08:18
ximondamike_k: but they just don't care... as long as it's working.08:18
sepenoff topic
mike_kI see. From this point everyone is a proud user of QNX/vxWorks or any other embedded thing just because they live in cars/fridges/AV electronics08:21
Romsterthere is remote ssh conections and charge them a fee to keep it upto date.08:22
cptnmike_k: I think some users just haven't been around the last time it came up on the mailing list08:23
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cptnit = the map thingie08:23
f1yhi there :)08:23
ximondamuch more fun than flying planes...08:24
Romstermike_k, i can't remember reading anything embedded other than ARM in this channel08:26
sepenximonda, ahahhaaa08:26
Romsterwhat the man ...08:30
Romsternow this is OT "Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years in prison" didn't put in his tax return...08:40
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nipuLwtf, some guy in the compiz-dev channel tried to tell me that compiz doesn't dictate window placement09:06
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nipuLthat's what window managers do09:06
nipuLit's their job09:06
nipuLand how dare i suggest there is a bug in there code09:07
Romsterwhat the..09:08
Romsterpaste the logs for the world to see <<09:08
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Rotwangare there some free contrib positions?09:19
cptnthere's no size limit AFAIK09:25
Romstermake ports and put them in a private repo and then when you got them all post to the ML09:25
Romsterpretty much anyone that wants to join that prove their ports are sane. to the guidelines.09:26
Rotwangpost what?09:26
Rotwangi think my ports are sane09:27
cptnhave you registered your repo in the portdb?09:27
Romsterto the mailing list that you would like to join contrib and here is my ports URL for review09:27
Romsterand 2 contrib maintainers will review your ports make sugestions and when they are happy you'll get aproved and a core dev will add you.09:28
pitilloand read carefully cptn's link... I think 1 strong point is the one related to git too09:29
sepen<Rotwang> i think my ports are sane09:29
sepenwhere is located your repo?09:29
Rotwangbut i need to update some of them09:29
pitilloI was thinking in mexico xD09:30
sepenRomster, Im doing a repoverify report for you09:31
sepenRomster, pacman?09:33
Romsterhmm k if your going over my private repo i need to work on that but my contrib one is relatvely clean.09:33
pitillosepen, tab tab09:33
sepenRomster, sorry09:33
sepen<TAB> <TAB>09:33
sepenxDDD thanks pitillo09:33
sepenRotwang, pacman?09:34
Rotwangsepen: I do some work for polish archlinux repository09:34
Rotwanghave few packets there :P09:34
sepenin the same repo that you're using por crux ports?09:34
Rotwanghm ?09:34
sepen# Comment:     Q: why port pacman to crux? A: I do some work for polish repository and AUR09:35
sepen#              so pacman is very useful for me ;].09:35
sepenwell Im not disagree with that09:36
sepenRomster, excuse me09:36
sepenRotwang, excuse me09:36
Romsterdo i have to change my nick <<09:36
pitillosepen, take a siesta09:36
sepenyeah I need it09:37
Romsteri've been awake over 24 hours now <<09:37
sepenor Ill try to buy a keyboard with double-tab key09:37
Rotwanghehe ;]09:37
Romsterhere is a hint type 3 letters then tab09:37
pitilloRomster, take another one you too xD09:38
Romsterand you can usually turn on the last spoke option at least xchat has that09:38
sepenthats my report09:42
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sepensounds relatvely clean09:42
sepenbut its necessary to take a look of all your Pkgfile's too09:43
mavrick61Hi.. Any Core members here?09:44
Rotwangsome are bit outdated09:44
sepenRotwang, in both cases you should write to contrib ML too09:45
mavrick61Any one who can test I have change IP adress and update the DNS..09:46
Rotwangsepen: k09:46
sepenRomster, as said Romster09:46
sepen<Romster> to the mailing list that you would like to join contrib and here is my ports URL for review09:46
sepen<Romster> and 2 contrib maintainers will review your ports make sugestions and when they are happy you'll get aproved and a core dev will add you.09:46
sepenRotwang, as said Romster09:47
* Rotwang updates his ports09:48
Romsterhighlight crazy.09:48
cptnmavrick61: looks good09:49
cptnthe web server works, and some devs committed code09:49
cptnso ssh works too09:49
sepenRomster, sorry the lastest spam messages due to my <TAB> addiction09:49
cptnmavrick61: it looks like some mails to the ML got delayed09:50
Romstermavrick61, site loaded fine after a short delay to update dns09:52
sepen$ dig | wgetpaste09:52
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterso did the entire site get moved?09:52
sepenI can't see MX reg09:53
cptndig MX crux.nu09:54
sepenits the same as $ nslookup -q=MX ?09:55
sepenhmm similar09:55
f1yone question - do you think that converting into CRUX port is a good idea?09:58
f1yfirewall-init is a pack of scripts for iptables09:59
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sepenIm using rc.firewall on my crux server10:00
RyoSwhy not10:00
cptnf1y: if it's useful for you, sure10:00
f1ywell this is a quite good scripts pack10:01
sepenf1y, so make your own port10:01
f1yi think it might be some good start for those, who dont know iptables...10:02
f1yok, so i will do it10:02
sepenbut imho there are a lot of targets that need kernel compilation for support them, its not a generic task10:02
sepeni.e; mangle support10:03
sepenor TOS10:03
sepenetc etc10:03
f1yso i will make it with README10:03
sepencould be nice if you provide a README10:03
f1ywith this script i have administrated network with 200+ pc's10:04
sepenso its useful for you, then make the port10:04
f1yso i will do it, end of story :)10:05
sepenRotwang, why don't provide a patch for instead of using 'sed' all the time?10:07
sepenRotwang, also you can use sed -i -e 's|foo/bar/|... instead of 's/foo\/bar\//...10:08
Rotwangi know10:08
Rotwangi know | are more readable10:09
Rotwangrather tahan fences ;] "/\/\/\"10:09
sepenor use others like @10:10
Rotwang: or #10:10
f1yor use patch :D10:10
Rotwangi did patch for cream10:12
Rotwangfor installer10:12
Romsteri thought i used sed excessively10:14
Romsterhmm too bad that port didn't use a more standared install method..10:15
Romstersometmes it's easier to skip the install script and use install and mv in the Pkgfile10:16
Romsteryeah and when you got a path with forward slashes i choose the pipe char as the separator, some prefer other separator chars like coma or Colin10:20
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Rotwan1ok ports updated also some removed now ill send mail to the contrib MLlist11:00
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang11:47
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ximondaOkay, I'm out...12:48
ximonda.... for a beer.12:48
ximondaEnjoy your evening.12:48
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jesse_Keep on drowning in beer. Get fat and rather bovine like in character. :]13:06
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fdxwhat's the default kernel13:58
fdxin crux?13:58
predatorfreakfdx: as-of the latest 2.4 CDs from jaeger, 2.6.24, I think.13:59
predatorfreakBut you can always grab 2.6.25 and build it yourself13:59
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*** bitwise_ is now known as bit[on]16:52
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clickonceAnyone up?17:08
clickonceDo you know of any Linux based software that can scan and recover lost files from and NTFS file system? (Windows Vista)17:09
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:11
*** drijen has joined #crux17:12
bit[on]have you tried to mount it and see if anything is on it?17:13
*** namenlos has joined #crux17:14
teK[tek@irwin][~]% prt-get info pixman17:14
teKConnection to irwin closed.17:14
bit[on]i/o redirection brainfart17:14
clickoncebit[on]: Well, the file is removed via the Recycle Bin. So I need some diagnosis software.17:17
teKthe problem goes away, when I call prt-get from strace(1). FOO!17:18
bit[on]clickonce: hmmm, recycle bin....yeah, i hate to say it, but that exact kind of shit is why i stopped using windows a few years ago17:24
Romsterclickonce, hmm i hadn't seen this before
RomsterTSKmount is a Fuse filesystem written in Perl and based on The Sleuth Kit tools. It is intended to provide an easy way to recover deleted files over ext2, FAT, and NTFS filesystems.17:28
Romsterthere is a undelete command but i don't think it'll have much guts.17:29
*** namenlos has quit IRC17:30
Romsterand there is some program that will detect signatures of files on a disk and recover specific media17:30
Romsterclickonce, and maybe you'd want to use that'll recover MFT and other stuff too.17:40
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*** fdx is now known as fdx118:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tree: New port18:56
Romsternice sepen i've missed the tree command.19:12
Romsterremember it back in the dos days.19:12
sepenbut with htmlify output19:12
sepenIm using in on fedora's at office19:13
Romsterah console output too?19:13
Romsteri haven't installed it yet19:13
sepen-T title19:13
sepen              Sets the title and H1 header string in HTML output mode.19:13
sepen-H baseHREF19:14
sepenits also nice for doing static webserver pages19:15
sepen$ tree -H . > index-tree.html   (this is the result page
Rotwangdid my mail got to the contrib ML ?19:20
sepenone sec19:20
sependid you use your registered mail as from?19:21
sepenBartłomiej Palmowski (Rotwang)19:23
sepenreceived here19:23
sepenIm doing a new report19:25
Romsterwell that's odd i got it in plain/text19:28
Romsternot html rendered.19:28
Rotwangme too19:29
Romsterah not just me phew.19:29
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sepenRotwang, sounds clean
Rotwangsome redundand deps, ill fix it later19:40
sepenI've too19:40
Rotwangthanks ;]19:40
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Romstersepen, hmm Rotwang's ports still need cleaning up in the way he does stuff in the Pkgfile's just been looking though them20:34
sepenyeah I see20:35
sepenimho I prefered parches instead using 'sed' repetitively20:36
Romsterinstall -D -m 0644 $ $PKG/usr/man/man1/$name.1.man20:37
Romsterand prtverify didn't pick up on that.20:37
Romster$ should be $name.1 or $name.1.gz20:37
Romsterin fbgrab20:38
Romstertrue i try to limit sed to a few lines that are simple.20:38
Romsterall his indentation is messed and not consistent either.20:39
sepenmaybe contrib rules are not completed and well defined20:40
sepenall those thing imho should be written20:40
sepenconsistency of Pkgfiles, etc etc20:40
Romsteri think i'm at fault too to a degree but this is alot neater
Romsterone of my worst ports for sed.20:41
Romsterand it needs a version update..20:41
sepentoo heavy20:42
sepenhow many work you done?20:42
sepenyou have a lot of ports20:43
*** destruct1 has joined #Crux20:43
sepenbut well formed, not as yhafri20:43
sepenmany ports which build really fine imho20:44
Romsterwell that's one of the worst i got in my private repo that i need to clean up.20:45
Romsteri got a few in my private repo that need fixing but nothing major.20:46
Romsteri had some bad practices in the past that i've learned from and changed.20:46
Romsteri wouldn't touch yahfri's ports other than pinch a few and sanitise them if he has ported something i'm after already.20:47
sepenIll try to do the same with my ports and knownledgments20:47
*** errdil has quit IRC20:48
Romsteri betetr do some cleaning in my private repo i've negelected it a bit.20:48
Romsteralways on top of contrib all the time.20:48
*** destruct has quit IRC20:53
*** destruct1 is now known as destruct20:57
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC21:04
*** rxi has joined #crux21:10
sepenConnecting to
sepen  Failed to download REPO: Operation timed out after 60000 milliseconds with 58492 out of 82597 bytes received21:11
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC21:17
*** Dudde has quit IRC21:17
Romstershouldn't take that long to get that file.21:18
*** joacim has quit IRC21:18
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:18
*** joacim has joined #crux21:19
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:19
Romstersepen, try it now.. brb21:19
Romsteri need to prioritise it on my QoS.21:25
sepenIm going to bed21:40
* sepen zzz.z.zzZZ.zzz.z21:40
Romsterg'night sepen21:51
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
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spaceracoonladywould you like to tell me something about using initramfs in crux?23:26
*** mwansa has joined #crux23:38
*** spaceracoonlady has left #crux23:39

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