IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-04-26

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drijenjoin #dropline02:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: freeciv: 2.1.3 -> 2.1.405:06 is down one more time05:54
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jesse_rehabdoll: rofl06:40
jesse_Have to love the effort put into digging out the best and the worst.06:41
jesse_Of course the prevalent idiocy will do the rest and put 1 and 1 together, reinforce old stereotypes :D06:42
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mike_kRotwang: regarding crux-contrib... I suggest you to make tabs/spaces indentation consistent through your ports. Also, note that "# Maintainer: Full Name, name at foo dot bar" is a preferred format of that line.08:00
mike_kI doubt that ports like rc_mod should be in contrib, since it mostly overrides core/rc functionality. So try to shoose some subset of ports you are going to put in from the very start.08:02
f1ymike_k: so f.e. Maintainer: f1y, email at domain dot com isnt appropriate?08:02
f1yfull name and surname is preferred?08:03
mike_kI've _thought_ that it is08:03
tilmanat least in the "official" repositories, yeah08:03
tilmanof course you can feel free to put it however you like in your private repo :]08:03
Rotwangmike_k: i wouldnt put rc_mod to contrib of course08:04
Rotwangand yes i need to make my pkgfiles more readable08:04
mike_kRotwang: nice08:04
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sepenRotwang, I suggest you to test in a fresh install each port you want to put on contrib09:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-compress-raw-zlib: removed junk .bs file09:43
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mike_kRotwang: ah, and that's a quick 'prtverify your_ports/*'
Rotwangphun and teeworlds are ok i cant produce .footprint for  kmldonkey kommando kooldock10:02
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Rotwangctags and emacs are conflicting :X and both are from opt13:37
tilmanemacs sucks, what can we do :/13:37
Rotwangheh ;]13:39
tilmanaon: can we easily remove the ctags binary from opt/emacs? ;)13:40
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aoni _really_ should boot my desktop13:42
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aontilman: can you, in that case, enable etags13:48
aonso i can comprehensively nuke all the shit and dep on ctags13:49
aoni'll go bathe now ->13:49
tilmani can try13:50
tilmanstupid makefile doesn't work with more than one job14:00
tilmanif [ -x bin/tags ];14:01
tilman  ln -s ctags etags14:01
tilmanif you run that ^^^ before you actually copied the ctags binary, ...14:01
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cruxbot[opt.git]: ctags: install the etags symlink.15:12
tilmanaon: i'm done15:13
aonthe usr/share/emacs/22.2/etc dir has loads of probably totally unneeded bullshit15:26
aonsome day i shall look at the emacsen and clean them up a bit15:27
aonit might take years, though15:27
thrice`heh, yeah :)15:29
thrice`removing bloat from emacs?  Does such a thing exist? :)15:29
jesse_Streamline emacs? Such blasphemous speech.15:33
predatorfreakthrice`: prt-get remove emacs; prt-get depinst vim :D15:34
predatorfreakProblem solved!15:34
aonyeah, but come on, you hardly need man page sources15:37
aonthere has to be something between emacs at present and crap that asks you to donate to uganda15:38
aonalthough i don't think it does that anymore15:38
aonoh, it does, nevermind15:38
tilmandid you just call vim crap?15:40
tilmanomg omg15:40
aoni prefer nvi15:41
cruxbot[opt.git]: emacs: dep on external {c,e}tags instead of installing them to avoid conflicts15:44
aoni wonder if i will get flamy emails for that15:46
aon"you are violating the gahneew philosophy!1"15:47
jesse_ronny might pull a surprise and send another indecipherable post to the ml. :D15:48
jesse_If he is an emacs aficionado.15:49
aon"i can't use crux if it doesn't have basic functionality. <insert 400kB of random program output>"15:49
jesse_Unfulfilled basics.15:50
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tilmanarnuld <315:52
jesse_*harsh* has not yet been used. :p15:52
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tilman"Using GUIs to manage the system is an anti-Open practice, whether done intentionally (MacOS X) or unintentionally (Debian). When I tried to discuss this with BLAG folks, they removed me from BLAG mailing lists :(. I felt sad at this.16:04
aonah, memories :)16:06
tilman"[...] and just before the beginning of this new millennium, Morpheus  said: Free Your Mind"16:07
aonmainly the images and the database can be of interest16:07
tilmanhahaha, the clippy images :D16:07
aon :D yeah16:07
tilmanhis blog is now at, if you're looking for a laugh ;)16:07
aonit took me like days of completely good working time to get that layout running16:08
aoni wonder if i still have the cgi somewhere16:08
aoninitially his face was there but then it started feeling a bit tasteless16:08
tilman"I am not being HARSH I am just SHOCKED."16:08
tilmanaon: yeah16:09
aonoh, and it also took a lot of time to split his log posts into small chunks and shove them into that fortune file every time he blogged :)16:09
aoni feel HURD is like a part of my body & i am missing this part.16:10
tilman"wmii is written in C and hence uses those weired $ signs in its conf file."16:14
tilmanoh man16:14
tilman    Windows User: “I double-click on Acrobat Reader and it does not open. What is the problem ?”16:15
tilman    me: “The problem is you”.16:15
* tilman bows to great arnuld16:15
aon2007 was great16:18
tilmanthe whole arnuld thing was last year?16:18
aoni think so, yes16:19
aonor 20016:19
aonehm, 200616:19
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aonwould say 2007, though16:20
tilman2007, yes16:20
tilmanfound one of his threads on gmane.blahblah.crux\16:20
jesse_arnuld is fond of changing blog locations at about the same pace as his distro-jumping days. :D16:22
aon2006 was worse than 07 or 0516:22
aon05 was really good, didn't work a day that year16:22
aonso had plenty of time for all other stuff16:22
jesse_"A message for Warez d00dz Culture" rofl16:26
tilmani'm not sure he knows what d00dz means16:26
tilmanthis one is a favourite, too:16:26
tilmanDinesh: I know because i can see both Windows and IDIOT written all over your face.16:27
tilman:D::D:D:D <3 Dinesh16:27
jesse_*harsh* and utterly *shocking* :D16:30
jesse_I'm so sure that using gplv3 licensed software only will fix the world's problems in a heartbeat.16:31
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Romsterany idea on why the site is dead?19:18
thrice`loads here, just slowly19:20
mwansadoesnt load here..19:21
thrice`try now ?19:22
mwansaumm 30sec ago reported it down19:22
mwansanow back up19:22
Romsterloaded now...19:33
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predatorfreakRomster: My theory is semi-proven :320:42
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predatorfreak"Look at all the productivity we've gotten out of XPToolkit team the past two years, and we *know* they ain't gettin' none."20:45
predatorfreakHEHE, THEORY PROVEN!20:46
predatorfreakMust productive mozilla developers don't get laid!20:46
Romsterman gotta read the rest of that it's so hilarious.20:46
predatorfreakThey are utterly hopeless :D20:47
predatorfreak"I think the complaint here is that getGirlFriend tends to deadlock because all of the available resources have write locks."20:49
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Romstershould say something with access denied not enough permission...21:12
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