IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-04-27

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DarkNekroshi verybody ;)02:23
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jaliHermit around lately?02:24
nipuLhaven't seen him for ages02:41
jalihey nipuL <302:42
rxinipuL: didnt know you had a man love02:51
mwansahi DarkNekros02:52
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jaliLet's do coke!02:55
spaceracoonladyis there already a port of awesome, awesome-git?02:55
jaliYou mean the window manager?02:55
jaliNobody uses that crap.02:55
jaliAnd take your commie newsletter with you.02:56
jaliThis is AMERICA.02:56
spaceracoonladyjali? lay off the drugs?02:56
jaliI love my crack.02:56
spaceracoonladyseriously awesome > xmonad02:56
spaceracoonladyi will use the PKGBUILD from archlinux then02:57
jaliAll you need is Openbox3.02:57
jaliAlthough with all the new patches they've used it kinda sucks.02:57
spaceracoonladyi do prefer tiling wm02:58
jaliI think I'll just use Emacs as my window manager.02:58
spaceracoonladylol some do use emacs as there os02:58
jaliI'm not kidding.02:58
spaceracoonlady ??02:59
jaliAll the screenshots appear corrupt to Firefox.02:59
spaceracoonladyi am not using firefox02:59
jaliWell eat a dick.03:00
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spaceracoonladyis this working for crux?
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tilmanjali: uh, wtf?03:09
jaliI'm actually headed to bed. It's 4am here.03:10
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RyoSeat a dick? :D04:04
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spaceracoonladywill crux stay alive for a while?04:22
spaceracoonladywithout me?04:23
tilmanspaceracoonlady: PKGBUILDs don't work in crux04:24
tilmanif i were you i'd just install awesome from git manually to /usr/local04:25
spaceracoonladybut it easy to rewrite them04:25
spaceracoonladytilman: thx04:25
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Rotwangspaceracoonlady: you want awesome from git?04:26
Rotwangf1y maybe you have any Pkgfile?04:26
spaceracoonladyor at least awesome 2.304:26
Rotwangmy port is only from stable version04:26
tilmanRotwang: is the "mxq" collection yours?04:27
Rotwangspaceracoonlady: wait for 2.3 final release04:27
Rotwangtilman: yes04:27
spaceracoonlady2.3 is final04:27
Rotwangversion 2.3-rc304:27
Rotwangthe latest04:27
tilmanprt-get listinst gtk &> /dev/null && GTKFLAG="--with-gtk"04:27
tilmandoesn't awesome autodetect gtk?04:28
Rotwangill check that04:28
spaceracoonladyokmoin f1y04:29
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f1yspaceracoonlady: you want awesome-2.3?04:30
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Rotwangtilman: probably not because the final packages md5sums differ04:46
Romsterok that back log was crazy.04:49
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jkrSome time ago there was a file-update05:45
jkrSince then, file doesn't recognize ogg files anymore05:45
jkrDoes anyone else have the same problem?05:45
rehabdollill check if i have any ogg-files on my drive :)05:46
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jkrDoes anyone know the file homepage? :)05:50
jkrGoogling for file doesn't return anythin usable :)05:51
tilmangrep source /usr/ports/core/file/Pkgfile05:52
aondoesn't work05:52
tilmangrep URL /usr/ports/core/file/Pkgfile05:52
aonjust gives the ftp05:52
tilmanprt-get readme file05:53
aonwhat, there's such a command too05:53
aonoh my god05:53
Romsteryeah prt-get readme file, is like prt-get cat file README05:53
aonwell i figured that much out05:54
Romsterseems a waste having 2 commands todo the same thing.05:54
aonoh wait, didn't read properly05:54
aonthere's prt-get cat too?05:54
Romsteraon, yes...05:54
aonwe could just remove coreutils and put everything into prt-get05:55
tilmanjkr: mail christos@astron.com05:56
Romsterhmm that URL should be updated.05:56
Romsterand what's with this bundle it with prt-get? O_o05:57
Romsteri'd of hoped so...05:58
aonit's not a joke, you can start pulling everything-get from my cvs soon05:59
aonthen we'll see who's laughing05:59
tilmanthat would be reinventing busybox, no?05:59
aonno, it wouldn't be small or configurable06:00
aonjust a huge monolith, with even more features than the gnu implementations06:00
aonit would have emacs instead of the small vi clones on bb06:00
tilmanfinally, a unique selling point for crux06:01
* Romster slaps aon edgewise06:01
Romsterdon't joke about that...06:01
Romsternot funny at all.06:01
aondamn, my windows xp isn't genuine06:03
DarkNekrosneither mine xDD06:04
aonmust genuinify it a bit06:05
DarkNekrosI have it in a jail (VBox) for university experiments :D06:06
aoni have it on the laptop06:07
aonhad vista but it was bad beyond imagination06:07
aoni have a xp license somewhere but it's too much of a job to search for it06:08
DarkNekrosI erased it on my laptop (too bad to waste time on it and no drivers for xp to reinstall it)06:08
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Romsterso vista gets trashed easily O_o06:53
nipuLso i was reading the information on the side of a bottle of "personal lubraicant"06:56
nipuLit claimed to be edible...06:56
Romsterthat doesn't suprise me.06:57
nipuLi think "non-toxic" would be more suitable06:57
nipuLbecause it tasted revolting06:57
Romsterah... and why were you eating it...06:58
nipuLi was seeing how "edible" it really was06:58
Romsterhmm makes me wonder what labels are on body paint.06:59
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clareHi folks, My problem tonight is the device name of my printer has stopped working. It used to be /dev/usb/lp008:50
clareThe printer is at :  Bus=01 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=00 Cnt=01 Dev#=  3 Spd=12  MxCh= 008:51
Romsterseems you only join when you got a problem <<08:52
clareVery true, I would like to sit and listen more often as you seem to have fun here.08:52
Romsterhmm not on mine maybe it don't show if the printer if off.08:53
Romsterwe do.08:53
Romsterwhat did you change?08:54
clareI cant remember. I wondered if I changed  version of a glib..08:55
clarethe printer is on. I unplugged it an replugged it and that shows in the logged messages.08:55
clarethe string i quoted came from  less /proc/bus/usb/devices, and it goes on the give the brand name and all08:56
clareI used it very recently I thought, beginning to wonder if i am sane.08:57
RomsterT:  Bus=01 Lev=00 Prnt=00 Port=00 Cnt=00 Dev#=  1 Spd=12  MxCh= 208:58
Romsternoting on Dev#= for me but it arn't on.08:58
Romsterand it's not in this room <<08:58
Romstercups can't find it then?08:59
clareaha I wonder if I am running cups.08:59
Romsteri'd check with revdep since you've done updates since.08:59
Romstereh you better check...08:59
clarecups was not running, it is now, but no dev/usb/lp0.  this revdep, how?09:02
Romsteryou haven't used revdep..09:05
Romsterinstall prt-utils if oyu haven't already.09:06
RomsterRD=VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdep_log09:06
Romsteris what i do.09:06
Romsterand when it's done review what needs to be rebuilt.09:07
Romstersome things like firefox and openoffice always say error that's normal.09:07
Romsterand is everything upto date with prt-get diff ?09:09
Romsterman tc is a pain to mess with i forgot how bad it is.09:12
Romsterworking but i got some error i'm trying to track down.09:12
Romsterclare, ah and ran rejmerge you might have some config changes wating..09:13
clarehmm. rejmerge, no man page and the -h says nothing, there are  5 possible actions.09:17
Romsterclare, so you haven't ran rejmerge.. i thought there was a man page09:18
Romsterman rejmerge09:19
Romsteri got it on here..09:19
clareand no everying is not up to date with prt-get diff, esp usbutils and pciutils and cups.09:19
Romsteryou should do a ports -u and a sysup09:19
clarei think I will have to give up for toight and try an older version of crux as i need to print this one page.09:20
Romsteryour on 2.4?09:20
Romsterrun a sysup over night.09:20
clareI might even not do that,there is just one number on it i needed to put with my tax papers, I could just write it09:20
Romsteror throw it on a usb drive and go print it at the library if you really need it now and can't get cups working.09:21
Romstercould be something todo with the kernel or udev.09:21
clareThe trouble with that is I doubt if it would finish, would jsut sit there trying to get sourceforge.09:21
Romsteri have no idea but out dated versions wouldn't be helping.09:21
claresysup I take it would redo them all does if hae parameters?09:21
Romsterprt-get sysup09:22
Romsteryou can set a mirror in pkgmk.conf09:22
clareudev sounds likely. trouble is i have urgent things to do which mean dear old crus is neglected.09:23
clareoh, I thought people set it in /etc/hosts.  but local optus seems different somehow. How do you put it in pkgmk.conf?09:25
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clareHi treach, I am here with problems again, Romster says it is the only time I appear. sadly true09:26
treachheh, hi.09:26
treachRomster: btw, prt-get readme and prt-get cat does *NOT* do the same thing.09:27
treachmaybe you should take a look in the manual before making such statements. :>09:27
Romstertreach, ok i should word it as they both show the README09:28
Romsterbut in there own way09:28
Romsterclare, there is the /etc/hosts option too09:28
treachyeah. but the cat version is a bit stupid, but it's the first implemented one.09:29
Romster211.29.132.142 dl.sf.net09:29
treachso I guess that's why cptn haven't removed it.09:29
Romsteri use cat a fair bit i've rarely ir ever used prt-get readme09:29
Romsterprt-get port readme*09:29
Romsterclare, add that line to /etc/hosts its currently set to optusnet09:30
treachwell, cat sucks if the readme is more than a screenfull.09:30
Romsterscroll wheel...09:30
Romsteri run it in xterm09:30
treachthat's what you call a "band-aid".09:31
tilmanromster thinks pagers are useless?09:31
Romsterpagers are old technology why not a mobile phone...09:31
treachhow the fuck do you get any kind of logic into that..?09:32
Romsteri've seen that so many times i can already picture it.09:32
treach"use cat, because pagers are old tech"?09:32
aonand completely different pagers at that09:32
aonperhaps there should be a bot that pastes that image here on regular intervals09:32
Romsterwtf since when did cat and pagers get assocated.09:32
Romsteraon heh09:33
treachtilman: headdesk again plz!!09:33
tilmanRomster: less(1) is a pager09:33
tilmanmore(1) is another09:33
treachand you _just_ pitted prt-get cat and readme against eachother...09:34
tilmani think there's also 'most'09:34
aonof course, this is also a pager:
treachwhere readme uses $PAGER09:34
clareRomster; I have added that line to /etc/hosts, thank you.09:37
Romsteryay fixed tc errors.09:39
Romsterah i was thinking of a pager as a damn thing you see nurses and doctors use in the 80's09:40
Romsterconfusion ftw09:40
tilmanHouse uses them :/09:40
Romsterclare, np not a full fix but helps.09:40
Romsterah yes but eh i guess there still in use.09:41
Romsterno problem.09:41
treachyou mean prt-get should put the output of readme's on your pager? :D09:41
Romsteraka glad to og helped.09:41
treachsounds like a M$ idea!09:41
Romstergawd you lot having fun of me...09:42
clareI will come another night, have to be early tomorrow, bye now09:42
Romsternot funny you guys.09:43
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Romsteri can't be that amusing.09:43
treachRomster: it's because you frequently do not ask youself if things are reasonable.09:43
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Romsterhmm *shrugs*09:44
treachI mean, come on; We were so OBVIOUSLY not talking about pagers or mobile phones..09:45
treachwe were discussing prt-get.09:45
Romsterwell i didn't think of 'pager' in that context.09:45
treachand the day prt-get integrates with some pager or mobile phone, I think someone should call the men in white coats on the behalf of cptn09:45
Romsteri've known of 'pager' as them devices in the 80's and on House and the !page that some irc scripts have.09:46
Romsteri could impalement to sms but that's pointless.09:46
treach... indeed.09:47
jesse_"look ma! no terminal here"09:47
jesse_"$PAGER" pagers might be old hat, but they still serve a good function.09:49
treachyeah. w3m comes in handy sometimes. :>09:50
treach(eg, when someone is retarded enough to send you and html "email")09:51
treachs and/an09:51
jesse_Too often that happens because they get ideas that mails should be fun and cute looking with text formatting.09:53
Romstereh i see html emails as bloat.09:54
treachyeah, with inline pictures etc. :/09:54
Romsterusally from spam.09:54
treachidiot senders in any case. :>09:54
jesse_I really hate seeing mail that equates to a powerpoint on your screen.09:55
treachIf you want to send me stuff like that, put it in a attached document; if you don't think I'll read it then, you're probably just a spammer anyway. ;>09:55
jesse_Text is boring according to many. ;)09:55
treachmisuse of email.09:56
aonnow i want use a physical pager as a one-line pager for man pages10:02
jesse_I can't say I am bothered by attachments because they are not the content itself.10:02
aonactually you probably would need to pretty much gut the whole thing to get that done10:02
treachaon: regexp ftw? :P10:03
aoncould get a POCSAG receiver and modify it for the 2m or 70cm amateur radio band10:06
aonnot much of them for sale, surprisingly10:07
aon < something like that10:09
aonanyway, afk10:10
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aonah, ipv6 started working after reboot11:02
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mavrick61Hi... Any core members here?13:41
Romsterdunno aon is afk not sure what tilman is doing.13:41
Romstersomething need testing?13:41
mavrick61I need to know if the second IP is still used..? This is the last night on our old ISP network.13:42
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aoni'm not a core member13:42
Romsteroh sorry i assumed since you have a @13:42
aonafaik everyone with commit rights to opt (who ircs frequently) has13:43
mavrick61Who is Core members? Is the home page up to date13:44
aoni think so, yes13:45
Romsterjue tilman are i know that for sure.13:46
aonthe list should be up to date13:46
predatorfreakaon: I don't have op and I've got commit rights to opt.13:46
predatorfreakand it's tilman, jue and sip.13:46
aontoo bad, then13:46
mavrick61So Jaeger have retired13:46
mavrick61as core member13:46
predatorfreakA long time ago.13:47
aonyep, cptn too13:47
predatorfreakEven longer ago :D13:47
aonah, there are new people with opt commit rights13:47
predatorfreakMe, Lukas and some other guy.13:48
predatorfreakI forget who.13:48
aonnamenlos, apparently13:48
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cptnmavrick61: did you write to the infra mailing list already?14:27
cptnmavrick61: this is the group that does all the server maintenance14:27
cptnmavrick61: they should know14:27
cptnI'm sure they wouldn't mind if you post messages there on upcoming changes14:28
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mavrick61No I'm here..15:31
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sepen'/^ .*$/d'15:34
mavrick61I think this don't work right now.. We have change IP and I have not get any answer from any core meber..15:35
Romsteri thought this ip changing happend days ago now.15:36
Romsterand that the new ip would route itself though the dns cache15:36
mavrick61Yes.. But there was an extra IP used for maillist I don't know where to change...15:36
Romstertilman, you around...15:37
Romsteror maybe sip be the better one to do that.15:37
Romsterbut sip is hardly ever around have you emailed sip?15:37
tilman works for me15:38
tilmani know nothing about any second IP addresses15:38
tilmanmavrick61: please shoot an email to about this. but i think we're only using
mavrick61OK.. I found out that was used before bot removed.. So it sgould work fine. But it can be other references to IP addresses which not aare controlled through domain...15:47
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Romstertilman, hmm no cruxbot... :P~18:59
Romsterneeds a auto restart/reconnect19:00
treachI bet tilman's in the wood processing business right now. :>19:04
* Romster shrugs19:04
Romsterhe arn't set away..19:04
Romster205 minutes ago so he be out.19:04
treachthat's like 2h, right..19:05
treachRomster: it's sunday here, and it's 0200..19:05
Romster10am monday19:06
Romsteri keep forgetting the damn time zones.19:06
Romsteri have too much on my mind.19:06
treachmmh, guessed so.19:07
treachI bet he has to get up early tomorrow, and that he just forgot to set himself away.19:07
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jnengland77...anyone know what package contains ldd on a CentOS system.  ldd seems to be broken on a server I help maintain.20:50
treachglibc-common-2.7-2.i386.rpm I guess.20:53
jnengland77alright thanks20:53
treach(or similar, I looked at fedora)20:53
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jnengland77I hate yum...20:56
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