IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-04-29

Romsterand i just notice a new version is out..00:10
Romsterjust my day...00:10
predatorfreakYay! :D00:11
Romsterwhat also threw me off is i got a boost-regex 1.34.0-1 installed with boost.00:12
Romsterso i'm confused if i forced it or boost didn't build them libs as they were on my system.00:12
Romsterand i read some tools arn't built with boost and need to be separately, but maybe that was a older manual i read that on..00:13
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predatorfreakRomster: Don't ask me :D00:14
Romsteri'm just talking out aloud.00:15
* Romster builds new boost version.00:15
Romsterthen i'll know what's going on.00:15
predatorfreakRomster: Uhh.00:16
predatorfreakNormally people do talk out aloud.00:16
predatorfreakBut normally they don't THINK out aloud :D00:16
Romsterwell i think and i type i don't actually talk out what i think but i do sometimes type what i think00:17
Romsterif that makes any sense.00:17
predatorfreakRomster: Not really...00:19
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pitillogood morning01:10
pitillohola RyoS :)01:11
pitilloRomster, yesterday I was trying to build dia and finally I couldn't do that. (at first seen seems to be missing pyxml from gnome, but I am not sure)01:12
RomsterThe only Boost libraries that must be built separately are:01:15
Romsterand Boost.Regex is listed so i'm not going nuts.01:15
Romsterodd dia built ok01:16
pitilloRomster, have you built it now? (clean enviroment?)01:16
Romsterah have you did a sysup i've added p5-xml-parser01:16
pitillowell, I tried it yesterday01:17
pitillotrying again now01:17
Romsterarn't pyxml i don't even have that installed.01:17
pitillowell, reading the error it needed a xml parser and python01:18
Romsteron another note should boost be split up than to be one monolithic 'boost'01:18
* Romster trys dia01:19
Romsterpitillo, ah i think dia needs libxslt01:24
Romsteri can't test atm my safe-build is busy with new boost.01:24
pitillowell, I am finishing again the build to see if I missed something01:25
pitilloit's near to crash, here I can see this error (that is why I told you about pyxml E: checktrans failed to run. Please check that python and python-xml are installed)01:26
Romsteri don't even have pyxml installed.. i'd try with libxml2-python01:27
Romsterdamn port that's one i didn't pass in safe-build..01:28
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pitilloRomster, now it's built fine... sorry about this report (I don't understand what I was doing bad yesterday)01:30
Romsterin a clean environment?01:31
pitilloRomster, yes01:33
Romsterk so wasn't my error..01:34
Romsteri'm gonna test it to make sure still.01:34
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pitilloRomster, yes, I don't know what I did bad yesterday, but it's a bit strange, sorry about this report.01:35
Romsterits ok.. i do stupid things to01:35
pitilloI do more01:36
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Romsterpitillo, one thing i need todo is look at the doc for man page generation so i can prefetch the files that it's after.01:46
Romstergeting files mid build is not right.01:46
pitillowell, that is the only way I can build it (the error reported a few lines ago was from the same build... wich was succesfull finally)01:47
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predatorfreaktilman: Christ you're slow02:21
predatorfreakand 23:25 yesterday :D02:21
tilmanshut up, idiot02:21
tilmani just got up02:21
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I'm now running MurderFS as my root FS :D02:21
jaliReiserFS, it MURDERS the competition!02:22
predatorfreakHell yeah!02:22
Romsterpredatorfreak, your slow too [10:15:00] <j^2>
predatorfreakand sleep's in it's car.02:22
predatorfreakRomster: Screw you, numbskull, I just woke up!02:23
* predatorfreak uses the tilman defense02:23
Romsteryou stole tilman02:23
predatorfreakYES! :D02:23
jalioh wait!02:23
jalihow about02:23
jaliReiserFS: Because we like to kill people!02:24
jali... yeah, lame.02:24
Romsteri liked the first one.02:24
jaliReiserFS: Bleeding fast!02:25
* jali snorts02:25
predatorfreakjali: First was best.02:25
jalii should just give up02:25
jaliwhile im ahead02:25
Romsterthat line could be used but we don't even know if she is decapitated02:27
Romsterhow the hell can he be convicted with no hard evidence.02:27
predatorfreakRomster: It's called American Justice System.02:27
jaliI wonder if he's gotten butt raped yet.02:27
predatorfreakI'll show you later, if I'm not arrested.02:27
predatorfreakjali: Rule 34 says it'll happen and be video-taped.02:28
Romsterpredatorfreak, lol02:28
jaliReiserFS: So fast, it'll make your head spin.02:28
jali(off your neck)02:28
jaliReiserFS: More destructive to your data, than the author to his wife?02:28
predatorfreakReiserFS: We promise data security, or I'll kill my wife!02:29
Romsterthat's more like it.02:29
jaliReiserFS: More holes in security than my wife's chest!02:30
predatorfreakjali: Stop trying :d02:31
jalihow about this last one02:32
jaliReiserFS: I'm fucking insane and murdered my wife.02:32
jali ReiserFS sure is shaping up to be a killer filesystem!02:33
Romsterwe need stickers!02:33
jaliRomster: He's chrooted his life to jail.02:34
Romsteryou said last one <<02:34
jalii say a lot of things...02:34
jalii need to get to bed soon ;\02:39
Romsteryes bed then we can be spared of more saying <<02:39
Romster17:40 here02:40
predatorfreak3:40AM :D02:40
jali17 is like02:40
jali5am right?02:40
tilman5pm o_O02:41
jalidude, it's late. cut me some slack.02:41
jaliand i worked a long shift.02:41
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jali*insert joke about fstab and reiserfs*02:42
Romsteryeah nearly 6pm here02:42
*** sepen has quit IRC02:42
jalialright, im going to bad02:44
jalier bed02:44
Romsterbad is right.02:47
Romstergawd *laughing*02:47
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pitilloRomster, enchant is missing glib03:21
pitilloRomster, can you try to build libmp4v2?03:32
Romsteri had to apply a fix for that i've sent it to jaeger.03:32
pitillooh nice to know that (here I can't build it)03:33
Romsteri'll fix enchant soon03:34
pitillowell, reading the error I thought on that too, seems that must be done in that way (I mean pastebin way), testing atm03:35
pitilloperfect, when you have time (if you want, try to build it to confirm that)03:35
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pitilloummm it breaks too with the add of aclocal && autoconf03:37
pitillowell, seems that I missed gtk and glib deps, rebuilding again03:39
Romsterhehe yes you must of..03:42
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pitilloummm with glib and gtk crashed too03:43
pitilloadding libsdl03:44
Romsterargh i built it in a clean chroot03:44
Romsteri thought i added that.03:44
Romsterguess i missed that.03:44
pitilloummm it isn't in the dep lines (I saw an error about a missing sdl-config file)03:44
Romsteryeah i had libsdl added too.03:45
pitillowell, rebuilding again, I will let you know when it will finish03:45
Romsteri'll fix that patch03:45
Romsterinfact i'll put a copy in my private opt03:45
Romstersince jaeger seems to be too busy03:45
pitillowell, I haven't took a look to FS, is it reported?03:45
Romsterno as it's a contrib port i did email jaeger directly though03:46
pitillowell, at FS there is a crux-contrib selection too03:47
Romsterand to his morpheus.net03:47
Romsteroh really... i'll go add it there too then with libsdl too.03:47
Romster+# Depends on: libsdl gtk03:49
Romstereh i did list libsdl on that patch03:49
Romsterpitillo, double check before reporting <<03:49
pitilloomg, I am blind today03:50
pitilloright, sorry03:50
Romsteryeah really.03:50
Romsterarn't you fully awake yet?03:50
pitillobrbrbrbr I went to bed yesterday at 23:00.. and wake up at 7... the most you sleep, the worse you wake up03:51
pitilloperfect build03:51
pitilloI will go ahead with contrib03:51
Romstereh that's 8 hours, which is the optium amount03:54
Romsterare you testing contrib?03:55
cruxbot[contrib.git]: enchant: add missing dep glib03:57
pitilloyeah, but I felt tired when I woke up... strange sleeping 8hours03:57
pitilloyes, I am taking a look over contrib, there are lot of ports, but bit by bit I can check some03:58
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Romsterthere is no category for contrib pitillo03:59
Romsterah would explain as that port i've picked up more recently.03:59
Romsterso hasn't had all the checks done to it.04:00
pitilloummm what do you mean by there is no category?04:00
Romsterflyspray has on contrib category04:00
Romsterwhen you add a new task04:00
pitilloRomster, don't worry about that, I am trying to look for missing deps to fix them04:00
pitilloRomster, verifying it again (I can choose wich task I want to see, CRUX or CRUX-contrib)04:00
Romsteroh it's that04:01
Romsteri hadn't noticed.04:01
pitilloyeah, it's near the switch button04:01
Romsteri never noticed before...04:02
pitilloyou have rights to manage tickets in crux-contrib?04:02
Romsteri think so.04:02
pitilloRomster, don't worry, now you know it04:02
Romsteri'll find out soom04:02
pitilloperfect (I asked to know if you will be the admins of that FS section)04:02
Romsterdunno about that.04:03
pitillowell, if you manage contrib, I think you must manage FS crontrib section too04:04
pitilloto assign tickets to the maintainer and make, bit by bit, a better contrib repo too04:04
Romsteri'm just really active in contrib but seems reasonable if i was to be appointed to look after contrib.04:05
Romsteri just report what i find.04:05
pitilloyes, that is why I told that. If you must manage contrib in all senses, FS must be too04:05
pitilloRomster, me too, I am the ball toucher here (I said this before and I repeat again, because seems that these kind of reports are a way to tell someone that he's doing a bad job, and this isn't the aim)04:07
sepenxDD balltoucher04:08
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Romster'finger pointing' would be a more appropriate phrase04:22
pitilloummmm for the ball toucher translation?04:23
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Romster'ball toucher' i don't really get the meaning of.04:33
Romsterand the first thought of that, you don't really want to know what that is.04:33
pitillowell, the first thought I think will be the good04:34
Romster added04:37
Romsterhi sepen rxi Rotwang f1y04:39
RotwangRomster: hi04:40
Romsteras i said i did email jaeger04:40
Romsterand i did on the 25/04/08 04:1504:40
Romster4 days ago04:40
Romstersince i know that's there i'll use it more.04:41
rxihey Rommy04:41
Romsterwhat goes?04:41
rxinot much .. trying to get ahold of prologic04:41
Romsterah near impossable.04:42
rxihis domain is back up so i emailed him04:42
Romsteroh i never checked.04:42
Romsterhmmz where the hell is all the pages.04:43
Romsterlooks like he got dedecated hosting this time, eh not relying on him anymore.04:44
rxihe's hosting my dns and did my domain registration04:44
Romsterhe has my person web site and ports.04:45
Romstersaid 2 days and i think i've said this same story at least 30 times now...04:46
Romsternot reliable.04:46
Romsterjust as he was with his now defunct ports.04:46
rxii got him to do the registraion cos i couldnt do it myself04:47
Romsterhasn't got time for them how has he got time for hosting maintenance. and quick response time04:47
rxihosting www is easy04:47
rxidns and annoys me thoi04:48
rxicos i suck at configuring it04:48
rxibtw does anyone know of a dns zone generator or builder04:51
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teK ?04:53
Romsteryeah dns isn't fun.05:00
mike_krxi: all those bind frontends limit the flexibilite here or there. It's ok if you don't need complex zone transfers, dhcp updates and precision custom serial numbers.05:01
mike_k* flexibility05:01
rxiteK: thanks05:01
rxiall i need is like 2 or 3 a records and an mx05:01
mike_kif you are not going to update them every day... installing a frontend might be an overkill too =)05:02
rxinot even live on the internet05:03
rxijust to fool the zimbra mail server install05:03
jesse_Install maradns in that case. It is dumb enough for your situation.05:04
mike_kjesse_: come on, learning isc/bind is fun!05:05
jesse_I have a slight feeling not everyone is in agreement about bind. :p05:10
Romsteri use maradns it's good for what i need.05:13
Romsterbut if you got a big setup then use bind, use the right tool for the job so they say05:13
rxido you need a reverse lookup zone?05:24
rxifor just lan based stuff05:25
jesse_Probably would not hurt to have reverse zone(s) even if it's just the lan.05:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: subversion-perl: Removed junk/empty files.05:31
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rxihuzzah finally got a zone file to work06:33
rxi*tries to install zimbra again*06:41
Romsteroh man a truck just rolled over carrying toilet paper..06:43
Romsteri bet his words was 'oh shit'06:43
Romsterrxi, you following the 300 taxis?06:43
*** mwansa has joined #crux06:44
rxiwhat is it?06:48
Romsteryour in melbourne right?06:51
Romsterflinders street is blocked with 300 taxis06:51
Romsterright now it's been on abc radio06:51
Romstertill 10pm they say06:52
nipuLnah mate, it's a shortcut06:52
Romsterflinders and swanston st.06:54
rxii must have beaten it home fortunatly06:55
Romsteri know that area well and st kilda06:55
Romsterstarted at 6pm06:55
Romsterwell there is always a way around them.06:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: recordmydesktop: Added missing deps. (thanks to pitillo)10:31
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sepenhow can I transalate the following options: 'Install Selected / Install All' in German ?11:05
thrice`i'd guess, but probably better for a native :)11:07
mrkssepen: Selektierte [Pakete] installieren / Alle [Pakete] installieren    ,maybe11:07
sepenmany thanks mrks11:08
mrksno problem11:08
tilmanwith s/ae/a-umlaut/ ;p11:09
sepentilman, whats the difference?11:09
thrice`Ausgewaehlte was my guess11:09
tilmansounds les posh11:09
tilmanor technical ;)11:09
mrksjeah, much better :)11:09
tilmansepen: also, you really should add "Pakete" or whatever11:10
tilmansounds weird without a noun there11:10
tilmanso if it's not packages that you're installing, you should go look for another word ;)11:10
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ximondahi there!14:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.35 -> 2.02.3615:49
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ximondaokay, I'm out... gn819:12
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