IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-05-02

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cruxbot[contrib.git]: bzr: Update 0.14 -> 1.402:26
RyoShey sepen02:39
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tilmani need some testers for a xkeyboard-config bump:
predatorfreaktilman: Can I possibly get it raw so I can actually copy-and-paste? :D03:31
tilman? you can copy-and-paste from firefox03:31
tilmanwhen i upload the diff i have to delete it eventually03:31
tilmanie maintenance work03:31
predatorfreaktilman: The problem is the line-numbers.03:32
predatorfreakWhich will not let me turn the shit off.03:32
tilmanmove the mouse cursor 5 pixels to the right03:33
tilmanie start pasting just at the word "diff" ;)03:33
tilmanmaybe it's a table or something03:33
predatorfreakFancy thingiemabobs.03:34
predatorfreakIn my day we just uploaded text files to a mainframe bigger than your fridge!03:35
tilmandude, you're 1403:36
tilmani'll ask the people to make the line numbers configurable though03:37
predatorfreaktilman: It was a joke.03:37
tilmani know03:37
tilmanmy reply was a bit lame03:37
predatorfreaktilman: No sense of humour :(03:37
predatorfreakand I'm 17 damnit.03:37
* predatorfreak resets his setxkmap03:38
predatorfreaktilman: Well, I'd say it works fine.03:39
* predatorfreak switches input to Russian Cyrillic.03:39
tilmandid you restart X, too?03:39
predatorfreaktilman: Should I have too?03:40
predatorfreakShouldn't rerunning setxkmap be enough?03:40
tilmannot sure03:40
tilmanplease do :p03:40
predatorfreakOne sec then03:40
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predatorfreaktilman: Yeah it works fine.03:41
tilmani'll wait for other reports thhough03:42
predatorfreakEven my Cyrillic input and deadkeys are fine.03:42
tilmani'm a bit paranoid ;)03:42
predatorfreakSince I can type out Motörhead without having to use two o's :)03:43
predatorfreakmm, gotta love magical Linux setxkbmap :D03:43
predatorfreakNow, back to hacking on my Avisynth Denoising function.03:44
Romstersepen, iasl needs make -j103:57
sepenhmmm going to see03:58
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sepenRomster, but why it needs? I can compile it without that04:09
sepenI can't understand which is the problem of don't having -j1 flags on make commands04:09
Romsterbecasue i have MAKEFLAGS=J6 set and it fails.04:09
Romstererr -j604:09
Romsteri think *looks in pkgm.conf*04:10
sepenand what change if I modify it for -j104:10
sepenRomster, yeah, but not all people have the same config as you04:10
sepencould be generic for others?04:10
Romstermake -j1, just means to build with 1 make jobs...04:10
sepenthen if you have selected -j6, so -j1 is replaced for -j6?04:11
Romsterfails with more than 1 make jobs so fix it to 1 job.. you've fixed other ports that have been reported.04:11
Romster-j1 overrides what MAKEFLAGS has set for -j04:11
Romstersince k-1 be the last one set like how -O works on gcc last one takes precedance.04:12
sepenwell, it compiled fine with -j1 here04:12
sepenI push my changes04:12
Romsterof course but when i added it it worked before it would die. simple check set export MAKEFLAGS='-j 2' in your pkgmk.conf04:13
cruxbot[contrib.git]: iasl: Added -j1 flags. (thanks to Romster)04:13
sepenRomster, now I really understand the problem, thanks at all04:14
nipuLmy first step to learning haskell, a crux package database parser
sepennipuL, sounds like C++ code04:15
nipuLi'm sure i've poluted it with my non-fp way of thinking04:15
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jueYeah, found it :-) Good reading for all of us, might help to calm down the things a little bit04:58
sepenIm reading it now04:59
sepenthanks for discussing those things04:59
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tilmanjue: hah, thanks. i'll bookmark that, it might come in handy often ;)05:20
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tilmandid anyone else test the xkeyboard-config patch?06:02
sepennot yet tilman, what I have some time now06:03
sepencan you give some info about?06:03
tilmanit's just a version bump06:04
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tilmani just want to make sure there are no subtle bugs in the "new" version06:04
sepenthis patch is yet valid?
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sepenheyo cptn06:10
sepentilman, builds fine06:11
tilmansepen: please restart x and check whether your keyboard still behaves as usual :)06:11
sepentilman, so Im playing with xkbcomp06:11
tilmancptn: hey. thanks for your input re. the pkgmk thing06:11
cptntilman: no problem06:11
sepentilman, ohhhh restartX hehe, I stay at office06:11
sepenI can't do that06:11
cptntilman: regarding scons, I was actually more thinking whether they honour those variables at06:11
tilmansepen: okay, n/m06:11
sepenIll try later06:12
cptnto avoid ending up with multiple exports06:12
cptnwhich would again be an argument for an abstract variable like PKGMK_JOBS06:12
tilmana quick grep suggests they don't evaluate $MAKEFLAGS06:12
tilmanscons uses the same notation as make though06:13
tilmanexport SCONSFLAGS=$MAKEFLAGS06:13
tilmanwould work apparently06:14
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cptnmight break if MAKEFLAGS contains non -j arguments06:14
cptnnot sure if anyone uses that, though06:14
tilmantrue :D06:14
tilmanyes, it would be ugly (and stupid) to do it like that06:14
aoni think i like specifying just the number of jobs in pkgmk.conf06:15
cptnadd the -j in the first line too06:16
aonsince if you need to export other make flags but want to keep the number of jobs it gets a bit shitty if it's just specified via MAKEFLAGS06:16
cptnnot sure if it's too magic though06:16
aonalthough i think this has been discussed earlier, and as i recalled, other make flags are pretty much useless for pkgmk use06:16
Romsterthen there is bjam cmake and whatever else out there.06:17
Romsteroh and jam itself06:18
tilmanthat's why cptn suggest using $PKGMK_JOBS06:18
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Romsterif only all port maintainers tested with more than 1 make job.06:23
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cptnRomster: that's what this discussion is all about :-)06:24
cptnsee crux-devel06:24
cptntilman suggested to make 2 jobs the default06:25
Romsterwell sorry i'm also working on a new firewall script.06:25
cptnsince it already decreases compile time on single cpu/core machines06:25
Romsterso i arn't paying a lot of attention tc isn't the easiest to work with.06:25
Romsterand i pissed tilman off? or did he bork his X06:26
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Romsterah i guess the later.06:27
cptnRomster: he usually only leaves the channel if he's pissed of06:27
rxiit doesnt take much to piss him off :P06:27
tilmani *knew* that was being moved06:27
Romsterwell a ping out is not the same as a quit.06:27
tilmanbut suddenly reading "the system is going to shutdown now" was a bit weird anyway06:27
rxi*subscribes to the crux ml* .. i wonder if it likes me yet06:31
juecptn: I like the .noparallel idea, but unfortunately it works suboptimal. E.g. with gcc only "make install" needs the -j1 option.06:35
tilmanright, i wanted to mention that06:36
Romsterwhat's wrong with just throwing -j1 on affected ports and be done with it? Than t add yet another file.06:37
Romstereveryone goes off at "nice to have/optioal" and yet contemplating adding another file than just add 3 letters '-j1' to the command. Unless i'm missing some bigger picture here.06:40
RomsterMaking it user settable if the maintainer hasn't checked it is the only conclusion I can come up with to use a file but will be overwritten on a 'ports -u' anyways.06:41
RomsterLogic MIA all i have to say.06:42
jueRomster: the magic word is "abstraction"06:43
cptnRomster: yeah, the point (as tilman mentions) is to test builds with -jN, N>106:43
cptnRomster: so this may generate some errors initially, but avoid any -jN, N>1 bugs later on06:44
cptnah wait, missunderstood06:46
Romsterso the problem is not many test with more than one make jobs.06:46
Romsterall the problems i report like the one earlier to sepen.06:47
Romsterwhich i assume trigered this discusion.06:47
tilmanyes, it made me remember that we had talked about this some time ago06:47
Romsterjust throw MAKEFLAGS=j2 in pkgmk.conf so the next rejmerge they all do it gets put in of course the ones that use distcc can edit it to a higher number.06:48
Romsterproblem solved?06:48
cptnthat was tilmans suggestion06:48
Romster+1 for that then.06:49
cptnso you're now at the beginning of the discussion06:49
tilmanthis is so very annoying06:49
cptnnow the question was: how to make it more consistent with no strip for example06:49
Romsteri'l but out then for your sakes.06:49
tilmanneed picard06:49
tilmanRomster: as you noticed, there's not only make but also jam/bjam and other crap06:49
Romsteryes i'm aware, not sure what jam or bjam sues i never looked or cmake.06:50
Romsteri should look into them.06:50
cptnjue: true, it's not quite like strip in this regard06:55
cptnjue: (.noparallel)06:55
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Romster.NOPARALLEL: added to Makefiles, no idea of scons07:18
Romster.NOPARALLEL: avoids building a Makefile with more tha -j107:19
Romsterso just tack .NOPARALLEL: into the Makefile.07:19
Romsterinfact the dev that made the program should be doing that.07:20
cptnbut then, that probably means that it'll apply to all targets?07:20
cptnwhich is typically not what we want07:20
cptnsince most often, it's the "make install" targets only07:20
Romstercrap failed.07:21
tilmanwhere did you read about NOPARALLEL?07:23
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cptndoesn't have the desired effect with gnu make07:29
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tilmansane theme and config again \o07:30
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cptnRomster: the .NOPARALLEL: thing doesn't seem to have any affect07:31
Romsterdarn it i read it off a darn site.07:32
Romstershould of known to test it myself.07:32
cptnSorry, that should be ".NOTPARALLEL:". "07:35
cptnfrom that link07:35
cptnthat works07:35
tilmanyes, NOTPARALLEL is in make.pdf, too :)07:38
Romsteradd ".NOPARALLEL:" somewhere in the Makefile.07:43
Romsterso someone on that forum did a typo.07:43
Romstergood luck i'm off to bed.07:48
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sepentilman, I restarted X without problems on my keyboard08:08
tilmanokay, thanks08:10
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 1.2.08:12
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jesse_cruxbot is a good indication it is.10:31
treachI guess the general rush for the xkeyboard-config upgrade killed it. :p10:34
jesse_Probably yeah. As crux is such a popular and mainstream distribution. :}10:35
jesse_That's the ticket to success.10:37
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jesse_Surprising remains borked.10:51
tilmanmaybe simone is updating the box10:53
* tilman hopes10:53
thrice`or tried and things went sour o.O10:53
treachHopefully he doesn't have go on site to fix it in that case. ;D10:55
thrice`@seen sip10:57
clbthrice`: sip was last seen in #crux 1 year, 22 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours, 33 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?10:57
treachhe usually makes his appearances in #devel10:57
treachwait for Romster to complain. :D10:57
tilmanthrice`: 13 weeks10:58
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bjohan_what has happend to
RedShiftbjohan_: there's nothing wrong with crux.nu11:22
treachnobody knows it seems.11:22
bjohan_must be my isp then11:22
thrice`RedShift: pay attention!11:22
thrice`no, it's down :)11:23
RedShiftthrice`: there's nothing wrong with!11:23
treachmaybe cruxbot got a bunch of friends over and sunk it with playing cs or something. :>11:23
thrice`probably running an unstable distro on its server11:23
bjohan_thrice`, some times being down is a good thing. like getting down with it :)11:23
tilmanstale dns entries?11:23
thrice`fair enough :P11:23
tilmanRedShift: what do you think the IP of is?11:23
treachit claims here11:24
bjohan_btw, is lost a good series? im watching the first episode and everything blows up, even things that normaly would not...11:24
treach(no contact)11:24
tilmanbjohan_: don't watch it11:25
RedShiftI will prove to you nothing is wrong with crux.nu11:25
bjohan_tilman, what sould i watch instead?11:25
jesse_Read instead. TV is garbage.11:25
tilmanbjohan_: House :D11:25
bjohan_tilman, a doctor that never saves?11:26
tilmanis that the swedish title of the show? o_O11:26
bjohan_no, but thats what he does11:26
bjohan_or does not do11:26
tilmanRedShift: i almost grinned a very little bit11:26
tilmanbjohan_: yeah11:27
jesse_This is new. Shaving or lack thereof then must make you a couple of levels dumber and less social hmm.11:27
bjohan_its interesting with ppl that consistently has a 3 day stubble11:28
RedShifttilman: I found it hilarious the first time that I saw it11:28
tilmanjesse_: does your irc client show different words than mine? ._o11:28
bjohan_well, perhaps i'll just watch some canadian quality tv, trailer park boys...11:28
tilmanRedShift: yeah, that was what, 4 years ago? :p11:28
RedShifttilman: probably11:29
jesse_tilman: yes, I have a purpose-built script to change or add meanings as needed. :]11:30
treachtilman: there are a group of singers here that calls themselves "after shave" though. :P11:33
bjohan_treach, oh, madicken on TV, problem solved :)11:35
bjohan_treach, or maybe not. for some reason it is not as good as it was 15 years ago...11:37
treachwonder why. :>11:37
bjohan_treach, tv series probably ages the same way milk does...11:37
treachcould be that you're the one who's ageing too. ;>11:38
treachanyhow, afk11:38
tilmanwell, it wasn't simone doing an update11:51
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drijensup ya'll13:12
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treachNEW       -rwxr-sr-x      root/root       usr/bin/lockfile15:09
treachMISSING   -rwsr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/procmail15:09
treachNEW       -rwsr-sr-x      root/root       usr/bin/procmail15:09
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Romstermorning all.17:41
sepenRomster, morning, but not here18:36
Romsteryeah be evening there now?18:37
RomsterBut since everyone says morning when it's like evening or night here, I figured why not I do the same.18:37
sepencrux-devel ML is horny nowadays18:38
sependid you read the lastest mail from jue18:38
sepenabout php?18:39
sepensounds nice this kind of discussions18:39
treachI think you want to find a dictionary, and reconsider the status of the ml. :>18:39
predatorfreaktreach: Yes, the ML is sexually promiscuous.18:40
sepenI need this dictionary18:40
predatorfreaksepen: Horny = English slang for sexually promiscuous.18:40
* treach stays far, far, far away from that ml..18:40
predatorfreakI'm guessing you meant busy or active.18:41
RomsterHorny ftw18:41
sepenpredatorfreak, ohhh18:42
sepenhorny girl :P18:42
sepen'hot' definitively18:42
predatorfreaksepen: I would STRONGLY suggest not referring to things as "horny" in English :D18:43
treachpredatorfreak: I think we should forgive him. I got this picture of him earlier today.
treachI think something might have shaken loose at that point. :P18:44
predatorfreaktreach: Looks painful.18:44
sepenpredatorfreak, here at 01:44, I read a lot of porn lines tonight18:45
predatorfreaksepen: I might suggest not using porn dialogue when speaking/typing English :D18:45
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sepenpredatorfreak, and fucking words18:46
predatorfreaksepen: Yes, only fucking has a lot of meanings.18:46
treachpredatorfreak: that said, I've always felt rather sorry for guys who got named "Randy" by their parents..18:47
predatorfreaktreach: Hehe18:49
predatorfreaktreach: I know a guy who's real first name is "Dick" (not Richard)18:49
treachyeah, I know. I had a teacher once called that.18:50
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predatorfreaktreach: It's not a very good first name in English :D18:50
sepenpredatorfreak, please not using porn dialogue18:50
treach"Dick isn't just a dick, he's a dick too." :>18:51
treachmake sense of that if you can. :P18:51
sependick tracy18:51
RomsterDick is slang for penis but can also be a name, so go figure, I remember a horse named Richard Cranium, which also meant dick head.18:52
treachdick is also slang for "private investigator"18:53
Romsterbut the commentators can't say Dick Head so they named the horse that.18:53
RomsterThat makes sense for Dick Tracy then.18:53
treachbut was he a dick? ;)18:53
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Romstertreach, I guess to the ones that committed a crime he would be.18:56
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rehabdollsepen: lol20:29
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predatorfreak"As long as Per does his job that perfectly like he does now. Yes: I want21:05
predatorfreakPer as Dictator. :-) (Perhaps Bush will come and free the CRUX peope...)"21:05
predatorfreakOperation CRUX Freedom.21:05
sepenirrational people21:07
* predatorfreak liberates sepen from this oppressive CRUX bipartisan dictatorship of Tilman/Jue/Simone21:07
treach"tri-partisan" no?21:09
sepenpredatorfreak, read this one
predatorfreaktreach: Close enough21:09
predatorfreakI've seen it.21:09
treachbesides, getting "freed" by bush from a "dictator", why it makes me think of getting "freed" from stalin by hitler. :>21:10
predatorfreaktreach: I was quoting a joke, you know :D21:12
treachno, I wasn't aware. or are you refering to your official propaganda? :P21:13
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treachbut obbl was a bit wrong there.21:16
treachor maybe rather a bit shortsighted.21:17
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:17
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treachlol, predatorfreak, I think I just found the perfect monitor for you. :P21:22
predatorfreaktreach: AWESOME!21:24
treachpredatorfreak: apparently it's an asus LS201, if you feel compelled to get one.21:28
treachor maybe the russian guy said so?21:28
* treach doesn't speak russian.21:29
* predatorfreak doesn't speak much Russian either21:29
treachah, I thought you might since you claim to use chryllic chars now and then21:30
predatorfreakI do.21:30
predatorfreakBut more because I have a handful of Russian bands in my collection21:30
treachok. well there was a possibility. :)21:31
predatorfreakand typing in the Cyrillic is easier than transliterating Cyrillic to standard stuff.21:31
treach"now, was it rachmaninov or rachmaninoff?"21:32
predatorfreaktreach: Not exactly, I'm more into rock and metal.21:34
predatorfreakAlthough I do have Tchaikovsky here.21:34
treachpredatorfreak: well, just trying to illustrate the problem with transliteration21:34
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah.21:34
predatorfreakThat's why I generally prefer to keep it in Cyrillic.21:35
Romsterthat monitor must be like bullet proof plastic or something.21:35
predatorfreakRomster: Strong enough for even my anger fits :321:35
predatorfreakpossibly even FPS Doug's for that matter :D21:36
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mwansamh i have kernel compiled with acpi and battery module support23:48
mwansaand still /proc/acpi/battery doesnt exit23:48
mwansanow wmlaptop fails23:48
mwansa"Cannot open /proc/acpi/battery: No such file or directory"23:50
mwansaalthough /proc/acpi/info exists..23:50
Romsterhmm not sure there.23:50
Romsteris it a module that's not loaded?23:50
mwansawell i have apcid running and that should have faild if a module wasnt present or wasnt loaded i think23:51
mwansai will update to the latest kernel see if that makes a difference23:55
Romsteror it loads the modules for itself.23:59
Romsterwhat version are you on now?23:59

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