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mwansatri, moin moin04:32
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treachtilman: ping09:29
treachplaying with flyspray here. (or maybe the other way around..)09:32
treacham I not supposed to be able to assign a new task to one of you?09:32
tilman"Edit this task" -> "Assigness"09:32
treachwell, seems like I can't. :/09:32
tilmanenter the name in the text box and wait for the ajaxy javascript crap to resolve it09:33
treachah, so it can't be done at creation time?09:33
tilmanthen click the name(s) and click "+"09:33
treachnow I get it.09:33
tilmanit's totally not intuitive09:33
treachyeah, agreed. :>09:33
treachwhee, now sip's got _another_ task waiting for him. :P09:34
treachtilman: thank you. I got really confused there. :)09:35
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Rotwangshould i bother about LDFLAGS?11:09
Rotwanglook here:
RotwangLDFLAGS are not "officially" supported by pkgutils iirc11:09
Rotwangbut if i can should i include them?11:10
Romsterif you need to use LDFLAGS set it in the Pkgfile.11:15
RomsterLDFLAGS would be null in that case.11:17
Romsterbut i can't see the harm setting it.11:20
predatorfreakRotwang: LDFLAGS are as officially-supported as MAKEFLAGS11:21
predatorfreakor any other non-required thing.11:21
predatorfreakThere's no real need to set them unless an application horribly fucks shit up.11:21
predatorfreakor you feel like making linking take longer11:22
Romsterhmm $LDFLAGS -Wp11:22
Romstershould do LDFLAGS+='-Wp'11:22
predatorfreakThe only legitimate LDFLAG that I know of is -O1, which is a good way to speed up application start time.11:23
Romsterand then use $LDFLAGS or export LDFLAGS and not have to set it twice.11:23
predatorfreakRomster: -Wp isn't an ld option.11:23
predatorfreakRomster: see man ld11:23
treachpredatorfreak: btw, do you still keep your repo for ff3 around, and if so, where was it..? I seem to have lost the adress. :/11:24
rehabdollit was posted on the mailinglist i think11:25
Romstereh no idea what the -Wp means on that line ./ $LDFLAGS -Wp,$CXXFLAGS11:25
Romsteroh it's a CXXFLAG11:25
RotwangRomster: its passed to gcc11:25
Romster-W for warnings11:26
Romsterexport CXXFLAGS="$CKKFLAGS -Wp"11:26
Romstercrap XX not k grr11:26
* Romster glares at predatorfreak 11:27
* predatorfreak is back.11:27
Romstergiving me the typing bug now.11:27
predatorfreakRomster: No.11:27
predatorfreakOtherway around.11:27
predatorfreaktreach: Yes, I do.11:27
treachah, found it.11:27
Romsterthink i need a rest from code...11:27
RotwangYou can use -Wp,option to bypass the compiler driver and pass option directly through to the preprocessor.11:28
predatorfreakRomster: That's why I take it slow when coding :D11:28
Rotwang-Wp is not about warns11:28
predatorfreakRotwang: Why would you do -Wp,$CFLAGS then?11:28
Romsteri thought -W are for warnings... *reads man page*11:28
predatorfreakwell, CXXFLAGS.11:28
Rotwangit sets CXXFLAGS??11:28
predatorfreakRotwang: CXXFLAGS are COMPILER flags.11:28
predatorfreakNot preprocessor flags.11:29
Rotwangwell i borrowed it from ebuild11:29
Rotwangpredatorfreak: i know11:29
predatorfreakGentoo magic <<11:29
Romster -Wp,option11:29
Romstermissing a option to it.11:29
RotwangCXXFLAGS consist of options, no?11:30
Romsterflags can be any compiler options...11:30
f1ysome are predefined ofc, like optimalization11:31
RomsterC preprocessor11:31
Romsterso why are you setting a 'C preprocessor' option on CXXFLAGS that's ment for C++ ?11:31
Romsteri think i'm confused.11:32
tilmanRotwang: sounds like voodoo; i'd remove it if it's not required ;)11:32
tilman"The preprocessor's direct interface is undocumented and subject to change, so whenever possible you should avoid using -Wp and let the driver handle the options instead."11:33
* Rotwang is confused too ;]11:33
* Rotwang removes11:33
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juepredatorfreak: I agree, a very unlikely scenario ;-)11:40
predatorfreakjue: I still believe unlikely scenarios should be covered.11:41
predatorfreakIn fact, md5sums are used explicitly to cover "unlikely" scenarios.11:41
predatorfreakThe frequency of tarballs being replaced with malicious ones is really, really low.11:41
juepredatorfreak: if a malicious open-source developer wnat's to do that, he can do it direct11:42
predatorfreakjue: Yes, but I more thought of it along the lines of explicitly fucking with source-based distros.11:42
predatorfreakAs most major distros build once and ship that package.11:42
predatorfreakjue: The point is, it's not strictly limited to only cryptographic signatures.11:43
juepredatorfreak: I'd suggest to stop here, everyone can read FS#223 to see the last cognitions, and than we will see ..11:44
predatorfreakjue: Yeah, I agree.11:45
jueok, fine11:45
predatorfreakEither later today or tomorrow I'll produce the hard-break SHA256 patch.11:45
predatorfreakand submit it to FS.11:45
predatorfreakThen I'll wait for the 2.5 discussions to pick up and request a quick hard-and-fast break with 2.511:45
predatorfreakjue: Probably the best route?11:46
jueyep, that's ok for me11:46
predatorfreakOkay, sounds good.11:46
Rotwangi see, ebuild is fscken up partly11:51
predatorfreakRotwang: It's Gentoo.11:51
predatorfreakThat's tradition.11:51
Rotwang./ $LDFLAGS $CFLAGS \o/11:55
Rotwangstupid gentoo ;] ill be more careful next time11:57
predatorfreakRotwang: Take their stuff with a grain of salt11:58
RomsterCFLAGS are exported from pkgmk.conf don't even need to set that nor LDFLAGS11:59
Romstershould be enough.11:59
predatorfreaka MOUNTAIN of salt.11:59
RotwangRomster: hmmm11:59
Romsteriodine salt11:59
predatorfreakRomster: The script likely doesn't import the environment settings.11:59
predatorfreakor some stupid shit11:59
Rotwangi think i have to put them there11:59
tilmanwho says that evaluates $CFLAGS?11:59
Romsterthen you would have todo ./ CFLAGS="$CFLAGS"11:59
treach"Saltzberg"? :p12:00
tilmanRomster: what?12:00
Romsteryeah no idea look in the file see what it does.12:00
tilmanthat's completely different12:00
predatorfreakRomster: It's not a freaking makefile.12:00
predatorfreakIt's a SHELL SCRIPT12:00
predatorfreakHence .sh12:00
Rotwangthis is how looks12:00
Romsterand you can still override vars set in shell scripts if there made to be done like that.12:01
Rotwangso im appending cflags to gcc command12:01
predatorfreakRotwang: The options passed to it are used for the main compile.12:01
predatorfreakSo yeah.12:01
predatorfreakShitty script, but whatever.12:01
Rotwanghehe ;]12:01
Romstercrappy script i'd do a sed -i -e "s/gcc/gcc $CFLAGS/" make_unix.sh12:02
Romsteror run them commands in the Pkgfile directly.12:03
Romsterwhich ever works.12:03
predatorfreakRomster: Repairing a shitty script is beyond the points of a Pkgfile.12:04
Rotwangthere are many ways of doing that :P12:05
predatorfreakIf you want to submit a patch to someone, go for it.12:05
Romstermake a patch for it then...12:05
predatorfreakBut sed is overkill.12:05
Rotwangi dont see a point12:05
Rotwangit works12:05
predatorfreakRomster: Hacking a perfectly-working script just because you don't like it isn't worth the effort if the thing builds.12:05
* Romster gives up...12:05
Romsterdo what ya please i'm going to bed...12:06
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, I should sleep soon too <<12:07
predatorfreakI'm going freaking mad with all this staying up bullcrap.12:07
treachyou need two alarmclocks apparently. :p12:09
predatorfreaktreach: I need 2 + Motorhead.12:11
predatorfreakor I don't budge.12:11
treachok, make it 4 then. two to wake you up, and two to tell you when to go to bed. :p12:13
predatorfreaktreach: Hehe12:14
predatorfreaktreach: Good luck with that :D12:14
predatorfreakI'm a stubborn bastard, I'll just hit them with a hammer and say "SHUT UP ALARMS."12:14
treachYou might want to make some clever scheme with the second "go to bed" alarmclock, a wall socket, and your chair. :D12:15
predatorfreaktreach: Hehe12:17
treachsigh, what retarded idiot came up with this "login to install this addon" scheme at :/12:34
aon"Subscribe for only $39,95 to get EXTREME GOLD TURBO addons"12:37
treachmmh, "click to buy this FANTASTIC theme"12:38
predatorfreakaon: or a total idiot! :D12:39
predatorfreakWHO KNOWS?!12:39
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aonhey, a total idiot can be a winner too12:40
predatorfreakaon: Not in the long run.12:40
treachseriously. do they really think anyone cares enough about that crap to get _another_ registration to match up username"XYZ" and password "infinity+1" for? :/12:41
predatorfreakIs it just me or does Firefox get uglier with every release?12:46
aonand slower12:47
aoni really thought of benchmarking them from phoenix or whenever i started using it to see whether their "increased performance!" holds any water at all12:47
aonsince they seem slow as hell12:47
aonand 3.0 beta _can't_ be faster than 2.whatever, there is just so much unnecessary shit added12:47
treachwell, ff3 feels a lot faster IMO.12:48
aoni migrated to conkeror on this machine, xulrunner seems less insane12:48
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ankylosehi !12:48
predatorfreaktreach: Except a couple test cases that still make it sluggish for me.12:48
treachmigth be true, not anything I've hit though.12:48
predatorfreakOff the top of my head12:49
predatorfreakMakes scrolling jerky as fuck.12:49
ankylose(utf8) Default NLS Option it's a good idea ?12:49
ankyloseon my kernel configuration12:50
treachpredatorfreak: no, not here, unless I scroll back and forth quickly12:50
predatorfreakankylose: No, unless all your FAT volumes are UTF-8.12:50
treachare you using "smooth scrolling" btw?12:50
predatorfreaktreach: No.12:50
ankylosehum okay i need read more documentation12:50
predatorfreakI hate that shit.12:50
predatorfreakJust in general it scrolls horribly slow.12:51
treachhm, ok.12:51
treachcan't say I've noticed that. but smooth scrolling must be one of the biggest misfeatures ever! :/12:52
* treach blames gnome12:52
predatorfreakThere's various other bugs similar.12:54
predatorfreakApparently I'm not alone.12:54
predatorfreakOH MY GOD12:55
predatorfreakIT WAS OPENED IN 2001.12:55
tilmanis anyone using an intel graphics laptop in here?12:56
tilmani wonder whether you can set up xrandr output properties in xorg.conf12:56
tilmanatm i need to set the backlight-control property to legacy manually after x comes up12:56
tilmanwhich sucks, because it turns off the output12:56
tilmanflashing ftl12:56
aoni am, but don't have linux on it12:58
predatorfreaktilman: Tried scouting the Gentoo forums for "Flashy backlight buttons intel graphics"? :D12:58
predatorfreakI can imagine some of the posts though..12:58
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spaceracoonladyhi , can i use the install-iso kernel for booting after installation, i do not want to compile the 2.6.23.* kernel15:06
Rotwangthats what i did some time ago15:06
spaceracoonladyjust copying the kernel and system map from the iso?15:06
tilmanwhy don't you want to compile your own kernel? :o15:06
Rotwangand modules15:06
spaceracoonladyRotwang: ok15:06
spaceracoonladytilman: because i would like to compile the nwer kernel15:07
spaceracoonladynot wasting time15:07
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treach1. load the nic drivers15:09
treach2. get newer kernel sources.15:09
treach3. get cracking15:09
treachworks perfectly fine without messing with copying the kernel from the iso etc.15:10
tilmanpff, a kernel build takes 5 minutes15:21
treachwhy waste 5 min if you don't have to?15:22
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treachfirst building the kernel sources and then get a newer one and build again is retarded.15:23
tilmanok :[15:23
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treachcompare A) Build kernel from sources on iso, reboot, get new sources, build, reboot, to B) get newer sources, build, reboot. :)15:28
Rotwangc) go out for a walk15:37
treachmaybe if you have a polish computer. :>15:38
treachotherwise a reboot should be pretty quick. ;)15:38
Rotwang*go for a walk instead of doing anything with your computer15:40
RotwangD) download pr0n15:40
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tilmanso cute :)17:46
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treachfrom what I've gathered "cute" is probably the last word you'd use to describe a "Sarcophilus harrisii" :>18:17
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treachbtw, if reiserfs is dying, I guess this is the evidence that bsd is dying too -> ;)18:33
treach <- all the gory details about the impending death of freebsd. :>18:39
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