IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-05-05

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pitillogood morning01:23
Rotwangnot so good01:40
pitillomonday's mornings aren't so good01:43
Rotwangyeah :/01:45
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tilmanpitill0: i think closing bugs isn't possible for reporters. but i think the most important part is that they can *assign* bugs, so they don't get ignored as easily02:07
pitill0tilman: yeah, I saw it, but there is a nice feature for closing bugs (request closing a bug). I like the idea of assigning them to the maintainer, it's a good way to warn the maintainer.02:10
pitill0and good idea to keep up-to-date the home webpage talking aboout this feature there too02:11
tilmanyeah, that was cptn's idea02:11
tilmanwe might come up with other stuff :p02:12
pitill0nice to know02:12
pitill0I was reading the ML's before I got kicked out from home...02:12
pitill0there was movement there, I took a fast look and I will try to read carefully this afternoon02:13
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)03:37
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tilmanlazy cruxbot is on vacation again :(03:54
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Rotwangwhy some Pkgfiles doesnt have maintainer specified?04:17
Rotwangie. libtool04:17
Rotwang# Maintainer:  CRUX System Team, core-ports at crux dot nu04:17
tilmansip, jue and me are looking after core/* together04:17
Rotwangso any of you may touch any port in core?04:19
cruxbot[core.git]: bzip2: assigned maintainership to the system team.04:22
cruxbot[core.git]: pkg-config: assigned maintainership to the system team.04:22
cruxbot[core.git]: libarchive: assigned maintainership to the system team.04:24
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tilmannamenlos: d'oh, just realized i wasn't auth'd at nickserv and thus couldn't send you privmsgs05:05
tilmanstupid local irssi config :x05:05
tilmannamenlos: i'll fix that in a couple hours05:06
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tilmannamenlos: i've got the ports.git repository set up now09:55
tilmani wonder whether anyone uses ports -d09:56
namenlostilman: thanks.09:57
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jumalisteI have a problem on CRUX 2.3: Firefox renders strange symbols instead of greek letters.10:11
jumalistecan anyone help?10:12
sepenjumaliste, only firefox?10:15
jumalisteI haven't needed them anywhere else so far10:16
jumalisteI can try10:16
jumalisteno, at least other GTK apps too10:16
jumalisteshow them10:17
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jumalistebut, gotta go10:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: iwlwifi-3945-ucode: Added symlink to fix issues with ipwraw12:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: macchanger: New port.12:35
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ankylosehi !13:50
ankylosecrux is simple13:50
jumalisteit sure is13:50
ankylosei have a laptop without cdrom13:51
ankylosei have installed it on chroot13:51
ankylosewithout execute setup13:51
ankylosemy pkg* commands doesn't work13:52
thrice`what does it say ?13:52
ankyloseit's possible to install db after install13:52
ankylose$ pkgadd vim13:53
ankylosepkgadd: could not open /var/lib/pkg/db: No such file or directory13:53
Rotwangmaybe: touch /var/lib/pkg/db13:54
f1yankylose: declare your packages path in /etc/pkgmk.conf13:54
Rotwangand then install things13:54
ankylosepackages path is the content of crux directory on cdrom ?13:54
ankyloseor ftp repo for exemple13:54
ankyloseafter touch13:55
ankylose$ pkgadd vim13:55
ankylosepkgadd: could not determine name and/or version of vim: Invalid package name13:55
f1yjust try pkgadd /path/to/package#tar.gz13:55
f1yand this path is the one declared in /etc/pkgmk.conf13:56
ankyloseokay ;)13:56
ankylosei am going to do that13:56
cptnankylose: pkgadd always requires a proper file name13:59
cptnthere nothing like a "search path" you can declare in pkgmk.conf13:59
ankylosecptn, okay13:59
f1ycptn: i mean that packages after building are stored in PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR declared in /etc/pkgmk.conf14:00
tilmanbut if you pkgadd them from the cdrom, that path doesn't matter :)14:01
f1ytrue, sorry14:01
Rotwangif ankylose doesnt have db maybe pkgadding with -f option will help him to fix it? ;]14:02
f1ybut nevertheless you have to specify full path, or i do not know something...14:02
cptnRotwang: no, touching it was the correct answer already :-)14:02
ankylosehum i don't know at this time how to work the pkg manager14:02
cptnankylose: but you're aware that CRUX is mostly source based?14:03
cptnjust to make sure we're on the same page :-)14:03
cptnthe packages from the install iso are the exception14:03
ankylosecrux is like bsd14:03
cptntypically you build packages using pkgmk, and then install them via pkgadd14:03
ankylosesmall binary pkg catalogue and ports systems14:03
ankyloseno ?14:03
f1ycrux is just similar to bsd at some ideas...14:03
treach"pkg_add -r xorg" won't work. :P14:03
Rotwangcptn: but if he will try to install files that are already on the system14:04
ankylosei have installed pkg from iso with tar :)14:04
Rotwanghe will get an error14:04
cptnRotwang: he mentioned a chroot14:04
cptnRotwang: changes are the chroot is empty to start with14:04
cptnbut yeah, otherwise that's correct14:04
cptnankylose: the binary packages are really just on the ISO14:06
pitilloankylose, have you taken a look to the handbook at
cptnankylose: there are no updates, or official binary package repositories14:06
cptnankylose: after the install, it's all from source14:06
ankyloseokay thank you for this affirmation14:07
jumalistesorry, but does this look like greek eta to you? -> Η14:07
f1yinstalling with tar-decompressing? and what about dependencies?14:07
cptnjumaliste: just a question mark here14:07
pitillof1y,  pkgadd doesn't take care of dependencies too14:08
ankylosefind /media/iso/crux/ -name "*.pkg.tar.gz" -exec tar zxvf '{}' \;14:08
ankyloseresolve quickly dependency ;)14:08
tilmanpkgadd -r /target/system foobar.pkg.tar.gz14:08
treachjumaliste: might depend on what font the recipent is using to some extent. :>14:09
sepenjumaliste, I see 'mu' greek letter14:09
treachmooh. :p14:09
tilmanmu isnt quite eta :(14:09
pitilloankylose, if you didn't, take a look to this
Rotwangi hope this will be helpful14:09
f1ypitillo: how packages with iso setup command are being installed? this is not a pkgadd work?14:10
ankylosebut i have installed from a debian14:10
ankylosedebian haven't pkgadd14:10
cptnf1y: yes, setup calls pkgadd14:10
Rotwangankylose: mount the iso14:10
jumalisteit looks like a small mu but it should be capital eta14:10
jumalistesmall eta: η14:10
Rotwangankylose: and then do pkgadd -r blah14:10
ankyloseRotwang, i run already crux14:10
Rotwangwith that loop14:10
f1ycptn: and how setup checks dependencies?14:10
tilmann/m, i confused eta and epsilon :O14:10
ankyloseLinux onyxlaptop #13 PREEMPT Sun May 4 21:53:25 CEST 2008 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux14:11
tilmaneven though i love the epsilon much14:11
ankylosecrux 2.414:11
pitillof1y, yes it is, it has a dependencie file at the source14:11
treachsome serious kernel compiling going on there. :p14:11
f1y"i686 i686 i386" what the... o_O14:11
ankylosei don't know14:11
ankyloseuname -a14:12
Rotwangankylose: it would be better solution for future ;]14:12
Rotwangto install it how i showed you14:12
pitillof1y, check this if you have a bit of time;a=blob;f=iso/setup.dependencies;h=3510f5c68b2e87c88852a63030ce8af2dd8b1f99;hb=2.414:12
tilmanf1y: uname just sucks, unfortunately14:12
f1ytilman: maybe, but i havent seen such output ever14:13
f1yLinux fly #1 Sat May 3 09:51:15 UTC 2008 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux14:14
teKtilman: there's always the (gentoo?) patch14:14
tilmanyeah i know14:14
tilmani think we might be using that in fact(?)14:15
teKbtw I won't get to look after directfb tonight, sorry. Tomorrow. :)14:15
teKtilman: yup14:15
teKpatch -p1 -i $SRC/coreutils-uname.patch14:16
tilmani'm not perfectly sure it's the one from gentoo though14:17
tilmanmight be from arch14:17
tilmanwhich might be borrowed from gentoo in turn ofc14:17
teKsomeone go and kick rsm's ass? :>14:18
teKthree letter  name abbr. are sexy, btw14:18
f1yhm, what about #223? do we really need this paranoid-like source check system like in bsd?14:20
tilmani'd love to see an attempt to exploit that in practice, too14:21
teKis there a possiblity to create putty compatible private keys with linux? (i.e. without puttygen)14:23
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sepenRomster, you have a ML's mail xD14:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libvorbis_aotuv: Update to b5.5.16:45
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treachheh, gentlemen, put down your compilers. the fight is over.17:46
treachopensolaris have arrived!! Linux is obsolete!! ;D17:47
treach(note; Heavy sarcasm may be present in the statements above.)17:47
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vafullerhaving some problems installing kde21:08
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jaegerRomster: your libmp4v2 fix doesn't work for me21:49
Romsterjaeger, building it again...22:10
Romsterjaeger, =======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/libmp4v2#' succeeded.22:13
Romsterprt-get: installing libmp4v2
Romsterthis is in a clean chroot22:13
Romsterwith all upto date core.22:13
Romsterjust did a sysup before doing that.22:13
jaegerhrmm... trying again, we'll see22:18
Romsteris there any alternative though that is unmaintained now.22:20
jaegerno idea, I don't even use it at this point22:22
Romsteralso all your compiz/beryl ports where did they go?22:24
Romsterif i knew you were removing them i would of made a copy of..22:24
Romsterports -u and bam there gone.22:24
jaegernot sure what you mean22:24
jaegerthey're still in as far as I know22:25
Romsterthe developer has said on the site he arn't maintaining that program anymore.22:27
Romsteralso your private repository of your ports jaeger.httpup22:27
Romsteri lost it all.. after a ports -u22:28
jaegerah. try instead22:29
Romsterwhat the hell that directory was empty...22:29
Romsterwith only a REPO file.22:29
Romsterthat was empty.22:29
Romsteryou moved to rsync?22:30
Romsterhttpup works still and is fetching all the ports again...22:30
Romsterwhy did they disapear...22:30
jaegerno idea, I haven't removed them22:31
jaegerperhaps you tried to fetch them before I updated the ssl cert svn had cached22:32
Romsterthat directory was /empty/ other than a empty REPO file i am not going mad...22:33
jaegersvn couldn't have fetched them then but I don't know why they'd have been gone22:33
Romsteranyways there backs so that's ok and i'm making a copy just in case.22:33
jaegeruse the rsync driver, it's the important one22:33
Romsteryeah k i'll change that.22:35
jaegerstill no luck22:56
jaegermake[1]: *** No rule to make target `../../../lib/gnu/', needed by `mp4dump'.  Stop.22:56
jaegerI see nothing else useful22:56
Romsterdamn, how come i can build it just fine..23:03
Romstertryed in a chroot.23:03
Romsterwith only depinst gtk libsdl23:03
Romsterand core of course.23:04
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Romsterjaeger, i'd maybe try rebuilding all the dependents, haven't got any other ideas..23:11
jaegerseems a bit overkill but I might give it a try tomorrow23:12
Romsteri have a chroot i test everything in now.23:14
Romstermight be that some other package interferes too.23:14
jaegerperhaps, yeah, but dunno which23:15
Romsteri'l do a full chroot rebuild tonight and see it that changes anything.23:15
Romsteri tryed the other patch that has failed in it but i failed to get that port to build without them dependencys.23:19
Romstermaybe you'll have more luck.23:20
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jaliMy name's Dolamite, bitch!23:35

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