IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-05-06

* Romster isn't amused.00:01
jaliDoesn't tickle your taint?00:02
Romsternot at all.00:07
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jaliRomster: ;)00:07
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pitillogood morning01:04
pitillotilman, about #225 opt/directfb I tried to build it in a fresh system, without anything (no X). Using prt-get depinst directfb gave me that it needed both deps (libx11 and libxext) This is the only reason I filled that ticket. (checking here again) I am not sure if it's a problem, only filled because following the same process to check ports, gave me that.01:14
tilmanpitillo: i'll read the source01:15
pitillotilman, ok, I can't do to much in this case. I was reporting ports wich gave me errors, nothing more.01:15
tilmansure, thanks01:15
pitillothank you too01:15
pitilloI can upload the log (may be a bit big but sure it can be usefull)01:16
pitillo(if it can't be built now)01:16
pitillotilman, here is the log without both dependencies
pitillohere the one with xorg-libx11
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pitilloand here the last with both dependencies (wich shows the mistmatch found and my question about the other ports if they were really needed)01:27
tilmanfrom reading, i think x11 should be optional (as expected)01:28
tilmani guess i'll try it in a VM01:28
pitillooki, I hope this can be usefull (this is all info I got doing the same process like I did)01:29
tilmanlooking at the first log again01:30
tilmanseems like a stupid bug01:30
tilmanmissing #ifdef X11_ENABLED around the x11 input code or somesuch01:31
cptnmmmh, should it build systems/x11 at all if X11_ENABLED is false?01:31
tilmanprobably not01:32
tilmanso, somehow X11_CORE got set even though x11 wasn't present (systems/
tilmanBuilding Core Systems: Linux FBDev support       yes X11 support               yes01:33
tilmanyay for broken newlines01:33
tilmanmaybe he's using AC_CHECK_HEADER incorrectly :D01:35
tilman  AC_CHECK_HEADER(X11/X.h, x11_found=yes, x11_found=yes)01:35
tilmanif the header is found: x11_found=yes01:35
tilmanif the header is *not* found: x11_found=yes01:35
cptntoo bad the "guest" account on their bug tracker is borked01:38
cptnfixed in git already :-)01:42
tilmanwow, they switched away from cvs?01:42
tilmanthanks for checking01:42
tilmanpitillo: please try
pitillobuilding atm01:45
pitillotilman, it was well built with the patch (there are some missing files)01:50
pitilloohm :?01:50
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:53
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tilmanpitillo: what missing files?02:14
pitillotilman, there are some at that log02:15
tilmanyeah, i see it02:15
cruxbot[opt.git]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_0602:18
cruxbot[opt.git]: jre: updated to 1.6.0_0602:18
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libsdl: added mesa3d as dep, see fs task 25702:24
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sepentilman, ping05:51
sepenIm able to select for asignement in Flyspray, I assigned you a port/opt task but it don't appears05:55
sepenStatus   Assigned05:55
sepenAssigned To No-one05:55
tilmanenter a name in the text box05:56
tilmanand wait for the popup05:56
tilmanthen select the name and click "+"05:56
sepenyeah! you appears inside the box05:56
sepenhmmm not exactly05:56
sepentilman, the ticket is assigned to you ;)06:15
tilmanthanks, i'll look at it later06:18
sepenok I also test whatever you found06:22
sepentilman, also note that existe a git.spec file in the original tarball06:22
sepenthe spec file splitup git in too many ports, I think all of they aren't necessary06:23
tilmanyou can fix git-gui by just installing tk afterwards06:30
sepenor writing a patch for bin/git-gui06:34
sepensomething like: "error, you should have 'tk' installed ..."06:34
sepenwell, time for eating06:34
Romsterhmm i've always used gitk06:39
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Rotwanghi sepen o/06:54
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teKyes, treach ;)07:13
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teKchecking for XML::Parser... configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool07:24
teK=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/xorg/xkeyboard-config/xkeyboard-config#1.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:24
teK% prt-get depinst p5-xml-parser07:24
teKpackage p5-xml-parser is installed07:24
tilmanprt-get update p5-xml-parser07:25
teKof course it's working now (wtf..)07:26
tilmannp ;D07:27
teKone don't has to understand everything, right?07:28
teKviper managed (once again) to mess up  the zsh-lovers.1 md5sum *sigh*07:29
Romsterget tilman to sneakily update it...07:30
thrice`i thought he did o.O07:30
* Romster shrugs07:30
Romsteri hadn't looked at git log07:30
tilmanno, he didn't07:31
tilmanyou don't just don't get it07:31
tilmansource=($name-$version.tar.bz2 \
tilmando you expect viper to update the port everytime the grml people decide to change that file?07:31
teKyes sir :>07:32
teKin this case he should consider shipping the man page himself07:32
Romsterthen the man page would go stale, i'd recommend adding the man page path into ck4up to be informed when it has changed. or wget it outisde of the normal way so it's not in the md5sum.07:38
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pitilloummm curl can be removed from git's dependencies too08:07
tilmancurl is needed to retrieve git stuff over http afaik08:08
pitillotilman, yeah, but curl is in core, it must be in deps (I told that because this)08:09
pitilloI lost the question mark after deps08:09
tilmanpitillo: mmh, hat's possibly true. i cannot remember what the rule of thumb for core deps is :D08:11
pitilloand I lost my grammar in that Q too... must it be in core? (now better if I'm right)08:11
tilmanneed to look it up08:11
pitillotilman, perfect :)08:11
Romsterit shouldn't be listed unless it links to it.08:11
pitilloRomster, what does that means?08:12
Romsterwith the excepion to glibc,gcc libtool08:12
Romsterif git links the curl library into git then curl gets listed as a dependency.08:12
pitillobut curl is in core... I don't understand that fact very well08:13
Romsterthis is to make it easy to rebuild all linked dependencys if something changes.08:13
pitilloah, now I saw your point08:13
Romsteronly if it is linked in, if it's just used it's not listed.08:13
jesse_git links to curl, according to ldd.08:13
Romsterso it's correct to be listed in git.08:14
Romsterif curl changes git may need to be recompiled.08:14
Romsterhence it's listed as a dependency.08:14
pitillogood to know08:14
Romsteralso drop the s on 'means' when you mean singular.08:16
Romster'what does that mean?'08:16
Romsteris the correct way.08:16
pitilloRomster, I corrected a few lines before, but thank you for that correction :)08:17
Romsteror in this form 'this means we have to list some core ports'08:17
Romsterah wasn't sure if you were aware is all :)08:17
pitilloyeah, I noticed when I re-readed it and I saw I was using does and then the 3rd verb's person08:18
Romsteri'm not the best example when it comes to english but i do know some.08:18
Romsterperson is singular meaning 1.08:18
Romsterpersons would mean many or multiple.08:19
pitillowell, I remember some english grammar (I need to study again irregular verbs)08:19
Romstersuch a hard language.08:19
Romsterwith it's quirky rules.08:19
pitilloperson sounded (I'm not sure if it's a irregular verb, I don't remember the correct time) too much spanish for me08:19
pitillowell, learning bit by bit... I will try to look for some english books to check irregular verbs and how to use the correct time with them (I can remember about passive senteces, wich were hard for me)08:21
Romsterpeople means many too.08:22
Romstereven i don't understand it all <<08:22
treach"I re-read" too btw. :)08:27
treachread, read, read. :P08:27
Romstereh i should re-read a lot more.08:29
treachswim, swam, swum is fun. Does anyone actually say that anymore?08:29
Romsterhalf the time i think i talk like yoda.08:29
Romsterswum i'm not even aware what that means.08:30
tilmantreach: not me, i don't swim08:30
Romsterare of what*08:30
treachthat you did swim, in the past08:30
* tilman watches schneier at LCA0808:30
treachsomeone once swum across the english channel.08:31
Romstererr aware not are..... yay for confusing myself.08:31
Romsterand got sick.08:31
Romstersewage or something if i remember correctly.08:31
treachwe have the same construct here, "simma, sam, summit" but it sounds retarded, and *nobody* treats swimming like irregular verb anymore.08:32
treachthe used form being "simma, simmade, simmat" which is regular.08:33
Romstersummit :P08:33
treachyah, I guess you could call that a false friend. :>08:33
jesse_"han summit på summit" :p08:36
treachthat makes no sense.08:37
jesse_I'm not surprised one bit.08:37
treach"han har summit" ->"he has swum"08:37
* mwansa is away: Away from keyboard08:48
treachmwansa is impopular: public awaymessages are despicable.08:49
mwansatreach, yea accidently checked the announce mark08:50
treachk :>08:50
joacimI hate you...08:50
mwansajoacim, ?08:50
joacimpublic away :p08:51
mwansawell not yet
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rehabdoll away's rule08:54
* rehabdoll is away: taking a dump08:54
jesse_don't forget to change the nick too.08:55
teKnumber of '[Zz]' in your nick ~ 1 / intelligence08:55
mwansarehabdoll, looks like cptn is +1 to the people who use aways :D08:56
*** rxi has joined #crux09:00
tilmanrehhehe :D09:01
Romsteri used to use Rom|[sleep|food|some other away message]09:01
sepeni use to used09:03
Rotwangsepen: im fixing that stupid footprint ;]09:11
Rotwangim making sometimes silly mistakes :\09:13
sepenme too09:27
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Rotwangk fixed ;]09:36
sepenRotwang, do you plain to use 'ck4up' ?09:40
Rotwangsepen: yes, im making configuration09:41
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Rotwangso, when i will know something about contrib people decision?09:54
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-xkb-plugin: Removed autoconf line.09:56
sepenRomster, Im agree with your application09:56
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux10:13
Rotwangif yes, that makes 2 votes in plus \o/10:14
sepenyes. of course10:14
sepenbut I'm a contrib devel, you need a team devel too10:15
Rotwangso i need at least 3 votes?10:15
pitilloumm I think this decision is in contrib member's hands...10:16
tilmani think so too (if you're talking about rotwang's contrib application)10:16
pitillobtw, use the ML for this. Rotwang can you make a list of ports wich you want to be in contrib (or do you want all your ports there?)10:16
Rotwangpitillo: i made one already10:17
Rotwangasciidoc, awesome , fbgrab,  nao, ncdu, phun, teewars , tornado10:17
Rotwangfor beginning10:18
pitilloRotwang, I see. I jump over the last comment (wich was the list of ports, I mixed that thread with an old one?)10:18
tilmanRotwang: doesn't asciidoc need this weird java program by the apache guys?10:19
tilmanfap or something10:19
Rotwangpitillo: i donno10:19
Rotwangasciidoc requires python10:20
Rotwangnothing fancy10:20
pitilloRomster, sorry, was my error confusing threads. I will check again your ports list.10:20
tilmanmaybe i'm confusing things10:20
pitilloomg, we will make roms_ter crazy.... sorry10:20
Rotwangasciidoc generates some docs10:21
Rotwangi had to port it for awesome earlier10:21
Rotwangbut i thrown out it form awesome deps10:21
Rotwangit out*10:21
Rotwangawesome devs are retarded tho10:22
Rotwangasciidoc xmlto and docbook-xsl only to generate manpages , and config syntax changes every release X|10:24
tilmangit solved that my also releasing man-page atarballs10:25
Rotwangthats what i've done for new awesome10:26
sepen<pitillo> umm I think this decision is in contrib member's hands...10:27
sepen<tilman> i think so too (if you're talking about rotwang's contrib application)10:27
sepenyeah. but also is needed a real pass (account for git and the others...) and I can't do it, so he need a core-team vote10:27
sepenI'm wrong?10:27
pitillosepen, ummm not a vote, need the key for that member, it's your decision to talk with core-team...10:27
sepenpitillo, yes10:28
pitilloor at least I understood that. you want someone in contrib, when you decide, talk with coreteam10:28
tilman@ pitillo10:28
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sepenI'm waiting a official ML reply in contrib, then I'll vote10:30
Rotwangwhose reply?10:33
sepenyou to my message10:36
sepenif not it appears that issues aren't fixed10:36
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-dev-tools: Removed autoconf line.10:37
Rotwangah, k10:37
pitillohere I am getting problems with awesome port and libconfuse10:37
pitilloRotwang, can you verify it can be built in a clean system?10:37
Rotwangpitillo: what problems?10:37
Rotwangill setup clean system later10:38
pitilloI will paste you here the line with the error, but it tells that can't find libconfuse>2.6 if I am not in wrong10:38
Rotwangusually most problems was with man pages10:38
Rotwangpitillo: do you have libconfuse installed?10:38
pitilloI think I haven't10:38
pitillois it listed in deps?10:39
pitillothat's my point10:39
Rotwangin my own repo i dont follow the opt/core/contrib/xorg deps only convention10:39
Rotwangpitillo: yes10:39
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-eyes-plugin: Removed autoconf line.10:39
Rotwangi'd have to "steal" libconfuse from jaeger10:39
tilmanaccumulate commits , push once10:39
sepenok tilman10:40
pitilloRomster, well, I will read again the pkgfile to confirm that, but that was 1 reason I told you about ports, 1 port in contrib must has its deps in core/opt/xorg/contrib10:40
sepentilman, someone tell me the opossite10:40
sepenpitillo, <TAB><TAB>10:40
pitillopfff, wining point to win a kick10:40
pitillosepen, I try, I try10:41
Rotwangpitillo: i know it ;]10:41
pitilloRotwang, then check that port and steal libconfuse to put it in contrib too10:41
Rotwangas i said earlier i'd borrow libconfuse from jaeger10:41
pitilloupdate your list then :)10:41
tilmansepen: that was probably a misunderstanding10:41
pitillo(and if you can, put it in your repo too)10:42
sepentilman, when acumulate commits can't I use git commit -a ? right?10:44
tilman* you should fix one port/one bug per commit10:45
tilman* but you should NOT run 'git push' after every commit10:45
tilmando it like this:10:45
tilmancommit bugfix 110:45
tilmancommit bugfix 210:46
tilmancommit bugfix 310:46
sepenhmm nice10:46
sepenyeah, but about -a switch?10:46
tilmanso ONLY change your pushing, not your committing ;)10:46
sepentilman, how can I revert the last commit (before push)10:49
sepengit revert does the trick?10:49
tilmangit reset --hard HEAD^10:49
tilmandid you already push the last commit?10:50
tilmanthen you can use git reset --hard HEAD^10:50
sepeni.e: git commit -m "comment" path1/10:50
sepenbut I forget to specify path1/10:50
sepenthen I should revert this commit10:51
tilmanyou can also amend the lastcommit10:51
tilmando additional changes10:51
tilmanand run "git commit --amend path2"10:51
tilmanlook up 'amend' in a dictionary ;D10:51
sepentilman, but If I forget the path1 on the first commit and I have modified other paths, and should do the reset to HEAD, right?10:53
sepenI mean, there are more than 1 path due to this10:53
sepentilman, well I fixed it, at this moment I've the same git log output as appears on gitweb/xfce10:55
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sepenoho oho x[10:57
*** cruxbot has joined #crux10:57
tilmanguess i need some throtteling10:58
sepenyou? xD10:59
sepenwell, seems commit are ok, many thanks11:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-sensors-plugin: Removed autoconf line.11:01
sepenthe last one11:02
Rotwangpitillo: im also going to take fox ;] btw 1.6.33 is available11:11
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pitilloRotwang, where is the fox port?11:33
Rotwangin your repo11:34
Rotwangand yhafris :X11:34
pitilloah oki, then make a bump on it and put it in your repo (I have that version because I am using it with xfe, wich wants that version :)11:35
Rotwangk :]11:35
pitillowhen you have your repo updated tell me and I will make another review11:35
*** maxus has joined #crux11:36
pitillowell, or better send another mail with the ports list (updated) to contrib ML11:37
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RyoS~seen predatorfreak11:44
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sepen@seen predatorfreak11:54
clbsepen: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 1 day, 22 hours, 56 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> I can imagine some of the posts though..11:54
sepenbut it appears on crux-devel an hour ago11:55
Rotwanglast seen means when he last said something??11:55
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RyoSoh :D11:57
RyoSgotta wait11:57
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treach"YOU RANG?" :>13:37
predatorfreaktreach: Do what now?13:40
treach18:54 < sepen> @seen predatorfreak13:40
treachon the behalf of RyoS.13:41
predatorfreaktreach: Was I needed for port updates or something?13:41
sepentreach, read some lines above13:41
tilmanRotwang: yes13:41
sepenRotwang writes ~predatorfreak13:41
sepentreach, ohh yes, was RyoS13:42
treachsepen: ok? "approximately predatorfreak"?13:42
sepenI think I'm paranoid13:44
* thrice` tries to translate13:45
tilmanthrice`: got anything? yo no se :]14:00
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docmurHello all14:25
docmurI wanted to try Crux, how big is the ports collection for it14:25
tilman1336 ports here (damn, 1 missing)14:26
pitillodocmur, take a look to the official web site
pitillodocmur, see the diference between official and private repos14:27
thrice`haha, should submit 1 more :)14:27
tilmandocmur: you shouldn't miss much ;)14:28
Rotwangdocmur: watch out for yhafri repo :P14:29
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*** f1y13af is now known as f1y14:48
Rotwangwho plays teewars :P14:52
predatorfreakRotwang: I guess no one :D14:54
Rotwangno one playz teewarz w/ /me ?14:55
predatorfreakRotwang: I guess not :D14:58
RyoSpredatorfreak: hey14:59
predatorfreakRyoS: Hi.14:59
RyoScan you update opt/nvidia to the newest beta? it fixes opengl glitches :]14:59
RyoSand you can drop the 2.6.25 patch, it builds fine without15:00
predatorfreakRyoS: No.15:00
predatorfreakI'm waiting for a stable release.15:00
predatorfreakEven though the beta seems to work fine.15:00
RyoSit really works fine for me15:00
predatorfreakI'm considering adding a nvidia-beta port to opt, but I'm not sure on that just yet.15:01
RyoSoh well but then we would have 1337 ports (wouldnt we?)15:01
predatorfreakRyoS: Not really, we're not a leet hax0r distro.15:02
predatorfreakLast I knew, all the leet hax0rz used Ubuntu ;)15:02
RyoS21:26:44 <@tilman> 1336 ports here (damn, 1 missing) <- FYI :P15:02
predatorfreakRyoS: Then I'd have to add 1 more for 1338 :D15:03
predatorfreakWe can't have opt being a leet hax0r on us15:03
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treachnext goal; 31337 ports. :P15:21
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RyoStreach: go for it :P16:00
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