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pitillogood morning01:09
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mwansapitillo, morning01:47
pitillolo mwansa :)01:55
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:03
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mwansalol >
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sepenxD, the enterprise where I'm working starts the distribution of our appliances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
sepenIm a R&D developer and I never listed this new again08:32
thrice`sepen: are you an engineer ?08:39
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sepenthrice`, yep08:47
thrice`sepen: what type?08:50
sepenwhat type? computer engineers08:53
thrice`ah, ok :)08:57
mwansaprt-get search xscreen08:58
sepenlike some other on this channel I suppose08:58
mike_k'engineer' is way to general09:12
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cruxbot[opt.git]: samhain: update to 2.4.412:38
cruxbot[opt.git]: stunnel: update to 4.2312:38
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Rotfankyou reply fast on the contribML :X12:47
mike_kRotfank: I saw, you've used different mailers, but, please, try to avoid starting new threads for discussing the same topic12:49
Rotfankah yes sorry12:50
Rotfankim not used to mailin lists12:50
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cruxbot[opt.git]: php: new port13:30
cruxbot[opt.git]: php-fcgi: new port13:30
cruxbot[opt.git]: php-mysql: new port13:30
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] mod_php: update to 5.2.6, new PHP related ports"13:30
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sepen: )13:31
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rehabdolljue: when building php: "13:43
rehabdollNotice: Following unknown configure options were used: --disable-pear"'13:43
juehrr, they changed it to --without-pear, but seems to work anyway13:50
juerehabdoll: thanks13:50
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jueno, they did not, my mistake13:54
rehabdollphp now reads /etc/php/php.ini ?13:54
tilmanshouldn't that be /usr/etc/php/php.ini btw? ;D13:54
jueand any *.ini in /etc/php/conf.d13:54
rehabdollPHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './' - ./ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 013:55
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juethe other extension are loading?13:56
rehabdollno, same with all13:56
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juedo you have a php.imi13:57
rehabdollyeah, but the wrong one :)13:57
rehabdolli assumed -dist was the one "properly" configured13:57
juepuhhh ;-)13:57
jaegerjue: any fix for fuse breakage? might be a kernel 2.6.25 problem, not sure13:57
cptnyay, jaeger's here :-)13:58
jueoops, didn't recognize so far, but still on 2.6.2413:58
cptnjaeger: I have used fuse (sshfs) on
jaegerthe library or just the kernel module?13:59
cptnmmmh, doesn't sshfs use the library?14:00
jaegerno idea, that's why I asked14:00
jaegerI'll try
cptnoh, .2 is out14:02
cruxbot[opt.git]: php: fixed pear exclusion14:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: php-fcgi: fixed pear exclusion14:03
cruxbot[opt.git]: mod_php: fixed pear exclusion14:03
cptnsshfs links against libfuse14:03
cptnunfortunately, I don't have access to my .25.1 host right now14:03
jaegerbuilding 25.2 now, will see how it goes14:06
teK[tek@basra][~]% sshfs sop14:08
teKEnter passphrase for key '/home/tek/.ssh/sop':14:08
teK[tek@basra][~]% uname -r14:08
jaegerI don't use sshfs, myself, I'm using ntfs-3g in this case14:09
jaegergood to know it works, though14:10
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jaegerhere's the build log:
jaegersave results on 2.6.2514:23
jaegerer, same14:23
cptnah yeah, I didn't rebuild it after the kernel upgrade14:25
jaegerI guess I could try building the library separately and use the fuse module from the kernel14:26
jaegerthis one used to work, though, just annoying that it doesn't now14:26
raceris there a good straight forward method for installing X windows to the point of startx working post install?14:31
jaegerI suppose the answer to that is distro-specific14:33
cptnseems it was reported to the fuse ML a while ago14:34
jaegerin crux? prt-get depinst xorg; startx?14:34
jaegercptn: ah, ok. thanks14:34
jaegermight go back to .24.x for now unless I can spot a patch14:34
cptnno answers from the devs, though14:34
cptnI use the in kernel module on .2514:34
jaegerthat'd probably be simpler, heh14:35
juecptn: you mean the thread starting at April 27th?14:35
cptnjue: no, I meant the one started on march 314:35
cptnmissed the other one14:35
jaegerseems to work fine using the in-kernel module and the library from the port, will go with that for now14:41
teKrocks (as usual) :>14:42
jaegerhaha, ouch14:42
racerjaeger: thanks14:45
jaegerI think it's that simple but haven't tried it :)14:45
racerI'm finding out :)14:47
cptnthis page is quite old, but interesting nonetheless14:48
racercptn: thanks14:50
racerI did look for something like that and didn't find it.14:50
tilmanit's interesting and awesome14:50
tilmansend cookies if you liked it ;)14:50
cptnto cptn14:50
cptntilman: you should of known14:52
jaegershould have! don't be a romster!14:52
aonthink that was intentional14:52
jaegerdon't intentionally be a romster! :)14:52
tilmanit can be fun14:52
racerhrm... it's still compiling14:53
aonit could of been fun14:53
* jaeger shakes his fist at ffmpeg14:53
racerI'm figuring it will take a couple of hours14:53
* jaeger rebuilds it with x26414:53
tilmanjaeger wouldn't of known since he was away for some days14:53
aoni should of have gone to sleep almost a hour ago14:53
racerjaeger: ever get back into your office?14:53
jaegerI will choke you all over the internet14:53
raceror did you get bumped again with all the rain today?14:53
jaegeryeah, I'm in it now. smells a bit odd but not as bad as I expected14:53
aoni'm on hdspa, i bet your hands won't fit through that14:53
jaegertoday's rain wasn't bad enough to get in, fortunately14:53
racerthey didn't replace the carpet?14:54
jaegernot yet, it'll only get shit up again if they do14:54
jaegerthere's still a large hole in my window14:54
aonerm, hsdpa14:54
racerthere's a hole in your window?14:54
* racer has to admit, I don't recall you having a window14:54
jaegeryeah, one of them. the other is missing its outer frame and glass entirely14:54
jaegermoved offices after dal left14:55
RyoSbo:~$ /usr/libexec/gnome-volume-manager -n15:05
RyoSmanager.c/3715: ConsoleKit.GetSeats request failed to reply15:05
RyoSanyone ever had that?15:05
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jaegeroops, that shouldn't be in /usr/libexec... grrr15:07
jaegerbut no, haven't seen that15:07
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RyoSi hate it15:14
RyoSsometimes automount works sometimes not15:14
jaegerodd :(15:18
RyoSi switch to ubuntu ;D 1337 me15:21
RyoSkidding :S15:21
Rotwangstill better than gentoo ]:>15:22
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predatorfreak <-- Speaking of Gentoo :D15:28
predatorfreakBest topic name ever.15:28
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RyoSg-v-m works as root15:31
RyoSseems to at least Oo15:32
RyoSexited at once again15:32
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predatorfreak"The solution: fork it."15:33
predatorfreakAlways the best solution :P15:33
RyoSoh yeah!15:33
thrice`and add an "-ng" prefix to the name15:33
thrice`er, suffix15:33
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* predatorfreak forks CRUX into CRUX-NG15:34
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xkbcomp: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-amd: updated to
cruxbot[core.git]: exim: changed maintainer to core-ports15:51
cruxbot[core.git]: libusb: changed maintainer to core-ports15:51
cruxbot[core.git]: pciutils: changed maintainer to core-ports15:51
tilmanjue: yay15:51
juepuhh, got a lot of errors15:52
tilmanwhen pushing?15:52
juerm: cannot remove `/home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy2/core/2.2.old/rc/Pkgfile': Permission denied15:52
tilmani see15:53
tilmanjue: don't worry, it just means my new experimental script doesn't work15:53
tilmanthe [notify] mail hit the crux ml now :)15:55
tilmans/now/an hour ago/15:55
juesorry no, was sent manually15:57
tilmanwell, i didn't touch the opt repository yet15:57
tilmanso it's not my fault i think :]15:57
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racerjaeger: ping16:56
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racerjaeger: just FYI, all of the necessary gstreamer stuff isn't in contrib anymore, so the gnome instructions don't work as written... I've figured out my way around it, just letting you know.17:06
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jaegerracer: which document are you looking at? for future reference a 'prt-get depinst gnome --install-scripts' covers it17:15
racerI'm using that...17:16
sepenracer, did you put gnome prtdir before others in prt-get.conf?17:17
jaegerthere should be no missing ports17:17
jaegeryeah, what he said17:17
racerbut the gstreamer-plugins-base isn't in contrib, and seems to cause problems17:17
racerno, it's not before, but it is there.17:17
jaegerwhere are you getting gstreamer-plugins-base? Maybe out of date ports? it's called gst-plugins-base in controb17:18
jaegercontrib, too17:18
Rotwangracer: compile totem with xine :P17:18
racerI couldn't find it...17:18
racerI was searching for "gstream*"17:19
racerwhich explains why I couldn't find the plugins17:19
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racerso I found a gstreamer-plugins-base port on's ports search, added it into contrib (cause I was too lazy to make my own directory -- yes I know they'll get deleted next time I do a ports -u), then I figured out that I hadn't uncommented contrib in /etc/prt-get.conf, else I wouldn't likely have seen the problem in the first place....17:22
raceralsa failed...17:22
racerah, has some extra python libraries it looks like17:22
racerokay, it's cruising now -- hope it all works tonight, don't have time to run a full test.17:28
jaegergood luck :)17:28
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jaegercan't reach it from here, for what that's worth18:55
jaegerer, nm, I can reach it. it just took quite a while to come up18:57
ximondait's working here.19:30
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ximondaok, good n819:56
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Romsterwhat the... doesn't rm return error signals with $?23:59

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