IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-05-09

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nipuLyay, finally sold the kombi that's been sitting in my front yard for 2 years00:17
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RomsternipuL, congrats thought they died years ago.01:28
pitillogood morning01:29
Romsterhi pitillo01:39
pitilloyo :)01:47
Romster easy to read?01:53
Romsteri just edited it more.01:53
RomsterAnd i put a roast on not long ago for dinner later.01:53
pitilloseems fine for me (not sure if the lang is correct but the info is very usefull for all users)01:56
RomsterSpelling I think is OK as I have gone over the spelling. grammar I dunno :P01:59
RomsterBut being useful is what I wanted. and other pages I'm working on as each small section and recommending to combine a few into one.02:00
pitillosounds very interesting and a good point for the comunity02:03
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pitilloyo sepen02:09
Romsterhi sepen02:18
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nipuLRomster: re: wiki, you should also take -pipe out of your C*FLAGS03:28
nipuLsince you're already building in memory03:28
RomsternipuL, ah damn it i forgot to say that and I had that in mind to do too.03:34
RomsternipuL, added thanks for that.03:41
Romsteri have -pipe removed off my system but i forgot to say anything about that.03:41
Romstercptn, why hasn't prt-get got pre and post remove script support?05:02
mwansawow im gonna get one?05:09
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Romstersweet where can i get one <<05:13
Romsterdamn it why is there no ERROR CODES listed in the patch man page...05:15
Romsteri'll have to go though the source.05:15
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Romsterpatch hasn't had anything done sine 1999 O_o05:32
rx1if i upgrade to 2.4 from 2.3 will it do anything to the ports dir and ports util?05:36
Romsterpkgutils has had a few minor changes, not sure what your trying to ask there.05:37
rx1does it modify the ports dir structure?05:38
Romsterit'll update the ports drivers, the structure stays the same.05:38
rx1hmm ill back it up anyway05:39
Romsteryou mean backup /etc ?05:39
Romsteror /usr/ports ?05:39
rx1nah my ports dir and the ports script05:40
Romsteror something else i'm confused as to what exactly you are trying to say.05:40
rx1is the upgrade going to overwrite my /usr/ports dir?05:40
Romsterstuff in /etc shouldn't be you use rejmerge to update that.05:40
Romsterno not until you do a ports -u05:41
Romsterin which case you'll be on the 2.4 branch.05:41
Romsterexcept for core that you have to edit manually.05:41
Romstererr sorry contrib not core..05:42
Romsteras contrib will be /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive for 2.4 and your existing /etc/ports/contrib.rsync will stay at 2.305:42
Romstera lot of been caught out at that.05:43
Romstermind you after a 2.3 -> 2.4 upgrade and rejmerge and edit /etc/ports/contrib.rsync to point to the 2.4 branch and then a ports -u and prt-get sysup, you'll be waiting awhile.05:44
Romsterthis blows patch doesn't seem to have any other error codes other than 1.05:45
Romstertrying to automate a patch in lvm2 that isn't working corectly05:46
Romsterhmm parse the output of patch on stdout i guess.05:46
RomsterI would not have thought there be too many crux-2.3 systems left.05:47
rx1is there any reason i cant edir the rysnc files?05:47
rx1change 2.3 to 2.405:48
jesse_If you want to stay behind using crux 2.3 repositories, then sure.05:48
Romsternope you can edit them with your favourite.05:48
Romsterbut you can't jsut do that and a sysup you have to go the full hog and recompile the tool chain first then all the rest of core then the kernel then reboot then redo the rest of the ports.05:49
Romsterrx1, i could provide the tool chain ports that are already made for i686 for you to save the tool chain upgrade step.05:50
rx1nah its cool ill do the upgrade over the weekend05:50
Romsterso you can then pkgadd -u them and then rebuild the kernel then reboot.05:50
Romsterwell if you intend to redo the tool chain you gotta do it in a specific order.05:51
rx1yeah i dont feel like bootstrapping05:51
Romsterjust as easy to download the iso but there is a gcc update...05:51
rx1i have the 2.4 cd05:51
Romsterfrom 4.2.2 to 4.2.305:51
jesse_You could nick the binary packages off the 2.4 iso, upgrade core and opt.05:51
jesse_Even the upgrade option from the crux cd tends to work well.05:52
Romsteri did that on my system init 1, mounted the cd made a for loop pkgadd -u all of core off the cd.05:52
rx1Romster: btw i had a 2.1 server running until about 4 months ago :P05:53
Romsteri got on crux on version 2.105:53
Romsterthink i even got my 2.1 cd's here somewhere.05:53
rx1hehe ive got a few different 2.0 cds and maybe a 1.3 floating around05:53
Romster1.3 omg..05:54
Romsterjesse_, ya can nearly not go wrong with any method given some thought.05:54
Romsteri got a sata dvd drive on a pci sata card and it won't bot from the bios the bugger.. so i did a hot update.05:55
Romsterworked like a charm05:55
jesse_I did something similar on the workstation.05:56
Romsterremove pkgrm util-linux; pkgadd util-linux-ng, although i did that long before i updated to 2.405:56
jesse_The dvd burner does not produce working cd-r's any longer so I used the loop mount method.05:57
jesse_that machine is starting to fall apart slowly :D05:57
Romsterrx1, don't forget to add SYSLOG=sysklogd to /etc/rc.conf when you upgrade to 2.4 or you wont have a syslog <<05:57
Romsterlol dang.05:58
Romstermy old patat dvd drive messed up on reading yet it would burn still..05:58
Romsterand the burns worked if i verifyed in another drive.05:58
Romsterapparantly them LG drives are known to get a weak read laser while the burn laser still worked.05:58
Romsterso i took the chance to upgrade to a sata pioneer unit.05:59
jesse_Mine is a Lite-On branded device. It still seems to burn dvd's without problems, but I'm not taking my chances.05:59
Romsterlittle did i know my bios sucks..05:59
Romsteri'd throw it at the first opportunity and replace it <<06:00
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jesse_The hardware is due to be replaced yet it probably will not happen until next year.06:01
jesse_Reason being that I will be tied up due to military obligations.06:02
RomsterModel=PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-21206:02
Romsterah that stuff..06:02
RedShiftjesse_: you're in what army?06:03
jesse_In the Finnish armed forces.06:03
Romsteris it me or a few guys in crux land have army stuff to do.06:03
Romsteror have done.06:03
RedShiftjesse_: nice, and what do you do there?06:04
jesse_So far, nothing because I have not been drafted.06:04
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jesse_Romster: up until very recently, many continental EU states had conscription.06:06
jesse_There are plenty of old farts in control who believe the Russian "bear" will attack any day.06:09
jesse_Fear and paranoia based politics ftw.06:11
cptnRomster: good question06:16
cptnwell no, actually not06:16
cptnRomster: there's no way to install meta data with a port06:16
cptnRomster: and taking the post-remove from the ports tree is dangerous06:16
cptnor at least prone to error06:17
sepensounds like redhat .spec sections (%post %postun, etc etc)06:17
Romsterwell i have some post and pre remove scripts now for specific ports and i've made sure they do not affect anything else.06:35
Romsterbut prt-get does not support pre or post remove scripts which is a shame.06:35
Romster'prone to error' would be the fault of the person that made them.06:36
Romsterfor not thinking before acting.06:36
cptnwell, I don't think you see the point06:37
cptn*-install script may change06:37
Romsterso i shouldn't have any post and pre remove scripts at all?06:37
cptnand the -remove should reflect those changes, right?06:37
Romsterundoe what the install does.06:38
cptnnow, if I installed a port in version 106:38
cptnin the mean time, the port is updated06:38
cptnwith its scripts06:38
cptnthen prt-get remove would use the install scripts from the ports tree06:38
cptnthey would not match the -install scripts though06:38
Romsteri would have to account for a grace period and put in a check for both.06:39
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Romstercptn, well have a look at the post-remove and pre-remove scripts in contrib i guess most be mine if not all06:40
cptnRomster: well, don't get me wrong, but you have obviously not thought of that issue06:40
cptnand just introduced the -remove stuff, although not one else in core/opt/contrib does it06:40
Romsteri can't see any change that would be happening with the ports i've done.06:41
cptnare you sure you'd do the right thin when changing -install scripts?06:41
Romsterand i've not rushed it i've thought it out.06:41
cptnyou have committed to contrib without bringing it up06:42
Romsterboth would have to handle every case, just look at all the error checking i do in my pre/post scripts.06:42
cptnno tools support it06:42
cptnno other ports have it06:42
cptnRomster: yeah, they're very complicated06:42
cptnI'm sure it could be done06:42
cptnI just don't share you're approach06:42
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Romsterwell when the distcc and ccache symlinks camy up someone said "don't forget the post-remove script too" and i never did a damn check i just made them now i just realise prt-get does not use them...06:43
cptnI'm more going for the KISS approach06:43
Romstergrr so i wasted my time on post-remove?06:43
cptnpredatorfreak said that06:43
Romsterpost-install and post-remove one such port.06:44
Romsteri've gone to the trouble to look out for every possible error.06:45
cptnit sure looks like it06:45
cptnRomster: would you say that's easy to understand?06:45
Romsterwell checking every error seems to make the script not quite so easy to follow.06:46
Romsterbut i'd rather decent error handling than little.06:46
Romsteri never did check if prt-get had remove script support i assumed :/06:47
Romsterwhy is nothing ever easy.06:47
Romsteri disagree on ports that leave files behind after being removed.06:47
cptnwhy do you never discuss those things before committing them?06:48
cptnlzma, xdelta, *-remove06:48
cptndid it ever occur that you're the only one that gets complaints about such things? :-)06:48
jueRomster: wouldn't a README more appropriate, even for the post-install script?06:49
Romsterjue disagreed with me having symlinks in the Pkgfiles and it was sugested i put them in post-install and i read don't forget the post-remove so i did them too.06:49
Romsterthe lzma stuff was my fault for not discussing it but as i saw it, it was a way forwared.06:49
cptnjue disagreed that you should install stuff in Pkgfiles depending on other installed packages06:49
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cptnand someone not involved in the discussion jumped on it and said "*-install"06:49
Romsterso waht the bloody hell am i ment to do06:50
cptnMAINTAIN software06:50
cptnor rather ports06:50
cptnnot develop06:50
cptnyou're a contrib MAINTAINER06:50
Romsteri'm geting sick of this... i'm maintaining but i get constant don't do this don't do that hell i folloed them ports from tilamns ccache.06:50
juecptn: +106:50
Romsterhello i keep my stuff updo date.06:50
Romsterand working..06:50
Romsteri'm so sick of this change this change that, i change shit and other shit happens.06:51
cptnRomster: I don't think it's about the maintenance work06:51
cptnit's about the new features you introduce on your own06:51
cptnwithout discussing them06:51
Romsteri dont' see anyone replying to my "python eggs" ML post.06:52
jueRomster: try to follow the package guideline as close as possible and don't introduce some fancy "improvements" and everything should be fine06:52
Romsteri'm trying todo good hope you see that.06:53
Romstergrr this is not gonna go into another flame war.06:53
cptnRomster: no reply usually means that peple don't want to change things06:53
Romsteror they don't care.06:53
cptnRomster: you _do_ good06:54
cptnRomster: I've use some of your ports, and they work good here06:54
cptnRomster: so thanks for that06:54
Romsteri test in a chroot all of them.06:54
cptnwe never say thanks enough I think06:55
Romsterwhat shoudl i do witht he post-removes :/06:55
Romsterseems a waste to just delete them.06:55
cptnbut when wearing the maintainer hat, you should focus on being consistent with the rest of the ports06:55
cptnand when you have ideas, post them to a ML06:56
Romsteri strive to maintain consistence.06:56
Romstermost if not all my ideas get squashed, hell i got patches in fly spray still there doing nothing.06:56
cptnI see where your frustration comes from06:57
cptnbut it's not any different for the rest06:57
Romsteranyways point at hand... seems i wasted effort or i use a README and get them to use that if they want to run post-remove.06:57
Romsteri get that frustrated i've even got my own core and opt repos for my own little changes.06:58
cptnsip, tilman and others have great ideas for pkgutils06:58
cptnbut they don't even get around to implement the things they want themselves06:58
Romsterdrives me nuts but eh maybe i'm the one with the problems.06:58
Romsteri don't mind the too busy to do thing that's normal.06:58
Romsterbut having some time is needed to do crux stuff.06:59
jueRomster: changes to core ports, which one?06:59
cptnalso, I think you could do a bit better when suggesting changes06:59
cptnRomster: for example lzma06:59
cptnRomster: apparently, will replace all bz2 with lzma06:59
Romsteri'm here to help and i do it on my own free will.06:59
cptnRomster: that's a pretty strong argument to consider it for inclusion IMVHO07:00
cptnbut I only learned that when I investigated myself07:00
Romsterah i can't remeber things change alot and i've not touched many but mainly core ports now, iptables nees a fix for system cflags that comes to mind opt imagemagick is out of date so i got a upto date version of that.07:00
juesorry, never saw a request for iptables from you07:01
Romstercptn, yes it's been going on and i've wanted lzma in pkgutils and tilman said one they rewite the library for lzma or it gets put in libarchive something like that, that tilman will add support for that.07:01
cptnthere's a rewrite for lzma going on, but it's still alpha07:02
Romsterhmmz i should go though the things that need altering, oh yes i've told tilman about the cdrom group for udev, last he said haven't got time, but i have a working udev...07:02
Romstercptn, yeah tilman is waiting on that i'm watching it.07:02
Romsteri can understand holding off on that.07:02
cptnalso, if things don't get implemented don't let it drive you nuts07:03
cptnyou have the change already, right?07:03
cptnit took a long time to get prt-get onto a CRUX ISO...07:03
Romsterjue, COPT_FLAGS="$CFLAGS"07:03
Romsterfor iptables.07:03
cptnyet it worked fine all time, so I was happy07:03
Romsterto use system cflags07:03
Romstercptn, i'm happy for prt-get it's a nice tool.07:04
Romsteri have one patch for it the -do download only. oh and the sha256sum patch too.07:04
cptnthe later would apply to pkgutils though07:05
cptnah, not07:05
cptnI see what you mean07:05
Romsterah yes the later is pkgutils but the former is a download only option to prt-get that tek wrote.07:05
cptndo you use it a lot?07:06
cptnthe download thing, I mean07:06
Romsteri like todo prt-get sysup -do, and make sure i got all the sources as you know sometimes the time out and don't download then i let prt-get sysup, run as i go out and do other stuff knowing everything should be built.07:07
Romstercptn, yes i use -do a lot07:07
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Romsterbut that's just me i guess tek does too not sure of others.07:08
Romsterso adding a feature for 2 people *shrugs*07:08
Romster that's heavily patched.07:08
cruxbot[core.git]: iptables: applying CFLAGS now, thanks Danny Rawlins07:08
Romsterudev why don't we use the cdrom group
Romsterand i have opt ports with the suid bit set.07:09
Romsterfor cdrecord etc.07:10
Romsterjue, thanks :)07:10
Romsteri don't like to pick but seems hardly any of my findings gets anywhere and it makes me frustrated.07:10
juethank you, I'd suggest to add such things to FS07:10
Romstersure some of my ideas are dumb but i get a few good ones too.07:11
Romsterjue, ok.07:11
Romsteri do use FS more now i'l in future add everything i find that think should be altered.07:11
Romsteralong with the cdrom group i set the sticky suid bit like i have in this port
Romsterand add myself to the cdrom group and i can burn without any warnings.07:12
Romsterasked many times maybe i should also add that to FS.07:13
Romsteror is what i done stupid?07:13
jueask whom?07:14
Romsteri've asked tilman since he is the one mostly here. tilman updated udev from my port but excluded the cdrom group permission as of no time and hasn't done anything since and i never bothered to ask again.07:15
cptnyeah, about that...07:15
Romsteri just use my version.07:15
cptndon't expect tilman can do it all :-)07:15
Romsteri don't :)07:15
cptnit's very exhausting if everyone tries to get his features implemented07:15
Romsterjust seems so easy to bug him.07:15
cptnI think it was rather exhausting for Matt while he was here07:15
Romsteryou lot never did come on or be very active until recently.07:16
cptnyeah, and that might change again :-)07:16
Romsteri offered a few bug fixes for matt.07:16
cptnso poking should be done on the ML07:16
cptnRomster: I think each user on its own is okay07:16
Romsterand he seemed to like the fact i spent the time checking and reporting.07:16
cptnbut the sum of requests... ;-)07:16
Romsterdo i try todo to much?07:17
cptndon't think so07:17
Romsteror the wrong way about it.07:17
jueas I said above, use FS ...07:17
Romsteryes i'll add to FS.07:17
cptnRomster: it's just once it's in the FS, it's there for everyone07:17
Romsteri have with some things already.07:17
cptnand I'd agree that some issues should be discussed more that were reported07:17
cptnbut tilman can't really help07:18
Romsterand finally libsdl has mesa3d added. been wanting that for ages.07:18
Romsterno wonder i anoy tilman, i should use ML and FS more.07:18
juetilman: FYI, just committed something to core, works this time without errors07:18
Romsterhalf the time i get the impression 'oh no he is at it again (me)'07:19
cptnRomster: well, you do have a high output :-)07:19
cptnRomster: and not everyone might have as much time07:19
Romstermaybe i'm too active here.07:20
cptnI think it'll all work out fine07:20
Romsteri really do hope so.07:20
Romsterno idea what i do with them post-remove scripts i guess ask on the ML and see what others say.07:20
cptnI hope that I can help a bit in FS in the future07:20
cptnRomster: well, the problem remains the same07:21
cptnRomster: it's a planned feature for pkgutils-ng07:21
Romsterspent some time thoroughly checking them all07:21
cptnmeta-data is all that's really needed07:21
Romsteri'll gladly help were i can with what i'm capable of.07:21
Romsterand my experience has increased a lot since i started using crux.07:22
Romsteroh a feature i'll add to FS is a pkgmk unpack only option.07:23
Romstersometimes i have to comment out a patch pkgmk -kw then control C, then cd and do my patching and diff out putto a file then edit Pkgfile again then pkgmk.07:24
Romsterbe nice to only extract.07:24
Romsteri could make a patch for that.07:24
jueRomster: there's already one form nipuL07:25
Romsteroh i didn't see it/07:25
Romsterah thanks i'll throw that in my pkgutils port07:27
Romsteri see it if i want a feature and no one else likes it here i just use it for myself.07:27
juethat feature will go into pkgutils sooner or later07:28
jueat least I second that and see no reason to omit it07:29
Romsterneat but for now i'll throw it in my copy so i can use it sooner than later.07:30
juehmm, not very convincing, I've written to the fuse-devel mailing list about that fuse/2.6.25 issue07:31
juethats the reply:
Romsteri'll have to redo that patch it's out on the lines.07:35
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux07:36
Romsterthat arn't a good reply..07:36
Romsteri use the fuse module with sshfs-fuse.07:36
Romsternot sure if it would work with the kernel fuse module..07:37
jueRomster: there's a pending update to udev, might be a good timing to create a FS ticket with your request07:37
Romsterk i'll do that now.07:37
jueRomster: yes, sure it does07:37
Romsterah so i can drop fuse and use the one in the kernel or is it better to use the fuse package.07:37
Romster(when it does indeed work)07:38
juethe fuse package contains additional needed libraries07:38
*** f1y has joined #crux07:39
jueunsure if I should build the kernel module for kernels < 2.6.25 or remove it complete07:41
*** joacim has joined #crux07:44
Romsteri've always disabled the one in the kernel and used the fuse package.07:46
Romsterin being the fuse package would get more often updates. but i could be wrong there.07:46
jueno, that's the reason why we have the kernel module included07:47
Romsterfuse won't build with the kernel module enabled? or so i thought.07:48
jueyep right07:48
juethat's why I'm looking at the ports ATM07:49
Romsterwhile i'm at it seeing what other things i can throw on the ML and FS.07:49
Romsterah yes i cleaned up the install lines in rsync dunno why now i think at the time rsync was a old version so i copied and updated and then spent a bit of time reorganising the install lines to neaten and remove unneeded stuff.07:53
Romsterbut i doubt that's much to even report.07:53
juedon't think so, debatable what's "better"07:56
Romsteryeah both work.07:57
Romsterso not worth even raising that.07:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-text-iconv: removed junk file07:58
Romsterseems nearly all things are getting so good my stuff is becoming redundant in most cases. now if viper and sip got there stuff updated <<07:58
Romsternoticed a few got edited.07:58
Romstersip replied to my email but nothing further has happened yet.07:59
Romsterand i still dunno what to do with my post-remove scripts i've made. guess i'll post on the ML what others think.08:00
RomsterI was beginning to think you lot hated me and just put up with me as I do maintain ports well, but I'm starting to think more on the lines of trying to work together than against.08:02
cptnyeah, that's important08:03
Romsteroh the irony when i want a extract only option in pkgmk i'm wanting to use it before i've even got a working patch for it.08:04
cptnalthough you _did_ do a number of things in your ports that I'd call stupid08:04
RomsterI'll do that patch up and throw it in FL.08:04
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:04
cptnnot enough to be hated, though08:04
Romsteri guess i did do.08:04
Romstersorry about that.08:04
Romsterif there pointed out i'll fix.08:05
Romsterguess some of my opinions do not agree with others.08:05
Romsterhard to please everyone.08:05
cptnyeah, indeed08:05
cptnyou know, there's one thing that came to my mind08:06
cptnback in the CLC days, Per often didn't agree with what we did08:06
Romsteri honestly think the only reason i survived here is i had so many ports well made, or i figure i'd of been kicked out ages a go.08:06
cptnbut we discussed it and agreed that it's the right thing08:06
cptnmaybe the crux devs shoot down an idea which the majority would like08:06
cptnmaybe 'contrib' will grow into something like this again08:07
Romsteri kinda hoped on just as per left i think..08:07
Romsterversion 2.1 of crux when prologic shoed me this distro and i shared prologics ports with mine then i spited out later on, ironic prologic has left and i'm still here.08:08
Romsteri much prefer a discussion than a 'no way is that gonna get done, good day' attitude.08:09
Romsterif it's stupid sometimes something good can still come out of part of that idea.08:09
cptnone thing which can be pretty annoying is when things are brough up which were discussed already08:10
Romsterif not learn and improve.08:10
cptnunfortunately, it's easy to flame the people suggesting such a thing08:10
cptnalthough typically he's not at fault08:10
Romsterhmm like use flags *quivers*08:10
Romsteri so don't want that...08:10
Romsterbut i've seen it said here by newbies a few times.08:10
Romsterone example.08:11
Romsterof the many.08:11
cruxbot[opt.git]: fuse: fix for kernel 2.6.25, removed kernel module08:12
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmakerconf: removed few junk files08:14
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:17
Romsterhi jaeger08:20
jaegerjue: great :)08:24
Romsterhmmz that patch needs some work that nipuL did...08:30
* Romster redoes it again.08:30
Romsterjue, hope enough distros take notice and spread that around.08:31
Romsterthen maybe the fuse team will fix it.08:31
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dcraw: updated to 8.8608:37
tilmanjue: yeah,, i fixed the script (wrt errors on push)08:39
Rotwangit seems i got + from mike_k may i ask what next? :P08:39
tilmanRotwang: is everyone happy now?08:40
tilmanno more outstanding issues?08:40
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC08:41
Rotwangmmh i think not :S08:41
Rotwangif anyone sees any issues let him speak!08:43
Rotwangor be quiet for eternity08:43
Rotwangor how it is spoke08:43
sepentilman, Im also according on his application08:46
Romsteri hadn't looked over them since i'm sure pitillo did a good job of that with testing.08:48
tilmani don't want to ask each and every contrib person for objections again08:48
tilmanso make up your mind08:48
sepenRomster, yeah i does it08:48
tilmanand when the contrib collective has reached a decision, email crux-devel requesting an account08:48
Romsterany out standing issues left i'll see after there committed. :P08:48
Romsterand sepen's testing is also good.08:49
Romsteri just spotted out visual errors to Rotwang08:49
Romster+1 for me08:49
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux08:50
Rotwan1sorry got disconnected08:50
*** destruct has quit IRC08:51
Rotwan1so any issues here?08:53
Romstergah failed #2 at patch...08:57
Romsteryou always get disconnected <<08:57
*** f1y_ has joined #crux08:58
*** Rotwan1 is now known as ghost08:59
*** ghost is now known as Rotwan108:59
*** f1y_ is now known as f1y13af08:59
*** Rotwang has quit IRC09:06
Romsterpkgmk -e09:09
Romstertar -C  --use-compress-program=gzip -xf /usr/ports/distfiles/pkgutils-5.32.0.tar.gz09:09
Romstersomething still is odd with that patch hmmz09:10
tilmanyou're aware of nipul's patch, right?09:10
Romsteri'm using that
*** lasso|qt has joined #crux09:12
Romsterit's greatly incomplete and i've remade it and improved it by adding a help line and a PKGMK_EXTRACT_ONLY="no" to the bottom the default variables, but i got a issue still seems calling unpack_source on it's own or something isn't right.09:12
Romster pkgutils-5.32.0-extract-only.patch09:14
Romsteri thought that would be all that's to it..09:14
Romsteri can't see a obvious error in my change.09:15
sepenRomster, did you read carefully about mkdir -p $SRC $PKG on the code before write your script?09:17
Romsteri improved nipuL's code but didn't check any of that...09:17
Romsterit seems nipuL's patch is totally wrong.09:18
sepenyou should rm -rf $PKGMK_WORK_DIR; mkdir -p $SRC $PKG before call to unpack_source09:18
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux09:19
*** pitillo has quit IRC09:19
sepenRomster, read around lines 343,344 in the pkgmk code09:19
Romsterah why didn't nipuL do all that shit when he made a patch...09:20
Romsterthink it's best i rearrange the functions a little. thanks for the pointer sepen09:21
Romstersaved me some time09:22
Romsteri need more than just what you said the first part of build_package09:22
Romsteri think a if statement in there would do the job neatly.09:25
sepenhmm reading now09:26
Romstercall build_package and make it exit after it calls cd $SRC09:26
sepenok, I'll try to do some tests at night09:27
sepenare you plained to be here?09:27
Romsteri'l have this done in a few minutes <<09:27
Romsterif you wanna wait.09:28
sepens/be/stay ??09:28
Romsterdunno how much longer i'll be here.09:28
sepenRomster, but atm I stay at office09:28
Romsteris 00:30am now.09:28
sepen16:27 here09:28
Romsterit'll be in my private core repo.09:28
sepenok Ill get it later09:28
sepenRomster, you'll be here at around 09:00 (on your place) ?09:29
Romstermy time?09:30
sepenyeah or about ~= 8 hours09:31
Romstermaybe 10am to safe.09:31
Romsterto be*09:31
Romstersince i'll stay up a little longer but i have this patch sorted now09:31
Romsterthat should do the trick09:34
sepenok now its on my TODO directory09:34
sepenthanks I'll try later09:34
Romsterworks like a charm i'll throw it on flayspray.09:36
Romsteris what i hack and use myself.09:38
sepenRomster, I wrote a patch sometime ago (off-topic)
sepenmy ML mail never was replied :]09:41
*** mwansa has quit IRC09:43
Romstersepen, ah yes i remember that it was a prtverify built into the footprint in pkgmk.09:44
sepennot exactly09:44
Romsterif you ask me that's hard to follow.09:44
sepenI wrote a repoverify tool in addition to this patch09:44
Romsteri'd clarify that more.09:44
sepenI mean the patch only09:44
*** mwansa has joined #crux09:45
*** f1y has quit IRC09:45
*** f1y13af is now known as f1y09:46
Romsteri kind of think that's dumbifying and it's up to the packager to verify the port after it's built or see the issue from looking at the footprint.09:47
Romsteri half like the idea.09:47
Romsterbut i think it would get in the way.09:47
Romsterand the linux thing is one tool and do it's task only not do everything with one tool. pkgutils to build, prtverify for checking.09:48
sepenhmm nice to known your point09:50
Romsterhard coding isn't a good idea either it would be best to have a config file of bad directories.09:51
sepenyeah, still a beta idea09:52
Romstermakes it easier to add and remove then.09:52
sepenconsideer these functions unimplmented yet: test_directories test_files09:53
Romster-it <- you forgot a comma there.09:53
sepenoh thanks09:53
Romsteri'd say don't duplicate what's been done and call prtverify to do that job.09:54
Romsterbut that would mean prtverify would have to be in core and not everyone would use prtverify, only packagers so i don't think that is a option either.09:55
Romstermakes the case tricky.09:55
*** RedShift has quit IRC10:03
*** sepen has quit IRC10:04
*** sepen has joined #crux10:22
*** mxs has joined #crux10:27
*** maxus has quit IRC10:47
*** sepen has quit IRC11:05
*** RedShift has joined #crux11:14
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC11:23
*** bdfy has joined #crux11:30
bdfyHi All!!11:30
bdfyI cant build xmms2, from port.. I dont understand what is needed?
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang11:35
bdfyIs there anybody using xmms2? Sorry..11:36
tilmanbdfy: pkgrm ffmpeg11:37
tilmanthat should fix it11:37
tilmanthe avformat plugin in xmms2 doesn't work with the latest ffmpeg11:37
Rotwang[crux-contrib] Message 26320 Hurry! Final Days to get 72% OFF!11:53
Rotwang[crux-contrib] MensHealth id 9455461611:53
Rotwanglol, spam bots attack (from march)11:53
bdfytilman: Thanks!!11:58
*** errdil has quit IRC11:59
*** errdil has joined #crux12:00
*** treach has joined #crux12:02
cruxbot[contrib.git]: obpager: removed from repository; still can be found in mike_attic12:14
*** errdil has quit IRC12:14
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmctrl: adjusted dependencies12:26
*** pitillo has joined #crux12:32
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux12:33
*** mxq has quit IRC12:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wmxkb: adjusted dependencies12:38
*** jue has quit IRC12:46
*** Rotwang has quit IRC12:52
*** mike_k has joined #crux12:54
*** RedShift has quit IRC13:03
*** sepen has joined #crux13:03
*** destruct has joined #Crux13:04
cruxbot[opt.git]: libpng: updated to
*** f1y has quit IRC13:15
cruxbot[opt.git]: fontforge: updated to 2008042913:34
*** blueCommand has joined #crux13:39
*** jnengland77 has joined #crux13:42
*** RedShift has joined #crux13:52
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:01
rehabdollwhere is "taken" from?14:17
rehabdollyeah duh, i was curious if there was some benevolent packager out there :)14:24
sepenrehabdoll, did you read about kernel and crux?14:36
sepenrehabdoll, please read this post from year 2003
sepenand the whole thread if you have some time14:41
rehabdollim not looking for the kernel :)14:41
sepenohh so sorry14:41
rehabdolljust curious if there were some "upstream" packager of the headers14:41
sepenrehabdoll, excuse me14:42
rehabdollno worries, its the thought that counts ;)14:44
rehabdollbtw, props to you and your country for San miguel!14:50
rehabdolluna cerveza por favor!14:50
*** blueCommand has quit IRC14:50
Rotwan1viva la espana!14:50
Rotwan1i dont like spaniards! cause yhey are cruel to animals!14:51
treachsigh. could we leave that crap out of here?14:52
aonyes, as opposed to majority of peopple who don't eat animals14:52
aonoh, wait14:52
rehabdollbah, the bulls are obviously asking for it :)14:52
sepen<Rotwan1> i dont like spaniards! cause yhey are cruel to animals!14:52
Rotwan1it was a joke :\14:53
sepenbah! only faszim people14:53
sepenme not14:53
treachall germans are jew hating nazis, all french people are arrogant idiots, all italian tanks are made with seven gears (six in reverse, and one forward in case they get attacked from behind), all poles are theives and all swedes are stupid. :/14:54
drijenand all americans are bigots14:54
treachdrijen: but that is the truth. :P14:54
drijenim no bigot!14:55
rehabdollas is the part regarding the french :D14:55
Rotwan1treach: good one ;D14:55
aonalso, religious slaughtering is probably as painful in all cases as bullfighting14:55
aonnot that either of them makes any sense14:55
Rotwan1especially italians :P14:55
sepengreat off-topic discussion14:56
aonyeah, indeed, you always get the most productive discussion by insulting people :)14:56
treachOh, and i forgot. all swiss people sit on their alptops muching chocolate while yodeling until their cuckoo clocks call them home.14:57
sepenIm waiting for this weekend
sepenI have the tickets14:58
rehabdollou, ratm & qotsa14:59
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:59
*** jnengland77 has quit IRC15:00
*** errdil has joined #crux15:12
*** Rotwan1 has quit IRC15:15
aontreach: what about us?15:15
treachI don't think you're needed in the line-up. ;)15:16
aon"i find it surprising that anyone still lives in finland, as it gets so little press coverage", eh? :)15:16
jesse_Mora knife-carrying drunkards who speak a crazy moon language? :p15:16
treachjesse_: bingo15:17
treachbut I thought I had made my point already when I thought of you, so I left you out.15:17
treachhope you don't feel bad about it. ;)15:17
aonhehe, no, in fact you have mentioned it quite often15:18
sepenrehabdoll, machine headdddddddddddd15:18
treachs/mentioned/joked about it/15:18
treachsorry if anyone has taken any offense.15:18
aonso you don't think it's true? :)15:19
treachIt seems you keep me in extremely high regard. :P15:19
treachit's bullshit, like the common prejudice that all poles are unwashed, untrustworthy theives.15:19
treachthus it's a great target for ridicule15:20
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux15:20
jesse_treach: the same tends to be seen of the baltic states.15:20
treachk, didn't know that15:20
jesse_organized crime, thievery, prostitution etc. the list goes on and on.15:20
jesse_Those things exist everywhere if you look hard enough.15:22
treachyes, which was kind of the point with my little list above. :)15:22
*** joacim has quit IRC15:22
treachand it's all crap, and thus there is no point to bring it in here.15:22
*** joacim has joined #crux15:23
aonalthough there _are_ some things that are done in like a single country which are somewhat pointless :)15:23
treachaon: of course. but that doesn't mean everyone from that country stands behind it.15:24
treachaon: or would you refer to tilman as a "cabbage munching jew hating nazi"? :P15:24
jesse_Those are often brought up when a significant crime is committed.15:24
aonalthough i have been drunk and own a mora :)15:24
aontreach: i don't know him well enough to say, really :)15:25
treachI'd guess it would be a grave mischaratarization, to say the least. :/15:25
aonprobably so15:25
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:26
cruxbot[opt.git]: cvs: updated to 1.11.2315:27
cruxbot[opt.git]: wine: updated to 1.0rc115:27
aonoh my god, i forgot a hyphen from the version number15:28
jesse_oh noes. :s15:28
* treach puts helmet on and watches sky falling15:28
Rotwan1were doomed :x15:28
aoni can see the headlines15:28
treachRotwan1: "we're" :p15:29
jesse_"the missing hyphen which broke the camel's back" :p15:29
aon"CRUX changelog has mistakes. "I would of done it better", says a concerned user."15:29
treachwhen does the flogging in #devel begin? :>15:30
jesse_Harsh treatment indeed.15:31
jesse_In addition there will be one or two predicting the stagnation and eventual disintegration of crux itself.15:31
jesse_fork it, let the community take it over! :D15:31
treachthe threat of disintegration seems to be over, the crew got it's cptn back. ;)15:32
aonwonder if i should change my nick to "cpl" to better visualize the hierarchy :)15:33
*** Rotwang has quit IRC15:36
tilmanaon: hahahhaa @ concerned user15:38
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang15:52
Rotwangcould someone recommend me a good mailbox? (mail account) except gmail15:55
aonwhat's wrong with gmail?15:56
Rotwangbecause my current mailbox is utterly shitty15:56
Rotwangaon: all good nicks taken :P15:57
aongmail with external redirect? :)15:57
treach"" :P15:57
Rotwangheh ;]15:57
aonthat's what i have15:57
Rotwangtreach: yeh ive got one15:58
Rotwangbut in polish: wszystkie.fajne.loginy.zajete15:58
treachk. :p15:58
tilmanjust go for rotwang4215:58
Rotwangwhy 42?15:58
treachrottenwang? :p15:58
tilmanRotwang: hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy!15:59
aon{aon@{,},} -> <something> -> home via pop315:59
aonoutgoing is just home -> isp's smtp relay15:59
aoni'm not sure if redirects to or the gmail address, probably @iki.fi15:59
aonactually i think all aliases alias to that one15:59
tilmanit's ;)16:00
aonyeah, seems so16:00
aonand the third box goes to too16:00
aonso that i only need to change that one if i ever get rid of gmail16:00
Rotwangtilman: movie was medicore, heard book is beter16:02
treachaha, isn't taken. :P16:02
tilmani want to hurt that guy :D16:02
aonhaha :D16:02
tilmanRotwang: yeah, you should read at least the first book :)16:02
aoni didn't even watch the movie16:02
aonthree first books or so were good iirc16:02
aonit's been years since i read them16:02
tilmanthe third one made me not want to read 4 and 5 ;)16:03
treachheh, the books were great. :>16:03
treachimprobablity drive ftw.16:04
treachtilman: that guy must be an idiot.16:05
tilmanhotwire shell seems quite fucked up anyway16:05
treachgah. graphical applications to doing text only stuff..16:06
treachand making a gui for a terminal when you all ready have a (gui) terminal sounds even more retarded.16:09
joacimit doesnt make much sense to me16:09
jesse_re-invent the wheel just to have a pretty gui around openssh. :p16:09
treachjesse_: he could just as well have created another theme for gnome-terminal I guess. :>16:10
treachiirc it already have session management or so.16:10
jesse_konsole also had session management.16:11
joacimi think it would be better to include that stuff in gnome terminal16:12
joacimor, does gnome terminal already have that stuff?16:12
jesse_I don't see why it should even be added because that functionality seems trivial.16:12
treachmmh. if they can include a mc session in it, why not ssh?16:12
jesse_The command line is hostile therefore it has to be re-done as a gui!16:19
jesse_It is annoying that *everything* has to be made into a gui simply for "user friendliness". :/16:27
treachbut the point is that it is *retarded*. you change NOTHING, except the way things look. Sure, you get a menubar where you get easeier access to some settings, and a different colorscheme etc.16:30
treachbut that's pretty much it.16:30
jesse_The thought being "mouse ├╝ber alles" :/16:34
jesse_Now you get to point and click and type instead of simply typing. :D16:34
* treach tried to click on the "ps -aux" icon16:36
* treach failed16:36
jesse_oops :D16:40
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:55
*** treach has quit IRC16:58
*** discomaxus has joined #crux17:50
*** h0ax has joined #crux18:04
h0axHey, i'm using crux and it's come to partitioning and i don't understand... First block: what to put there18:05
sepenh0ax, did you read the handboo?18:06
h0axi want to create a new partition18:06
h0axyeah i am18:06
h0axit doesn't tell me how to do it18:06
h0axjust tells me to make one18:06
sepenso its easy18:06
Rotwangh0ax: create it then18:06
Rotwangand now go18:06
Rotwangand live happy life18:07
h0axi don't know how ... i typed C ... but i don't know what to put in First Block:18:07
Rotwangh0ax: cfdisk is easier :P18:07
h0axgood idea.18:07
Rotwangyeah :\18:07
sepenCRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users18:07
sepenits supposed that you known how to partitioning a harddisk18:08
h0axwell i don't.18:08
sepenif not read man pages for fdisk or cfdisk18:08
sepenor use google fdisk18:08
Rotwangh0ax: try some easier distro18:08
Rotwanglike debian or gentoo18:08
h0axwell i thought i'd ask and get a polite answer from Rotwang and not a prick like you18:08
*** mxs has quit IRC18:10
sepenh0ax, you're welcome18:17
*** bdfy has quit IRC18:18
sepenimho you should read more documents and then try to do the installation18:18
sepento avoid mistakes18:18
*** h0ax has quit IRC19:08
*** Rotwang has quit IRC19:17
*** maxus has joined #crux19:49
*** discomaxus has quit IRC20:09
*** lennart has quit IRC20:32
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