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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-mkfontscale: updated to
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Rotwangso, what im supposed to do next ;] two days ago i didnt get straight answer,13:44
tilmanhassle the contrib people to make up their mind13:59
Rotwangi thought they did ;]14:00
Rotwangromster and mike_k14:00
Rotwangbut ok14:00
tilmandunno, they didn't contact crux-devel14:00
rehabdollregarding what?14:00
Rotwangcontrib people im hustling you!14:00
tilmanrehabdoll: Rotwang's contrib application14:01
Rotwangsepen: im hassling you ;] and everyone else14:01
rehabdollim told you need to send compromising pictures of yourself to romster in order to get contrib-status14:02
Rotwangso some contrib member should contact crux-devel14:02
sepennow here14:02
rehabdollmight just be a rumor though14:02
Rotwang isnt too specific14:02
Rotwangabout whole process ;]14:02
sepen<Rotwang> romster and mike_k14:02
sepenme too14:02
Rotwangyeah ;]14:02
Rotwangill send my gf's naked pictures to contribML!14:04
Rotwangthe problem is i dont have a gf14:04
Rotwangbut will counts14:04
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mike_kcan you please make a version bump on opt/madwifi? I guess that was my fault not bumping it in FS#272 patch14:08
mike_ktilman: ?14:08
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contrib_ppl_hasstoo long14:08
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tilmanmike_k: no, please email till14:23
mike_ktilman: ok14:24
tilman> Awaiting second contrib maintainer approval/disapproval14:28
tilmandoes rotwang have two advocates now?14:28
cruxbot[contrib.git]: exiftool: updated to 7.2514:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-compress-raw-zlib: updated to 2.01014:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-io-compress-base: updated to 2.01014:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-io-compress-zlib: updated to 2.01014:29
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-compress-zlib: updated to 2.01014:29
sepentilman, more than two14:30
mike_kI am not sure who is the first14:30
tilmanRotwang: i'll set you up with an account later14:41
* tilman tv14:41
* sepen psp14:46
Rotwangk ;]14:47
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mike_ktilman: err, I've really mean the port $release bump rather than upstream $version bump. Nevermind, I've already emailed Till.15:04
tilmanRotwang: what's your prefered username?15:20
Rotwangtilman: donno15:21
RotwangRotwang may be?15:21
tilmanuppercase unix logins are heresy, but 'rotwang' would be okay :D15:26
Rotwangk ;]15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git]: claws-mail: updated to 3.4.015:29
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tilmanRotwang: please paste your public ssh key somewhere15:35
tilmanRotwang: and please register at flyspray15:35
Rotwangim registered as mxq15:35
Rotwangone minute15:35
tilmanoh, right15:35
tilmani saw that some days ago when doing admin work on FS15:35
sepenRotwang, its the same name as your repository I think15:38
mike_kRotwang: and please fill some info on wiki/Public section as well15:40
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bzr: Cleanup. Updated 1.4 -> 1.5rc115:40
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sepenRomster, here
Rotwangdont laugh at me but im not familliar with ssh and encryption things :x15:42
tilmanRotwang: you can push stuff to the contrib repository now15:45
tilmansee on how to set up git15:45
Rotwangk, ill read it, set up fresh environment15:45
Rotwangand maybe push something tommorow15:45
tilmanplease run 'git status' and 'git log' before pushing, to avoid any mistakes ;D15:46
Rotwangtilman: big thanks15:46
tilmani can help if anything goes wrong15:46
Rotwangsepen mike_k big thanks to you \o/15:46
sepentilman, can be possible to have a test.git repository?15:46
tilmanthat might be a good idea15:47
sepenyeah, I've one svn-test at work for test branching merging etc etc15:47
* sepen tv15:48
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* Rotwang iz going to rape contribz :D15:57
* teK is goinz to eatz your skins alive15:58
Rotwangno way >:|16:00
teKwe'll see.16:00
teKyou not as long as me but you'll see it, too.16:00
Rotwangheh ;]16:01
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Romsterrehabdoll, lol...20:07
Romsteremail sent20:07
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meinhimmelHi, I was wondering if I could get some help setting up my network.  I set it up fine, I guess, but my mac address it a long stream of characters.21:58
meinhimmelInstead of the usual 12 characters.21:59
meinhimmel65746830000100010FBA59D70008A150 << It looks like this.21:59
meinhimmel00-08-A1-50-22-ED << When it is supposed to look like this.21:59
meinhimmelI did change it to that also, and it did no good.21:59
meinhimmelI also passed the dhcpcd -I option with my mac address appended to it, but it just gave me a mac address of 30313A30303A30383A41313A35303A32 according to my router.22:01
meinhimmelI also removed iproute2 and iptables to see if they were appending stuff to my mac address but that did no good either.22:02
meinhimmelOh, and finally ifconfig does see my mac address correctly.22:03
Romsterifconfig is depreciated ip is what you should be using now.22:50
Romsterwhich is in the iproute2 package.22:50
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* meinhimmel runs off to reinstall iproute2.23:02
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