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pitillogood morning01:14
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tilmanmorning sepen02:27
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tilmanmike_k: want me to remove the list of contrib people from Main/About? i see there's another page Public/ContribMembers now %)02:54
mike_ktilman: yes, I guess that was the plan.02:56
tilmanokay, i'll just link to other page then02:57
tilmanthat also fixes the mixup of people who contribute(d) stuff in general (like j2 aka faqmeister) and contrib.git people02:57
mike_kone thing bothers me: you should keep the links from everywhere to Public sections. Now it's contrib members. Tomorrow it will be some instructions which should be linked from Documentation...02:58
tilmani did't get that02:59
mike_kI mean, if that public area has no sense except granting permissions, many other pages(about, documentation) should have links to those public articles. To help visitors finding them. Newcomers aren't supposed to dig the site allover to find information.03:01
mike_kthat is an (administrative) overhead03:02
tilmanthe stuff on Main/Documentation below the horizontal bar (ie everything except the handbook and release notes) should probably be editable by the public03:03
tilmani guess it makes sense to protect the handbook and release notes03:03
tilmanbut for the other stuff... :)03:03
mike_kyes, if it is possible. or leave public as is plus grant _some_ more permissions to contrib members so they can add sross-links where apropriate03:04
tilmanopening up everything (with very few exceptions) would probably be okay IMO03:04
tilmancptn wanted to look after the wiki, maybe he has some ideas for improvements as well03:05
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mike_kif it's a topic for the next devel meeting dicussion, please  echo "Discuss wiki links/permissions/organization with cptn" >> ~/.todo03:10
tilmanit's easier03:11
tilmanmike_k: i suggest you talk to cptn directly :)03:11
tilmanwhen there's anything that *might* be controversial, cptn will probably ask for other people's opinion03:12
tilmanbut if it's not, you can just go ahead03:12
tilmanat least i think it could work that way03:12
mike_kit should work03:13
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rehabdoll-upgrading ubuntu on a 512k line is fun.. how do you guys with crappy connections stay sane?03:24
rehabdoll-eta 5hrs03:27
tilmani ran debian testing on a 56k modem for months03:27
tilmani guess what's why i'm a nut job now :(03:27
mwansaerr how do i make DMA permanent on hda03:29
mwansaseems like after a reboot i keep running hdparm to get it working again.03:29
tilmanedit /etc/rc.local if your kernel doesn't get it03:29
tilmanie put a hdparm -d blabla line in it03:29
rehabdoll-does dmesg spew crap when you manually activate dma?03:30
mwansarehabdoll-, yea03:31
rehabdoll-you should really check out your logs as to why its deactivated.. might be shitty cables etc.03:31
mwansayea your right. on my old system they was no need for re-running hparm again03:32
rehabdoll-eta 6hrs03:39
Rotwangonce  installed ubuntu and upgraded it (about 1 GB of updates 512k download) and then deleted it :x03:41
Rotwangeven better with gentoo, I did whole system rebuilt and then deleted it03:42
Rotwangjust didnt like those distros :\03:43
rehabdoll-well ubuntu really makes my life easier. i run it on my parents box03:44
rehabdoll-and since the new version is lts i wont have to visit them for a couple of years :D03:45
mwansarehabdoll-, does the new version come with compiz by default ?03:45
rehabdoll-yeah but you have to manually activate it i think03:46
rehabdoll-at least you had to with the old version.. so perhaps not03:46
mwansammh last time i checked out compiz well beryl back then you could rotate a cube...wounder what amazing things you can do now...03:47
rehabdoll-its mostly useless eyecandy03:47
rehabdoll-but i guess thats what the peons wants :)03:49
Rotwangah no sorry, it was mirage :\04:00
tilmannp: Poisonblack - Soul in Flames04:09
tilman\\o o// \o/04:09
sepenOld - Machine Head - Hellalive04:20
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mwansawohoo sepen ftw with wmpower :P05:28
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ion3: added missing deps (#263)05:45
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tilmanViper_ \o/05:49
sepenmwansa, ¿?05:54
sepenheyo Viper_05:54
Viper_hey :)05:54
Viper_seems that i have to update some of my ports :)05:54
sepenmwansa, I'll do a cleanup for this port05:56
RomsterViper_, yeah some are getting a bit out of date.06:02
tilmanViper_: i updated devmapper and zsh while you were away06:03
tilmanViper_: so fetch and rebase first :)06:03
Viper_ok, thanks06:03
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Romsteri thought so, if Viper_ did eh would of updated the rest as well.06:04
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sepenRomster, do you have one? :)
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Romstersepen, a didjeridoo, no but the aborigines do.08:05
sepenfrom the north of australia?08:05
RyoSuuuuuuh i want one08:07
RyoSthe sound is great :D08:07
RyoSand i bet you get lots of women with it08:07
DarkNekrosRyoS, I don't think so xDD08:08
RyoSDarkNekros: jajaja dont be too sure :P08:09
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RyoSsize matters08:09
DarkNekrosRyoS, I'll try with my girlfriend xD08:09
RyoSokay :p tell me what happend XD08:09
RomsterRyoS, O_o08:18
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sepentilman, are you plained to create the test.git repo? or I should discuss this point at ML's?08:55
sepen*should I08:55
sepenmaybe is not a good idea for others or its not shared08:56
cruxbot[contrib.git]: codeblocks: New port.09:16
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: awesome: initial commit15:04
Rotwangi havent destroyed anything15:05
Rotwangwe can call it a success15:05
tilmanremember to add libconfuse to contrib, too :)15:06
Rotwangyes yes ;]15:06
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libconfuse: new port15:08
treach"22:05 < Rotwang> we can call it a success"15:09
treachor just "awesome". :>15:09
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cruxbot[opt.git]: shared-mime-info: updated to 0.30.15:13
tilmani missed 0.2315:13
tilmanand i didn't get beat up for it15:13
thrice`I switched distros because of it15:15
thrice`=)  shared-mime-info is a MUST15:16
tilmanit's the BASICS15:16
treachnever understood why one would use crux if you're so hung up on "teh basix". :/15:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dokuwiki: updated to 2008-05-0515:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: grml-crypt: updated to 0.1715:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: realpath: updated to 1.1215:17
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treachget fedora/suse/debian. they're more than happy to provide you with the kitchensink (TM). :>15:18
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tilmanany huge objections to expect that rescue systems have openat() and friends these days?15:33
tilmanthey were added to the kernel in early 200615:33
cruxbot[opt.git]: pinentry: added a patch for glib 2.1615:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: libpth: requires -j115:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: boehm-gc: updated to version 7.115:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: updated to version 2.01.01a3915:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: centerim: updated to 4.22.515:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: libpcre: updated to 7.715:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: postfix: updated to 2.5.215:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: libgcrypt: updated to 1.4.1; disabled padlock-support15:37
cruxbot[opt.git]: gnupg: updated to 2.0.915:37
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treachwell, will it be used on non-linux/pre 2.6.16 kernels I forsee some objections. :p15:44
tilmanthis is about pkgutils (should i have mentioned that? :D)15:45
tilmanso non-linux and pre 2.6 doesn't apply imo15:45
treachone could guess.15:45
treachahem. .1615:45
tilmanthe .16 thing was what i was asking about :D15:45
treachok. is it pkgutils next-gen you're talking about?15:46
tilmancurrently, pkgutils doesn't work on non-linux and non-glibc either anyway15:46
treachor just the next version?15:46
tilmanopenat() is sexy15:46
tilmansimplifies some code quite a bit15:46
treachwell, I can't see any problems then, other than people who think it's a neat system and want to port it might be a bit annoyed.15:47
treachbut that's their funeral. :P15:47
tilmannipuL: crux-with-a-bsd-kernel is dead, isn't it?15:48
treachI presume you're not going to just bump to pkgutils6 some day, but wait for 2.5+ something. ;)15:48
tilmanwe have 5.3x atm15:49
treachCrux < 2.515:50
treachargh. <=15:50
treachI guess that should be ">=" though.15:51
tilmanoh, heh:D15:51
tilmanyeah, i guess it would ship with a crux release15:51
tilmanbut i still haven't written pkgadd ;)15:51
treachin order to avoid another libarchive mess. ;)15:51
treachit uses sqlite?15:52
treachah, k I got that impression the other day.15:52
tilmani didn't touch /var/lib/pkg/db15:52
treachI guess I misunderstod something then.15:52
tilmansqlite was the thing we/you wanted to use for the ports db *cough* :D15:53
treachwell, I didn't *want* it. I merely suggested it could be a good idea.15:53
treachfwiw, zypper, (opensuse) apparently uses it.15:54
tilmanhopefully we can pick up that idea some day15:54
treachand it's really fast in suse 1115:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ncdu: new port15:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ncdu: new port16:00
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Rotwangteeworlds it should be16:00
treachRotwang: are you using rtorrent by chance?16:02
Rotwangtreach: no16:03
treachfigured you might since you apparently use some cursors apps.16:04
Rotwangim using wine :D16:05
treachthat's actually worse than using azureus..!16:05
Rotwangdont beat me with a stick please16:05
Rotwangi like µtorrent very much, and its only app i need wine for16:06
* treach gets a whip.16:06
* joacim sodomizes Rotwang with a pipe16:07
treachtilman: I just updated the rtorrent port btw, hopefully this one is more stable than 0.8.1 :>16:07
tilmani didn't use bittorrent in ages16:08
tilmani just remember the horrible g++ bug that caused it to die after approx. 5s16:08
treachsigh, I don't have many things right this evening, right..?16:08
treachI thought you were using rtorrent, but never mind then. :)16:09
tilmani used it last time i fetched a torrent16:09
treacheasier than bothering with wine at least. ;)16:10
tilmanprobably faster, too16:10
treachtbh, I'm still shocked.16:10
treachlitterally SHOCKED16:10
cruxbot[contrib.git]: asciidoc: new port16:11
cruxbot[contrib.git]: phun && fbgrab: new ports16:16
treachdouble commit?16:16
Rotwanguhm :x16:16
tilmanRotwang: one commit per port please16:16
Rotwangis it bad?16:16
tilmanRotwang: btw, you don't have to push after each commit16:18
tilmanie you could do commit1, then commit2, then ..., and push all of them at once later16:18
Rotwangok ;]16:18
tilmanit's not *required*, but it saves some typing and bandwidth and whatnot16:20
tilmansepen: i wonder whether test.git is really needed16:30
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ximondaHi guys!16:36
ximondaA short question: I am about to install avr-binutils 2.18. What's the preferred prefix for it's insallation?16:36
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ximondawith configure --target=avr --prefix=/usr I get a conflicting /usr/lib/libiberty.a16:39
treachare you maing a port?16:39
ximondanope... I try to fix a port from sigi16:39
treachis it the same file? or just the same name?16:40
tilmanprefix=/usr sounds correct of course16:40
ximondahold on...16:40
tilmanno idea on the target thing though, or how to make it use another name for libiberty16:40
ximondathe files are different.16:41
ximondayes... the binaries are "targeted" avr-* correctly16:42
ximondaI can --prefix the whole thing to /usr/local16:42
ximondaseems like binutils-2.17 behaved different here.16:43
tilmanthat's not ideal, but maybe preferable to fighting binutils :D16:43
ximondaI guess sigi just bumped the version number...16:43
ximondawithout testing.16:43
treachnamespace collisions sucks. :/16:44
ximondait also doesn't work with makeinfo (texinfo) > 4.x where x=single digit number.16:44
ximondaI need to patch and run an autoreconf :-(16:44
ximondawhich sucks.16:44
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ximondaOkay, I'll have to continue tomorrow...16:57
ximondagood night!16:58
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treach <- cool17:24
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nipuLtilman: i wouldn't say dead, 64bit is taking all my crux time at the moment17:50
treachthe japanese version of sherlock holmes? :/
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Romsterafternoon all.21:35
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mwansaafternoon Romster22:18
Romsterever since the crux site got a new ip it's slow as shit to load... 'waiting for'22:24
Romsternow it loads like a minute later.22:24
cruxbot[contrib.git]: texinfo: add dependency ncurses, finddep fails to find but 'ldd info' shows22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: warzone2100: remove dependency mesa3d is in libsdl now22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: zsnes: remove dependency mesa3d is in libsdl now and remove upx22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: foobillard: remove dependency mesa3d is in libsdl now and clean up version variables22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth-server: remove dependency xorg-libx11, mesa3d provides it though libsdl22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: pygame: remove dependency xorg-libx11, mesa3d provides it though libsdl22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: warsow: remove dependency mesa3d is in libsdl now and clean up version variables22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: warsow: remove dependency mesa3d is in libsdl now and clean up version variables22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth: remove dependency xorg-libx11, mesa3d provides it though libsdl22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: avifile: remove redundant dependency xorg-libxxf86vm22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-lwp: remove junk file .packlist22:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-xml-twig: remove junk file .packlist22:57
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Romsterdamn it pinentry still looks for X23:22
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