IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-05-13

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Romster--with-x=no and still pinentry says 'Can't find X' that configure script is stupid.00:11
Romsterhi pitillo00:11
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Romsteryo predatorfreak00:25
predatorfreakRomster: Hi00:26
Romsterif i haven't seen ugly code formatting in my life... looking at the x detection in pineentry00:27
predatorfreakRomster: I probably don't want to know :D00:28
Romsterindentation is so crap it's hard to see what if block belongs to what.00:28
Romsterwhich is why i like to indent my code.00:28
predatorfreakRomster: I indent mine too.00:29
Romsteryeah which is good but this project seems to have there own wacky indenting.00:29
Romstershit dont line up :P00:29
predatorfreakRomster: Every now and then people ident like 5 year olds.00:30
predatorfreakI mean, you should have seen some of MY old code..00:30
Romsterthis is one of them.00:30
* predatorfreak shudders00:30
Romsterlol do i want to.00:30
predatorfreakRomster: No, it's terrible.00:30
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pitillogood morning01:03
pitilloafternoon for you Romster :)01:03
Romsteryeah good morning to you.01:03
Romsternice sunny day here.01:04
pitillohere atm the same, but weather told yesterday that today will be a rainny day too (since friday)01:05
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Romsterit'll rain on Thursday so they predict.01:14
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pitillois someone here using cacti? is it working fine since the last mod_php (php) update?01:20
Romsteri don't use it.01:22
tilmanseems freebsd has openat() etc01:22
pitilloRomster, oki, thank you anyways. I will try to find what am I doing bad. It's quite strange since the last update, it isn't working anymore (may be apache related or interpreter problem....)01:23
Romsteri'd try recompiling all the related php stuff.01:23
Romsteri had a issue with mod_wsgi from something and had to recompile.01:23
pitilloyeah, I did it :) I can show phpinfo() webpage, so I am a bit lost01:23
Romstertry the old version again, maybe some regression.01:24
pitilloummm well, isn't a bad idea, but then I need to lock it if I go backwards01:24
Romsteralso check the config.log for errors.01:24
pitilloI think it isn't the good way to go. It can be a check, but not the answer (in my case)01:25
Romsterbe good to find our what is the problem then to see what's been altered like check the Changelog.01:25
RomsterI meant it as a check.01:25
pitilloRomster, perfect tthen01:25
Romsternarrow it down.01:25
pitilloRomster, I will try to spend a bit of time today to look for an answer. Thank you for these tips.01:26
Romsterfind what port it the issue then look for errors in the new one and what's been changed as a last resort do a bisect on there scm01:26
Romsterand see what revision breaks it.01:26
Romsteri fixed pinentry with no xorg too.01:27
pitillobtw, I will try to make a little update to mruiz's cacti and I will tell tek about it. I think it can be a better port that the one that it's in contrib now01:27
Romsteris in FS so gotta wait for viper to apply that.01:27
tilmanfreebsd has a soc project called "enhancing freebsd's libarchive"01:28
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Romsterdoes FreeBSD enjoy forking everything and add there touches to it.01:48
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predatorfreakRomster: Technically speaking, a FreeBSD developer created libarchive.01:57
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Romsterhi sepen02:08
tilman"technically speaking"???02:17
* Romster shrugs.02:19
predatorfreaktilman: I'm tired, give me a break.02:23
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sepenI've installed apache + mod_php, furthermore I installed php cli02:42
sepenpitillo, are you sure cacti has all requieriments?02:43
pitilloI have mod_php (only with this didn't worked), then with php, php5, php4 ports the same02:43
sepenpitillo, just try phpinfo() function and see results02:43
pitillosepen, wich the old mod_php it's working fine02:43
sepenpitillo, see diferences02:43
pitillothe old mod_php provides more (which it's added now in the php port)02:44
pitillobut with both installed, isn't working fine. I am not sure where is my fault02:44
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sepenI removed the CLI and still running02:46
tilmanpitillo: diffing phpinfo() output sounds like a good idea02:47
sepennow with apache + mod_php and a minimal config
pitillotilman, I will read more, making some diffs between ports (and about the phpinfo too, I didn't thought on that)02:48
sepenpitillo, be sure you are running cacti init scripts from conf.d  as mod_php was compiled -with-config-file-scan-dir=/etc/php/conf.d02:49
sepenbut for this you need the CLI program02:50
sepennot only the apache librari02:50
pitilloyes, I have mod_php and php ports installed02:51
pitilloI think it's related to php config02:51
pitillothis happen when you don't read emails carefully... cp /etc/php.ini /etc/php/php.ini02:54
tilmand'oh :p03:02
sepennice to known03:03
* sepen breakfastING03:03
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pitilloperfect upgrade. Sorry about reporting problems when was my fault.03:31
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Romsterpitillo, what was the issue?03:33
Romster(so i can avoid it) :P03:33
pitilloRomster, I backup my php.ini file and restored it in the same location /etc/php.ini what was bad, because at ML was wrote to use /etc/php/php.ini instead ofdirectly /etc/php.ini03:34
pitilloteK, if you have a bit of time, can you take a look to this? I got it from mruiz repo (it isn't update and I did the bump) I think it can be better that the actual port in contrib03:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: 4dtris: new port03:43
pitillotilman, what do you think about the test.git repo which told you sepen? (for people like me for example)03:44
Rotwangand me ;]03:45
pitilloRotwang, you are in... xD03:45
Rotwangi missunderstood the point of test.git then ;]03:46
pitillowell, I was joking, it can be usefull for all people (who are in and who aren't) to test things there and don't play with other "branches"03:46
Rotwangok i get it03:47
Rotwangyeah i thik its good idea03:47
sepeni.e branching merging playing03:49
pitilloI prefer to play there a bit to be sure that I will not give more work to other contrib members or worse, to disturb core maintainers to solve the problems I made there03:50
tilmanpitillo: well, you need an account on to be able to push anything03:50
tilmani thought test.git might be useful for new developers03:50
Rotwangpitillo: have you tried build nao maybe?03:52
pitillotilman, of course, I know. But without the test repo I think I will don't ask for one.03:54
pitilloRotwang, no I don't, but I can test it now03:54
tilmanpitillo: you won't ask for what?03:55
pitillotilman, for an account03:55
Rotwangpitillo: only asking, i'll test it in clean env03:55
pitilloRotwang, well, I have my clean env here mounted, I can check it. (and verify both outputs, for me isn't hard)03:56
tilmanpitillo: you mean to become a contrib member?03:56
Rotwangpitillo: if you could do that that would be nice ;]03:57
pitillotilman, yes, but when I can test git in the git test repo.03:57
pitillotilman, like I said, I'm afraid of breaking things (I am the master in this sense) and about giving more work to you and contrib members03:59
Romsterpitillo, ah that..04:00
Romsterpitillo, i'm wondering why you aren't a contrib member to. you have port experience.04:02
pitilloRomster, well, I have no experience with git. (one requisite for being in contrib) and about my ports, I have experience, but I need to learn a lot more04:04
Romsterpitillo, well expeareance comes with time and you wont get anywhere if you don't jump in and there is a quick quide on the wiki also us that have used git are about too.04:06
Rotwangpitillo: i have no experience with git either04:06
Rotwangyesterday i made double commit :x04:06
sepenpitillo, just the same I try to explain you all the time04:06
tilmanRotwang: don't worry about that ;)04:07
sepenRomster, Im also a git pirateeeee04:07
tilmaneverything's mostly fine if you follow the git howto on the wiki04:07
Rotwangyeah im following it and its ok04:07
tilmanand if you screw up, i'll just do surgery on the repo (and yell at you :D)04:07
tilman^^^^ general advice, not pointed at Rotwang only :p04:08
sepengit log git log git log04:08
Romsterpitillo, just looking though your private repo i notice packetstream hasn't got cmake as a dependency.04:09
sepenthanks tilman for be patient with us04:09
Romsterthem ports look pretty neat to me.04:09
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Romstertilman, hehe04:09
Romsteri earlier had to do some surgery on my git to fix a bobo, thing is don't git push until you fix it.04:10
Romstersepen, git status and gitk --all is also handy :)04:11
sepenand rebase from the origin :)04:12
tilmanrebase from origin/branchfoo :p04:12
teKpitillo: yeah04:13
teKtilman: dammit I forgort directfb.. will take care / look at it tonight04:13
tilmanteK: np, i'll keep it for now04:13
Romsteryeah we don't use origin/master04:13
tilmanthat's what we agreed on, didn't we? :D04:14
tilmanpitillo: i forgot about the directfb x fix thouthg :x04:14
teKtilman: hups..04:14
pitilloRomster, thank you for that comments, that is why I prefer to make some test in a test repo before doing anything in stable repos. About packetstram, deptree has the answer04:14
Romsterwasn't tek gonna take that over. the directfb.04:14
pitillosepen, yes yes, I understood your point of view, but you know mine too... I am good breaking things, and you have too much work to give you more...04:15
pitilloteK, perfect, I hope it can be usefull.04:15
Romsterpitillo, ah it's in elfhacks..04:15
Romsterheh you got it covered then i didn't check that.04:15
pitilloRomster, don't worry. And thank you for reviewing them :)04:16
sepenpitillo, I think you should be part of contrib, you can sweep us work04:16
Romsteri only looked at a few.04:16
pitillotilman, you made the patch... but seems that is wasn't commited. Thank you anyways for your fast replies and patiente :)04:17
Romsterthat patch was upstream i think for directfb.04:17
pitillosepen, I will try. First I need more knowledge about git (I am a slow mind, you know)04:17
Romsterout of there git tree.04:17
Romsterthis may surprise you i also have a slow mind.04:18
tilmanpitillo: you can test it locally, too, btw. since git is a distributed scm04:20
sepenpitillo, personally I could help you in some areas04:20
tilmancd /tmp04:21
tilmangit clone git://
tilmangit clone contrib contrib-min04:21
tilmancd contrib-mine04:21
tilman$ hack away, commit,commit, git status, gitl og, eventually push04:21
tilmancd contrib04:21
tilmangit reset --hard # grab new commits you just pushed04:21
tilmangit log # inspect whether the push worked04:21
pitillotilman, taking note, I will make some test in that way. Thank you.04:22
pitillosepen, I know, you did it :)04:23
sepenor you can create you own branch to work04:23
Romsteror even make your own git, git init04:23
sepenjust play with git04:23
Romsterstart tracking your personal files.04:23
sepenRomster, he's using subversion for that04:24
Romsteri got mercurial04:24
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Romsterworks like subversion but is distributed like git is.04:25
DarkNekroshi everybody ;904:25
Romsterhi DarkNekros04:25
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Rotwangpitillo: have you checked nao maybe?04:28
Romsterany one want to comment on my latest wiki page
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pitilloRomster, for me it's a good explanation. It can clarify to someone who don't know when to use patches/sed lines.04:42
Romsterthat was the intention.04:43
Romsterand the fact it's bad to alter the file names as that can confuse patch.04:44
Romsteradded note about not changing the file name.04:46
Romstereven i was guilty of that before learning.04:47
Romsterdid everyone die in here :P04:54
mwansagot me a serial mouse for my laptop. whats the easiest way to disable ps/2. blacklist the module or just remove the module and recompile the kernel04:54
Romstereh a usb mouse?04:59
Romsteror a rs232 serial..04:59
mwansai dont want to recompile kernel if i can avoid it..04:59
Romsterman i should stop thinking of rs232 seems useless thesedays.04:59
Romsteri guess it won't load it if it doesn't need it.05:00
Romsterrecompile the kernel wouldn't take long and wouldn't require a reboot.05:00
Romsterbut you might want to use ps/2 at some point.05:00
Romsteri doubt having the module about would be a problem.05:01
mwansayeah was thing that05:01
mwansawell its anyoin..05:01
Romsterhow so?05:01
mwansai have really big hands and they slide on the touchpad05:01
Romsterah you want to disable the touchpad.05:01
mwansayeah sorry didnt make it clear05:01
mwansaRotwang, ?05:02
mwansathe band ?05:02
RomsterArrange so that the kernel initializes the USB subsystem before the PS/2 touchpad.05:03
Romsterso then you'd use the mouse and when that mouse sin't around you got the touchpad then.05:04
mwansawouldnt that just initialise both ?05:04
mwansaso both would be usable even if ones not available05:04
Romstermwansa, wouldnt' it be best to have both but have udev set the mouse0 to the usb mouse when it is pluged in?05:07
Romsterand go back to ps/2 when usb mouse is unpluged.05:07
mwansaumm yea i guess that would be a good aproach05:07
Romsterthat way if you lose the mouse or it breaks your not stuck.05:08
Romsterand i doubt having the ps/2 mouse module around is gonna waste much memory.05:08
Romsteryou could get cleaver and rmmod it when you plug in the usb mouse too.05:09
mwansathx Romster05:09
Romsternote it does involve udev messing though.05:10
Romsterbut that would in my mind be the ideal setup.05:11
mwansayeah i will get my hands dirty with udev then. i also got some usb and dvd issues to tackle05:11
Romstermwansa, a little googling found this
Romsteralong my idea.05:12
Romsterah whats up with the dvd i've messed in udev with that.05:13
mwansawohoo looks like half my work is done :P05:13
Romsterall i typed was 'udev detect usb mouse disable ps/2' in google.05:14
mwansalol well im kinda tired and was hoping someone here has run into it05:15
mwansasometimes google is iritating05:15
Romsternever did but i'm full of ideas.05:15
Romstertrue sometimes i can't find what i want.05:15
Romsterthere is also a yacy search not upto google yet but it is improving one such node, it works as p2p, is in contrib.05:17
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Romstermwansa, so what was your dvd issue? i think i can solve that one.05:19
mwansaah its just some auto-mounting i wanted to setup with udev05:20
mwansanothing to big, well hopefully05:20
Romster  << 99 percent data recovery.05:22
Romsterah i arn't keen on auto-mounting.05:22
Romsterthere is tools out there i think hal/dbus can do all that if that's what you want.05:23
Romsteri know it can mess up programs like wine.05:23
mwansawow i wounder how much they managed to recover05:24
mwansayea last time i used hal. but i thought if i play around with udev it may improve my knowlegde with udev etc05:25
Romsterah it should.05:27
Romsteri'm amazed they got 99% recovery off that.05:27
mwansawell im not suprised its a seagate :P05:30
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rxiwell it is an enterprise drive05:40
pitilloRotwang, nao was well built here.05:43
RedShiftenterprise drives?05:44
pitillo(a bit slow because I need to rebuild some ports which I deleted)05:44
mwansaRedShift, <Romster>  << 99 percent data recovery.05:46
RedShiftyeah, nice job05:47
RedShiftthey were fortunate enough that most of the data was written to relatively undamaged parts05:47
Rotwangpitillo: nice \o/05:56
Rotwangpitillo sorry for bothering you05:57
pitilloRotwang, you don't bore me :)05:57
Rotwangk ;]05:59
pitillos/bore/bother :)06:00
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cruxbot[opt.git]: transmission: update to 1.2006:04
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Romsterhi Viper_ can you take a look at this
Romsterattached patch to fix comping without xorg-libx1107:06
tilmanthat patchlooks fishy07:10
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mrkshey cruxers, what do you think about having an option for prt-get to print the logfiles of ports which failed to build? instead of type cat/tail/whatever /var/log/pkgbuild/bla.log just prt-get log package?07:30
Romstertilman, well it works...07:31
Romsterwithout it you must have xorg-libx1107:31
treachmrks: it doesn't already?07:31
Romsterand i don't fancy having X on my firewall.07:31
Romsterthank you.07:31
treachmrks: what's wrong with --log?  :>07:31
Romsteri even tried --with-x=no, didn't work...07:32
mrksi dont like to type cat bla/bla :)07:32
treachprt-get install --log <someport>07:32
treachwhere do I need to cat stuff?07:33
mrksafter a sysup where your terminal is full of output07:33
treachso? Look in the logfile. :>07:34
Romsteror make a alias or small shell file.07:34
mrksjeah, thats right, bash function should do the trick07:35
treachmrks: you could also look under "### log options" in prt-get conf07:35
treachpoint being, prt-get already *does* logging, so I'm not sure what's wrong with it..07:36
mrksyes it does07:36
Romsteri think mrks is lazy at retreving the loged files07:36
mrksthat was my point07:37
treachRomster: have you never heard that a computer isn't functional without a gui? :p07:37
treachmount the log dir over nfs then. ;)07:37
Romstereasy todo a for loop and print back what logs and user input to say do you want to print it out :P07:37
Romstertreach, ncurses...07:37
RomsterI like X on my desktop not on my firewall.07:38
treachhaha, NOOO, it must be a fullblown graphical, preferably 3d accelerated UI, or it's just doomed.07:38
treachDOOMED I tell ya. :D07:38
Romsterecky nfs use sshfs-fuse07:39
treachRomster: btw, I still find use for those rs232 ports. :P07:39
Romsterwhat uses them other than my PIC programmer07:39
treachfax modem, and using a terminal to control a box with no graphic adapter. :p07:39
Romsteroh yes i got a modem on rs232 on my firewall i forgot about that that's my backup if my dsl goes dead.07:40
treachusb modems sucks. :/07:40
Romsteri never did do console over rs23207:40
treachnever got one to work properly without windows. :/07:40
Romsteryeah they would.07:40
Romsteri even got a usb cable with my dsl modem but no lan cable...07:41
Romsteri went out grabed a lan card and cable and did it the proper way.07:41
Romsterwent to there store usb is not meant for networking damn it.07:42
treachbut, but, but.. it's called the UNIVERSAL serial bus, right? :D07:42
treachmust mean ANYTHING goes. :p07:43
jesse_"Divide, conquer, dominate." USB's motto. ;)07:45
treachintel and microsoft. same shit, different markets.07:46
jesse_It has succeeded well since serial, parallel and even joystick ports are essentially prehistoric these days.07:46
treachwell of course. 1 type of port is cheaper to manufacture than 3.07:47
jesse_There's a reason why USB is universal. :D07:47
treachit's cheap.07:47
treachit's also crap. :P07:47
jesse_According to the fbsd camp? :p07:48
treach"jack of all trades.." etc. :/07:48
Romsterthere is a v3 ment to be out this year,07:48
treachjesse_: no, not really.07:48
Romsterthe problem is latency and sharing bandwidth.07:48
treachjesse_: it's crap because it can do a lot of things, but it's not particulary good for anything.07:48
Romstertreach, you got proof?07:49
treachI'd say it's good enough for printers, keyboards, mice, cameras and not much more.07:49
treachRomster: compare usb hardrives to firewire..07:49
Romsteragh... that's obvious wait for v3 usb hdd's and yeah firewire was ment for DV stuff07:50
Romsterbut found it's way into hdd's USB is a cheap way to plug in a hdd07:50
jesse_It will still take a good amount of time before usb v3 gets going.07:50
treachRomster: yes, and that's because it's *cheap*, not because it's *good*07:50
Romsterand honesntly the pain is the fact we have firewire and usb...07:51
Romsterwe could of done with one not two different formats.07:51
treachjesse_: intels little ploy with usb3 isn't going to improve things.07:51
Romsteri wouldn't touch usb for hdd's/07:51
treachRomster: you're heard the expression "jack of all trades, master of none" right?07:52
Romsterit would be firewire or the esata07:52
Romsteryes i've heard of that.07:52
treachmmh, that's usb for you07:52
Romstermeaning it's to general it's shit at doing anyone thing good.07:52
Romsteri hate the fact usb steals the cpu time.07:53
Romstercheapness right there.07:53
treachas I said. it's good enough for low bandwith stuff, but it sucks when you need bigger amounts of data07:53
Romsterinstead of using it's own controller and it's own DMA to memory07:54
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger07:54
Romsterhi jaeger07:56
Romstertreach, yeah that's the cheapness of the general market and make as many bucks as they can.07:56
Romsterbefore we know it sata3 be out.07:56
treachwell, I can understand that.07:57
Romsterinstead of selling us full speed of something they release sata 1 the 2 and make the most money out of the consumer as they can.07:57
treachas it is, disk io is one of the biggest bottlenecks around.07:57
Romstersame with usb.07:57
treachnot quite.07:57
Romsterwith sata2 ya can't even susteain the 300gbit/s07:57
treachusb3 is just another attempt to get more money to intel.07:58
treachnobody really needs it afaik07:58
Romsterit's for later optical drives and stuff.07:58
Romsternot much will benefit from it now.07:58
Romsterusb hdd enclosures will though.07:58
treachand they could just as well use esata07:59
Romsterand usb soundcards for the professionals.07:59
Romsteryeah see.07:59
treachusb soundcards.. sounds like such a bad idea. :/07:59
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Romsterusb and firewire and esata are all gonna be fighting.07:59
treachand I fear it will go the same way as usual.08:00
Romsteryeah i don't like it but a mate i telk to say he designs mroe usb sound cards for the professional market than he does internal cards.08:00
Romsterwhich sucks...08:00
treachthe WORST standard will win. :/08:00
Romstertodo with saving money.08:00
treachno. not really.08:00
Romsteri bet usb will win it's the worst one.08:00
treachit's a lot about who's behind it too, and how they can play their cards.08:01
treachit's not all about being cheap.08:01
treachlook at the hd-dvd/bluray crpa08:01
Romsterand easyist to break the usb pins being bent. and the fact they didn't put any key way on the fucking plug and socket thats the worst. oh and the two diferent plugs the a and the b...08:01
Romsterblueray is gonna win i think but hd-dvd has a better format.08:02
jaegerRomster: good morning08:02
treachRomster: "bluray" already won.08:03
jaegeryeah, 2 days after I bought my HD-DVD plpayer08:03
treachRomster: toshiba has officially dropped hd-dvd08:03
jaegerplayer, even08:03
treachjaeger: sucks to be an early adopter sometimes. :>08:03
jaegeryeah. in this case, at least, I can still use it. I got a great deal on it at the time, 10 free HD movies, and a $50 rebate for them dropping it about a week ago08:04
jaegerit's quieter than the xbox 360 for playing movies and upscales the old ones to 1080p, which is nifty, if not really useful08:04
treachhopefully you can get a lot of cheap movies too while they're getting rid of the stuff already available. :)08:05
jaegeryeah :)08:05
Romstertreach, crud..08:07
Romsterjaeger, crap i prefer to wait it out.08:08
jaegerI usually do, too. This time I didn't wait long enough08:08
Romsterah well.08:09
Romstershit happens.08:09
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ximonda... recreate from scratch. Seems like a lot of work.08:29
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Romsterhah good on ya debian a patch goes wrong for them09:55
*** mwansa has joined #crux10:07
*** Rotwang has quit IRC10:14
RyoSi expect great things10:17
RyoSoh i know that one :P10:17
*** Rotwang has joined #crux10:17
Romstermmm GDDR 5 20GB/s 4.5GHz10:21
Romsterhi RyoS did you get lives working ok?10:22
RyoSRomster: havent had the time over the weekend to test10:24
RyoSbut i really planed to do it today10:24
RyoSi will let you know10:24
Romsterso i didn't have to rush and get that done way back then.10:25
RyoSsorry sorry ;_; just school came in between me and lives10:26
RyoSnow i got all tests done :]10:26
Rotwangah school :{10:27
RyoSto the panic room!10:27
tilman:{ cthulu :D10:29
RomsterAMD today shed light on its upcoming server workstation roadmap, revealing details on its first six-core processor, expected to be released next year, and a 12-core offering, due by 2010.10:38
Rotwang12 core x|10:38
RotwangOOo in 5 minutes :D10:38
RyoSAMD *roll eyes*10:39
jesse_OOo in 5 mins. hahah. no10:43
jesse_By the time 12-core cpus roll off production, OOo will be an even more bloated POS :D10:44
*** maxus has joined #crux10:44
RomsterOOo needs to be re-factored.10:45
jesse_That, and a noticeable attitude change. Resources are not a factor anymore but it becomes cyclic.10:51
*** treach has joined #crux10:51
jesse_Greater availability of resources and the devs can slack a bit more in terms of resource management.10:51
jesse_This is fairly evident especially in desktop use. :p10:56
treachhaha, don't count on an attitude change as long as SUN is at the wheel. :P10:57
treachtoo bad everyone seems so married to gtk, koffice could probably become something spectacular if it just got a 1/10 of the attention/resources ooo does. :/10:58
Romsteri really hate wasted resources. even with faster cpus and more ram doesn't mean you can go lets use 1MB for every button on the GUI or something.10:59
thrice`true.  but more projects = less progress10:59
treachthrice`: that's not entirely true.10:59
treachjust think of xfree/xorg. ;)10:59
treach1 project -- that's xfree -- == NO progress. :P11:00
thrice`ok, minus exceptions... :)  more minds on single task = more progress11:00
jesse_treach: I'm not holding my breath over OOo at all. :p11:00
treachno, it's a total mess.11:00
jesse_It will not receive any massive overhauls anytime soon.11:01
jesse_That would require ziomg, effort.11:01
treachstar office wasn't really the ideal starting point for a free office suit. :>11:01
Romstertreach, too bad everyone seems so married to gtk?11:01
treachit was a HUGE mess already from the start.11:02
Romsteryou mean we should be more to qt or fltk or wxwidgits, glade or some other GUI too?11:02
treachRomster: can you see fedora / debian /ubuntu etc, ship a qt/kde based office suit as the default?11:02
joacimI prefer abiword over OOo, abiword does everything i need =)11:02
*** sepen has quit IRC11:02
Romsterkoffice for kde.11:03
treachRomster: no, I mean as *the* default.11:03
treachas in "Fucking bury OO.o" :)11:03
Romsterthought koffice was the kde default.11:03
treachno, not in general11:04
treachyou can install it, but usually you get ooo for office applications even if you chose a kde desktop11:04
Romsterthat's amazing since everything else is kthis or kthat11:04
treachwell, frankly it's not that strange. the koffice stuff is not equally mature.11:05
treachnot yet at least11:05
thrice`can't OOo be made to look very qt-ish by default?  I'm guessing that's what kubuntu, etc. do11:06
thrice`treach: and hey, slackware is your exception :)11:06
treachI'm very interested in what has happened with koffice 2 (kde4 based) though since the development for 1.x essentially stopped years ago iirc.11:06
treachthrice`: putting a qt dress on ooo is like putting makeup on a pig. :>11:07
treachthat is, the biggest problem with ooo isn't its looks. :)11:10
*** destruct_ is now known as destruct11:11
Romsterthere is a gtk theme engine that matches the qt theme for making gtk apps look like qt on kde.11:15
Romstertreach, that made me laugh...11:15
treachWell, it's true. :)11:16
treachI don't care if it looks different, but I destest it for being such a hog.11:16
thrice`office suites need to be hogs11:20
thrice`"I can't edit my text areas, but at least we saved 10MB of source"11:20
treachI don't follow.11:21
ximondaHmm... what's the general suggestion to do if a port cannot be installed because of already installed files?11:21
thrice`i suppose I don't understand your issue with OOo11:21
thrice`ximonda: there really isn't one, since duplicate files shouldn't be there most of the time11:21
treachffs, ms-office 97 does everything OOo does, using like half as much resources11:21
ximondaSo, I have /usr/lib/libiberty.a in core/binutils as well as sigi/avr-binutils11:21
ximondaquestion 2: If there is no solution, is it then good practice to use a --prefix=/usr/local to avoid this conflict?11:22
Romsterximonda, transform the names or change the prefix.11:22
thrice`treach: OO3 seems a bit nicer in that regard11:23
treachmaybe. it can hardly be worse. :P11:23
thrice`indeed :)11:23
treachI'm looking forward to koffice2, since all actual development has gone into it the last 2 years or so.11:24
Romsterximonda, --prefix=/usr/avr is a nicer spot.11:24
*** RedShift has joined #crux11:24
ximondaso, sigi/avr-binutils is broken as it is now.11:24
Romsterlike i got /usr/mingw3211:24
treachI wonder how much stuff has changed. :)11:24
ximondaI'll use --prefix=/usr/avr That'll work.11:24
thrice`ximonda: yeah, probably shouldn't overwrite stuff from core :)11:25
Romsterit is the safest spot since it's for another platform.11:25
ximondawhat's the configure option "--enable-shared" doing with binutils?11:26
Romsterif it was juat a different version of the same arch then i'd of made another suggestion.11:26 files.11:26
Romsterso = shared library11:26
Romster.a = static library11:26
Romsteri prefer to disable-static and use all shared.11:27
ximondaI only need to get /usr/lib/libiberty.a out of the way.11:27
Romsterunless you need to compile some binary without shared libs.11:27
ximondait's just for the AVR microcontroller... all static in the end.11:27
Romster /usr/lib/avr/libiberty.a is another option.11:28
Romsterand /usr/share/avr11:28
ximondaromster: I didn't manage to move only this library.11:28
Romsterall static then don't bother enabling shared libs.11:29
ximondaromster: do you have the right configure option at hand?11:30
Romsterabout to grab it hang on a tic.11:30
ximonda--disable-shared ?11:30
Romsteryeah for removing the .so files.11:30
Romsterbut that won't fix the libiberty.a issue.11:31
ximondaokay, I'll try that.11:32
Romsterwould put libiberty.a in /usr/lib/avr/11:32
Romsteryou might need to tel other programs that path for libdir at compile time though.11:32
ximondaI will see how far that gets me.11:33
Romstereither option is to set specific directories --libdir=/usr/lib/avr --includedir=/usr/include/avr11:33
ximondai've had --with-lib-path=... but libiberty.a didn't follow that option.11:33
Romsteror use --prefix=/usr/avr11:34
ximondaI think I'll go for the --prefix.11:34
Romster--libdir= is what you watned to touch :)11:34
Romstera prefix is the easiest IMO11:35
ximondaeverything would work with the --prefix=/usr except the libiberty.a11:35
ximondaall the other stuff gets it's own target prefix with --target=avr11:35
Romstersometimes you want 2 versions of a lib and the headers clash so i do --includedir=/usr/include/foo-1.2.3/11:35
Romsterinstead of it being /usr/include/foo/11:36
Romsterand you can see the power of seding the commands like i did in contrib/gcc3411:36
Romsterximonda, that stuff isn't that tricky once you've had a mess around with them options. it's mainly logically thinking and paling what you need.11:37
Romsterman i can do some crazy typos11:38
ximondaJup... I was messing with that stuff long time ago, when I built my LFS powerpc CRUX... but forgot.11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fox: new port11:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: nao: new port11:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: interbench: new port11:44
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tornado: new port11:44
ximondaokay... --libdir=/usr/avr/lib did the job. Thank you.11:45
Romsterknew it would.11:50
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:57
ximondaHmm... I am wondering... I am using sigi's ports...12:10
ximondaThe avr-* ports don't seem to work out of the box.12:11
ximondathe footprints just don't fit with the port12:12
Romsteremail him if he still maintains them or make your own set.12:22
ximondaI'm about to make my own set.12:34
ximondaHow can I tell pkgmk that I want to use avr-strip instead of strip?12:35
tilmanvim /usr/bin/pkgmk12:36
ximondaGood point...12:36
Rotwangeasier would be not strip it12:37
ximondait's not really needed for the uctrl stuff.12:37
*** joacim has quit IRC12:38
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux12:38
ximondaIt would be possible to extend pkgmk to use avr-strip if the targets are some of elf32-avr elf32-little elf32-big srec symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex12:38
ximondawouldn't it?12:39
ximondain my next life maybe.12:39
Rotwangximonda: just dont strip it and everything will be fine :D12:40
ximondarotwand: I will...12:41
ximondanext question: which one is preferred: binutils or gcc's libiberty.a?12:42
Romsterximonda, make a .nostrip file and put in it .*12:42
*** joacim has joined #crux12:42
Romsterthen use what ever it is in the port to do the striping.12:42
ximondaromster: strip errors are ignored... so, it's no real problem there.12:42
ximondaI first want to work my way thru the mud.12:43
Romsterbinutils libiberty.a is prefered12:44
Romsteralthough i use /usr/mingw32/lib/libiberty.a12:45
Romsterthat came from mingw32-gcc12:45
ximondahow can I tell pkgadd that it should _not_ install files which are already present - do the opposite of -f ?12:47
Rotwangpkgadd ?12:48
Rotwangximonda: dont use -f :P12:48
ximonda$ pkgadd avr-gcc#4.1.2-1.pkg.tar.gz12:48
ximondapkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)12:48
ximondaI want to install it anyway.12:48
ximondaif I don't use -f, nothing gets installed.12:49
Rotwangid remove them from archive but probably theres better way12:49
ximondaThere are many ways...12:49
ximondathe straight one would be to -i gnore the files and skip them.12:50
tilmandude, your package is b0rked12:50
ximondaI just don't want to build it again...12:51
ximondaI have already12:51
ximonda        #remove conflicting files with host' gcc12:51
ximonda        rm -f $PKG/usr/avr/lib/libiberty.a12:51
ximonda        rm -rf $PKG/usr/man/man712:51
ximondain the Pkgmk.12:51
ximondaits just about making progress... I run out of time today.12:52
ximondatherefore this simple questions or suggestions about pkgmk -i :-)12:52
*** predatorhawk has joined #crux12:52
ximondasorry, pkgadd -i12:52
predatorhawkoh damn power outages.12:53
ximondapredator: where do you live?12:53
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC12:53
predatorhawkximonda: US <<12:54
*** predatorhawk is now known as predatorfreak12:54
tilmangerman power grid thing ftw12:54
ximondaI stopped to use a UPS at the company since last time the battery went bad after 3 years and burnt the whole UPS which was the reason for a crash ... and not a power outage.12:55
predatorfreakximonda: I have a UPS.12:55
predatorfreakIt's just annoying when the power denies, takes my router with it and comes back 2 minutes later.12:55
predatorfreak-denies +dies12:55
Romsterximonda, pinch my block of code out of gcc-fortran12:56
Romster$EDITOR /usr/ports/contrib/gcc-fortran/Pkgfile12:57
Romster# remove files already on the system out of the port12:57
ximondaI just see...12:57
Romsterand just before that it has rm lines for them man pages.12:58
ximondaI did it manually...12:58
Romsteri used my head.12:58
Romsterautomation rules :D12:58
ximondayou did both...12:59
ximondasee the # remove un-needed files12:59
Romsteryeah some stuff i made double sure.13:01
Romsterwas a near copy of what was in core/gcc13:02
ximonda... was13:02
Romsterages ago that is.13:02
ximondabute nice.13:02
Romsterit all works.13:02
ximondathe remove empty directories could become standard...13:03
ximondaexcept for core/filesystem13:03
Romsterhmm maybe there is cases where you want a empty directory.13:03
ximondahmm... which case?13:03
Romsterfor a cache directory or something.13:03
ximondathe I would also touch an empty file there... otherwise pkgrm will leave it there.13:06
*** destruct has quit IRC13:10
Romstersomething like that.13:10
teKso, you think there's a better cacti port13:14
teKright? :)13:14
pitilloteK, well, I think there is a port.. .putting read the install in 1 port IMHO has not much sense13:14
pitilloif it isn't good enought, may be making a wiki page with the info can be better than put the current port13:15
teKyes and I think I planned to contact XY if I may take his port to contrib/13:15
teKwhich was the reason I did not abandon the cacti port13:15
pitilloummm XY=mruiz?13:16
teKthink so13:16
pitillowell, I think you must not contact him to put it in contrib IMHO, if you use his port, maintaine the packager line if you don't touch it13:16
teKoh well, being friendly in advance is not wrong13:17
pitillobtw, I tried to talk with him since 2 months ago and I am waiting by now13:17
teKif he says no, I will create one myself13:17
pitillobtw, I think mruix has no problem to see that port in contrib, respecting his job13:17
pitilloif he doesn't like it, he will change it in local for his machines.... xD13:18
teKI will contact him and wait for until Friday13:18
teKthen I will adopt it :)13:18
pitillowell, I think you will not get any answer, btw you can try :)13:19
teKgreat ;)13:19
pitillotry to review it if you have time and if someone else is using it and can give comments, I think they will be welcome too :)13:19
*** sepen has joined #crux13:24
ximondaOkay... I'll have to go.13:34
ximondahave a nice evening!13:34
*** ximonda has left #crux13:34
Romsterlkml is a hell-hole with a signal/noise ratio worse than slashdot. rofl..13:55
*** drijen has joined #crux13:57
*** DaViruz has joined #crux14:08
*** pitillo has quit IRC14:15
tilmanQ:What is purple and concord (sic) the world?14:16
tilmanA:Alexander the Grape.14:16
DarkNekrostilman, Q: What is yellow and concort the wold?14:17
tilmanAlexander the banana14:17
DarkNekrosA: A banane who wants to be Alexandre the Grape xDD14:17
treachlook, he even uses a computer, with his own deskop. :>
tilmanmuy bien14:22
sepenmuyyy bien14:25
tilmanvery muy bien even14:27
tilmansepen: btw, "ajaj" is really hard to understand for people who don't know spanish ;)14:29
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:29
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan14:29
sepentilman, :)14:30
teKor german14:30
sepensame as over-lol14:30
tilmanteK: knowing german doesn't help with getting ajajajaja imo14:30
sepentilman, I recently purchase a car14:30
sepenIm too happy14:31
teKtilman: legasthenie is a widespread problem on QuaekeNet :>14:31
tilmansepen: which one?14:31
tilmanteK: ?????14:31
teKtilman: egal14:31
tilmanteK: i have a feeling you're confusing the problem14:31
tilman"jajaja" === "hahahha" in normal languages14:31
Rotwang"normal languages"14:32
teKajajajaj ~= jajajajaja :>14:32
treachfunnily enough, I'd say that, meaning "get off my back" :P14:32
tilman"jaja" == kiss my ass14:33
sepenno no14:33
tilman'jaja' heisst 'leck mich am arsch'14:33
treachapproximately, yeah. :P14:33
sepenjaja == I smoke marijuana too often14:33
teK tilman Julius Roehrich?14:33
tilmanteK: rooooeeeerich, gas wasser scheisse?14:34
sepentoday Im happy14:34
tilmanwe're getting way off topic14:34
* tilman -> #crux-ot14:34
sepenI need to do a massive commit14:34
teKI don't care14:34
tilmansepen: how old is your car?14:34
tilmanteK: but i do, and i've got the magic @ :D14:34
teKI don't care14:35
teKtilman: I laughed about 1000 times about just every single scene in this movie14:35
teKoder... oder... *traenenausgemaugenwisch* weisste noch letzte Woche, als er den Maurern die Funktion vom Bolzenschussgeraet erklaeren wollte.. und dann is er so BLOOOED und schiesst sich mit dem Ding die FLOSSEN kaputt *augenraufhuepf*14:36
treachdamn umlaut-challenged germans. :/14:38
tilmanqwertz just sucks for working on a unix system, or on vim, treach14:38
teK< english Cherry Keyboard14:38
treachI see.14:38
tilman< german cherry keyboard with us layout14:38
treachis qwerty that hard to get hold of?14:39
teKCTRL + K in vim gives you Umlauts14:39
tilmantreach: i switched to qwerty after buying this kbd14:39
Romsterhah couldn't handle me tilman ...14:39
tilmani didn't see the light (qwerty) until 200514:39
treachwell, dvorak would probably be "the light", unfortunately no such keyboards are to be found, and it sucks when your own computer is the only one using it. :>14:40
tilmanyeah. i'm quite happy with qwerty anyway14:41
treachqwerty works well enough, but when I do I lot of typing my left hand is objecting to the distribution of the keys. :>14:41
Romsteri tryed dvorak didn't stick to it long enough.14:43
treachI can totally understand that.. relearning touchtyping isn't something you want to do. :/14:44
Romsteri'm even slower typing in dvorak than i am in qwerty14:44
treachthat's just because you haven't trained enough.14:44
Romstertrue i should give it another try.14:44
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:53
*** xda has quit IRC14:54
*** Rotwang has joined #crux15:00
cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:16
rehabdollsepen: are you driving french?15:36
Rotwangwhy in some ports there is --libexecdir=/usr/lib and --libexecdir=/usr/lib/$name in others ?15:37
tilmanrehabdoll: he obviously didn't read our conversation about how crappy french cars are15:37
Rotwang--libexecdir=/usr/lib/$name is preffered approach i guess?15:37
tilmani think --libexecdir=/usr/lib would be correct15:38
rehabdollno, but i know from experience D;15:38
tilmanrehabdoll: i mean, iirc we talked about that some weeks ago, no?15:39
tilmani have a tortoise's memory :p15:39
treachfilled with lots of lettuce?15:40
rehabdolli cant even read, completely got what you said wrong15:43
rehabdollcurrently i am enjoying french electricity in my car15:44
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:19
*** harlequinn has joined #crux16:20
harlequinnis here someone running crux64 successfully?16:22
treachwhich version of it?16:29
*** meinhimmel has joined #crux16:30
treachI assume nipuL runs it successfully then. :>16:31
meinhimmelHey, can I get help with my mac address?  It's just a long stream of characters according to my router.16:31
treachgott im himmel <.<16:31
meinhimmel330313A30303A30383A61313A35303A32 << like so.16:31
treachyou're leaving out a ton of information16:32
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:35
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libgadu: new port16:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: openmine: new port16:36
*** harlequinn has quit IRC16:42
*** treach has quit IRC16:50
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cream: new port16:54
meinhimmelWell, I tried setting it myself, and that worked, but still it says my mac address is that long stream of characters.17:00
meinhimmelI'm using the i586 2.4 version of Crux17:00
*** maxus has quit IRC17:02
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:04
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:09
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:18
*** alancio has joined #crux17:24
*** lennart has quit IRC17:27
nipuL there's something to be said about only using upstream sources17:49
*** jjpk_ has joined #crux17:59
*** errdil has quit IRC18:00
*** jesse_ has quit IRC18:02
*** errdil has joined #crux18:05
*** jaeger has quit IRC18:21
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*** mwansa has quit IRC21:42
*** mwansa has joined #crux21:50
Romsterafternoon all.21:51
*** mrks has quit IRC21:54
*** mwansa has quit IRC22:54
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux23:41
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libevent: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.423:50

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