IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-05-15

alanciotraffic is crazy here too00:00
alanciomore than 1 hour to get to anywhere00:00
alancioso you live in a town near Melbourne00:00
alancioif I want some peace I have to drive for 4 hours00:00
alancioI go to a beach where young people camp00:01
alancioand you can see the stars00:01
alancioI can't see them here, because of the light00:01
alanciothe first time I saw that, I was amazed00:02
Romster4 hours from melbourne.00:02
alanciowell thats not near00:02
*** pitillo has joined #crux00:02
Romsterwell i say it's near enough :P00:02
alanciohi pitillo00:02
alanciogood morning00:02
alanciois it the nearest big city?00:03
Romsterprobably more like 5 hours with all the fucken speed signs they have now..00:03
Romsterhi pitillo00:03
Romsteralancio, yes00:03
alanciowow, its a big country00:03
Romsteri think Melbourne has about 3 million people.00:03
alanciowell we also have 3 million, but most of them are like ghosts00:04
alanciothey are very poor people00:05
alanciothey don't produce anything00:05
alancioit is like if they don't exist at all00:05
Romsteri see.00:05
Romsterzoom out and you'll see how huge that place is.00:05
alancioits very green for a big city00:06
Romsteri like that fact i hate the traffic and rat race go go go all the time and noise.00:06
Romsterguess those put up with it for work.00:07
Romsterat least there is parks and stuff of nature in melbourne.00:07
alancioI guess you must have a subway there00:07
alanciowow you have a huge lake there00:08
Romstermore of trams than a sub way though.00:08
alanciois it a lake? or the sea?00:08
Romsterand this is not counting on Adelaide Perth Sydney and other areas.00:08
Romsterin the arch is the sea >>00:09
alanciohave you found your house in google maps?00:09
Romsterclose too.00:09
Romsteri lived in melbourne and visit it a lot still00:10
mwansaRomster, alancio you 2 are flooding #crux :P00:10
mwansamorning btw00:10
Romsteri know..00:10
Romsternot flooding talking.00:11
Romsterand i guess we should of moved to crux-ot00:11
mwansaha ha ha00:11
Romsterbut i didn't even think of that.00:11
mwansano one uses ot tho :(00:11
alanciowe are too few for that00:11
Romsteri was saying earlier to predatorfreak others are so gonna have a fit when they see there backlog.00:11
mwansaha ha ha yea00:12
Romsterpretty much pointless having a crux-ot00:12
Romsteralancio, wanan show of your area?00:12
alancioat least they won't find the remarks I made previously :P00:12
Romsterburried in the text <<00:12
Romsteri'll have a go at setting up mgetty sometime too.00:13
Romsterthis is the best thing about crux we get the quality users using it.00:13
Romsterand huge arse discussions.00:14
alancioyeah, its darwins law of survival00:14
alanciothe newbies just go for other distros00:14
Romsterok i didn't know that law.00:15
Romsteryeah like ubuntoo *shudders at that word*00:15
alanciobut its not nice00:16
alanciothats my neighborhood00:17
Romsteryikes that's cramed together.00:17
alancioyou can zoom out, and see a military airport to the south00:18
alanciothey keep some russian toys in there00:18
Romsteris that a moutain range on the other side of that highway?00:18
alancioI don't know whats a mountain range?00:19
predatorfreakalancio: A range of mountains? :D00:20
mwansapredatorfreak, LOL00:20
alancioits a valley, surrounded by mountains00:20
alancioI live in the north of it00:21
Romsterlike this is a 'mountain range',+Australia&ie=UTF8&ll=-36.848857,146.618042&spn=2.215393,3.938599&t=h&z=8&iwloc=addr00:22
Romstermight have to zoom out and go south a bit.00:23
Romsterhmm damn tag.. i should of closed that00:23
alanciooh now I know what you mean00:23
alancioyes, its a mountain range00:23
alancioits huge, covering all south america00:24
alancioits called cordillera de los andes00:24
Romsterah nice00:24
alancioit ends here00:25
alancioit starts in argentina00:25
Romsterman that's huge got a picture of it.00:25
alancioits the biggest in america00:25
alanciothe peruvian natives built Machu Picchu there00:27
alanciosomewhere in peru00:27
alancioit was so high, it was discovered in 191100:28
Romsterlol neat00:28
*** lennart has joined #crux00:29
Romsteri'm gonna go cruse down the street alancio make sureoyur on more irc more ofter so we can chat, i'm sure i help you out on your projects, and you on me geting SIP setup. and mgety.00:30
alanciosure, I will00:30
alancioI don't come here often because most of the time its quiet00:31
Romstersweet, i'll be back in a hour or so and then i'm gonna work onw hati was gonna do before we broke out into a huge discussion that i enjoyed.00:31
alanciohehe ok, take care, I enjoyed it too00:31
Romsterah well come on more oftern i'm about or someone else.00:31
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*** maxus has quit IRC00:49
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux00:57
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)00:58
alanciohow are you doing01:02
pitillogood morning01:04
pitilloyo alancio & Romster :)01:04
pitilloalancio, did you take a look to the log attached to the lirc ticket?01:06
alancioI'll fix it01:06
alanciodame un tiempo tio01:06
pitilloperfect, not sure if it was usefull for you01:06
pitilloalancio, jajajaa yeah of course :)01:07
alanciocan't see it right now01:09
alancioflyspray doesn't load :(01:09
alanciook now it does01:09
pitilloummm I can upload to my router if you want01:09
pitilloah, better there then :)01:10
alanciowhat kind of receiver are you using?01:10
alancioIR receiver01:10
pitilloummm I am not using ir or lirc :(01:10
alancioso why did you try to build it?01:11
pitillotake a look to the post, I think I posted this there. These conclusions were from a build in a clean/minimal enviroment01:11
alancioso you were just testing random ports?01:12
pitilloalancio, I have built all ports in opt and then I went ahead in contrib, to check at least that all deps were well put.01:12
alanciothats quite a task01:12
pitilloalancio, ummm no random, bit by bit I am trying to make a follow to good repos (opt/contrib)01:12
pitilloalancio, a bit, but the real task IMHO was to make the clean/minimal enviroment with sepen01:13
alanciothe problem with the lirc port is that it is interactive01:14
pitillochecking ports it's only that, let 1 computer building and when they finish, read logs to see if all ports were built fine, if not, try to look for the missing deps and fill a bug in FS01:14
alancioit asks the users for the driver he wants to use01:14
alancioI think it should just use the most common one, and if anybody wants to change it, he is welcome01:14
pitilloummmm that interactive action is done under dialog? or directly in a shell?01:14
alancioit runs a shellscript which runs dialog01:15
pitillobecause I found the dialog dep quite strange (not sure when it's used)01:15
pitilloah I see01:15
alancioits like a build requirement01:15
pitilloummm can it be avoided?01:15
alanciolike openoffice dependency for rpm2targz01:15
alancioyes it can01:16
pitillowell, the I think it must be present in dependencies too01:16
pitilloah, if it can be avoided it's another history then01:16
pitilloyo Romster01:16
alancioyes, the real problem was the interactive menu driven process01:16
alanciohi again01:16
Romsteralancio, pitillo is like me and sepen in the way of testing ports in either a chroot or a VM.01:17
pitilloummm then I can't help too much, I am not sure if it's better to put by default 1 driver or add dialog in deps to let the user select the proper driver for him01:17
Romsteri can't run out of coffee so i went and got more and a few other tings before this rain sets in.01:18
Romsterit would be best to use a virable.01:18
Romsterand default to something sane.01:18
Romsterlike LIRC_IR=... in pkgmk.conf01:18
Romsterand check for it.01:18
pitilloummm in pkgmk.conf?01:19
Romsterwas a suggestion.01:19
pitilloI think a readme file and that var in the pkgfile can be a better way to use a var, isntead of using it in pkgmk.conf01:20
Romsteroff the top of my head, and i only just got home i cycled over 6km..01:20
alancioI did it in the Pkgfile01:20
pitillobtw, this is an opinion too01:20
alanciothere is a driver keyword called "any" that should include all drivers, but it is not working for me :(01:20
alancioI was just typing the README01:21
pitilloalancio, then what do you think to add a readme file explaining that01:21
pitilloperfect (a bit of delay here at work :)01:21
alancioat work already!01:22
pitilloyeah, I woke up and powered on this computer... then I ran to work xD01:22
pitillothat is why I never answer when I connect... (and I do at least half hour before...)01:23
Romsterpitillo, ah i wondered that...01:27
Romsterdo you ssh to your home computer?01:27
pitilloyeah, ssh + vnc01:29
Romsterah x11vnc?01:30
*** Rotwang has joined #crux01:30
pitilloRomster, yes01:31
Romsteri've wondered how you set that up. a wiki page on it be nice.01:31
pitilloummm isn't hard, I have a script to make the tunnel, it's only that01:31
Romsterwith the Pkgfile in your port or README?01:31
pitilloummm personal script01:32
alancioI only use a .ssh/config setup01:32
*** namenlos has joined #crux01:33
alanciothen I ssh to the remote host, and run: x11vnc -display :001:33
alanciothen I run on the local host: vncviewer localhost:101:34
Romsterah nice.01:34
alancioI used 5901 and localhost:1 because I already have a local X11 server running01:34
Romsteri've been wanting to set that up01:34
Romstergodo to know.01:34
alanciono problem01:34
alancioyou might also want to enable compression01:35
Romstersince that would become :101:35
alancioyeah, 5900 + displayNumber01:35
alancio5900 -> :0 5901 -> :101:35
Romsteri won't need it here i'm just wanting to access my other lan connected box instead of going to the other room all the time.01:35
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC01:36
alancioI use it to avoid the stairs in my house :P01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xdg-utils: Updated Maintaner line and contact info.01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: codeblocks: Updated contact info.01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: dmidecode: Updated contact info.01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fcheck: Updated contact info.01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: jnettop: Updated contact info.01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: leafpad: Updated contact info.01:36
Romsterpitillo, care to throw x11vnc in contrib?01:36
pitilloRomster, not sure about that, I think there will be some file conflicts01:36
pitilloor compatibility with tight01:37
pitilloI can take a look to it and see if are there problems01:37
alancioit has the binary, the man page, and some java crap01:37
Romsterthere isn't any namespace conflicts?01:37
Romsteryeah does it need the java?01:38
pitilloRomster, I think there were, but I am not sure, I need to check it again01:38
alancioI guess not, its a java vnc client01:38
alancioI erased it in my port01:38
Romsterthat java bit could probably be killed then.01:38
alancioI'll put it in contrib01:38
Romsteryou got contrib access too.01:39
Romsterseems like a good candidate for contrib if you ask me.01:39
alancioyes, a good candidate for me to submit, because it isn't updated often :P01:40
pitilloummm this is the little sript which I use
Romsteralancio, if you don't use ck4up yet
Romsteri've been making a few wiki pages.01:41
Romsterpitillo, ta i'll set it up and i guess i'll make a small wiki page on howto it.01:42
pitilloto restore a x session opened at home... (the router has the forward from 5900 to 5901)01:42
pitilloRomster, ummm I think the wiki page isn't really needed (I think they must be focused directly to stuff related to CRUX IMHO)01:43
Romsteri'd have 5900 as the local X and 5901 for a remote X i guess.01:43
alancioRomster: did you write this program?01:43
alanciothe ck4up01:43
Romsterno that's Jue's program.01:44
Romsterbut could you imagine me keeping track of 160~ ports without that :P01:44
alancioyes, I'm having trouble with 5001:45
Romsterah then set that up!01:46
Romsterideal candidate to test what i've wrote on that page01:46
pitillothat's the second part of the history...01:46
alanciowell most of my ports are from KDE, all of them are updated at the same time01:46
Romsterah you keep the kde repo too..01:47
Romsteri've tryed to hack at kde4 didn't get that far01:47
alancioI tested it for every minor release01:47
alancioand its not ready yet01:47
Romsterhackish quality.01:47
alancioI can give you my kde4 ports01:48
Romsternot even running it i just got bored.01:48
alanciobut its not worth the hassle01:48
Romsteri was jsut keeping with the releases it's not that good to run yet i know.01:48
alanciothere are many requirements which shouldn't really be required01:48
Romsteryeah sure i can use your ports to improve these.01:48
Romstermaybe we could combine our efforts?01:48
alancioI think you are more excited with kde4 than I am hehe01:49
Romsteri really got bored :P01:49
Romsterand i used to run kde before moving to pekwm01:49
alancioI only built kdelibs, kdebase and kdegames before realizing it was not worth it01:50
Romsterlol... i got further than you then.01:50
alanciowhere did you hit the wall?01:50
Romsterbut i hit some error and went fuck it for now try later.01:50
Romsteri think i had a issue with kdebase.01:51
alanciothe dependencies are hard to figure out01:51
Romstercan't remember now.01:51
Romsteryeah the dependencies are hackish01:51
Romsterbut i can do prt-get depinst kdebase and it'll build upto that.01:52
Romstercan't remember if it was kdebase itself or the other ports that didn't work.01:52
Romster httpup file.01:52
Romsteri at one stage had kde3 stuff too but i deleted that stuff since you updated yours.01:53
Romstercan see i still got stuff i haven't updated at 3.96.0-101:54
Romsterthat's when i first tried to compile it all.01:54
alanciowell our ports have some differences01:54
alancioyours are newer: 4.0.3 vs 4.0.201:54
Rotwangalancio: hi i sent you mail some time ago01:55
alanciodependencies are different, cmake flags, etc01:55
Romsteri got a few out of date ones still i'll have to check again.01:55
alancioHi Rotwang01:55
Romsterwhere is your stuff so i can look over it alancio ?01:55
alancioI'll put it in my webserver01:55
Romsteralso i got ktorrent and k3b in contrib i wouldn't mind having them in the kde repo.01:56
Romsterwish kde repo was on the crux site kde.git01:56
Rotwangso i may put my kde stuff into contrib?01:57
alancioRotwang: I can't find your email01:57
Romsteri have currently yes01:57
Romsternot ideal but no one has bitched they just have to have the kde repo in there prt-get.conf01:57
Romsteridealy we should have gnome and kde git on the crux site like how sepen and jue has access to xfce401:58
alancioI'm not the owner of k3b, so I don't know about that01:58
Romsterso a group can add stuff.01:58
Rotwangalancio: nevermmind kde ports seems updated since then01:58
Romsteralancio, i'm the owner of k3b and ktorrent.01:58
alancioI have a ktorrent port in kde repo01:59
Romster-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release never seen that before.01:59
Romsterah might of been my private repo i got ktorrent before you even had a ktorrent port.02:00
alanciowatch out for -DKDE4_ENABLE_FINAL=on02:00
alancioit doesn't always work, I have commented it out from some ports02:00
Romsterah i know what that does.02:00
Romsterit's risky same as --enable-final02:00
Romsterput all the souce files into one before compiling.02:00
Romsterwhich has the risk of function name clashes02:00
alancioyeah, they tend to fix it over time02:01
Romsterben meaning to talk to you about kde one day :)02:01
alancioI'm open for suggestions02:02
alancioalthough I don't ask for them on the mailing list, for obvious reasons02:02
Romsterah you finally updated dbus-qt302:06
Romsterthat was siting at a old version for awhile.02:07
alancioto be honest, I haven't worked on the kde ports in some time02:07
Romsteryou relaly do need to setup ck4up.02:07
Romsteri think your qt3 could be out of date.02:07
*** sepen has quit IRC02:07
Romsteri built qt4 it took me like 4 hours.02:07
*** sepen has joined #crux02:07
alanciomost of the time I spend on kde is checking the patchs that other distros use, like OpenSUSE02:08
alancioOpenSUSE backported some neat KDE4 patches into KDE302:08
Romsterah yeah they make a good checking spot.02:08
alancioI downloaded a live CD of opensuse just to check it out02:09
Romsteri see.02:09
Romstermust have some time on your hands to do that.02:09
alancioyes, thats the problem02:09
alancioI don't have the time now02:09
alancioI do it on the weekends02:10
Romsteri see.02:10
alancioI was looking at some patches for kopete02:11
alancioone was called something like jabber-webcam.diff02:11
alanciobut, it didn't work02:12
Romsteri gave up on kopete.02:12
Romsteri used to use it a lot.02:12
Romsterthen went to pidgin02:12
alancioI went the other way around, started with gaim, then moved to kopete02:12
Romsterand pidgin gives em the shits with yahoo plugin keeps crashing it.02:12
Romsternow there is forks of pidgin i dunno what i wanna do. if i try funpidgin or something else..02:13
alancioI don't like pidgin, I think it was better at the 1.5.0 release02:13
Romsterit was02:13
Romsterit's gone crap now.02:13
alancioI think the author knows it02:13
Romsterand i liked how kopete grouped diferent protocols in one contact.02:13
cptnRomster: kde.git _is_ on crux.nu02:13
alanciohe started working at google, and following their wishes02:13
Romstercptn, oh...02:13
alancioyeah it is02:14
Romsteroh it is too.... geez i must be blind.02:14
Romsteri'd refer to put k3b in the kde repo if i was to get access to it.02:14
*** Rotwang has quit IRC02:15
Romsteri could still run kde on my other computer here for testing too02:15
Romsternot sure if i want it on my desktop pc anymore.02:15
alancioyou'll have to ask the chiefs02:15
Romsterunless kde4 turns out to be very good.02:15
alanciobut I don't see any problem with k3b being in contrib02:15
alancioI have some kde apps in contrib too02:15
alanciolike twinkle02:15
Romsterapollon i think i got in contrib too.02:16
sepenalancio, these kde apps are dependent on the kde repo?02:16
Romstersepen, yes02:16
alanciowell, they require kdelibs, but not kdebase02:16
Romsterthey depend on kde.02:16
sepenin this case should be moved to kde repo02:16
alancioits much like some apps depending on gtk but not gnome02:16
Romsterwhich is why i'd like to have kde access to put kde apps in the kde repo.02:16
sepencontrib app's should be dependent to core, opt, xorg and contrib02:16
sepennot kde02:17
Romsterwell no access to kde what do ya do.. put it in contrib.02:17
sepenor provide his dependencies on contrib02:17
cptnor talk to the KDE guy? :-)02:17
Romsterbut that's like throwing arts and kdelibs in contrib02:17
alancioI don't administer the git access02:17
Romsteryeah i know.02:18
cptnalancio: well, but your the owner02:18
alancioyes, k3b should be in kde02:18
alancioI can put it in there02:18
cptnalancio: we can add other users, but we'll only do it if you want that02:18
Romsteri've often wondered about that situation.02:18
Romsterapollon and k3b i can think of but then apollon depends on contrib.02:19
Romsteras its' got gift in contrib... man dependencies become a pain.02:19
alancioin that case gift should be moved too02:20
Romsteri know i wanted to help out with kde upkeep if alancio doesn't object.02:20
alancioI have no problem02:21
Romsterah maybe not since gift could use other front ends...02:21
Romsterbut gift cursor is old and broken if i remember correctly.02:21
alanciobut apollon (which would be in kde) requires gift, which is in contrib02:21
Romsteryeah i guess i could maintain that in kde?02:22
Romsterif i got access to kde.02:22
alancioyou want to put apollon in kde?02:22
Romsteri'll see if i can get access and put apollon it's dependencys and k3b in kde repo?02:23
Romsteri dont' tink i got anything else kde in contrib..02:23
alancioI wouldn't object about k3b, but apollon is a different story02:23
alancioI have to sleep, its 3am here02:25
sepenbuenas noches alancio02:25
alanciohey! buenas noches02:25
alancioRomster: we have to talk about your kde ports02:26
alanciok3b should definately be in KDE02:26
*** alancio has quit IRC02:26
Romsterhmm so what happens with apollon.02:27
Romsterguess we discuss this later when alancio is around.02:28
*** mwansa has quit IRC02:29
cptnpitillo: how often do you update
cptnpitillo: just wondering as it apparently didn't catch k3b's missing dep kdelibs...02:33
pitillocptn, I don't verify contrib repo (I only update pitillo/e17 repos) I think sepen checks contrib.02:33
tilmancptn: yeah, mikeux==sepen02:33
cptnah, sorry02:33
pitillocptn, no problem02:33
sepencptn, hmmm my fault02:34
Romsterjust is the error on my gstreamer port...02:35
sepencptn, teorically the repoverify bypass this conf to prtverify =>    -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg -c /usr/ports/contrib02:35
RomsterRedundant deps for gst-plugins-bad are: gst-plugins-base02:35
pitilloummm k3b has in its deps kdelibs02:35
sepencptn, no idea, I'll take a look later02:35
cptnsepen: great, take your time :-)02:36
Romstergrep gst-plugins-base /usr/ports/contrib/gst-plugins-bad02:36
Romsterreturns nothing.02:36
Romsterbut it doesn't bother me something about gnome si in the prt-get.conf above contrib when the check for contrib is done.02:38
*** RedShift has joined #crux02:39
Romstercptn, with the wiki is it ok to describe how a ports works or is it supposed to be more general for crux related?02:39
cptngood question02:40
sepencptn, can you verify me this line? $ prtverify -l 8 -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/contrib/k3b02:41
Romsteri like using -c/usr/ports{core,opt,xorg,contrib}02:42
cptnRomster: if it's really completely independent from crux, I think there would be better places to describe it than the CRUX wiki02:42
cptnOTOH, why not add it, and then later we can discuss how relevant it is02:42
Romstercptn, true at least it would make the wiki more filling ant it's related to a crux port.02:43
cptnnot that filling the wiki is a goal per se... :-)02:43
Romsterit ti's decided latter that it shouldn't be there i'll do something about it then.02:43
Romsterwell filling with quality content.02:43
Romsteri should add.02:43
cptnwe'll need some review mechanism as well I think02:43
cptnhowever the wiki really needs to take off yet02:44
Romsterand we all should have accounts on the wiki too.02:44
Romsterso all changes are set for each member.02:44
cptnyeah, that used to work initially02:44
cptnfrom what I can see it's only a technical problem that people can't register accounts at the moment02:45
cptnI'll file a bug against the website02:45
*** mwansa has joined #crux02:48
sepencptn, fixed. I was using loglevel number 8 instead of 15 for prtverify bypass'ed arguments, and in this case nothing its reported for missing deps02:48
sepencptn, thanks pointing that02:49
cptnsepen: cool. Didn't mean to ignore you before, just didn't get around to test it yet :-)02:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: libxslt: updated to
sepenohh np02:50
sepenI was confused with combined loglevels :)02:51
Romsteryou just add the numbers up.02:57
Romstersay you want 3 and 5 you put in log level 702:58
*** mwansa has quit IRC03:02
sepenhmm well I need a cofe03:04
sepenjust a pair of minutes, later03:04
Romstercoffee <<03:04
*** mwansa has joined #crux03:05
*** RedShift has quit IRC03:32
*** mike_k has joined #crux03:38
*** lasso|qt_ is now known as lasso|qt03:45
*** schniggie has joined #crux03:58
*** namenlos has quit IRC04:15
*** namenlos has joined #crux04:16
sepencptn, seems thats running fine now
cptnsepen: good!04:24
sepenI was supposed that ERR messages also included ERR+WARN+INFO, so fatal = fatal+err+warn+info04:25
sepenthat was my problem04:25
Romsterso now i get a misnomeaner report for missing dependency :P04:27
Romstersepen, i do wish you would fix that contrib with gstreamer issue.04:27
Romstergnome should not be listed in prt-get.conf when you check contrib.04:28
sepenbut when I check contrib it get a list of repodeps, isn't dependent of prt-get.conf for that04:29
sepenRomster, give one minute04:30
sepenpfff Im doing a ports -u lithium, .git/objects are also tried to download04:32
cptnnamenlos: so lithium would probably be another "customer" for the git driver04:33
sepensure --->  Failed to download The requested URL returned error: 40404:34
sepenRomster, gstreamer PASSED --> $ ./repoverify contrib -d -p gstreamer | wgetpaste04:38
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
Romsternice to know sepen04:39
Romsternothing worse than false positives.04:39
cptnexcept for false negatives, of course04:42
sepenif someone want to take a look
Romstercptn, yeah false negatives can be a pain too.04:46
*** surrounder has joined #crux04:46
* surrounder waves04:46
Romsterhi surrounder04:46
tilmansurrounder: hey04:47
surrounderhow are you peeps? :)04:48
tilmanmy coffeine level is too low04:48
tilmanotherwise good04:48
tilmanerr, caffeine04:49
* teK has to do a SQL Like query on three files with sed,cut,grep etc. 04:50
RomsterteK, take a look at ffe in contrib.05:05
Romsteryou can output a sql.05:05
Romsteri have food in the oven.05:07
Romsteri have really nice coffee here too tilman :P05:07
teKRomster: i'm nearly done05:19
tilmanwhy is there no opendirat()?05:27
tilmanopening the directory with open(2) and O_DIRECTORY and then using fdopendir is stupid and ugly05:28
RomsterteK, that's a shame. it most likely could of done what you were doing.05:29
RomsterteK, keep it for next time you need to extract from flat files :)05:29
tilmansomeone write me an irssi plugin05:30 or so05:30
teKRomster: it's a one time analysis05:30
RomsterteK, k05:30
tilmanit would do: s/could of/could have/, s/would of/would have/, s/should of/should have/ and maybe more05:30
tilmanjaeger might also appreciate it05:30
Romstertilman, O_o05:31
Romsterthat's masking a problem not fixing it.05:31
tilmanfixing the problem seems to be impossible05:31
Romsteralso xchat has a option to fix words too.05:31
Romsteri'd be suprised if irssi doesn't.05:32
*** mike_k has quit IRC06:00
*** mike_k has joined #crux06:01
*** sepen has quit IRC06:23
pitilloprt-get unlock fox06:25
Romsterpitillo, wrong window :P06:39
Romstertilman, oh hey simpler sed than you used on mesa3d '1s|^.*$|prefix=/usr/|' used something smiler for another purpose.06:40
*** sepen has joined #crux06:41
tilmantoo clever and fragile06:41
Romsterhow so. :P06:41
tilmanline 1 is hardcoded...06:41
Romsteri guess it could get something else if the first line happened to be not what was expected.06:42
pitilloRomster, noticed it, I didn't see the pointer and I saw the focus in the term (vnc lags sometimes when someone is eating my little BW). Sorry.06:42
Romsterpitillo, it's fine.06:42
pitillosometimes I answer in the term xD06:43
Romsterah that's funny... i have done that before not realising the focus.06:43
Romsteroh hey remember rm -rf /06:43
Romstertype it in the wrong spot and poof :P06:44
pitillothat is worse... and a bad point of be root06:45
Romsteri always use sudo06:45
Romsterrarely if ever do i chown to root06:45
Romsterer su to root*06:46
pitilloyeah, I think I have the bad habit of be root in 1 term too.. (at the router more times than here)06:46
Romsteri see.06:46
pitilloI think I only made one of mines in the router's /var.... changing owner to all /var...06:47
Romsteri know this is old but this is what i think of DRM :P06:50
Romsterpitillo, nice.06:53
pitillochanging talk: if someone find interesing a port of my private repo, I hope he can tell me about and I will try to review it and put it in contrib. (to don't use my private repo)06:53
Romsteri havent' done anything majorly bad yet, touch wood.06:53
pitilloI cross my fingers too (I am good breaking things xD)06:53
Romsterie soemthing i couldn't recover from.06:53
Romsterpitillo, sure.06:54
Romsterelfhacks O_o06:55
Romsterlook it up and the site is really bare.06:55
Romsterwhat's it actually do?06:56
pitilloit's a dep for glc (record gl apps)06:56
RomsterDSTDIR <- is that right usually it's DESTDIR06:56
pitillowell, time to eat. I will read you later06:56
Romsterah i see.06:56
pitilloummm taking a look06:57
pitillothank you very much Romster. Fixing it06:57
Romsteri just noticed it random looking.06:57
Romstercatch ya later pitillo :)06:57
pitillosolved :)06:58
pitillocu later :)06:58
tilmanDSTDIR was actually correct o_O06:59
tilmanRomster: just because it looks funny it doesn't mean it's actually broken...06:59
Romstertilman, true it just looked out of place.07:00
Romsterthat's why i asked.07:00
Romsterwouldn't take much to look in the Makefile to double check and add a # comment to the Pkgfile line.07:01
*** julek has joined #crux07:11
*** onestep has joined #crux07:30
*** sepen has quit IRC07:37
*** errdil has quit IRC07:41
*** errdil has joined #crux07:43
*** sepen has joined #crux07:52
pitillochecking it08:15
pitillowell, seems that is DSTDIR instead of DESTDIR, it was correct08:16
*** jaeger has joined #crux08:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger08:18
cptnhey jaeger08:26
cptnjaeger: do you know why nvidia ships their own GL includes?08:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lirc: selected driver by default, added readme to explain.08:30
cruxbot[contrib.git]: x11vnc: Initial commit (version 0.9.4)08:30
jaegermaybe for distros that split their -dev packages? not sure, really08:32
cptnokay, I was just wondering whether they should be prefered when building opengl apps08:34
cptnin which case we could add some logic to gl-select08:34
cptnI'll bother tilman :-)08:35
tilmandon't :D08:35
cptntilman: any take on the nvidia includes?08:35
Romsterrofl.. :P08:36
tilmanwhat's the problem you're trying to solve? :)08:36
cptnI'm cleaning up opt/qt408:36
cptnwhich does some nvidia cflag magic08:37
tilmanah i see08:37
cptnI think it's not needed08:37
tilmani thought nvidia would stick their headers to /usr/include08:37
tilmanie in the same location that mesa3d uses08:37
tilmani don't know whether anything would break if gl-select copied around the headers, too08:38
cptnokay, I'll investigate some more08:39
Romsterthat cant be right... i have 403 ports in my private ports tree.08:43
cptnless than a fifth of yhafri08:44
Romstermore disturbing i've deleted a few and made some new ones08:45
Romstercptn, you gonna clean qt4 up in opt... so i guess i'll kill the one in contrib now...08:46
cptnI've not heard from sip yet08:47
cptnI was gonna check agaist yours too08:47
cptnfor now, I'm just trying to remove the stuff which is still there from the early qt3 days08:47
Romstermine fixes use system flags08:47
cptncan't see anything you do differently with the CXXFLAGS08:49
cptnother than using common instead of linux-g++08:50
Romstercptn, forwarded what sip emailed me08:50
*** jdolan has joined #crux08:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:51
Romsteryeay qt4 moved it to common08:51
cptnmine still has linux-g++ here08:52
Romstermy port really needs the prefix fixed so it takes over qt3 too08:52
cptnah wait08:52
Romsterit wont pick up on cxxflags then08:52
cptnyeah, I see what you did08:52
cptnmakes sense08:53
Romstercheck ya email too :)08:53
cptndid twice already since you said it :-)08:53
Romsteri wanted to get the one in opt fixed08:53
Romsterjust keep the qt3 compatibility mode in qt4 for now too.08:54
Romsterand paths for install fixed like qt3 and nuke qt3 off the system kde has qt3 in that repo.08:55
* Romster just hopes i arn't intruding here <<08:57
Romster    This message has been rejected because it has08:59
Romster    a potentially executable attachment "Re: qt4 in opt repo.eml"08:59
Romsterstupid thing...08:59
*** mwansa has quit IRC09:00
Romstersent it as a reply instead...09:01
*** onestep has quit IRC09:39
Romstercptn, you probably know this one i'm looking for a list of error codes so far i've found this but it has no actual integer numbers to go with the names.09:54
Romsterold news sepen and what would they expect removing the 'random seed generator from openssl' did they think it would make it more secure?09:55
Romsterdang cptn has gone away oh well.09:56
*** Rotwang has joined #crux09:58
pitilloRomster, I think they thought 1 line of code wasn't necesary or disturbed 1 debian devel....09:58
pitilloa bit more OT...
pitillo1 joke and good info for someone who want to read a bit09:59
pitillo(sorry if this is old too)09:59
Romsterhaha this is good stuff.10:00
Romsteri hadn't seen that until now.10:00
pitilloit's a good reading giving the reasons about why it was removed...10:00
pitilloand the joke is good too.... xD10:01
sepenRomster, Date Reported --- 13 May 200810:02
pitilloI think he means known (or at least I see in that sense) not old...10:04
Romstersepen, odd well i seen another site a few days before you posted that.10:06
cptnRomster: back now10:12
cptnRomster: /usr/include/asm-generic/errno.h10:14
cptnthat's what eventually gets included if you include /usr/include/errno.h10:15
*** julek has quit IRC10:17
Romsterthat's better thanks cptn10:19
Romstersometimes google isn't good enough.10:19
cptnbut often, applications and scripts define their own codes10:20
Romsteryeah thats what i'm gonna get to next but i wanted to make sure i chose integers that wouldn't clash.10:20
tilmanwhat are you doing?10:20
Romsterhacking away on some stuff and learning.10:21
tilmangee, i didn't expect an answer so detailed10:21
Romsternot like you cared to say what program had the uninitialised memory earlier.10:22
cptnit was in openssl10:22
Romsterif you must know i'm working on signals for pkgmk...10:22
Romsteryeah i figured that out ages ago.10:23
cptnjust detected in any app that would link to openssl10:23
cptnso the exact app didn't matter at all10:23
tilmanif you're working on pkgmk, the stuff from errno.h doesn't matter at all10:23
Romsterbut tilman could of said at the time than me to work that out 10 minutes later.10:23
tilmanTHAT is why i was asking10:23
Romsteri watned to make sure my numbers would not clash.10:23
tilmanthe error codes from random scripts never match errnos10:24
Romsterso i can use anything i like another words.10:24
tilmanmostly because your exit can only be 1-255 ;)10:24
tilmanexit code*10:24
Romsterdang the 8 bit limit...10:24
*** RedShift has joined #crux10:25
Romsterwhy couldn't i of found that shit from google i've been looking.10:25
Romstertyped in posix error codes and stuff.10:25
Romstersomedays i hate computers... this is one of them.10:26
*** maxus has joined #crux10:27
* Rotwang hates computer too10:31
* Rotwang sees some inconsistencies in ports10:32
cptnports(8) ?10:33
Rotwangi guess i should post it to crux-devel and or crux-contrib10:33
Rotwangcptn: i mean maintaining ports10:33
Romsterwhich ports?10:34
Rotwangaccording to
cptnRotwang: ah10:34
Rotwanglibexec things shoul be placed in /usr/lib/<prog>/10:35
Rotwangwhile they aren in core or opt (mostly)10:35
Rotwangwhile in gnome they are10:35
Romsteraren't ?10:36
tilmanthe only offenders in core are gcc and glibc, which use /usr/lib10:36
Rotwanggrep -R libexec /usr/ports/10:37
Romsterhmm should be a thing for crux 2.5 to move them two to /lib10:37
Rotwangand look at the output10:37
Romsterlibexecdir is ment to be /usr/lib or /lib10:38
Romsterdepending on the port.10:38
Rotwangaccording to it should be /usr/lib/<prog>/10:39
Romster/usr/libexec/ is not used in CRUX10:39
Rotwangso handbook is wrong then?10:39
Romsterif you look down a bit more.10:39
RotwangRomster: you dont get my point10:39
Romsterjust before remove junk files.10:39
RotwangRomster: /usr/ports/opt/dbus/Pkgfile:--libexecdir=/usr/lib/dbus10:40
Rotwangwhich one is right?10:40
Romsternot every friggen port has a /usr/lib/port some go directly into /usr/lib and there is no namespace clashes ok.10:40
Romsterlook at the footpring of that port.10:41
cptnRotwang: check the footprint of emacs10:41
cptnRotwang: it goes to /usr/lib/emacs10:41
Romster--libexecdir=/usr/lib is a prefix... most programs add there own usr/lib/foo10:42
Romsterso your saying even ports like xorg should goto /usr/lib/xorg/ than to /usr/lib10:43
Romsteras a example10:43
Romstereven x264 goes to /usr/lib and not /usr/lib/x264/...10:44
Rotwangi see10:44
tilmanx264 doesn't eve use libexecdir fu10:45
Romsterso /usr/lib/<prog>/ is sometimes /usr/lib/10:45
Romsterno becasue it puts everything in the libdir.10:45
Romsterbut the point of it doesn't have a <prog> directory.10:45
Romsterwas that fu = fuck you...10:46
tilmantalking to you isn't fun10:46
tilmanbecause you're both paranoid and confused all the time10:46
tilmanand NO, it was not 'fuck you'10:46
Rotwangi should check footprints earlier :x10:46
Romsterit looked liek it from my perspective.10:47
Rotwangsorry ;]10:47
sepenRotwang, plib now is on contrib10:47
Rotwangsepen: i noticed, thanks10:47
Rotwangsepen: im going to put something that depends on it in my free time, maybe tomorrow10:48
sepenany idea how to use logrotate every 5 minutes?10:52
Rotwangwhile sleep 3600 ??10:52
sepensleep don't appear in the man10:53
sepenonly daily,montly,weely,etc etc10:53
Rotwangnot to put it in the cron10:53
Rotwangsimply do the loop10:54
sepenRotwang, yeah but inside the logrotate for an specific daemon?10:54
sepennever used again10:54
pitillosepen, */510:56
sepenpitillo that is for crontab10:56
sepennot for logrotate.d path10:56
pitilloummm lost10:56
sepenpitillo, see the man pages and look at examples10:57
sepenIm trying to use every5minutes instead of daily option10:57
sepenbut is not a crontab line10:57
*** treach has joined #crux11:07
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux11:12
*** mike_k has quit IRC11:24
*** Rotwang has quit IRC11:25
pitillosepen, yeah, I saw a few lines above and missunderstood it11:27
sepennp pitillo now Im using an alternative but thanks at all11:28
*** sepen_ has joined #crux11:37
*** sepen_ has quit IRC11:39
*** sepen has quit IRC11:54
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:55
*** errdil has quit IRC12:02
Rotwan1sepen: virtual box source is fscken x|12:07
Rotwan1and thats funny 'bug'12:07
Rotwan1he is not here ;]12:07
pitilloRotwan1, check the readme, since sun got it, the download must be done by hand12:09
pitillothis morning was built well in a 2.6.23 and now finished in a 2.6.25 (the older version had problems with this kernel version)12:10
Rotwan1sun pisses me off12:10
Rotwan1pitillo: maybe download it in pre-install script would be better?12:16
Rotwan1or inside build()12:16
Rotwan1no inside build is fugly12:16
Rotwan1what im talking about x|, dont listen to me12:17
Rotwan1juwenali in wroclaw, students raging everywhere, great atmosphere, so best thing to do today is not listen to me12:24
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang12:33
treachand it's all sun's fault :>12:35
thrice`would a gentoo mirror or similar stock it?12:37
thrice`hrm, doesn't appear so o.O12:40
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:00
*** treach has quit IRC13:31
*** Romster has quit IRC13:32
*** Romster has joined #crux13:36
Romsterso much for that this new firewall script needs more work.13:37
*** mrks has quit IRC13:50
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux13:54
tilmanneed someone with a clue13:56
tilmanglibc-2.6.1/sysdeps/i386/strlen.c  uses a single instruction13:56
tilmanbut apparently that one isn't used in our glibc build13:56
tilmanwhy not?13:57
cptnwell, there's also string/strlen.c14:05
cptnwhich seems to be much more sophisticated14:05
cptnI'm among the clueless though :-)14:06
tilmanstill, the x86 version should be faster than that algorithm14:06
tilmani think :D14:06
cptndoesn't sound promising though14:06
*** Romster has quit IRC14:12
*** mrks has joined #crux14:15
*** Romster has joined #crux14:22
tilmanmy bad14:27
tilmani386/strlen.c is the prefered version for 386 only14:27
tilmanthere's assembler implementions for i486, and for i586 andl ater14:28
*** treach has joined #crux14:28
tilmanand the i586.S one is what we end up with, it seems14:28
*** meinhimmel has quit IRC14:34
tilmanglibc 2.8 was tagged on april 11th and there's still no release tarballs14:38
thrice`didn't fedora ship with it?  or a very close version14:40
tilmangoogle seems to confirm14:40
rehabdollbut did netcraft? :o14:41
thrice`doesn't appear on mirrors either14:43
j^2anyone use a terminal nntp client for linux here?14:46
*** sepen has joined #crux14:54
tilmanj^2: i used to use 'tin'14:54
tilmanslrn was also popular back then14:54
tilmantin uses ncurses, srln uses slang14:54
treach"real" men use telnet. ;)14:56
treachapparently there's a patch for mutt to make it deal with nntp as well, too.14:57
treachj^2: you might find this interesting
treachor not. :>14:59
*** namenlos has joined #crux15:07
treachsurprisingly lynx seems to work as well.. :>15:09
*** joacim_ has joined #crux15:37
*** joacim has quit IRC15:44
*** Viper_ has joined #crux16:02
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC16:17
*** treach has quit IRC16:33
*** joacim_ has quit IRC16:34
*** joacim has joined #crux16:35
*** namenlos has quit IRC16:49
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*** mwansa has joined #crux19:09
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux19:14
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*** mwansa has quit IRC20:24
*** mwansa has joined #crux20:26
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*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:15
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:15
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:24
Romstermwansa, i'm around now. but i'll brb few minutes.22:41
mwansa:). brb aswell. but i got the problem solved.22:43
*** mwansa has quit IRC22:43
*** mwansa has joined #crux22:46
Romsterah ok.22:52
mwansayeah are you using vsftpd at all ?22:53
Romstermwansa, btw why do you ping out so much?22:53
Romsteri'm using bftpd22:53
mwansaerr faulty connection i guess. disconects randomly :(22:53
Romsterwhat sort of connection do you have?22:54
Romsteryou shouldn't have that issue then..22:54
mwansashouldnt be giving me troubles...22:54
Romsterwhat program do you use to access cable?22:54
mwansawhat ya mean ?22:55
Romsteror some box that converts to lan?22:55
Romsterfrom cable to the computer.22:55
Romsterlike what dsl uses a modem, does cable use some converter box?22:55
mwansaah im running of a switch with a flat mate i guess that could be whats causing the problem22:55
Romsterah i'd check your cables aren't ready to fall out then.22:56
joacimhe may be a torrent fag.. my router crashes if i have too many connections =)22:56
mwansayeah its a dodgy connection.. ill try get on it sometime22:57
joacimhe might be*22:57
Romsterah maybe.22:57
mwansajoacim, :P22:57
Romstertry a ping to the first hop and see how much latency you get that'll say if he is a p2p2 nut.22:57
RomsterI've noticed even on this dsl i got QoS setup i can actually get faster speeds.22:58
Romsterand i put my dsl modem in full bridge mode since the cpu in the dsl modem is slow and ran hot and sometimes locked up like joacim said about locking up.22:59
mwansaah ohk, whats your download like ?22:59
Romsterthey seem to put underpowered cpus that get too hot and unstable. but now my dsl modem runs cool.22:59
Romsterwell i'm on 512/128 nothing fancy but i could only get like 50-52kbyte/s now it's pushed it to 55kbyte/s23:00
Romsterand not to sure about upload i limit that around 96kbit i need to fiddle with that some it's quite critical on latency.23:01
mwansaohk. i moved from like a  ~10kb to a 300kb. so much fun :P23:01
Romstersometing around 12kbyte/s out.23:01
Romsteryou might even squeeze more out of it with QoS :P23:02
Romsteri got a firewall/gateway with maradns and squid etc.23:02
Romsteri'm slowly moving my QoS stuff to predatorfreak's blackhole project.23:04
Romsterso tc wont be so hard to use as i got a qos.conf and vars in it atm but i'm gonna switch to a parser.23:04
mwansaeh vsftpd with enabled ssl gives me a "500 OOPS: SSL: cannot load RSA Certificate O_o23:04
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
Romsterhmm that's a clue.23:06
Romsterdid you generate a ssl certificate for it?23:06
Romsterso it can't find the file...23:07
mwansaand im sure my paths are right with rsa_cert_file and rsa_private_key_file23:07
mwansain vsftp.conf23:07
Romsterchecked the man page?23:07
mwansaim one of those guys that assemble a product without reading the manual23:08
mwansai suppose i better read it now23:08
Romstermaybe you didn't compile --with-openssl or something?23:08
Romsteryeah i try frist then read manual later if i get stuck.23:08
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:51
*** pitillo has joined #crux23:59

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