IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-05-17

ryuoi think around 2500:00
ryuonot sure00:00
ryuoi'd have to modprobe k8temp00:00
Romsterthat's quite low, must shut sections down in the cpu.00:00
* Romster makes coffee00:02
ryuoi found a neat way to create a "root shell" ;)00:08
ryuoxterm -e su00:08
ryuopretty simple, no?00:09
ryuomight want to use su - for good measure though00:09
nipuLxterm -e sudo su00:09
ryuofor no password? :)00:09
ryuosu would prompt for a password... heh00:09
nipuLthat would depends on your suduers file00:09
ryuoroot password that is00:10
Romsteryou can allow commands in sudoers file to not need a password.00:10
* ryuo nods.00:11
ryuoi prefer su - approach myself00:11
ryuoused to using su - anyway00:11
ryuoi dont mind typing in password each time00:11
Romsteri much prefer using sudo command.00:11
ryuosince it reminds me "do i really need root for this?"00:11
Romsteror if i find it's a pain i do sudo su -00:11
Romsterthen work as root then exit after.00:12
ryuoi've had times when i forgot i was using sudo00:12
ryuoand screwed shit up00:12
ryuoso i've grown to prefer su -00:12
ryuosince i keep getting a reminder i'm working as root00:12
ryuomight be a pain, but its there as a safeguard00:12
ryuoto protect me for accidents ;)00:13
nipuLxterm -bg yellow -fg black -title "ROOT CONSOLE" -e sudo su00:13
Romsternever had that issue i go for used anytime i need root and how hard is it not to see a # for root prompt than the $ for not root.00:13
ryuowith sudo...00:13
ryuoyou dont see the root prompt00:13
RomsternipuL, lol.00:13
ryuoif running in a regular shell00:14
Romsterno but you don't have to prefix your line with sudo simple.00:14
Romstermoot point.00:14
ryuoi'm considering giving firebox a try once the developer finishes his stability fixes ;)00:14
Romsteri'm gonna see if i can solve this give focus when brought to front thing in pypanel.00:15
ryuoanother try that is00:15
Romstermight be nice.00:15
ryuoi think some of its features are cool00:15
ryuoone thing i've never seen in any other window manager is00:15
ryuohe has a menu that spawns in the middle of the screen on a key press00:15
ryuohe calls it a dynamic menu with icons00:15
ryuoand it goes horizontially00:16
Romsterhmm i think i know the fix..00:16
RomsterpanelButtonEvent button one add pp.taskFocus(task)00:16
ryuoadd a single one?00:16
ryuoa second one*00:16
ryuoi tried that and it still didnt work :-/00:16
RomsterButton event handler for the panel with no active tasks00:17
ryuoso what if i have other "tasks" open?00:17
ryuowhat then?00:17
Romsternot sure i'm gonna test.00:17
ryuoat least openbox is good for one thing00:18
ryuoyou can use it to test apps and see if EWMH compliance is an issue00:18
ryuosince openbox incorporates ALL of the standard00:18
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*** efleming969 has left #crux00:23
Romsterryuo, nice00:36
Romsterok i'm gonna restart X and make sure if i solved this or not bbs00:37
*** Romster has quit IRC00:37
nipuLsweet, just got a replacement lcd because the dvi dropped out on the old one, this one does 1680x1050, the old one only did 1440x90000:51
cruxbot[opt.git]: pyrex: updated 0.9.801:55
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spaceninjaI'm compiling the kernel right now. Should I pick Operon/Athlon64/Hammer/K8 if I got a amd64, when I'm running 32bit software?03:09
Rotwangninja from space! o/03:11
spaceninjaheh, well I guess I'll pick it, seems more reasonable to do so03:12
spaceninjaI wish I had the knowledge to compile a perfect small kernel, just for my computer hardware03:16
Rotwangi wish i many thing too :x03:17
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lzma: 4.32.5 -> 4.32.603:21
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Romsterryuo, eh i give up on pypanel... seems it half works then don't...03:31
Romstertrying out barpanel now.03:32
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nipuLRomster: gcc34 is borked04:10
nipuLMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/gcc-3.404:10
nipuLNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/gcc04:10
nipuLugh.. no thanks04:11
nipuLah, need to update my x86_64 script04:17
nipuLyou changed the rules on me :P04:17
sepenRomster, did you known QtWebkit? why isn't on the qt4 port?
sepenRomster, I need this module for building the arora browser04:26
Romsterit's been working here fine.04:27
sepen""The QtWebKit module is part of the Qt Desktop Edition, and the Qt Open Source Edition""04:27
Romstercptn now maintains qt4 in opt email him.04:27
sepenhmm ok04:27
RomsternipuL, how could that be broken.... --program-suffix=$SUFFIX04:29
Romsterand at the start of build() local SUFFIX=-${version%.*}04:29
Romsterit's worked before and hasn't been changed. but i'll rebuild it again and test.04:29
Romsteri check all my ports.04:30
Romsteri'm aware of a few other issues but nothing major only minor.04:30
Romsterugh then i read "nipuL> you changed the rules on me :P"04:31
Romstergod damn it why can't i ever read everything before typing.04:31
Romsteri edit Pkgfiles from time to time.04:31
Romstermainly cosmetic changes.04:32
nipuLRomster: it's my bad04:45
nipuLmy multiarch ports aren't up to date04:45
Romsteryour using out dated ones from contrib <<04:47
nipuLno, i just needed to update the build script for x86_6404:50
nipuLwere you ordered to put the SUFFIX variable inside build()?04:51
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn04:52
Romsterit's the first line after build() {04:55
Romsterbuild() {04:55
Romster        local SUFFIX=-${version%.*}04:55
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*** boe has quit IRC04:56
nipuLyeah, but my x86_64 script had SUFFIX in it already, so I assume it must have been defined outside of build() at some stage04:58
Romsterah originally it was which was a bad thing.04:59
ryuoRomster: you given lxpanel a try as well?05:03
ryuoits a bit like fbpanel but not quit05:04
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux05:14
DarkNekroshi everybody ;)05:15
* ryuo runs.05:25
Romsterryuo, not yet.05:26
Romsterbarpanel has some issues but i haven't messed with configuration yet.05:27
Romsterhi DarkNekros05:31
ryuoi doubt it would work for me05:31
ryuoat least the xdg part05:32
ryuoalso, dont forget about the harbour, Romster/05:32
ryuoyou can stick miniapps in there05:32
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ekg2: new port05:33
ryuowould be nice if some panels let you only display icons for windows, like an "icon tray". useful if your running it on a really small resolution05:33
Romsteri got a xdg port in my private repo.05:33
ryuoRomster: I don't have the xdg "menu" on my system.05:33
Romsteri bookmarked that.05:33
Romsteri haven't either...05:34
ryuobefore, it wouldnt work if the menu did not exist05:34
Romsterbarpanel is on my screen right now.05:34
ryuoRomster: remember fluxbox's panel? is that panel all you need?05:34
ryuoif so, bmpanel could work for you.05:34
Romsterhmm not sure but i can try out bmpanel too.05:36
Romsteri remember you said bmpanel used more ram than pkewm itself <<05:37
ryuowell i dont remember if i did or not05:38
ryuoits functionality is pretty much on par with fluxbox's panel05:38
ryuominus the workspace arrows05:38
ryuoi mean, you have the pekwm menu, do you really need a menu on a panel? ;)05:39
Romsterdamn it i need to install libev too..05:39
* ryuo nods.05:39
ryuotheres an easy workaround to libevent05:39
ryuojust remove the conflicting file05:40
ryuobmpanel sure dont need it05:40
Romstereven though i use libevent already why must there be two...05:40
ryuoand what other apps need libev anyway?05:40
Romsternothing but that afaik.05:40
ryuoas long as there aint any it shouldnt cause any problems05:40
Romstercan always move it's install path.05:40
* ryuo shrugs.05:40
Romsterand point the programs to it.05:40
ryuoalso, dont forget. bmpanel requires scons to build05:41
ryuoRomster: do you like click to focus or sloppy?05:42
ryuoi've always considered sloppy focus to be a pest at times05:43
ryuoat least if your moving your mouse around a lot05:43
DarkNekrosI agree with you ryuo ;)05:44
ryuoits great if your a keyboard fanatic though05:45
*** tvaal has joined #crux05:45
DarkNekrosonly emacs fans are so enough :P05:45
aonsloppy is ok once you get used to it05:46
aonclick-to-focus is overall less annoying probably, though05:46
Romsterryuo, click to focus.05:46
DarkNekrosalt-tab always works ;)05:46
Romsteri seem to prefer fbpanel more over pypanel since it has a working systemtray.05:47
Romsteryeah alt-tab i use sometimes.05:48
ryuobmpanel also has a system tray05:48
ryuoalso pypanel DOES have a system tray05:48
Romsterone that doesn't work very good.05:48
* ryuo shrugs.05:48
Romsterhates pidgin and skype.05:48
Romsterand doesn't flash the icon in the system tray either.05:49
Rotwangawesome + wbar + stalonetray05:49
Romsteri'll try the others out too.05:49
Rotwangweird mix but usable05:49
Romsteri'll try them others out or i might just hack at fbpanel.05:52
Romsteri like the idea of it being a gtk bar.05:52
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux05:52
*** mxs has joined #crux05:52
Romsterhi LithiumFX ltns05:52
LithiumFXHey Romster05:53
LithiumFXHow have you been, made your millions yet?05:53
Rotwangcontrib maintaining isnt to profitable05:53
LithiumFXYou never know, Mr Gates might have felt the need to donate05:54
Rotwangnot sexy either05:54
Rotwangwtf im doing here ;]05:54
LithiumFXI swear my laptop turns itself on at night and changes settings05:55
RomsterLithiumFX, i wish i seem to make more ports than money :P05:55
ryuoLithiumFX: fat chance.05:56
ryuoLithiumFX: hes so anti-linux, i doubt hed give anything to something hes trying to destroy05:56
LithiumFXRomster, your ports keep CRUX alive05:56
ryuoor disguise it as help05:56
Romsteryeah something like that :)05:56
LithiumFXryuo, it'd be like Troy all over again - "Hey, take this Trojan HDD..."05:57
ryuoyou know their old EEE strategy?05:57
ryuoExtend, Embrace, Extinguish.05:57
ryuoM$'s way of dealing with their competition05:57
Romsterryuo, nice moto.05:58
ryuoRomster:  i didnt make it up, i heard it from someplace else05:58
LithiumFXTo be fair, I'm guilty to an extent since I use Visual Studio and therefore deserve punishment05:58
ryuoso what?05:58
ryuojust try to ween yourself off ;)05:58
Romsterryuo, yeah for bringing it my my attention though, i must remember that one.05:58
ryuoOLPC is an utter joke now05:59
ryuothey can't even stand by their original ideals05:59
LithiumFXWould anyone have an insight into Xorg corruption/system lockup on exit, and possible causes? I'm using the xv86-video-intel driver, but if nobody has any ideas it really doesn't matter.05:59
ryuoLithiumFX: did you consider trying a kernel downgrade?06:00
LithiumFXryuo, no I didn't actually, should I roll back to .24 or earlier?06:00
ryuoeven stable kernel releases can break shit that wasnt tested well06:00
ryuowith xorg i'd say its a good idea to check it out06:00
ryuosince it sounds like video issues06:00
ryuodoes it do this with vesa?06:01
LithiumFXNo, but it does it with the older i810 driver as well as intel06:01
ryuoit could very well just be a malfunctioning kernel or something06:01
LithiumFXIt's either the xorg-server or the kernel, since I've tried patches I unearthed via Google which fix the bug, along with loads of Xorg.conf options06:01
ryuotry a kernel downgrade to your last good one06:01
LithiumFXI'll downgrade to .2406:01
LithiumFXI should have thought of that06:02
ryuobe sure to grab the latest revision06:02
ryuoi wonder if linus has plans for a kernel tree outside 2.6.x06:02
ryuolike 2.7 or something06:02
LithiumFXWould he ever do that?06:03
ryuohe did in the past but who knows06:03
ryuothe best changelogs worth reading are the major revisions06:03
ryuofor the kernel06:03
LithiumFXI've gone for .24 since this worked06:03
LithiumFXI didn't read the log for .25 to be honest06:04
LithiumFXSo this is entirely my fault06:04
ryuoi read it find out about new hardware support mainly06:04
LithiumFXMy laptop is quirky, the soundcard is problematic06:04
LithiumFXI can't mute it or adjust volume06:04
ryuohow so?06:04
ryuowell you could try06:04
ryuothe external alsa drivers06:04
LithiumFXI've tried every mode for the driver under alsa, used the external drivers06:05
LithiumFXYeah, tried it06:05
ryuoi've also heard of unofficial patches for alsa drivers that may fix some issues06:05
ryuowhat type of soundcard is it06:05
LithiumFXI've not looked into it for a few months06:05
LithiumFXIntel HDA, a Realtek ALC86106:05
ryuo| Chip: Realtek ALC861-VD                                                      |06:05
ryuowhat i got06:05
ryuono trouble here06:05
ryuothey changed the options for compiling the snd-hda-intel driver06:06
ryuomaybe you should review it again?06:06
LithiumFXI'll have a look06:06
ryuoi mean in the kernel ;)06:06
LithiumFXOut of interest, where did you source the chip output from06:06
LithiumFXYeah, same06:06
ryuo| Card: HDA NVidia                                                             |06:06
ryuomy provider though06:07
LithiumFXMine's not got the -VD, probably to do with the fact FSC are too cheap06:07
ryuoit came integrated in my AMD biostar socket AM2 microatx mobo06:07
ryuoits also a desktop so06:07
ryuolaptops are far more integrated than desktops heh06:08
ryuoin recent revisions06:08
ryuothe master channel started showing up06:08
LithiumFXI've got a dumb question - how do I use the modprobe/alsa options in the documentation, I've forgotten06:08
ryuoin the past, i didnt have one06:08
LithiumFXYeah, that's my problem06:08
ryuomodprobe (module) (options)06:09
LithiumFXI used to edit a configuration file06:09
ryuouse this to test it06:09
ryuoput it in config to finalize it06:09
ryuofor startup, etc.06:09
LithiumFXmodprobe snd_hda_intel single_cmd position_fix=1 model=3stack06:11
LithiumFXWas that what you meant for testing (obviously removing the module)06:12
ryuoi think so06:12
ryuoif it doesnt complain then it should work just fine06:12
ryuoI've noticed snd-hda-intel is more and more common in the newer machines06:12
*** maxus has quit IRC06:13
LithiumFXI wouldn't need to run alsaconf to reflect the changes, would I06:14
ryuoit should work fine06:14
ryuojust run alsamixer06:14
ryuoafter words06:14
LithiumFXThe best bet is asus-laptop06:15
LithiumFXThat gives me per-channel muting06:15
LithiumFXBut no volume06:15
LithiumFX* volume control06:15
LithiumFXThanks for the pointer06:20
LithiumFXI've got slightly more control than before :P06:20
ryuoonly real advantage i see modules having over static kernels is06:21
ryuoyou can pass arguments to tweak what it does06:21
LithiumFXI've got no idea why volume control is absent in the laptop06:21
LithiumFXWindows works with the card fine, but that has trouble since it detects it as the wrong card06:21
LithiumFXAlsa sees the correct card but I see to have a "unique" implementation of it06:22
Romsteri can say is stable.06:22
LithiumFXI'm compiling
LithiumFXI'm on 25.3 at the moment06:22
Romsterah i think 25 might have issues.06:22
Romsteri've tried 25 and had video issues.06:23
ryuodoesnt for me06:23
ryuoi'm using my distros 2.6.25.x kernel06:23
LithiumFXRomster, video issues?06:23
Romsterso i'm staying on 24 for awhile longer.06:23
LithiumFXI've got a Tetris-lookalike when I exit X under .25 :P06:23
Romsteryeah with 100.14.19 nvidia driver won't compile.06:23
LithiumFXMy port has a patch for that06:23
Romsterand alter nvidida drivers don't work on my geforce 7600GS card.06:24
ryuoRomster: 169.12 is what i'm using06:24
ryuostill crashes xorg if i goto a tty sometimes but06:24
RomsterLithiumFX, won't apply to 169.1206:24
Romstererr 100.14.19*06:24
LithiumFXI thought 169.12 was the latest06:24
Romsterand 169.12 don't work for me.06:24
LithiumFXUsing the patch works for me on my 8600 GT06:25
ryuodid they drop support for your card?06:25
Romsterjust doesn't says illegal instruction on any opengl program.06:25
Romstershouldn't have it's a 7600GS06:25
Romsternot that old.06:25
LithiumFXBrb, reboot06:25
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC06:25
Romsteri bought it i think 6 months ago now.06:25
cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.4306:25
ryuoi have an 8500GT06:25
Romsterlast card to be agp.06:26
ryuoi'm using PCI Ex1606:26
Romstermight of been later ones but i thought this will do untill i get a new mobo.06:26
RomsterPCIe X16 will be on my next one and i'll turn this one into a media center.06:26
ryuoI bet it'll like processing your pr0n collection06:27
ryuoso what you gettin next? a amd or intel powered thing?06:28
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux06:47
* LithiumFX returns06:47
LithiumFX.24 doesn't fix the intel problem, it seems I'm doomed to the vesa driver06:48
ryuoLithiumFX: sentenced to a life of using vesa, for his unspeakable crimes.06:49
LithiumFXryuo, I am eligible for parole in 10 years06:50
*** Rotwan1 has joined #crux06:54
LithiumFXryuo, I'm trying a fix I've read about on the Arch forums06:58
LithiumFXIs this worth submitting a bug report for CRUX?06:58
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC07:05
*** Rotwang has quit IRC07:06
Romsterryuo, AM2+ or AM3 board. something AMD07:16
ryuoRomster: so do you like IceQua?07:17
Romsterryuo, yes i'm still on IceQua.07:17
Romsterother than having to fix that font size <<07:18
Romsteri'd set a value so it's clear how to change the font size07:18
ryuocat: /dev/brain0: No such file or directory07:18
Rotwan1cat /dev/urandom > /dev/brain007:22
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux07:23
ryuomore like07:23
ryuocat /dev/null > /dev/brain007:23
ryuoln -s /dev/null /dev/brain007:24
LithiumFXHey again07:24
LithiumFXI've isolated my graphics problem if you're interested, ryuo07:24
*** tvaal has left #crux07:24
ryuoone too many drinks on the kernels part? :-p07:25
LithiumFXIf I disable it the Intel driver works and exits fine, but obviously, no DRI = no fun07:25
Romsterhmm file a bug and give as much details as you can.07:27
LithiumFXYeah, will do07:28
LithiumFXJust trying it without the composite extension07:28
LithiumFXSince that may be the problem07:28
LithiumFXIf I can have DRI w/o composite that's acceptabl07:28
LithiumFXI'm rebuilding mesa3d and xorg-server07:30
LithiumFXI'll try X with DRI enabled but no composite07:30
LithiumFXEither way, I'll file a bug07:30
ryuoyou could just disable the Xcomposite extension from being loaded07:30
LithiumFXThat's what I'm going to try07:31
LithiumFXJust waiting for mesa3d to build07:31
LithiumFXI'm on a one year old Centrino Duo :P07:31
ryuowhy rebuild when you can just disable it07:31
LithiumFXJust to make sure my X and mesa builds aren't problematic07:31
LithiumFXSince I rebuilt all installed packages recently07:31
LithiumFXBrb, restarting X07:32
* LithiumFX prays to Linus07:33
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC07:33
*** rehabdoll_ has joined #crux07:50
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC07:51
*** rehabdoll_ is now known as rehabdoll07:51
ryuoRomster: if you find any problems with IceQua, let me know.07:58
ryuoexcluding font ;)07:58
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux07:58
*** jdolan has joined #crux07:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan07:59
LithiumFXHi again08:00
LithiumFXRomster, I'll submit a bug report now08:00
Romsterryuo, k08:00
ryuoalso, theres no harbour section just so you know08:01
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC08:01
ryuoso harbour will look wierd if you try to use it08:01
Romsterryuo, maybe you would want to make a global install of themes Pkgfile.08:01
ryuoi heard pekwm is getting a new release soon08:01
ryuoone of the additions is icons i think08:02
ryuoto maybe menus?08:02
ryuoi mean08:02
ryuowindow menus08:02
Romsteri'll go and have a nosie over to the site.08:02
ryuocheck the changelog08:02
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux08:02
*** Viper_ has joined #crux08:03
ryuowould be nice if they would add support for icons for regular menu entries08:03
ryuooptionally of course08:03
ryuoadds more life to menus08:03
ryuobut not really needed08:03
Romsterit be nice as you could make it optional for Themers08:05
nipuLholy shit, just looked outside, there's about an inch of snow cover08:05
RomsternipuL, nice..08:05
Romsterno snow here.08:06
ryuothis late in the year?08:06
ryuowhat, do you live in the southern hemisphere?08:06
* ryuo boggles.08:07
Rotwan1nipuL: do you live in greenland?08:07
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang08:09
nipuLno, australia08:10
nipuLttp:// that's where i am, armidale08:15
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:17
ryuoarmidale: one stop shopping for all your military weapon needs.08:18
LithiumFXRomster, am I OK to submit a bug report for xorg-xf86-video-intel since it's not in the core or opt repos08:20
nipuLxorg is an official repo08:25
LithiumFXOK, I'll submit a bug08:25
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC08:26
*** treach has joined #crux08:31
nipuLwtf, wine is rc'ing 1.0!?!08:38
* nipuL wonders how many RCs there will be08:39
treachwith lots of bugfixes. :>08:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fbgrab: injected CXXFLAGS08:40
ryuothats how many :-p08:42
Rotwangoops fail08:43
treachwell, what would be the target of 1.0? 100% compatible with $LATEST_PATCH, or Win 1.0? :P08:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fbgrab: cleaned up Pkgfile :x08:45
ryuowindows 3.1 ;)08:45
treachbtw, if anyone is interested. :)08:53
RomsternipuL, yeah wine is branching off to stable and testing.08:54
Romsterin a code freeze and only fixes for 1.0 now.08:55
Romstertreach, with what wine can run now.08:55
Romsterand anything else new that's not gonna require major wine surgery.08:56
ryuomaybe it can run more from bug fixes08:56
nipuLthey must have pretty decent api coverage if they are game enough to release a 1.008:57
treachRomster: the point is, I guess, that wine should be compatible with some version of windows, not some random bunch of apps.08:57
Romsteri'm a bit confuse but i guess that would also mean any stubs that are left new need to be completed too.08:57
* Romster shrugs08:58
Romstergo ask the wine devs.08:58
treachno need. I'm sure we wouldn't agree anyway. :P08:58
nipuLi would make it my business not to agree09:00
treach <3 <3 <309:11
Romsteronly affects the presentation of the results.09:20
treachworks well enough for me.09:24
*** sepen has quit IRC09:30
cruxbot[contrib.git]: source-highlight: new port09:33
*** rxi has left #crux10:21
cptnhas anyone ever used Till's quick install reference?10:35
*** Rotwang has quit IRC10:43
treachthere is a *quicker* install than the usual? :D10:43
cptnheh, it's basically just the commands from the handbook copied to a PDF10:44
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux10:50
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC10:52
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux10:52
jesse_You know how much and how often the handbook changes. :D10:55
jesse_Might even make your harware melt on site.10:56
*** jaeger has joined #crux11:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger11:04
*** RedShift has joined #crux11:15
LithiumFXNot sure if it is relevant to anybody, but I've submitted a bug report about the intel graphics problems I've been having (
thrice`LithiumFX: sorry, don't have an intel card myself :(  have you tried, perhaps, updated xorg-server ?11:19
LithiumFXthrice`, I'm using version 1.4 which is current. I've been unable to find 1.5 since the Xorg site is down for maintenance11:20
thrice`LithiumFX: there is a (almost 1.5 :D ) available; perhaps that's worth a shot?11:21
LithiumFXSure, got any info?11:21
LithiumFXI'll give it a whirl and let you know11:21
LithiumFXThanks for the pointer11:21
thrice`just a thought :\11:22
thrice`and i'm sure you've tried the 2.3.1 that tilman recently pushed to xorg ?11:22
cruxbot[contrib.git]: distcc: moved distccd to /usr/sbin11:23
LithiumFXI'll try the 2.3.1, not seen that sorry11:25
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC11:30
cruxbot[contrib.git]: distcc: minor fix overlooked in Makefile check path11:32
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux11:33
*** LithiumFX has quit IRC11:38
Romstertreach, in the #winehq channel i just took a glance.11:50
Romster<NthDegree> Wine is going 1.0 soon11:50
Romster<SocialSecurity> 1.0 means it can run four apps well11:50
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*** joacim has joined #crux12:07
ryuonano romster.c12:46
ryuogcc -funroll-loops romster.c -o romster12:46
ryuojust goes to show, wierd optimizations can cause a lot of problems XD12:47
Romsteri'll give you lots of problems :P12:48
treachramster hamster. what're you gonna do, put him in your chin? :>12:49
Romsteri was more thinking of locking ryuo in my dungeon. <<12:51
treachdoes it have a threadmill? ;D12:51
Romsteryour funny..12:53
Romsteranyways sleepz time12:53
treachI can't but try. ;)12:53
jesse_Whoever <SocialSecurity> is, you can tell this person is not too happy with wine. :p12:57
treachmaybe he's more like a beer person?12:58
jesse_Could be.13:00
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nipuLpredatorfreak: footprint mismatch on nss17:55
predatorfreaknipuL: Check your line, because there's no mismatch here17:56
predatorfreakYour connection is giving you faulty files.17:56
nipuLwhat's that? you're breaking up17:56
predatorfreaknipuL: Case-in-point <<17:57
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nipuLright you are, my bad20:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: cmake: 2.4.8 -> 2.6.023:16
cruxbot[contrib.git]: distcc: I should of updated the md5sum when I edit the patch...23:16
*** rxi has joined #crux23:20
Romsteri hate them sums at times for me forgetting to update it..23:22
nipuLhmm is /usr/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf a little bit broken?23:32
nipuLcheck the end of the file23:32
nipuLpredatorfreak: check your sed on hal.conf23:36
nipuLbash-3.2$ sed -e '48,55d' -e 's/user="0"/group="plugdev"/' hal.conf | tail -n 3 <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.LaptopPanel"/> <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume"/> <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.Crypto"/>23:36
predatorfreakNot my sed :D23:37
nipuLyou're then maintainer23:37 sed23:37
predatorfreakjaeger's old sed.23:37
predatorfreakI have no fucking idea what it's for really.23:37
nipuLtail -n 3 hal.conf23:37
predatorfreaknipuL: Does hal start and work?23:38
predatorfreakor is it borked?23:38
nipuLhal.conf gets broken by the sed23:38
Romsterthat sed looks ugly should be a patch.23:38
nipuLi can unserstand changing the user, but what is '48,55d' all about?23:38
predatorfreaknipuL: I mean, out of the box.23:38
predatorfreakDoes hal work?23:38
predatorfreakand as I said, it's jaeger's old sed line.23:38
Romsterah someone reported a issuue with a name and it got altered i think...23:38
predatorfreakI'm not entirely sure, I figured it was useful.23:39
Romstermight pay to look back in FS23:39
Romsteri think it's been reported there.23:39
nipuLfrom the looks of it, '48,55d' cuts out lines 48-5523:39
predatorfreaknipuL: Well, yes I knew that23:40
RomsternipuL, that would be correct.23:40
predatorfreakBut I don't know exactly why.23:40
* predatorfreak smacks jaeger23:40
predatorfreakWake up!23:40
nipuLmaybe there was some cruft at the end23:40
nipuLthat isn't there now23:40
predatorfreak  # delete pam_console stuff, enable plugdev group23:40
predatorfreak  # policies in place of uid 023:40
RomsternipuL, pkgmk -e and then go take a look to the file.23:40
nipuLi am23:40
predatorfreakcomments in the Pkgfile :D23:40
nipuLthe upstream is 51 lines long23:40
nipuLwell upstream doesnt have pam stuff in it now23:41
nipuLthe whole line is wrong23:42
Romsterso some update messed the origional sed up?23:42
nipuLsed -i 's/user="root"/group="pludev"/' $PKG/usr/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf23:43
Romsteri never did look into hal i just use it.23:44
Romsterthis is a classic example why patch should be used more.23:44
Romsterfor the more complex changes.23:44
nipuLthis isn't really a complex change23:44
nipuLbut patch wins for detecting changes to upstream files23:45
Romsterwell one that got overlooked.23:45
Romsteri'll only ever use patch for stuff that shouldn't be problematic.23:46
Romstererr s/patch/sed23:46
nipuLhehe, after all these "broken" ports I keep finding this weekend, one of them is actually broken :D23:47
cruxbot[opt.git]: hal: Fix sed operation.23:50
nipuLi think i might add /us/etc to pkgadd.conf23:52
nipuLyou forgot to bump the release number23:53
predatorfreakAw crap23:53
cruxbot[opt.git]: hal: Forgot to bump the release.23:53
predatorfreakGO BACK TO HELL HAL!23:54
nipuLthe desktop mafia is out to get you23:54
Romsterjust as bad as me forgetting to update the md5sum..23:57

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