IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-05-19

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jaliMeh, working retail is horrible.00:32
jaliI came into work horridly sick today and all my manager said was "tough shit".00:33
drijenjali, i would have punched your manager in the nuts00:41
jaliim talking to her boss tuesday00:42
jaliI got promoted to management recently.00:44
jaliAnd as a result the girl who had my job is now the assistant store manager.00:44
jaliAnd it's gone to her head in a big way.00:44
jaliMaking my life a living fucking hell.00:44
jaliI used to LOVE my job.00:44
jaliNow I dread it.00:44
jaliIt was the perfect college job and that's hard to find.00:45
drijengo be a security guard00:45
jaliI'm not built for it.00:45
drijenthose are great college jobs too00:45
drijenyou walk around00:46
drijenand sit a lot00:46
jaliI know the security guards well, actually.00:46
drijenstaring at door, lookin cool with your 6 shooters00:46
jaliSo I'm telling my boss if things don't change soon, I'm giving him my two week's notice.00:46
jaliMy girlfriend works at at&t and makes a grand per month in commission alone.00:46
drijenvery nice00:46
jaliAnd the base pay for a sales associate is more than what I make now.00:47
jaliAnd I'm management.00:47
jaliless responsibility, more pay00:47
drijenyep yep00:47
drijeni have a similar problem00:47
drijeni get paid reams per hour, but not enough work00:47
drijenin total00:47
drijenso i end up same boat00:47
drijenim thinking of working a bookstore00:48
drijenjust for the hourly wage00:48
jaliI just need something to pay for my student loans.00:48
drijenyep, i hear ua00:48
jaliim 4k in debt right now00:48
drijenis that all?00:48
jalii'm a freshman00:48
drijenamerican or euro00:48
drijenlol thats nothing00:49
jaliit was more00:49
jalii paid off some00:49
drijenyour total debt will be more than your starting salary00:49
drijenus education is stupid like that00:49
drijen<- junior, 147 hours00:49
jaliit was going to be pretty bad00:49
jalibut i fixed it by transferring to a 2 year college to do my core studies00:49
drijengood plan, i did the same00:49
jalii was at a private university, 6k per semester.00:50
drijen6 - 8K/semester here, community collge is like 500bucks00:50
jaliAnd the CC I'm going to is actually in the university system.00:50
jali100% transfer credits00:50
jaliThis semester is costing me $63000:51
jaliafter i pay off my loan00:51
jalii can pay for school out of pocket00:51
jaliand be debt free00:51
jaliBut yeah.00:53
jaliTuesday when I go in to work.00:53
jaliI'm telling the store manager that the assistant manager has made work for me unbearable and that if things don't change I will be giving my two weeks.00:53
drijengood man00:53
drijenmay i ask whta store?00:53
jaliSpencer's Gifts00:54
jaliSeriously dude, it was a dream job for a while.00:54
jaliI was encouraged to wear my piercings.00:54
jaliMy long hair was never an issue.00:54
jaliI could wear my shorts and band t's.00:54
jaliThings I'd never been able to do at a job before.00:54
drijencome work for me00:55
jaliBut I've never been told "tough shit" by a manager before either, especially when my eyes were watering from pain.00:55
drijeni use to own a comp repair shop wheni was just under 2000:55
drijenmy 2 best employees were covered in tattoos, had long hair, wore bandshirts and jeans to work00:56
drijenbut they were smart, well spoken, and knew their shit00:56
drijenthats all that mattered to me00:56
jaliYeah, sounds a little like me. ;)00:56
drijenoh, and honest00:56
drijeni had one employee - mr. cleancut00:56
drijenstole money from some customers credit cards00:57
drijenappearence means nothing00:57
drijenwish more people realized00:57
jaliMe too.00:58
jaliI might have to cut my hair to get the AT&T job..00:58
jaliIn my world everyone's a pony, and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies!01:05
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)01:20
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Romsterjali, heh i have long hair hasn't been a issue.01:24
Romsteras long as it's tidy.01:24
jaliit's mainly my piercings.01:24
Romsterah that's diferent yes.01:24
jalidoes that look un-hireable?01:29
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predatorfreakjali: Uhh if you are really blue01:46
predatorfreakThen yes01:46
predatorfreakWell, ghost-white/really-light-blue01:46
jaliI refuse to use my dSLR for self shots.01:46
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sepenI'm reading now 'public vs wiki' ML, sounds interesting02:12
surrounderlawl, crux install on my server is borked02:43
surroundermaybe I should upgrade it more often :P02:43
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f1ydidnt know that - sorry07:55
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Romsterthat is cruel but also funny.08:10
sepennothing cruel is funny08:10
namenloshi, does anyone have problems updating firefox 3?08:11
namenlosi get: checking for sqlite3 >= 3.5.4... Requested 'sqlite3 >= 3.5.4' but version of SQLite is 3.508:11
namenlosbut sqlite3 is up to date...08:11
namenloshave i missed something08:11
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namenlosrevdep only lists xulrunner and firefox to have incorrect references...08:11
predatorfreaknamenlos: Irk that, sorry.08:12
predatorfreakI should have documented that sqlite's damn thing is bork.08:12
predatorfreakthe pkgconfig file lists it as 3.508:12
predatorfreakwhen it's 3.5.8 (should be .9)08:12
predatorfreakNeeds a sed and a bump.08:12
predatorfreakI'll file an FS ticket.08:12
namenlospredatorfreak: thx. wasn't digging that deep.08:13
predatorfreaknamenlos: For the time being I'll put a fixed sqlite3 in the firefox3 repo08:16
cptnpredatorfreak: there's already a bug report upstream08:19
cptnyou may want to reference that in FS08:19
cptnnot sure if you shouldn't rather fix firefox308:20
cptnsince the proper version is already ensured on a CRUX host08:21
predatorfreakcptn: .. you wanna wade through Firefox's horribly broken build system?08:21
cptnheh, okay08:21
cptnpoint taken08:21
predatorfreakIt's a LOT easier to just sed the dang file than it is to fix firefox.08:21
Romstera men.08:23
Romsteri've seen the build system it's scary.08:24
Romstercptn, happy with the change i've done in contrib?08:24
cptnRomster: yeah, looks nice08:24
cptndon't you agree?08:24
Romsteri actually think that's better than a post-install.08:24
Romsterand yes i agree.08:24
Romsteri've edited the wiki on distcc too to reflect the changes.08:25
cptnpredatorfreak: my sqlite is at .908:28
predatorfreakcptn: opt says .8 here o.O08:28
cptnI mean, opt's on my machine08:28
predatorfreakMaybe it got bumped.08:28
predatorfreakI know it wasn't .8 when I updated to 3.0rc108:28
predatorfreakYeah, I suppose it did08:29
Romsteri haven't seen any issues. i rebuilt xulrunner with sqlite3 3.5.8-108:29
predatorfreakRomster: Weird, 'cuz it failed to build here08:30
Romstersince firefox seemed to be really slow still is, i think i got way to many bookmarks in mine.08:30
Romsteri haven't updated to the new one in opt yet.08:30
* predatorfreak ghost-edits08:30
namenlosmy sqlite3 says 3.5.9, and firefox fails to configure...08:30
predatorfreaknamenlos: Well, regardless.08:31
Romsternamenlos, try 3.5.808:31
predatorfreakI just put a fixed sqlite3 in my repo.08:31
Romsterit has worked for me.08:31
predatorfreakRomster: 3.5.8 is borked for me as well08:31
Romsterthen why did it work for me O_o08:31
predatorfreakI fixed the issue that makes xulrunner as per my 1.9rc1 shit borked08:31
Romsterxulrunner 1.9b5-108:32
* Romster shrugs.08:32
predatorfreakRomster: Pull my latest stuff from my firefox3 repo <<08:32
Romsteri got a ghost in my pc or something.08:32
predatorfreak1.9rc1 shit fixed it.08:32
predatorfreakbork it.08:33
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:33
Romstersays upto date maybe i need to wait a bit.08:33
Romsteror my squid server needs a kick.08:33
predatorfreakRomster: I just pushed to my server o.O08:33
predatorfreakKick your squid.08:34
Romsterthought so.08:34
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cptnnot quite sure, but mozilla's build scripts don't look that scary to me08:55
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Romsteryou haven't dag deep enough yet.09:06
*** Rotwan1 has quit IRC09:12
teKhey, once you run mkfontdir and mkfontscale, X even works ...09:21
teKbtw is there a special reason for fluxbox not being in contrib/?09:41
teKif not I will (re)add it tonight09:42
tilmanfeel free to add it :)09:42
tilmanit's not not the black list if that's what you thought :D09:42
thrice`because openbox is already in opt, of course09:42
tilmanhaha, "swear on top of a stack of knuth output"09:43
*** mike_k has quit IRC09:44
cptntilman: lol09:44
cptntilman: reminds me of Arnuld's latest blog post09:44
tilmanwell, i have to admit that i didn't yet read taocp09:47
tilmanmostly because books (as in dead trees) are so damn expensive :(09:47
cptnI got books 1-3 in a set for ~100E09:48
cptnit's not like I've read it, just occasionally check on a particular subject09:49
tilman"I am a real-life programmer, writing programs for some company and getting paid at the end of every month"09:49
tilmanomfg, he has been hired to develop stuff :OOO09:49
sepenas freelance? :[09:50
cptntilman: some of the other quotes are pretty nice too09:51
cptnlinus' "Happily Not Merge Crap" for example09:51
tilmanyeah :)09:51
tilmani like kernaltrap09:51
tilmani find it weird that he praises K&R so much09:53
teK< has K&C + TAOCP09:53
tilmanit just documents the language, not some great concepts09:53
tilman"algorithms, when described accurately and with the some math behind them, are hard"09:54
tilmanno shit, sherlock :P09:54
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sepencptn, ping10:00
thrice`is he still on CRUX ?10:01
cptnsepen: yes?10:03
sepencptn, nope was about QtWebkit and qt4 but seems that Im wrong10:03
cptnI've compiled arora myself, so that should work10:03
sepenwas recently added?10:03
sepenohh nice10:03
cptnin qt 4.410:03
cptnI mean, QtWebkit was only added to Qt 4.410:04
cptnwasn't there before10:04
sepenhmmm I understand10:04
cptnare you having problems building arora?10:05
sepenno I'll try10:05
sepenjust I told you somedays ago10:05
sepenthanks cptn10:05
cptnokay :-)10:06
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tilmanhi jue10:29
cptnhey jue10:30
juehmm, not sure about the sqlite issue10:35
juecertainly sqlite should list the full version, but as long as they have reasons to not do that I tend to say it's a mozilla bug10:36
tilmanwhat sqlite issue?10:37
juein sqlite3.pc the version is listed as 3.5 and not 3.5.910:38
jueand xlurunner/mozilla stumble about that10:38
jueticket #27910:38
tilmansedding sqlite.pc seems like the right thing to do10:41
jueand what if other progs are expecting the version in the current form10:43
tilmanmmh, i'm guessing that this is an upstream bug10:44
tilmanif they really wanted to change the version number in the .pc, then i agree that it shouldn't be changed10:44
thrice`if that patch on the FS works for moz, wouldn't that be the easiest?10:46
juemy thought as well, but TBH I'm not in the mood to argue that with predatorfreak ;-)10:52
*** sepen has quit IRC10:52
tilmansmells like a bug in sqlite3 to me anyway10:53
tilmanunfortunately i don't see a 'annotate' link on
jueI just looked over 3.3.x and 3.4.x sqlite versions, same10:54
juetilman: I agree, version should be the complete string with the micro part10:56
tilmanwhat's the last sqlite3 tarball that didn't have this problem10:58
juethe oldest I have here is 3.3.10 from January 200711:02
Romsterpkg-config --modversion sqlite3 ...3.5, 3.5.8 is affected.11:02
jueguessing the same for all 3.x11:03
jue2.8.17 is correct11:03
Romsteri have a sqlite-3.2.6 but i'd have to look in the archive. not compiled.11:04
tilmanjue: so the "bug" was introduced in sqlite *ages* ago?11:05
jueyep, seems so11:05
tilmanthen it's just firefox being very very stupid11:05
cptnalso, there's been a bug in sqlite's bug tracking for almost a month11:06
RomsterVersion: @VERSION@ in that i guess i should be looking in configure11:06
cptnconsidering it's such an easy change, I'm not sure what that means11:06
juecptn: and no response form the devs11:06
cptnI wonder what gentoo does11:07
cptnit appears one of their devs has commit access to sqlite (vapier)11:07
juehmm, debian has a sqlite3.pc-version-to-release.patch11:14
cptndo the sqlite folks have an IRC channel?11:23
cptnthey do :-)11:23
cptnlet's all join together and ask11:24
cptnlike back in the days when we visited the arch guys11:24
tilmanRomster: the pkginfo-i-fu in contrib/transcode is kind of uncool. why not fix transcode's configure script to actually autodetect those libraries/features?11:25
tilmanRomster: would be faster, too, since you don't have to spawn a dozen more processes :D11:26
juecptn: #sqlite in OPN ?11:27
cptnjue: yep11:27
tilmanopn? :D11:28
cptnold school11:28
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: added a README explaining the tcl/tk dependency of gitk/git-gui.11:30
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jueok asked, lets see if we get an response in #sqlite11:37
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juefrom #sqlite: jue: you'd have to ask one of the maintainers on the sqlite mailing lists, this is a very unofficial channel12:06
cptnsorry :-)12:06
cptnmaybe we can just live with the duplicated sqlite3 in the firefox3 repo for now12:06
cptnand keep the bug open until we hear from sqlite upstream12:06
*** pitillo_ has quit IRC12:07
jueyep, sounds good12:07
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juewow, new mutt version ;-)12:11
cptnyep :-)12:12
tilmanany cool changes?12:12
juedunno, just saw the ck4up message12:12
thrice`jaeger: you run linux on your apple hardware?12:15
jaegerI have in the past. Right now it's not installed there.12:15
jaeger3rd gen macbook pro (santa rosa), works great12:15
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:15
thrice`back to os x eh?12:15
jaegerfor the moment12:15
jaegerAFK for lunch12:16
thrice`alright; perhaps I'll poke you later :)12:16
thrice`just reading up on rEFit and such12:16
tilmanmavrick61: you around?12:32
*** pitillo has joined #crux12:33
teKaon: wine has a different footprint than yours if built without the presence of X during compile-time12:45
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jaegerthrice`: back now, got any questions?14:35
thrice`jaeger: not yet :)  was considering taking a dual-boot plunge on my imac, and was just curious as to your experience.  sounded positive, though14:35
jaegeryes, everything worked quite well. I only reinstalled osx because I needed to use imovie for work14:36
jaegerI was actually triple-booting but needed the HD space back for imovie projects14:36
thrice`i've got around 200 gig free, so I figured a few couldn't hurt anything :)14:36
thrice`I know the hardware stuff will be fine, was mainly inquiring for the boot sequence / EFI stuff14:37
jaegerrEFIt/bootcamp just seem to handle it, I didn't have to learn much there14:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: blender: Updated 2.45 -> 2.4615:03
*** ArteK has joined #crux15:09
RotwangArteK: o/15:10
cptnyay for root15:11
ArteKRotwang: :)15:11
*** ArteK has left #crux15:12
cptnnow I scared him away :-(15:13
jesse_oops. :p15:15
jesse_ah well, you can't please them all.15:15
cptnmmmh, I thought that was CRUX motto?15:15
cptn"We please them all!"15:15
tilmanexcept those we don't15:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fluxbox: initial (re)import16:03
tilmanthe return of the fluxbox :o16:08
teKas threatened16:09
teKI hate having to build it from scratch each time I install a nex shiny box *g*16:09
jueteK: you've adopted a lot of prologic ports, that's fine, thanks16:10
teKyou do a (imho) good job as a maintainer, that's even finer, thanks, too16:10
juebut, please remove that useless chown -R root:root $PKG he put in every port16:11
jueI asked him more than once why he is doing this, but never got an answer16:12
Rotwangi always wondered whats the point of chown -R root:root $PKG 0o16:12
tilmanit's from The Old Days16:12
tilmanbefore we started using pretendroot/fakeeroot16:12
tilmanor is it?16:12
tilmannot, i mean16:12
teKhe did it in 36 ports, yay16:17
tilmanteK: feel free to do that in one single commit ;)16:17
tilmanotherwise you'll crash cruxbot16:17
teKi'm at it right now16:17
tilmannot that that's the definitive reason ;)16:17
*** echelon has joined #crux16:20
Rotwangdoes the M$ office contain pdf reader?16:23
Rotwangsorry for off topic but i have to make presentation for tommorow and i wont bother with impress :\16:24
Rotwangthats bad :{16:24
Rotwangi hate that presentation sh|t16:25
tilmanRotwang: use latex beamer. it's awesome16:25
tilmanbut get acrobat reader for the pdf thing16:25
Rotwangi know not much about latex16:27
Rotwangill use asciidoc to generate html pdf and chm x|16:28
Rotwangone of them have to work on that old pc16:28
*** mwansa has left #crux16:28
tilmanlatex is easy to learn (not in a single evening though) and it pays off hugely :D16:29
teKthis will be the ugliest commit ever16:30
Rotwangill take some time to look at latex later16:30
* Rotwang adds latex to his todo list16:30
Rotwangunfortunately since i made TODO list it grows bigger and bigger every day :x16:31
joacimyou can learn it in a weekend =)16:33
sepenRotwang, doxygen is also for doing documentation16:33
cruxbot[contrib.git]: cleaned up allmy ports16:33
joacimat least ESR says so16:33
jueteK: thanks16:35
teKno problem16:35
tilmanjoacim: that's true for the basics at least16:35
*** jue_ has joined #crux16:55
*** jue has quit IRC17:07
echelonis the version info for this patch correct.. ?17:12
tilmanerr, no idea? ;)17:13
tilmanwhat's the problem?17:13
Rotwangechelon: ask the maintainer17:14
Rotwangmysterious jc17:14
echeloni don't know who it is17:14
Rotwangjohn cennedy?17:14
Rotwangno hes dead :[17:15
tilmanthe Pkgfile says:17:15
tilman# Maintainer:  jc17:15
tilmanechelon: ^17:15
tilmanyou could try emailing like the portspage says17:15
*** jue_ has quit IRC17:17
echelonok thanks17:18
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Romstermorning all19:21
*** Viper_ has quit IRC20:12
nipuLcrap, i think i have a broken toolchain20:29
nipuLpkgadd: could not install usr/: Can't update time for /usr: Function not implemented20:29
nipuLbut that said, it's a soft error20:30
*** boe has quit IRC20:30
nipuLtried rebuilding the toolchain, libarchive, pkgutils, still get that error20:30
thrice`never heard that one :(20:32
thrice`try updating gcc ?20:32
thrice`er, did you try updating gcc*20:33
nipuLyeah, but i can try again20:33
thrice`no, it wasn't a recommendation :)  just seeing what you tried updating20:33
thrice`is "export MAKEOPTS=j2" proper?20:55
Romsteryou updated binutils gcc then glibc and you need to recompile your kernel it could be youre rebuilding the tool chain with the broken tool chain too.20:55
thrice`er, -j220:55
Romsterexport MAKEFLAGS='-j 2'20:55
Romsterand SCONSFLAGS if you use any scons ports.20:56
thrice`doing a test crux install on my imac, which is core2duo :)20:56
Romsterhmm i don't think i said about scons...20:58
Romsterah yeah i did near the bottom.20:59
RomsternipuL, i'd boot off the crux install cd then chroot then rebuild the tool chain.20:59
thrice`Romster: i'm going out with an Austrailian tomorrow evening, speakin gof20:59
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*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:14
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:15
nipuLi just though of something, why aren't python based ports using
nipuLit would speed up load times for python apps21:22
nipuLit also exposes bugs21:23
thrice`never heard of it =\21:23
nipuLbut that said, anything that uses will probably already be compiling all the modules21:36
nipuLdefinitely loading faster for me21:37
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux22:24
predatorfreakcptn, tilman: That xulrunner "fix" is a hack and I refuse to apply such a hack to xulrunner 1.9rc1.22:29
predatorfreakThe problem is in sqlite and not xulrunner.22:29
jaegerpredatorfreak: what's the deal with hal and dbus now? Get that sorted out?22:30
predatorfreakjaeger: Both seem to work fine as far as I can tell.22:31
jaegerjust wondered because gnome no longer automounts anything22:31
predatorfreakWell, I'm not an expert with GNOME...22:31
jaegerI assume it's a hal/dbus problem since it was working fine before... and "problem" might just mean change, I don't know22:32
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, if you can track it down further, I'll be happy to fix it22:32
jaegerwell, one problem is that hal no longer reports some info it used to. I don't have an exact diff but for example my CDs and iPod no longer show volume info in the output of lshal22:33
jaegerused to be able to do something like gnome-mount -p 'CRUX 2.4' to mount the crux 2.4 CD, etc.... but hal's reporting differently now, which I assume causes the gnome-mount failure (silently)22:34
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, I did update hal-info as well22:34
jaegerWhat actually changed? I mean, what's different about how hal runs now?22:34
predatorfreakWhich might be causing that.22:34
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm not entirely sure XD22:35
nipuLhal's working for me now rox+devtray22:35
predatorfreakjaeger: Supposedly all the distros shipping HAL + GNOME now use hal + policykit + policykit-gnome22:36
predatorfreakBut policykit requires PAM22:36
predatorfreakand obviously, we don't provide PAM.22:37
jaegeryeah, that's why I've avoided it so far22:39
jaegerif gnome ends up requiring pam I won't continue to maintain it22:39
predatorfreakjaeger: Frankly, I don't know how you've maintained it so far :D22:39
predatorfreakEven Volkerding said "Screw this crap!"22:40
jaegerIt's not always as clean as I'd like it to be but it works22:40
jaegerI've come very close to saying that on many occasions22:40
jaegerI usually take a break at that point and come back later22:40
RomsternipuL, setup tools does most of that, and the ones that don't i run a command to compile the python programs on my ports.23:00
jaegerpredatorfreak: not seeing where the problem lies at the moment, I'll play with it more tomorrow and see if I can then23:01
predatorfreakjaeger: Well, if it lies in hal/dbus, just bitch at me and I'll fix it <<23:02
jaegerheh, alright23:02
Romsterpython -mcompileall $PKG23:03
jaegerOn a side note, I wonder why 'ps auxww' shows short user names like root but IDs for the longer ones like haldaemon23:03
jaegereven truncated it would be less jarring in the output23:03
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** Rotwang has joined #crux23:07
jaegerholy crap, hald is verbose if you turn it on23:34
jaegernone of that is including volume output, though... bleh23:36
Romstergo back to the old version and test?23:37
Romstermaybe revdep with the new version will say something needs rebuilding to link to it.23:37
jaegerplugged in a usb stick, at least getting some output now... permission denied for the device. go figure23:38
predatorfreakjaeger: o.O23:39
jaegerI've rebuilt it quite a few times already, for what that's worth23:40
predatorfreakWell.. don't ask me.23:43
predatorfreakI would really like to find someone else to pick up hal/hal-info, in fact I should probably post about it.23:43
predatorfreakjaeger: I don't do automounting or anything and have no real way to test such features.23:44
jaegerwell, running hald as root again fixes it23:44
predatorfreakFigures <<23:44
jaeger <-- with this config23:45
jaegerI'd guess that if it is indeed intentional that you run hald as root, they need to iron out some issues first... there are a lot of things the haldaemon user won't have access to23:46
jaegerarch seems to run it as root as well, haven't checked others23:47
predatorfreakSigh, freaking hal.23:47
jaegeramen to that23:47
predatorfreakWhy even have a haldaemon user if it's not used <<23:48
jaegerer... s/as root/as a user/23:48
jaegermaybe it was unfinished work, dunno23:48
jaegerthe entire project utopia thing feels like a dreadful hack to me23:48
cruxbot[opt.git]: hal: Running as haldaemon breaks automounting, *sigh*.23:48
predatorfreakjaeger: Frankly, hal/dbus seem like gloriously useless crap to me <<23:48
predatorfreakAt least in their current half-baked implementations.23:49
jaegerI like the idea behind it but the implementation is a huge pain in the ass23:49
predatorfreakerr shit I forgot to release bump.23:49
* predatorfreak smacks self23:49
predatorfreakHow about I just do git rm hal and commit that <<23:50
predatorfreakWhy do I always remember that I forgot something RIGHT after I do git push23:50
jaegerI did that quite a few times, wouldn't sweat it too much23:50
cruxbot[opt.git]: hal: Forgot to bump release.23:51
predatorfreakjaeger: I'm much better at coding shit in shell or cleaning videos with Avisynth than I am at maintaining ports <<23:52
* predatorfreak nominates Romster to take over his ports23:52
Romstersay what23:55
predatorfreakRomster: You're better at maintaining ports than I am <<23:57
Romstereh dunno how i would of went with that firefox stuff that looks like hell.23:58
Romsterpredatorfreak, did you make a group for haldaemon and did jaeger add himself to that group or maybe the plugdev group...23:59
Romsteri'm seeing this si not a hal issue but maybe a permission issue.23:59
Romsteri've seen similar stuff happen23:59

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