IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-05-20

predatorfreakThere's a group for haldaemon but honestly at this point.00:00
predatorfreakThe easiest solution is to make it run as root and say fuck it00:00
jaegerI tested pretty well... if the daemon runs as a non-privileged user it hasn't the proper access to devices like the cdrom or scsi disk device nodes created for usb sticks, etc.00:00
jaegerif it runs as root it does... so then you define a user or group in hal.conf that says who can make use of the various services it offers00:01
jaegerwhich makes sense to me00:01
jaegera non-privileged user can't do that00:01
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Romsterhmm then the haldaemon needs to have the cdrom group and stuff to work...00:10
Romsterhaldaemon::67:disk,cdrom,floppy,tape,scanner etc... in /etc/group00:12
Romsterso then it would have access.00:12
Romsterthen you would add yourself to the plugdev group i gather... not sure why there is two groups.00:13
Romstermaybe it also needs messagebus too.00:14
Romsteras it uses dbus i think.00:14
Romsternever looked in hal.conf but maybe i should of before typing all this...00:15
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NyadHello. I am new to crux and I am attempting to install it without a CD-rom but with the ISO instead of NFS install. After a few google searches on installing from ISOs they said I must mount the ISO, copy the contents to a dir and then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to the vmlinuz and initramfs and then boot that. I tried it but I got a kernel panic. Is this the right way to go about doing this or am I doing something wrong? Please help, it would be much00:37
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NyadHi. I read through the crux handbook and it doesn't have docs on installing from the ISO without a CD. I googled a bit on how to do this and it said I must mount the ISO and copy the tree to a dir and then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to vmlinux and initramfs. I did this and when I booted I had a kernel panic. Please can someone help00:44
cptnNyad: which document was that?00:45
cptnand what does the panic say?00:45
Nyadsomething about a chroot. the forum I got it from was here,
cptnoh, I don't think we can help you there00:49
predatorfreakcptn: It's not an xulrunner bug if the problem originates from a problem in sqlite.00:50
cptnpredatorfreak: agreed00:50
cptnpredatorfreak: however there's no "problem" in sqlite at this point in time00:50
Nyadok I will ask somewhere else, cya soon00:50
cptnjust in xulrunner00:50
predatorfreakcptn: Yes, there is.00:50
predatorfreakIt's using the wrong blasted variable in it's pkgconfig file.00:51
cptnNyad: there's an NFS howto on the crux website though00:51
predatorfreakWhat is so wrong with fixing a simple, one-liner?00:51
predatorfreakI'm not rewriting the whole F'ing program here, I'm asking for one line to be fixed.00:51
cptnpredatorfreak: as I said, we're not upstream00:51
predatorfreakcptn: We've applied more dangerous patches than that.00:51
predatorfreakBy that logic, those should all go00:52
cptnNyad: might be a good starting point00:52
predatorfreakand we shouldn't patch anything00:52
Nyadcptn, I looked through it but perhaps I could adapt concepts from it to get this working00:52
predatorfreakcptn: BTW.00:52
predatorfreakTry building xulrunner with sqlite3 3.500:52
predatorfreakIt won't work <<00:52
predatorfreakThey want 3.5.4 or greater for a reason.00:53
cptnand crux' ports tree delivers that00:53
cptnor .8 at the point where you made the port00:53
predatorfreakcptn: ... your patch for xulrunner is a hack, my solution is the proper fix for this.00:54
predatorfreakJust because we provide .9 doesn't mean that everyone else will <<00:54
cptnit is once it's ACKed00:54
cptnbefore it's just you thinking you're sqlite upstream00:54
cptnwhich you're not00:54
predatorfreakFuck it, if this isn't resolved with a proper fix by 3.0 proper.00:54
predatorfreakI'm barring 3.0 proper from opt until it's resolved.00:54
predatorfreakI'm not applying hacks to xulrunner for a problem in sqlite.00:54
cptnwhy don't you fork sqlite then?00:56
predatorfreakcptn: This IS NOT A CODE CHANGE00:56
cptnyou seem to know better what's right than the authors00:56
predatorfreakIt's a simple pkgconfig file fix00:56
predatorfreakA one-line pkgconfig file fix.00:56
predatorfreakIt touches NO source code.00:56
cptnwell, let's stop here00:57
cptnthe facts are in the bug report already00:57
predatorfreakcptn: It fixes a blatantly obvious problem from sqlite3.00:57
cptnso why does every other project work fine with sqlite3?00:57
cptnif it has a blatantly obvious problem?00:57
predatorfreakcptn: They don't confirm over 3.500:58
cptnI can't really follow your logic here00:58
cptnbut again, the point is moot00:58
predatorfreakIf any of them needed a version over 3.5, like 3.5.100:58
cptnyou're not listening to my arguments, which is fine00:58
predatorfreakThen they would break too.00:58
predatorfreakcptn: This kind of shit seriously makes me sick and tired of the core team <<00:59
cptnoh, you adapted that cute "<<"01:00
predatorfreakIf I had the manpower behind me I'd fork CRUX and say fuck it because of simple crap like this.01:00
predatorfreakthat turns into a religious debate over "Oh we're not upstream so we can't fix upstream bugs."01:00
cptn"if all but one project doesn't need that fix"01:01
predatorfreakcptn: ... Build xulrunner 1.9rc1 with a version below .301:01
cptnI can't case CRUX won't let me!01:01
predatorfreakand poof it becomes giantly clear that .4 is required.01:01
predatorfreakcptn: .... your xulrunner patch is a hack on top of xulrunner01:02
predatorfreakSimply because "We don't ship .3 or .2 or someshit"01:02
cptnit's a workaround for xulrunner not being able to work with proper upstream packages01:03
predatorfreakNo, it's a hack.01:03
cptnNo it's a workaround01:03
predatorfreakxulrunner 1.9rc1 requires .401:03
predatorfreakWe're brute-force hacking it to acknowledge that any 3.5 is valid.01:03
cptnand they check it in a way which NEVER EXISTED01:03
predatorfreakWhen it's NOT.01:03
predatorfreakcptn: Due to an error on the part of the sqlite develoeprs01:04
cptnpredatorfreak: if it's an error, why wasn't it fixed?01:04
predatorfreakWhich should be fixed with a simple freaking one-liner patch to sqlite.01:04
predatorfreakcptn: The developers are busy?01:04
cptnthe bug is almost a month old, and there have been plenty of commits in the meantime01:04
predatorfreakThe developers don't care? I don't know.01:04
predatorfreakAsk them.01:04
cptnit's a 2min thing01:04
cptnwe did01:05
cptnand we're waiting for the response01:05
cptnonce they comment on this, your patch may become the "proper fix"01:05
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predatorfreakFuck this shit.01:05
jaegerhow did we get into this heated an argument over something so small, anyway?01:06
jaegergoing to bed, night all01:07
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cptnpredatorfreak: why did you join the team anyway if whenever the group disagrees you threaten to fork?01:11
pitillogood morning01:11
cptnhey pitillo, good morning01:11
predatorfreakcptn: I like CRUX but apparently everyone else in the team has a different opinion on it than I do.01:11
cptnand accepting that majority decisions isn't an option?01:12
predatorfreakcptn: If I personally believe the majority is wrong.01:12
predatorfreakI shouldn't have to.01:12
predatorfreakCRUX shouldn't be a Democracy, it worked better as a dictatorship <<01:13
cptnwell, if "everyone else in the team has a different opinion" than you, wouldn't that only change it if you were the dictator?01:15
cptns/change/change anything/01:15
predatorfreakcptn: Before there wasn't bitching because it was Per's way or do it yourself.01:15
predatorfreakNow there's bitching because of trying to resolve issues amongst multiple people.01:15
cptnoh, right01:15
cptnwere you around back then?01:16
cptnit was bitching all the time01:16
predatorfreakcptn: Yes.01:16
predatorfreakcptn: I sure as shit didn't see it <<01:16
cptnokay, it probably wasn't that bad01:17
predatorfreakcptn: Plus, technically speaking.01:18
predatorfreakI'm not part of the team01:18
cptnabut those "fork" calls came up from time to time too01:18
predatorfreakI'm just an opt maintainer01:18
tilmanyou're a fucking moron01:19
tilmanbeing an opt maintainer makes you part of the team01:19
predatorfreaktilman: There seems to be a clear difference between core and opt folks <<01:19
tilmanyeah, core people maintain core/*, too01:20
tilmanoh, and i value core people's opinions, because these days have been around for AGES contributing to crux01:20
predatorfreakElitists <<01:21
predatorfreaktilman: Why should cptn's view on something not directly related to CRUX hold any more value than mine?01:22
tilmanlike what eg?01:22
predatorfreakand why should one fix that doesn't break ANY packages be this fucking hard to push into one package in opt?01:22
predatorfreaktilman: Scroll up <<01:23
tilmanbecause upstream didn't acknowledge that it really _is_ a bug01:23
tilmancrux ports shouldn't diverge from upstream for "silly" reasons01:23
predatorfreakIt's pretty blatantly obvious as far as I can tell that it should freaking use RELEASE01:23
cptnthat's not the point01:24
tilmanright, that's why the sqlite folks have been using the code like this for YEARS01:24
predatorfreakThis doesn't even touch any code or break anything.01:24
tilmanpredatorfreak: it's not that i value cptns opinion on the sqlite crap more than yours01:24
tilmanit's just that HE IS RIGHT01:24
cptnas long as it's not acknowledged as a bug at this point in time01:24
cptnso it's a patch adding a feature01:24
predatorfreakFuck it.01:24
cptnwe don't add features if they're not scheduled for inclusion upstream01:25
predatorfreakcptn: This isn't a bloody feature.01:25
cptneven if they're needed for some project01:25
predatorfreakIt's a one-liner.01:25
cptnpredatorfreak: how is it not?01:25
predatorfreakIt's a one-liner fix.01:25
cptnpredatorfreak: it adds the possibility to determine the RELEASE, not only the VERSION01:25
predatorfreakcptn: Wooo.01:25
predatorfreakWhich every other freaking package on the face of the earth does01:26
cptnoh, now that's a good argument01:26
predatorfreakIt's not going to break anything searching for 3.501:26
cptncause every other freaking package works with sqlite 3.5.*01:26
predatorfreakor 3.4 or someshit.01:26
tilmanpredatorfreak: your attitude stinks.01:26
predatorfreaktilman: So does yours and cptn's and jue's frankly.01:27
predatorfreakI am not applying something which is obviously a hack on top of Firefox/Xulrunner.01:27
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tilmanhow the hell can you not see that cptn's last comment on the bug nails it01:31
cptnmaybe RedShift wants to comment on the usefulness of diverting from upstream :-)01:31
predatorfreakcptn: Also, if you really believe it's a problem in xulrunner/firefox, submit your fix upstream to Mozilla so they can acknowledge your point of view.01:31
tilmanquoting: Applying such "fixes" leads to exactly such problems, application developers using non-standard features just because a package maintainers think they're in a position to take decisions for upstream.01:31
tilmanthat's EXACTLY what it is01:31
predatorfreakcptn: By extension I shouldn't touch your patch until mozilla acknowledge it as a bug.01:32
RedShiftif it's a problem upstream, it should be fixed upstream01:32
RedShiftno buts01:33
predatorfreakcptn: They seem to be of the same opinion that I am?01:34
cptnpredatorfreak: no, they want you to disable --enable-system-sqlite01:35
cptnand use the included sqlite01:35
predatorfreakcptn: Frankly I don't want to use their included sqlite when the upstream version and system-installed version works fine, it seems rather pointless01:36
cptnand sure, I thought it's common practice to submit patches upstream01:39
cptnif firefox isn't able to build against a vanilla sqlite3, the maintainer should report that upstream01:39
tilmanquite funny (read: retarded) that they just don't use the original reporters suggested approach :D01:40
predatorfreakcptn: The problem isn't in firefox it's in sqlite's lack of a proper pkgconfig file.01:40
cptnpredatorfreak: how is using a feature which isn't there a correct approach?01:41
predatorfreaktilman: That method defeats the blasted point of shipping a pkgconfig file.01:41
predatorfreakFor the hundredth time it ISN'T a feature.01:41
cptnhow is depending on a bug fix which was never included the correct approach?01:42
cptnnor submitted to upstream bugtracking01:42
Romstercptn> predatorfreak: however there's no "problem"01:42
RomsterAt this point in time, it IS a xulrunner/firefox bug,01:42
Romsterbull shit..01:42
predatorfreakcptn: I'll submit the patch to sqlite.01:43
Romsterread my comment again about the version string being incomplete as a example to mesa3d01:43
tilmanwhere does it say that the sqlite pc file *has* to include the revision?01:43
predatorfreakI didn't figure pushing a single-line patch was worth it.01:43
tilmani skimmed over the man page and didn't find it01:43
predatorfreaktilman: It should.01:43
cptntilman: as specific as possible01:43
predatorfreakThat's the point of pkgconfig, to centralise that kind of information.01:43
tilmanah, there01:43
Romstertilman, ok what pkg-config file doesn't include the revision find another one for me....01:43
Romsteri'm intersted.01:43
tilmannot the point, i was just looking for the spec01:44
cptnyeah, that's really not the point01:44
cptnRomster: no one is arguing that it's not a possible bug in sqlite01:44
cptnit's just the approach to handle it01:44
Romsterbah fuck the lot i got better things to do than argue.01:44
Romsterdon't like patch it myself...01:45
tilmanyes, it was linked in the original flyspray post01:45
predatorfreaktilman: I added the proper patch to that bug just now01:46
predatorfreakIt's a one-liner patch but the developers are apparently too lazy to edit one line by hand01:46
predatorfreakTo whatever01:46
predatorfreak-T +S01:47
tilmani doubt that ;)01:47
predatorfreaktilman: Well they haven't fixed it yet.01:48
predatorfreakSo I'd say they're lazy.01:48
tilmanseems your patch brought down sqlite.org01:50
predatorfreakSite's fine for me01:51
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sepenmorning all02:27
sepentilman, thanks to close the git ticket02:27
sepenheyo Rotwang02:27
cptnhey sepen, Rotwang02:27
tilmansepen: hope you can live with the fix :D02:27
sepenheyo heyo02:27
Rotwangi made my presentation in impress saved as ppt, and guess what?02:29
RotwangM$ office couldnt open it :{02:29
tilmano_O :D02:29
mwansaRotwang: dang!02:29
Rotwangnext time ill make it in pdf format02:30
sepenI use .lyx files at office for generating documentation02:30
sepenthen you have to use docbook2pdf or docbook2html, just so fine02:31
tilmannipuL: you don't happen to have a working hugs port, do you? :D02:46
*** f1y has joined #crux02:50
sepenhi f1y02:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: source-highlight: cleaned up a bit03:11
*** mwansa has joined #crux03:25
cruxbot[contrib.git]: linux_logo: new port03:41
Rotwangim in ur shiny contribz making tharr commits03:41
*** boe has joined #crux03:43
nipuLtilman: nope03:49
*** sepen has quit IRC03:59
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*** mavrick61 has joined #crux04:00
*** sepen has joined #crux04:02
sepenRotwang, you have 26 ports on your private repo, and you're maintaining 22 on contrib, that sounds me something odd for a recent contrib member04:48
tilmanmaybe those other four ports are weird and boring for most users? ;)04:49
sepenand please see04:49
sepenFATAL contrib/phun ............. world writable directory found: usr/share/phun/Scenes/04:49
sepenFATAL contrib/phun ............. world writable directory found: usr/share/phun/Screenshots/04:49
Rotwangsepen: thats intended04:49
sepenyeah sure04:49
Rotwangsepen: i test them in clean env04:49
sepenIm only reporting my point of view04:49
Rotwangi use them :X04:49
sepenRotwang, pitillo and me are developing a clean env04:49
sepenif you're interesting ..04:50
sepenRotwang, also you can take a look of
sepenI've a daily report04:50
sepenaon, ping04:50
tilmanRotwang: you should probably make them group-writable them, and chown :phun or so, and add your user to the phun group04:50
sepenRotwang, are you using fakeroot?04:51
Rotwangsepen: i saw this report today04:51
Rotwangsome redundant deps04:51
Rotwangi usually build ports as real root04:51
Rotwangsepen: if there are some problems with my ports tell me04:52
tilmanRotwang: building as root is dangerous04:52
Rotwangtilman: create new grup for one port?04:52
tilmanif the package tries to write to /usr directlty, you won't catch it04:52
Rotwangtilman: i know04:52
tilmanRotwang: yes, that sounds better than making it world-writable imo04:52
sepenRotwang, yeah but don't worry just I try to give informative reports04:52
Rotwangtilman: but dir got a sticky bit :x04:53
Rotwangso i dont see a real problem here with phun04:53
Rotwangsepen: ok ok04:53
*** pitillo has quit IRC04:54
Rotwangmy ports that are in contrib was mostly tested earlier04:54
sepensurely I've also bugs on my ports, and also other devels, but imho we should report them04:54
*** pitillo_ has joined #crux04:54
Rotwangso whats with phun? sticky bit is not good enough?04:55
*** boe has quit IRC04:56
sepenpfff drwxrwxrwt    root/root usr/share/phun/Screenshots04:56
sepensounds better if you patch directly the sources to use ~/.phun/Screenshots04:57
Rotwangsepen: no sources available04:57
tilmanpatch the binary :D04:57
tilmanno, just kidding04:57
sepenthen provide a first script to load the binary04:57
Rotwangi also catch any file leakages from work dir btw04:57
tilmanresolving ~ would be work :D04:58
sepenperl -pi does the trick for binaries04:58
tilmanyou cannot hardcode a path that's relative to ~, sepen04:58
tilmanyou could ask upstream to fix it though05:00
sepensounds phun its an active developed project, right?05:00
Rotwangsources are going to be released05:01
Rotwangsome day05:01
sepenwell email to author could be a nice alternative05:01
Rotwangbut i dont see really anything that wrong with those dirs05:01
Rotwangthat is*05:01
sepenusers shouldn't write directly to /usr05:02
Rotwangof course ~/.phun wouls be better05:02
tilman1.) rotwang creates a nice scene in /usr/share/phun/scenes05:02
tilman2.) tilman is evil and deletes rotwang's scene05:02
sepentilman, you're evil05:02
Rotwangtilman: sticky bit!05:02
*** pitillo_ is now known as pitillo05:03
* tilman thinks of other reasons05:03
Rotwangill email the author ;]05:03
Rotwangbut i cant do any better thing for now, except removing phun05:04
tilman find $PKG -name "*.txt" -exec rm -f {} \;05:05
tilmanRotwang: find $PKG -name "*.txt" -delete05:05
Rotwangok ;]05:06
tilmanRotwang: i would always install the .desktop file -- if users don't want it, they can use an IGNORE hook in pkgadd.conf05:06
cptnmaybe there should be a note on that05:06
cptnsince IIRC other ports remove those too05:06
cptn.oO(best practices doc)05:07
tilmani'll probably start working on pkgutils6's pkgadd, btw05:07
tilmanerr, in four weeks05:07
sepentilman, after waken-openair05:07
tilmanmight try to speed up database reading/writing some more before05:07
sepenoff-topic question, anyone knowns how to specified hourly logrotation? without a crontab line05:13
sepenlogrotate only accept daily, weekly, ...05:14
sepenam I wrong?05:14
Rotwangok, i mailed phun developer, if anyone finds nasty bug in any of my shiny ports, let me know ;}05:14
sepenRotwang, thats our job05:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: phun: some cosmetic improvements + .desktop file05:25
Rotwangsepen: what about clean env?05:29
sependo you want to try our env?05:29
sepenpitillo, are you agree to release a beta ?05:29
pitillosepen, you know what I think about this.... the more people working with it, better, may be thay can help to fix things and look for another uses05:30
sepenok but imho we should write more docs05:30
sepenwell I prepare a release to upload05:30
sepenmoment please05:31
Rotwangi may try it ;]05:31
tilmannipuL: n/m about hugs, the opensuse rpm works on my system (after it's rpm2targz'd)05:39
sepentilman, could you take a look of 'safe-env' later when you have some time?05:39
Rotwangsepen: k, ill try it later05:40
Rotwangi have to go to my english class soon :[05:40
tilmansepen: mmh, why? :D05:41
sepenwhy? XD05:41
sepenpitillo and me are woking on 'safe-env' and we want to know the team opinions05:42
tilmanpost it on crux-devel05:44
sepenok surely I'll do05:44
pitilloit can be a good enviroment to work, at first look, directly with ports, providing an easy way to make a eviroment and may be with its use, we can know more ways to apply it05:44
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*** f1y has quit IRC05:59
cruxbot[contrib.git]: fmod: Updated 4.14.02 -> 4.15.0406:10
*** Rotwang has quit IRC06:15
thrice`sepen: never used logrotate; can you use decimals? :)06:58
thrice`ie, .042 hours06:58
*** mike_k has joined #crux07:31
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux08:12
sepenthrice`, well finally I added my script to /etc/cron.daily/08:19
sepenjust the same thing than @daily line at crontab08:20
*** pitillo has quit IRC08:37
*** pitillo_ has joined #crux08:37
*** f1y has joined #crux08:40
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*** mike_k has quit IRC10:13
sepenRomster, is that a cosmetic changeset?10:18
sepen-  mkdir $PKG/usr/bin10:18
sepen+  mkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin10:18
Rotwangsepen: echo "Where options are:" 2>&110:18
sepenRomster, sorry my <tab>tab>tab10:18
Rotwangsepen: were you asking me?10:19
sepenRotwang, about mkdir -p10:19
Rotwangin phun?10:19
sepenRotwang, yeah10:19
Rotwangit was more than that10:19
Rotwangive changed few things10:19
sepenatm surely it runs nicely by in the previous revision ??10:19
sepenwithout mkdir -p ??10:19
Rotwangsepen: haha10:20
Rotwangdont you think that port was not working?10:20
sepenI don't use this port10:20
Rotwangsepen: look closer to diff10:20
sepenline 14 --->;a=blob;f=phun/Pkgfile;h=cc2447dcf8b04e4397c1144daca3c0ee16a8db77;hb=53bed0468593133d718812bd5ac3064b848c2c2b10:21
sepenimho it was a bug10:21
sepenor use install -d $PKG/usr/bin10:21
Rotwangbesides whats the difference? mkdir -p or mkdir10:22
Rotwangthere was $PKG/usr/share....10:22
sepenmkdir $PKG/usr/bin fails10:22
Rotwangso mkdir -p isnt really necessary here10:22
sepenoohhh I missread10:22
Rotwangsepen: no it does not10:22
sepenwell in this case excuse me :)10:23
* sepen drinks a lot of beer10:23
Rotwangsepen: im looking at the safe env now10:23
Rotwangecho "Where options are:" 2>&110:24
sepenohh nice10:24
sepenwhy redirection?10:24
Rotwangecho prints to stdout, no?10:24
sepenwell can be modified only for error messages10:24
Rotwangso why stderr t stdout?10:24
sepenjust a todo task10:24
sepenRomster, I should use 2>&1 for error messages10:25
sepenlike msgError() function10:25
sepenand then exit 1 instead of exit 010:25
sepenbut no idea why it appears in the msgUsage funct10:25
sepenI added this to my TODO10:25
Romsterand a new tab key... :P10:26
Rotwang2>&1 >/dev/null10:26
Rotwangalso i think order is important here10:26
sepenohhh Romster I like you10:26
sepenRomster, sorry one more time10:26
Romsterit's ok.10:26
sepenRotwang, hmm line=?10:26
Romsteri've done it on occasion too.10:27
Rotwangsepen: 4910:27
sepenand wher is the problem?10:27
sepenstderr -> stdout ---> and both to /dev/null10:28
sepen=== no error10:28
sepen|| msgError10:28
sepenif error appears it showed by msgError function10:28
sepenRotwang, just execute $ sudo ./safe-env init  after settingup etc/safe-env.conf10:29
sepen--init-- downloads the lastest iso for you and creates a image Filesystem file10:30
Rotwangim only looking at the code because im curious how does it work10:30
sepenwell, so you need to read how it works i.e doc/HOWTO-ucrux...10:31
sependid you talked on #bash about this?10:33
Rotwang2003 but i think its still true10:33
sepenI like the greycat wiki10:33
Rotwangyeah some time ago when i was modyfing init scripts10:33
Rotwangyeh me too10:33
Rotwangthe best source to learn bash10:33
sepen(The above examples use the ksh builtin print. If you want to do the10:34
sepensame experiments in bash, try '(echo stderr 1>&2; echo stdout) ...'10:34
Rotwangfind sdfdsf 2>&1 >/dev/null10:37
Rotwangerror is still printed10:37
sepen#Rotwang, I think the most important thing for me isn't how it was written, is for why it was written10:37
sepen$ ls UNEXIST 2>&110:37
sepen$ ls UNEXIST 2>&1 >/dev/null10:37
sepen$ ls UNEXIST &>/dev/null10:38
sepenthe I should add another TODO task10:39
Rotwangwell, newermind, it is minor thing for now ;]10:39
sepenRotwang, thanks one more time10:39
Rotwang&>/dev/null is deprecated from what i know10:39
Rotwangsepen: your welcome10:41
sepenmore todo tasks :)10:41
sepenRotwang, what are you using instead?10:43
Rotwang>/dev/null 2>&110:43
sepencommand >/dev/null 2>&110:43
sepen alternative (by closing both filedescriptors):10:43
sepencommand >&- 2>&-10:43
Rotwangi think /dev/null is more often sused, but there is many ways to do one thing ;]10:44
Rotwangthere are*10:44
sepenok Rotwang, can you make me report if you find more bugs?10:45
sepenor issues?10:46
Rotwangsepen: ok10:46
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thrice`mm, my first real processor \o/  FF compiled in 21 mins :011:21
*** maxus has joined #crux11:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gtk-recordmydesktop: Fixed dependencies line.11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git]: xawtv: Removed redundant deps.11:37
*** namenlos has quit IRC11:46
sepengoing to home, later!11:58
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rehabdollyay, fluxbox in contrib14:20
rehabdollbtw tek, are you using dhcpd on a ipv4 network?14:51
rehabdollthe -4 flag does not seem to work. the only way i could get it to work was to disable ipv6 during build14:52
teKno, to be honest, I'm confused about dhcpd, prologic switched to the 4.0.x branch wich is a feature release14:57
*** onestep has quit IRC14:58
teKI didn't dare to go back to 3.1.x or 3.0.x14:58
teKI just thought about this yesterday14:58
teKI will give it a try (regarding the IPv4/6 issue) and decide what to do tomorrow15:03
*** LithiumFX has joined #crux15:05
LithiumFXHey everyone15:06
rehabdollwhen prologic bumped to the beta-versions of the 4.x branch i started using my own port :)15:06
LithiumFXAnybody experienced a error with the JRE port? I can't find a port which contains libXp, so I figure this error is specific to me.15:07
tilmanlibXp has been removed from crux in 2.415:07
tilmanit's libxprint15:07
tilmanLithiumFX: how to reproduce?15:08
LithiumFXI'm trying to run FrostWire, I think it's specific to FrostWire (i.e. application, not JRE problem)15:08
LithiumFXjava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/lib/jre1.6.0_06/lib/i386/motif21/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:09
LithiumFXThat's the specific error15:09
tilmandunno, maybe i can check tomorrow15:14
LithiumFXI'll build a local copy of libXp for now15:14
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LithiumFXtilman, thanks for the help and for looking it up15:21
LithiumFXSpeak to you soon15:21
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