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ryuo"You may have to wait more than 3 seconds for an answer, be patient." Unpossible!11:35
Rotwangits not #bash ;]11:37
ryuois it just me or is crux getting a bit fatter on IRC participation?11:39
ryuoseems like the average # of people has risen by about 1011:40
joacimmore lurkers11:41
* ryuo looks for cruxbot's expansion slot.11:42
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drijenhomey don't play lurker.12:17
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bdfyHi!! I cant build bBlender :-\ 2.4613:41
bdfyBlender 2.46 sorry13:42
predatorfreakYou're missing openal13:42
predatorfreakor your openal is broken, I dunno which.13:43
bdfy$ pkginfo -i | grep -i openal13:43
bdfyopenal 0.0.8-213:43
predatorfreakLooks like openal is broken or out-dated then13:43
bdfyI am need to fix and to do "ldconfig"?13:45
predatorfreakBut it should bitch a lot more if it can't even link openal13:46
tilmanlooks rather like freealut is to blame13:46
bdfyBut ./configure is fine..13:46
tilmanbdfy: sepen might know more. he's usually around on mo-fr13:46
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Romsterhow ironic one of sepens ports is missing dependencys...13:57
Romsteri can't even do a proper depinst of blender without adding additional ports.13:57
Romster(in my safe-build)13:58
Romsteryet sepen works on safe-env....13:58
tilmandoesn't look like a missing dependency, but random breakage ;p13:59
Romsterode is missing libx11 and mesa3d...14:01
Romsterdrawstuff.cpp:48:19: error: GL/gl.h14:03
Romsterit's installed..14:03
Romsterdoesn't like more than one make jobs i bet.14:03
Romsterbah pos i can't do prt-get depinst mesa3d blender14:07
Romsterhave todo one at a time...14:07
Romsternow i make progress.14:08
Romsterode is missing dependency's it fails without them.14:08
Romsteri haven't got that far yet tilman.14:09
Romsterand blender depends on ode.14:09
Romsteroh stupid fmod... why isn't it got the soruce.14:12
Romstermanual download crap.14:12
Romsterok file not found...14:13
Romsterso fmod has broken source14:14
Romsternow i'm downloading.14:17
Romsterbumped fmod version.14:17
Man0l0someone using busybox ?14:19
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Romsternow i get to install blender after it downloads. after that messing around with deps and broken source.14:33
Romsterand see if i get that error or not.14:34
Romsternow i find blender is missing a dep14:55
Romstersource/blender/imbuf/intern/dynlibtiff.h:44:20: error: tiffio.h: No such file or directory14:55
Romsterbut that is in blender... so it should work.14:56
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Romsterand installing libtiff fixed that one.. continues.15:01
RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/packages/blender#2.46-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.15:22
ryuoBut will it blend?15:22
Romsterafter adding in a few dependencys15:22
ryuo(I've been reading too much slashdot I guess :-p)15:23
Romsterbah i built it in a chroot.. so now i gotta install and learn how to use it too...15:23
Romsteri'll pass :P15:23
ryuoRomster: looks like crux may be getting more popular. I've noticed ~10 more people on the irc channel15:24
ryuoRomster: you much of a programmer?15:27
ryuoRomster: I've heard "programmers" swear by tilers, claiming they improve their productivity.15:28
Romsteri'm only able to do some things15:36
Romsterand still learning the bigger languages.15:36
Romsterautotols is starting to make sense to now at first ti was autohell.15:37
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predatorfreakRomster: Just use cmake.15:38
Romstercmake looks nice too.15:39
Romsterand yeah i think i would choose cmake.15:39
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ryuo <-- mr.whiskers will fix it for catfood only!16:54
Rotwang <--- rapeshare cats are the best17:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pyrex: updated to
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