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cruxbot[contrib.git]: zsnes: fix dependnencys02:13
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Rotwangcould someone look at this readme and tell me if its ok? --->
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treachNo, it's not.05:45
treachNo, die.05:45
treach"funcitonality" !!05:45
treachOff with his head!!05:45
Rotwanghaha, but except "funcitonality" ? ;]05:46
treachit doesn't entirely make sense..05:46
treachwhy would one want to install a port that depends on stuff that apparently depends on stuff that isn't available?05:47
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Rotwangtreach: im only telling what can be done05:48
treachand shouldn't it be "a2x wrapper [1]"05:48
Rotwangto have fully working asciidoc05:48
treachah, so you mean it works without it as well, just without some extra functionality?05:49
treachaw, right. still not fully awake here05:50
treach"For the full".. d'oh05:50
Rotwangi wont add fop and rest of this shiv to Depend os because its not really necessaary05:50
treachok, seems fine otherwise afaict, but I'd put a space infront of "[1]",  it's confusing otherwise.05:52
Rotwangok i changed that05:53
Rotwangtreach: thanks05:53
treachyah. that will be interesting to see how that ends up.06:01
treachs /that/it/06:01
Romsteri've noticed that effect too.06:05
Rotwanggit question comes06:09
Romsterask away.06:10
Rotwangi have problem, and i wont mess with it myself because i dont want to screw sth up06:10
Romsterwell what's the problem..06:10
Rotwangi did: git fetch  git checkout 2.4      git rebase origin/2.406:10
Rotwangand then wanted to make some comits but i get error06:11
RotwangEnter passphrase for key '/home/maxiq/.ssh/id_rsa':06:11
RotwangTo crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git06:11
Rotwang ! [rejected]        2.4 -> 2.4 (non-fast forward)06:11
Rotwangerror: failed to push some refs to 'crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git'06:11
Romstergit fetch && git rebase origin/2.4 is sufficient.06:11
Romsterdon't run git checkout 2.406:12
Romstergit fetch && git rebase origin/2.4 && git push06:12
Romsterit's even detailed on the wiki page.06:12
Rotwangi get a list of bunch of files, i.e.06:13
Rotwangwesnoth-server/README: needs update06:13
RotwangRomster: i know im using this page06:13
Romsterhave you commited your changes?06:13
Romsterok do this06:13
Romstergit reset --hard head06:13
Romsterthen git push06:14
Romsteranything not commited will be lost.06:14
Rotwangfatal: Failed to resolve 'head' as a valid ref.06:15
Romstersorry git reset --hard 2.406:16
Romsteri'm used to head.06:16
Romsteractually head should work.06:16
Romsterlet me double check.06:16
Romsterthat should be right.06:17
Romstergit status06:18
Romsterhave you got any files staged?06:18
cruxbot[contrib.git]: 4dtris: removed redundand dep, and cleaned up a bit06:18
cruxbot[contrib.git]: asciidoc: cleaned up, added README06:18
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Romsterthat's git log...06:18
Romstergit status06:19
Rotwangprobably worked06:19
Rotwangok worked06:19
Romsterdoubt it the bot hasn't said anything.06:19
RotwangRomster: thanks06:19
Romsterok it did go...06:20
Rotwangreading some more git docs i should do06:20
Romsterdoh i was reading the bot text as you pasted it what is it with me...06:20
Romstergit takes awhile to get used too.06:20
Rotwangand probably test it on contrib-test06:20
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* Rotwang preffered Nyad06:47
Rotwangjason reminds me crappy horrors06:48
jason__Rotwang, me too06:51
jason__I can't be Nyad06:51
jason__I want to be06:51
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Rotwan1@seen brointhemix06:56
clbRotwan1: brointhemix was last seen in #crux 18 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <brointhemix> ;)06:56
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Nyadsomething odd happended there06:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fmod: Updated 4.15.04 -> 4.15.0511:09
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ode: Added missing dep (mesa3d)11:14
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sepenRomster, thanks for the reports :)12:04
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Romstersepen, your welcome.12:17
sepennow building blender with your suggestions12:18
Rotwangk3b cant find growisofs executable O_O12:18
Romsterwish they would fix the ports in opt.12:18
RomsterRomster, i got port sin romster-opt that have the permissions fixed.12:18
Rotwangit worked well two days ago x|12:18
Romsterproviding you in the 'cdrom' group.12:18
Rotwangwhich on exactly?12:19
Romsterah growisofs wasn't one of them.. cdrdao and cdrtools12:21
Romsteralong with my udev that's got a rule for cdrom group. that you could edit manually if you wanted too.12:22
Romsterfind it all there.12:22
Romsternote i think suid wont be needed once we get to kernel 2.6.26 and be able to set policy's for access.12:27
Rotwangnow it worked x|12:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: blender: Cleanup and added missing deps. (thanks to Romster)13:35
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Rotwangsepen: here?15:35
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sepenRotwang, yes16:12
Rotwangsepen: from where i can checkout fresh safe-env ?16:12
sepenhere svn://
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CheikhI want to install crux on my laptop but there are a certain things that I am not sure yet do u support the non free package like the nvidia graphic drivers20:02
Cheikhalso when compiling the kernel is there a generic .config file to use or do I need to trough the options of creating one20:03
rehabdollthere's a port for the nvidia-driver20:33
rehabdollthe config for the iso-kernel can be found in /proc20:34
thrice`there is a generic .config copied to the kernel's source DIR during extraction20:41
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