IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-05-26

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pitillogood morning01:23
Rotwangnot so good, but still morning ;]01:24
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nipuL__ah crap, i was hoping i would still be logged in02:15
nipuL__!seen nipuL02:16
nipuL__@seen nipuL02:16
clbnipuL__: nipuL was last seen in #crux 2 days, 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <nipuL> that reeks of effort02:16
nipuL__anyone know how long ago i dropped out?02:16
teK09:09 -!- nipuL [n=lucas@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]02:17
teK09:16 < nipuL__> anyone know how long ago i dropped out?02:17
nipuL__my vps provider has dropped off the face of the earth02:17
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mwansasepen: morning02:28
mwansawell afternon actually its 7:30pm here :D02:29
sepen09:28 here02:29
sepenRomster, ping02:41
Romstersepen, yes?02:42
sepencould you take a look of the last changeset I was made to blender? is that?02:42
sepenI removed the extra warning message, also I'll add yasm as dependency, sounds nice for having02:43
sepenI'll do another changeset to add yasm02:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: fluidsynth: Cleanup Packager line.02:49
cruxbot[contrib.git]: blender: Added dependency (yasm)02:49
nipuLhmm, arch or debian02:50
Romsteror crux :P02:50
nipuLi'll look into getting crux on my new vps later02:51
nipuLthey don't provide custom distros out of the box02:51
nipuL<-- getting a new vps02:51
Romsterlast one disappeared?02:51
nipuLit went down about an hour ago02:51
nipuLsame as the provider02:51
Romsterso... they might just have a issue to solve.02:52
nipuLthey're main site hasn't been working for a few months, so I'm jumping ship just to be sure02:52
nipuLif it comes back online that's great, i can get my data back02:52
nipuLbut i'm not sitting around waiting to find out02:52
nipuLso...arch or debian02:53
nipuLmight go arch due to it's crux roots02:53
Romsteri'd be inclined to try arch02:55
Romstersince i used debian woody years ago02:55
nipuLi could probably force it to run crux02:55
nipuLwith some careful planning02:55
Romsterand there is the pkgutils port for arch too.02:55
nipuLwell that settles it02:58
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nipuL*sigh* this is going to be a long night03:45
Rotwangfor i in {1..32768};do echo $RANDOM;done | uniq -c | wc -l03:45
Rotwangwhy ?03:45
nipuLrebuilding a server from scratch03:45
sepenfor i in $(seq 1 32768); do [...]03:45
Rotwangsepen: whats the difference?03:46
Rotwangbesides im asking why isnt those numbers random03:46
sepenrandom(3) rand(3) srand(3)03:47
Rotwangok nvm ;]03:50
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nipuLi've been using arch for an hour and i hate it already04:24
nipuLbinary package support is nice and all04:25
nipuLmerging file conflicts by hand....shudders04:25
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NyadHi. Please can somebody give me their kernel config file so that when I build my kernel I will have support for IDE cdrom, SATA Hds and USB devices. I keep messing mine up. (This time I'm installing onto a SATA HD)05:54
f1ywhat version?05:55
f1y2.6.23.9 from install iso?05:55
pitilloNyad, and you have problems when you install it in your sata drive? with the options I gave you the other day you must be able to install it into your sata drive (SATA_NV was the driver for your controller)05:57
pitillocan you share the error you got when you boot? may be you are giving grub a bad / partition instead of a bad support in your kenerl05:58
Nyadok let me reboot so I can get it. brb05:59
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f1yNyad: zcat /proc/config.gz when installing05:59
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Nyadgrub says error 17 can't mount drive06:02
Nyadmy grub menu.lst has: root(hd1,5)06:04
Nyadkernel          /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb6 ro06:04
pitilloNyad, are you using the same config you had the last day?06:08
Nyadthat kernel was huge06:09
Nyada new one that comes from a more experienced user would work quite well :)06:10
pitilloNyad, make sure you have your / fs selected (compiled in) in to your kernel, and drivers for your sata/usb controller06:13
Nyadok will do. be back soon06:15
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
Romsterhe can never stay on long enough...06:31
Romster < might interest him.06:31
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mwansamhh bored.. i might build gnome for fun O_o07:06
Romstergood luck been there done that.07:14
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Romstermwansa, why not write some man pages for things that lack them?07:22
Romsteri'm doing one now.07:22
mwansaRomster, mmh. i have decided to go get some Burger King but when i get back ill be glad to help :D07:25
rehabdollRomster: for what?07:26
Romsterpick a random thing i'm making a pkgmk.conf.8 page.07:27
Romstersomeone's got to do it.07:30
nipuLsweet, found a way to put crux on this vps07:32
f1ywhy you always write man site with number?07:34
teKbecause it can be present (with different content) in different man sections07:41
teKsee % man man | less -p "^MANUAL SECTIONS"07:41
f1yhmm i always thought that there is no difference... never heard, never see07:42
teKie there may be a system call foo() (section 3) and a program named foo (section 1)07:42
teKthis may be the case especially on *BSDs as there are many man pages for syscalls etc.07:43
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teK+ it's nice to express your opinion / make it clear: in dubio pro strace(1)07:44
teKfor example.07:45
f1yteK: thanks, i will remember that07:45
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rxidoes anyone else have any issues with the usb keyboard driver in crux on an ibm machine?08:04
Romsteri don't have that hardware to test, sorry.08:42
sepenRomster, are you agree with my blender changes?08:47
Romsteryeah that's ok.08:47
sepenthanks, so I'll close the FS ticket08:48
Romsterjust seeing that waring while compiling was a pain the most annoying was having to install deps that were meant to be listed <<08:48
Romsterand i'm quite surprised i found problems when you got safe-env...08:48
sepennot tested yet on it08:49
sepenI've too many work these days at office08:49
sepenbut I'll try to do my job better in the future08:49
sepensorry for the inconveniences08:50
Romsteri only built it because another user had a build failure and it said about freeglut which is my port so i went to test and i found all them errors.08:50
Romsterit's ok.08:50
sepenI also planed to use distcc on my safe-env08:50
Romsterdid annoy me a bit though.08:50
Romsterah i got ccache and distcc in my safe-build now <<08:51
Romsteri'm thinking of improvments too.08:51
sepensurely could be nice for my 900mhz box08:51
Romsterthat's for sure.08:52
Romsterbe sure to read the wiki on distcc.08:52
Romsteri've documented it.08:52
sepenoff course, and well docuemented08:52
sepenI like your ck4up page too08:53
sepennice work08:53
Romsterneeds a bit of work still. bu ti'll get to that sometime.08:53
Romsterit's readable i hope.08:53
sepenthe only thing maybe I'll change it's to replace your maintaining name for $MAINTAINER variable08:54
sepenlike you did with $EDITOR one08:54
Romsteri used $EDITOR to avoid a flame war :P08:54
Romsterand most /etc/profiles have one set and prt-get edit also uses that var too.08:55
Romsteri've thought about using a VM for my build env but i'm more wanting to keep to a directory and thinking of overiding some parts of chroot/glibc for some stuff and a socket so commands outside of the chroot can control the chroot env.08:58
Romsterhaven't decided yet.08:59
Romsterthen nipuL has his unionfs he is doing too.09:00
Romsterso many ways todo it it's hard to choose.09:01
sepenRomster, yeah but as I explain in my lastest mail to ML *we* tried to keep the safe-env very minimal09:03
sepenso later you can easily add whatever you want09:03
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nipuLyour prt-clean script is a bit too minimal i think09:03
sepenI like the unionfs idea09:03
sepennipuL, maybe09:04
nipuLdepends on the lifetime of the snapshot09:04
nipuLsysups are out of the picture09:05
sepennipuL, where I can find yours09:05
nipuLi'm rewriting it09:05
nipuLi'll upload it soon09:05
sepenwe too09:05
sepenwhy don't merge both scripts?09:05
nipuLmine in written in python09:05
sepenbut you need to do some subshells to prt-get no?09:06
nipuLno it has its own pkgdb parser09:06
sependireclty to /var/lib/pkg/ ?09:07
nipuLor wherever09:07
sepenand the benchmarks? is it faster?09:07
nipuLprobably not, but it does a lot more09:07
sepenI like kiss app's09:08
nipuLand every file is makes is a pkgdb09:08
sepensincerely I love prt-get, and I used to use subshell to it on my scripts09:09
nipuLplus it will catch version and footprint changes as part of the diff09:09
sepenthat sounds nice09:09
sepenare you plained to release it?09:10
nipuLwhen it's ready09:10
sepenok wanting for :)09:10
nipuLi just need to get my crux server going again09:11
Romsteryeah long night ahead of you.09:11
nipuLmy vps provider fell off the face of the earth09:11
Romstermaybe went to mars.09:11
Romsterkinda rude how they didn't inform there customers.09:11
nipuLsweet, image has uploaded, time to kill arch09:11
Romsterand your access ;P09:12
Romsterif you get it wrong.09:12
sepennow I'm working with 'repoverify' and white lists09:12
nipuLthey have prebuilt images, so it's not too bad if i screw up09:12
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nipuLa rebuild takes about 2 minutes09:12
nipuLanyhoo, see you on the other side09:13
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sepenThere are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX.09:43
sepenWe don't believe this to be a coincidence.09:43
sepen                -- Jeremy S. Anderson09:43
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LithiumFXHey everyone09:45
cptnLSD was first synthesized here in europe09:45
cptnthat's not to say that it didn't influence UNIX :-)09:46
cptnbut it's usually attributed to a swiss scientist09:46
tilmanswitzerland even, no?09:46
cptn(LSD, not unix)09:46
tilmantoo fast for me :]09:46
sepenI would rewrite fortune as cruxtune :)09:47
tilmansepen: "fortune" -> "fortune cookie"09:49
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tilmanbecause of the proverbs and stuff that's put inside them ;)09:49
sepenso I can say 'cruxtune cookie' :)09:52
tilmani don't get it09:52
sepenI need a grammar book09:52
thrice`speaking of LSD .. :P09:54
Romsterthat's old read it ages ago :P10:02
tilmanugh, indeed. may 28 2006 o_O10:03
Romsterno idea why they got that on that date.10:04
Romsteryou were trying to prove me wrong wern't you :P10:05
tilmanof course10:05
Romsterhehe failed :D10:05
tilmanthe maximum likelihood principle applies here, too10:05
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nipuLCRUX64 version 2.410:23
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cptndoesn't look too stable ;-)10:26
nipuLi was just starting a scren session10:27
nipuLup until my old vps provider disappeared, it had an uptime of 450days10:27
nipuLstable enough?10:27
* tilman puts a stamp of approval on crux64 ;)10:32
nipuLwow, praise from Caesar10:33
cruxbot[contrib.git]: bzr: Updated 1.5rc1 -> 1.510:48
cruxbot[contrib.git]: di: Updated 4.12 -> 4.1310:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: arora: New port.14:30
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LithiumFXHey everyone15:00
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LithiumFXI contacted the contrib administrator about a change in the details of my port repo, and received a reply saying the changes had been committed. The listing at is still out of date, however. Is there a delay in the updates being reflected?15:12
Rotwangwho is contrib admin?15:12
LithiumFXI don't know, it was the e-mail address specified on the ports pages15:13
sepenI propose Romster as admin15:13
RotwangRomster would be good15:13
LithiumFXWhat about Chuck Norris?15:16
Rotwangnot funny anymore15:16
LithiumFXAny ideas with the listing mismatch?15:16
LithiumFXI don't want to send another e-mail since it might be me being impatient15:17
RotwangLithiumFX: portdb is "refreshed" daily iirc15:17
Rotwangso wait until tommorow15:17
Rotwangby tomorrow i mean CEST tomorrow15:18
LithiumFXAh, I thought that might be what happened15:18
LithiumFXJust making sure15:18
LithiumFXI managed to lose/cancel the domain which hosted the repo, hence the change15:18
LithiumFXI'm offski now, thanks for the pointer15:20
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Rotwangim looking for ppt2everything converter17:02
Rotwangany ideas?17:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: asterisk: Fixed source uri20:46
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Romsterhmm there all off but maybe they read the logs, port db has a delay it's like changing the dns you have to wait awhile for the port db to get it's daily cron job.21:43
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gcc-fortran: 4.2.3 -> 4.2.422:09
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