IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-05-27

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cruxbot[opt.git]: lyx: update to 1.5.500:53
cruxbot[opt.git]: Merge branch '2.4' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/opt into 2.400:53
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ryuoRomster: greetings.00:53
Romstergit rebase origin/2.400:54
ryuoRomster: your pirate half coming out?00:54
cptnRomster: why is this needed?00:55
ryuoits the pirate cptn!00:55
Romsterrebases instead of merging00:55
Romstertilman, will have your head otherwise :P00:55
ryuoon a silver platter?00:55
* Romster shrugs00:55
cptnmmmh, but why is it needed?00:56
cptnwe're on the 2.4 already00:57
ryuoRomster: so how you liking IceQua?00:57
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Romsterryuo, nice still using it.00:59
Romstercptn, it's to avoid that ugly merge line you just made.01:00
ryuoRomster: I've been talking to the developer of firebox. hes been stabilizing the build and hopefully release a new release in the near future.01:00
Romstergit fetch && git rebase origin/2.4 && git push01:00
ryuoRomster: the new changes look very promising. I gave the svn a test run.01:00
cptnRomster: I know how to do it, and what it does01:00
Romsterit's on the how to use git ask tilman as to why..01:00
cptnRomster: I'm just asking why, since we're already working on the 2.4 branch01:00
Romsterfucked if i know it avoids a ugly merge message and works so i've stuck to it.01:01
Romstergo and ask in #git or bug tilman for more information.. <<01:01
cptnsure, I asked tilman already01:01
cptnjust say "I don't know why" next time if you don't01:02
cptnnipuL: you around?01:02
Romsteri use what works and it's worked, never did understand why.01:03
ryuocptn: if it aint broke, don't fix it.01:03
cptnryuo: it just broke :-)01:03
cptnwell, not really01:03
Romsteri'm like half of contrib commits and it's all worked for me.01:03
Romsterhit a few snags but i've worked them out.01:04
ryuofinally finished this old book01:04
ryuowritten 150 years ago01:04
cptnryuo: it's just that git looks at things slightly different than e.g. subversion01:05
ryuomy distro uses git, so whats the big deal?01:06
ryuoI'm learning to use git myself.01:06
pitillogood morning01:06
nipuLcptn: i am now01:06
cptnnipuL: what would be a good time for you for IRC meetings?01:07
nipuLi could probably make it by 21:00 cest, give or take the ammount of time it takes to make a coffe01:09
nipuLthat would be 07:00 localtime01:09
cptnso if we said 20-22, that would be fine?01:10
cptnI assume if there's something to discuss, we can easily extend it here01:11
nipuLyeah, i'll just start logging the channel before i go to bed01:11
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hussyMorning glory! I have some wierd troubles with my kernel config... Trying to install CRUX01:36
hussyoops :) not finished01:36
hussyon an Acer Aspire T18001:36
hussySeems it has an SATA nvidia chip sataP01:36
ryuohussy: so? I have that same sata driver.01:37
ryuopaired with pata_amd01:37
hussyBut when I'm finished with my installation, including adding and configuring the kernel config, on reboot I get, Keneler panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)01:37
hussyryou; Ah, is that what might be missing?01:38
ryuodid you built in your file system?01:38
hussyIll try pata_amd aswell01:38
cptnhussy: and did you build them into the kernel?01:38
ryuohussy: I suggest you try booting a live cd like arch's01:38
cptnhussy: i.e. not as modules01:38
ryuosee what modules it brings up01:38
hussycptn yes01:38
ryuoits how i figured out before what i needed to boot01:39
f1yhm why not use config from zcat /proc/config.gz (when chrooting from iso)?01:39
hussyryuo good idea!01:39
hussycptn; they are all compiled into kernel01:39
hussyryuo; I will try adding pata_amd first, why did you need that?01:40
ryuohussy: i dont know if i needed it or not, it was what arch used for my pair of controllers.01:40
ryuoso i included it for good measure01:40
ryuoyou also need some SCSI stuff enabled for01:41
hussySCSI support, scsi disk support cdrom and so on :)01:42
ryuoyou dont need IDE01:42
ryuojust pata really01:42
ryuoare you using an AMD powered system?01:43
hussyI'm trying a reboot again01:43
ryuoyou probably need pata_amd then01:43
hussyAspire is running Sempron01:43
hussyThis sucks :)01:43
hussyKernel panic again01:43
hussyStill the same error01:43
hussyIt cant find any /dev/sd*01:44
ryuotry the other idea?01:44
hussy"Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the avalible partitions: 0300 hda driver: ide-cdrom"01:44
hussyThe one with arch live cd? :)01:44
ryuooh wait01:45
ryuocan you not boot the CD or after install?01:45
hussyWhat do you mean?01:46
ryuonow you got me confused01:46
ryuocan you boot the CD?01:46
ryuookay then the other part is what fails01:46
hussyI finished the install, this comes up while trying to boot from the HD01:46
hussyI have googled myself to death already :(01:46
teKyou may use lspci -k (if lspci is available), it lists the kernel modules/drivers in use for your pci devices01:47
ryuo00:08.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP61 SATA Controller (rev a2)01:48
ryuo        Kernel driver in use: sata_nv01:48
ryuofor example01:48
ryuofor mine01:48
ryuoand the other01:48
ryuo00:06.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP61 IDE (rev a2)01:48
ryuo        Kernel driver in use: AMD_IDE01:48
ryuo        Kernel modules: pata_amd01:48
ryuothats it01:48
hussytrying to reboot the crux cd again.01:50
hussyand have a look.01:50
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hussyI have the same chipsset01:55
hussybut it's not using pata_amd01:56
hussyOk, so sata_nv was in use, so was AMD_IDE, but not pata_amd. Still the same error when rebooting. :(02:02
hussyyeea, got further :)02:05
hussyseems like its switching to sdb now...02:05
teKis the setup cd shipped with lspci?02:06
hussythe only thing left to do is to trick lilo into accepting sdb instead of sda :)02:07
hussyAnd how does one do that? =)02:08
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teKlilo -b /dev/sdb?02:09
teK+ bear in mind which device sdb will be named after reboot (change your lilo.conf accordingly)02:09
hussytek; i changed /etc/lilo.conf to boot=/dev/sdb and root=/dev/sdb102:10
hussyRunning lilo now results in No medium found02:11
teKso now your disk is sda and later it will be sdb?02:12
hussyhow do one solve that?02:17
teKoh well02:19
teKit's possible to install lilo but I don't have present, how...02:20
cptnhussy: you could use grub02:21
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teKg.. what?02:26
cruxbot[contrib.git]: php-mcrypt: initial import02:28
hussycptn; any howto present with crux? =)02:31
hussylike 5-8 years ago I used grub last time :)02:31
pitillohussy, take a look to the handbook :)02:31
hussyFound it02:32
hussysorry =)02:33
cptnhussy: also, there's a readme for the port02:34
hussyThere where no grub present on the CD?02:36
mwansahussy, just rmount cd and pkgadd grub02:37
mike_khussy: be aware that the current grub port on crux 2.4 (nit the one on CD) uses menu.lst instead of grub.conf.02:39
hussythere are only a grub.conf.sample after the install02:42
hussyno lst files02:42
hussyin /boot/grub02:42
hussyI get it :)02:42
mike_khussy: to make thing even more unclear:;a=history;f=grub;hb=2.4  =)02:50
hussywtf :)02:56
hussyI have'nt started yet... =)02:57
hussyOK, So the install CD goes with .conf install02:57
hussythrere are no manuals for that in the crux handbook?02:57
hussy!@# grub02:58
cptnI think it's only the file name that changed02:59
nipuLwho's the git merging noob03:00
cptnnipuL: me03:01
mike_khussy: the grub stage(s) installed during installation will search for grub.conf, but if you'll upgrade grub AND reinstall it - it will try to read menu.lst (and you have to meke sure it will succeed)03:03
hussyI will not upgrade :) I just want to get the thing up and running03:09
hussyIt wasn't that straight forward03:10
hussywith sata drivers...03:13
hussysata disks i mean03:14
mwansamike_k, ha you just solved one of my old problems going from 2.3 -> 2.4 with menu.lst :D03:20
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hussytrying it now.03:25
hussyfollowed manuall install ofgrub03:25
hussyof grub03:25
mike_kmwansa: consider subscribing to the mailing list03:25
mwansamike_k, i have must have overread it03:28
hussywtf, now it's not able to continue wafter some services are starting... :/03:41
hussyah, nm03:42
hussyI got it working03:50
hussyPraise grub! :)03:50
hussyThank you mike_k, mwansa, cptn, pitilloand, ryuo teK for your support!03:51
cptncongratulation :-)03:57
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nipuLwhat day is the meeting?04:49
cptntuesday or wednesday probably04:52
sepenpredatorfreak vote?04:53
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gcc-fortran: fix footprint04:54
sepencptn, could be possible to send a mail to crux-devel ML with the date of the next eventual meeting and discussing points? or maybe increase a bit the work?04:57
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pitillofast fix Romster04:59
Romsteryeah i knew of it i left it recompile i didn't install gcc-4.2.4 after building it :/05:00
Romsterso it made gcc-fortran have extra files in my chroot.05:00
pitilloyeah, I saw it in my system and I was rebuilding it in the safe-env to confirm before telling you anything05:00
cptnsepen: well, there are no plans for such a meeting right now, so I'm not sure what to write05:00
cptnsepen: that's not to say that it wouldn't make sense to have one05:01
Romsterpitillo, it would of built fine and have missing files.05:03
pitilloRomster, yes, that is what I want to tell you. You know that I don't like too much see missing files05:04
Romsteri found out when i went to pkgadd it on my system.05:04
Romsterno port should have missing files :P05:04
Romsterand i'm doing some work in my personal ports to clean them up more too.05:05
Romsteri negelect my personal ports a bit of time.05:05
pitilloyeah, you have lot of work to do with contrib ports, which remove you time to spend in your personal repo05:06
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Romster thought it was about time i stuck a home page up :P06:17
Romstermy old site stuff is a mess of code and mysql so i'll rewrite it.06:18
sepenRomster, by sepen :)06:19
sepenwritten in php without mysql06:19
Romsterah my old site is in php and tons of lines..06:24
Romsteri'm working with python and wsgi now.06:25
Romsterany why would i wanna work without a sql :P06:25
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mwansahmm any ideas why a push from xorg-server 1.2.0-2 {crux-2.3}  to current in ports breaks the mice07:17
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Romsterbecause you need to recompile the mouse module too..07:54
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sepenhmm the cause of having some FS mails in crux-devel ML is due to its 'Assigned To CRUX Developers (crux)' on FS?09:10
sepenRotwang, who decide that? you?09:10
Rotwangsepen: yes, i assigned it09:11
sepencptn or tilman, is that correct? should I assign tasks in this way too?09:13
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RotwangSince it is possible to assign reports to CRUX team i think i didn't do anything wrong, did I?09:40
Rotwangsepen: sometimes empty dirs should exist :X09:42
teK /var/lock?09:44
Rotwangi've had few cases when empty dirs was mandatory for program to run09:45
Rotwangso i think it should be up to maintainer to decide about it09:46
Rotwangor make it as option09:46
Rotwangie. pkgmk -de or pkgmk --delete-emty09:46
sepen<Rotwang> i've had few cases when empty dirs was mandatory for program to run09:47
sepenwhich cases? i.e. tell me one?09:47
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Rotwangsepen: my abs port09:48
Rotwang# abs09:48
Rotwang==> ERROR: /var/abs/ does not exist (or is not a directory)09:48
Rotwangsepen: find  -empty also deletes empty regular files09:52
Rotwanglook at the rc port09:52
Rotwangfind -empty finds empty dirs and regular files*09:53
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sepenRomster, your abs?09:58
Rotwangsepen: abs port from my private repo (mxq)09:58
sepenwell in that case something like .noempty (similar as does .nostrip) could do the trick09:59
Rotwangits handy to have some PKGBUILDs at hand09:59
sepenRomster, atm there are 16 contrib ports using # Remove empty dirs09:59
Rotwangsepen: yeah it could, but i still think make it as option, or leave it for maintainer10:00
sepenRotwang, also a post-install script should be nice for doing the trick10:00
sepenimho empty dirs sucks10:01
Rotwangsepen: probably, but it makes things more complicated10:01
sepenand if an empty dir overwrites permissions/owners ?10:01
sepeni.e /usr10:02
Rotwangi think that should be left to dudge for maintainer10:02
Rotwangtoo much automation isn't really good10:02
sepenso can you add this comment to the ticket please?10:03
sepenI'll glad to constrast opinions directly on the ticket10:03
Rotwangbut truth is minor programmes need empty dirs to run10:03
sepenforeveryone who want to read it10:03
Rotwangsepen: k10:03
Rotwangminor number of*10:04
Romsterdo i have to donk you over the head with the tab key again <<10:04
sepenohh sorry Romster10:04
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Romsterisn't there a last spoke use first option?10:05
RotwangRomster: i vote you to change your nick!!10:05
Rotwangor mine10:05
Rotwangi think we should toss a coin10:05
Romsteri was here first <<10:05
* Rotwang loves his nick :<10:06
sepenI suggest you sepenwang and sepenster10:06
Romsterand i've used this nick for many years. i don't see no reason to change just fix your tab completion.10:06
sepenhmmm or replace my keyboard10:06
Romsteror type rot <tab>10:07
sepenmaybe I confuse your nicks due to the first capital R10:07
Rotwangyeah, youre to lazy people!10:07
Rotwangnot to type one letter more :p10:07
sepenRomster, sometime ago Rotwang there isn't on this channel, just I need some time10:08
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Romsteri see.10:12
teKi dont'.10:12
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Rotwangsepen: maybe something like REMOVE_EMPTY=no10:13
Rotwanginside Pkgfile is the solution in this case10:13
Rotwangill write patch to show what i mean10:14
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Rotwangsepen: btw you made a typo ;]10:16
teKsepen: just as you told me shortly: use other people's ports (even IF they package empty dirs) or do your own.10:19
* Romster shrugs10:19
sepenhmm reading now10:22
Rotwangsepen: i commented10:23
sepenteK, Im talking about contrib ports (<sepen> atm there are 16 contrib ports using # Remove empty dirs)10:24
sepenteK, not people's ports10:24
RotwangteK: actually that kind of feature would be handy10:25
sepenteK, just if you are disagree I respect your opinion, thats its all I was wanted, a mini-poll of crux maintainers10:25
Rotwangif tweaked somehow10:25
RotwangteK: besides its called brainstorming :P10:25
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sepenteK, are you suggesting me to clone whatever I found bad from my point of view?10:27
teKI just looked for a detailed description in the channelhistory but didn't find anything, is there a 'cloned' source fo your opinion? ;)10:28
sepenwell. just I suggest a patch for pkgmk, isn't a imposition, so sorry10:31
sepenI'll try don't suggest nothing anymore10:32
teKto remove empty dirs?10:32
teKkeep suggesting10:32
sepenteK, did you read the FS ticket?10:32
RotwangteK: its suggestion such as mine10:32
Rotwangand as i said earlier its called brainstorming10:32
teKsepen: no, I meant something like that before. I'll check10:32
sepenyeah, all sugestions are rejected without arguments10:32
Rotwangmore ideas = better development10:33
sepenRomster, unfortunately seems isn't the way here, I don't try to rewrite crux, just trying to **suggest** ideas as more as possible10:33
sepenRomster, not for you10:33
sepenRotwang, <tab> ^^10:34
Rotwangas i said some time ago, crux is conservative ;]10:35
sepenthe fact is that the core team has too work10:37
sepenand they often can't response to all suggestions10:38
sepenthat could be a disadvantage, however I think crux is the better linux based distro10:40
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bwrw 611:55
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tilmanjue: i added gunter's patch and will push once i tested it, too13:05
jueok, thanks13:07
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telitiHello. Where can I find an up to date install-cd from Crux-2.4? I dont remember the URL13:32
teliti(up to date= with up to date packages)13:32
telitithrice: thank you13:41
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LithiumFXHey everyone15:33
LithiumFXI'm looking for a way to list all missing libraries on my system, I ran a command a while ago but forgot what it was15:34
LithiumFXSorry if that is vague15:34
pitilloLithiumFX, I think it's revdep15:35
LithiumFXThat's the cookie!15:35
pitilloRotwang, man revdep (prt-utils or fsearch to confirm)15:35
LithiumFXpitillo, I owe you infinite internets15:36
Rotwangpitillo: i know15:36
Rotwangsepen typed first15:36
Rotwangthe --> ? was sarcastic15:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: glade: 2.10.0 -> 2.12.216:10
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