IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-05-28

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pitillogood morning01:11
luxhwhat's up?01:12
pitillostarting the day here, working atm :)01:14
luxhwhat do you work with?01:15
pitilloI'm a sysadmin01:15
pitilloI'm surrounded :)01:15
pitilloand you, what are you doing?01:15
luxhnothing at the moment, just waking up01:16
pitillooh, sounds good. Do you work?01:16
luxhmilitary service01:16
pitilloummm lot of people is doing that service01:17
luxhends this friday though, so i'm almost free :P01:17
pitilloohhh good. How many time do you must be doing military service?01:17
luxhonce, for 11 month01:18
pitilloummm here when was obligatory, people must be doing it 1 year01:19
luxhwell my is shortened to 10 month since we (sweden) are out of money01:19
pitilloummm is it mandatory, isn't it?01:20
luxhmm it is01:21
pitillobah. Do you like it?01:21
luxhif you get in that is. only a few tousand a year do01:22
luxhnope :P01:22
luxhmilitary stuff isn't my thing. i think it's pretty lame01:22
pitilloyeah, here finally removed the military service to make a professional military group, which IMHO it's better than force all people to do it01:23
luxhmm much better01:26
pitilloI think so01:29
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sepenwell I think I should close the pkgmk patch ticket02:04
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teKmorlexus' password:04:07
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Rotwangshould i edit my FS ticket and deasign crux team?06:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: Imported some perl modules.07:02
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mwansamhh any ideas what this font is
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rxi*attempts to build zimra*07:06
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thrice`dunno if anyone's seen, but this one looks interresting too.
Rotwangthere is a port in contrib07:34
sepenRotwang, did you use it?07:42
Rotwangbuilding it atm07:43
mwansasepen, have a look at enet in your port. throwing some md5sum errors07:43
mwansayep, communication layer for UDP. action-cube is dependant on it..07:46
Rotwangsepen: very nice browser :D07:46
Rotwangshame that in Qt07:46
sepenmwansa, hmmm going to07:46
sepenRotwang, rss, and mozilla plugins are not supported yet07:46
mwansasepen, :)07:47
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sepenmwansa, ohhh on my private repo07:49
mwansayea sorry shoulda been more specific07:49
sepenthanks, I'll try to fix07:49
mwansaRotwang, looks nice ;). ion tho... wish i could get my awesome looking like that :D07:52
Rotwan1seen better :P07:53
mwansayea well..i havent :(07:54
sepenmwansa, enet updated to 1.2 on my repo
sepenmwansa, thanks for the report07:56
nipuLguh, fscking hotmail is eating emails07:57
nipuLthey get a 250 response from the hotmail mx servers, but never arrive at the users inbox07:58
mwansasepen, sweet builds fine now :)07:58
sepen#eating? maybe your ip appears on blacklists used by hotmail?07:58
sepenoh no 250 its ok :[07:58
sepenmwansa, nice07:59
thrice`Rotwan1: oh, nice08:02
sepenthrice`, I ported arora some days ago08:03
thrice`ah, just now saw it :)08:03
thrice`does it work well ?08:03
sepenyes, here08:07
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
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cruxbot[core.git]: rc: Link /etc/localtime with -snf.08:33
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ichHello Rotwan108:37
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thrice`who is Gunter Ceolle ?08:48
RyoSno, really dont know :p08:49
RyoS*google <.<08:49
thrice`oh, tilman did it08:49
thrice`nevermind :P08:49
Rotwan1thrice`: what tilman did?08:57
thrice`it said that core commit was from Gunter Ceolle, but i'm guessing he just submitted the idea to tilman; I thought he was a new core maintainer or something08:58
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Rotwan1i think if he was some new core maintainer we would know it from ML ;]08:59
Rotwan1ports/core.git CRUX core ports CRUX System Team 20 hours ago    O_O09:00
sepennew core maintainer?09:01
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hannes92hi :-) i know it is not officially supported, but maybe someone knows help though... prt-get install libmp4v2 from contrib does not work: libtool: Version mismatch error. This is libtool 2.2.4, but the definition of this LT_INIT comes from an older release. You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.2.4 and run autoconf again.09:26
nipuLtilman probably just marged the patch from gunters git repo09:27
tilmangit commit --author "gunter..."09:27
tilmanis what i did09:27
cptnhannes92: removing the libtoolize line from Pkgfile should fix it09:27
thrice`tilman: yes.  sorry, shouldn't have mentioned before checking out the "author" line on gitweb09:28
tilmanthrice`: no worries, it's okay09:29
hannes92cptn: thank you very much. that did it :) but what does libtoolize do?09:30
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cptnhannes92: don't really know, sorry :-)09:38
cptn"add libtool support to your package" according to the man page09:39
hannes92cptn: well :-) this does not really help me... however, it works, thats the important thing ;)09:50
pitillohannes92, ask google to see what does libtoolize if you are really interested09:52
hannes92GNU libtool is a generic library support script. Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. :-D10:00
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Rotwangill ask again ;], should i deasign my FS ticked from CRUX team?10:07
Rotwangbecause thes mails to develML are annoying10:08
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* Rotwang is deasigning10:11
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bdfyCan't build cryptopp :-\
pitillobdfy, I think that's a port from a private repo. Try to talk directly with the maintainer11:34
cptnbdfy: you may want to try a newer version11:35
bdfy># Maintainer:  Han Boetes11:35
pitillothat's a good try too, from 5.2.1 to 5.5.2 ...11:35
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sirRotwangyeah thats best thing you could do11:36
sirRotwangor mail maintainer11:36
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predatorfreakMusta hit ctrl+shift+i twice11:36
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hannes92what happens to the ports i edited by hand if i do 'ports -u'?12:02
cptnthe original state gets restored12:04
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hannes92cptn: damn... :-/ thank you!12:05
hannes92another question: whats the best way to set my locale for crux?12:05
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep LC .zshenv12:06
tilmanexport LC_CTYPE=de_DE.utf812:06
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >12:06
cptn[19:04][jw@ghost:~]$ grep LC .bashrc12:06
cptnexport LC_CTYPE=de_CH12:06
tilmanhannes92: you could also punch in LANG=whatever, LC_ALL=whatever in a system wide config file if you prefer12:06
sirRotwangexport LC_ALL=pl_PL.utf812:07
predatorfreaktilman: I never quite understood why, when the majority of people working on CRUX and using CRUX aren't based in the U.S, we strip nls files.12:07
sirRotwanghehe, in crux nls is disabled by default by some progs are nationalized somehow12:08
sepenlocale for crux? :[12:08
tilmanpredatorfreak: IT persons know english ;)12:08
tilman+ german translations of FOSS apps are usually mediocre12:09
predatorfreaktilman: I don't speak German, so, I don't even try to translate my programs :P12:09
tilmanusually native speakers do the translations. but they suck anyway12:10
predatorfreaktilman: So, native German speakers suck at German? :D12:10
hannes92thanks :)12:11
sirRotwangpredatorfreak: its somehow really not easy to translate12:11
tilmanpredatorfreak: translating software is hard...12:11
tilmanstuff that sounds fine in english often sounds awkward in german..12:11
predatorfreaktilman: Well, yeah, quite a few words have no direct equivalent in other languages12:12
cptnalso, often the translation is wrong in general, but not in this particular context12:12
tilmanyou mean s/wrong/correct/ , no?12:13
tilmanfamous example of the german default quit message in xchat12:13
sirRotwangpolish pacman translation is sometimes very funny either12:14
cptntilman: "Verlassend", right?12:15
thrice`predatorfreak: also, it's how Per set it up in his crux-goals :)12:16
predatorfreakthrice`: Old news :P12:17
thrice`oh, sorry.  I'm 0/2 today :P12:18
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cptnquit Verlassend12:59
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sirRotwangoutgoing derelicting escaping13:01
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cruxbot[opt.git]: cdrtools: updated to 2.01.01a4013:27
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Rotwanglate evening :D15:03
teKmoin is valid all day (except in parts of germany)15:04
teK-except +at least15:05
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teKtilman cptn jue aon15:26
RotwangRomster sepen pitillo mike_k15:27
teKno no15:27
Rotwangyes yes?15:28
teKopenssl h is out:  seems to work flawlessly here (finalizing revdep)15:28
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trisomebody have a good documentation or url about consistent backups under linux with lvm snapshots and ext3 ?15:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ati: Updated 8.471 -> 8.493.117:43
nipuLheh, according to gcc CRUX is a debian derivative as it uses lib64->lib and lib3218:04
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thrice`which 64-bit do you use?18:24
thrice`hm, I thought there was a 64-bit only CRUX (ie, no lib32)18:28
nipuLthe 64bit only is called CRUX86_6419:11
nipuLi use my own 64bit repos19:12
nipuLwith multilib support19:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: ntfs-3g: 1.2506 -> 1.253122:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: k3b: 1.0.4 -> 1.0.522:15
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ndiswrapper: 1.52 -> 1.5322:15
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