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RomsterYoutube needs a repeat button on their videos00:57
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pitillogood morning01:09
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 1.3.01:39
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cptnsweet, there's gonna be a Qt version of ddd02:54
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mwansawb sepen03:05
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cptnhi jue03:08
sepenheyo jue03:08
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] samba: update to 3.0.3003:14
cruxbot[core.git]: [notify] openssl: update to 0.9.8g03:20
cruxbot[core.git]: shadow: update to 4.1.203:22
pitillois there a reason why portspage uses <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"03:27
pitillo    ""> ?03:27
pitilloisn't better to use in this kind of pages <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN' ''> and make only 1 more change to make it valid with w3c?03:29
cptnpitillo: are you saying that HTML 4.01 is better than XHTML 1.1?03:30
cptnsounds more like personal preference to me03:30
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pitillocptn, well, I have no personal preference really, I have only checked if portspage creates a valid xhtml page, and it didn't pass the test at w3c.03:35
pitilloI am not sure if I am making something bad, but changing that header by html and removing the width attribute from a div, it can be verified properlly03:36
pitillothis was only a comment, I can make a little patch to my gen script to change that header and remove the bad attribute03:37
juepitillo: how about sending a patch to sip?03:40
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pitillojue, no problem at all. I prefer asking before doing anything to see if there is a reason03:40
cptnpitillo: I think either patch which makes it pass validation is fine03:41
pitillocptn, well, I can try to see if I can fix in xhtml and send a patch using it instead of using html directly03:41
juepitillo: thanks03:42
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pitilloseems that using the xhtml and making a valid page, needs to add a new mime type to webserver and to change the index extension to xhtml too... too many things for a little webpage. I think I will use html and I will make a patch in this way. If sip find it interesting well, if not I will keep it here without problems03:56
cptnsounds good03:57
pitillowell, here is the patch, if someone can take a look and comment for example about the character encoding, can be good too (moved from iso8859 to utf-8 and I am not sure if this is more generall or worse )
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sepenpitillo, I used to use this another one, but not sure if it can help something
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pitillowell, checking that04:37
pitillosepen, I think with that header must be cleaned more the html source. If you can, try to pass the w3c test to confirm this. (here I can't)04:37
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sepenpitillo, ok04:44
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cruxbot[core.git]: wget: update to 1.11.305:06
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Romsterpitillo, i'm already using xhtml on my site
Romsterno need to alter the .html names either.05:09
pitilloRomster, taking a look05:10
Rotwangmost of links gives 404 :{05:12
pitillofirst hint when you try to pass the w3c verification
pitillowhen you change your server mimetypes and the extension, you will see some errors at code which aren't supported by xhtml05:12
Romsteryeah i gotta do them yet.05:13
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Romstereh it passes 100%05:13
RomsterThis Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!05:14
pitillothe portspage?05:14
Romsterah no my page.05:14
Romsterthe ports page probably has a bunch of errors.05:14
Romsterwhy would changing the mimetype and file extensions alter anything?05:15
Romsterthose links used to work before shortcircuit went off i'm redoing the backend code the existing php is too messy.05:18
pitilloRomster, that is what I tried to explain, is it better to use xhtml and fix all html code or can be easier to use html and only fix the doctype?05:18
Romsterportsdb doesn't even have a doctype....05:19
pitilloor can be easier to let it in that way (using xhtml) and don't pass w3c tests05:19
Romsterthe file extension means nothing.05:19
pitilloRomster, the file extension and the mimetype is used to validate the webpage if I am not in wrong05:19
Romsterit's the doctype on the first line of the file that needs to be set right. as long as the server says it's text/html mime type.05:20
Romsterit can be but xhtml uses the !DOCTYPE05:20
Romsterinfact all types use the !DOCTYPE line.05:20
pitilloRomster, but not the same doctype05:21
Romsterdoctype tells the browser what mode to render it in.05:21
Romsteraddtype tells the server what todo with it to tell the browser if it's a text/html, or some other image or archive etc or plain text.05:23
RomsterAddType text/html .html05:23
pitilloRomster, you can see what w3c tells about the mimetype if you are using that doctype05:23
pitilloRomster, like I said, I have no problem to use the html doctype here to pass w3c05:24
pitilloI think this isn't a problem, I tried to ask here my doubts, nothing more05:24
Romster"MIME types" are used to identify the type of information that a file contains. While the file extension .html is informally understood to mean that the file is an HTML page, there is no requirement that it mean this, and many HTML pages have different file extensions.05:25
pitilloRomster, right, but not to follow/pass w3c standards05:25
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Romsterdo they have to have spefic names?05:26
Romsterlike dhtml xhtml...05:26
pitilloRomster, I posted you the link to your report. The first hint talk about the file extension and how the server must serve it05:26
Romsteri thought w3c standards only afffected the doctype and the contained data.05:26
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Romsterpitillo, ok what did you do to recreate that.05:28
Romsteri made sure i was 100% correct now i have to alter the file extensions too.05:28
pitilloRomster, I don't understand. I only typed your url in the test case to see if it has errors05:28
Romsteri press the xhtml icon i got on my page and it passes....05:29
pitillochecking it05:29
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Romsterok why did i not get the application/xhtml+xml05:30
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Romsteri'm serving it as text/html which is apparently wrong and i never got any warnings on it.05:31
pitillowell, may be it's only a warning05:31
pitilloit's only shown in your ports webpage05:31
Romsterso i was asking what you did differently to make it say that.05:31
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Romsteryou didn't do the root / index.html05:31
Romsterok i didn't notice that...05:32
Romsterso why does my /index.html pass and that one don't that portspage created.05:32
pitillowell, I think that is only a warning05:33
pitillothe portspage doesn't pass because seems to have errors in the code using that doctype05:34
RomsterO_o wtf is going on here...05:36
Romsterthe thing is the main page on my site is in text/html Mime Type05:36
Romsterand it passes.05:36
Romsterso what's on the ports page that triggers that, but not on my severs root page.05:37
pitillowell, may be fixing all errors in your xhtml portspage will avoid that warning too05:38
Romsterah i should of known...05:38
Romstercharacter "&" is the first character of a delimiter but occurred as data.05:38
Romsternees to be &amp;05:38
Romsterso the parser has a bug.05:38
Romsterthat makes the port page05:38
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Romsteri think you can get away without altering the mime type by adding <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>05:40
Romsterbut that borks IE into quirks mode.05:40
RomsterCharacter entity references have the format &name; where "name" is a case-sensitive alphanumeric string. For example, the character '?' can be encoded as &lambda; in an HTML 4 document. Characters <, >, " and & are used to delimit tags, attribute values, and character references. Character entity references &lt;, &gt;, &quot; and &amp;, which are predefined in HTML, XML, and SGML, can be used instead for literal representations of the characters.05:41
Romsterso the portspage needs to sed them.05:41
Romsterstrange why my page passed as text/html though...05:42
RomsterReport bugs to <jukka\>.05:44
Romsterthere we go.05:44
sepen@seen vektori05:46
clbsepen: vektori was last seen in #crux 10 weeks, 5 days, 11 hours, 32 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <vektori> I prefer cats that look like Gandhi.05:46
sepenwell not much time :)05:46
sepencptn, you still appear as retired member here
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Romsterpitillo, i found a fix.05:47
Romster$value =~ s/>/&amp;/g;05:47
Romsterin sub parse_pkgfile05:47
Romsteri think that should do it, not knowing any pearl myself.05:48
RomsterThis Page Is Valid XHTML 1.1!05:49
RomsterPassed validation, 1 warning(s)05:49
Romsterthat's the ports page.05:49
Romsterok might be todo i'm using xhtml 1.0 and that other ports page is validated as xhtml 1.105:51
Romsteryep as soon as i went to xhtml 1.1 i get 2 warnings.05:52
pitillowell, if you find a good way to fix it using xhtml I hope you can tell me about. I send sip a mail talikng about this. If you prefer keeping xhtml, I can use here html without problem to don't mess too much with portspage source06:04
Romsterok application/xhtml+xml                           xhtml xht06:04
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Romsterxht i didn't know that one.06:04
RomsterDirectoryIndex index.xhtml index.html06:05
Romsterand rename the file and bingo.06:06
pitilloRomster, that's the point, some thing to do in the server side to pass w3c tests. Btw, like I said, this isn't really a problem06:07
pitilloI only want to know if there were a reason to be using xhtml instead of html with a simple webpage like portspage06:08
Romsterok i got another error to fix. then i'll make a patch for portspage to fix the little errors.06:09
Romsterif it's to be xhtml + it should use xht or xhtml06:09
RomsterXHTML 1.1 documents SHOULD be labeled with the Internet Media Type text/html as defined in [RFC2854] or application/xhtml+xml as defined in [RFC3236].06:11
Romsterhmmz.. but the first gives a error.06:11
pitilloyes, I tried a bit before, but I can't fix some strange errors. Then I moved to html and asked why we were using xhtml. Nothing more than that06:13
Romsterit's a warning though.06:14
pitilloyes, but it passes with that warning?06:14
Romsterso it's not recommended in my books and should be using .xhtml or in the case of dynamic code should output mime type application/xhtml+xml and file extension wouldn't matter.06:15
Romsterso it doesn't mater what file extension is as long as the mime type is correct.06:16
Romsterso i'd say use .xhtml for static pages and if the page is dynamic any file extension could be used or in my case i'm gonna not use a file extension at all. like /foo /bar would be foo.xhtml and bar.xhtml with mod_rewrite taking the extension off it.06:18
RomsterLine 7, Column 20: there is no attribute "xsi:schemaLocation".06:19
Romsteryet it says it on this page
Romsternow to see how i go with the ports page.06:20
pitillothe portspage seems fine, passed with 1 warning06:24
Romsterhmm i got one error..06:27
Romsteri've altered my pages to portspage . >index.xhtml06:27
Romsterone unicode error..06:27
pitillowell, if people preference is xhtml, and you solved the "problems" (if there were) I hope you can tell and share the patch. I sent sip a mail with the html patch, but can be better to have it in xhtml if more people prefer it over html06:29
RomsterThe error was: utf8 "\xB4" does not map to Unicode06:29
namenlosanyone ever tried out PlayOnLinux?
Romsterok romster-opt and romster-kde passed.06:30
Romsternamenlos, nope ti's jsut a helper script to automate stuff not sure how winehq would treat that they dont' like winedoors and that does simaler.06:31
Romsterpitillo, i jsut gotta track down that one bug on my romster ports page, all the rest pass fine.06:31
Romsterand one bug fix in portspage.06:32
Romsterthat i'll make a diff and send off.06:32
Romsterbut first to find ths bug.06:32
Romsterhmm wonder if it's the '06:34
Romsteryeah it is...06:34
Romsterthat's the only catch there is no safe guards on the rest of the data in the Pkgfiles.06:35
Romsterto make usre it is in unicode06:35
RomsterThis Page Is Valid XHTML 1.1!06:36
Romsternow do i FS the thing or send it off to that email address i saw in the portspage program.06:39
pitilloRomster, I send sip a mail talking about this06:40
Romsteri think i'll attach the bug fix to FS to sip06:41
Romsterand email the author of portspage.06:41
pitilloif you do in that way I will send sip a mail telling that my first one was wrong and I will link him to your report06:42
Romsteranother bug bites the dust.06:55
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j^2hey hey everybody08:37
pitilloyo j^208:38
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hannes92hi :) i set export LANG=de_DE.utf8 in /etc/profile but still all programs are english :( whats the problem?12:03
Rotwanghannes92: nls is disabled12:03
Rotwangby default in crux12:03
RyoSjust wanted to say that ;)12:03
Rotwangwhich means that all nls files are striped12:04
RotwangRyoS: firs 112:04
Rotwangon the "Pkgfile" level12:04
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hannes92Rotwang: thanks :) how do i enable nls?12:05
Rotwanghannes92: you dont12:05
RyoSoh he cna12:05
Rotwanghannes92: if youre really determined12:05
Rotwangyou may edit Pkgfiles12:05
RyoSbut this will be a hell of work if he uses some packages12:05
Rotwangi think there is no point in using crux then :P12:06
hannes92hmm... so no multi language support in crux. that's a pitty ;-)12:06
RyoSno fun :[12:07
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hannes92:-D i understand the english language... thats not a problem, but i would prefer german though :D12:08
RyoSkein problem12:09
RyoSich hätte gerne eine bockwurst, bitte12:09
hannes92soo... wo kommst du her RyoS?12:10
RyoSDüsseldorf in NRW12:11
hannes92ba-wü :)12:12
hannes92wir brauchen ein neues locale: schwäb_SCHWÄB.utf812:12
RyoSstill, keep it english ;) there used to be a #crux-de or something12:12
RyoSbut it was not visited :P12:12
RyoSen_GB.utf8 works fine with umlauts too12:13
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Rotwang/usr/bin/soffice: line 254:  4100 Segmentation fault      "$sd_prog/$sd_binary" "$@"12:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: bind: 9.4.2 -> 9.5.014:14
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phr3alIs Crux 2.4, CLI by default?15:23
thrice`no, there is a xorg set15:24
phr3alI'll install fluxbox in it.15:25
thrice`it's a minimal install, but xorg is included with a window manager and a few useful gui apps to get goin'15:26
phr3alWhich wm is in there?15:28
rehabdollopenbox is in opt i think15:31
thrice`i believe blackbox15:31
rehabdollboth :)15:32
rehabdollim sure there are more15:32
thrice`well, blackbox is on the iso, I mean15:32
phr3alGreat, Great.15:32
thrice`just enough to get going in a gui to customize stuff :)15:33
phr3alThats what I want acually.15:33
phr3alBut no lynx15:33
thrice`no, but it does have firefox :)15:33
pitillothe opt stuff in the iso15:33
phr3alway tooo minimal, I must say.15:34
rehabdollno lynx no. its because crux lacks BASICS15:36
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tilmandoes he know he can install lynx from ports? ._o16:26
pitillohard to know16:27
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