IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-05-31

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tilmanmwansa: i didn't make that a hard dependency since the curses clients works fine without pygtk02:15
mwansaofcourse my bad :P02:28
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tilmananyone else see a footprint mismatch in the new libassuan port?03:31
tilmanopenssl just sucks so much03:37
tilman/usr/include/openssl/x509.h:207: error: expected ')' before numeric constant03:37
tilmanetc etc03:37
tilmanor maybe wine sucks :p03:39
pedjatilman: usr/lib/libassuan-pth.a(.footprint mismatch)?03:46
tilmanpedja: exactly03:46
tilmanit's NEW, right?03:46
tilmanthanks for confirming03:46
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pedjaAnyone else getting "Error in server greeting." with lsof update?03:47
tilmanpedja: i grabbed the lsof tarball just fine this morning03:52
* pedja reads the notice at
tilmanand just tried it again03:52
pedjaHmm, "The name server used by cannot convert your network address to a host name."03:53
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tilmanpedja: that's why irssi only knows you as Pedja@, too03:54
tilmanso, humhum03:54
pedjaI'll look for a mirror for lsof, then.03:55
tilmanlet me know if you don't find one. then we'll mirror it on crux.nu03:55
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pedjawiretapped doesn't work, cert has 4.78 as latest.03:58
tilmanpedja: the freebsd page claims that the ftpd would list some mirrors if the reverse dns fails03:58
pedjabingo! works.03:58
pedjatilman: thanks for the offer, I found one mirror that actually works :)04:00
tilmanpedja: care to file a bug against opt/lsof for this?04:01
pedjaok, but I'm not sure how many users would be affected with this.04:02
tilmanone user should be enough :D04:05
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pedjatilman: who do I assign it too?04:24
pedjaaon, as a maintainer?04:24
pedjaOk, did that, assigned low priority to, coffee!04:38
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nipuLpedja: that would be more of an issue with your ISP than the port itself06:49
nipuLthe gnome ftp servers also use reverse dns lookups06:49
nipuLchanging the source location of every file on a reverse dnsing ftp server, because of a few lazy network engineers seems silly to me06:53
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pedjanipuL: agreed.I have a friend that works for my ISP, I tease him all the time for how b0rken they sometimes are ;)07:13
pedjahence the 'low priority' I assigned to that bug.07:14
pedjai never had problems with Gnome servers, iirc.07:15
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cruxbot[opt.git]: libassuan: footprint error08:04
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RyoSnice one09:19
rehabdollwho ever said sports are gay?
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cruxbot[opt.git]: dnsmasq: update to 2.4210:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: atanks: 2.9 -> 3.014:01
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thrice`hm, raktpdf doesn't work so easily on 200+ pagers :)  finding my page is a bit tedius15:58
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ryuoRomster: poke16:13
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tilmanthrice`: yeah. next thing i'll do is implement a "page X of Y" widget like epdfview has ;)16:48
thrice`tilman: indeed :)  that would do it16:52
tilmanthrice`: i'll probably get to it sometime 2009 ;))17:29
thrice`could be an actual release number by then :)17:32
thrice`wish I had leanred some coding to help with such tasks17:33
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