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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libmp4v2: removed libtoolize call to build with new libtool00:48
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cruxbot[opt.git]: nvidia: Update to
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phr3alhey guys04:28
phr3alwell, i just screwed up my grub.conf04:28
phr3alI am getting the following error04:29
phr3alkernel panic-not syncing VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)04:29
phr3alI have got sata hard drive04:29
Rotwangdo you have compiled your fs in?04:29
phr3alwell /dev/sda1 contains windows04:29
phr3aland /dev/sda2 contains crux04:29
phr3aland /dev/sda3 is for swap04:30
Rotwangphr3al: you compiled fs not as a module?04:30
phr3alno not as module04:30
phr3ali think i screwed up my kernel argument04:31
Rotwangphr3al: show us04:31
phr3alkernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda204:32
phr3alI changed it to04:32
phr3alkernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda204:32
phr3alCoz' /dev/sda2 contains crux root04:32
phr3albut still it wont work04:32
Rotwangi bet its something with kernel04:33
phr3alwait, i'll show you my grub.conf04:33
Rotwangyou could paste it somewhere :\04:36
Rotwangtitle CRUX04:37
Rotwangkernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda204:37
Rotwangthat cant be right04:37
phr3alyes.. even i think so04:37
phr3alwhat should i change in there04:37
Rotwangbut why kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 doesn't work that i donno04:37
phr3aloh thats what i am thinking...04:40
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opiI'm trying to install Crux 2.4 and it seems that I can not build kernel from provided sources, it complains about Kbuild.include07:14
opiis this known thing? Or am I just unlucky?07:14
RyoSnever heard of that... where does it complain?07:15
RyoSand when07:15
opiwhatever configuration method I try07:15
opimake config/menuconfig07:15
RyoShave you tried other sources?07:16
rehabdollperhaps the sourcetree is damaged somehow07:16
opithat what I figured out, but it will be strange, as I fetched ISO from you guys :)07:17
opiand I bet you don't have your kernel-tree busted07:17
RyoShave you tried jaegers updated iso?07:17
opinope, this is my first try and I follow handbook07:18
opimaybe I'll start from grabing kernel from kernel.org07:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: medit: new port08:49
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cruxbot[core.git]: coreutils: update to 6.1209:09
cruxbot[opt.git]: gv: update to 3.6.409:11
Romsternewopenssl breaks wine haven't found out why yet so a revert maybe.09:25
mwansaRomster, why not just build without ssl ?09:26
cptnRomster: can you be a bit more specific?09:27
cptnbreaks configuration, compilation, linking?09:27
Romstermwansa, i just downgraded my openssl.09:27
Romsterbreaks compilation at 509.h09:27
Romsteri can't make any sense of the error it's spiting out but i looked in openssl  cvs and it has edits around them lines.09:28
thrice`did you try wine rc3 ?09:28
Romsterah that si it09:29
Romsteryes this is with wine rc2 and rc309:29
Romsterdarn it i didn't check for it being a duplicate define, no wonder i couldn't make any sense of it.09:29
Romsteri'll just use the older openssl until something gets resolved.09:30
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rehabdollchecking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.10:14
rehabdollseems impossible to compile gcc on a 64bit systems without lots o' patches10:15
thrice`gentoo should have that down pretty well, i'd guess ?10:15
rehabdolldidnt find anything for 4.3.0..10:16
rehabdolland time's up10:16
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Rotwan2brointhemix: o/14:59
brointhemixbeen a while14:59
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Rotwangpitillo: hi15:45
Rotwangthere are newer gtkdialog versions available ;]15:45
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pitilloyo Rotwang :)15:48
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phr3alGuys, I am having problems loading Grub.17:36
phr3alI keep on getting this error: kernel panic-not syncing VFS:unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)17:37
phr3alMy grub.conf:
phr3alI have got 3 SATA partitions.17:38
phr3al /dev/sda1 - Windows, /dev/sda2 - CRUX, /dev/sda3 - SWAP17:39
phr3alWhere am I going wrong?17:39
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Romsterrename it18:03
Romsteras for the contents there should be a guide on the crux site.18:04
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nipuLfirst rule of irc, wait atleast 24hours for a reply21:53
mwansasecond rule. Do not mention #crux to anyone else21:57
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Romstereh i replied a hour later and i didn't get any acknowledge.23:39
drijenRomster, that idiot was asking the same question in ##slackware23:46
drijenhe probably read my whois and came here23:46
drijenor thrice`'s23:46
Romsterwasn't that the same person like a few days ago as well.23:49
drijenhe wasn't interested in our answers either :)23:49
drijenkick+ban him23:49
nipuLthen who wouldwe make fun of?23:49
nipuLi suppose we could pick on romster again23:49
Romsteryou'd think he would want the issue fixed unless he is a complete idiot and didn't know what i said.23:49
Romsteroh no not that again, man that Christmas whats his name idiot was bad enough.23:50
drijensounds like a name he would choose :p23:51
Romsterhmm can't exactly remember without going though logs... might of been christ_punches23:51
drijennot surprising he would be in here23:51
Romsterhah not arnald he annoyed everyone and gave us all entertainment.23:51
drijenthats what hes good at23:51
drijenunderstanding of everything, yet grasping nothing23:51
nipuLwe could pick on the guy i work with, rather than fix computers he sell people new ones23:52
Romsterthe 'know it all' that will never learn, because he thinks he knows it all.23:52
Romstertsk.. i would repair the computer if it still was viable.23:52
nipuLit shits me, because the boss loves it (more money for him)23:53
Romsteri hate that shit and the throw away society.23:53
nipuLguys like that is what's wrong with the tech support industry23:53
nipuLlazy, no skills, gives up too easily23:53
nipuLwould you be suprised if i said he only knew how to use windows23:55
* drijen is in the computer repair business23:55
drijenlot of money, but i don't get to work enough23:55
nipuLlot's of money? hah23:57
nipuLcomputer technician is ghetto tech23:57
drijen45 - 150/h23:57
nipuLsame with sysadmins these days23:57
drijenyes, but i want to be a sysadmin :(23:57
nipuLit's stupid how toe guys that do all the hard work and keep the systems running get paid the least23:57
drijenand i honestly belive i would make a better sysadmin than most other people i know23:57
drijenbecause i actually give a shit about doing it right, and educating myself about things that should not be forgotten, yet are23:58
nipuLi wouldn't mind doing it as a career, just need to get a nice corporate gig23:58
* drijen would settle for 80K/year23:58
nipuLretail tech support is shit23:59
drijenadministrating some *nix boxen23:59
drijenoh i don't do retail23:59
drijeni work for myself, and do my damndest to provide personal, quality support23:59
drijenpeople pay more, and i feel better about it23:59

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