IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-06-03

predatorfreaknipuL: Now now, we have to get a room for that00:02
nipuLi really don't want to know how many unallocated inodes you have00:03
predatorfreaknipuL: Okay, let's stop this before we take it too far :P00:04
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nipuLepic gross out00:51
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pitillogood morning01:09
cptnmorning pitillo01:09
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cptnhey maol03:31
cptnit's been a while :-)03:31
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cruxbot[core.git]: hdparm: updated to 8.7.03:57
maolhi cptn04:04
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maolja, probably about 4yrs or so ;)04:05
maolsurprised to see I still have +o04:05
maolsurprised to see so many familiar names, too04:05
ryuomaol: it was due to expire tomorrow. guess you came back just in time, eh? ;)04:05
* maol doesn't think so04:06
maolanyway, just been checking on my bot in other channels04:06
maolthen realized #crux is also on freenode04:07
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sepenheyo Rotwang04:21
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Rotwangsepen: hi04:22
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mernilhi all!08:14
mernilso.. what's happening? did i mentions them pts-reports? I need them right now. That'l be greeeeeat!08:15
mernilhaha.. from a movie office space :-)08:16
Rotwangyes, great movie08:16
mernilit's so damn hot here .. gahh .. im sweeting like a pig :-/08:17
Rotwanghere too08:17
mernilRotwang: where do you live?08:18
Rotwangwest poland08:18
mernilah, i once knew a polish girl08:18
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mernilunderrated country i think08:19
mernilbut it's due to the communist time i think.08:19
Rotwangpolish girls are f...g beatiful, especially when weather is hot :p08:19
Rotwangmernil: communist two world war occupation and so on08:20
Rotwangworld wars*08:20
mernilman, i have bought myself pizza for the last 5 days .. maybe i should cook me some real food?08:21
mernilim thinking of pasta sauce .. not to difficult, and fast to make08:22
mernilmine is the best!08:22
mernilbecause it's so damn hot due to the chilli paste i put in08:23
mernilsambal oelek08:23
mernilmy favorite spice, next to garlic and black pepper08:23
Rotwangnever heard08:24
mernilRotwang: ur living in poland ;-)08:24
mernilbut it is pretty common, prolly also in your country08:25
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treach ;)09:00
teK/j #crux-politics ftw09:03
RotwangteK: no ones there :{09:04
treachpresumeably nobody is interested then. ;)09:04
treach(even though I dislike the tendency to label uncomfortable stuff as "politics" and trying to suffocate it that way.)09:05
sepenteK, :)09:13
Rotwangsepen: have you heard what i said yesterday? about let and bash stuff?09:14
sepenabout let a=a+1 ¿? or similars?09:14
Rotwangi said that i was mistaken09:15
Rotwangabout redirection &> and let09:15
Rotwangi judged too fast, sorry ;]09:15
Rotwangbasically let is equivalent to (( )) and &> to > 2>&109:17
Rotwangto make it clear09:17
sepenhmm so I should change something on my scripts? or what do you mean?09:18
Rotwangsepen: no, i said once here that let and @> are "deprecated" which is not true09:20
Rotwangjust wanted to make it clear ;]09:20
sepenohh well thanks for the clarification09:21
sepenin this case I shouldn't change anything09:21
treachfor being honest. :)09:21
Rotwangnote to myself: dont make judgements based on random people opinions and wikis09:23
sepenyeah, Rotwang in #bash you should follow 'greycat' responses09:24
sepenand his wiki09:24
Rotwangyeah, he's guru :D09:24
sepenguru and bash developer09:24
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Rotwangand he hates gentoo ;] which is plus for him10:09
joacimgentoo is alright when theyre not changing useflaggs for the same package in "arch" every time i sync10:14
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NthDegreegentoo is alright when they stay up to date on packages11:02
treachit's been a colossus on clay feet whenever I've had to deal with it.11:04
treachfortunately, this isn't #gentoo, though. :>11:04
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mernilback from town an with a big bag filled with beer! :-)11:10
mernildont blame me if im getting drunk. Blame the beer!11:10
mernili hate to be blamed at! :-P11:11
thrice`i always try blaming the beer, but my girlfriend never believes me :(11:11
mernilthrice`: a pic of her would be nice!! ;-)11:11
mernilthat was not a girl!11:12
mernilbut good joke nevertheless .. you fuck! ;-P11:12
thrice`a pic of my girlfriend ?11:13
mernilyeah, prefeally nude!11:14
treachthrice`: no, the caption essentially says, "the club for interested people takes notes"11:14
mernilspreading her legs at mernil.. that would be so sweet!11:14
mernilno.. sorry! :-)11:14
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treachdrijen: you know that's a dubious gesture, right? ;)12:32
sepenwhois maol? was on the core team?12:33
treachlong time ago12:33
treachI think he left not that long after I came onboard.12:34
sepenhe appears in this list
* cptn feels old12:34
treachcptn: not yet. ;)12:34
sepenwell, and nowadays? he's active?12:34
treachsepen: afaik, no.12:35
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o maol12:35
* joacim hates that javascript which brings you to the edit page when you doubleclick12:41
joacimgets annoying fast when youre trying to copypaste commands from the handbook over to a terminal ;)12:42
treachwhy doubleclick?12:42
Rotwangsame here12:42
Rotwangtreach: to highlight12:42
joacimbecause then i dont have to hold and drag when i want to mark whole words =)12:42
treachah. well, I guess it's better to "have to" do that than constantly going to the edit page. :>12:43
cptnheh, I've run into that before too12:44
treachbtw, :P12:57
teKjoacim: disable JS temporarily12:59
treachnoscript ftw.13:00
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childintimei have a problem with compiling newest subversion port, all libraries and other ports are up to date but if i try to compile subversion there are some errors:14:20
childintimelibtool: install: error: relink `' with the above command before installing it14:21
childintimeranlib /usr/ports/opt/subversion/work/pkg/usr/lib/libsvn_fs_fs-1.a14:21
childintimelibtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /usr/lib'14:21
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pitillochildintime, all subversion deps are build and up to date?14:24
childintimepitillo, yes, they are..14:24
cptnchildintime: do you have a full build log?14:25
pitillochildintime, are you using the official 2.4?14:25
childintimecptn, i will create, wait please..14:25
childintimepitillo, yes, official 2.4 on i686..14:25
cptnmmmh, it build okay here, but some of my other ports are out of date14:28
cptnchildintime: was this an update, i.e. did you have subversion installed before?14:28
childintimecptn, today i updated crux from 2.3 to 2.4, and then updated all ports, subversion wasnt installed before..14:29
childintimeon my laptop with 2.3 crux and old libs it compiled ok..14:30
cptnon my laptop and 2.4 it does too14:30
pitillochildintime, have you used revdep and rejmerge?14:30
childintimepitillo, no, but i will try..14:31
pitillochildintime, read about them if you never used them14:31
mike_kdoes anyone have a clue on ?14:32
childintimeok, i will read, thx..14:32
childintimepitillo, here is the log:
thrice`run revdep14:35
pitillochildintime, for me it's quite hard to see something there, sorry14:35
cptnmike_k: I've had a similar error before14:35
cptnmike_k: I think adding --tag=CC to such a line helped, but I don't remember how to fix that more globally14:36
pitilloI think the point is to put your system in a good point with revdep and rejmerge, and then try again (when you came from an update, at least in my case)14:36
cptnchildintime: apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=6553614:39
cptnapxs I wonder what that means14:39
childintimeapxs is something with apache i mean..14:39
cptndo you have apache installed?14:40
childintimeyes14:40 compiled on new libs14:40
childintimerevdep subversion told that everything is ok..14:41
cptnchildintime: do you use -j2?14:41
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mike_kcptn: yep, I'll dig into those cryptic makefiles.  but mmxidct.S is not a .c file14:41
cptnmike_k: oh14:41
cptnchildintime: (MAKEFLAGS)14:41
childintimeyes i do14:42
childintime-j 214:42
cptnthere's a gentoo bug report which states that -j1 fixes it14:42
childintimei will try..thx14:42
cptnbut there's also a comment that states it's working on a parallel build14:43
cptnso it may not work14:43
cptnit might be that it only happens when apache's installed14:44
cptnI'll try that14:44
mike_khmm, libtool should default to CC and it has no mode for asm14:44
cptnchildintime: parallel build without apache works here14:45
childintimecptn, now i am trying -j1, next try i will uninstall apache14:45
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cptnchildintime: mmmh, it build with -j2 and apache installed :-/14:49
childintimeit takes much longer now..14:50
childintimei have slow machine.. two pIII on 1266mhz..14:50
cptndo you know ccache?14:51
childintime256kb maybe..14:51
trimoin :-)14:51
cptnit's very helpful in such situations14:51
cptnchildintime: ccache is a compiler cache14:51
childintimecptn, hey, it compiled ok :)14:51
cptnoh :-)14:51
childintimewhat is ccache for?14:52
teKavoid compiling the same code twice14:52
cptnit calculates a hash of a source file14:52
cptnand stores the compiled object file14:52
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mernilhi all!14:52
cptnand if you try to compile the exact same file, it will just reuse the existing object14:52
mernili feel i dont have any friends14:53
cptnhey mernil :-)14:53
mernilcptn: hi! :-)14:53
sepenheyo mernil :)14:53
childintimecptn, maybe useful, i'll have a look for it..and thx for your time :)14:53
Rotwangmernil: you sex maniac!14:53
cptnchildintime: no problem, glad it works14:53
mernilsepen: halo mutchato14:53
mernilRotwang: im not a sex maniac, i just want a girlfriend14:54
mernilhaha :-P14:54
Rotwangsame here14:54
mernili really dont have any linuxrelated questions, sorry for me being ot here. i hope you dont mind?14:56
mernilit's all in good faith!14:56
Rotwangmernil: there is #crux-ot chan14:56
Rotwangunfortunatelly its almost empty14:56
mernilRotwang: that seems so ot for my taste..14:57
mernili want to be where the action happens!14:57
mernillike here :-P14:57
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:58
mernilno.. Rotwang .. there.. i almost started crying :-(14:58
mernili dont like when people go away14:59
teKhow you define ""drugs""15:00
Rotwangpidgin sucks15:00
Rotwangbut its the best "everything" client i know15:00
mernilteK: difficult question. Narcotics maybe. Not alchohol.15:00
merniland various stuff you kids are using, like thb and skit15:01
mernilmescalin is a good drug btw! from the cactus! .. it's all natural!15:02
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux15:02
cptn"it's the only way to fly"15:02
teKI guess I don't want to know15:03
cptnteK: it's a quote from the matrix15:03
mernili dont support drugs15:03
rehabdoll+1 geekpoint for matrix reference15:03
Rotwangi had a frend that knew about a lot of drugs you could get from pharmacy15:03
Rotwangwithout prescription15:04
teKhrhr rehabdoll15:04
cptnrehabdoll: -1 for teK ;-)15:04
mernilbut some narcotics is better than the use of alchohol15:04
mernillike cannabis or mary jane15:04
teKcptn: I watched matrix while being alone with my girlfriend so.. well :-)15:04
mernilteK: any pics of your girlfriend?15:04
teKsame goes with titanic, but matrix rocked (as far as i can tell)15:04
cptnteK: you watched it ONCE?15:05
drijenteK, pix or it never happened15:05
mernili need it for my db of girlfriends!15:05
cptnno more geekpoints for you15:05
teKwhat did I do15:05
RyoS22:04:40 < teK> cptn: I watched matrix while being alone with my girlfriend so.. well :-) <- sounds so romantic :O <315:06
Rotwangdrijen: nice15:06
mernildrijen: she was a hottie!! :-)15:06
Rotwangdrijen: is it you?15:06
* drijen is kidding15:06
mernilno one so good looking is on freenode!15:06
Rotwangwoman among us? IMPOSSIBLE!15:06
drijeni've modeled a couple of things15:06
drijenso i have some ok pics floating around15:07
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drijenthats the second time in 2 days that someone has referenced that in an irc chan15:07
mernili was in a movie once. Me and a african friend played the bongos while some retards was dancing. It sounds stupid. But true!15:08
* drijen slaps tek with a large trout15:08
teKcptn: no but this was the last time I've seen it15:08
teKdrijen: well and still nothing changed15:08
drijen 15:08:49 up 8 days,  2:17,  2 users,  load average: 0.50, 0.70, 0.9815:08
drijenfinally, new machine crosses a week15:08
drijenstupid power outages15:09
mernilno wrong with retards btw! I just think you can make fun of everyone15:09
drijenmernil, most of all yourself15:09
drijenif you can't make fun at yourself, theres no fun being had15:09
RotwangteK: this comic is not funny :{15:09
teK /nick Michelle15:09
rehabdollxkcd > *15:09
mernildrijen: no, not me! That's the only thing not to be funny about! :-P15:10
teK+1 rehabdoll15:10
teKand +1 for tek for mentioning a XKCD comic15:10
* drijen looks for the karmabot15:10
clbRotwang: Highest karma: "treach" (3), "Rotwang" (1), and "It acts as a caching pre-processor to C/C" (1).  Lowest karma: "--- ping statistics -" (-3), "gentoo" (-3), and "aon: " (-1).  You (Rotwang) are ranked 2 out of 75.15:10
mernilwhere's my karma? :-O15:11
drijenwheres mine15:11
drijenyou SOB15:11
* drijen beats up clb 15:11
teKI'm top (thus out of scale) :O)15:11
mernilteK: that bot is rigged for you!15:12
mernilwhy i think so, because im the nicest guy here!15:13
drijenpic of me15:13
drijenif anyone cares15:13
merniland everyone here knows it! :-)15:13
drijen5 min to look at it, before i delete15:13
DarkNekrosme does, drijen ;)15:13
mernildrijen: okay15:13
* mernil hurries15:13
mernilman, you smoke?15:14
DarkNekrosdo you smoke drijen?15:14
Rotwangdrijen: YOURE SEXY15:14
teKrehabdoll: I'll switch back to dhcp 4.x, jfyi. --disable-dhcpv6 at ./configure-time does the trick15:14
mernila big disapointment!15:14
Rotwangif i was homosexual i would do you15:14
merniland i thought you was a girl also :-)15:15
drijenRotwang, hehe15:15
drijenDarkNekros, no, thats not a cig in my hand in that pic...15:15
Rotwangi think if things will go as they are now ill become homosexual :\15:15
DarkNekrosdrijen, xD15:15
mernilbut it was a nice pic, i will save it like a wallpaper!15:15
rehabdollyeah, thats what i use in my port15:15
treachfuture update of that pic,
drijenDarkNekros, im a yuppie when it comes to smoking drinking and cars15:16
mernilso i can jerk off when ever i reboot15:16
DarkNekrosnot so bad drijen ;)15:16
drijeni smoke stuff from new york, drink stuff from belgium and britian/wales, and like BMWs and Volvos15:16
mernilim a better looking man!15:16
drijenprove it!15:16
Rotwangdrijen: shit, im smoking right now15:17
mernili just dont have a camera! :-)15:17
treachat least you're mmore annoying.15:17
drijenRotwang, do tell15:17
drijentreach, who :(15:17
treachdrijen: not you. ;)15:17
* drijen hides from treach 15:17
mernildrijen: treach is mocking you!15:17
* drijen flings poo15:17
treacheveryone set on behaving like children today?15:18
drijenyes, we're having a good time15:18
drijenwhile working15:18
mernilwell, my plans for tonight? The one who guesses right will win something!15:18
drijenstay at home and play videogames/watch movie15:18
mernilim gonna make some pasta sause!15:19
*** treach has left #crux15:19
drijenhwo am i supposed to win something if you tell us?15:19
DarkNekrosmernil, stand stright in the pc? :P15:19
mernilDarkNekros: of course! :-)15:20
DarkNekrosI win!!! \o/15:20
mernilyou dont win.. i never loose! :-P15:21
*** joacim has joined #crux15:21
DarkNekrosmernil, xDD15:21
mernilbut i can pretend you win.. so happy win!15:21
DarkNekrosthanks mernil ;)15:21
mernilyw :-)15:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: dhcp: reintroduce 4.x branch15:36
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mernilhi all!18:46
mernilim fucking banned from every freaking channel here .. except from here .. so thanks :-)18:47
mernilit would be nice18:47
mernilsome woman18:47
merniljust a suggestion!18:47
mernilbtw, i just took a shower18:48
mernilif that can be of intreesst18:48
mernili put on my satanis t-skirt (thanks little bro for that gift :-)18:49
mernilim no satanis, but the estetics is nice!18:49
mernilis everybody sleeping here?18:50
mernilmernil goes into angry mode!18:50
* mernil goes out from angry mode :-) 18:51
mernilokay, cya tomorrow!18:51
mernilor later this evening18:51
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thrice`wtf ?19:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git]: k3b: moved to kde repo20:34
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