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mernilhi all00:40
mernili just wanted to inform you, its the swedish national day today, so pay you fucking resspect today!00:41
mernilim very keen on this holliday, so beware!00:42
mernilnot really.. but i just wanted to inform you! :-)00:43
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teKwhat the heck..00:44
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mwansalol wtf...00:56
pitillogood morning00:59
teKhello pitillo01:01
pitillohey teK :)01:01
pitillowill arrive the day this person will enter here asking/talking about CRUX?01:02
pitilloreally strange people01:02
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drijenwth is crux?01:27
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* drijen hugs pitillo 01:38
* drijen hands pitillo a beer.01:39
pitillofrom bad to worse...01:40
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RyoSoh beer at 8am?01:54
RyoSif you dont like it i take it :D01:54
pitilloI don't like it :) at 8 or at any hour :P01:56
RyoSi need to dress and to go, cya laters =)01:57
pitillocu later RyoS01:57
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Ovim|SchoolHi guys! :)02:09
pitilloyo Ovim|School02:13
Ovim|SchoolHow are you? ;)02:13
pitillofine thank you, and you?02:14
Ovim|SchoolSince my crux machine is working quite fine - fine! :D02:15
pitillonice :)02:15
pitilloand day by day better :)02:16
Ovim|SchoolYeah. :D02:16
Ovim|SchoolBooting in 10 seconds, on 200 Mhz and 98 MB RAM, nice stuff :)02:16
pitilloyeah, I have it on a 200 too, it spends a bit more time, but all is related to the number of services... (apache, rsync, subversion, ircd,...) :P02:17
Ovim|SchoolOf course. I have only cups. samba and sshd installed.02:17
Ovim|SchoolUt lasted at about 5,6 hours to compile the optimized (!) kernel, but now its working :)02:18
pitilloOvim|School, I think it's possible to make kernel builds in another computer and then move it to the target one02:18
Ovim|SchoolYes, I guess, too.. but I just wanted to make the pc and working, had no time to try out, how it would work - compiling on another pc.02:19
pitilloif they are the same arch it's quite easy (cp the bzimage, the modules and the source if you want) if it's for another arch, you can make a crosscompilation02:19
Ovim|SchoolYes, Pentium Pro is i686, Pentium II is i686, too. Would have been faster D02:19
pitillowell, then you can take the easy way :)02:20
Ovim|SchoolYepp, would have been faster - but now it's working. I also installed Crux on a Pentium 133 Subnotebook, and it runs fast :D02:21
Ovim|SchoolEven X works fine :)02:21
pitilloyeah, I saw sepen's notebook (I don't remember if it was a i586 or was an earlier one) with a flash card and crux installed there...02:22
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pitillohey sepen02:25
Ovim|SchoolJepp, it works.02:25
Ovim|SchoolToo bad that you can't user PCMCIA on i 586 :(02:26
Ovim|School32bit hardware doesn't work on a 16bit OS :P02:26
pitilloummm sepen which model/specs is/has the notebook with the flashcard and crux?02:28
sepenhmm toshiba satellite 23002:29
Ovim|SchoolI have got Toshiba Satellite 300CDT02:30
teK09:26 < Ovim|School> Too bad that you can't user PCMCIA on i 586 :(02:30
Ovim|SchoolWould work, too - Pentium 166, PCMCIA, 32 MB RAM.02:30
Ovim|SchoolteK: Actual cards, like wlan cards, wont work, wont it?02:30
sepenI've a pcmcia too, but never used it02:30
pitillosepen, which cpu has it?02:31
pitillop133? I don't remember02:31
pitillogood to know :) thank you for remember it02:32
Ovim|SchoolI would like to have a libretto ct and install crux on it02:32
teKOvim|School: why not?02:33
Ovim|SchoolCan't find it for less then 100 EUR on eBay02:33
sepenpitillo, this one
pitillosepen, yeah02:34
sepenand I'm using pkg-get for installations atm02:34
Ovim|SchoolNice thing.. :)02:34
sepenI prepare the packages inside 'safe-env'02:35
Ovim|SchoolI have got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 436002:35
sepennice one02:35
Ovim|SchoolWith PR :D Nice thing :)02:35
Ovim|SchoolBut sloooow :(02:36
Ovim|SchoolRunning arch on it, 4 tabs on opera and it laggs enormously..02:36
sepenwe are in 2000's and this kind of laptop has a lot of years :)02:36
Ovim|SchoolYeah :D02:36
Ovim|SchoolThe next thing I buy is a old Libretto :D02:37
Ovim|School150CT with PR, must have! :D02:37
Ovim|SchoolNice topic, by the way :D02:39
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Ovim|SchoolHi mwansa  :)02:52
mwansahey Ovim|School,sepen02:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-rgb: updated to
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sepenhey, someone with a bit of time?10:05
* Rotwang 10:05
sepenRotwang, you?10:05
sepenwell I wrote a little script for getting descriptions from Pkgfile's
sepenand thats the code
Rotwangtest it?10:07
sepenyeah, if you can10:07
sepenalso I'll glad yo known opinions10:07
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pitilloif someone see tri can point him to this url to see if he can take a look and test it if he see it well? Thank you.10:11
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Rotwangcat $@ | awk '{ name = $1; $1 = ""; printf "%-16s%s\n", name, $0 }'10:13
Rotwangawk '{ name = $1; $1 = ""; printf "%-16s%s\n", name, $0 }' $@ wouldnt be better?10:13
Rotwangits pretty nice script10:14
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Rotwangand i always wondered whats the point of main function :p10:16
mugwort13Hi all, I was looking the crux website, does pkgutils let you set global gcc options? Like set -march=(cpu) and such ?10:17
Rotwangsepen: is there a point of putting something to /usr/share/mime10:17
Rotwangmugwort13: yes10:18
Rotwangread fricking handbook10:18
Rotwangsepen: if shared-mime-info is not installed on the system?10:18
mugwort13thank you10:18
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Rotwangno problem10:19
sepenRotwang, I'm not awk-guru, maybe10:20
Rotwangcta sth | grep or awk is fugly ;]10:21
sepenRotwang, what about mimes?10:22
Rotwangsepen: its separate thing ;]10:22
Rotwangie medit installs /usr/share/mime......10:22
sepenyeah, your awk line does the trick10:23
sepenI'm doing a modification10:23
Rotwangbut it does not depend on shared-mime-info10:23
sepenRotwang, thnx :=)10:23
sepenwell about the mime10:23
sepenRotwang, an example?10:24
Rotwangso if there is no shared-mime-info installed i think there is no point of putting anything to that dir10:24
Rotwangmedit port10:24
Rotwangor codeblocks10:24
sepenon repo?10:24
sepenwell, also you can add a README file advising it10:26
Rotwangis this good solution?10:26
sepen1 moment10:26
Rotwangpersonally I dont like "over adding" READMEs10:26
Rotwangsepen: i believe also you dont need to run for loops in subshells10:28
Rotwangto pipe their output10:28
Rotwangyou may want to check that10:28
Rotwangif you want to pipe output of few separate commands to pipe then subshell is usefull10:31
Rotwangie ( echo sth; echo another thing ; something else) | something10:32
Rotwanglook at this crazy example:
sepenwell, but loops are for when you want more that one repo/port i.e10:33
Rotwangsepen: yes but still whole output goes through pipe10:34
Rotwangfor i in c a b | sort10:34
Rotwangfor i in c a b; do echo $i; done | sort10:34
sepenRotwang, my own irc client
Rotwangyou can write irc client without netcat also10:37
Rotwangusing bash built in /dev/tcp thing feature10:37
Rotwangbut i cant5 get grasp of it10:37
sepenI don't have /dev/tcp here10:37
sepenalso note that this netcat script, was one of my first scripts I made10:38
Rotwangcheck this ;]10:39
Rotwangit opens connection and check if it was succesful10:40
Rotwangusing bash only10:40
Rotwangfeature disabled in debian by default10:40
Rotwangbut works on most distros10:40
sepen$ testPort10:42
sepen-bash: : Name or service not known10:42
sepen-bash: /dev/tcp//: Invalid argument10:42
sepenRotwang, personally I like bash code that can run in my SunOS too10:42
sepenand also in my obsd server box10:42
sepenlike my 'dyndnsup' one10:43
Rotwangexec 5<>/dev/tcp/ && exec 5<&-10:44
sepenbash-3.00# uname -a10:44
sepenSunOS soleras10 5.10 Generic i86pc i386 i86pc10:44
sepenbash-3.00# testPort localhost 80 tcp10:44
sepenbash: connect: Connection refused10:44
sepenbash: /dev/tcp/localhost/80: Connection refused10:44
Rotwangexec 5<>/dev/tcp/ && exec 5<&-10:44
sepenit does the trick10:44
Rotwangim going to write some simple ircbot in bash10:45
Rotwangso ill look closer to your ncirc ;]10:46
Rotwangbtw. what about my /usr/share/mime question? what do you think?10:49
sepenRotwang, I've bots in some languages10:53
sepenperl, bash+netcat, php10:53
sepenRotwang, $ svn log -r1306 | wgetpaste10:55
sepenYour paste can be seen here:
sepenthanks guy!10:55
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Rotwangnp ;]11:00
sepenwell Im going to my home11:02
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teK[fglrx:KCL_enable_pat] *ERROR* Pat entry 2 is already configured11:18
teK[fglrx] PAT is disabled!11:18
teK[fglrx:firegl_init_module] *ERROR* firegl_stub_register failed11:18
teKups, sry11:18
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mike_maxus: what is a timeframe for the beeeeer meeting today?11:47
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mernilhi all! :-)12:36
mernilAnd happy national day to all swedes!12:37
mernilluxh: hi12:37
thrice`boo swedes12:37
mernilur just yello12:37
tilmani remember a picture that compared how swedes and norwegians celebrate their national day12:38
tilmanthey had some swedes who were burning a flag compared to happy norwegians \:D/12:38
mernili know tilman .. here we aint allowed to be patriotic12:38
mernilit's racism...12:38
mernilbut i celebrate it in a racist mannor still .. not explicit .. but in a patriotic mannor12:39
mernilpatriotism is more or less banned in sweden12:39
* tilman dislikes excessive(?) patriotism, too :p12:39
mernilno, good patriotism should be about hating others except your own country!12:40
mernili'm just being silly :-)12:41
mernilso.. what's up?12:43
luxhhm. what's the ongoing crux development at the moment?12:43
mernilohh.. not to me i take that back then12:43
* tilman is listening to samael's reign of light12:43
tilmanpretty nice record12:44
merniltilman: what style?12:44
tilmanit's metal with some electronics12:44
luxhsounds good12:44
merniloki, i like metal and abience electronica12:44
luxhfrom that description :P12:44
merniland blues, southern rock, country .. hate to be so diverse really12:45
tilmanluxh: i'm not working on anything serious wrt crux atm12:46
tilmanENOTIME atm :x12:46
luxhmeh :(12:47
mernilluxh: dont do that smiley against an op! That's rude!12:49
* mernil i pro-op ;-) 12:49
mernilim also bored .. i was going to eat good food and drink, but .. things went wrong with my plans12:50
luxhthen just drink12:50
mernili dont' have any thing to drink (soon)12:51
mernili was going to have me some beers today, but the "systembolaget" was closed12:52
mernilin sweden we can only buy strong alcohol in certain stores :-)12:52
mernilbut i like systembolaget. Good service and a big sortiment12:54
mernilit is quality stuff12:54
luxhit's expensive12:55
jesse_"big brother" knows best, yet again.12:56
tilmanisn't luxh from sweden, too? :p12:56
luxhyep he is12:56
tilmanwas just wondering when mernil explained systembolaget to you :D12:56
mernildå säger jag tjo flöjt till luxh :-)12:56
Rotwangmernil: encoding borken12:57
tilmanRotwang: depends, works for me ;p12:57
luxhcould be iso8859-112:57
luxhthink my irssi takes a bunch12:58
jesse_recode works most of the time in these cases.12:58
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luxhhi sepen13:54
*** mernil has joined #crux14:26
mernilhi all! :-)14:27
mernili said "hi all"14:28
mernilfuck off then if you dont greet me back!14:28
mernilluxh: hi :-)14:28
cptnhi mernil14:28
cptngrattis med dagenè14:28
cptnerr, dagen!14:29
mernilcptn: hej du din gamla galosh ;-)14:29
mernilalltid kul med gamla svensk uttryck!14:30
mernilsorry for the swedish here.. i will aint happen on some hours14:30
*** Rotwan1 is now known as Rotwang14:30
cptnI actually don't speak any swedish14:30
mernilcptn: you did a good job anyway!14:31
cptnit's one of the common wishes on the norwegian national day though :-)14:31
mernilbut im from austin, texas. I dont know any swedish really14:31
cptnthe live music capital of the world, they say...14:32
mernilcptn: exactly!14:32
tilmanmernil: but you're living in sweden?14:33
merniltilman: yeah14:33
mernilluxh: why not? :-)14:34
mernilbtw: i want to appology for my "fuck off" .. i have a temper, but it only last for 10 secs at best..14:36
mernilnow we are all friends again! :-)14:36
luxhi mean moving from texas to sweden is...14:37
luxhand to umeå of all places :P14:37
mernilumeå is the hardcore capital of the world! :-D14:37
mernilso they say.. :-)14:37
tilmanmeh ;p14:39
mernilno.. umeå had a lot of bands before, i think the scene is very small now. Except for messhuggah. The singer is from umeå.14:39
mernilthey are at least somewhat famous14:40
tilmanyou consider meshuggah as a hardcore band? :p14:40
mernili dont know, it's a somewhat famous band from my town :-P14:40
mernildont rain on my parade :-P14:41
* luxh runs in flames marathon atm14:42
mernilluxh: where do you live?14:42
mernilbad answer.. say a town14:43
mernilso my motorcykle can pay you a visit!14:43
mernildamn.. mc gang :-D14:44
luxhit's like 600km south of umeå14:44
mernilluxh: hm.. uppsala? .. i dont know14:45
luxh80 km east of uppsala14:45
mernilpff.. ur wasting my time :-P14:45
mernilim just so bored .. sorry for my bad language .. im really a good guy .. when not bored!14:47
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thrice`go to the bar ?14:47
mernilthrice`: no money either14:47
mernilor just small change14:48
cptnthrice`: Meshuggah will be in .de in july... are you planning to go see them?14:48
mernilcptn: say hello to marten from me! I know him14:48
cptnthrice`: sorry14:48
cptnmernil: nice :-)14:49
mernilnot really, but we have spoken at least14:49
cptnso you hit on his gf, and he kicked your butt?14:50
cptnjust kidding14:50
mernilhakes.. the drummer is a hottie!14:50
mernilshe work in the university i attend14:51
mernilor she used to be a hottie .. now i dont know :-)14:51
mernilshe must be like me .. old and .. something :-P14:52
mernilno.. sorry for that.. haake is one hell of a drummer!14:53
mernili just happen to know a little about that band, because we went to school together14:54
mernilmarten is cool! haake i dont know, but his sister was so hot!14:56
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MoonPatroli got a crux on you.... whoaaaaa15:34
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MoonPatrolViper_, what happens when you run out of underscores?15:38
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rehabdollthe internets crashes15:40
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morlenxusSomeone using tmpfs? I get following error since a few days:16:30
morlenxusmorlenxus@adanos#~: touch /tmp/test.txt16:31
morlenxustouch: setting times of `/tmp/test.txt': Function not implemented16:31
sepenand the error appears on other partitions that aren't tmpfs?16:54
morlenxusWell i have nfs root and it happens there too, yes.16:55
morlenxusAny idea?16:58
sepenI've no idea sincerely, but did you make changes with you hw clock recently?16:59
sepenand the system is rejmerge ok I suppose17:00
morlenxusI guess it's since the coreutils update.17:01
sepenI experienced this problem updating packages some time ago17:01
sepenbut atm I'm up-to-date17:01
sepenhello out there, someone has more idea about that?17:02
morlenxusMaybe some changes to the touch command comming in with the recent coreutils update.17:03
sepensorry I still don't known what has happened17:03
*** mernil has joined #crux17:03
sepenI'll try to read about it later17:03
sepenand googling it17:03
mernilbehold! thy god, creator and master of massdestruction has arrived. Bow your sorry heads for mernil!17:03
mernili forgot,  the god of small jokes :-)17:04
Rotwangmernil: you are on some serious drugs all the time i think ;]17:05
mernilRotwang: i have a drinking problem!17:05
sepenhere: Maou17:05
sepenand Aguila Amstel17:06
mernilsepen: pff17:06
Rotwangid like to have drinking problem but i have not enough money :[17:06
mernilRotwang: ur poor! you poor man!17:06
mernilbut, im also poor to be perfectly honest..17:07
mernili do have a rich inner life tho! :-)17:07
Rotwangany good movies on your mind?17:07
Rotwangmernil: me too ;]17:08
mernilRotwang: the godfather trilgoy of course!17:08
Rotwangseen it17:08
mernilme too17:08
mernilthe deer hunter is a good film17:09
mernilprolly the one i've seen the most time17:10
Rotwangseen it17:10
mernildamn.. :-O17:10
mernilsimpsons.. dvd i to season 6 .. you cant go wrong there! :-)17:11
mernilbut you freak have seen it also i suppose ;-)17:11
Rotwangsimpsons sounds interesting17:11
Rotwangno i haven't ;]17:11
mernilRotwang: yes you have!17:12
mernilthe entire world have seen it17:12
Rotwangsimpsons Complete Seasons 1-17  42400 Mb17:12
mernileven in the country of poland :-)17:12
mernilRotwang: go download it (leagaly of course)17:14
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Rotwanganyone heard about? ^17:19
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mernilhi all! :-)21:50
mernilwhere's the party?21:50
mernilokay, everybodys sleeping .. i can understand it21:51
mernili must sleep also in the future21:51
mernilbut first i must find a new t-skirt to wear .. or buy me some new ones21:52
mernili cant shower and take on some who smell21:53
mernilsepen: ahh! :-)21:53
sepenmernil, here 04:5321:53
mernilsame here21:53
sepenI should sleep more too21:54
mernilim on duty21:54
mernilpatrolling the internet :-)21:54
sepenI reported something curious to ML21:54
mernilML ?21:54
sepenseems that pkgmk required all sources to check if the package is up to date21:55
mernilsepen: good point sepen!21:55
sepenif you have a bit see the mail at crux-devel ML21:55
mernilnow you are a bit closer of being a developer yourself!21:56
sepennah Im going to sleep soon21:56
mernilim must be awake :-/21:56
mernildue to certain thinks21:57
mernili cant tell you21:57
mernilnothing serious tho :-)21:57
mernilno.. i would tell you then :-)21:58
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sepenwell going to sleep so21:58
sepennight mernil21:58
mernilsepen: night21:58
sepengnight all21:58
* sepen z..zzZZz.zz.zzZ21:59
mernilim all lonley now then att the night watch :-(21:59
mernilmwansa: hi there btw! :-)21:59
mernilhows is going man?22:00
mernilyou have the nick of an african, are you black or just pretending? :-)22:00
mernilyeah.. im a rasist mothafucker .. maybe a nazi also :-P22:01
mernilbut i need to find me a t-skirt for tomorrow now .. bbl. Stay cool! ;-)22:03
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