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infinitycircuithey all...first time crux user00:01
infinitycircuitif i install a new version of gcc (4.2.2-> 4.2.4) should I recompile core system libraries?  if so, how would i force it to recompile them?00:02
infinitycircuitnevermind i found the answer on the mailing lists00:11
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mwansainfinitycircuit, wellcome to crux ;)00:50
infinitycircuitmwansa: thank you.  i've been with debian sid forever and decided to branch out00:55
* drijen chokes back some debian jokes :)00:58
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cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
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Rotwangomfg someone stole my site layout :X06:28
Rotwangmother fucker06:28
jesse_Could've at least made it slightly less obvious.06:30
Rotwanghe didnt even give any credit for crux ;]06:30
Rotwangthat means success for me as web developer ;]06:31
luxhconcrats ;)06:32
luxhöh congrats i meant06:32
luxhwhy did i write "ö"? :/06:33
* luxh feels slightly confused06:34
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teKyeah, crazy polish people burning some wood06:43
cptn if prt-get listinst gentoo >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then06:44
tilmanRotwang: nice idea :)07:01
tilmanassuming you didn't steal it, too :p07:01
predatorfreakRotwang: You both have bad distro checks :D07:03
predatorfreakif [ -f /etc/{arch,gentoo}-release ] :)07:03
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Rotwangtilman: i didnt steal it :x07:28
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Dreamer`anyone know a app that searches for lyrics? or something similar?08:14
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dejanhello... what is the support lifetime of crux? or is it rolling release or such?08:43
predatorfreakdejan: Core is mostly static between releases.08:46
predatorfreakopt/contrib are rolling.08:46
predatorfreakSupport lifetime of any one version ends once a new version is out.08:46
predatorfreakGenerally there's about 1 new version per year08:46
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LithiumFXHey everyone09:03
LithiumFXI'm having a problem with CRUX and my CUPS installation09:05
LithiumFXI'm getting an error of /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed, but Googling hasn't helped09:06
cptnLithiumFX: is foomatic-filters install?09:07
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LithiumFXIt's installed. I have tried rebuilding that, all the cups depends and cups itself.09:08
LithiumFXI've restarted my printer, print server and tried everything I can think of09:09
cptndid you already increase the log level of cups?09:09
LithiumFXNo, sorry09:10
cptnmight give a better error09:10
dejanpredatorfreak: ah, ok. thanks. I guess that makes it stable enough for day-to-day use?09:11
predatorfreakdejan: Sure, we use it.09:12
dejancool, thanks!09:13
dejanand yeah... how painful are version updates?09:13
LithiumFXHey predatorfreak09:14
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Hi09:14
predatorfreakdejan: Pretty painless09:14
dejanI'll give it a shot :)09:15
Rotwangdejan: predatorfreak: ah, ok. thanks. I guess that makes it stable enough for day-to-day use?09:15
predatorfreakPlus or minus when we do a major gcc update which borks a package or two :)09:15
LithiumFXApparently, I have 200+ ports according to crux.nu09:15
dejanpredatorfreak: yeah.. that's the stuff that worries me :) though I guess I can always keep an eye out for such major updates09:16
dejanRotwang: yeah, hilarious09:16
Rotwangextremely ;]09:20
RotwangI almost suffocated myself09:20
predatorfreakLithiumFX: How many do you actually use? :)09:20
dejanRotwang: /ignore me then... I might come up with more hilarious questions...09:21
Rotwangno no i want more :D09:21
predatorfreakRotwang gets his kicks off depriving himself of air :P09:21
LithiumFXpredatorfreak, the port counter lists me with over 200 ports but the repo only has 8809:22 vs
Rotwangthat funny repo :D09:22
predatorfreakLithiumFX: It fails at basic math? :D09:22
RotwangLithiumFX: it has many git shivs09:22
LithiumFXCOUNT = COUNT + 200?09:23
RotwangLithiumFX: have you lookaed at it?09:23
cptnLithiumFX: remove .git :-)09:23
dejananyhow, predatorfreak, thanks for the help... ta-ta09:23
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cptnand :-)09:24
predatorfreakOf course.09:24
predatorfreakYou could always just tell httpup-repogen to ignore .git09:24
predatorfreakerr, minus the o.09:24
LithiumFXI have removed git09:24
LithiumFXI'd already removed it weeks ago09:25
LithiumFXIt's not noticed the git removal, possibly due to hidden dir?09:25
LithiumFXShould I make an empty .git dir09:25
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Just regenerate the REPO file?09:26
LithiumFXI'm a moron09:26
LithiumFXGive me a sec09:26
LithiumFXSeriously, punch me in the face or something09:26
Rotwanggood day here at #crux09:27
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Rotwangrm -rf10:48
Rotwang /10:48
RedShiftxen, what a crap build system11:01
RedShifttotally untransparant, documentation sucks / out of date11:02
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nipuLbah, in the wiki how do you escape @] like in bash arrays?11:11
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nipuL[@ ${ARRAY[@]} @]11:11
nipuLpmwiki won't let me do it11:11
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Rotwan1what a emotional package it carries :p11:47
luxhcool, nipuL11:48
Rotwan1nipuL: you could do prt-get listinst $111:50
cptnor 'isinst'11:51
Rotwan1if prt-get isinst $1 &>/dev/null; then11:53
Rotwan1you would avoid variable11:53
nipuLa bit of verbosity isn't always a bad thing11:53
Rotwan1nice idea btw11:56
nipuLanyhoo, off to bed11:58
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RotwangKUBICAAA!!! FTW13:39
thrice`huh ?13:41
Rotwangmontreal GP13:43
rehabdollFUC KYOU14:35
rehabdollhavent seen it yet14:35
teKif you can't win football, be happy about formula one14:38
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Rotwanghehe personally I preffer F1 over football ;]14:54
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rehabdolli thought i'd be safe from spoilers in #crux atleast15:12
rehabdollbeen avoiding the news all day15:12
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mernilhello! :-)19:50
infinitycircuitmernil: hello19:51
mernilim a little angry, some commie is ripping off my stickers i have on the front door. The first one is a swedish flag, and the other one is an american flag with the text "with america for freedom"19:51
mernilit's silly, but say it in my face, dont just rip them off.19:52
mernilinfinitycircuit: how's it going?19:53
mernilwith your life19:53
mernilas we speak19:53
mernili wish i had a credit card .. i want to order some stuff from places like thinkgeek.com19:54
joacimi got a visa19:55
joacimwant me to order stuff for you? :p19:55
merniljoacim: maybe :-)19:55
mernilthe postage from norway to sweden cant be so exempensive19:56
joacimtoll might19:57
mernilnot from norway?19:57
mernilthe dollar is so low now, it could pay to order stuff from the US19:58
joacimhave to pay import taxes for anything more expensive than 200 kroner19:58
mernildamn goverement .. always want to fuck with the little people :-/19:59
joacimI can enter your home address into the receiver form19:59
mernilit should be easier to pay over the interent, some system like paypal or something.20:00
merniljoacim: at this moment, i don't want to give you my home adress ;-P20:00
joacimwhy not? afraid of lurkers?20:01
merniljoacim: no, stalkers20:01
merniljoacim: why are you awake at this time?20:02
mernilnormal people tend to sleep now :-)20:02
joacimim not normal ;)20:02
joacimim going to bed an hour ago20:02
mernilbbl joacim and the rest!20:03
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