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pitillogood morning02:22
tilmanmorning pitillo02:27
namenloshi, does someone have a working firefox 3 port?03:04
tilmani think predatorfreak does03:07
namenlostilman: thx03:07
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phr3alhey guys03:12
phr3ali am in the middle of a crux 2.4 installation03:12
phr3aland i didnt install nano03:12
phr3aland i dont know how to use vi03:12
phr3also i want to pkgadd nano03:13
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phr3albut i dont know how to do it.03:13
namenlostilman: with working i meant one, i could build, without getting configure errors...03:13
phr3alpls help me03:13
phr3alI know that. thx. :) I just dont know the version of nano present in crux 2.403:14
f1yphr3al: pkgadd nano#whatever.tar.gz on your cdrom packages dir, but you must find it there03:14
tilmannamenlos: if the problem is the sqlite version check, see
phr3alf1y: I dunno the whatever. :p03:15
f1y'whatever' means number of version, you should just go into your cdrom packages dir and check this version by ls nano-* and then pkgadd03:16
phr3alI know. what version of nano does crux 2.4 has?03:17
namenlostilman: i read this, thx. atm i want to convince the build() for xulrunner to use the system's sqlite version...03:19
phr3alguys what should i do to install the "opt package" after I have done setup03:19
namenlosah, --enable-system-sqlite it is (imho)03:20
f1yphr3al: go to your opt packages dir on cdrom03:20
f1yphr3al: and then do pkgadd nameofpackage#version.tar.gz03:21
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mernilhi all! :-)03:39
teKhey you03:40
mernilteK: !03:40
mernili think im about to do me a name!03:40
mernilin the extrem right wing movement :-)03:41
mernilunfortually with a nick.. :-/03:41
mernili like to be right wing extremist .. it seems so progressive!03:42
merniland im a progressive guy! :-)03:42
mernilwhat's up here then?03:43
mernileverybody works i suppose.. except me and teK03:43
teKI'm scared of you + working, too03:44
RyoSmernil: you smoke crack?03:44
mernilRyoS: no, i'm chasing the red dragon!03:45
RyoSoh, i see. well then..03:45
mernilteK: dont be scared :-O03:45
f1ywhat is right wing?03:45
f1y*right wing movement03:45
namenlosa political orientation, i guess...03:46
mernilur too clueless my friends03:46
RyoS*shrugs* i wonder why i even care03:46
mernilRyoS: because of my karma maybe? or my charm?03:47
mernilim political intressted, but i understand most people are not.03:48
pitilloand more in channels which aren't related to it03:48
f1ymernil: most ppl are not because all those politicians suck03:48
f1yand they dont use crux ;)03:49
mernilnot me either, but it's just chit chat between the linux stuff :-P03:49
RyoSmernil: though i have nothing to do with right winged scum - i am proud to be german. but i hate this internet balls game some think to play03:49
RyoSsome straight words: just shut the fuck up in here, this is supposed to be on topic chat, we are not here to discuss your bullshit. kthxbye03:50
mernilthere's one german with a chip on his sholders :-)03:50
RyoSmind your own buisness pal03:51
f1yGermany won yesterday ;( Leo didnt help us at all ;(03:51
mernil:-) okay03:51
RyoSf1y: prinz poldi smacked two of his finest ;)03:51
f1yLukas Podolski was born in Gliwice03:52
f1yi live in Gliwice03:52
f1yand i understand, why he left this damn town :D03:53
mernilman.. now it feels i caused some bad wibes here :-/03:53
mernilbut football in itself cause me to feel unconfortale03:54
RyoSf1y: hahahaha03:54
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f1yRyoS: we have so dumb governor... since 1980 population of my city was decreased for about 20%03:56
f1yhmm and all Oberschlessien consists from Poles, Germans and Czechs i guess, this is kinda mischung03:56
teKyour press was not that non-dumb these days, too03:58
f1your press isnt ours, we have no our media, everything was sold to Germans and French04:00
teKiirc, the paper beolngs to Springer Verlag which prints Bildzeitung, Germany's most read "newspaper"04:01
RyoSwe all love Bild04:01
teKwhat would germany be without Bildzeitung04:03
teKa better place?04:03
RyoSyou cant know04:04
f1ydo you know, that in Poland highways can go in the middle of town?04:06
f1y*through the middle of town04:06
RyoSwell, why not? =P04:06
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RyoSgoing by bike is not yet pollution of air and sound. is it? :P04:07
RyoSsorry, kidding :p04:07
RyoSdude those new speakers are neat.. though they are small.. :^04:07
f1ywe have cars you know! maybe even yours :P04:07
RyoSin germany you can say "mach urlaub in polen. dein auto ist auch schon dort."04:07
RyoSyou understand that? XD04:08
f1ywell it is just sad that all of those Polish workers are just thieves...04:08
RyoSi wouldnt say all.. i know a lot polish people.. most of em are quiet alright :P04:08
f1yand you see? because of some morons and idiots a great nation has very bad opinion04:08
RyoSi never take anything for granted, so i dont copy ones oppinion. its true that, especially at the border, there is a lot of thieves swapping over from poland..04:09
f1ybut there is some even worse thing - when Pole goes abroad to work, he has never trust other Poles, who are already there04:10
RyoSreally? didnt know that04:12
RyoSthe one thing i think is not bareable, is the unregistered work..04:13
RyoSi once had a job for the holidays at a garden center.. there were 3 polish women working 12h a day for like 2,50€..04:13
RyoSthey even slept there Oo or they still do, dunno04:13
RyoSnever went there again :P04:14
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f1yyeah, for those abroad workers money are the most important04:33
f1ythey will do anything for cash, such morons04:36
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RyoStrue. idiotic some way. but then, also - its sad that they feel forced to do that.. anyway. i know i wont support that04:37
jesse_Refusing to support something does not make it go away. ;)04:39
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RyoSjesse_: i think i couldnt chnage it anyway.04:40
f1yRyoS: yes, but this is not their fault, but their chieves - they want cheapest worker04:40
jesse_It happens to many eastern european workers these days.04:41
RyoSi know.04:41
f1yplenty of my friends just left there and work like this04:41
f1ythey do jobs, which Germans, Dutchs or Irish wouldnt do04:42
jesse_f1y: from what I have seen in some statistics, Poland has a high rate of unemployment?04:42
f1ybut theit choice - their life04:42
f1yjesse_: no, unemployment decreases, cause they went abroad :)04:42
f1yanother great idea of our fucking government04:43
RyoSthanks :P lol04:43
jesse_Governments don't do anything these days.04:43
jesse_Not doing anything is always cheaper than doing something.04:43
jesse_Ignore a problem, it just might go away.04:43
f1yjesse_: nope, our government works hard :) if some A-group wins, and B-group loses, A-group creates government and they do anything to smack B-group :) and after 4 years - change :)04:44
f1your politicians forget that they are for us04:44
f1yand therefore only 30% of ppl vote :)04:45
jesse_Surprising there is no such thing as a minimum vote percentage. ;)04:49
jesse_They wouldn't get anything done otherwise :D04:49
f1ynah, f*** them :)04:52
jesse_Freeriders and corrupt fools sums up modern politricks well.04:53
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f1yhm sth strange, when make menuconfig all those ncurses lines are changed in some utf symbols and whole table is destroyed... but only in console, in urxvt it works04:58
f1ymight it be a problem with utf support?04:58
jesse_Might be a font problem on the console.05:01
f1yi use LC_ALL="pl_PL.UTF-8" for locale and when make menuconfig while installing from CRUX iso, there was everything ok05:01
f1yconsolefont is lat2-16.psfu.gz05:01
f1yand this happens only with make menuconfig, when using other ncurses apps, like mc, ekg2 or ncmpc, there is no problems like this05:02
f1yand kernel version doesnt matter05:02
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pitillosorry :)09:09
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luxhjust tried to start a conversation16:20
Rotwangharrr arghh uhrm !!16:22
luxhthat polish?16:23
Rotwangno its a conversation in my own words16:23
Rotwangwhen you dont know what to say, simply say something16:23
Rotwangno matter what ;]16:24
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luxhcould lead to awkward situations16:24
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Rotwangi better go to sleep then :x16:31
luxhgood night ;)16:31
Rotwangthx ;]16:31
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drijenJFS > al18:34
drijennuff said18:34
drijenrehabdoll, omg.18:35
drijenwonder how long till that is changed18:36
drijenoh nvm, its a revision18:36
joacimhave anyone else experience loss of data on XFS?18:56
joacimrandom files would get corrupt over time on my system..18:56
rehabdollsounds more like hardware issues18:59
joacimcould be.. but i only had those issues with XFS =)19:01
nipuLi've never had a problem with xfs19:01
joacimnot really important since i migrated all my drives to ext319:01
nipuLalthough an ext3 raid0 ate about 50Gb of my data once19:01
nipuLraid1 that is19:01
nipuLhaha, just looked at that link19:03
nipuLmurders your wife...classic19:03
* drijen throws beer at joacim's head19:06
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Cheikhshi i get the following error when trying to boot my fresh install22:23
CheikhsPlease append a correct "root=" boot option22:24
CheikhsKernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs or unknown-block(0,0)22:24
nipuLboot off your crux cd, chroot into your install, find the error22:29
nipuLyou've most likely misconfigured lilo/grub or your kernel22:30
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mwansamorning all22:34
CheikhsThe boot stops in the middle it starts booting but does not finish22:42
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