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pitillogood morning01:31
pitilloRotwang, what abouit your mail abouit the mime files?01:35
pitilloare they bad enought to remove them from the ports?01:35
pitilloI think they don't hurt, like the desktop files too and more when we are talking about little files01:37
pitillothere is no related docs which tells about removing desktop/mime files01:37
pitilloabouit? xD01:38
Rotwangpitillo: you dont understand ;]01:43
pitilloseems so01:43
Rotwangpitillo: if shared-mime-info is not present of the system01:44
Rotwangthen mime files arent necessary, no?01:44
Rotwangor im mistaken?01:44
pitillowell, but must I check if you have it installed? or is it better make clean and easy ports and put those files there and if you have that package installed, let you use it?01:44
Rotwangthats the one point of view01:45
pitilloit's like the desktop files, I don't know if your wm will use them...01:45
pitillowell, wm or directly you....01:45
pitillothe files will be there but I don't know if you will use them. I think they are little files but usefull in some cases01:46
pitilloyou can add a hook to avoid mime and desktop files01:46
pitillobut I think, from the maintainer/packager point of view, it's good to provide those files (if they are present in the port)01:46
pitillobtw, if I am not right, it's quite easy to remove them from the pkgfile without problems01:47
pitilloand of course, if this can be used to get a general way to act with those files, this can be good too01:47
Rotwangyoure probably right01:48
Rotwangit should be left to user if he wants them or not01:49
pitillothat's the point, at least from my pov, and more when we are talking about a non-documented files for porting (at least they aren't big enought to worry about)01:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: yacy: 0.58 -> 0.5904:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.304:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: wesnoth-server: 1.4.2 -> 1.4.304:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.36 -> 2.02.3704:39
cruxbot[contrib.git]: ffe: 0.2.6 -> 0.2.704:39
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cruxbot[core.git]: iptables: updated to
rehabdollwhy do we remove ip_tables.h and ip6_tables.h in iptables?06:02
rehabdoll(they are needed on my 64bit box to compile)06:06
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sepentilman, ping08:20
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sepensomeone experiencing the same problem? $ touch /tmp/foo09:26
sepentouch: setting times of `/tmp/foo': Function not implemented09:26
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sepenRotwang, did you fix the 'touch' related problem?09:44
Rotwangsepen: hmm?09:45
sepenI've a mesa3d compilation problem due to 'touch' issue too09:46
sepenI replaced 'touch' command for ':>' and now builds fine
Rotwangsepen: mesa? :x09:47
Rotwangim not mesa maintainer :\09:47
sepenis not for you, but I asked you about 'coreutils' and 'touch'09:48
sepentilman, ping09:48
sepentilman, or please read the irclog when you have more time09:48
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nipuLsepen: what version kernel are you running?09:54
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nipuLi had this problem on 2 crux boxes, one running 2.6.20, the other 2.6.1809:57
nipuLi upgraded the 2.6.20 box to 2.6.25, problem went away09:58
nipuLthe 2.6.18 is a xen guest, so i couldn't upgrade the kernel09:58
nipuLthe solution here is to roll back the kernel headers in glibc and recompile09:59
nipuLcore/glibc uses 2.6.22 kernel headers, so running on an older kernel is going to cause problems10:00
nipuLin fact 2.6.22 was the kernel when they introduced nanosecond timing resolution10:01
nipuLif you read your strace from touch you'll notice utimensat is the function it fails on10:02
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nipuLthis makes me think the kernel-headers should be it's own port10:05
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nipuLto make it easier to tune glibc to suit your kernel10:05
Rotwanghow can i check integrity of *.tar.gz archive?10:07
Rotwangi dont have md5sum :\10:07
Rotwangis there any tar option?10:07
Rotwangi browsed manual but couldnt find anything10:07
jesse_md5sum is about as standard as it gets. why is it missing?10:09
onestepRotwang, gunzip -t file.gz10:09
Rotwangonestep: thanks10:11
Rotwangjesse_: nevermind ;]10:11
onestep-tv will show you OK if it's ok :)10:12
sepensorry, now here10:20
sepennipuL, for the box in which mesa3d update fails10:21
sepenafortunately I've a more rencent kernel on my desktop box :)10:21
sepennipuL, hmmm10:21
sepennipuL, ohh interesting, thanks for pointing that :)10:23
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mwansaRotwang, do you use amazing ?11:52
Rotwangjust minute ago someone else at asked me egzactly the same ;]11:53
Rotwangmwansa: no, i dont11:54
Rotwangawesome pisses me off ;]11:55
Rotwangnew awesome config is going to be in lua :O11:55
Rotwangevery fricking release config syntax changes11:55
mwansayeah i herd from the developers11:56
Rotwangwhat next?11:56
mwansathey are heading in the wrong direction11:56
mwansaamazing config file is written in YAML11:56
Rotwangi vote for whitespace to be language for new awesomerc ;]11:56
mwansabah ha aha ha11:56
Rotwangim using one simple widget to show time and moc status thats all11:58
Rotwangi should bump awesome to 2.3.1 :\12:02
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mwansaRotwan1, widgets go inside statusbar{} right ?12:13
mwansayeah should be :D12:17
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Rotwan2mwansa: yes12:22
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Rotwan2i get disconnected all the time :\12:22
mwansayea we are expecting a Rotwan3 any minute soon12:22
Rotwan2at this rate im going to run out of numbers :x12:23
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nilphans in the middle?13:53
Rotwan1hans reiser?13:53
Rotwan1haha :D13:54
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pitilloone OT from obsd channel
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treachoh, drop that shit. it's not even remotely funny.13:57
pitillohey tr1, have you silc with irssi working?13:57
pitillotreach, isn't funny, and more in a FS comparison?13:58
treachwhat? It's fuckning retarded.13:58
jesse_Who knew two filesystems could be such barbarians. :>13:59
jesse_People kill people, filesystems don't ffs.13:59
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pitillotri, if you can, take a look to this, it build fine, the plugin is loaded but I don't know if it's works well
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nilpanyway, that "uaa, lets rename it!" approach from slashdot comments is really funny :) -- i really dont care if somebody kills his wife14:15
teKyeah, murder is okay14:15
nilpmemory leaks are not okay14:16
treachteK: nobody said that, but it has not a single fucking thing to do with the fs.14:16
teKright, I did not speak about it.14:16
teK"i really dont care if somebody kills his wife" is just ridiculous14:17
treachmmh, about as silly as "let's throw this thing away since he killed his wife"14:18
jesse_Is it? At least in this context it is meaningless.14:18
nilpwhy should i care, teK?14:18
teKno don't care about other people14:19
jesse_IF he did, that's his business, not ours.14:19
teKfuck legislation14:19
teKjesse_: he seems to agree to tell police the location of her body.. so ...14:19
treachteK: I presume you think you guys should have torn up the autobahns and the animal rights legislation Hitler gave you too?14:20
teKHitler did not give a fuck to me except stupid people always refering to him when they see I'm from germany14:21
Rotwan1oh noes, not hitler!14:21
Rotwan1flame war approaches14:21
treachteK: I'm not using him as an argument because you're german, and stating so is disingenious14:21
teKmurder is wrong, no matter who was murderer by whom period. that's all I wanted to say, EOD14:22
jesse_teK: how do you know it is not just media hype? This piece of news seems unofficial and unconfirmed.14:22
treachthe point is that even if someone does something bad, or turns out to be a bad person, doesn't make throwing out the baby with the water any less moronic.14:23
jesse_Might be desperation talking, anyway.14:24
teKjesse_: we'll see.14:24
treachI heard that archimedes was a pedo btw, I guess it's back to basic in maths. :)14:24
drijenyou folks are some strange people14:24
drijenso much anger in one little spot14:25
jesse_It's all bullshit and spin until they have the cadaver and a confession.14:25
cptnjesse_: not to take sides, but it is pretty official14:25
drijeni guess its just as well that han is not here :p14:25
cptnerr, wait14:25
cptnjesse_: nevermind14:25
jesse_cptn: I read this from's Threat Level.14:25
* drijen bows before cptn 14:25
treachafaik, it's official that the DA has blabbered that he might lead them there.14:26
teKI do XFS14:26
* nilp too14:27
treachlike "Pretty please, tell us" "- Didn't do it".14:27
jesse_Right, since murderfs is going to rape, torture and then kill you.14:27
teKyeah, this stuff is so funny14:28
treachwell, chosing your filesystem based on what the author migth have done or not *is* pretty funny.14:29
jesse_It sure is. I can barely sit still out of the excitement.14:29
jesse_"gulty verdict" given to a coder = MUST mean his code is evil and beyond redemption.14:32
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jesse_Reiser was not the only person working / maintaining reiserfs and reiser4.14:33
rehabdollits still funny14:35
treachnot to mention, as I've already done, if we continually threw stuff out based on our moral view on the originator, we'd still be living in caves.14:35
jesse_Let's see, the modern computer was invented by a homosexual. That's evil, right?14:37
jesse_Hence we shouldn't be using computers. They must be destroyed.14:38
nilphomosexuality is evil? :)14:38
treachnilp: jesse_ was born in texas. :p14:39
Rotwangim with jesse_ on that ;]14:39
nilpi dont like you then14:39
* treach takes cover while jesse_ is away getting his mora..14:39
jesse_Perhaps, and more importantly, all of the largest religions say it is 'wrong'. :>14:40
nilpreligion is evil14:40
jesse_Just for the record, I don't view homosexuality as evil.14:40
rehabdollthe building next to mine is a church :(14:40
treachDING DONG :)14:40
rehabdollno bell though :>14:41
treachshame ;)14:41
rehabdollnah, vital :D14:41
jesse_Organized religion does have a nice track record of death, war, discrimination, all in the name of a $DEITY.14:41
jesse_$DEITY SAID SO!14:41
rehabdolldont forget random torture14:41
jesse_MUST BE TRUE!14:41
jesse_Not to mention their collection of "holy" books confirm what $DEITY has said. ;)14:43
treachor at least seem to.14:43
jesse_It's always a good laugh to hear someone claim they did something because their $DEITY of choice told them to.14:43
jesse_Better yet, they've talked to their creator and have a professional relationship.14:44
Rotwangjesse_:  who?14:44
treachrofl, pat robertson.14:44
Rotwangjesse_: are you talking about christianism?14:45
jesse_Mainly yes.14:45
treachRotwang: pat robertson, or Kohmeiny, not that much difference. :>14:45
rehabdollisnt that the guy who can benchpress .. uhm, like a lot?14:46
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treach"I guarantee you by the end of 1982 there is going to be a judgment on the world." LOL14:46
rehabdollwow, he really looks gay on that times cover14:47
treachSeveral times near New Year Robertson has announced that God told him several truths or events that would happen in the following year. “I have a relatively good track record,” he said. “Sometimes I miss."14:47
treachIsn't that what Dubaya says too? :D14:48
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nilp2008 - year of worldwide violence, great14:49
nilpbtw, somebody using links2 for fulltime browsing?14:50
jesse_treach: 1982's prediction was a clear bust. :>15:03
treachseems like it. :>15:03
jesse_Violence is not going to disappear. It's always somewhere.15:04
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DarkNekrosRotwang, I was amazed with the scanner's music o_O15:17
Rotwanghehe ;] me too15:18
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rehabdolloh, xorg-server 1.4.118:08
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nipuLheh, you should listen to 'a mere text file' by man or astroman18:53
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