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pitillogood morning01:14
cptnmorning pitillo01:16
cptnhow was the party last night? ;-)01:17
pitilloI saw it from home, there weren't party... but time to time01:19
pitilloI think it was a good match (the spanish league it's one of the best but we don't show the level at world competitions)01:19
pitilloat least for all who like football, I think it was a fair match01:20
cptnit was pretty interesting, yeah01:21
pitilloI hope they keep that level in all matches, at least if we lose, we lose with high football level01:22
pitillobtw, there are another teams which are very strong (germany for example, I think they will go far)01:23
Rotwanggermany to the finals!!01:33
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sepennipuL, ping05:40
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nipuLsepen: pong06:30
nipuLi don't see the need for --all06:31
nipuLpkg-backup `prt-get listinst`06:31
nipuLbut some extra verbosity is always useful06:32
pitillonipuL, you told that you have an enviroment in python to build your ports there. Is it somewhere to take a look to it?06:33
sepennipuL, now Im going to eat, I'll return as soon as possible06:33
nipuLpitillo: no it's written in bash, and it's only partially complete06:41
pitilloummm oh sorry, I understood it was in python06:41
pitillobtw, do you feel confortable to share it? or do you prefer to work on it before?06:42
nipuLi'd like it to actually work before i upload it06:42
pitillooki, perfect then, I was thinking in take a look to it to see how do you manage the idea of a safe enviroment06:44
nipuLi have a few of my crux tools online if you're bored
pitilloyeah, last I saw was the pkg-backup, and it's really a good idea (production servers and without following ML)06:44
pitillofor example the php conf issue could be a problem if you update it and don't see the ML06:45
pitillotaking note to the link, I will take a look soon. I think you did a good job.06:45
nipuLyeah that's why i wrote it, updated coreutils on my xen server and touch screwed up06:46
nipuLluckily pkgadd still worked06:46
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pitilloumm sounds hard. I readed the sources but haven't tested yet. I will make some test here and I will move it to the server here at work06:47
pitilloit can be very usefull (in my case I have enought space to keep backups of some ports) and using another tool to make the backups of some configs with rsync too06:49
* Rotwang downloads ubuntu Ultimate Gamers Edition06:56
nipuLwhat?!? no nethack?06:59
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mernilit's a huge outrage about a surveilence law the goverement is gonna vote for next week. If yes, the state vill eardrop every single bit here in sweden. It will be like the old DDR08:04
mernilor english?08:05
mernilIn english .. it's unbelivable!08:06
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tilmansepen: pong09:30
sepentilman, ping pong09:31
sepenwell I was answered by nipuL and still without testing new results here09:32
tilmanthat's not how it works09:32
tilman"without testing new results"?09:32
sepenI replaced 'touch' by ': >'09:32
sepentilman, I should compile a new kernel before report new results09:32
sepenbad the fact is the problem apperars with mesa3d+coreutils+kernel-2.6.2009:33
sepenthis is my box at office and I have not time for rebuild my kernel now09:33
sepentilman, did you read my patch? after applied it works here with this kernel09:34
sepentilman, that
tilmanwho knows what else break will with a kernel < 2.6.2209:34
sepenwell if someone has the same problem, my patch does the trick09:35
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-server: updated to
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-libpciaccess: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-input-elographics: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: [notify] xorg-server: updated to
tilmanrehabdoll: i noted your question about iptables, header files and 64 bit systems11:05
tilmanrehabdoll: i'll have to ask jue about it though, i have nfc what's up there ;]11:05
Rotwan1any good movies recommendation?11:06
Rotwan1c'mon guys :{11:10
Rotwan1im bored11:10
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Rotwan1-rw-r--r-- root/root       644 2008-06-11 18:20 var/lib/xkb/README.compiled11:22
Rotwan1is it necessary?11:22
tilmanclearly you never had problems with xkb11:26
tilmanthe usual "no junk files" rule doesn't apply to XKB madness :D11:26
Rotwan1k ;]11:26
mwansamorning Rotwan1 ;)11:27
Rotwan1mwansa: hi ;]11:29
rehabdolltilman: ok, thanks11:30
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nilpcruxbot: entertain me!13:02
tilmansorry, he's a really dumb bot13:02
nilp:( im bored13:03
tilmani could make him quit and reconnect though if you want?13:03
nilphehe, thx its ok13:03
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Rotwangnilp: any good movies on your mind?13:12
nilpoh.. well..13:17
RyoSRotwang: sea of love with al pacino13:17
RotwangRyoS: thank you very much13:18
RyoSand if you havent seen carlitos way yet thats a way to go too. good movies13:18
RyoSscarface i presume you have seen already.. there is barely a human being walking on earths surface that has not yet seen scarface13:19
nilpi havent13:19
RotwangRyoS: yes i've seen scarface13:19
Rotwangnilp: idioterne look interesting13:19
* tilman has no idea why scarface is so popular13:19
nilpalso lynch stuff is great, ofc13:19
nilpmullholland drive etc13:20
Rotwangtilman: because gta: vice city is ;]13:20
tilmannilp: ugh, mulholland drive :|13:20
nilpwhat, u dont like it?13:20
nilpi like it.. i just dont get it13:21
tilmanscary guys in alleys are scary13:21
tilmanthat scene made my heart stop :D13:21
tilmani didn't get it either :]13:21
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nilpfarval falkenberg is awesome too13:22
* Rotwang downloads idioterne13:22
Rotwangi havent seen much danish movies :p13:22
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nilptry riget, danish series13:24
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nilpaand aronofsky's movies13:25
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nilpfountain, pi, requiem for a dream13:25
napalony_jasio_1requiem is nice13:26
napalony_jasio_1refrigerator was great ;]13:26
nilpi was so fucked up when i saw it first :)13:26
nilpand google the mysterious geographic explorations of jasper morello, thats great too13:28
nilpshort, but great13:28
rehabdollmulholland dr. is great13:32
rehabdollhavent seen fountain yet13:32
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nilphas sb seen irreversible?13:49
nilpbest rape scene ever13:49
* Rotwang downloads13:49
nilp12 mins, no cuts13:49
nilpyou're gonna be surprised13:50
teKbeing raped is  VERY funny you should try being raped, too13:50
nilpoh cmon teK13:50
nilpits monica bellucci13:50
teKsick + retarded. EOD.13:51
RotwangteK: its a _movie_13:51
Rotwangit never happened for _real_13:51
nilpits also in reverse direction..13:52
teKif you non of your friends got raped themselves you're in luck13:53
nilpRotwang: well its kinda fucked up, she screams really loud and begs and so, and still ends with smashed head :|13:56
nilpdunno.. good movie though13:56
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rehabdoll :D14:56
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah. we had 1.4.1 in crux for 1.5 hours or so ;]14:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: inadyn-mt: Updated 02.11.96 -> 02.12.1820:45
cruxbot[xfce.git]: ristretto: Updated 0.0.18 -> 0.0.2020:51
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-places-plugin: Updated 1.0.0 -> 1.1.020:55
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