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maxusа теперь я чета хочу спать)00:11
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pitillogood morning01:05
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-sessreg: updated to
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xproto: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xextproto: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: freetype: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: shared-mime-info: updated to 0.40.02:50
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cruxbot[core.git]: udev: updated to 124.03:35
cruxbot[core.git]: nasm: updated to 2.03.03:35
cruxbot[core.git]: hdparm: updated to 8.8.03:35
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jtnlmuy buenas04:05
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j^2hey all08:28
j^2it be the 8am here08:28
j^2so another day...08:28
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luxhwhere are you?08:29
j^2<enter ASCII art of the texas flag here>08:30
Rotwang<play texas ranger opening theme here>08:32
mwansa<shoot aimlessly into the sky with a revolver>08:34
j^2hey we pride ourselves in....stuff08:34
aonhi j^208:36
j^2hey aon :D08:36
aon23 so you don't have to ask :)08:36
j^2haha nice, that's crazy making plans yet?08:37
aon4th of jul: home, 7th of jul: work08:37
j^2lame, back to work that fast?08:37
aonprobably drunkenness in between them08:38
j^2haha nice08:38
aoni'll work until the beginning of september08:38
aonsince that's when the school starts08:38
j^2the gov't doesnt give you some spending cash?08:38
aonthey give me 9e/day08:38
aonno extras when it ends, used to be that way but they removed that08:39
j^2no "bonus" after completetion?08:39
aonwell, they do pay my rent for the whole month08:40
aonalthough i'm only in service for 4 days08:40
j^2hmm, i guess that's "good" but no pention or anything? what if you stay in?08:40
j^2do they give you a pention after like 5 years?08:40
aonnot for conscripts08:45
aonif you choose to work there you'll retire at 4508:45
aonand of course get proper pay and the pension will 80% of it or something08:46
j^2i still cant belive yall have conscripts; it's just so...different08:47
aonalso, promotions as a conscript don't alter the allowance08:48
aonit depends on the length of the service08:48
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aonwhich is why i don't care much abouth getting an extra '>' :)08:50
j^2:) understandable08:51
aonah, they're called chevrons08:58
aonthat's good to know08:58
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aonthe things that ncos have in their insignia08:59
aonhere they're sometimes called shitplows, not officially, though :)09:01
j^2your a Corporal right?09:02
j^2or "Alikersantti"09:02
j^2good ol wikipedia :D09:02
aontechnically i could get to sgt while in active service, but i very much doubt it09:03
j^2in 23 days? :-O09:04
j^2maybe that's how they grab you;)09:04
j^2"we'll promote you if you stick around" :)09:04
aonand reservist training promotes you automatically based on the amount of days you do it09:05
cruxbot[contrib.git]: lvm2: 2.02.37 -> 2.02.3809:05
aonyeah, they're going to promote some of the half-year signalmans to lance cpls so some cpls get promoted on the occasion too09:05
aonand the officer candidates become 2nd lieutenants when they have like one day left :)09:06
j^2good for the resume/cv eh? ;)09:06
aonofficially you can't discriminate based on military rank09:09
aonexcept in military jobs :)09:09
j^2wow, totally different here in the US, if a soldier came to a job interview and said that they were a lieutenant, it looks really really good09:10
j^2even if it was for a day :P09:10
aonyeah, well, of course it looks good09:11
aonbut i guess it somewhat denotes it when ~90% of the population does it09:11
j^2heh, ahhh i guess that does :-O09:12
aonit's more about whether you have gone there or not, hillbillies don't like people who have done civilian service09:12
aonand not doing either is still a crime09:14
aongets you half a year in prison or something like that09:15
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-inputproto: updated to
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rehabdollis that really enforced in .fi ?10:53
jesse_rehabdoll: indeed it is.11:03
jesse_Refusing both the civil service and conscription puts you behind bars.11:03
jesse_Unless of course you flee and seek political asylum.11:04
rehabdolltouch luck11:04
rehabdolli was asked what i wanted to do.. i basically said: go home and play quake211:04
rehabdolland thats what i did :)11:04
aonyeah, well, you have us as a "buffer" ;)11:07
tilman:D11:07's state has a perverse obsession with militarism and an even greater fear of Russia.11:07
jesse_The whole show is falling apart but they will not acknowledge it.11:07
rehabdollwell you guys raped .ru 60 years ago11:07
aonwell, i guess they'll loosen it up a bit once we join nato11:08
rehabdollwe havent had any action for a couple of hundred years11:08
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cruxbot[opt.git]: wine: updated to 1.0-rc411:28
cruxbot[opt.git]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.4511:28
aonwow, amule has been updated11:29
aoncan't bump it, though, as i'm about to go see a movie11:29
jesse_Another rc. what will they think of next. :p11:29
luxhupdate spree today :-)11:29
aonwell, openssl was broken in rc311:29
aonso they kinda had to do it11:29
tilmanlooks like rc4 will be the final one11:30
rehabdollhow cute11:32
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luxhwanna join them?11:33
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jesse_Organized sports = boo.11:57
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* tilman breaks into rehabdoll's computer and deletes his porn12:51
luxhi wouldn't do that if i were you :o12:52
rehabdollserves you right for the world cup!12:56
tilmanrehabdoll: haha, i knew it :D12:58
tilman(where your motivation of mischievous laughter is coming from :p)12:58
tilmananyway, i don't really care about footbollen12:58
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cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-taskmanager: Updated 0.3.2 -> 0.4.013:28
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-mount-plugin: Updated 0.5.4 -> 0.5.513:28
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-dict: [notify] Renamed from xfce4-dict-plugin. Updated 0.2.1 -> 0.4.013:35
cruxbot[xfce.git]: xfce4-dict: Fixed mandir.13:39
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xinit: updated to
RyoSoh lolol14:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: net-snmp: updated to; fixes VU#878044 and CVE-2008-096015:24
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DarkNekroslinuxhaters?? xDD16:49
aonseems like a valid hate16:49
tilmanit's a fun blog16:49
tilmanaon: yes. the gentoo article is totally retarded16:49
DarkNekrosI hope this dude don't uses Winbug$ xDD16:50
tilman(lots of vram is good even if you don't want to run quake3, err, doom3)16:50
aoni wish i had something to say so i'd get angry comments about my blgo too16:51
aonyes, blgo16:51
DarkNekrosthis dude do not have friends xDD16:51
DarkNekrosor his girlfriend (or whaterver) has left him xD16:52
aonhe seems like he's using mac16:52
DarkNekrosso why blame about linux?? he had to blame about pcs, not OSes xDD16:53
aonwell, mac is mostly pc nowadays16:53
DarkNekrosor perhaps he knows mac has intel chipsets xDD16:53
aonwith crappier design and os :)16:54
DarkNekrosanother one who wants to be read/hated/loved... xDD16:54
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joacimmacs have been personal computers since day one =)17:01
Rotwangoh shi... i misread asian nurses for asian ncurses :x17:04
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rehabdollcommon mistake17:10
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