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s_warlockhave any one seen dahl lately00:21
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pitillogood morning01:03
RyoSbuenos dias pitillo01:04
pitillosaludos RyoS :)01:04
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cptnmavrick61: hi Charlie02:26
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Rotwang|-|1 3\/3|2`/0|\|302:40
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-vmware: updated to
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nipuLhi S{n}, where n=104:00
cruxbot[opt.git]: valgrind: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git]: opera: updated to 9.5004:24
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LithiumFXHey everyone06:56
LithiumFXI'm looking for an SMTP relay solution, but can't seem to find one06:57
LithiumFXI tried relaying via Google Mail but ended up getting my account suspended for "unusual behaviour" (two test e-mails)06:57
Rotwangim looking for a girlfriend, but can't seem to find one06:57
Rotwangsorry mate06:58
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LithiumFXRotwang, I hear Cameron Diaz is looking for somebody06:58
Rotwanggreat :D06:58
Rotwangunfortunatelly shes not my type :\06:59
LithiumFXAngelina Jolie?06:59
Rotwangohhh no07:00
Rotwangshe's ugly07:00
LithiumFXPenelope Cruz07:00
Rotwangyes, shes nice07:00
LithiumFXRotwang, your shared love of Penelope has earned you 1,000,000 internets07:00
LithiumFXI shall depsatch them to you now07:01
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LithiumFXI wish my ISP ran an open relay07:02
nipuLdon't we all...07:02
LithiumFXMy old ISP used to, meaning I could use them as a relay and not get rejected by Windows Live07:04
nipuLheh m$ anti spam policy takes another victim07:04
LithiumFXTo be fair07:04
LithiumFXThe server I run uses DNSBLs07:04
LithiumFXSo I really can't complain, I'm gettign a taste of my own medicine :P07:04
LithiumFXFor some reason a 1 hour and 45 minute A-level Economics exam has reduced my ability to type, I'm sorry for the typos07:05
nipuLlive/hotmail sends all mail from my server into a black hole, even SNDS ignores me07:06
LithiumFXIf AOL didn't exist the problem would go away07:06
LithiumFXDNSBLs take care of 99% of spam07:07
nipuLor if everyone used greytaring07:07
nipuLgreylist tarpits07:07
* LithiumFX Googles07:07
nipuLgreylisting has killed 99% of my spam with no impact on resources07:08
LithiumFXI'd use Gmail as a relay but they rewrite headers to "From on behalf of"07:08
nipuLi use tarpitting just to hurt the spammers07:08
nipuLmake them take 10 minutes to not send an email07:08
LithiumFXI've got flood protection for spamming07:08
nipuLthat's basically what a tarpit does07:09
LithiumFXTo be fair, my big problem is some git adding my old address to a mailing list for baby products07:09
LithiumFXEver since then I've had more spam than Bill Gates has interest payments07:09
nipuLRHSBLs suck for that07:10
nipuLsomeone forges your domain, instant blacklist07:10
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LithiumFXTo be honest, my e-mail service is a learning experience rather than a true service07:11
LithiumFXIt's on a residental line so there's plenty of hosts who reject me07:11
LithiumFXI'm off out to lunch, nipuL thanks for the pointer about greylisting07:16
LithiumFXRotwang, I've posted you the internets and Penelope07:16
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Rotwangciao a tutti!07:16
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tilmanrehabdoll: did you upgrade a working crux box to crux64 ports, or am i misremembering?09:06
rehabdolli just installed hannes dist over my current crux-install09:07
rehabdolland then rebuilt everything :)09:07
rehabdollnot quite the cleanest way, but it worked :)09:07
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nipuLi was lucky enough to start off with danm's copy of crux6409:29
rehabdollthat one didnt want to play nice with my hardware09:30
nipuLso you'd be running pure 64?09:31
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rehabdoll32bit is for pussies!09:35
thrice`i'm looking for a pure64 desktop currently...just got a new core2duo lappy last night, and was debating 64 vs. 3209:36
rehabdollim actually building a 64bit iso right now09:37
rehabdollthere are some issues with gcc 4.3 though09:37
thrice`updated ?09:37
rehabdollupdated packages, yes09:37
thrice`oh, i'm not interrested in 4.309:37
rehabdollits the old iso though09:37
nipuLpure 64 is ok, if you don't want flash or play games09:37
nipuLdon't need to run any windows apps, etc, etc09:39
thrice`so do you maintain core and opt, or use official crux ports?09:39
nipuLa bit of both09:39
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rehabdollmostly official09:44
rehabdollthere are some minor footprint diffs and some packages needs some special configure options etc09:44
rehabdollthere are a few 64bit ports at www.obra.se09:45
thrice`i'll probably stick fedora or something on it for the time being, as I have to travel this weekend09:46
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tilmanrehabdoll: let me know when the iso is done. should save me some time :D10:06
rehabdollBootstrap started    (2008-06-13 16:43:26)10:07
tilmanso is that with gcc 4.3 or 4.2.something?10:07
thrice`tilman: mmoving to 64bit?10:07
rehabdoll4.3 and glibc 2.710:07
tilmanthrice`: i'll give it a try at least10:08
thrice`gcc 4.3.1 was release too, iirc.  perhaps that fixes some of its bugs10:13
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cruxbot[opt.git]: amule: updated to 2.2.110:56
cruxbot[opt.git]: crypto++: new port10:56
aonhave had those for ages but forgot to push :)10:57
sepencrypto directly to opt?10:59
aonsince amule's there10:59
sepenohh its a dep?11:00
sepen*is it11:00
aonuh, yes11:00
sepengoing to home, bbl11:01
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rehabdollchecking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables11:26
rehabdollbtw, the compiler does work.. everything that doesnt run that test builds just fine11:26
thrice`gcc 4.3.0 or 4.3.1 ?11:26
rehabdollthis is during stage1 of bootstrap11:26
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thrice`which app ?11:28
rehabdollpretty much everything in core11:29
rehabdoll(during bootstrap)11:29
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cruxbot[opt.git]: wine: updated to 1.0-rc513:02
rehabdollright, everything in iso/ is gone13:10
thrice`doesn't sound like you're having much luck :(13:10
nilpRotwang: how did u enjoy idioterne?13:17
Rotwangnilp: i haven't saw it yet13:18
Rotwangtoday probably13:18
nilptheres also a cool porn scene13:19
Rotwangnilp: the camera man has epilepsy ;]13:27
nilpcamera is great13:28
nilpthats why is everything so real there13:29
aoni wonder why imdb recommends cannibal holocaust if you like idioterne13:30
aonnow i probably must watch it too13:30
tilmanhahahhahahhaa dexter ftw13:33
* nilp deleted 3 series of dexter ~week ago13:36
tilmanafter or before watching them?13:37
nilpafter ofc13:37
Rotwangahh ;]13:38
rehabdolloh, your not talking about the serialkiller-dexter ?13:38
rehabdolltheres only 2 seasons out, right?13:38
tilmani only have two seasons anyway13:38
nilpyep... sry13:38
tilman"so i hear you're tracking all of our internet activity. is it true? cause i can explain all that shemale stuff." <-- what was making me laugh13:38
rehabdollgah,  you got my hopes up!13:38
tilman(spoil s2 for me and fear my wrath)13:39
nilpits not so good (both series)13:40
* aon is fixing virus-infected windows machines13:42
rehabdollsounds fun13:47
aonis too13:48
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cruxbot[opt.git]: amule: man page cleanup13:54
Rotwangidiots bored me a bit13:55
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Rotwangim going to watch rest later13:55
Rotwangim not in a mood ;]13:59
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Rotwangwhat can i use to break encrypted archive?14:19
drijenzip file?14:19
tilmangpg-encrypted tar archive? :p14:20
drijenoh wow14:20
drijenwrite a grid computing client to break it14:20
thrice`wine shareware.exe14:20
Rotwangi downloaded movie via torrent14:21
Rotwangbut archieve is password protected >:|14:21
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drijenRotwang, rarpasswordcracker.com14:30
drijenalthough, if my memory serves there is a foolproof way to breakt hem14:31
drijeni just cannot remember what :(14:31
drijeni've seen a few password lists floating around the net, you could script one of those14:32
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Tuxbublinghey there17:49
Tuxbublingis crux using pkgsrc? or another port system?17:50
RotwangTuxbubling: look at the handbook17:50
Tuxbublingok but this port system ?? is it based on something or dev from scratch?17:51
Rotwangfrom scratch iirc17:52
aonyes, from scratch17:52
morlenxusIs there some port which installs all the httup files?17:54
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morlenxusI mean all the third party repositories.17:54
nipuLwhy would you want to download all the repos?17:54
Rotwangyhafri got something like that17:55
Rotwangiirc ;]17:55
Rotwangbut i dont see a point for that17:55
morlenxusnipuL: It's just easier. You get new repositories and even old removed when they disapear.17:56
morlenxusAnd i remember there was such port, back in the old days. ;)17:56
nipuLeasier to do what?17:56
morlenxusTo be up to date with the available repositories.17:57
nipuLgit:// ;)17:58
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morlenxusA Python script which downloads them all? :)18:00
nipuLno, it just queries the db18:00
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Tuxbublingso let's installing that crux ^^18:01
nipuLeventually it will be able to get port files, so i guess it could be used to do that18:01
nipuLughn, enough with the wine RCs18:16
nipuLshall we open a betting pool on how many RCs there will be18:17
morlenxusnipuL: Which audio player do you use?18:20
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nipuLmorlenxus: pymp19:19
nipuLi use mpd at work though19:21
morlenxusNice little player19:29
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jdolanpymp suxxx19:44
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nipuLthe emphasis is on the xxx19:49
nipuLbut it really needs skins and a plugin API19:50
jdolanwell it's got the fifo io.19:50
jdolan`pymp -remote current`19:50
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jdolanwhich is all you need for the quintessential IRC "np" script.19:50
nipuLi was taking the piss19:51
jdolanbecause everyone gives a shit what you're listening to.19:51
jdolaneye no huney.19:51
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