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pitillogood morning01:26
cptngood morning01:26
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brointhemixsorry, wrong screen ;)06:40
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pyrex: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git]: pal: updated to 0.4.207:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: libebml: new maintainer07:36
cruxbot[contrib.git]: libmatroska: new maintainer07:39
cruxbot[opt.git]: htop: fixed dependency tag07:40
cruxbot[opt.git]: blackbox: fixed dependency tag07:42
cruxbot[opt.git]: bbkeys: fixed dependency tag07:42
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mkvtoolnix: new maintainer07:42
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pitillois this a good way to act when someone leaves? I mean, why not at least to send a mail answering the old maintainer telling which ports will be updated by the new maintaner? In this way, other maintainers can do the same, and we can have a little list there about which ports will be un-maintained instead of looking for the old maintainer's name07:51
cruxbot[contrib.git]: mpd: updated to 0.13.207:54
nipuLi'm pretty sure predatorfreak won't care, we can either sit around talking about what to do, or just pick up the pieces and move on07:57
pitillonipuL, I don't mean if he cares or doesn't... I mean a good way to coordinate the port's adoption07:59
sepenpitillo, not only adoption, see Viper changes to openntp08:19
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cptnpitillo, sepen: please calm down08:23
sepencptn, ?08:23
cptnI don't think anything is ill meant08:23
sepencptn, just I'm pointing my particular opinion, thats all08:24
nipuLi don't see what the problem is08:24
cptnit's probably a good idea to send a mail announcing which ports one adopts08:24
pitillocptn, my words were from a calm state... only comenting about how were adopted those ports, without following the normal way to do it (or least a normal way in contrib...)08:24
cptnpitillo: okay :-)08:24
pitilloI have nothing bad in my words, at least a point to remember08:25
nipuLcptn: don't the post commit hooks do that already08:25
cptnnipuL: well, not all read the commit ML I think08:25
pitillonipuL, when they were adopted...08:25
pitillonipuL, what is the same, there is no co-ordination between maintaners...08:25
nipuLwell i was the one that asked preadatorfreak to put matroska into contrib, so i didn't see it as a problem08:26
sepen<cptn> it's probably a good idea to send a mail announcing which ports one adopts08:27
sepenbefor adopt that ports08:28
cptnpitillo: asking "is this a good way" kind of implies that you think it's not08:29
pitillocptn, right, and I think it isn't a good way to act08:30
cptnI'd prefer to read on the ML who adapts what08:30
cptnbut I would have asked nipuL "would you mind sending a mail to crux-devel and -contrib to let the rest knows which ports you adapted?"08:31
cptnerr, adopted08:31
sepencptn, before adopting it and not after doing it, just I say about Viper changes08:31
sepencptn, where I was wrong¿?08:32
sepencptn, or why do you think I need to be calm?08:33
pitillocptn, this comment wasn't directly oriented to nipul, I asked here in general to see which was people's opinion...08:33
* Rotwang watches what is going on in this channel ;]08:33
* cptn feels misunderstood08:33
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nipuLMiss Understood08:34
sepencptn, what am I doing wrong?08:37
cptnwell, not wrong08:38
cptnit just seems we can't do anything right08:38
sepenno no08:38
sepenme seems08:38
cptnlet's agree on this: it would be nice to read about this too08:39
cptnnipuL: would you mind sending a mail to crux-devel?08:40
nipuLi was just about to click send until you highlighted me08:40
nipuLi'm also CCing to contrib08:40
cptncool, thanks08:40
sepencptn, Im trying to do things as better as possible, I want to participate more in the project, but seems that every action I take sounds terrible08:42
cptnsepen: it's really just about the way you say it which08:43
cptnI agree with the basic idea08:43
sepenI'm trying to respond to ML with all arguments I find as better imho08:43
cptnI hope the net result is fine with you08:44
sepenwhat I need for being in the project?08:44
nipuLthere's also a difference between disagree and "thinks is a terrible idea"08:44
sepennipuL, yeah08:44
sepenbut devels/maintainers/packager should be comprensive with others08:44
sepenand try to approach and share ideas for working better08:44
cptnjust as a general note, talk more about the solutions08:45
cptnnot the problems08:45
sepenbut sometimes sounds that give your point of view is an attack08:45
nipuLi think we should all hide in our caves and insult eacher when ever an idea is presented08:45
sepencptn, yeah, the same I get in my mails08:45
nipuLit's more fun08:45
nipuLthen maybe one day we could be as popular as gentoo, it worked for them08:46
pitillocptn, showing what can be a problem, can just to be a good way to start looking for a solution (if it's a problem)08:46
cptnpitillo: sure, I get the feeling you already knew how it could be solved, right?08:46
pitillocptn, and about the way to tell things, thing in the revers, how are they understood too08:46
pitillocptn, if I see 1 problem and I think I have 1 solution, I have no problem to show it, may be someone can think it wasn't right and correct me, and look for a better solution08:47
pitillosorry, the last sentence, ...think in the reverse...08:48
cptnI think we made a problem out of nothing08:48
cptnand I'll take half the blame08:48
pitilloI think you are keeping all our comments like attacks08:48
sepenpitillo, well just we need a 'init 6' in all senses08:49
sepenfor the core team, and others08:49
cptnpitillo: yeah08:49
pitillowell cptn, there is no problem... I don't know how I do this, but when I tell something, half the times seems like an attack and start a mini discussion here08:49
cptnI think the we did this in the past08:49
cptnyou know, send those e-mails, "I'll pick it up"08:49
pitilloyes, and acting in this way I am quite sure this will not be the last time...08:50
sepenI think would be good if the core write a more extensive document about rules, etc.. just its a way to avoid these problems/discussions/politics08:50
sepencptn, maybe possible?08:50
pitilloI have the feeling (or may be I am confused with the real meaning of the word comunication) that here talks, are flame-wars, or discussions without moderation08:51
cptnsepen: yes08:51
sepencptn, I often read the old ML trying to find important notes by Per and others (you)08:51
cptnsepen: maybe it would have been enough if someone would have sent a mail ealier08:52
sepen<cptn> sepen: maybe it would have been enough if someone would have sent a mail ealier08:52
sepenohhh sorry08:52
sepenI used it to paste in
sepen:) excuse me08:52
sepencptn, +108:53
sepencptn, that was a particular thing, imho would be better a good habits document08:54
pitillonipuL, thank you08:58
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linwidianybody home?09:02
Rotwangwe're not here09:03
linwidiok, bye.09:03
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RotwangIm just a bot :p09:04
sepenRotwang, are you a botgirl?09:05
Rotwangwhy girl?09:05
sepenohhh bots don't have sex09:05
Rotwangwell i dont have sex either :p09:06
Rotwangbut im not a bot09:06
sepenme too09:06
Rotwangwhy do you think I applied for contrib ;]09:08
luxhwhere does all these discussions take place?09:14
luxhfeel i miss a lot09:14
Rotwangwhich discussions?09:15
RotwangML and irc I suppose09:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: asciidoc: md5sum fixed09:41
RotwangI should at last make good use of contrib-test to learn git09:42
tilmanbrointhemix: pf? cornerstone? i think you're mixing him up09:49
tilmancornerstones that left were jaeger and cptn (who returned \o/). i hope i'm not forgetting anyone ;D09:49
Rotwangwhat a incredinbly quick response time ;]09:49
cptnthe til-MAN maybe!09:50
brointhemixtilman: I meant that he was already there when I joined :)09:50
tilmanbrointhemix: he only joined opt in january09:51
tilmancptn: i wasn't a cornerstone when i left, and it was only for about a week or so :p09:51
brointhemix"there" = he was already a CRUX user and active on IRC when I joined :)09:52
tilmanoh ok :)09:54
* brointhemix and tilman contributed to a new definition of "cornerstone" ;)09:55
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cruxbot[xorg.git]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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tilmanrugek: "Dr Lecter escaped!" ;)11:17
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tilmanrehabdoll: -4.iso has a few duplicated packages. at least ports and prt-get are there in two versions, which causes pkgadd confusion in setup :D12:18
tilmanrehabdoll: but i think it installed successfully :)12:18
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rehabdollah, bumped version and forgot to remove the old ones12:32
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tilmanopt/sudo doesn't work with -j 4 for me12:39
tilmanmmh. i don't get why i have no kernel message at all on boot12:41
tilmanchecked the config twice ._o12:41
rehabdollme neither, have to build with -j112:44
rehabdollalso ncurses12:44
tilmani'll check ncurses in a bit12:44
rehabdollquiet ? :>12:45
tilmanyes, i just found it12:48
tilmanwas that you? :p12:49
rehabdollgot me :p12:50
* rehabdoll changes back to tilmans old root-password12:50
tilmanthe machine isn't connected to the net anyway12:52
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tilmanrehabdoll: please add xorg-libxdamage to your mesa3d port as a dep13:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: freeciv: 2.1.4 -> 2.1.514:02
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tilmanthe system seems sluggish though14:37
tilmaneg when completing directory entries in zsh ._o14:37
rehabdolli really should do a install and test myself :)14:39
rehabdollbut as things seems now, ill kill myself in ~45 minutes &%#"!¤14:39
tilmanyou built the packages for amd64, right?14:40
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rehabdollx86-64, no other optimizations14:45
rehabdoll-O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -fPIC14:46
rehabdolloh, and sweden is now the new ddr14:46
rehabdollstasi ftw!!14:46
tilmanit passed?14:47
teKit didn't?14:47
tilmanrehabdoll: is x86-64 even valid in march? can't find it in the man page14:48
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tilmanheya treach14:50
treachgood evening14:50
treachoh, well.14:50
treachscratch good. :(14:50
treach"Feind Hört Mit". :/14:51
tilmani thought you meant the football match14:51
treachmh. I don't really care about that.14:52
tilmangood for you14:52
treachit's trivial, who can care about football when the stasi is being resurrected? :<14:52
tilmanso did the law pass or not?14:52
treachNot sure, but everything looks like it will.14:53
teKaccording to not14:53
treachthat was just a feint.14:54
treacha quick dismissal for adding some meaningless patches to it, and then the critical number of supporters could be secured.14:54
treachjust some facesaving comedy14:54
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treachapparently it passed. 143 YES, 138 NO14:55
treachHeil Reinfeld14:56
teKgn8 Channel, Schaeuble, Reinfeld *rolleyes*14:56
teKnono, i'll stay14:59
tilmanlooks like i'll get to fix xf86-video-ati for r400 dualhead on amd64, too15:01
tilmansomething's up with my kernel, too15:11
tilmanstill only sees 3.5g of ram15:11
treach"lightweight" kernel? :p15:11
* treach takes cover15:11
tilmani disabled memory hole remapping in the bios, which fixed that15:16
tilmanor maybe i enabled it, i forget15:16
tilmanbut now:15:16
tilmanYour BIOS doesn't leave a aperture memory hole15:16
tilmanPlease enable the IOMMU option in the BIOS setup15:16
tilmanThis costs you 64 MB of RAM15:16
tilmanoh well, i'll google ;)15:16
treachhm. I've seen that too, and I haven't messed around with my bios settings.15:17
rehabdolltilman: dunno, gcc hasnt complained though15:17
rehabdollthink i stole those flags from hannes15:17
treachIIRC it has something to do with AGP/GART crap, could be wrong about that though.15:18
tilmanaperture = gart memory15:20
tilmanor something like that ;)15:21
treachmmh, and when you have a PCIE card that's pretty irellevant.15:21
tilmani don't even have agp.. YES!15:21
treachbut the kernel apparently doesn't like when you kick out stuff like that15:21
treachI think that's how the story goes15:22
treachwell, I never claimed to understand how it works. ;)15:24
tilmanselected by: gart_iommu && X86_6415:25
tilmanso it has something to do with iommu ;)15:26
treachwell detective, could you please post me if your investigation leads anywhere? ;)15:26
tilmando you have the same problem?15:27
treachbasically, yes15:27
tilmanyou're using an asus board, iirc?15:28
tilmanand there's no iommu option in your bios either?15:29
rehabdolli have some memory remap thingy in my bios, else bios only reports 3.? gig15:31
tilmanrehabdoll: that's probably the "remap memory hole" thing15:32
tilmanis zlatan ibrahimovic related to dave gahan, btw? :p15:36
treachI don't think so. :>15:36
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luxhsupz channel16:01
treachimplementing encryption. :<16:02
* teK iz in ur bitz and hidin infamation16:03
treachI wonder how you encrypt an irc channel. :>16:03
tilman/load rot1316:03
treachheh, not good enough I fear. :>16:03
tilmanrehabdoll: do you actually run glibc 2.7?16:08
tilmanmmh, night.16:11
luxhnight tilman16:15
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lucifer4uHello all16:59
lucifer4uwhen we will have firefox 3 in the ports?16:59
Rotwanglucifer4u: i asked yesterday about it firefox maintainer17:02
teKthen he quit17:02
Rotwangyou know what?17:02
Rotwanglucifer4u: BAD question17:03
treachRotwang: it wasn't because of that he quit you know17:03
Rotwangtreach: i know that :\17:03
Rotwangim not that stupid17:04
lucifer4uRotwang: what is the right question? :)17:04
treachI have to say that I agree with him. IMO the handling of the QT4 issue was scandalous.17:05
Rotwanglucifer4u: which teletubie has the most lovely colour17:05
lucifer4u:) do not know17:05
Rotwangtreach: it was not only ff thing tho17:06
treachRotwang: you make no sense.17:07
Rotwangmaybe thats because im bir drunk, and my english sucks17:08
treachcould be. :>17:08
Rotwangbut what i want to say is taht firefox wasnt the only thing17:08
Rotwangthe tension was high before17:08
treachideed not, I'd say ff was completely irellevant.17:09
Rotwanglucifer4u: i like the pink one17:14
lucifer4uRotwang: i do not understand you17:14
treachlucifer4u: don't worry, nobody else does. :>17:14
Rotwanglucifer4u: Rotwang: what is the right question? :)17:15
RotwangR: lucifer4u: which teletubie has the most lovely colour17:15
lucifer4uthat was your question. not mine. i asked about ff :) It looks like it is different things for this channel and topic.17:16
treachlucifer4u: well. ATM ff is unmaintained iirc, since Brett quit17:17
treachthere you have it.17:17
Rotwangwell, nevermind ;]17:17
treachPresumeably there will be a new maintainer eventually, who will update it, but who and when..17:17
Rotwangim not deeply into topic17:18
treachask the stars. :>17:18
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lucifer4uRotwang: :)17:18
Rotwangbut it looks that all that ff and sqlite thing is about one variable inside sqlite.pc pr sth17:18
lucifer4uis it hard to maintain it?17:19
treachlucifer4u: it's not exactly fun.17:19
Rotwangwhy cant it be simply fixed like pred suggested?17:19
treachkinda like going to the dentist. :>17:19
Rotwangpred* predatorfreak17:20
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rehabdolltilman: exactly what was it that was so slow_17:44
rehabdollasdf, us-keyboard17:44
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