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nipuLthe firefox port is cursed, no one will want to touch it00:11
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pitillogood morning01:06
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mwansa_mwansa, ping04:18
mwansa_mwansa_, ping04:18
mwansa_yeah i have gone crazy04:19
mwansa_with irc :P04:20
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luxhhm can i build 64bit packages on a 32 bit system and vice versa?04:43
Rotwangnot 64 on 3204:46
Rotwangdonno about 32 on 6404:47
Rotwangcorrect me if im wrong04:47
mwansa32 bit on 64 is possible,just that to run a dynamicaly linked 32 app needs 32bit libraries ;)04:49
luxhnot running just building04:52
mwansaluxh, you can run a multilib system with 32bit and 64bit libraries so you can do your building and testing etc on one system. so 32 bit libraries go in /usr/lib/ and conversly /usr/lib6404:54
mwansaerr bad grammer04:54
luxhso if i have 64bit libraries, i can run 64bit apps on a 32bit box? o.o04:56
Rotwang no04:57
Rotwangyou cant04:57
Rotwangyou can run 32 bit binaries on 64 bit box04:57
luxhif i have the libraries?04:57
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nipuLyou can build 64 bit binaries on a 32 bit system, it's called cross compiling05:10
nipuLhowever, you could only run them on a 64 bit system05:10
luxhok that's neat05:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git]: gstreamer: 0.10.19 -> 0.10.2006:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-plugins-base: 0.10.19 -> 0.10.2006:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: gst-python: 0.10.11 -> 0.10.1206:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: liboil: 0.3.8 -> 0.3.1406:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: glibmm: 2.16.2 -> 2.16.306:45
cruxbot[contrib.git]: egenix-mx-base: 3.0.0 -> 3.1.006:45
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pedjaWhat's the current version of core/curl?7.18.2?06:53
pedja(my local core/opt trees get stale sometimes, so I need to remove and recheck them)06:55
pedjaRotwang: thanks06:55
pedja7.18.2 is latest, so I should really send the diff to core team...06:56
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mwansahmm anyone using an intel AC'97 Audio controller ?08:11
thrice`that's a very common chipset, I believe08:13
joacimmy old computer has it08:13
mwansayea. cant get the darn sound card to work08:13
mwansachecked bios settings, alsaconf'd it etc and still zich08:14
teK$ lspci -k08:16
teKall important channels are muted?08:16
mwansayea.. i unmuted everything and turned the vol up08:18
nipuLis it detected by the kernel?08:22
mwansanipuL, yep08:23
nipuLare you in the audio group?08:24
nipuLare your speakers plugged in?08:24
mwansaim running not sure if there any known problems with that and the sound driver..08:24
mwansayep speaker works on laptop08:24
mwansaand yea plugged in right place08:24
mwansacause when i boot of extra hdd (windows) sound work ohk08:25
nipuLhave you tried turning it off and on again?08:25
mwansayea done that a couple now...08:25
surroundernipuL: lol08:26
thrice`those are really the only steps; load modules, unmute channels, turn up volume..08:27
nipuLwhat are you using to play sound?08:27
mwansaill try bump to a newer kernel realese.. my last hope really08:29
pitillomwansa, can you upload a dmesg somewhere?08:29
nipuLor just paste "dmesg | grep -A1 ALSA"08:30
sependmesg | wgetpaste :)08:30
nipuLgrep -A1 will only produce 2 lines08:30
mwansa << full dmesg08:34
mwansathe latter didnt show anything08:34
mwansaerr nipuL's08:34
nipuLwell then you don't have a sound card or ar using OSS drivers08:35
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mwansanipuL, usually when using oss. wine complains about not detecting alsa and choses oss. in my case it choses alsa08:36
nipuLwell you clearely don't have any sound cards detected by alsa08:36
nipuLfirst make sure it's in lspci (could be faulty) then go back to your kernel configuration08:37
mwansaalsaconf detects the card and configures the appropriate card tho ?08:37
mwansayeap lspci | grep -i audio shows the card08:38
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mernilhi all! :-)09:07
mernilanyone with kde here?09:08
mernilor is it to elite? :-D09:09
nipuLkde is elite?09:10
mernilno.. but it's good enuff :-P09:10
mernili lost an entry in the "start menu" .. i need a screen shot so i can rebuild it manually.09:11
mernili do like gnome also .. but i prefer kde .. it seem so much hi-end technically09:12
mernilkde == windows, gnome == osx .. that's the vibes i get09:13
mernili was about to install dropline-gnome .. but the whole fucker is on +1Gb .. and i think that's somewhat much for a desktop environment.09:15
mernilto be honest, i'd rather install vista then :-P09:16
pitillomernil, do you have the update-menus command? (here I don't use kde but may be it's provided in kde installation) Not sure if it will fill your needs09:16
mernilpitillo: i dont' know, we'll see, thanks!09:16
rehabdollmernil: give something like fluxbox/blackbox/openbox a try09:17
sepenmaybe .desktop files on /usr/share/applications ?09:17
mernili like fluxbox! i suppose you are like me, you rotate between windows managers and such.09:18
mernilit's no big deal, it's just annoying to have lost it.09:20
merniland i only need a screenshot to restore it09:20
mernilpitillo: no such command09:20
mernilonly net-app i use is firefox anyways09:21
merniland pidgin09:21
merniland rtorrent09:21
thrice`is this crux ?09:21
mernilthrice`: why?09:22
rehabdollno im not, i only use fluxbox09:22
pitillomernil, sorry then. Can't help.09:23
mernilpitillo: no worries :-)09:23
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mernili think my bad foot is getting better .. i have not been able to walk since monday .. i dont know what was wrong .. on monday i couldn't stand on my left foot .. but now it's better09:24
pedjamernil: <---maybe something here can help?09:25
mernilpedja: thanks!09:26
pedjait was first hit on Google :)09:26
mernilaccording to my notes, april 20 last year my weight was 107.8 .. now it's 92 kg :-)09:30
mernilsorry.. but it feels like an achivement! :-P09:32
luxhmust feel great :)09:33
mernilwell.. yeah :-)09:33
mernilim aiming at 85 kg .. so .. only 7 kilos left09:35
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luxhbleh debian is complicated09:43
RyoS16:33:21 < luxh> must feel lighter :) <- fixed09:55
tilmanrehabdoll: completing directories is slow in zsh. i might write a little opendir/readdir/closedir benchmark later09:58
thrice`tilman: like, /usr/l<tab> ?10:04
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tilmanthrice`: exactly10:09
tilmanit takes almost a second to complete10:09
thrice`ah, weird.  I've only used zsh on slack, and dint' notice it there :(10:13
cruxbot[core.git]: man-pages: update to 3.0010:14
tilmanthrice`: it works well on a 32 bit crux system, too10:16
thrice`ah, on 64-bit ?10:18
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tilmanthrice`: yeah, i'm testing rehabdoll's image10:23
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thrice`I was considering doing the same, but didn't know it was available or complete10:24
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rehabdoll its pretty much instant here10:27
rehabdollalthough its a -march=native compile im currently testing10:27
tilmani'll recompile glibc tonight10:30
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tilmanfyi, the radeon driver (specifically, the atom stuff) needs ia32 emulation in the kernel10:45
tilmanbash's completion is instant :)10:51
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tilmanlogging out of zsh also takes ages11:42
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tilmannipuL: thanks for adopting so many of pf's ports \o/11:51
treachnow, who's volonteering for firefox? :P11:53
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* thrice` silently nominates treach 11:53
treachthrice`: sry, that's a no go for several reasons. :)11:54
tilmandidn't you have a firefox3 port in your blackmesa repo though?11:54
treachyeah. but it's out of date, and requires patching libpng etc, iirc.11:54
treachmh, apparently I removed it. :x11:56
rehabdollwtf til, sure about that?11:56
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rehabdollive not tried radeonhd for ages though11:56
mernilback! .. but.. i cant belive it! Some seabird skited on my hand :-O11:57
treachno swenglish please.11:57
mernili like birds, but i dont like guano on myself :-P11:57
tilmanrehabdoll: about the x86 emulation?11:58
tilmanyes, i am sure. and i'm using xf86-video-ati, not -radeonhd11:58
tilmani'm a trve r400 user ;)11:58
cruxbot[opt.git]: git: updated to
mernilhm.. what about the guano on my hand? Does it not matter att all? :-(12:00
Rotwangmernil: no, it does not12:00
Rotwangwe are faceing major crisis here12:00
treachlet's give the bird a medal12:00
Rotwangno one wants to tak ff3 :{12:00
tilmani guess we'll have firefox3 til sunday12:01
treachwhat about you? You're at least some kind of official maintainer. ;)12:01
mernili have firefox312:01
treachI've white socks12:01
mernilit's allreaddy official12:01
tilmanif someone can provide patches to opt/xulrunner and opt/firefox that would be appreciated of course12:02
mernilbut it sucks imo12:02
mernilyou cant adjust the dpi, like you could do12:02
pedjatilman: I have ports for both.If you want them, I'll mail them to you.12:02
mernilAnd that's makes mernil a dull boy12:03
tilmanpedja: please do :)12:03
mernilwoman likes dull boys btw! dont look at the cleveage .. and your half way in the vagina! (but dont quote me!)12:04
pedjatilman: only issue I had was that it will not use system libpng (wants apng extension to it) and sqlite(for which cptn has a patch on Flyspray, I think).12:05
cptnor we could use the included sqlite12:06
pedjathats how I built it12:06
cptnah, sorry, misread your previous sentence12:06
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mernilcptn: dont do it next time, buddy!12:07
pedjaI'll just need to check source link for xulrunner.12:07
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rehabdollhow sucky. emulation sucks12:09
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* tilman rebuilt glibc12:10
tilmanzsh still slooooow12:10
tilmani might have to debug it for real :x12:10
treachtilman: something wrong with your .zshrc?12:11
tilmandoubt it, it works nicely on 32bit systems12:13
rehabdoll.. or just use bash like normal people12:15
treach4.3.6 works just fine here on 64 bit12:15
tilmani'll nuke my config and try later12:16
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thrice`i'd guess new firefox will be out in a few days anyway12:21
rehabdollah, yeah.. thats pretty lulz12:22
tilmanwhat is?12:22
rehabdollthe security vulnerabilities12:23
tilmand'oh, that's fast12:25
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tilmancompinit is the bad guy12:50
treachkill init! :D12:50
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jesse_A firefox 3 vulnerability already? o_o13:13
jesse_Product QA does not have a high priority it seems. :/13:14
treachwell, browsers are pretty complex, and ff is a greater mess than most. :>13:16
jesse_Oh well, those concerns go away when you slap NEW NEW NEW, BRAND NEW FF in their face. :D13:18
thrice`a greatest mass that was also in testing for what, half a year?13:19
treachmurphys law. :>13:20
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tilmanrehabdoll: MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/firefox/elf-dynstr-gc13:21
tilmanrehabdoll: are you seeing that, too?13:21
jesse_treach: to say the least. :D13:21
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pedjatilman: i have sent you diffs for FF and xulrunner.Enjoy :)13:30
pedjaYou'll have to clean them up, but it's a start, right ;) ?13:32
tilmanyup :)13:32
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pedjatilman: I added /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9 to manually, you might whip up a postinstall script or, back to 'Dirty Jobs' :)13:41
tilmani'll have a look. probably tomorrow13:42
treachHmm. "Germany will play Miroslav Klose as a single striker in a 4-2-31 system" (
treachsounds like they're going for teh win, at least. ;)13:47
Rotwangyay for Mirek13:47
Rotwang37 german players13:47
Rotwangcant loose match13:47
treachheh, right. :)13:47
Rotwangbtw has anyone experienced "ugly" fonts in firefox or arora?13:48
Rotwangepiphany looks nice13:48
Rotwangit happened after i did full system rebuild13:49
pitillohave you checked rejmerge after the rebuild?13:53
Rotwangi couldnt rebuild epiphany, and font looks well13:54
Rotwangbut firefox and arora.....13:54
treachlesson learned; do not rebuild your system. :>13:55
tilmanlesson learned: fonts suck almost as bad as xkb13:55
treachRotwang: I heard opensuse 11 was released today btw. ;)13:56
Rotwangwhat it has to do with ugly fonts? ;]13:56
thrice`i've been using opensuse 11.0 :(13:56
treachRotwang: it pretty much just works, little chance for you to screw things up. :p13:57
treachone should probably stay away from the kde4 stuff though13:57
Rotwangheh ;]13:57
Rotwangi like crux because i can screw things up really badly, then do sysrebuild and screw it even worse13:58
treachI was just kidding anyway. :>13:58
Rotwangi know13:58
teKpitillo: I tested the port (and got it working), how 'bout the maintainer and packagers lines?14:03
teKif this issue is cleared I'll check it in :)14:03
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pitillolet the packager and put you in the maintaner no?14:04
rehabdolltil, yeah.. but thats the regular opt-problem14:06
rehabdolldiffrent footprints14:07
rehabdollwell, not limited to opt :)14:07
teKpitillo: okay14:09
tilmanmaybe i should set up another hilight14:10
pitilloI think is the way, I have no problem14:10
rehabdollhehe, sorry14:10
rehabdollim lazy14:10
tilmannp ;D14:10
tilmanomg, anyone watching the soccer match? o_O14:11
pitilloummm not here14:11
lennartnaa, just hearing the fans14:11
lennartsounds like 2:0 for germany :D14:11
tilmanoh shit14:12
rehabdollbah, football is for losers14:12
RyoSrehabdoll: no u?14:12
Rotwangis for real men14:13
rehabdollfuck russia btw14:13
tilmanger is pwning portgular worse than russia did own the swedes yesterday14:13
tilman:> :>14:13
* tilman waves in rehabdoll's general direction14:13
Rotwangthats becaouse youve got lot of poles in a team ;]14:14
RyoSnow that starts again14:14
Rotwangagain? ;]14:15
teKtilman \o/14:15
RyoSRotwang: again :P14:15
surroundertilman: nederland oh nederland, jij bent de kampioen! :P14:15
* surrounder runs14:15
RyoSschlaaaand D:14:16
rehabdoll<rehabdoll> btw, does radeonhd require ia32 emulation (for atombios) ?14:20
rehabdoll<agd5f> rehabdoll: no14:20
rehabdoll<agd5f> the interpretor runs natively14:20
rehabdollseems there are some issues with the xorg-server and x86_64 though14:21
rehabdoll(with radeonhd)14:21
tilmanagd5f told me -ati/radeon uses int10 (ie, it talks to the vbios)14:22
tilmanand it really seems that ia32 emulation is needed for that14:22
tilmanmakes sense,too, i guess14:22
rehabdollseems its a temporary limitation with xorg-server14:25
rehabdollphew.. now i only have to worry about FRA and how much sweden sucks at football14:26
tilmanfuck, gpg doesn't build with gcc 4.314:31
tilmanaha, the stasi lawe thing14:37
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treachFörsvarets Radio Anstalt.14:45
treachalmost rhymes with RIAA, wonder if that's a coincident. :<14:45
luxhthey'll get you14:45
treachGotta love the way some of their employees got outed in return. :>14:47
treachSSN, name, adress and in at least on case creditcard number. :>14:47
treachsee how the shoe fits on that foot. }:>14:48
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mernilhi all! :-)15:06
RyoSole ole ole15:06
mernilsometimes .. girls thinks they are worth more than a bag of ostbågar.. :-)15:07
mernilRyoS: no time for spaaaish here ;-)15:07
sepenmernil, this is not spanish15:08
sepenesto si que es15:08
treachno, it's norwegian15:08
treach@seen ole15:08
clbtreach: I have not seen ole.15:08
RyoSsepen: buenas tardes amigo15:08
sepenRyoS, nas loko15:08
sepen@seen hole15:08
clbsepen: I have not seen hole.15:08
Rotwang@seen haole15:09
clbRotwang: haole was last seen in #crux 5 weeks, 1 day, 14 hours, 9 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <haole> hey there... i get a lot of invalid encoding problems with my xfs partition under nautilus... what can i do to solve this on my crux?15:09
mernilsepen: what? ur giving me the fore eyee?15:09
sepenmernil, I'm spanish but not Ryos15:09
mernilsepen: okay,, i wíll only do wooddoo on your genitals then..15:10
mernilA promise cant be taken back .. sorry! :-/15:11
sepenyou're welcome15:11
mernilno.. i hope sepen will live long with a nice wife and kids. No woodoo for him (at this moment)15:13
mernilim not even a negro.. im al white :-P15:13
DarkNekrossepen, your bolocks are in danger xDD15:14
mernilDarkNekros: behave or i will send  you a . evil thingie :-)15:15
DarkNekrosmernil, I have already  one under my bed :D15:15
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jesse_treach: what was this FRA and outed employees episode about you mentioned earlier?15:19
jesse_Ah, illegal surveillance, found something.15:19
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jesse_I'm actually surprised the other hot topic concerning the data and communication spying act passed in .se15:24
jesse_Remeber kids, national security and perceived safety are more valuable than your so-called rights.15:24
luxhof course ;)15:25
jesse_I'm telling you, whoever gets to "monitor" has to have severe peepin' tom qualities in their personality. :D15:26
jesse_Legalized voyeurism, but it's for your own good!! zomg!15:27
jesse_I wonder how long it will be before Finland implements something similar.15:27
jesse_They tend to copy everything .se does.15:27
jesse_Yet they hate and envy them haha.15:27
luxhi think much of finland's internetz pass through sweden15:28
*** luxh has quit IRC15:29
jesse_If they really expect the recently approved legislation will be effective, they will really need some massive resources in their security apparatus.15:29
RyoSYES! \o/15:37
rehabdollpure luck15:38
RyoSno u?15:38
rehabdoll <- gnupg15:39
sepenI was wrong :)15:43
treachjesse_: the people strike back. :>15:45
treachI really, really, really hope our corrupted politicians/FRA employees find out that payback is a bitch. :>15:46
treachand a dosis of their own medicine sounds just about right. :)15:46
jesse_Too bad Nikita Fougantine didn't make it over there. :p15:49
jesse_Give him a few addresses, see what happens rofl15:49
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jesse_Would be much more effective to place him on the real policy makers though.15:59
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treachI don't think killing them is needed. Let's just kick them out of society. No electricity, no water, the bank revoking their loans etc. That would be nice.16:04
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rehabdoll.... and goodnight19:22
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mernilhi all! :-)20:26
mernilfucko.. i just woke up :-| 03:00 am20:27
mernilanyone awake?20:27
mernili have something to confesss20:28
*** mernil has left #crux20:28
thrice`i *really* wanted to know what it was :(20:32
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