IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2008-06-20

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pitillogood morning01:10
teKare you using cacti with rrdtool 1.3.0.?01:13
pitilloteK, no, was impossible here... I had problems with fonts (square fonts)01:18
pitilloteK, have you tried it?01:19
teKbut it says for all graphs: current: nan maximum: nan etc.01:20
teKi.e. the graphs are created but the snmp-tool (I told cacti to use snmp, daemon is running / allowing connections / snmpwalk works) seems to get no results01:21
teKcacti itself complains about rrdtool's version as it only has drop down entries for v 1.2.x and 1.0.x, iirc01:22
pitilloummm interesting01:26
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pitilloI had my cacti DB up, and the graphs were working without problems, but the fonts (the nan max...) were all squares01:27
teKI thought I read about something that got fixed, regarding fonts, in 1.3.001:29
teKyou didn't tyr 1.3.0, did you?01:30
pitilloummm I haven't spend time in trying to look for a fix really... I removed the 1.3.0 and go backwards to the old version01:30
pitilloyes, I tried the 1.3.0 but without looking for a fix01:30
pitilloteK, do you have near info about how to solve the fonts problem? I can make a test here01:37
teKso 1.3.0 did not work, too, right?01:43
teKregarding your font-problem01:43
pitilloyes yes, I have the font problem only with 1.3.0. Going backwards to rrdtools 1.2.27 was solved01:45
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pitilloteK, I was talking with romster and told me to install  x11-fonts-dejavu port, in my case seems to solve the font problem01:59
pitilloteK, what do you think about adding that new dep to cacti?02:00
teKi'll check at home, if I got it installed02:05
teKif yes, I'll add it :-)02:05
teKbut prolly it's the solution..02:05
pitilloummm I am talking with romster and he is suggesting to add it to rrdtool02:05
teKtell him to fucking join #crux or i gonna eat his skinz alive02:05
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pitilloteK, well, we finally think that if it's only related to cacti, that port might be in cacti's deps, better than in rrdtool02:11
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teKone can always move it to rrdtool if the problem persits02:25
teKso I'll opt for adding it to cacti02:25
pitilloyes, I think it's directly related to cacti02:26
pitilloif someone find problems with rrdtool and graphfs with dejavu fonts, we can always move the dep down to rrd02:26
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thrice`where is this pure64 iso located ?07:08
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Rotwanganyone else expetirnced something similar with udev?07:10
thrice`Rotwang: where is your 64-bit iso ?  is it publicly available ?07:11
thrice`no :(  that's an odd-looking boot sequence too.  is that custom ?07:12
mwansaRotwang, nice init script :]07:12
Rotwangthrice`:i dont have 64 biit iso07:13
Rotwangits custom initscript07:13
Rotwanganyway i cant setup my printer correctly, and i think its related to this udev warning07:15
pitilloRotwang, do you have an udev rule searching for the lp user instead of lp group?07:15
Rotwangi donno07:15
Rotwangi havent touched udev07:15
pitillogrep -R lp /etc/udev/*07:16
pitilloand take a look if you see other than GROUP="lp"07:16
pitilloremove the OWNER07:18
pitilloI think it tries to look for a lp user07:18
Rotwangso, just remove it?07:18
Rotwangor change to root or sth07:19
pitilloummm I think if I were you I would try to remove it and let the group only07:19
pitillobtw, I am not so good with udev07:19
pitilloput root in owner if you feel so, at least that user exists07:19
Rotwanghmm, k07:20
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Rotwangpitillo: thanks warning is gone07:24
Rotwangill mess with my printer later07:24
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tilmanhehe sepen07:45
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thrice`rehabdoll: thanks :)  and I can expect no flash or binary stuff to work ?08:03
rehabdolljust symlink /lib to /lib64 and most 64bit bin-only crap will work08:04
thrice`what do you use for flash?  nswrapperplugin ?08:06
rehabdollnswrapperplugin requires 32bit libs, iirc08:07
thrice`ah, appears so.  and what for openoffice?08:11
aonOOo builds in x86_64, right?08:16
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tilmanthey don't offer x86_64 binaries?08:18
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aonno idea08:20
sepentilman, ?08:29
tilmanasking to move the crux64 off the crux-devel list :D08:30
sepenbad idea?08:30
tilmanno, it's probably the right thing to do08:30
sepenyeah, to have a history08:30
sepenonly I see nipuL posts08:31
thrice`speaking of, is down ?08:31
tilmanworks for me08:31
sepenmee to08:31
Rotwangfor me too08:31
sepen*me too08:31
sepenthrice`, are you tracerouting it?08:31
Rotwangthere were crux x86_64 available earlier08:32
Rotwangso what happened?08:32
Rotwangwhyyou stopped?08:33
Rotwang 2005-04-26: CRUX 2.1 for i486, i586 and x86_6408:33
cruxbot[contrib.git]: virtualbox: Updated 1.6.0 -> 1.6.208:33
tilmanRotwang: it wasn't official anyway ;)08:34
Rotwangah, k08:34
thrice`yeah, i'm not finding much on the 64-bit OpenOffice front :(08:35
jesse_thrice`: it doesn't seem promising.08:42
jesse_The source might compile but it's a heavy compile heh.08:47
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mxqcould someone give link to latest 64 bit iso?09:04
mwansamxq, i think its <<09:05
mxqplease 8]09:05
mxqmwansa: thanks, danke, dziękuje09:06
mxqits time to make use of my em64t capable processor09:06
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roliveirawhat is the eta for the next release?09:19
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RedShiftroliveira: when it's ready09:36
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roliveiraRedShift, great info you got there09:41
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Rotwangrehabdoll: great work11:15
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thrice`roliveira: that's because there aren't time frames.  when enough tool chain stuff has changed that it makes sense to make a release, it will happen :)11:16
Rotwangrehabdoll: but please tell me wtf my outdated teewars port is doing in x86_64 ;]11:16
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rehabdolli wanted to play :)11:32
Rotwangits seriously outdated atm ;]11:32
rehabdollyeah, i wanted to play a few months ago :)11:32
rehabdollhavent touched it yet11:32
mwansahmm didnt realise source for qt4 was 94mb Oo <<11:33
mwansaim guessing theres alot of junk packed in there11:33
Rotwangit seems im going to stay with crux64 :p11:34
thrice`I too will try this weekend11:35
thrice`but that means I have to make a new kernel config for my thinkpad :(  I havent' had to do that in years11:36
Rotwangmaybe its placebo but i feel like compilation is bit faster11:36
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mernilhi all! :-)12:38
mernileverybody is celebrating midsummer .. except me .. im not invited12:39
mernilwhere the hell is my c-4 :-P12:39
mernilc-4 is an explosive for you youngsters12:40
mernilbut leave it to the experts12:40
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RyoS*rolls eyes*12:56
tilmanrehabdoll: i fixed zsh :)
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cruxbot[core.git]: hdparm: updated to 8.9.14:04
cruxbot[core.git]: nasm: updated to
cruxbot[core.git]: iptables: updated to
tilmanah :)14:05
rehabdollbtw, does iptables compile for you on 64bit?14:11
rehabdoll.. unless you keep the headers the port removes..14:12
tilmandidn't try yet14:12
tilmani'll look into that tomorrow or sunday14:12
tilmani'd like to update xulrunner/firefox first14:12
thrice`hm, anyone know a good little battery-monitoring app ?14:15
tilmanpedja sent me his diffs, so the updates shouldn't be that much work for me \o/14:15
tilmanthrice`: i'm using conky14:15
thrice`ah - wasn't aware that could do it.  thanks14:16
tilman${color}Battery: ${battery C1AC}, time left ${battery_time C1AC}14:16
tilmanyou'll have to s/C1AC/yourbatteryname/ though ;)14:16
cruxbot[core.git]: e2fsprogs: updated to
tilmanrehabdoll: XT_SO_GET_REVISION_MATCH undeclared? :)14:25
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mugwort13is there a port for a fglrx (legacy) driver ?  (NOT the catalyst, I need version 8.28.8)14:54
mugwort13or better yet, is there a backport for Xorg 7.0?14:58
tilmanno to the latter14:59
tilmanmugwort13: you could email sepen, who maintains the ati/fglrx port. maybe he can send you a port for the legacy driver14:59
mugwort13tilman: thanks15:00
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tilmanrehabdoll: what's with the bumped revision for 'ports'? what changes did you do?15:07
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mernilhi all! :-)15:12
mernili feel lonely . i need a (girl)friend15:13
surrounderor just more booze! o//15:13
thrice`you're looking in the wrong place15:13
mernilthrice`: what's ur major malfunction?15:14
mernilhow old are you, u seem so stupid i cant even relate to it15:14
thrice`thanks, I think15:15
tilmanmernil: behave15:15
merniltilman: okay15:15
RyoS*rolls eyes*15:15
* surrounder loves his new toy15:16
surrounderhp jornada 680 with jlime :)15:16
surrounderworks really nice :)15:16
mernilsend a pic`with you spreading wide!15:16
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mernilno.. dont! im just sad and lonley.15:17
mernilohh.. i installed an app yestderdaay, called "trash" .. everything goes into the trashcan when you delete stuff from the command line.15:20
mernilsomewhat neat really!15:21
mernilgood for people like me who dont use their brains :-P15:21
mernilI do use my brain .. but not for deleting files...15:22
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mernilhi treach15:26
merniltreach: how's the go going?15:26
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jshm. since I did prt-get sysup, my gnome mime database is totally fucked up (doesn't now a single type, even after using open with it instantly forgets it again). any idea? I already re-run all post-install scripts in /usr/ports/gnome and rm'd .local/share/mime.15:28
rehabdolltilman: just added the x86_64 repo15:28
mernilanal sex, stop with that! it says in the README15:29
thrice`hm, is the FF3 repo not on portdb ?15:29
mernilstupid of me, i appology! :-/15:29
tilmanjs: try opt/shared-mime-info's post-install15:29
jsalready tried that, too15:29
tilmanrehabdoll: ok15:29
jsI really got no idea left15:30
jsI once had that when I updated gnome15:30
jsand tried for days till I got it fixed15:30
jsbut unfortunately forgot what I did15:30
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jsThere is no application installed for this file type <- this is what I get for every file, even if I just used open with before or set an application in the properties15:32
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jsha, downgrading shared-mime-info fixed it15:36
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jsI also have a ff3 port in my repo ;)15:38
thrice`treach: ah, ok, thanks :)  I still use a binary port, but wanted to try the new xulrunner stuff15:39
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jstilman: is it possible that shared-mime-info 0.40 is broken as in it doesn't work for gnome/nautilus?16:06
jswith 0.30, it just works fine for me16:06
jsI downgraded and everything worked fine again16:06
tilmananything's possible ;)16:22
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* mernil goes into the grove.. listning on "me an bobby mcgee" .. smoking stuff and chilling out :-) 16:55
mernili do however dont promote narcotics!16:56
mernilme gets a rush on coffee ffs :-P16:56
mernili therby promote coffee!16:57
mernilpreferably from cuba.. that's the best coffee ive been told!16:58
mernilI have smoked them cubans.. not drank them yet.16:59
cruxbot[opt.git]: zsh: removed zsh-secure-free option17:01
* mernil is in love :-|17:02
mernilforget it17:03
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mernilshe is from africa, but so very cute :-)17:04
mernilroliveira: hello my friend!17:04
mernili dont think my familly would stand a black girlfriend. Sorry as it may sound :-/17:05
jstilman: maybe you could ask other users if they have the same problem? if so, we know it's 0.40 and not my fault ;)17:07
thrice`I'd email jaeger about it17:08
tilmanthrice`: does it work for you?17:09
thrice`psh, I dropped the gnome habit awhile back17:09
* mernil goes in an makes a submission grip on thrice`17:09
tilmanoh, ok17:09
thrice`you convinced me of openbox's superiority17:09
* mernil let loose!17:10
tilman\o/ :D17:10
thrice`though, not sure it makes sense for my new laptop17:12
mernildont brag about ur money17:12
mernilthrice`: you know what i mean17:13
thrice`actually, I must admit to never really knowing what you're saying :(17:13
mernilkeep ur fucking lappie to urself17:13
tilmanhow about not attacking people for no reason?17:15
mernilthrice`: most retards dont understant what i'm saying!17:15
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman17:15
thrice`right; sorry if I offended you in some fashion17:15
*** thrice` has left #crux17:15
*** tilman sets mode: +b *!*n=mernil@*.kund.kommunicera.umea.se17:15
*** mernil was kicked by tilman (tilman)17:15
treachheh, /ignore ftw. :>17:16
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treachrehabdoll: btw, java works on 64bit. All you have to do is get the rigth file, and create a symlink from /lib64 to /lib :)18:09
thrice`treach: are you using his iso ?18:10
Rotwanghmm, i cant compile few things x|18:10
treachthrice`: yes.18:10
treachworks pretty well so far18:10
Rotwanganyone experienced compiling glibc from x86_64 repo?18:10
thrice`ah, good :)  just working out my kernel config18:11
thrice`tilman has iirc18:11
treachgood luck. :)18:11
tilmanyes, it worked18:11
Rotwangexperienced broken compilation*18:11
treachthrice`: not sure if you hit that problem, but I had to change that adress where the kernel gets loaded to 200000 rather than 10000018:12
thrice`treach: in kernel config?18:12
thrice`I have slackware installed on this lappy at the moment.  gonna get a working config before booting the iso18:12
tilmanthat's only necessary if you enable the 'detailed config for small/embedded systems' config option though18:13
treachotherwise I'd just get some error about something having to be a mulitple of 2MB when I tried to build the kernel.18:13
tilmanand a wrong address will result in a non-buildable kernel, so it's easily spotted18:13
treachtilman: sure, all you have to know is what the heck that error means. :P18:13
tilmanwasn't that hard to figure out ;p18:14
treachI'm dog tired right now btw, so don't expect too much from me. :>18:14
Rotwangyou dont need to escape new lines inside arrays in bash ;]18:22
Rotwangit looks ugly18:23
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tilman../../src/IDocumentLink.h:36: error: multiple parameters named 'y1'18:27
tilmang++ sucks18:29
treacha bit like this one.18:29
treachfile_list_iterator.h: In member function 'uint32_t torrent::FileListIterator::depth() const':18:29
treachfile_list_iterator.h:64: error: 'abs' is not a member of 'std18:29
treachIt used to build on 32 bit, but now this is what it has to say.. \o/18:30
tilmantry to #include <cmath>18:32
Rotwangrehabdoll: btw, arch variable in the pkgmk.conf is needed, im not sure if it was dicussed before18:34
treachtilman: ok, it went a little bit further, now it dies on "file_list_iterator.h: In member function 'uint32_t torrent::FileListIterator::depth() const':18:37
treachfile_list_iterator.h:64: error: call of overloaded 'abs(const int32_t&)' is ambiguous18:37
treachinstead. :D18:37
tilmanthen include <cstdlib> isntead18:38
Bear5Hey, I just wanted to tell you all that I appreciate Crux!18:38
* tilman realizes he made devtodo include stdlib.h, oh well18:39
tilmanBear5: :)18:39
RotwangBer5: we appreciate that you appreciate crux18:39
Bear5Why thank you heh18:40
treachtilman: Ok, thank you. I think I'm giving up for the moment. Apparently libtorrent isn't something you just fix up. :>18:42
treach./../data/chunk_list.h:62: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'type name' with no type18:42
treach./../data/chunk_list.h:62: error: template argument 3 is invalid18:42
thrice`treach: which app ?18:43
tilmanno immediate idea on that;)18:43
treachassociated with rtorrent18:43
treachtilman: no problem. I guess I should file a bug about it, when I find the time/energy. :)18:44
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tilmanmmh, apparently poppler works even without t1lib and ghostscript18:45
*** js has left #crux18:48
*** Rotwang has joined #crux18:48
thrice`treach: apply gentoo's gcc-4.3 patch ?18:49
treachthrice`: I'll give it a shot later. I've been busy pretty much all day, and it's almost 2am here. Thanks for the tip though.18:50
thrice`ah, ok.  just saw it in their ebuild.  anyway, bbiab...gonna go give this a whirl :)18:50
treachgood luck18:50
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thrice`ok, I don't get it19:04
thrice`I go into setup, choose packages; it says "calculating deps," and then brings up an "Abort Installation?" prompt19:05
treachI just installed the "core" stuff19:05
thrice`huh, guess i'll experiment a little more.  curious if anyone else saw that19:06
treachNot I, at least.19:06
thrice`core worked19:08
thrice`thanks treach19:08
treachnp, now, have fun! :D19:08
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Bear5may I ask a question?19:36
Rotwangor shoot :\19:37
Bear5How can I download and install all of the packages in the xfce collection at once?19:40
sepenBear5, prt-get readme xfce419:41
treachBear5: before doing anything, a through reading of the "prt-get" man-page is highly recommended. Lots of good stuff there.19:44
sepenprt-get install $(prt-get quickdep xfce4) should do the trick19:45
treachsepen: let him read the manpage himself.19:45
sepenbut for the entire repo you need something more to add19:45
sepentreach, just an advice19:46
Bear5I did read the man page man19:46
sepenBear5, so read the README file in ports19:46
Bear5Im not going to ask something thats obvious to me19:46
treachBear5: I didn't say you hadn't read it. I'm just telling you that it's a good idea to take a good look at it.19:47
RotwangBear5: if you want to install whole xfce repo, id cd to the /usr/ports/xfce19:49
Rotwangand then prt-get depinst *19:49
Bear5I got it installed now. I did "prt-get quickdep xfce4" and then "prt-get install xfce4"19:51
Bear5Thanks for the help guys!19:52
sepenBear5, I recommend you xfburn19:52
sepennice app19:52
sepenBear5, I'm maintaining the xfce repo, if you find something odd or whatever tell me please19:53
mwansasepen, btw your opera port gives "ERROR: object '' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored" errors19:59
Rotwangthis one is so sad :{19:59
mwansaif i didnt know any better i would say i require the java SDK19:59
treachmwansa: get the jre then. :>19:59
sepenmwansa, hmm thank I'll see20:00
sepenmwansa, opera? isn't mine20:01
mwansalol... thought you were simone rota ?20:02
Rotwangmwansa ^20:02
sepenmwansa, Im Jose V20:02
Rotwangbut it seems he's not very active atm20:02
sepenmwansa, put a ticket in FS20:03
mwansasepen, eh what ya mean ?20:04
Rotwangto report a bug20:05
treachfs is probably the best way to reach sip20:05
Rotwang   <-- here20:05
sepenimho you should add a new ticket in the bug tracker (FS)20:05
treach(Fly Spray)20:05
sepenFly Sip20:06
mwansaohk. ill mangle with it for a while and if i fail at it, ill report20:06
mwansalol <<20:06
treachsepen: haha, looks like it. (fly = escape in swedish. :p )20:06
sepensmoke 'n fly20:08
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nipuLahh!! gross!!20:38
nipuLi pulled off the hard drive cover on this laptop and there's a pube in there20:38
thrice`hm, this libtool is very outdated :(  wonder why20:42
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