IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-06-21

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spaceninjamknod /dev/null c 2 201:08
spaceninjawhat does this command actually do?01:08
spaceninjait's from the SFTP server guide01:09
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treachhmm. viper is listed as a contrib developer in FS, but he is the maintainer for gnupg which is in opt.02:57
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treachpredatorfreak: btw, I noticed your "notice-of-I'm-getting-outta-here" mail. For how long are you going to keep for instance the firefox3 repo floating?03:45
predatorfreaktreach: That's one of my personal repos.03:46
predatorfreakSo as long as I disagree with how firefox is maintained in opt.03:46
predatorfreakAlthough no-one seems willing to touch firefox just yet hehe03:47
treachk, I wasn't sure you were going to keep using anything even remotely compatible to crux, so I figured I'd better ask03:47
predatorfreaktreach: pkgutils-ng isn't done yet <<03:48
treach"00:11:01 <nipuL> the firefox port is cursed, no one will want to touch it" :>03:49
predatorfreaktreach: Seems to be holding true03:49
treachafaik, everyone who has maintained it has retired. :>03:49
treachpli, jaeger, you..03:50
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treachnot sure if I'm missing anyone. :)03:50
predatorfreakhehe, it's because Mozilla applications always do things "their way or the highway"03:51
treachmmh, awesomebar :/03:51
predatorfreakFuck that thing03:51
predatorfreakI disabled it CENTURIES ago.03:52
treachdamn, the entire idea is retarded.03:52
predatorfreakI agree03:52
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treachbtw, did you get the patches for ff3 in?03:53
predatorfreakWhich ones? <<03:54
treachI think there's a patch for it, but I'm not sure03:55
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predatorfreakMozilla don't tend to publish patches..03:56
predatorfreakthey just wait and push a point release03:56
treachmmh. ok.03:56
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treachI got 3.0.1 for my opensuse installation yesterday, so I got the impression there were some patch out. I guess it's not an official one though.04:00
predatorfreakWell, maybe it is.04:03
* predatorfreak checks mozilla04:03
predatorfreakI don't see 3.0.1 on their FTP yet04:04
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treachpresumeably it'll show up sooner or later. :>04:09
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triwhat is about a update for the firefox port ?04:35
spaceninjaso I should be using prt-get?04:36
tilmantri: yes, it's about to happen :]04:36
treachtilman: FS is a bit confused/confused about viper. :]04:37
treachhe's listed as a contrib maintainer, but he's responsible for gnupg which is in opt04:37
tilmanlet's fix that04:38
tilmantreach: huh, does #305 apply to crux 2.4 really? ie gcc 4.2.4?04:38
treachehmm, I guess not. :]04:39
tilmani'll try it04:39
tilmani have a patched port in opt-x86_64.git fwiw ;)04:39
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tilman=======> Building '/tmp/gnupg#2.0.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.04:43
tilmani'm closing your bug04:43
treachfine. My brain wasn't quite on, I think04:44
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tilmantreach: where is viper listed as a contrib maintainer?04:48
treachin fly spray when you chose who you want to assign the bug to.04:49
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tilmantreach: okay, i think i found it04:52
treachok :)04:52
tilmanthere's 'global groups' and 'project groups'04:53
tilmanprojects being {crux, crux-contrib}04:53
tilmanetc etc ;)04:53
treachnice. maximum confusion. :)04:54
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* spaceninja is looking for a crux vs openbsd fight review :)05:28
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teKopenbsd is more secure of course05:28
teKthough being dead05:29
teKas *BSD died a looong time ago05:29
tilmanopenbsd developers are slightly more arrogant and aggressive than crux developers05:29
Rotwangbtw. obsd is for paranoic people ;]05:29
tilmansure, see theo :p05:30
spaceninjabut I want something that is easy to configure into a ftp ssh apache mysql php server05:31
teKset ironic tags yourself, yes?05:31
tilmani wonder whether i made a typo somewhere05:32
spaceninjablah, hate compiling kernels..05:33
RyoS12:29:25 <@tilman> openbsd developers are slightly more arrogant and aggressive than crux developers <- oh rly? :P05:35
RyoSjust kidding :p i liked openbsd some years ago05:35
RyoSnow i use netbsd for my former openbsd box05:35
jesse_Openbsd is uptight and determined to follow certain principles.05:38
jesse_Not too different from crux now is it? This distribution is based around the kiss principle but not as militant because this is a hobbyist distribution. :p05:41
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spaceninjaRyoS: which are crux's advantages over openbsd and netbsd?05:45
spaceninjahmm, I don't have a eth005:45
tilmanit uses linux? :D05:45
spaceninjathat's one05:46
Rotwangit has better logo05:46
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RyoSspaceninja: i use crux for desktop05:46
RyoSnetbsd for server05:46
treachsimpler package management05:46
spaceninjawhy netbsd over openbsd?05:46
RyoSRotwang: NetBSD logos are sexy :P05:46
RyoSpkgsrc, kernel - like those things better on netbsd05:46
RyoSgimme a beer before i have to answer more questions ;o05:47
treachpff. pkgsrc is a total beast05:47
spaceninjaso openbsd has a binary packages?05:47
RyoStreach: i love it <305:47
RyoSnetbsd has binary packages too05:47
spaceninjaRyoS: what's your reaction on using crux as a server?05:47
RyoSi am just one though :p05:48
RyoSask around05:48
treachthere are quite a few who use it on servers05:48
spaceninjabut the documentation is poor, I can't find a ssh setup guide for crux05:48
RyoSssh guide? :O05:49
treachit's not really needed you know..05:49
predatorfreakspaceninja: prt-get depinst openssh05:49
predatorfreak/etc/rc.d/sshd start05:49
tilmani think the handbook's appendix had a paragraph on ssh05:49
treachutterly complicated. :>05:49
predatorfreakIf you've setup ssh before, it's easy.05:50
treachin fact, it's so simple,it's almost difficult. :)05:50
treach"What, was that ALL?"05:50
spaceninjabut still, I don't have a eth0 device so I can't do anything05:50
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predatorfreakConfigure in the right driver?05:51
spaceninjamy network card is integrated in the mobo05:51
predatorfreakDoesn't matter.05:51
spaceninjado I have to load the module?05:51
predatorfreak... duh?05:51
treachspaceninja: if you haven't, you should really build your own kernel05:51
treachspaceninja: yes..05:52
* predatorfreak smacks spaceninja05:52
predatorfreakYou've been using Ubuntu, haven't you?05:52
spaceninjaI have built it. Isn't that the only way you can do it?05:52
spaceninjaarchlinux :)05:52
treachI heard mindreading won't appear until windows 7 at least.05:52
predatorfreakArch just do fancy shittons of udev-crap05:52
predatorfreakand automagical hotplugging.05:52
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spaceninjayes, sounds nice05:52
predatorfreakWe do the hotplugging via udev.05:52
predatorfreakPersonally I hate hotplugging now05:53
treachspaceninja: I suggest you put the driver in the kernel next time and not as a module.05:53
predatorfreakI'd rather just make my own rc.modules and be done with it.05:53
treachless hassle that way05:53
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spaceninjabut can't I recompile the kernel?05:53
spaceninjaHow do I reset the src kernel?05:53
tilmaneh? ._o05:53
* predatorfreak headdesks05:53
treachno, you DON'T reset the source..05:53
spaceninjaI can just modify it?05:54
spaceninjamake all make modules_install05:54
predatorfreakEdit the config, make, make modules_install.05:54
predatorfreakCopy shit over and reboot.05:54
predatorfreak(plus or minus lilo stuff)05:54
treachkind of critical. :>05:54
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* RyoS is laughing out loud05:54
* Rotwang is loling05:55
predatorfreakAt times I'm glad the first thing I learnt to do with Slackware was build my own kernel <<05:55
predatorfreak'cuz, let's face it, the Slackware kernel packages suck ;)05:55
treachmmh, those were the days...05:55
treachnot that the redhat, or caldera kernel packages were much better back then. :)05:56
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predatorfreaktreach: pfft, I still haven't seen a distro-packaged kernel that doesn't suck.05:56
predatorfreakI don't care what distro I'm on, the first thing I do is replace distro kernels <<05:57
jesse_Those generic kernels usually work, but you do sort of feel it is dragging everything down with all of the modules built and so forth.06:00
predatorfreakjesse_: Irk, I've had the unfortunate pleasure of having a distro kernel with so many patches applied it crashed <<06:02
predatorfreakApparently they fixed every bug except the ones they introduced..06:02
jesse_oops. :D06:03
jesse_"We've fixed it all, chief!"06:03
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Rotwangeverything works!06:03
jesse_(added a few surprises too!)06:03
spaceninjaI'm getting alot of "clock scew detected" when I'm compiling the kernel06:06
spaceninjasome kind of error06:06
spaceninjashould I be worried?06:07
tilmanfirst hit on google06:07
tilmanbut i confused you with some german :p06:07
Rotwanggoogle translate ;]06:08
tilmanspaceninja: anyway, you should abort the build, touch all of the files, then build again06:08
predatorfreakspaceninja: Also.06:08
tilmanfind -type f |xargs touch06:08
predatorfreakcheck your damn timezone settings06:08
predatorfreakand make sure your clock is accurate <<06:08
predatorfreakOften the most common reason for that shit is an improperly configured clock, which is reporting the wrong time.06:09
spaceninjaah there is no /lib/modules folder06:16
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spaceninjawhy isn't there a modules folder anyway?06:25
spaceninjaI made a make modules_install06:25
tilmanwhat system are you talking about?06:25
tilmanare you just installing it?06:25
spaceninjayes, I just follow the guide06:25
spaceninjamake menuconfig06:25
spaceninjathen make all06:25
spaceninjamake modules_install06:25
tilman /lib/modules is created by the 'filesystem' package06:26
RyoSyou know that you can configure something with menuconfig? :D06:26
RyoSthat coffee is delicious O:06:26
spaceninjawell I get an error when the boot is done that there is no modules folder06:26
RyoSi like holland coffee06:26
spaceninjaI like holland weed06:26
RyoSthought so!06:27
spaceninjabut that's another topic06:27
RyoSno support for you!06:27
spaceninjaI'm kidding06:27
RyoSme too06:27
spaceninjaah great :)06:27
RyoSmake modules_install installs the modules to /lib/modules06:27
RyoSthere is no wai that it doesnt06:27
tilmanspaceninja: so does /lib/modules exist or not?06:29
tilmani can imagine that /lib/modules/kernelversionhere/... doesn't exist and that's what the kernel complains about06:29
RyoSls -la /lib/modules kthx06:29
spaceninjanow I know what the problem is06:34
spaceninjaThe boot scripts want to find modules in /lib/modules/2.6*-6 or something, but I have a /lib/modules2.6*-[9]06:34
spaceninjadid you get my messages?06:34
spaceninjamy tp cable was out06:34
spaceninja The boot scripts wants to find modules in /lib/modules/2.6*-6 or something, but I have a /lib/modules2.6*-[9]06:34
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RyoSdont know what you mean06:36
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spaceninjait does exist06:36
spaceninjaI just read it wrong06:37
spaceninjathe kernel version folder is wrong06:37
spaceninjais the last number06:37
tilmandid you also copy the kernel image that you built?06:37
tilmanare you sure? :P06:37
spaceninjaI'm reinstalling everything06:38
tilman(make install does it for lilo, or cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/etc)06:38
RyoSformat c:\06:38
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: updated to 1.9.06:46
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: updated to 3.0.06:46
tilmanpedja: thanks again for the patches :)06:46
pedjanp :)06:46
cruxbot[opt.git]: xulrunner: updated .md5sum for mozconfig change.06:47
tilmanthat's a bad omen ;)06:47
pedjait was fun :)06:47
tilmanpedja: i decided to point xulrunner to the firefox tarball, so you don't have to download the same 40MB tarball twice06:47
Rotwangnew ff06:47
tilmanwhen they diverge xulrunner will need to be adjusted ofc06:48
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pedjai tried to make xulrunner from ff source, but couldn't do it.I must have fscked something up with mozconfig.06:49
pedjatilman: great work :)06:50
tilmani just changed the url06:50
tilmanit was all you ;p06:50
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pedjafirefox was easy compared to squeezecenter for which I want t make port next.06:51
* treach is playing with sunbird. Not much fun either. :/06:54
treach"/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output"06:54
* treach orders section to shower and buy new clothes06:55
tilmanpedja: is squeezecenter something like apples airplay?06:55
pedjalike darwin streaming server06:56
pedjalogitech made it open source while back06:56
tilmanah i see06:56
sepenwho's Pedrag Ivanovic?06:57
tilmanpedja of course06:57
sepenO_o and he has opt permissions06:58
pedjasepen: that would be me06:58
tilmansepen: no he doesn't06:58
tilmanauthor: pedja, commmiter: me06:59
tilmangit show --pretty=full 9d9dd08b23a49c9c1de7f396ed31cf0305d365ce07:00
pedjaI would not trust me with opt permissions.'here, take this really big gun and play with it.what's the worst that can happen'?07:08
tilmanunfortunately, gcc 4.3 seems to be having issues with the xulrunner source :|07:08
tilmantilman@brimstone [../js/src] > wc -l jsinterp.c07:10
tilman6981 jsinterp.c07:10
tilmantilman@brimstone [../js/src] >07:10
tilmanwoo, it took 5 minutes to build the bastard, but there it is :p07:14
pedjagentoo has gcc-4.3 patch for xulrunner-, you might want to check it out.or wait till they patch xulrunner-1.9 and use that ;)07:14
tilmanlet's see whether more errors show up07:14
pedjahas anyone tried building mplayerplug-in against xulrunner?07:18
pedjagecko is subset of xulrunner, so now mplayerplug-in depends on it, right?07:20
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tilmani guess so07:21
mike_ktilman: seems crux-devel mailing list url is not advertised on the site. It could be tricky for someone to follow the development.07:25
sepentilman, commited by: pedja ->
sepen9c10..0e40 committed by Predrag Ivanovic: firefox: updated to 3.0.07:26
tilmansepen: dude...07:26
tilmanwhy don't you believe me? wtf?07:26
tilmanwhy would i lie to you? O_o07:26
sepenyeah I believe you, what the Timeline shows taht07:26
sepen*that, not?¿07:26
sepenjust I mean that Timeline has something odd07:27
tilmanyes, the timeline is being a bit sloppy07:27
sepennot your fault, :)07:27
tilmanthe case that author!=committer is very rare in our ports trees (and also non-ports git repos :D)07:27
sepenbut why you attack me when I trying to report odd things?07:28
sepenjust I try to help07:28
tilmansepen: i thought you wanted to prove me wrong07:28
tilmansorry 'bout that07:28
sepenok sorry too07:28
Rotwangsomeone tried to build ati with gcc 4.3?07:29
sepenit fails?07:29
tilmanmike_k: i'll fix that07:29
mike_ktilman: and maybe adding crux64 nearby is a good idea now. thanks.07:29
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn07:30
Rotwangsepen im not sure07:30
tilman should probably be nuked07:30
Rotwangif it is because of kernel07:30
Rotwangor gcc 4.3 or 64 bit system07:30
sepenRotwang, atm gcc 4.3 isn't in ports07:30
tilmanmike_k: i think i'd like to wait a few days with making our current crux64 trial more public07:30
tilmanmike_k: it might fall apart soon :D07:30
Rotwangsepen: im on crux6407:30
tilmanwho knows ;)07:30
Rotwangby rehabdoll07:30
sepenRotwang, I ported ati to crux07:31
sepennot crux6407:31
Rotwangsepen: i know07:31
Rotwangim only asking if someone tried07:31
sepenwell I'll do some test with gcc 4.3 the next week07:31
sepenobiously for 686 targeted07:32
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*** joacim has joined #crux07:34
Rotwangis it ok?07:44
tilmanok wrt what?07:44
Rotwangi have feeling that both cpu cores are not used extensively enough07:45
mike_ksepen: can you add 'file:///' prefix for the VirtualBox-$version-OSE.tar.bz2 ? this makes it building with custom PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR07:46
sepenohh nice idea07:46
sepenI was loking for this solution and never known ago07:46
sepenthanks I'll fix07:47
sepenare other ports similar?07:47
tilmanRotwang: i'm using -j407:47
mike_ksomeone should document tips like that07:47
tilmanRotwang: i think num_cores * 2 is recommended as a rule of thumb ;D07:47
Rotwangok ;]07:48
mike_ksepen: I guess, it is ok to do that for ports, where source files can not be automatically downloaded by pkgmk/wget07:48
treachnum_cores + 2.07:50
treachnot * 2. :)07:50
cptnI thought it's n*2+107:50
Rotwangso -j5 ?07:50
tilman(n * (n-1)) / 2 ?07:50
treach-j 9 seems a bit beefy even if you have a quad.07:50
Rotwanghow about that?07:51
tilmani think gauss is cooler than that :D07:52
Rotwangmozconfig md5sum mismatch07:54
Rotwangcan someone confirm? or i fscken something?07:54
Rotwangfirefox port07:54
tilmanmea culpa07:55
* mike_k : muhaha! You should've been using sha256!07:57
Rotwanghole shit07:58
Rotwangff build really fast07:58
cruxbot[opt.git]: firefox: fixed .md5sum.07:58
treachand how you could possibly think ff builds fast is beyond me. :/08:00
Rotwangnot holly?08:00
Rotwangff 3 built really fast08:00
tilmantreach: it does!08:00
tilmanbecause it uses xulrunner08:01
treachyeah, right. If you just don't count the time xulrunner takes. :>08:01
tilmantreach: yes08:03
*** joacim_ has joined #crux08:06
spaceninjaif I change the kernel by removing some modules, will they be removed from /lib/modules if I do a modules_install?08:11
spaceninjaand make all08:11
treach /o\08:11
spaceninjaI guess not08:11
treachyou've got a whole heap of stuff wrong.08:11
treach1. You don't change your kernel by removing modules..08:12
treachor did I missunderstand?08:12
spaceninjadon't take things too literally. If I do a make menuconfig08:13
rehabdollyeah, the modules in /lib/modules/<kernel>/ are wiped with modules_install08:13
spaceninjaand unmark a module08:13
spaceninjaoh great08:13
*** joacim__ has joined #crux08:13
treachyeah. sucks if you're an nvidia user though. :>08:13
spaceninjahow come?08:14
rehabdollyou have to reinstall everytime you rebuild :)08:14
treachreinstall the driver that is.08:14
treachrehabdoll: btw, nice job with the 64 bit. ;)08:14
treachthe handbook looks a bit mangled though. (0 byte) :p08:15
*** joacim has quit IRC08:18
spaceninjaomg, engarde linux is still on my mbr08:18
spaceninjathat's why I can't boot crux08:19
spaceninjawell  I can boot it08:19
spaceninjabut I'm using the old kernel08:19
spaceninjabut runned cfdisk and mkfs.ext308:19
spaceninjathis is impossible08:19
rehabdollanyone else see this with xulrunner:08:19
rehabdollmake[5]: Entering directory `/tmp/xulrunner-work-15:11:49/src/mozilla/security/nss/lib/softoken'08:19
rehabdollMakefile:82: *** target pattern contains no `%'.  Stop.08:19
spaceninjaI give up08:20
treachspaceninja: fdisk doesn't change the mbr08:21
spaceninjaI runned lilo at the end of the installation08:21
Rotwangrehabdoll: xulrunner built well here08:21
Rotwangnow im strugling with ati :\08:21
treachspaceninja: any error?08:21
spaceninjathe lilo that engarde linux uses has another version of linux written into it08:21
spaceninjahow do I install lilo?08:22
treachyou just run "lilo"..08:22
treachmake sure you have a valid /etc/lilo.conf first though08:22
spaceninjayes, I just changed the boot partition and root into hda208:24
spaceninjathey are on the same partition08:25
treachthat way you should nuke the mbr08:26
treach(of course you have to change the device names to what is appropriate for your system)08:26
*** joacim_ has quit IRC08:27
spaceninjaOMG IT'S WORKING! Thanks!08:31
*** joacim_ has joined #crux08:37
*** joacim__ has quit IRC08:43
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC08:53
*** spaceninja has quit IRC08:53
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tilmanrehabdoll: i don't get that error either :|09:11
*** spaceninja has joined #crux09:21
spaceninjaI just added sshd in rc.conf09:22
spaceninjait's running09:22
spaceninjabut I can't login09:22
spaceninjaI can ping the server09:23
thrice`edit hosts.allow ?09:23
*** Rotwang has joined #crux09:25
Rotwangsepen: ping09:26
spaceninjawhat, someone is doing a man in the middle attack09:26
spaceninjawho is it?09:26
spaceninjafalse alarm09:28
spaceninjaI don't like crackers, haha remember when I was using windows and running vnc, all of of a sudden, the mouse was alive :D09:29
spaceninjaAnd he left a picture with jesus and a hacker phrase, almost stole my dns account.09:30
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux09:32
*** spaceninja has quit IRC09:51
sepenRotwang, pong09:56
*** DaViruz has quit IRC09:58
*** DaViruz has joined #crux09:59
Rotwangsepen: new srati available10:00
Rotwangati it pisses me off10:00
sepenhmm, added to my TODO list10:01
sepentoday I haven't enough time, I should part to my village to see my parents10:01
sepenbut sunday I'll be there10:01
Rotwangno hurries10:01
sepenwell I'll update it10:01
*** sepen has quit IRC10:04
*** destruct has quit IRC10:18
*** spaceninja has joined #crux10:27
spaceninjawhich ftp server follows the "kiss" principle the most?10:32
Rotwangati on x86_64 is really pain in the ass :p10:35
*** Rotwang has quit IRC10:36
aonspaceninja: vsftpd is good10:36
aonand reasonably kiss10:36
spaceninjanice nice10:37
morlenxusXDM authorization key matches an existing client!Error: cannot open display: :0.010:38
morlenxusDoes someone know what this means? I get this when trying to start firefox 3.10:38
*** Rotwang has joined #crux10:48
spaceninjawhere do I find documentation on the "standard" configuration file like group?10:50
rehabdollman group ?11:07
*** RedShift has quit IRC11:07
aonman 5 group, probably11:08
aonat least here, probably not on linux as it's a bit lean on the docs :)11:09
spaceninjayes but I don't know which stuff I access with www for example11:11
spaceninjain the group file11:11
spaceninjabah Connecting to||:80... I can't download e2fsprogs11:18
aonmm, sourceforge is crap11:18
mike_kis it ok that I've just received "Re: [crux64] crux64 Digest, Vol 7, Issue 1"? I have "Digest Mode" off.11:21
Rotwangits my fault11:21
Rotwangmike_k: sorry11:21
spaceninjais it cvs?11:21
spaceninjaI can't find cvsup11:21
Rotwangi've forgotten to change topic :x11:21
mike_kRotwang: oh, that's just the Subject line11:22
Rotwangim really not used to ML's11:22
mike_kIt's pretty intuitive, since your mail agent do not make things uncertain11:22
tilmanRotwang: you should probably disable the digest mode ;p11:23
*** augustao is now known as augusto11:23
spaceninja# prt-get depinst cvsup11:24
spaceninjaThe package 'cvsup' could not be found:11:24
tilmanapparently there's no cvsup port ;)11:24
mike_kfile conflict  usr/lib/pkgconfig/mozilla-nss.pc, xulrunner 1.9-1 VS nss 3.11.9-211:25
Rotwangspaceninja: ive got csup port11:25
Rotwangspaceninja: its cvsup revritten in C iirc11:25
tilmanmike_k: hum, i don't see mozilla-nss.pc in the nss footprint11:25
spaceninjabut can't I just change the repos that e2fsprogs is downloading from?11:26
* mike_k rebuilds nss11:27
spaceninjais it "hard coded" into the script installation file?11:27
tilman(18:19) <@   tilman>
tilmanyou don't need cvsup to download port distfiles11:28
spaceninjawell, cvs11:31
spaceninjait has to be it11:31
spaceninjaor should I go with csup?11:31
*** augusto is now known as augustao11:33
spaceninja"You most likely forgot to edit /mnt/etc/fstab before you rebooted or you entered the wrong name of your new root parition at the boot prompt."  quote from faq11:34
jesse_You do realize distfiles are pulled from each project's own pages, not through cvs/cvsup/whatever.11:37
treachcvs had a role to play.. a long time ago. :>11:38
jesse_Sure did. YET it had nothing to do with distfiles.11:38
tilmanspaceninja: thanks, i'll fix that typo11:38
treachjesse_: no. but the ports. :)11:39
*** luxh has joined #crux11:39
mike_ktilman: rebuilding nss made that file go away. I've provbably ignored the footprint simmatch before.11:40
tilmansome icons look crappy in ff311:40
jesse_Yep, but ports are not distfiles. Then svn stepped in, eventually moving to git managed repoes and rsync to update ports. ;)11:40
tilmanwrong size/crappily scaled11:40
spaceninjatilman: hehe np11:40
mike_kis it a good idea to update xulrunner if I don't plan to use ff3 right now?11:40
treachwhy would it be a good idea? It will probably have _at_least_ one security update until you're going to use it. ;)11:42
*** cheikh has joined #crux11:43
cheikhhi guys i am getting the following error when trying to boot vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown block(8,7)11:44
treachfilesystem IN the kernel, and not as a module?11:44
treachbootloader correctly configured?11:45
cheikhthey are not build as module11:45
jesse_fstab also needs to be in working order.11:45
treachthat's a bad way to put it, even if it's true.. :>11:46
spaceninjatilman: wow, that was fast :)11:48
tilmani tend to forget about wiki updates if i'm not doing them immediately11:48
spaceninjathat's the way it's suppose to be, do it now :)11:49
cheikhso does that mean i need to compile CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE=m not y11:52
treachwhat? How did you arrive at that conclusion?11:52
tilmanthe other way around (if your system is on IDE)11:53
cheikhyes my system is on ide but for some reason the install cd sees it as /dev/sda11:54
treachthat's ok11:54
treachnowadays ide disks are treated as scsi disks as well.11:54
spaceninjais sata scsi?11:55
spaceninjathen what's scsi?11:55
tilmanbut it uses the scsi subsystem in the kernel11:55
treachbut it's ALSO treated as scsi disks11:55
tilmanbecause the scsi subsystem = good11:55
treachbah, it was some feelgood meeting in the mass storage group, and all the other systems insisted on getting upgraded to scsi status. :>11:56
cheikhI could be wrong but my .config file has the disk and the FS built into it11:57
treachwell, if you have the controller, filesystem etc in, all that is left is the boot manager11:57
tilmancheikh: did you select support for your ide chipset, too?11:59
cheikhit does start booting but hangs in the middle with that kernel panic error11:59
cheikhcould be the problem because i have amd turion 64-bit but installing the i686 crux version12:00
treachcheikh: you have to tell the kernel where the root partition is via the boot loader. if the bootloader is misconfigured, the boot will crash. big surprise12:00
cheikhok this is a multi boot situation i have crux install on /dev/sda712:01
tilman-> lilo gets installed in the MBR of the disk12:02
cheikhboot has its own partition /dev/sda112:02
cheikhi am using grub but did not install a boot loader for crux12:03
tilmanpaste your grub config then12:04
cheikhok one moment12:04
Rotwangkernel (hd0,6)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda7 vga=79112:04
treachNOT HERE THOUGH!!!12:04
Rotwangcheikh ^12:04
treachuse a pastebin12:05
cheikhRotwang it is what i have12:05
Rotwangthat means you have misconfigured kernel12:05
cheikhok is there a generic .config file i can use12:06
Rotwangone from cruxcd12:07
tilmaninsert the CRUX cd and type:12:07
Rotwangmaybe would be good12:07
tilmanCRUX root=/dev/sda712:07
tilmanzcat /proc/config.gz > my_kernel_config12:07
tilmanff3's history bar/popup is a bit strange12:08
treachit's insane12:08
treachI hate it.12:08
treachthere is a plugin called "Oldbar" that at least makes it look sane12:09
cheikhok once i have that .config file can i just type make all12:09
tilmanis that what they call awesomebar?12:09
treachyes. :&12:09
treachawesomely retarded12:09
tilmanit takes ages to recognize anything12:10
cheikhok i am chrooted in the crux partition doing that now12:10
tilmancheikh: please read some document on how to build the linux kernel ;)12:10
treachtilman: yeah, and it has some VERY strange ideas about what you're looking for as well. *sigh*12:10
tilmanit's not in the crux faq because this distro is targeted at experienced linux users :o12:11
cheikhi have many time tilman i had crux install on a different laptop of mine but just refusing for this one12:11
tilmantreach: i type 's' as the first character, and the first entry in the list is's flyspray installation. :(12:11
treachtilman: I think there is some way to disable the worst idiocys off that "awsomebar" in about:config, but I haven't had the time to look it up yet.12:12
treachtilman: indeed..12:12
tilmancheikh: well... make will build the kernel image, also run make modules_install to install modules, and then copy the kernel image to where grub expects it12:12
treachen as in "" doesn't do what you'd expect either. :<12:12
tilman(i expected it to point me to
cheikhdoing as said by u and the installation handbook12:13
tilman'en' -> works for me12:13
tilmannext is "quagmire - google search" what the fuck?12:13
treachwell, that's just because you don't have anything that collides in your history yet..12:13
Rotwanggreat my font isue is fixed in new ff12:13
tilmangoogle "mozilla awesomebar" -> did you mean mozilla awesomebale?12:14
treachtilman: that quagmire thing, it might be were it's hosted or what the file was called or what ever12:14
treachits's really stupid12:14
tilmantreach: the "s" in search/suche is hilighted in bold12:14
*** Rotwang has quit IRC12:14
tilmani'm without words12:14
spaceninjaHow do I encrypt all my internet traffic?12:14
jesse_Short answer: you can't.12:15
spaceninjawhy not12:15
spaceninjawhat about tunneling?12:15
aonjesse_: what if it's only ssh? :)12:15
treachthen it's not "Internet traffic"12:16
jesse_It's still going to be clear text at some point. ;)12:16
spaceninjaok I can use ssh and sftp12:16
tilmanspaceninja: are you afraid of the FRA? ;)12:16
jesse_Most sites do not use https :D12:16
spaceninjatilman: yes, the liberals have turned into fascist, they are a joke :)12:17
spaceninjait's a show, the illuminati is working towards "the new world order"12:17
spaceninjatotalitarian police state12:18
pedjatreach: 'How to disable the Smart Location Bar'12:18
treachan unimaginable, terribly bitter joke. :/12:18
treachpedja: thank you very much.12:18
treachpedja: I think I'll bookmark it. ;)12:18
tilmanotoh, i've often wanted to go to
tilmanand of course i only remembered knownpart12:21
pedjathat page looks completely b0rken with AdblockPlus enabled...12:21
tilmanin that case, the traditionalbar fails12:21
tilmanbut the new thing would probably work12:21
treachbut in the long run, it's a PITA, afaic12:22
treachmuch, much more false positives than the other way around12:22
treachat least for me12:22
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:24
tilmanthe new throbber is nice though :D12:30
spaceninjajesse_: I sure can! openssh tunneling12:33
spaceninjajesse_: the traffic between me and the ssh server will be encrypted, but not from sshd to internet.12:39
spaceninjaso I can be at a "super restricted area" with only the 22 port open, and be able to tunnel everything through it12:40
spaceninjahttp ftp smpt protocols12:40
spaceninjathat's how I think it is from reading a article about it12:40
tilmanthat's correct12:41
mike_kI am going to drop contrib/kvm. I guess it's pretty minor issue to announce.12:42
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC12:43
spaceninjatilman: Do you know if I tunnel the http port to ssh 22. Will all the information take just that route? Do I have to disable the http port?12:46
spaceninjaI mean12:46
spaceninjaI hope you know what I mean, otherwise shout.12:48
tilmanit should be possible to do that12:48
tilmani've only done it using putty on win32 though :p12:48
spaceninjalol tunneling is the sh**, I mean, I just figured out what crackers do, they just tunnel and tunnel and tunnel between computers, make a chain of computers, and let the last computer send out the attack code12:50
spaceninjathat's smart12:51
spaceninjaI really need to correct my grammar errors before I press enter.12:56
treachdude, you're not even registering on the romsterscale. :>12:57
cptntreach: :-)12:58
Rotwangati I hate you soooooooo much :x13:03
spaceninjaI got a nvidia 6600 and a ati radeon 9800 pro, The nvidia card is SO noisy, but the ati card is silent. BUT, the ati drivers makes my computer freeze all the time, so I'm using the nvidia at the moment.13:06
tilmanuse the free drivers, they are stable :p13:07
spaceninjaI'm thinking about getting a silent nvidia card13:07
spaceninjaI've used them13:07
spaceninjaIt could be overheating.13:07
treachfunctionality >> silence. :>13:07
spaceninjano no :)13:07
spaceninjamy computer gives me headaches13:07
treachturn it off then13:08
spaceninjabut freezing computers gives me more headaches13:08
treachproblem solved. and the fra can't listen either. :D13:08
spaceninjai'm addicted13:08
spaceninjaI'm going to find a ssh server at some deserted island and tunnel everything there13:08
treachgreat. then all that remains is the little problem when the traffic returns. :>13:09
* tilman imagines a deserted island with a data center13:09
jesse_FRA legislation would then see you as a criminal with somethin to hide if everything is tunneled through a single, offshore host. ;)13:10
treachtilman: you could always dump a few of these on some desert island. :>13:11
spaceninjayes, they are fascist, we now officially live in a "nazi" country13:11
spaceninjaand the ones who made this happend are the liberals13:11
spaceninjasomething is really not right13:12
treachfar right, I'd say13:12
tilmantreach: those huge-ass black boxes? :D13:12
treachanyway. let's just drop it, or I'll get seriously incensed..13:12
treachtilman: yeah :)13:12
jesse_You don't live in a national socialist. You need to kill minorities and non-aryans, along with the rest of the authoritarian trappings.13:12
jesse_+ state.13:12
treachContainers packed with stuff. :>13:13
tilmanjesse_: i pondered mentioning that ;)13:13
jesse_tilman: indeed. it's an empty and misused term.13:14
treachload a ship with these and stay in international waters. :>13:14
jesse_Far right, far left, even "centrists" have pulled off big brother tactics.13:14
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:15
jesse_treach: haha, nice.13:15
tilmantreach: jup, that's the ones i was thinking about :) \o/13:15
tilmanoha, i just tried to do a screenshot with alt-print13:15
jesse_Now all you need is a container ship and you're good to go.13:15
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:16
treachgives the expression "pirate of the high seas" a bit of a new meaning. :>13:16
tilmanTPB would probably help with the funding13:17
jesse_Pirates of the 21st century. ;)13:17
treachyes. maybe they could even provid a dry dock13:17
Rotwanggreat, I managed to get up and running fglrx13:18
Rotwang<rotwang and ati soap opera>13:18
jesse_treach: probably best to keep it clear of .se shores. :p13:18
treachotoh, unless the APB begins founding their own fleet I doubt much would happen.13:19
tilmandoes media control have stealth bombers?13:19
tilmanor battle ships? :p13:20
treachtilman: probably greater chance for that than sweden showing up with something resembling armed forces. :>13:20
jesse_Unlikely. There's no guarantee that they wouldn't get a third party with naval forces after you. ;)13:20
treachwe have a few guys running around with rifles --- in afghanistan, and that's about it.13:21
jesse_Well, peace keeping is not the same as the occupying aggressor.13:21
tilmani need the picture of aon fooling around in the woods13:21
tilmanshould be a good one to bring up when the military comes up13:22
treachjesse_: well, one would expect a country to have it's own army on it's own territory. but it's been suspended for economic reasons here.13:22
treachI guess it was more important to buy fra a new shiny supercomputer :>13:22
spaceninjawe are a illuminati experiment13:23
spaceninjasociology experiment13:23
spaceninjaoh well13:23
jesse_Sure, this is all illuminati's doing.13:26
spaceninjawhy do you think they passed the law during the fotball game?13:26
spaceninjathe next day everyone was so sad because we lost the game13:26
jesse_A convenient distraction.13:26
spaceninjapeople don't even know that this happend13:26
spaceninjaand now, we can't do anything about it13:27
treachworse, a lot of people doesn't care, or think it's good.13:27
treachof course we can13:27
spaceninjayes, that's the worse part13:27
treachwe can vote out the bastards who did this, for starters13:27
spaceninjaWho should we vote for?13:28
treachlet's not forget, and let's not forgive. just vote the shitheads out.13:28
spaceninjabut sossarna would do the same thing13:28
spaceninjawhat's his name13:28
treachthose who were against. Mp, v or create your own party13:28
treachthey too13:28
jesse_Keep on dreaming, they won't get to power... Would be nice, but it's unlikely.13:29
spaceninjathey need to change their name13:29
treachwell, if nobody forgets, or forgives there is a chance.13:29
treachit's not a "dream".13:29
spaceninjaI can't imagine a senior voting for that party13:29
spaceninjawell, maybe I should imagine that13:30
spaceninjalike "the secret" hahaha13:30
spaceninjawhat you think becomes real13:30
jesse_Seniors probably don't care because they don't understand technology too well. they are worried about pensions and prices.13:30
treachwell, nothing changes if nobody does anything, and just keep voting for the current set of fuckers.13:31
jesse_Hence the suckers who promise the greatest amount of populist policies will win.13:31
jesse_It's about numbers, not about principles.13:31
spaceninjabut what's good is that both luf and muf are strongly against this13:31
treachIf this just get enough airing, it could cause some serious reshaping of the political landscape.13:31
spaceninjabut that is because young people aren't involved with secret societies13:32
spaceninjayoung politicians13:32
treachgovernments have been overthrown for less in the history13:32
spaceninjaI think some government people have read this dan brown book13:32
spaceninjawhat is it called?13:32
spaceninjathe one with the super computer13:32
tilmanweird name13:33
spaceninjathat's not the name :)13:34
spaceninjaDigital Fortress, 199813:34
spaceninjabut I believe it's about controlling the internet13:34
treachnever heard of it. more likely they read 1984. :>13:34
spaceninjaMy guess is that every country that has one of the "super internet computer" will have this law13:35
spaceninjaI heard there are 6-7 of these computers connecting the internet, maybe it's the dns servers13:35
tilmananyone else seeing that?13:35
tilmanspaceninja: sounds about right. the root dns servers13:36
spaceninjacool, do you know more about these computers?13:36
tilman"Do you want to know more?"13:37
spaceninjaI didn't understand the "failness" of that image13:37
spaceninjawikipedia maybe13:37
tilmansee the crappy icon on the left hand side13:37
spaceninjaoh yeah13:37
tilman o_O13:38
tilman"[linux is open source] and therefore any code created on this machine would be available to anyone else, free."13:38
spaceninjatilman: If you control the root dns servers, do you control the internet?13:39
jesse_tilman: w00t!13:39
jesse_You can tell the author has completely understood the philosophy of free software eh. ;)13:43
*** whazilla has joined #crux13:44
*** cptn has quit IRC13:45
*** cptn has joined #crux13:45
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o cptn13:45
treachtilman: that "error" makes me think of this one ""13:46
jesse_Haha :D13:47
treachand an old one I got with gnome/totem, but apparantly lost the image from. It said something like "Totem failed \ Reason: No reason" :)13:47
jesse_"I don't feel like working properly atm" *crash*13:48
treachsomething like that.13:48
jesse_I'm not accountable to you!13:50
*** mike_k has quit IRC13:50
*** mike_k has joined #crux13:56
cruxbot[contrib.git]: exiftool: updated to 7.3313:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: kvm: removed from repository13:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-compress-raw-zlib: updated to 2.01113:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-io-compress-base: updated to 2.01113:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-io-compress-zlib: updated to 2.01113:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-compress-zlib: updated to 2.01113:57
cruxbot[contrib.git]: net-snmp: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git]: p5-unix-syslog: updated to 1.113:57
tilmanthat was probably close to an Excess Flood disconnect14:00
tilmantreach: i'll check that out later. don't have x running atm14:00
treachok. no hurry :)14:01
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:11
*** cheikh has quit IRC14:38
*** Rotwang has joined #crux15:02
*** spaceninja has quit IRC15:54
tilmansurrounder: you around so i can humiliate you?16:15
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:21
rehabdollthose russians are obviously the best team in europe16:28
rehabdollno question about it16:28
tilmanyeah right *cough*16:29
treachheh, let's first see how you guys deal with those late scoring turks. :P16:30
tilmanwonder whether (parts of) germany will burn next week16:30
treachbtw, that's a great joke. that turkish guy who scored that final goal in the last minute, Senturk.. Sen means late here. :)16:31
tilmani thought it was semi/cemi/something16:31
*** tri has joined #crux16:32
treachthat was his first name. :)16:32
tilmanok :D16:32
treachsemih senturk or something.16:32
treachwhich is another joke in itself. :)16:32
*** tri has quit IRC16:57
*** tri has joined #crux17:00
schniggiehi all17:00
surroundertilman: I am now, go ahead :<17:16
surroundera part of .nl has won though, russia has a dutch coach :P17:18
* surrounder cries a little17:18
cruxbot[opt.git]: [notify] ruby: updated to 1.8.6-p230.17:23
tilmansurrounder: i'm lacking the right words :(17:24
treachnow, the question is, will there be a civil war in germany next? :>17:29
treachI get the feeling it will be bad no matter who loses. :>17:31
*** tri has quit IRC17:42
schniggieargh ;)17:47
schniggiei have the following error since 3 months :D cannot compile current kdebase17:47
schniggiegrep: /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ No such file or directory17:47
schniggie/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/ No such file or directory17:47
schniggielibtool: link: `/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/' is not a valid libtool archive17:47
schniggieand i read
schniggiebut i cannot help me :-/17:48
tilmangcc --version?17:52
tilmanor did you try to rebuild gcc?17:53
schniggiei tried it and i think it worked17:57
schniggiegcc (GCC) 4.2.4 (CRUX)17:57
schniggiebut i cn do it again17:57
tilmanso grep all libtool archive you can find for libstdc++17:57
tilmanor 4.1.217:57
schniggiehow should i do this ?17:58
tilmanfind / -name "*.la" |xargs grep 4.1.217:58
schniggieok let's try17:59
* tilman Zzz18:04
schniggiegood n8 ;)18:15
schniggielol i see my notebook is very slow ;)18:16
*** pedja has quit IRC18:33
schniggieok now i got a real big list18:33
schniggiemust i now recompile all packages, of the .la files that i get displayed ?18:34
*** luxh has quit IRC18:56
maxusrussia:holland - 3:1: ))))19:21
thrice`so, germany has advanced to the finals ?19:22
maxusdon't know )19:23
maxusthat was thirsrt game i'm watchin' )19:23
maxus*1st )19:23
treachnot yet. they have to defeat the insidious turks first. :p19:24
thrice`so, it's down to quarter-finals ?19:24
thrice`oh, ok19:24
thrice`our german CEO game in for a meeting, and our IT department had to pirate the game for him to watch :)19:24
*** boe has quit IRC19:24
thrice`it was quite funny19:25
treachtilman is worried for his country. :>19:25
maxusrussia! champion! ))19:25
treachnot yet mac19:25
maxuslike bash,org.ru19:26
maxusrussia won nhl19:26
maxusrussia won eurovision19:26
treachI'm disapointed in the dutch guys. I'm sure they could have done better. :/19:27
maxusкак эт сказать)))19:27
maxusrussia have to begin 3d world war )19:27
treachwould you please stop putting questionmarks on everyones screens19:27
maxusfor my english19:27
thrice`anyone use xmms2, btw, and can recommend a good client to start with ?19:28
treachk, just cool down19:28
treachthrice`: tilman, but I think he sleeps right now. :>19:28
Rotwangthrice`: gxmms219:28
thrice`decent gtk music players are tough to find :(19:29
treachmmh, amarok crushed them all. ;)19:29
treachpresumeably you could use gmplayer or something. :p19:30
maxussry guys.. i've drunk a lot..19:30
treachwho would have guessed? :>19:30
treachrussians celebrating without getting dead drunk, is that even possible?19:31
maxustreach> ))19:31
Rotwangat least they have something to celebrate19:31
maxushmhm, i'm ukrainian )))19:32
treachcome on, it's just a silly game where 22 grown men run around chasing a ball.19:32
maxusbut i love russia )19:32
maxusoh sorry )19:32
treachit can be entertaining sometimes, but on a bigger scale it doesn't matter that much19:32
Rotwangbut they are making milions of it19:33
treachof course. but people are making millions of garbage too.19:34
* maxus 's ukrainian... drunk.... and celebratin' russian'' football victory )19:36
treachan ukrainian celebrating russia, that almost sounds like blasphemy19:36
surrounder�02:26:26�      treach - I'm disapointed in the dutch guys. I'm sure they could have done better. :/19:36
maxusi live19:37
* surrounder passes treach a beer19:37
maxusi speak russian19:37
maxusi don't like our president19:37
treachah right.19:37
Rotwangi dont like russians19:37
maxusRotwang> why so?19:37
treachguys, please try to leave history out of this channel.19:38
Rotwangthey are pissing me off >:|19:38
surrounderrussians <319:38
Rotwangtreach: its not history its present time19:38
surrounderone of my best friends is russian, great person19:38
treachgood or bad, comes from all nations I guess.19:39
maxusRotwang> russians are dividin' on tho groups19:39
maxussome of them19:39
maxusi can't just say what they are19:39
treacharrogant pricks?19:39
surrounderrabbits and beavers!19:40
maxusand some of them r jes' good guys19:40
treach<- has met some annoying russians too. :>19:40
maxustreach> oh... forget it19:41
treachmaxus: I'm not beliving they are all like that.19:41
treachI had a russian math teacher at uni, she was pretty nice19:41
surrounder�02:38:21�      treach - good or bad, comes from all nations I guess.19:41
maxussorry, i can19:42
maxusi just can't say it19:42
maxusi have baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad english19:42
treachwell, if you get a dictionary, chances are that it will get better. :)19:43
maxusi've forgotten everything i learned at school ))19:43
maxusi remember words...19:43
maxusbut i can't make sentecnes19:43
surrounderyou don't learn english in school, you learn it working with computers and wachting lame american tv-shows :P19:44
treachit's not that bad. We've had to deal with people with worse than yours.19:44
treachmaxus: "sentences"19:44
maxussurrounder> gg... i've learned it @ school ))))) it was ~10 years old19:44
maxustreach> thnx)19:45
surrounderyeah same here but that is just rather crappy basic stuff (at least here)19:45
surroundergood chance our educational system sucks though :P19:45
treachwe've got an educational system?19:46
maxusbut i understand what u speaking about19:46
treachhere? :P19:46
treachmaxus: that's a start.19:46
surroundertreach: wubbawuabba :P19:46
treachas long as you understand, you will inevitably learn something.19:46
Rotwangsomeone uses ato radeon x1550 with open drivers?19:49
maxus!seen mike_k19:50
treach@seen mike_k19:50
clbtreach: mike_k was last seen in #crux 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <mike_k> I am going to drop contrib/kvm. I guess it's pretty minor issue to announce.19:50
Rotwangi was messing all fucking day with this card :x19:51
maxusmm, thnx19:51
Rotwangon crux6419:51
maxusi think i've got to back to school, i've to read some english classics.....19:58
maxusoh ***k, i've completed toefl @ ~100%19:58
maxusand now i'm don't remember anytihng....19:59
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